Shiny Happy Necromancers

Mike Desktop has connected.
DNA has connected.
Mike: Oh hey, a DNA! I DC’d for a few minutes there. I think my laptop just had a hiccup.
DNA: Don’t mind me. Continue about your setup.
DNA: while I remind myself what the heck I am donig.
DNA: doing.
Mike: No worries. I did what I was gonna do earlier this afternoon.
Mike: Watching Tabletop with my GF. I may be a few minutes later, because we got started late. (her sister called.)
DNA: Oh right! We found Dry Bowser alive, half the party thinks we can take him, and half the party is smart and wants to leave.
Mike: There’re some hallways between them and you if you’d like to explore those, as well. And footprints, which I basically forgot to remind you of last sesh.
TBG has connected.
Mike: +1 TBG!

  • Mike adds him to his Key Items inventory.
    Avara has connected.
    Mike: And an Ava!
    GrayGriffin has connected.
    Mike: And a Dawn!
    Mike: We need only a Molly, and I need about… 8 minutes, checking the timestamp.
    Molly has connected.
    Mike: And I’m here!
    Mike: \o/
    Mike: Hunh that displays fine in MapTools, sure, why not.
    Mike: Anyhow! It’s been a while since we last got to play.
    Mike: Did anyone have questions or anything that needed talking out?
    Mike: I kinda figured not; I’m going to start repasting the handy quick exploration that Surolam’s ghostly ghosts did at the end of last session, as a reminder of what’s up ahead.
    At the end of the large hallway you’ve been centered around: a staircase of stone, suspended over the air, thick and hot. Below, you can see the glow of lava. The stairs are more than wide enough to not risk falling off, but there aren’t any hand-rails either.
    Down the first flight: another hallway. Stin, at a glance, it looks like there are living quarters here, barracks with bunks, hewn into the stone and covered in grass and straw.
    Down the second flight of stairs, Zojiik, looks to be training and command rooms. As you sneak about, though, you hear something creak – in response to your movement, perhaps?
    Gramaan, down the third and final flight, you dare not descend alone, because you can see it quite clearly from here, thank you: a pit of lava, with heavy stones in it forming a pathway. All around it, skeletons of Greenshields… ambling about, mindlessly. And in the middle, a much, much bigger one, the king of his own little stone island. And just beyond them, on a stone pedestal, is a large, purple crystal, its own light outshone by the ambient glow of the lava.
    Mike: And something I forgot to mention last time:
    On a second glance, the ghosts can notice that the thin trail of circular footprints that led into the pyramid has, on lower levels, become a jumble of panicked prints in the dust. The second level has them spread wide, multiple sets checking different locations. The third level… it looks like a scramble. There are small splotches of blood on the stones – fresh, or relatively so.
  • Stin is going to search around for any boxes that the people here might have had before. She’s also going to see if there’s any sign of recent disturbance. 16 Perception
    Mike: Hrm! 12
    Mike: There are definitely signs of recent distirbance in the living quarters. The room is dark, filled with straw-covered beds, but you can see the circular footprints investigated the area a bit – checking around many of the beds. And in the back, you can see eyes looking right at you, shining in the dim light from the pyramid’s torches.
    Mike: They’re low to the floor. Cowering? Hiding?
  • Stin is going to try and use Sing to put them to sleep!
    Mike: …That is a clever and smart move. Would you care to roll the to-hit? You aren’t catching them by surprise, they see you there.
    Mike: Sing is AC 10, for the record. You can just barely get close enough to use it (burst 2) – unless you’d like to get right next to them.
    Mike: 10
    Molly: So where are we?
    Mike: The map is “Troopa Temple”. This is one of those paint-with-words ones.
    Mike: Everyone else is still on the top floor, where there was the hallway with the thwomps, the farming room, and the laboratory.
    Mike: The farming room had rows of dirt in it, and pipes that fed them water from a boiler, which the crew got working again – opening a secret door, where a Magikoopa had hidden himself away.
    Mike: (to die long ago)
    Molly: Yeah, it was the second question I was asking about. I didn’t know what Molly was doing, or is expected to do.
    Mike: Well, give me onnne moment to check the log and see what Baldrik is up to.
    Stin: 10 AC check
    Mike: I think we put you next to him, in the laboratory, checking books and reading lore.
    Stin: (( CRIT SLEEP ))
    Mike: o.O
    Mike: Ah here it was: " Or, since this is Molly, perhaps she’s making sure Baldrik doesn’t die while he reads through some more of the books."
    Mike: Stin: As your sleepy song echoes through the bunks, you can see those eyes’ lids grow heavy, and then close. A gentle thwump as it slumps over on its side.
  • Stin moves forward to drag whatever it is out of there.
    Optimistic Pegasus: * It is… a pony, perhaps three and a half feet tall at the shoulder. Green fur and even brighter, lime-green mane and tail. It has a symbol on its flank – a lime, cut in half. It looks like it’s hurt, but then recovered somewhat before you put it to sleep.
    Baldrik: “I’ve been reading some more of the texts in the laboratory, while you’ve been investigating the farms. It looks like they had something of a debate among their leadership…”
    Baldrik: “Whether to move out and conquer land, or try to integrate into the ‘other societies’ of this land. …I know how that story ends, and the answer was ‘neither’.” The Greenshield sighs.
    Baldrik: “There’s also notes on how they created a ‘training room’ in a large natural cavern beneath their pyramid. It looks like an advanced type of holography magic – creating things that only exist within the confines of the cavern. Magic isn’t my strong suit, but it seems quite interesting.”
    Molly: “Maybe both sides lost to each other. Dead leaders and the rest scattered.”
    Baldrik: “That might be… Certainly, this era of our civilization was lost, both in time and in actuality.”
  • Stin sees if she can lift the pony. She also tries to compare its hooves to the footprints.
    Optimistic Pegasus: The latter: they don’t all appear to be a perfect match; some are larger, some a little smaller. But the general shape is definitely a match, and one or two of the prints you try are an exact match. As for lifting, lemme check real quick!
    Optimistic Pegasus: Weight Class 3, lbs…
    Stin: (( Stin’s power is 4, btw ))
    Optimistic Pegasus: 87.1 lbs!
    Optimistic Pegasus: And that’s in the AEB scale, was it? Power scaling always confused me, in all forms of PTx.
    Stin: (( I think it’s still the old scale, since this is from before the AEB scale ))
    Optimistic Pegasus: Okay. Lemme see then.
    Avara: 18
    Optimistic Pegasus: Staggering, not heavy lift. But yes, barely.
  • Henrietta successfully balances a stack of books as she approaches Baldrik and Molly, sitting near them. “Discussing history?”
    Optimistic Pegasus: So you can pick her up, but then it’s a 1 square at a time slog back.
    Baldrik: “Yes! This small lab has a veritable wealth of information about this era of my people. It’s quite exciting~”
    Baldrik: “I doubt I could read it all in a month. So far I’ve been skimming, just to keep my heart aflutter.”
    Henrietta: “I’m going to read all of these books. All of them.”
    Stin: (( So…about how long would it take for Stin to rejoin the others then? ))
    Mike: Hrm. Definitely long enough that she would wake up in your hands, for one.
    Mike: But barring that, I’d say like 20 minutes. You didn’t walk miles and miles.
    Baldrik: “Please, be my guest. Just be gentle with them – if possible, I’d like to take these all back to the village with me. They’ll have a hard journey in our packs as it is.”
    Molly: “We have a wagon.”
    Molly: “Wagons are useful.”
    Henrietta: “It’s a good wagon. It’s made from boats.”
  • Stin is going to sling the pony over her back, actually.
    Baldrik: “That they are, and in this case, doubly- well, triply so, then, if we should find a river or the like.”
  • Gramaan comes buzzing back in a tizzy.
    Baldrik: To read a book! Pick an Education skill and roll it. And I’ll give you info on ancient Greenshield / Koopa stuff based on that knowledge base.
    Optimistic Pegasus: 12
    Optimistic Pegasus: 7
    Optimistic Pegasus: 8
    Optimistic Pegasus: * The pony takes quite a while to wake up, actually. You’re about halfway back, Stin, when she finally stirs. Her voice is sweet and a little squeaky.
    Optimistic Pegasus: “Nyhhh… hnnh?!” She squirms, blinking, as she realizes she’s being carried.
    Henrietta: 27 General.
    Gramaan: “(Everyone! I found that king you were talking about!”
    Henrietta: 24 Pokemon.
    Henrietta: 22 Occult.
  • Henrietta is multitasking reading books.
    Stin: “Are you alright? I didn’t know what you were doing there, so I wanted to play it safe…”
    Altair Azure: “…The undead king actually is in here?”
  • Baldrik watches as Henrietta psychically manipulates the books, reading three at once. His heart goes pitter-patter for a moment.
    Zojiik: (( Assume Zojiik’s translating, I guess ))
    Gramaan: “(Well, he was really big and had a crown and was sitting on a throne!)”
    Mike: Edu Gen sounds like history to me. Don’t let me forget the other ones, though. ponders
    Gramaan: “(I’m assuming that makes him a king right?)”
    DNA: Oh right, yeah.
    Jericho: Eh, Jericho will read a book to. Anything for 14 Nature Education?
    Hajime: “(All right, what else about him did you notice?)”
    Optimistic Pegasus: “I was hit by a squisher. My team found a bunk, let me take a rest. Wh-what are you?” A moment. “Where are they?”
    Stin: “My name’s Stin. I’m a Wenshreek now, I guess.”
    Gramaan: “(He had a bunch of other skeletons around there, but they didn’t seem like they were really alive. Oh! And there was a big glowing purple crystal.)”
    Mike: Henrietta, there’s a thick tome of the history of “Koopa Kind”, leading up to the pyramid. It shows that their party, three hundred strong, attempted to peacefully head inland to find unused land… and as they pushed further, they had to become more war-ready, avoiding humans and Pokemon alike, trying to puzzle out the many strange creatures, avoiding fights where they could, and starting them when they couldn’t. And then finding this place, and building a fortress, like their old tales told of in a desert realm of their old world.
    Hajime: “So that means the king is real and that he has a power source. And has a zombie army. …That matches up with what we thought, yeah…”
    Optimistic Pegasus: “Are you going to eat me? Or suck my soul or whatever? Look, one of my friends had a vision of your king, don’t feed me to him! I-I’ll go down bucking!”
  • Optimistic Pegasus is sweating and squirming.
    Stin: “He is not my king in any sense of the word.”
    Stin: “I’m simply taking you to see my trainer and her companions.”
    Mike: Jericho: With 14 Nature, you find a small notebook on farming techniques, using the giant Sun Stone they found. There were some theories that it could be used not only to farm year-round indoors, but to enhance plants further – but they pushed those aside, afraid of draining its power.
    Stin: “We were investigating this place as well.”
    Optimistic Pegasus: “…Oh. Oh! O-Okay, sure.” She stops squirming. “I guess. …Glad he isn’t with you, though. Evil Eye seemed kinda spooked…”
    Optimistic Pegasus: “You, uh, don’t need to carry me. I can walk. Or fly, but there’s not much headroom.”
  • Stin puts her down.
    Baldrik: “Well, that concept isn’t frightening at all.” The winged Greenshield purses his lips.
    Stin: “What’s your name, then?”
    Hajime: “Now we need to wait for Stin to get back and report her findings. Except she’s taking a really long time… Did she…?”
    Evergreen Citrus: “Evergreen Citrus. Evy, for short. Plants are my forte.” She shakes her mane loose when she gets set down, and will follow Stin – at arm’s length.
    Mike: Henrietta, for the Occult book – ooh. This tome is just full of arcane knowledge. It looks like it’s a compilation of much of their research into necromantic magic, something they seem to have had some skill in even before settling down here. They were attempting to turn their dead into undead soldiers – serve forever, and all that.
    Stin: (( Can Stin walk in just as Hajime says that? ))
    Mike: (( Sure thing. It seems perfect t’me! ))
    Stin: “I found one of our previous explorers.”
    Mike: They’re undying; if you knock them down, they’ll get back up again within an hour. They resist anything but direct damage, and even normal blows will not harm them.
    Evergreen Citrus: “Uh… hi, everybody?” She picks up a hoof, and waves, warily but friendly.
    Evergreen Citrus: “I’m Evergreen Citrus. And you’re… there are a lot of you.”
    Hajime: “…I guess not.”
    Molly: “Hello.”
    Hajime: “…Stin, where did you find this one?”
    Evergreen Citrus: O.O “Talking kitty!” =owo=
    DNA: Oh look, an audience surrogate
    Molly: “Uh… all kitties can talk.”
  • Henrietta is now focusing entirely on koopa magic books. Wheee necromancy!
    Evergreen Citrus: “…This world is awesome.”
    Surolam: “…Little Pummerin, have you seen anything like this before?” Surolam tilts her head after hearing Donphan-tooth describe the pony.
    Molly: “The question is if you know how to speak their language.”
    Mike: It looks like they had a long tradition of necromancy, going way back – and their king, back in the old world, had such spells placed upon him to keep him alive in death, until other spells could revive him fully. Those particular spells aren’t in here, though – they might’ve been state secrets, it seems. Hit me with questions or specifics you’d want to know. :3
    Jericho: “I’m not sure if this is the strangest thing we’ve ever found on our travels or not.”
    Molly: “There were more than one set of hoofprints. Are there any more of you?”
    Player “Surolam” is not connected.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: I would say ‘no’ – this particular breed of Pony is new to the world. Other equine Pokemon, maybe, but not this in particular.
    Jericho: (( Oh god why ))
  • Surolam widens her eyes.
    Surolam: “Where did you come from?”
    Evergreen Citrus: “Yes! Four others. They let me rest in the bunk room, and went on ahead. I thought for a moment you were with them, but-”
    Avara: i’m going to revive boozer.
    Evergreen Citrus: “Oh! Uh. That… is a long story.”
    Avara: it is my motivation now.
    Evergreen Citrus: (( Hehe. Alright, WHELP lemme ponder that real quick. ))
    Hajime: “…Wait, there’s more than one of you?” Hajime turns to Stin. “Stin, where did you find this foal?”
    Evergreen Citrus: “So, we come from a world called Equestria. But then one day our whole town wasn’t there anymore, it was here. Well, in the ocean like a hundred miles south or something? And we came to the mainland to explore, and got on the trail of other creatures who had similar histories, and…”
    You whisper to Avara: It’s some pretty powerful magic, but it looks like it isn’t actually complex. A sufficiently powerful source of magic – and just the right kind of skeleton – and you might be able to do it. Maybe. MAYBE. Might take some practice.
    You whisper to Avara: it’s specifically built for that body type, that species. Other species… you might be able to reverse-engineer it, but that’s more complicated. The equations and runes would have to be largely rewritten, a careful process to be sure.
    Stin: “I found her in the bunkers.”
    Stin: (( *barracks ))
    Evergreen Citrus: “And I’m not a foal, thank you. I’ve had my Mark for three years!”
    Stin: “She was hiding there, though.”
    Henrietta: 21 enhancing knowledge of necromancy/resurrection magic with knowledge about Fossil Pokemon.
    Evergreen Citrus: “I woke up and there was a ghost floating by the door and I was alone. You’d hide too.”
    Molly: “So you’re like the koopas.”
    Hajime: “So what were you doing in this pyramid? You definitely do not strike me as an explorer type.”
    You whisper to Avara: That might be a bit more tenable. You’ve heard of human archaeologists doing this trick before – it looks like similar principles, actually, substituting “serious magical power source” for “brown-out the electrical grid for a minute”. So, yes – with a sufficient magical power source, you could potentially revive a fossil with this knowledge.
    You whisper to Avara: We’re talking a pretty big source here. At a guess: Three normal Evolution Stones… or one of the super-powerful ones. Of course, using those might have other elemental properties.
    Evergreen Citrus: “I’m not, but Venture is. And he figured, we’re in a new world, we need to know more than we did. So that’s how the expedition got started.”
  • Henrietta is now going to start arraying a magic circle to drain any ambient magic from the pyramid into a resurrection spell to revive king koopa. She’s going to commandeer Baldrik and, if willing, Molly for this work.
    Evergreen Citrus: “I was curious. And they wanted to know about the plants here, soooo yeah.”
    Avara: basically i don’t have the money for a ritual, so i’m trying to substitute ritual cost with… well. the pyramid.
    Molly: “What do you need, Henrietta?”
    Henrietta: “I’m going to make the zombies and the leadership of the greenshields and all of that someone else’s problem. Specifically, King Koopa’s problem. They were like half-done with the resurrection magic before they karked it, so I can finish this all up. But I need help with the labor and stuff.”
    Jericho: “That’s an awful big coincidence. Two races from entirely different worlds just so happen to come to our world, and in the backwater region of Shikoku no less…”
    Baldrik: “…You are a madwoman and this will upend the entire social structure of my tribe. …However, I am intrigued, I admit.” He waffles – looks like he might need more convincing.
    Altair Azure: “…Wait, are you trying to fight a zombie with…another zombie?”
    Molly: “I think she’s trying to make the zombie alive. Since you can’t kill the zombie, if you make it alive you’d probably be able to kill it for real. Or befriend it.”
  • Henrietta grins at Baldrik with mad scientist-y glee. “We’re going to destroy the world as we know it, and I feel fine! Hell, this might actually mean your clan gets its act together and stops loafing around like slaking.”
    Altair Azure: “Pinch me, I must be Jericho.”
    Henrietta: “I’m going to resurrect the king of england! Or… wherever you turtles are from.”
    Evergreen Citrus: “That was what Venture thought, too – and why he decided to come here, once he found out about it. Maybe the last people to get zapped here knew more than we did, right?” Pony-shrug.
    Henrietta: 24 Charm.
  • Jericho pinches Altair
    Baldrik: “In the old texts, ‘the Dark World’. Or sometimes just ‘the Eighth World’. The numerology is rather inconsistent, except for our own kingdom.” And to Henrietta’s plan: “…I suppose it ends the threat in this pyramid, one way or another. Either the undead king is revived – and either co-opted or killed… or perhaps we blow the entire building up. Either way, we learn more about the magic of my ancestors…” He sighs. “Alright, I’ll help.”
    Mike: Soooo this sounds like it needs to be an Obsidian Skill Challenge, to me. You’re going to attempt a Big Spell, after all.
    Mike: Give me two minutes to get some water and ponder how to set this up.
    Jericho: “I vote we don’t all die in a colossal gout of flame.”
    Evergreen Citrus: “I both know nothing about magic and do not like dying in fire. I’m with the hairless minotaur.”
    Henrietta: “I can almost entirely guarantee there won’t be fire involved. Actually, this might put out any magical flames being used to light up rooms, so I’m almost guaranteeing the opposite of that. ‘Cause we’re in a library.”
    Jericho: “Hairless what?”
    Jericho: “And I have hair. See?” Jericho points to the blonde tufts sticking out from under his bandana.
    Evergreen Citrus: “Oh, sorry. Mostly-hairless. Y’know, minotaur! Two hooves, two hands, walks vertical, broad shoulders. Though you’ve got a different kind of face, I guess.”
    Molly: “Humans are flatfaced, sort of like cats.”
    Mike: Pulling up the obsidian skill challenge doc to remind myself a bit on this.
    Jericho: …for my own amusement, 9 Edu Pokemon. Can Jericho think of anything in Shikoku that matches that description?
    Avara: hey that sounds like a wimpod!
    Jericho: “Scientists seem to think we’re some type of ape, actually.”
    Mike: Minotaur-esque? yeah, ape-ish is probably the closest.
    Evergreen Citrus: “Oh! I know those. Climb trees, eat bananas. …I miss bananas.”
    Molly: “I’ve only seen a primeape’s eyes and nose, and I know you don’t have the nose.”
    Jericho: “It’s complicated science stuff. Something about pants? I don’t get it myself.”
    Mike: Alright! here’s what I’m thinking:
  • This challenge has Occult Education as its star component (+2 to those roles), but all other Knowledges, Focus, and Perception are also usable.
  • Because this is such a re-donk-ulous idea, I have made it 10% harder than normal. It is also pass-fail – either you succeed, or you don’t. And not succeeding allows me to go crazy. Magical backlash on this scale might be nasty.
    Henrietta: “I thought humans were descended from Pokemon.”
    Avara: cool. i’m going to slam dunk the DC with Specialist.
    Mike: Beyond that, the one question I have left is: Trainers Only, or Trainer + 1 Pokemon? Do you guys have a preference?
    Beverly: “There are a lot of theories. Pokemon and humans may have come from different worlds, just as many others in this room have. But we’ve been together so long we no longer know who is the outsider and who is the native.”
    Evergreen Citrus: “Kitty-ape!” =OwO=
    Molly: No preference. Trainer only if only for the speed of it, but it puts is in a harder spot.
    Avara: iiii don’t remember entirely. is it against the rules to use the same skill multiple times for the same character?
    Jericho: “I feel like I should be as far away from this ritual as possible.”
    Beverly: "I prefur “Kitty Miko.”"
    Henrietta: “You’re allowed to go outside, you know. You’re not tied to my hips.”
    Mike: “As such, players should only be allowed to use a given skill once in each challenge.” So yes, Henrietta could only Occult once during the challenge.
    Avara: ok
    Evergreen Citrus: “Oh, sorry. Mostly-hairless kitty miko!” owo
    Molly: So how many rounds?
    Mike: 3 Rounds, and sounds like we’re looking at Trainer Only unless someone objects. Baldrik will assist as a guest.
    Mike: GG is AFK ATM, so I’ll ignore her line. If she doesn’t get back in time, she just won’t count.
    Evergreen Citrus: “…I’ll go check and see if my friends are outside. Uh, please don’t die horribly while I’m gone? You seem like nice people.”
  • Henrietta will use Specialist. Every round, if it’s allowed to stack.
    Mike: You tell me, from its text.
    Avara: doesn’t say.
    Avara: when a creature does a skill check, i can lower the dc by 3.
    Avara: i can do this 3 times per day.
    Jericho: Initiative = 30
    Baldrik: Initiative = 20
    Molly: Initiative = 11
    Avara: extended checks weren’t a factor when it was written. but you’ve allowed molly and me to specialist the same check before.
    Molly: In that case, I think you would only be able to lower the threshold once, since there is only one DC.
    Mike: I don’t have Henrietta’s token on the Troopa Temple map, do I? Hunh.
    Avara: it’s there now
    Henrietta: Initiative = 5
    Mike: There we go. And DNA has… uh, stepped out for fresh air, I suppose.
    Mike: Hrm. Yeah, but also the DC is significantly higher… I’ll let you use it every round here, I think. Mathematically it should work out better that way.
    Jericho has received initiative.
    Stin: (( Can you add Surolam to the init? ))
    Jericho: (( Oh. I wasn’t aware I was a part of this ))
    Surolam: Initiative = 10
    Mike: You don’t have to be.
    Mike: If you’d rather not – for IC reasons, or because you aren’t a Knowledge specialist – I will let you step out.
    Jericho: (( I imagine Jericho would more likely screw this up than help. He’d not get involved with the mystical mumbo-jumbo ))
    Avara: jericho could do athletics checks to run out of the temple.
    Mike: Alright. I’ll let you pass, then.
    Mike: blink
    Mike: Er, blonk was the SFX I meant there. :P
    Molly: Molly gives +2 to everyone, remember
    Baldrik: “Well, this all seems… ill-advised. Let me check the indices of this history book, and see if there’re any notes from past attempts. Let’s learn from the mistakes of my ancestors, hm?” Gen Edu, 19
    Baldrik: +2 to that, so 21.
    Molly has received initiative.
    Molly: Molly examines the ritual area for any imperfections! 31
    Baldrik: “…Well, no obvious lists of mistakes that they made, but some notes on the chalks they tried…”
    Surolam has received initiative.
    Mike: Molly: Ooh, right there. That looks like a smudge – wiping it away, and bam, that changes the meaning of that sentence entirely. Nice.
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    GrayGriffin has connected.
  • Surolam holds out Little Pummerin, swinging him around to look at the ritual area.
    Surolam: “Tell me if you find anything mistaken.” 19 Occult Edu
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: The area isn’t quite perfect, but it might be hard to do better. The hallways are spacious enough for a magic circle, and the only place with more room is, well, where the giant skele-monster actually is.
    Henrietta has received initiative.
    Henrietta: 20 (Occult) Henrietta prepares the spell and sets it up, ready to make adjustments as she goes to finalize the details. (Specialist x3, DC drops by 9, used for myself, Surolam and Molly. just to get it out of the way.)
    Mike: And with that, you begin the spell – a circle, and within that, a square, and within that, a heart. Mystical fires alight at every radian of the circle.
    Mike: In the meantime – TBG, anything you’d like to get up to while this occurs? I don’t wanna leave you unentertained just because you aren’t in this spell.
    Jericho: Nah, I’m good. If anything, Jericho will look for something sturdy to use as cover nearby. Just in case.
    Mike: * Outside, with the green pony following you, and the other Greenshields hanging out… well, the Boatwagon would be suitable cover, actually. It’s the best object in the vicinity.
    Evergreen Citrus: “Do your friends do things like this all the time?”
    Galea the Hammerer: “Pony?”
    Evergreen Citrus: “More turtles! …Not as cool as cats, but still neat.”
    Baldrik: “Well, we’ve begun. I’m not really a master of the occult, but I’ve picked up a thing or two…” 20 Occult Edu.
    Baldrik: * Hunh. Baldrik is a natural. Maybe it’s all that book-learning, but he slips into the incantations right alongside Henrietta without issue.
    Molly has received initiative.
    Molly: Molly recounts some magical basics she’s learned from watching Henrietta perform magic in the past, double checking that all the basic, easily forgotten details are correctly in place. Occult 16
    Mike: Ah – that line was hastily drawn, a little shaky. You can shore that up pretty nicely. And you can get some incense going, as well, using some of the herb detritus from the farming room.
    Surolam has received initiative.
  • Surolam lays a hand on the ground.
    Surolam: “Stay steady for us, alright? We want to make things better for you…” 20 Charm, using Object Empathy
    Mike: Hehe. Yes, I’ll put that into the ‘crazy enough to work’ category.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: The pyramid visualizes itself… as a giant turtle shell. Nestled into the sand, the wind blows against it, but it does not move. The sun bakes it, but it does not move. The water flows over it, on occasion, and it does not move.
    Henrietta has received initiative.
    Henrietta: 22 (General) Henrietta adjusts the spell for historical examples that Baldrik had pointed out from the first round, to align the spiritual energies properly and reduce the odds of ripping the aethereal realm an entirely superfluous new behind.
    Mike: As Henrietta aligns the leylines and the magic begins to flow thick and deep, you can smell… mushrooms. Mushrooms, everywhere, deep earthy scents that signify a power alien to this world. The feeling of eternal darkness, not as an ill omen but as a home, full of fires and airships and impenetrable stone.
    Baldrik: “This feeling… It is primal. Is this… how my ancestors felt in their home?” Baldrik looks, and sniffs, and tastes the air, trying to get in touch with his ancestral home, and understand its nature. Edu Nature, 22
    Molly: Molly uses her General knowledge as well. Not as helpful as before, but any last bits of history or culture she’s picked up that might be relevant to this task. 14
    Molly has received initiative.
    Surolam has received initiative.
    Mike: Molly, there’s not much more to add there, unfortunately – though you do hear a vaguely familiar jingle-hangle. Somewhere, in that realm, far away, is a Super Bell, jingling. It makes you think of Beverly.
  • Surolam focuses on the flow of the magic, trying to sense if it’s going wrong in any way. 12 Occult Edu
    Mike: It is – just barely. It’s right on the tipping point. Henrietta needs a strong showing, to clinch the spell, or it will all fall apart. She is the lynchpin at this point; it’s all up to her.
    Henrietta: 17 She finalizes her spell and incants the last words, adjusting for any mistakes made thus-far in relation to Koopa biology and necessities. (Pokemon)
    Mike: (( You can still win this, but it’s going to be tough – you need to put down some good numbers. ))
    Mike: …Is there anything else you can apply to this? ANy hidden tricks or +2’s anybody forgot?
    Avara: +2 kindness from GM?
    Molly: lets see
    Avara: can i sacrifice my jar of Grand Honey for a bonus?
    Avara: … oh wait
    Avara: can’t you spend AP to get bonuses on checks?
    Molly: I’ve got Specialist as well, if I can lower the DC by another 9 points. Up to you though, that sounded a bit excessive to me.
    Mike: I believe you can spend AP on checks, yes. I will have to check the exact rules on it, been a while.
    Mike: And yeah, I’ll allow just the one Specialist specilaizing at this roll.
    Avara: please do. can we retroactively spend some AP?
    Molly: 1 AP for +1 bonus
    Molly: unless you have other features going on, like what Lilea could do.
    Molly: So we could all have +3
    Mike: Yep, and you can do it once per roll. I will be nice enough and say that, yes, you can ‘go back’ and spend some AP.
  • Avara spends 3 AP
    Avara: +3 to it
    Mike: Anyone else?
    Surolam: (( Spending 3 AP for +6 ))
    Surolam: (( I have Instinctive Aptitude ))
    Mike: Ah, nice.
    Avara: and molly?
    Molly: Same
  • Mike sits back and steeples his hands.
    Avara: molly has instinctive aptitude too?
    Molly: No, just +3
    Evergreen Citrus: “It’s awful quiet still. Are they done?”
    Avara: clarity is important. so that’s a total +12 from AP from everyone. unless baldrik wants to chip in?
    Galea the Hammerer: “With what?”
    Avara: hey baldrik, want to AP?
    Evergreen Citrus: “Reviving a dead king made of bones and fire.”
  • Baldrik can’t – he isn’t a Trainer, and thus doesn’t have AP.
    Mike: However. :3
    Avara: … heybaldrikthisishowapokeballworks
    Avara: throwitatsomethingrealquick
    Mike: “But there’s a licensing procedu-” “I WILL DRAW YOU A LICENSE ON THIS CARDBOARD
    Jericho: “We’re out here in case it explodes and destroys the entire building.”
    Loculus, the Magic-User: “Well, that seems sensibWHAT”
    Jericho: “Yeah, that was my reaction.”
    Jericho: “I usually then throw my arms up in exasperation. Like so.” Jericho tosses his arms in the air
    Mike: * With Henrietta, Molly, and Surolam, all focusing, using all their energy – the spell holds together, by the tips of Henrietta’s metaphysical fingertips. The lights in the pyramid flicker out and go dark. The darkness even feels more complete.
  • Surolam has Helper, which lets her give +1 to skill checks when she uses Helping Hand
    Baldrik: “Did we..?”
  • Henrietta holds up a finger to quietly hush Baldrik.
    Mike: The scent of mushrooms fades – but you can sense, feel, the essence of life that they represent, reforming. Somewhere in the dark, new life is hewn around old bones.
    Mike: And about one minute later, you hear a tremendous ruckus from deep in the pyramid. CRUNCH BASH FWOOSH SLAM!
    Mike: …The torches don’t relight. But the noise dies down, for a moment.
    Mike: (( rolls a die 12 ))
    Mike: First: Four other ponies, all looking like they’ve been fighting for their lives, stumble up the stairway at the end of the hallway you’re in. One of them carries a lantern in their mouth. They reach you, and all pretty much slump over, exhausted.
    Mike: …Second, I need a sprite for this…
    King Koopa: …And second, shortly after that, a very large Greenshield thumps his way up the stairs. Fire spouts from his mouth with every breath, and he has to duck to fit down the hallway. He’s covered in bone dust, and rather… annoyed.
    King Koopa: “Who are you, where am I, who am I, and what is going ON!?”
    Baldrik: O.O
  • Baldrik kneels IMMEDIATELY, instinctually.
    Mike: Outside the pyramid, you can faintly hear the thumping of something very large and heavy moving around inside the pyramid.
    Molly: “I’m Captain Molly, my cohorts and I just saved your life. I expect you to act a little more thankfully.”
    Henrietta: “I AM A SHINY GOLDEN GOD!” Henrietta declares in an obviously joking manner—she’s not golden, and she’s clearly female, after all. That said, she IS a Shiny. “In all seriousness, your kingliness, I’m Henrietta of the royal line of Raltesia. Your resurrector.”
    Sassy Gray Unicorn: quietly whining “Nnnnrf. Like, too louuuud”
    Molly: Command to sound authoritative. 21
    King Koopa: 22
    Surolam: “Greetings, King of Koopas. I am Surolam Arcel, daughter of Ritho and Anandas Arcel.”
  • Surolam bows.
    King Koopa: “Yeah? Well, I appreciate the save, I guess.” He looks at Surolam bowing for a moment, and there’s a flash in his eyes – but he shakes his head, clearing it.
    King Koopa: “Whatever. So I’m a king and you all saved me. Great! Good to know I’ve got good subjects. And am a king. Super.” He rubs his hands. “So, what’s first? Conquer someplace? Maybe have a banquet? Make some proclamations? Ah, forget it, I can proclaim things with my mouth full, let’s get that going while you guys all fill me in, yeah?”
    Baldrik: “Ohmystarshelives…” His voice trembles.
    Henrietta: “Right. So to put things in order. Molly, Surolam and I are from a neighboring territory. You’ve been dead for probably a few hundred, maybe a thousand or so, years. Probably why your memories are so rusty. Luckily for you, me, we and us, we have a Baldrik to be your personal historian while you eat.”
  • Henrietta nudges Baldrik. “Heeeey. That’s your revived king and all. Shouldn’t you… y’know. Say hi?”
    King Koopa: “Ooh! Yeah, that’s a good start. My personal historian.” He tastes the phrase on his tongue. “Yeah, I like things that’re mine.”
    Baldrik: “Gyuh!” O.O He starts, and then nervously gets up.
    Molly: Molly scowls toward the King.
    Baldrik: “Aheh. H-hello, your, uh, kingliness, sir. I’m Baldrik… and I suppose I’m a fan of your last work. Us.”
    Molly: “I’m not your subject.”
    Baldrik: “We survived for centuries alone. And we’d love to have you back… Though our elders may wish to, ah. Keep your duties light for a while. Ceremonial.”
  • Surolam lays a hand on the wall as this is going on, trying to sense the pyramid again. Has bringing the king back rejuvenated it somehow?
    King Koopa: 16
    Zojiik: “You’ll have to show why you deserve this authority, first.” Zojiik has all four of her shadowy hands on where her hips might be.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: The opposite – it’s not dead, but the pyramid is dormant. The ambient magical energy of the place, and nearly everything in it, has gone dormant. Deep within, there’s a crystal still, shining in the deep dark – but the pyramid itself? Is exhausted.
    Molly: “Baldrik, you’ve been a great ally in helping me find some great treasures here and there. Since this guy showed up, I think now’s the time to make it clear. I’d like you to join my crew, if you had such a desire.”
    King Koopa: “Wait, what? I’m the biggest! The baddest! …At least as far as I know. And that’s why I get to be king!”
  • Henrietta just stands back and lets Molly and Surolam and them handle the talky bits. She’s kind of tired and a bit light-headed and silly from bending reality over backwards.
    Henrietta: “Your kingdom’s devolved into a gang of barely-functional troublemakers in your absence. You have a lot of work to do before you’ll be ready to conquer anything or claim anything other than this pyramid and the island it’s on.”
  • Henrietta immediately contradicts her decision to not talk. Probably because light-headed.
    Molly: ((The pyramid is in the middle of the main Shikoku island))
    Avara: ah
    Baldrik: Baldrik turns his back on the king of Koopas, and looks at Molly. “Hah! Well, I daresay I’d consider it an honor, uh, ma’am. I think my only condition, though, would be to save the treasures of my people for their own use.” He looks over his shoulder for a moment. “…And something tells me that being away from the clan for a while might be wise. Let everyone… sort out what to do with themselves.”
    Avara: then strike the island part
    Avara: just the pyramid
    Zojiik: "That’s all you can say? What about your duties?’
    Jericho: Meanwhile… “Well, the castle hasn’t exploded yet. Think they succeeded?”
    Zojiik: “Prove to me that you can perform the duties of a king!”
  • Zojiik points dramatically.
    Evergreen Citrus: “I’m gonna be optimistic and say ‘yes’.” She nudges her way out from behind the boat, and trots in to see what’s what.
    Henrietta: “He needs to restore his memories and re-acquaint himself with all that stuff before he can actually do much. Which is why Baldrik was suggesting he stay on the ceremonial side of things for now. ‘Cause he’s got a LOT of reading to do.”
    King Koopa: “Well, what do you want me to, uh, king over? Not a lot here right now.”
    Molly: “That’s true.”
    Henrietta: “Let’s go outside. And see if anyone’s still around, or if they’re all a bunch of cowards who ran off because I was busy bending reality over backwards to suit my whims.”
  • Jericho shrugs and follows the green wing-ed pony
    King Koopa: “Maybe that’s the first step. Get some people and a castle together. Start kinging over that.” He looks over at Henrietta. “And if you’ve got people out there, then sure!”
  • Henrietta will guide the group outside, unless anyone protests.
    Molly: “I’ll wait here for you to get back.”
    Mike: So I’ll say that Henrietta meets Jericho and Evy at the door… and behind her is, well. You know.
    King Koopa: “Whoa! Bright out today. Not used to this. Been in darkness my whole life, gwahaha!”
    Henrietta: “Hi! We have an amnesiac dragon turtle king we’d like to return. He’s long overdue and I don’t want to know the late fee on one of those.”
    Loculus, the Magic-User: “That doesn’t even seem reasonable at the outset!”
    Molly: Molly turned to Baldrik, “Does these treasures you want include the flying ship we are repairing? I.. can see why you would have a claim over that. To be honest, I want it for myself.”
    Henrietta: “Why would I care about reasonable? I am a shiny golden god of magic and I do what I want.”
    Jericho: “This is my life now.” Jericho has one palm over his face. “I don’t know how. But it is.”
    Baldrik: “To tell the truth, I was always a little afraid of what my people would do if they reclaimed the airship of their ancestors. I hoped they would use it for peace and trade, and not to rain cannonballs down on their foes. In light of recent events…” He clears his throat.
  • Stin floats over to pat Jericho on the shoulder.
    Baldrik: “I think it would be wise to learn more about the ship. Through extensive field testing. At the hands of an experienced captain.”
  • Henrietta is just grinning smugly/imperiously at Kamek Loculus.
    Molly: Molly smiled, “Sounds all right by me. By then I’ll have my own flying ship.”
    Loculus, the Magic-User: “Yyyyyes you are, my mageladyship. (holycowwhattheheck)”
    King Koopa: “Gwaha! So, these’re my subjects? Hey, good to meet you, we’re gonna do some great stuff. Just as soon as I figure out what that stuff is.”
    Henrietta: “Who among you lot is the leader-type for your group of people? ’Cause your recently-resurrected King needs some refreshers. Because amnesia.”
    Galea the Hammerer: “Uh, for the expedition? Me, I guess, though Baldrik pointed the way mostly. For Greenshields in general, that’s a question of elders – whoever’s oldest.”
    King Koopa: “OLDEST?! Aw geeze, I gotta wait for everyone else to kick the bucket. I was just born! I think. Kinda. Whatever.”
    Baldrik: “Mmhm. If we can reverse-engineer it, all the better. I’m not against sharing knowledge of my people and their past with the wider world.”
  • Henrietta just laughs.
    Evergreen Citrus: “…Okay, this is weird, but cool. Buuuuut I really need to check on my friends. They aren’t out here and the pyramid didn’t explode!” And she scoots around the King of Koopas to check inside…
    Evergreen Citrus: …Where she finds the other four ponies, slumped, injured, and beaten to within an inch of their lives. She rushes over to check on them, and start pulling items from their saddlebags to try and tend to their wounds.
    Zojiik: “They’re alive, at least.”
    Molly: “Hello again.” Molly said to Evergreen
    Evergreen Citrus: “Hi! You found my friends! Thanks. Unless you beat them up, in which case un-thanks. But you don’t seem the up-beating type.”
    Sassy Gray Unicorn: “Still loooooud. Nhhg. Too many noises.”
    Molly: “If they fought me, they wouldn’t be beaten. They’d be shot.”
    Happy Black Pony: “We been fightin’ in this pyramid’s training room for a full day, now. Room got stuck and kept us in dere.” A tired, ruffled sigh. “Only got out when the lights went out.”
    Henrietta: “That was me stealing magic from the pyramid to revive the king with.”
    Adventurous Unicorn: “Really?” A tired, red-maned pony with an adventure-ready labcoat perks his head up. “That’s quite impressive. And once I can feel my horn again I’d love to hear how you did it.”
    Shy Blue Unicorn: “Mmhm. Wanna just take a long bath. For like a week…”
    Surolam: “We helped.”
    Henrietta: “Yup. Surolam, Molly, and Baldrik helped me break the rules of reality.”
    Henrietta: “We’re awesome.”
    Baldrik: “Yes! …Oh my. Heh.” =^_^=
    King Koopa: * Outside, the giant turtle-dragon-god is sitting down next to the boatwagon, and his lesser, smaller, older counterparts are starting to converse with him. Trying to fill him in on their tribe, and the world they live in. It’s… slow going, as the King interrupts fairly often, but he seems genuinely interested behind the bluster (that he just can’t turn off).
    Evergreen Citrus: “And they didn’t blow up the pyramid or anything.”
    Evergreen Citrus: “Anyway. You guys need rest, and food, and a campfire, and more rest. We should camp tonight. Outside.”
    Henrietta: “Why would we do that? That sounds like a waste of a perfectly good pyramid.”
    Adventurous Unicorn: “Quite right! We discovered it first, and I won’t have us abandoning our discovery so easily.” He tries to get to his feet. “Hnkh- th-though the rest of that plan sounds, ah, quite nice. Yes.” slump
    Happy Black Pony: “Jus’ don’t use the training room. Hallways are fine. Hallways don’t put you in the desert and send turtles to shoot you with magic.”
    Mike: Shall we end there?
    Mike: or if there’re other points people want to hit.
    Jericho: (( Sounds like a plan. ))
    Henrietta: “I meant why would we blow it up. I don’t want to sleep in a tomb either.”
    Avara: i’m good with ending here.
  • Avara has derailed a boss fight into a ridiculous scheme and is happy about it.
    Molly: I’m crashing really hard. The past two hours were me pretending.
  • Avara hugs everyone who’s still here.
    Molly: It worked really hard to make my sentences into sentences that make sense.
    Avara: thanks for going along with my zany scheme.
    Molly is disconnected.
    Mike: Yeah, that, uh.
    Mike: When i said you guys went off the rails, I wasn’t kidding.
    GrayGriffin: Sorry I was kind of out of it through all this
    Mike: You went off the rails, over a ditch, jumped out of the train, hopped into a bus, made sure that bus never went below 55 MPH, jumped out while it was on the freeway, and then somehow ended up on a paddleboat that looked like a swan.
    Avara: well that’s what happens when you put necromancy and resurrection magic and half-baked schemes in front of a virtuoso mage. she makes them full-baked schemes.
    Avara: and no worries, GG.
    Avara: i’ve been like that a LOT this campaign
    TBG: Now one has to wonder what the Greenshields will do now that they have a powerful new ally on their side.
    Avara: stop being a gang of worthless thugs, and become a gang of productive thugs?
    TBG: tbf, better them than the Red Shirts.
    Avara: yup@
    Avara: !
    Mike: :3
    TBG: Er, Red Rooks
    Mike: ^_^
    Avara: and yeah. i don’t usually get to be the one who says goodbye to the rails. it was fun.
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    Mike: Anyway. 2 TXP and 100 PKMN EXP, because yeah, that was supposed to be a boss fight and then it wasn’t.
    Mike: Saving log and campaign.
    Avara: we overcame a boss fight’s worth of challenge.
    Avara: we just did it non-combatively.
    Avara: and you made that obsidian challenge extra hard.
    Avara: because we were overcoming it in the best way possible.
    Avara: … i’m a little silly right now.
    Avara: bye~
    Avara is disconnected.
Discovering the Dry

Mike Desktop has connected.
GrayGriffin has connected.
Mike: ‘lo!
GrayGriffin: Hello!
Mike: BRB for a moment, gonna refresh my water while people log in.
Avara has connected.
TBG has connected.
Mike: And I’m back!
Mike: I know DNA is gonna be a bit late, and Rob might not show up at all. ANy questions while I bring up my notes?
Avara: can we set the world on fire?
Mike: Only at the start of a FallOut campaign. …Which could be fun to do someday, really. I’d do it more goofy than srs bsns.
Avara: yay someone got what i was thinking of by asking that
Mike: 3 FO2. It’s my favorite. FO4 is probably second.
Mike: Anyway.
DNA has connected.
Mike: Since Molly’s player is going to be AFK for a while, I’m going to assume that she’s, say, looking through the books found in the laboratory in the koopyramid. Or, since this is Molly, perhaps she’s making sure Baldrik doesn’t die while he reads through some more of the books.
Mike: In the meantime, there’re other places to check out – well, two, so far. There’s the room on the other side of the hallway, where there were rows upon rows of dirt. And there’s further down the large corridor, where the air is hotter.
Baldrik: “So much knowledge… I’ll be along in a bit! I just want to catalogue what this library contains, see if there might be any useful bits of information pertaining to this particular… temple? Fortress?”
Jericho: “I’m guessing it’s a fortress from the stone walls and the deadly traps. Wonder what sort of treasure it must be hiding…”
GrayGriffin: Didn’t someone already check out that room and find it was for growing Power-ups?
Mike: Someone made that presumption; I don’t think anyone stuck their head in it.
Mike: …And Chrome is dying on me, making it hard to look at the logs. (Also I hadn’t uploaded them and for that I am an awful person.)
Jericho: Welp, Jericho will pop his head into the room with the dirt. Let’s look for loot!
Mike: Lovely. Throw me some Perception if you’re poking around?

  • Surolam will follow behind him to search as well.
    Surolam: 9 Perception just for the heck of it
    Jericho: 13 Perception
    Mike: * The room smells earthy – not only dirt, dried out and unused, but metal, sunlight, and stone. It smells like the inside of a mountain, or perhaps a cave.
    Mike: * That said, it’s well-lit. Surprisingly so. While there are sconces on the walls, holding flickering torches, the room has the glow of sunlight about it. With that roll, Jericho, it’s difficult to pinpoint the source – the ceiling is quite bright, too bright to stare at.
    Avara: there’s a library of some kind? henrietta is going to be incapacitated for the entire session. reading all of it.
    Mike: * The rows of dirt, now dry from disuse, are neatly lined up, gentle hills against the stone floor. There are tools, and even a small wooden shed, against one wall. Metal pipes pop up next to the earthen ridges, and then descend again – only an inch or two in diameter, not big ones like the one on Shell Island.
    Mike: Ava: That’s okay too. You can send your Pokemon to tag along with the others, if so desired. You can also make some Lore rolls while you read the books, and I’ll give you some infodumps.
    Mike: Uh, one per each kind-o-Lore.
    Jericho: Hmm… 12 Nature Edu. What can I tell from the dirt in here?
    Surolam: (( Does the glow give off any warmth? ))
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: This dirt would be pretty good for growing things in, probably. It needs to be saturated with water, though – it’s dessicated. Probably meant for nutrient-hungry plants – food kinds, or maybe the power-up kinds.
    Mike: Surolam: Hrm! “Yes, but.” Yes, it gives off warmth, much like gentle sunlight. But… For you, I’ll let you know: It doesn’t smell quite right, feel quite right. I don’t know if anyone else would be able to catch that without really thinking on it, though.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: specifically :it smells less like warm sunlight, and more like cold stone. It feels more like warming your hands next to a sun-soaked rock, not holding them open to the right and proper sun.
    Surolam: 12 Occult edu to see if she can figure out anything about the glow
    DNA: So besides the library and the side room, are there any other rooms nearby? I feel like as a player I should be doing at least something, but I’m not sure what to poke around at.
    Surolam: “How has the power source for this lasted so long?” she asks, laying a hand as close to the glow as she can.
    Mike: There are not any obvious rooms nearby. Italicizing for emphasis
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: It might be… stones? Perhaps once, you saw a Sun Stone – it seems like that, but on a larger scale. Holding your hand up, towards the ceiling, you can feel the similarity a bit more strongly.
    DNA: In that case, I will have Altair feeling around the walls, to see if he can notice any odd markings or anything. With the Thwomps being clearly distinguished, maybe there are other markings to look for as well. Tremorsense + Focus 25 + Molly if necessary.
    Mike: Hrm hrm hrm! You are in your element here. I mean, literally; this whole place is earth-hewn. whispers
    Surolam: “Jericho, you know about evolution stones, don’t you?”
    DNA: Yes. Yes I am.
    You whisper to DNA: Three things become apparent to your senses:
    First, above the large thwomp you strung up, there is more room up there than is strictly needed for the Thwomp. Some kind of small passage or room is up there.
    Second, in the room with the earthen ridges, those pipes descend further into the structure. Plumbing, it seems. The earth itself is in deep stone troughs.
    Third, there’s a stone door in that room, tucked in the corner. It’s difficult to see, but you can feel the disjoint, the neat line of the cut stone blocks. It feels heavy, though.
    Mike: whispering done
    Mike: …Did Dan get distracted by something? >.>
    DNA: Hmm, now I have choices.
    Altair Azure: “…Hm, there’s some sort of passageway above where that first stone thing is. Like it only goes part of the way up and there’s a small room still above it. Maybe it’s an upper level…?”
    Jericho: (( Dan’s been waiting for a response to his skill check. ))
    Mike: Gah! I whispered it to the wrong person.
    Player “Dan” is not connected.
    Jericho: “I dabble. They are precious stones, after all.”
    You whisper to TBG: This dirt would be pretty good for growing things in, probably. It needs to be saturated with water, though – it’s dessicated. Probably meant for nutrient-hungry plants – food kinds, or maybe the power-up kinds.
    Mike: There we go. Sorry about that. _
    Surolam: “Does this feel like a Sun Stone to you?”
  • Surolam gestures upwards at the glowing ceiling.
  • Jericho runs his fingers through the dirt- and pauses when Surolam directs his attention upwards.
    Jericho: Uh… I guess 12 to identify this thing.
  • Altair Azure has his attention focused elsewhere, however. He pushes at a small section of the wall, with a bit of Quake to aid him in the process.
    You whisper to TBG: Yes, it does. It feels like a very large Sun Stone, actually – maybe one of the biggest. They normally feel a little like sun light, or a sun-warmed stone, but if this is passing for the real thing…
    Altair Azure whispers: Focus/Tremorsense same as before, to open the door. 24 + Molly
    Mike: With a gentle rumble-rumble-rumble, Altair terrakinetically shifts a stone in the wall, perhaps a little shorter than he, and twice as wide… and it shifts into the wall, grinding against a mechanism. He can push it about a foot into the wall, but no further – it seems jammed against a mechanism of some kind.
    Jericho: “…holy reverse world…”
    Mike: This new opening is in the back corner of the room with the earthen ridges and the sunny stone skylight.
    Jericho: “I’ve never seen one so… so huge!!”
    Mike: (( “That’s what she-” is immediately punched ))
    Altair Azure: Tech Edu 19 because of course.
    Surolam: “It still has power as well…”
    Jericho: “They must have been using this place as a greenhouse. The dirt, if dry, is nutrient-rich. Perfect for plants. They must have used this massive Sun Stone instead of lamps.”
    Jericho: “I gotta have it.” Jericho immediately starts looking for a way to dettach it from the ceiling. 24 Perception.
    Mike: Altair: This door was built to be moved by some mechanism – hydraulic, probably? You’ve forced it open some, but to open it all the way, you can either break it down, or try to do it the way it was built to be opened.
    DNA: I will attempt the latter! Any clues nearby as to how that works?
    Surolam: “I don’t think anyone here is using it anymore either.”
    DNA: Because this is literally a Golden Sun puzzle.
    Mike: Hehe.
    Surolam: “As long as it is not supporting another part of the construction, you should be fine doing so.”
    DNA: So naturally, my first thought: conduits along the walls.
    Mike: Jericho: You squint and shield your eyes, and you can just barely make out its contours – it’s about as big as a Pokemon, maybe three feet across! It’s fitted into the rock of the ceiling. You can probably get it loose with a precision bit of leverage, but you might be blinded for a while, being that close to a giant Sun Stone.
    Mike: DNA: Pipes, specifically, Sensing the stone, you can feel the absence-of-stone, generally cutting between the stones. They come up in the dirt troughs, in the shed that’s in the room, and… you can’t sense further than that, but it’s a network of pipes, stretching further in.
    Jericho: “Of all the times to need a pair of sunglasses” Jericho mutters to himself. Still, there are some tools in here, right? Like shovels?
    DNA: So I should be looking for the troughs and the shed in this room? I suppose I’ll start with the shed.
    Mike: Heh. Both of you would be headed for the shed, then.
    Mike: Yes, there are tools. In fact, these tools look very old – wood and metal, rough iron. Though one looks quite nice: a pickaxe. It has engravings on it, and a silvered edge. It looks like it’s describing, in pictograms, Greenshields mining, smelting, and then… marching, weapons in hand, to war.
    Mike: Also in the shed: A large brass tank, with a large pipe coming out of the top, and a smaller kind of fireplace underneath it – it looks like it might be a boiler, long since extinguished.
    Mike: A large valve is on the front of the brass boiler.
    DNA: Any way to tell what the valve does by looking at it?
    Mike: By just looking at it? No. But as a valve, it probably turns something on and off, or opens or closes something.
    DNA: I start by adjusting the valve, slightly, to see if there’s any changes.
    Mike: It squeeks loudly, but there’s no grinding – it isn’t rusted. But nothing happens.
    Jericho: Jericho will pick up the pick axe. That should be a good too for getting some digging or leverage, yeah?
    Mike: Ah, one other detail I’ll note: The tank has a viewing port on it, which was obscured by the tools. It looks like it’s empty, just like the smaller, open fireplace beneath the large tank.
    DNA: Can I open the boiler at all? And what is the port viewing?
    DNA: Oh yeah, and is the fireplace connected to the tank? You make it sound like it is, but I want to be sure.
    Mike: it’s viewing the inside of the boiler. But yes, you can open it – there’s a port on top, if you climb on the edge of the tool-barrel inside. And yes, the fireplace is connected to the tank, sitting underneath the metal body of the tank.
    You have disconnected.
    DNA has connected.
    GrayGriffin has connected.
    TBG has connected.
    Avara has connected.
    Mike Desktop has connected.
    Mike: Oh yes. The pickaxe is heavy – two hands! – but it provides excellent leverage. It also deals +5 damage against all Rock-type creatures or structures.
    Mike: So, quite nice for digging.
    Jericho: The pickaxe looks almost natural in Jericho’s hands as he heads back to the sun stone.
  • Surolam lays her hands on the wall, trying to speak to the stone through it.
    Surolam: “Are you okay with leaving this place?”
    Jericho: “Okay. Let’s see if I can do this.” Jericho squints heavily, trying to use the pickaxe as leverage to pry the sun stone loose." (What sort of check do you want from me?)
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: Waking from a heavy slumber; a sun-drenched nap. A sense of a sun shining behind clouds, and then shining in a clear sky – no matter where it goes, it shines.
    Mike: (( Had to think of how to encapsulate that thought! ))
    Mike: Jericho: This is a physical feat, so Athletics is probably the best. However, while you’re at it, please also throw a Perception check. And roll high. >:3
  • Surolam smiles.
    Surolam: “It’s fine with this as well.”
    DNA: Mike, anything for my questions?
    Mike: it’s viewing the inside of the boiler. But yes, you can open it – there’s a port on top, if you climb on the edge of the tool-barrel inside. And yes, the fireplace is connected to the tank, sitting underneath the metal body of the tank.
    Mike: Sorry, I think I responded just as I got knocked off. On my end it looked like it happened after I repsonded.
    Altair Azure: “Hm, this is a boiler, so…”
    Jericho: 20 Perception and 19 Athletics.
    Altair Azure: “It’ll probably need a bit of firepower to get it started off, plus 1 or 2 other things. Makoto?”
    Jericho: (( How’s that for a high roll? ))
    Mike: 11
    Jericho: (( I mean, I’ll never beat Molly, but not bad, yeah? ))
    Makoto: Knowing the move ‘Boil’ will probably come very much in handy here. GM, I’d like to ignite the fireplace area with boiling water.
    Mike: Hehe. The magic number was ‘20’, so not too bad.
    Mike: Jericho: You strike the pickaxe against the edge of the stone that holds up the large Sun Stone, and puuuuulllll, digging the tip of it in. Just before it comes free, you barely notice it starting to glow more brightly – just in time to avert your eyes!
    DNA: Having absorbed the powers of a fire flower and the sun, Jericho became a veritable god of light…
    Mike: The room is filled with a near-blinding flash. For everyone else, it takes just a few moments to blink back their sight – and for Surolam, it’s no trouble at all, I’m sure. For Jericho, if he hadn’t averted his eyes, he might’ve been blinded for much longer.
    Mike: The Great Sun Stone clatters to the ground, in one piece.
    Mike: Meanwhile, in the boiler-shed…
    Mike: Altair and Makoto, “Boil” will work very nicely here… for a while. That one move will activate the boiler for as long as Makoto is there, but without a more permanent fire (and fuel for it), and without filling the boiler with its own supply of water, it’ll end when Makoto walks away.
    Jericho: “Got it!”
    Mike: The boiler hisses, the sliver of opening in the boiler system coming to life. You can hear the faint hum-hiss of the pipes following shortly after.
    Mike: The pipes that stick out of the ridges of dirt clatter first, and you can see a thin stream of water emerge from them.
    Mike: In the back, the half-opened stone door rumbles, but doesn’t budge without the full pressure.
    Mike: The Great Sun Stone is quite powerful indeed. You could evolve as many Pokemon with it as you like, and it would never run out of juice. After all, it lit this room for centuries without blinking. You might be able to release its power in a single burst for some other purpose, because you’re players and that’s what players do.
  • DNA thinks…
    DNA: Well, I can use Fountain to add water to the boiler, if that is any concern.
    Jericho: (( Hrm… I wonder if it could power an airship? ))
    Mike: I dunno! You could always plug it in and find out.
    Mike: I’m sure you don’t need a converter or anything.
    Mike: Altair: Adding more water to the boiler? Setting up a permanent fire? Opening the gasket further?
    Mike: Or some other option? Those’re just off the top of my head.
    DNA: First adding more water, because Makoto can do that. Then opening the gasket a little further, but I’m trying to figure out a method to start a permanent fi-wait. Could I sell the move ‘Fire Spin’ to you?
  • Jericho collects the stone to put into his pack. Spoils of war and all that.
    Mike: Fire Spin would light a fire just fine. But without fuel, the fire will end moments after the move does.
    DNA: …apparently Fire Spin grants Fire Starter and I never even noticed.
    DNA: Ah, true.
    Mike: But, putting water in the boiler seems to work nicely – it fills, it doesn’t leak. And you can open the gasket further, as far as it goes. While you don’t have any heat applied, nothing happens – are you reapplying heat, from Boil or Fire Spin or a proper fire?
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: The sun stone gives the notion of ‘going behind a cloud’ as it goes into Jericho’s inventory. Not with sadness or alarm or anything, just in a sense of ’that’s how things are – sometimes clear skies, sometimes clouds.’
    DNA: Hmm, let’s see. The water added gives me a nice base, but I need something that would provide more permanent fuel. I’m thinking there’s something like a gas or electric valve that is wired to it to provide power. Anything like that, or at least a source for ignition, nearby? Tech Edu 11
    Mike: …Y’know, I just realized how that makes a lot of sense.
    Mike: It wasn’t what I originally intended, but in light of this: what I originally intended was inefficient and dumb.
    DNA: Heheheheheheheh
    DNA: Well, it’s a GS-esque puzzle; I can easily be sold on ancient magitech at this point.
    Mike: So yes. Checking around under the boiler, where a fire could be laid, there is, in fact, a smaller pipe. It has its own gasket… and when you open it up, you can feel a rush of hot, hot air, flowing up at a solid clip. It smells of rocks and molten lava. The tip of the pipe glows a dull orange.
    Mike: And the boiler comes to life.
    Makoto: “Whoa! It worked! …I think?”
    Mike: The water-pipes in the dirt-trenches gush, greatly moistening the dirt. You can smell it coming back to life – well, life-in-potentia.
    Mike: And the stone door on the far side griiiiiinds open all the way. It’s still small for you – it’s definitely Baldrik-sized – but if you duck your head, you can fit in there just fine.
    Mike: I presume you’re checking out in there?
    DNA: But of course. Ducking away!
    Mike: Lemme roll a few rolls… But while I do that, could one of you give me a flat d20 luck roll. please?
    DNA: I volunteer!
    DNA: 3
    DNA: Damn.
    Mike: Didn’t Jericho roll a 2 for his last week?
    Mike: You guys have the poorest d20 luck.
    DNA: Luck rolls are either really low or really high. There’s pretty much no in-between, I’ve noticed.
    Mike: Inside, it’s dim – but you can tell this is a kind of store-room. The foodstuffs are long past rotten, now dessicated and worthless, but there are also bags and bags of seeds – more than could be planted in here in half a dozen rotations. They each have a label with a picture: a carrot, a red mushroom, a red flower, a blue flower, a red leaf, and a bell.
    Mike: checks~
    Mike: 3
    Mike: Y’know what, I’m getting half an idea here.
    Mike: In the back, there’s a skeleton of a Greenshield – it looks tall, but thin, its shell leaner and less round. It has a book, and a golden wand.
    Mike: The skeleton is also wearing a pointy, blue, cloth hat. The hat looks frail and stiff.
    Mike: The book looks to be a journal. Lots of notes on growing and caring for these plants, and their properties – and even efforts to cross-breed them, enhance their effects, and some personal notes on working with the laboratory. It’s written in two languages – one, the language on the outside of the pyramid; the other, an old, old dialect of Shikoku.
    Mike: The last entry: “The latest experiments have failed. We created something, but it was not life. I am burned by our would-be king, and will not survive the night. Many have fled – this castle is lost, and our thirst for conquest and new land will be unslaked. Perhaps the founders were right, and we should never have tried to rebuild our armies. Perhaps this is our payment for our hubris.”
    Altair Azure: “Baldrik? Can you come here? I think I found something important.”
    Baldrik: “Mm? Yes, what is- oh. Oh my.”
    Baldrik: * He approaches, reverently.
    Baldrik: “…What did you see, ancestor? What was your life like?” He looks to the journal, opening it.
    Baldrik: His face goes white as he reads the last entry.
    Baldrik: “…D-Dear me.”
    Baldrik: He takes a shaky breath.
    Baldrik: “Th-this explains why we abandoned this place. And what it was for, perhaps…”
    Altair Azure: “What did it say? What was he doing?” (Altair probably wouldn’t be able to read either of the languages.)
    Jericho: (( Neither would Jericho ))
    Baldrik: “They were… destroyed. He, in particular, was burned – a slow and painful death, I’m sure. So many powerful herbs and mushrooms around him, but none would restore his life.”
    Baldrik: “This one doesn’t seem to have been working on… it. But it appears they attempted to re-create…” Another breath.
    Jericho: “…by what, dare I ask.”
    Baldrik: “In our history… We still have a few tales. From before we came to Shikoku, I suspect. That is how I found the location of the airship.”
  • Surolam slips in as well to listen to what’s going on.
    Baldrik: “They tell of a great warrior-king, the biggest and strongest of us all. He could breathe fire, and his voice would inspire an army to march to the end of the earth, ‘off the cap of a mushroom’, they say.”
  • Jericho wonders what that even means… then remembers the place they got the airship from.
    Baldrik: “I believe he existed, not just as a legend but as a real being. And the tales speak in awe of his power – only the greatest of evil could defeat him, those who descend from above, heel-first, to crush both skull and spirit.”
    Baldrik: “And it appears they attempted to re-create him, here, in this new world.”
    Jericho: “So… Jil?”
    Jericho: “I mean, that’s what she does, yeah?”
    Baldrik: “Hmh. Yes – I recall being especially frightened of her movements. A racial memory, perhaps.”
  • Surolam preens, proud of her girlfriend.
    Altair Azure: “They were…trying to re-create a legendary figure? How would that even work? Were they dabbling in necromancy?”
    Baldrik: “I suspect so. There are tales of that in our history, too – particularly in deserts. Which, I suppose, this counts as.”
    Baldrik: “Great wizards would sun-bleach the bones of warriors, and then raise them up, moving without sinew. When they fell, they would simply rise again moments later.”
    Baldrik: “I don’t know how – I’m no wizard. I doubt Loculus outside would know, either. But if they recreated His Highness, even partially, and could not contain or control him, I could see how they would be decimated.”
    Baldrik: He exhales, and gently takes the shoulder of the ancient, deceased Greenshield.
    Baldrik: “Thank you, friend and forefather.”
    Altair Azure: “Wait a minute. If they tried to control him, and then failed, what would happen? If the caster died, would that mean the re-animated king just fell apart and ceased to be?”
    Surolam: “If they failed, wouldn’t the remains of their failure be somewhere here as well?”
    Altair Azure: “…or does that mean he’s still alive and running around somewhere?”
    Jericho: “Welp, it’s been fun, but sounds like it’s time to go.”
    Baldrik: “This fellow didn’t live long enough to know. I would imagine any magic strong enough to recreate His Highness would be strong enough to persist. And if we haven’t found them yet…”
    Altair Azure: “…Now I know what it feels like to be Jericho.”
    Jericho: “Come on, let’s grab the loot and leave.”
    Jericho: “No need to fight the necromanced form of an ancient hero”
    Baldrik: “Doing so means we abandon the crystal we sought to him. For myself, it is just curiosity and heritage.”
    Baldrik: “I also do not know when I’ll next be able to gather an expedition to return here. We’ve found quite a bit, though, so… perhaps that will be enough to convince the others in my tribe to come back en masse.”
    Baldrik: “You’re the experienced adventurers. You have undead friends beside you now. If you say to turn back, then I will heed your warning with a heavy heart.”
  • Surolam shrugs.
    Surolam: “We have Jil.”
    Mike: I’ll also ask out-of-character. I won’t stop you from turning aroudn and walking out at all, obviously. Doing so means no crystal for easy use on the airship, but it also means no fighting what’s below. It might also mean heading towards endgame a little bit sooner.
    Mike: Oh, and I suppose there’d be other loot down there, as well. But nothing you absolutely require.
    Jericho: (( Jericho is Jericho. He thinks going down is suicidal, but if the others go, he’ll follow. ))
    Mike: Oh, before I forget utterly: the wand.
    Mike: 1h Ranged, Sp. Attack. 1/Enc, the user may transmute a hunk of inanimate, mundane matter 1 m^3 in size or so into a random item or creature (GM’s discretion). Grants the user the move Psywave.
    Mike: So it sounds like two people for ’let’s walk away’ and one for ‘eh we can take ’im’. We can also stop here for now, and let Ava and Rob weigh in – or come up with different ideas.
    Mike: You’ve already mentioned making do with the Great Sun Stone; that is something you can attempt, though it will probably be technically complex.
    DNA: I still stick with the walk-away vote, yeah. I’ll wait for Rob and Ava votes before we move on.
    Surolam: “I could send Stin, Zojiik, and Gramaan to investigate. They are capable of becoming invisible and passing through walls, after all.”
    Baldrik: “I imagine they will be safe, so long as nothing detects them. Nothing in the old tales says that the Dry Ones could see beyond the visible.”
    Baldrik: “…If anything, they were sometimes considered rather… dense. Though I suppose I would term it ‘persistent’ instead.”
    Surolam: (( So should I just make stealth rolls for all three of them? ))
    Mike: It sounds like Ava wants to push for the scouting. So if Surolam’s Pokemon want to go for it…
    Mike: Yeah, go for it!
    Stin: 15 Stealth
    Zojiik: 8 Stealth
    Gramaan: 16 Stealth
    Mike: Alright! A quick run-down, as the ghosts continue onwards.
    Mike: At the end of the large hallway you’ve been centered around: a staircase of stone, suspended over the air, thick and hot. Below, you can see the glow of lava. The stairs are more than wide enough to not risk falling off, but there aren’t any hand-rails either.
    Mike: Down the first flight: another hallway. Stin, at a glance, it looks like there are living quarters here, barracks with bunks, hewn into the stone and covered in grass and straw.
    Mike: Down the second flight of stairs, Zojiik, looks to be training and command rooms. As you sneak about, though, you hear something creak – in response to your movement, perhaps?
    Mike: Gramaan, down the third and final flight, you dare not descend alone, because you can see it quite clearly from here, thank you: a pit of lava, with heavy stones in it forming a pathway. All around it, skeletons of Greenshields… ambling about, mindlessly. And in the middle, a much, much bigger one, the king of his own little stone island. And just beyond them, on a stone pedestal, is a large, purple crystal, its own light outshone by the ambient glow of the lava.
  • Gramaan floats there some more, before making a few bugs visible and sending them to fly around the king.
    Mike: Hrm.
    Mike: 11
    Mike: * The king doesn’t notice the first insect… or the second… but he does notice the third, and snaps his jaws at it! …You feel the pinprick of an individual insect being crushed, a very small part of you being damaged.
    The Dry King: Oh wait. I have an image.
    The Dry King: Anyway. Take 3 damage, unmitigated by defenses. It’s slight, but not nothin’.
    Avara is disconnected.
    Gramaan: Gramaan loses 3 hit points.
  • Gramaan inspects the ceiling. Any handholds there they could use to drop down on him?
    Mike: 8
    Mike: Yes – stalagtites are here, perhaps half-a-dozen or so. While none are directly over the larger Dry King, there are a few over the smaller skeletons.
    Mike: Sometimes they amble beneath them. Sometimes not.
    Mike: But before you try to drop one on them, I think this might be a good place to stop. :3
    Mike: it sounds like people are running low on energy and oomph, and if you pick a fight I’d like everyone to be awake for it.
    Mike: 2 TXP and 20 PMN EXP for all! Short session tonight, I suppose.
    Mike: I am planning on having a game next week as well, but NOT the week after that! I’ll be back home then, which puts a crimp on my running games.
    DNA: TL 23.4
    Mike: Saving things!
Dry Dry Desert

Mike Desktop has connected.
Mike: 20
Mike: 6
Mike: 13
TBG has connected.
Molly has connected.
GrayGriffin has connected.
DNA has connected.
Mike: I’ll be there in about 10 minutes, including getting h2o.
Mike: In the meantime you can plunk down on the Troopa Temple map.
Molly: Could you grab my characters from the latest map?
Mike: That’d be Crabchitin, technically. if you meant a different map, I did export those before I removed them, so lemme know which one you meant and I can do that.
Molly: Yeah, crabchitin is missing my notes
Mike: Alright. So it’d be either Temple 11 (where the dragon was sealed) or Temple 14 (where you fought the dragon).
Molly: did the cave have a map? or was the boss fight arena the last new map we went to?
Molly: probably the boss arena.
Mike: Boss fight was the last new map.
Mike: Annnd imported!
Mike: Give that a look and grab whom you need?
DNA: I’m operating from my box, so I’ll be typing off there unless I need to be directed otherwise.
Molly: Actually, yeah. I did get my latest to the box. Sorry!
Molly: I’m good
Mike: Heh, alright.
Mike: Anyone else need to grab anything from Temple 14 before I remove it again?
Mike: Alright, removing it!
DNA: Nope, don’t need it.
Mike: I see we have all four players (sans Ava, who has a headache). Are you guys alive and about?
Mike: Any questions or concerns? …Besides how I still haven’t figured out What Up with those dragonborne items. Lemme remind myself to hit that tomorrow.
TBG: I am present and able
GrayGriffin: I don’t see everyone on the map yet
Molly: here
Starcatcher: Starcatcher is healed and gains 35 hit points.
TBG: We’re missing DNA and his tokens
Mike: Ah, there you are. scrolls over
Mike: And this was mostly to make sure everyone was on the same map tile. This is going to be more of a ‘painting with words’ session.
Molly 1: Molly 1 is healed and gains 20 hit points.
Mike: Molly the First. :3
DNA: Wait, we’re on the Troopa Temple map, you say?
DNA: All right then.
Mike: Yep yep. Again, just making sure everyone is on the same map.
DNA: I am on this map now, yes.
When we last left our heroes, they were headed deep into the mountains of Shikoku, I believe – on the track of the Greenshields, and a second crystal for their ancient ship.
Mike: Because it’s always fun – as you advance through the mountains, throw me some Perception checks!
Molly: 32
Stin: (( What’s Molly’s skill check bonus again? ))
Mike: (( "When in doubt, throw some Perception checks. And maybe have a ninja pop out and kill someone. Or have something explode. …If you’re really not sure, have the ninja pop out, and then have that same ninja immediately explode. ))
Jericho: 21 Perception
Molly: +2 to allies
Stin: 23
Jericho: (( Bunshin Bakuha! ))
Mike: You are all some perceptive folks. nods
Jericho: Ah, 23 then
Hajime: 27 (Perception includes Molly)
Mike: Jericho, Stin, Molly – the route up the mountain is quiet. …Very quiet, actually. You feel pretty sure you’ve got a good eye out, but there are neither wild Pokemon nor bandits to delay you. (and more coming to others.)
You whisper to DNA: Hajime, you do notice some movement on the cliffs above. You get the idea that you’re being watched – just by one or two figures, and they don’t seem to be making to attack you.
Jericho: “…this is more than a little unsual. Usually we’re in a fight or spending the day chatting away with traveler A by now.”
Molly: “We’re usually on roads when we do that.”
You whisper to Molly: You do notice some movement on the ridges – and then, suddenly, the movement stops. It looks like someone was watching… and then was quickly taken down, and replaced with someone else. The first figure looked human; the second, more… Greenshield-y.
Mike: (( dat awareness ))
Hajime: “That, and maybe we haven’t even run into traveler A yet. There are cliffs around us, after all.”
Mike: Okay, I did my whispers.
Molly: “I see movement up over there.” Molly pointed. “It’s worth looking that way.”
Jericho: “Maybe, but I sort of expected something to happen. Like an explosion or something.”
Mike: (( :P ))
Mike: You could head towards the movement that Molly says she saw, or you could continue up the mountain path. Or elsewise, as you like – players be crazy like that.
Jericho: “Ah, there’s the distraction. A little late, but it never fails to show.”
Stin: “We should see who it is, at least.”
Molly: “One was a turtle. We’re looking for turtles.”
Hajime: “Perhaps they’re guarding the place up ahead.”
Molly: Molly nodded. “It looks like a watch.”
Molly: Molly intends to head that way.
Kiir: “(Alright, let’s go then!)”
Surolam: “They might have a better idea of the layout of this place as well, if it is related to their kind.”
Mike: Understood. You detour from the path, and head further up the mountain. It’s rough, but not so rough that you won’t be able to manage, not with your skills and various ways of moving. It isn’t a very stealthy approach, if you’re concerned with that.
Molly: Especially with our wagon.
Mike: Cresting the ridge, you see what the source of movement was – or rather, the sources, plural.
Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: First, a hammer-wielding Greenshield, looking rather proud of himself…
Red Rook (KO’d): …And second, a Red Rook, face-down in the dirt, a large welt on the back of his head.

  • Hammer-Wielding Greenshield gives you a quick look-over as you come over the rise in the Boatwagon. He tries very hard to not look worried, but he instantly recognizes he’s outnumbered, at the least.
    Molly: “Hello, we’re looking for a koopa named Baldrik.”
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “…Hm. Are you now?” He spins a heavy, one-handed hammer in his hand – not quite threatening, but in a show of idle skill. “How do you know him?” He raises an eyebrow, watching your response.
  • Surolam nudges Jericho.
    Nathaira: “I deliver his mail.” Nathaira looked proud.
    Molly: “… right. And we’re working together to raise an old ship we discovered with him.”
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: 13
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “Nathaira! Well shoot, didn’t see you there. Sorry! You’re, uh.”
    Molly: “I am Captain Molly. Nathaira works with me from time to time.”
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: He visibly tries not to bumble into just blurting out ’you’re tiny’, thinking it offensive. He accepts Molly taking the wheel of the conversation just to keep from faceplanting into the idea.
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “Ahhh. Yeah, he’s talked about you guys before. Thinks you’re the greatest adventurers since Kolorado.”
    Molly: “This is my crew, Starcatcher and Beverly. The rest are companions of mine.” Molly gestured back. “Surolam, Altair, Henrietta and Jericho are the trainers among us.”
    Jericho: (( I get that reference! ))
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: (( I had to look it up real quick! ))
    DNA: I thought it was Koridai
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “And the humans! You’ve got them trained well, it looks like.” He nods, appreciateively. “Alright, you guys wanna talk to Baldrik, I’m sure. I’m just making sure nobody else, uh, interrupts him while he thinks. …And takes notes on every dang brick.”
  • Hammer-Wielding Greenshield points his hammer at the fainted Red Rook.
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “Stay.”
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “…Good boy.”
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “Alright, follow me. We’re off the beaten path a ways, but I know the way back.” He sheathes his hammer in a loop on his belt.
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “I’m Galea, by the by. Hammerer.”
    Molly: Molly nodded. “You had a scuffle? I saw it from a distance.”
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “Aw, you saw it? Dang.” He hops down, and begins leading the way, talking as he walks. “I was trying to be, uh. Discreet. Didn’t want any friends of his to take notice.”
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “The Red Rooks are starting to get active again. Rumor has it their boss, Castor, is trying to make a big push to wipe us out.”
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “Which, y’know, good luck with that. Pff.”
    Molly: Molly chuckled, “They’re no friends of ours. We took their boat.”
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: * He hops from rock to rock, jumping with some pretty good agility, making little ‘hup’ noises as he goes. The route he’s leading you on is rocky and rough, with plenty of opportunity to stumble and trip, but it’s going downhill slightly.
    Surolam: “Technically, two of their boats, which are now one.” Surolam pats the boatwagon fondly.
    Molly: Molly waded through the stones. She wasn’t as nimble, but she was sure-footed.
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “Hehe. Nice! Maybe Baldrik’s right about you guys, then. Anyone who causes them trouble is okay in my book.”
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “So yeah. You should watch out for ‘em in the mountains. Them and the Warriork, though they’ve been quiet the past month or so. Which is really convenient.”
    Molly: “They were friendly enough to us.”
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: The boatwagon can handle the rocky terrain, though it doesn’t exactly have shock absorbers. Around a bend, past a large boulder… And you see a small stone structure further ahead, a small triangular prism of sand-colored stone.
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: "Hunh. They like to rattle their sabers at us, sometimes it gets ugly, but usually we just move out of their way. We stay mobile, they get to ‘conquer’ the land, everyone wins but nobody likes it. Good on you guys for makin’ friends, though.
    Molly: “What’s that?”
    Surolam: “I doubt we’ll have any trouble with their group,” adds Surolam.
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “That,” he says, smiling, “is where we’re going.”
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: (( Heh. Says their new god. ))
    Surolam: (( Precisely. ))
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: (( :3 ))
    Jericho: “Is that some sort of building?” Jericho squints in the distance.
  • Galea the Hammerer gives a few whistles, in a quick melody, as he walks forward, on top of a small rise. He looks back at you all.
    Galea the Hammerer: “Watch your step, it’s a bit steep!” Then he throws himself down the hill, sliding on his shell, kicking up a cloud of dust.
  • Hajime instinctively whips his cloak up so the dust doesn’t get in his eyes. That has been the bane of his existence lately.
    Mike: As you also step over the rise, you can see that the little pyramid is, in fact, not so little at all. It’s actually quite large, but hidden in what might be a large crater – the mountains rise sharply on all sides, serving to hide the structure from anyone passing by unless they fell into the lower area.
    Mike: At its base, you can see a small party of Greenshields – and one very, very large Torterra.
    Jericho: (( I pull out my paraglider and- damn, it’s not BotW. ))
    Molly: “Quite well hidden.”
    Mike: (( TBG: Give me about 1-3 months and maybe that’s a thing you can do in my Zelda system. :3 ))
    DNA: Heheheheh
    Nathaira: “Hello! I brought them, and they got the boat on the water.”
    Mike: The pyramid is built from large stone blocks, each about 2-3 times taller than you. The air is dry and dusty.
    Jericho: (( but I might have all the Zelda out of my system by the- BWAHAHAHAHA sorry, couldn’t keep a straight face. ))
    DNA: ayy
    Mike: The party of Greenshields is resting, as Baldrik catalogues pictures on the side of one of the blocks. He looks up as Nathaira approaches.
    Baldrik: “Nathaira! Ah, good to see you again. -And everyone else!”
    Baldrik: “Everyone, these are the human and Pokemon adventurers I was telling you about!”
    Surolam: “tT is good to meet you again as well, Baldrik.”
    Mike: * The other Greenshields look up and wave. They’re resting in the shade of the Torterra. …Or at least, they’re resting until said Torterra rumbles, and awakens.
    Molly: “I was told you might know where the other power source is? We could get that boat in the air by boozing time if we can get it.”
    Baldrik: “Yes! Yes, yes, yes.” He shuffles his papers around, and flutters beside Molly to share them with her.
    Baldrik: “I believe it’s in the center of this structure. It looks like this was built by our ancestors, a kind of first attempt at a fortress. They used the crystal’s power to erect it, but then they seem to have abandoned it… well, obviously, or it would be my home address.”
    Baldrik: “It also looks like they have a few security measures in place… I’m still deciphering those. It seemed prudent to do that before walking in.”
    Baldrik: “Plus, the others are waiting on their new weapons.”
    Altair Azure: “How long do you think it’ll take to decipher the security measures?”
    Baldrik: “I’ll have a quick summary in an hour or two, probably – it looks like there isn’t all that much messaging on the pyramid’s exterior.”
    Mike: (( Hrmmmm~ ))
    Jericho: “Sounds like it’s time to kick up a chair then. Not much use in storming a castle without intel.”
    Baldrik: “That was my thinking. After all, there are footprints leading in, but not out. It seemed a wise warning to heed.” He points to the pyramid’s opening, a heavy stone door that stands vertical, against the slope of the pyramid’s surface.
    Mike: Indeed, there’re round marks in the dust leading right up to the stone door – a couple sets of them – but they all seem to proceed in a single direction: in.
    Altair Azure: “So expect to see a skeleton or two littering the halls. Got it.”
    Altair Azure: “Is it made entirely of stone and earth?”
    Baldrik: “That… seems likely, yes. I’ve seen a mention of such in the writings.”
    Jericho: …say, what would I need to roll to determine how recently those tracks were made?
    Baldrik: (( It’d help! You might be able to identify what made them, as well. ))
    Surolam: “Is it safe to touch the exterior, at least?”
    Baldrik: “I think the exterior is. The interior is almost certainly not solely stone, though – reinforced, and with some other elements. Loculus mentioned feeling some strong magic emanating from within, even now.”
  • Koopa (Magikoopa) stands up, stretching. You can hear bones crack.
    Koopa (Magikoopa): “Oof, my back. Yes, it’s safe to touch. There’s strong Fire and Death magic inside, though.”
    Hajime: “Fire and Death. Huh.”
  • Surolam approaches the pyramid, laying a hand on it and listening. What’s its disposition like?
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: it is old and heavy and massive, and curled up in on itself in a defensive posture – both within and without. it is a rotten apple, shiny on the outside and becoming more necrotic as you delve inwards.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: It is less active, and more… simply existing, hanging on to its self-conception after abandonment.
  • Surolam draws her hand back.
    Surolam: “…it’s dying…”
    Jericho: (( I mean what would I need to roll. Nature Edu? Gen Edu? Perception? ))
    Mike: (( Too bad we don’t have Ava to check the magic. ))
    Mike: Perception to notice how long it’s been, I think; Edu Poke to know what species.
    Baldrik: “…Dying?”
    Baldrik: “…Oh… oh my.” He blinks, and looks away from his papers, to the pyramid.
    Baldrik: “…I, ahem. I don’t entirely understand what that means, but I do believe it. To search for it for so long, and to know an ancient relic of ours is in, uhm. Pain… What can we do?”
    Molly: “What is its purpose?”
    Jericho: 20 Perception, and 9 Edu Poke
    You whisper to TBG: The tracks were made two days ago, maybe three. You can tell from how it’s worn by the wind in some spots. As for what species, uh… quadrupedal, with almost perfectly-round feet.
    Jericho: “Huh. Whoever went in there didn’t go in that long ago. Two, maybe three days tops.”
    Jericho: “4 feet if I had to guess. Something with really round feet.”
    Baldrik: “It had a few purposes, it seems.” shuffle shuffle “It was supposed to be a home, for the few Greenshields at the time… A place to house their remaining crystal. And a… place to rebuild their equipment and magic, in a more secure position.”
    Molly: “… will taking the crystal kill the place?”
    Baldrik: (( I’ll BRB for more h2o, but after than and whatever other questions you have, we can open the door. ))
    Jericho: “I’m more concerned with the reason they didn’t stay.”
    Baldrik: “I have no idea. The idea of a place dying is a new one to me.”
    Jericho: (( Only if it changes Bowser’s heart in the process. ))
    Jericho: (( …#P5? Anyone? ))
    Jericho: (( That’s fine. I’ll just sit here in my corner. ))
    Surolam: “…the death is starting from the center. I do not know if the crystal is the cause, or holding it back.”
    Molly: “We should look. I’m ready as soon as Baldrik can puzzle out the traps.”
    Baldrik: (( back ))
    Jericho: “Can you ask it what sort of traps it has inside? Or even get a general idea of what it looks like inside?”
    Baldrik: “Well, I’ve puzzled out something, at least. Things to look out for… And I’m going to be going off of context for some of these, here, some of these words are lost to our language now.”
    Nathaira: Nathaira practices in the meantime. Swinging a new pixie-sized greatsword. It was carved from wood, likely a popsicle stick if the word “WINNER!” written on the side was any indication.
    Baldrik: (( HNNNNG that’s too adorable ))
    DNA: ayy
    Baldrik: “There are, uh, ‘Thwomps’, I believe? They appear to be crushing traps of some kind. Lava in the pyramid’s core. And… oh my.”
    Baldrik: “‘The dead and the forgotten walk’.”
    Baldrik: “That one seems rather obvious, I’m afraid.”
    Jericho: “WELP. Time to find a new adventure.”
    Baldrik: “No no, please! I’m… sure they can only plod. Saunter, at most.”
    Jericho: “Why is it always dead things? I mean, they’re already dead. They’re supposed to stay that way.”
    Jericho: “The ghosts, and the skeletons, and then the other skeletons, and then the spirit dragon…”
    Altair Azure: “Remind me why you’re here, Jericho?”
    Mike: (( I guess they do come up often, don’t they? HRM. ))
    Jericho: “Because if I wasn’t, you idiots would run face first into whatever trap looked like it might befriend you.”
  • Jericho crosses his arms, but there’s no heat in his words.
  • Altair Azure shrugs and shakes his head, but is very obviously smiling.
    Altair Azure: “Maybe you just have a bad track record with befriending traps.”
    Baldrik: “Ah, here we are. To open the door…”
    Baldrik: “Speak the name of our people, and our forgotten king.” And he nearly says it out loud, but stops himself.
    Molly: “Funny, the only trap I’ve seen set off was triggered by you Jericho.”
    Jericho: “Set off a trap when you’re a safe distance away to disarm it. I disarmed all the others before you found them. Why yes, I am awesome.”
    Baldrik: “I’ll, ah, say it when you’re all ready. If there are undead walking around in there, I’d rather not let them out while we’re unawares.”
    Galea the Hammerer: “How d’you wanna do this, boss? Do we all go in there, or what?”
    Molly: “I’m going in. Is that all you have figured out?”
    Baldrik: “…I hate to say it, but I don’t think that will work too well. From the size of the door, we’d be awful crowded as a combined party. I propose I go with our friends inside, and the remaining Greenshields wait out here – make sure nobody blocks the entrance, and nothing undead comes out. And keep Tor company.”
  • Baldrik turns to Molly.
    Baldrik: “I am ready, and that’s all I have. I’m sure we’ll learn more once we’re inside. Does that plan sound wise to you?”
    Baldrik: “…not used to leading entire parties…”
    Molly: “Yes. Lets move.” Molly heads in, followed by her team.
    Beverly: “I’m gonig to leave these here. If I find a coin missing I’ll scratch your eyes out. I count ‘em every night, so i’ll know.”
  • Jericho shakes his head. “It’s always the undead.”
    Jericho: He follows with no further complaint.
    Surolam: “I am ready.”
  • Altair Azure follows the others in, nodding his approval.
    Jemyn Temyta: “Hey, what’s wrong with the undead?”
    Hajime: “Might as well get it over with. The quicker the better, probably.”
    Baldrik: “Very well.” Baldrik advances to the large stone door, and clears his throat.
    Jericho: “They’re just everywhere it seems. Doesn’t anyone want to move on?”
    Baldrik: “Koopa.”
    Mike: * The door rumbles, and slides upwards, small bits of sand and stone tumbling down.
    Molly: Molly enters!
    Molly: Perception for traps. 24
    Mike: * The inside is dark… but as you step in, torches on the wall spring to light, providing a dim light.
    Mike: 8
    Mike: The stones are even and a little rough – good traction. No dust. The hallway is long and wide, and in the distance, you can see a few open doorways.
    Hajime: Darkvision, boys
    You whisper to Molly: And above, you can see that some of the stones are of a different texture.
    Molly: “Some stones above are a different texture.”
  • Stin floats up to look closer at the ceiling stones. 15 Perception
    Molly: "Avoid the different ones, they might be the crush traps.
    Hajime: Perception on the different stones, to see if there’s anything particular to spot about them 26
  • Jericho peers up to see them. 20 Perception
    Mike: :D Love when everyone starts looking at a thing~
    Mike: Okay, lesse.
    You whisper to DNA: They’re not smooth, either, like the rest of the hallway. There’re a couple of spots with that different, rougher texture.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: As Stin floats up, she can almost swear she sees the stone wriggle. And then, as she gets close – but not actually under it-
    Hajime: “Those aren’t the only spots. I can see a few there, there, and there. They’re rougher.”
    Mike: * A large cube of stone, with a face… painted? on its side, descends right in front of Stin. It makes a HEURG sound as it lands, kicking up dust in a cloud.
    Jericho: “Well, there’s one easy way to-” Jericho shields his eyes as the stone drops.
    Mike: And then, it slowly rises back into the ceiling, unincumbered by anything like a rope or winch.
    Jericho: " ’Ceus almighty! The hell kinda trap was that?!"
  • Altair Azure jumps, clearly not used to that.
  • Stin instinctively goes intangible.
    Baldrik: “I… think that might have been a ‘Thwomp’.”
    Altair Azure: “Okay, that…” He instinctively clutches his heart. “…This…might explain a few things…”
    Molly: Did the face noticably change? Or the eyes follow us?
  • Surolam leaps back, her skin immediately sprouting scales.
    Mike: Ooh, a good question. Yes. It seems a bit more robotic than emotional, but the eyes do seem to be aware of you. It goes from a pained expression as it lands, to an angry one as it rises.
    Surolam: “…did anyone touch it?”
  • Jericho looks back up again. Is there space around the Thwomps to move safely ahead?
    Mike: 10
    Molly: “Stin got close and it reacted. Someone’s going to need to help Surolam through. It looks like a good pair of eyes are the only way around this one.”
    Molly: “No one is hurt.”
    Mike: Being mean here: There are spots further down the hall, where that different texture that heralds a Thwomp is smaller – and you can walk around those without issue. But this first one, at least, is spanning the entirety of the hallway. A Tiny creature could skirt around it, but not anyone larger.
    Jericho: “Hrm…”
  • Jericho tosses a rock in the area under the rock monster.
    Mike: The Thwomp does not react
    Jericho: “Hrm. So much for that plan.”
    Surolam: “How heavy was it? Perhaps one of us could hold it back while the others go ahead.”
    Jericho: “I wouldn’t want to be standing under that thing when it drops.”
    Molly: “We could also try blinding one. They seem to be watching.”
    Jericho: “You know, I bet if we were quick enough, we could run through before it hits the ground.”
    Hajime: “What about the other way around?”
    Hajime: “It seems to rise a lot slower than it falls. Assuming it has to rise all the way back up again each time, that could give us a bigger window.”
    Hajime: “…Assuming, of course. We still need to test it.”
    Jericho: “You know what? Let me try something.”
    Hajime: “Go ahead.”
  • Jericho puts on his ring and vanishes.
    Jericho: Now. While invisible, Jericho tenatively sticks his hand out under the thwomp, ready to retract it if the rock monster falls.
    Mike: …Nothing happens. It doesn’t seem to react to your invisible hand.
    DNA: Clearly the Thwomp does not appreciate economics.
    Mike: … golf clap
    Jericho: Jericho will try to run under the thwomp to the other side.
    Molly: “Either Jericho’s left or they are relying on sight.”
    Baldrik: “Interesting. I wonder exactly what they see – is it just movement, or stationary object? Can they see in color? Fascinating…”
    Stin: “We can phase through no matter what, at least.” Stin gestures to herself and the other ghosts.
    Mike: The party hears Jericho’s unstealthy scampering as he scuttles under the smasher… And he can get to the other side, without issue.
    Kiir: “(Um…could you put us back in our Pokeballs for this? That might work better…)”
  • Jericho is now safe on the other side and removes his ring.
    Surolam: “…makes sense.” Surolam will recall her non-ghost Pokemon for this.
    Jericho: “Yep. It’s all about sight.”
    Altair Azure: “All right then.” Altair recalls Hajime for this, seeing how it would be just one extra person.
    Jericho: “Anyone have a smoke bomb or something to obscure their line of sight?”
    Molly: Molly uses Telepathy on the Thwomp. Does it have thoughts?
    Mike: (( That is a very interesting question. ))
    Jericho: (( do thwomps dream of electric marios? ))
    Mike: I’m going to say ‘no’. It’s somewhere between ‘object’, ‘machine’, and ‘being’ – more like a very simple magical construct. Its thoughts, such as they are, are a vague eagerness to squash anything that goes under it.
    DNA: Question: When the Thwomp is lowered, does it completely block off the path?
    Mike: That is a bit of a complicated question! But since Jericho is on the other side, I’ll answer thus:
    Mike: From the entrance? Yes.
    From the rear? No. It looks like the ceiling is a bit higher back here – perhaps four feet higher.
    Molly: Molly uses Telekinesis to try and turn one so its bottom is facing the far wall.
    Mike: Hrm. What’s the limitation on Telekinesis? How heavy a thing can you move?
    Jericho: (( based on your Focus Rank ))
    Molly: Power based on Focus Rank. So base power 2 for Molly. Base Power 3 for Kirlia, who will pitch in.
    Molly: But that might be PTU base power, not AEBs.
    Mike: Hrm. …Y’know what, I’m going to say that it does have enough… cognizance? To try and revert to its original orientation. If you two could give me a Focus check, then – you won’t be able to turn it a full 90 degrees, but even a few degrees might be enough to negate the threat.
    Mike: (( IIRC Base Power of 2 or 3 is not a heavyweight champion. ))
    Molly: I think it’s normal human
    Molly: Molly Focus 10
    Gramaan: (( So wait, they’re trying to turn a square block stuck in a square hole? ))
    Starcatcher: Starcatcher Focus 14
    Gramaan: (( because that’s what i’m getting right now ))
    Mike: …That’s a fair point. It wouldn’t have much room to turn, would it.
    Molly: Then yes, I’ll take that fail.
    Mike: And those rolls are only going to be enough to knock it a tiny bit off-center, it’s not amazo-impressive.
    Mike: Still, a cool idea.
    Mike: So, at this point an invisible Jericho is beyond the Thwomp, who is still in the ceiling. The ceiling is flush against it from the front, but not from the back – if it descends, you might be able to climb atop it from the rear.
    Jericho: (( Jericho is not invisible right now. ))
    Mike: It sounded lik the current plan was to try and blind it, but I’m not sure how you’re going to do that yet.
    Mike: Ah, my bad.
    Gramaan: “(We have an idea.)”
    Mike: It will thwump down on you if you get adjacent to or in the square it’s watching, basically.
  • Gramaan seems to dissolve all of a sudden, returning to a cloud of buzzing, ghostly insects.
  • Gramaan sends out one insect to approach the Thwomp
    Mike: (( Hrm. This is something I also hadn’t thought of! And something I haven’t seen come up in other games before. ))
    Mike: 16
    Mike: …The Thwomp is very sensitive, it seems. It does notice the insect, and descends quickly, kicking up dust again as it lands with an “EURG!”
    Mike: However, your individual insects are very, very tiny. Maybe that could be of use.
    Gramaan: (( So, is there time to dart across as it rises slowly? ))
    Mike: There is, yes – and that really only works in Gramaan’s case; when it’s descended, there’s no scrambly room from the front for most.
    Gramaan: (( wait, got another idea ))
    Mike: But since Gramaan’s insects are tiny, and I already said a Tiny creature can scoot around it… that’d work.
    Gramaan: (( Could Gramaan scramble into the space before the Thwomp fills it completely and use String Shot to stick it in place? ))
    Gramaan: (( Since they can also phase out afterwards ))
    Mike: Hrm. Does going intangible take an action? I can’t recall.
    Mike: I should probably pull up the book, I keep asking these questions. :P
    Gramaan: (( Standard ))
    Gramaan: (( But the String Shot question first ))
    Gramaan: (( since there’s probably some gaps in the side anyways that the swarm form can wriggle through ))
    Mike: Yes, that helps. So here’s what I’d suggest:
    Mike: Squeeze through first as a cloud of tiny insects, so you’ve got it from the rear – gving you some more room to hit it without it blocking the corridor. And then hit it, maybe on the next go-round.
    Jericho: (( cast fireball. ))
    Jericho: (( Fireball solves ALL of life’s problems. ))
    Mike: (( If it doesn’t, then you haven’t cast it enough. ))
    Gramaan: (( Alright. Gramaan will do that then. ))
    Gramaan: “(I think we can stop it from coming down again from here.)”
    Molly: “Gramaans says they can stop it from coming down.”
    Altair Azure: “I’ll wait for the signal, then.”
    Baldrik: “Understood.” He lands and awaits what happens next.
    Mike: Doing the thing?
    Gramaan: (( Doing the thing! ))
    Gramaan: (( Should I roll for it? ))
    Mike: Hrmm. Yyyyes, but it mostly determines how long this takes, I think. The to-hit roll for String Shot will work for it, I think?
  • Gramaan ‘s bugs start spitting out tiny bits of silk, that slowly gather into larger and larger strands, aiming at the Thwomp and trying to stick it in place. 10 vs whatever Speed Evasion it has
    Mike: IIRC it’s just a d20-3.
    Mike: Oh yeah, +2 ‘cause Molly. nod
    Molly: _b
    Mike: not bad at all! The Thwomp goes EURG on the way down, but on the way up, the multitude of insects can stick it in place in a huge, thick web of string.
    Mike: It’s now stuck in the middle of the hallway – you can see it straining against the string, at a constant rate, not even thinking to try and jerk it about. Creatures Medium or smaller can roll under it, and it still has a little wiggle room above it you could use to check out above it, if you so desired.
    Molly: “Hurry!” Molly dashed under them. So did her pokemon."
  • Altair Azure wastes no time; he rushes right past and under it without a second thought.
    Beverly: Beverly had to duck down to move.
  • Baldrik drops into his shell, and skids under the Thwomp! He pops back out when he’s on the other side.
    Baldrik: “Phew! Nicely done – I suspect he’ll stay in place for a while, hm?”
    Molly: “It depends on how much he struggles before we get back. Lets move on.”
    Mike: The hallway beyond the large Thwomp is both taller and wider. There are a few spots for Thwomps here, but none of them will block the hallway if they fall – and they seem a little less sensitive, not dropping just for getting close. I presume you don’t test to see if they’ll drop if you stand directly under them.
  • Surolam drops to all fours for a moment as she scrambles across.
    Jericho: (( of course not ))
    DNA: ^
    Gramaan: “(We have plenty of silk left to repeat that, if necessary.)”
    Mike: There are two doorways in this section of the hall.
    First, on the left, a room with near and orderly rows and rows of… dirt.
    Second, on the right, a little further in, a laboratory of some kind. You can see the glint of glass as the torches flare to life.
    Third, the hallway continues on. The air feels a little warmer in that direction.
    Molly: Molly checks the grounds for signs of the previous travelers 25 Searching.
  • Surolam touches the wall, trying to sense if any of the paths are closer to the center she felt.
    You whisper to Molly: Yep, there’re signs here – several tracks of the prints. They seem to duck into the rooms, and then further down, into the warmer air.
    You whisper to Molly: You can tell, now, that there’re five of them – all quadruped, with rounded feet, but of slightly different sizes and weights.
    Molly: “It looks like the others searched these two rooms before going along.”
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: The main path, towards the warmer air, leads towards the heart of the complex. You can feel that necrotic feeling coming from deeper in there.
    Surolam: “Perhaps we should investigate as well. There might still be things they did not find.”
    Surolam: “The hallway will lead us further towards the center.”
    Baldrik: “I’m interested in seeing everything this place has to offer, myself. …But I know better than to wander off on my own in here.”
    Molly: Molly searches both of these rooms for anything of value! 27
    Jericho: “Or we could go into the rooms that probably didn’t kill them.”
    Molly: “All five continued forward from here.”
    Mike: Molly – any particular room first?
    Molly: Lab first.
    Mike: Lesse, then.
  • Surolam will follow after, probably touching everything to listen to it.
    Mike: The lab is full of glass lab-ware – beakers and vials and the like. Many of them look a little crudely formed, though; not machined with modern technology. There’s a number of books in here, as well, on the shelf. A few were pulled off, from the marks in the dust, but then carefully placed back – except for one, which has an ovbious dust-scuff where it should be. A rack of vials, with liquids still in them, a few empty spots in them. Lenses to examine things. And two trunks, under a large work-desk, sized appropriately for Baldrik – one wood, one metal.
    Molly: “Baldrik, you might want to look this room over.” Molly takes a book off the shelf and thumbs through the pages.
  • Surolam will probably go to the trunks after a while. Are they locked?
    Molly: Any fun pictures?
    Baldrik: “I think I just might.” He scans through the book spines, checking them out at a glance.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: The trunks feel locked… you can sense an object within the metal one, a true Object. It’s quiet and deep asleep in its abandonment, but there’s something in there of interest. There’s also several miscellaneous objects in the wooden chest, but of less, uhm, metaphysical weight.
    Mike: Ah, and as for Molly…
    Mike: …Yes, actually. There are pictures of skeletons in this – but not just any skeletons, but those of Baldrik and his ilk. …And towards the back, there are elaborate images of an even larger skeleton, in an action pose of a roar – by the scale drawing, it must be at least twice their size.
    Jericho: Also interested in the trunks, and if they are locked.
  • Surolam starts lugging out the metal trunk.
    Mike: The skeleton in the image has spikes along its bony shell, and a fire in its eyes.
    Surolam: “There is something sleeping in here. But I can feel a strong energy from it.”
    Mike: Jericho: Both are locked, at a quick check. Anything more would require a roll to determine.
    Molly: “This looks ominous.” Molly hands it off to Baldrik before joining the others at the trunk.
    Jericho: “Want me to pop it open?”
    Mike: Surolam, you can lug out the metal trunk with some effort. It scrapes along the floor.
    Baldrik: O.O “Yes, it does. I would wager it has something to do with what Ms. Surolam sensed.”
    Beverly: Beverly attempts to work one open. Stealth 25
    Mike: Bev – which one? Metal, or wood?
    Beverly: Wood, since Jericho and Surolam are around the metal one.
  • Jericho will check the metal one for any sign of a trap first. 25 Perception.
    Mike: Jericho – the metal one does not seem to have a trap. Its lock is well-constructed, however.
  • Surolam lays a hand on the lock and one on Jericho’s shoulder.
  • Jericho cracks his knuckles. Bring it on.
    Mike: Beverly – you can pop the lock with some fiddling. But as you open the chest, the chest itself lights on fire!
    Surolam: “I might be able to tell you some things about it.” Using Helping Hand, +2 to skill checks
    Surolam: (( wait it’s just +1 ))
    Mike: 7 v.SpDefEva on Beverly, because I’m a jerk!
    Jericho: 20 Stealth to open this lock.
    Mike: 35 Special Fire damage to her from the fiery contact – it doesn’t Burn her, but oof it’s hot.
    Jericho: …rerolling with skill expert.
    Jericho: 35 Stealth to open this lock.
    Jericho: (( much better ))
    Beverly: Hmm… can I Quick Attack out of the way?
    Mike: Iiiii will say no, I think.
    Beverly: Beverly loses 30 hit points.
    Mike: And inside, it looks like there’re a bunch of small crystals. As the chest burns, the crystals go pop, pop, pop, like firecrackers – if you leave the chest be, surely they’ll all pop and be gone before the fire fizzles out!
    Jericho: (( QA needs a target to damage. This ain’t no animu stuff ))
    Molly: ((There are no shortage of targets. I could hit the wall for all I care, it means that my turn is now))
    Mike: Jericho: Meanwhile… Well, let me ask you this, Dan. Have you ever seen “We’re No Angels”? The 1955 movie.
    Beverly: Beverly snatches everything she can. Acrobatics 21
    Jericho: (( I have not ))
    Mike: Anyway. You examine the chest. Feel it. Touch it. Knock on it. Really come to an understanding with it. And then… you tap it just so, and it pops open with a nice, satisfying sproing.
    Mike: 1700
    Mike: Hunh. Beverly, with your catlike speed, you can save almost all of the crystals still in the box, without bruning yourself any worse. You gain 1,700 P$ in magical crystals, good for all kinds of magical craftitude.
    Beverly: “Nice~”
    Mike: Jericho – or if you like, someone else you appoint – please roll a flat d20, luck roll.
    Mike: I have a list of treasures.
    Jericho: 2
    Beverly: Beverly shoves the burning box to a corner where it wont damage things.
    Jericho: (( ffffff ))
    DNA: wah wah
    Mike: The box sputters and burns out, now a charred husk.
    Surolam: (( reroll? ))
    Jericho: (( I can only apply it to skill checks ))
    Mike: …Actually, this works out and makes a kind of thematic sense. And you aren’t getting totally screwed, don’t worry. It’s just what I consider the least cool thingy at-hand.
    Mike: Jericho: In the box, there’s… a metal ring, with a little round crystal on the band. Inside the crystal is the image of a single red flower petal. There’s also a note in the box, written in a strange language similar to the one on the side of the pyramid.
    Baldrik: “Ah, more writings. May I?”
    Jericho: “Go ahead.”
    Baldrik: “Hmm… Let me see.”
  • Jericho will not touch the ring until Baldrik finishes.
    Baldrik: "Loric -

This is a (I think it’s ‘prototype’) of a new idea, a Permanent Powerup. With supplies low and cultivation difficult within the (uhm, I’ll go with ‘pyramid’), it seemed prudent. In the coming months I’ll work with Hamata on creating more objects like this. Please review and provide feedback.

Thanks, Pilum."
Beverly: “Like a Mega Ring?”
Baldrik: “I… believe so. If they mastered this, it would have been quite the advantage for them. Even today, our supplies of power-ups are scant and difficult to maintain with our seminomadic lifestyle.”
Baldrik: “Aaaalso, they are a closely-guarded secret of our tribe, so, uhm. Please don’t tell anyone. Especially Red Rooks.”

  • Jericho picks up the ring, aaaaaaand… cautiously slips it on.
    Mike: :3 A few things happen. First, your clothes change color, to a primarily white scheme, with another color, thematic to you or your clothing style, as the secondary color. Second, you gain the move Ember, and the Firestarter capability.
    Jericho: With a start, Jericho jumps in surprise
  • Surolam starts as well, being so close.
    Baldrik: “Ah! A Fire Flower, then? This one I’m familiar with.” He looks you over. “…It looks quite nice on you, actually, your shell pulls it off well.”
    Mike: For Surolam’s sake, I would imagine Jericho also smells a little more floral and, perhaps, spicy? I’m not sure what a Fire Flower would smell like, but that’s how I imagine it.
    Altair Azure: “Interesting… So a Fire Flower that’s contained in that ring there. Pretty interesting. Wonder if there were more like this. But why was it here, of all places?”
    Jericho: Carefully, Jericho tries to form a fireball in the palm of his hand.
    Mike: fwoo-ooo-oooWOOSH, and it pops into being. It barely even weighs anything; if you dropped it, it would probably bounce.
  • Jericho blinks.
    Jericho: “I’m not sure if I’m estatic or deeply disturbed.”
    Baldrik: “You know, I hadn’t considered how strange this might be to an outsider.”
    Baldrik: “Are you more concerned with the negative possibilities, or the positive ones? How do you feel about going for a swim right now? What about plants? And perhaps-” He patters off another half-dozen questions, and he’ll scribble down any of Jericho’s answers if he has any to give.
    Jericho: (( Alas, Jericho has crap for special attack, so he probably won’t make much use of this. XD ))
    Molly: “I suspect the room over was for growing these power ups.”
    Jericho: “Whoa, wait, what are you-” Jericho’s head is spinning at all the questions
    Mike: (( Hehe. And that, in part, is why it’s what you got when you rolled a 2. Don’t worry – it’s now marked off the list, and won’t reappear. Which means the other, cooler things are on offer. )) ))
    Mike: Also however, though, it’s 10 ‘till midnight. Would you guys be alright with ending it here, and picking up next week?
    Jericho: (( works for me. ))
    Jericho: (( I still haven’t eaten dinner yet ))
    DNA: Fine by me.
    Mike: You should eat things. Just, as a general guideline.
    Mike: 2 TXP and 25 PKMN EXP, I think, just to pull some numbers out!
    DNA: TL 23.2
    Mike: Saving things!
    Mike: This was fun. Thanks for it. _
Big Ship Big Spender

Mike Desktop has connected.
TBG has connected.
Mike: It’ a TBG!
DNA has connected.
Molly has connected.
Mike: That’s three!
MollyM: Ready for adventure
DNA: Why is she doing the maid thing again?
Mike: I mean, I’m not gonna question the cat with a gun.
Avara has connected.
MollyM: Sometimes girls like to dress up
MollyM: this is my only dress
Hajime: furious blushing
Mike: It’s an Ava!
Mike: That’s four of five.
Mike: Also: D’aww.
Mike: Whelp~ I have one or two ideas for what’s going to happen to today’s session. It kinda depends on what y’all wanna do!
MollyM: I was wanting to explore islands
DNA: What she said
DNA: …I really have no concrete plan; I was going to go with whatever came up.
Avara: i don’t have any particular feelings and will go with the flow
Mike: The reason I ask is because someone mentioned getting the old koopa ship moving again. That’s a thing you guys could try to do, with the crystal you found in the holo-planetarium, I do believe. Or you can head straight to where it’s pointing you. But, that sounds like a vote for the latter.
TBG: Why not both?
MollyM: Right yeah. That’s what the goal was. I couldn’t remember where we were on that to-do list
MollyM: getting the ship to get to the islands is what I would want to do
Mike: So noted. Giving Dawn a little time to log in, but I think that can be arranged. (It’ll be a Picture of Words though.)
Avara: oh, right.
Avara: we were gathering up power sources from wherever we are that has a holodeck
Avara: so that we could plug them into the koopa ship
Mike: Mmhm!

  • Mike remembered half a thing.
    Avara: i think we found one or two of the ones we need, and the last one is to the south?
    Avara: something like that
    MollyM: One we need, the second is more inland. We only need one to get it seaworthy. We need both to get it to fly
    Avara: let’s get both
    Avara: to make it easier on mike getting us where we’re going for the endgame
    MollyM: More inland is potentially a completely new adventure in its own.
    Avara: ah, true
    Avara: well, captain, it’s your choice how to handle things
    MollyM: From my point of view, Molly only wants a seaworthy ship to explore islands. With the pilgrimage going on we’ll eventually get close to the second. So I think one crystal will do.
    MollyM: Now we wont see the end of the pilgrimage, and likely not see the airship fly, but we also probably wont reach the point where we need to
    MollyM: so both IC and OOC I think we only need one for now.
    Avara: sounds good to me
    Mike: Heh. :3
    DNA: That is fair.
    Mike: If you guys had decided to go after the inland stuff, I would’ve tried to figure it out on the spot. Sometimes I enjoy making things up on the spot. _
    Mike: …Dawn still isn’t in yet. I think we can go ahead and start setting some scene though?
    It’s midday as you leave the confines of the rock in the hidden lagoon. You blink, adjusting your eyes to the light again. You have a crystal, and knowledge of where it really belongs – and directions to a place, though you don’t seem sure quite what awaits there.
    The boatwagon is ready for another voyage, if you wish to use it to reach the old Greenshield ship again. You used it to enter the lagoon, that much I remember.
    Molly: Is the sea calm enough for that long of a trip on a small boat?
    GrayGriffin has connected.
    Mike: WB, GG! Or, well, welcome.
    Mike: The sea is mostly calm – a gentle breeze alights. A great sailing day for a small vessel, though a little dull for a large one.
    GrayGriffin: Which map are we on?
    Mike: Right now it’s just word-pictures, so any map will do you. But we might get to an actual map by day’s end.
    Molly: ((Theatre of the Mind))
    Surolam: (( So we’re on the boatwagon right now? ))
    Mike: Mmhm!
    Molly: It’s midday as you leave the confines of the rock in the hidden lagoon. You blink, adjusting your eyes to the light again. You have a crystal, and knowledge of where it really belongs – and directions to a place, though you don’t seem sure quite what awaits there. The boatwagon is ready for another voyage, if you wish to use it to reach the old Greenshield ship again. You used it to enter the lagoon, that much I remember. Molly: Is the sea calm enough for that long of a trip on a small boat? GrayGriffin has connected.
    Mike: Or about to be, if you wish to set sail.
    Surolam: “You feel up to it?” Surolam asks the boatwagon, patting it.
    Molly: “If we get this crystal to the koopa’s airship, we should get it to sail. We may need help from pokemon who can swim to help carry everything alongside the boatwagon.”
    Mike: (( Gyah, the whisper macro isn’t wanting to work. Grrr. ))
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: The boatwagon seems refreshed. The wind is calling to its sails, and the water is cool on its bow. It feels almost majestic under your hand, ready to be let loose into the open sea.
    Surolam: “Our boatwagon is ready for the journey.” Surolam pauses. “Shouldn’t it have a name by now? ‘Boatwagon’ is merely a descriptor, after all.”
    Molly: Molly folded her arms, “She does.”
    Mike: While you figure out a name for the boatwagon, I’ll organize this next bit. scribbles
  • Surolam taps her fingers on the boatwagon’s side.
    Surolam: “We built it ourselves…should the name reflect us in some way, then?”
    Mike: The boat feels… at attention. Not judging, but listening. Even those without object-sense might get that feeling… Or maybe it’s just the gentle crashing of the waves, and that pensiveness before the first step on a journey.
    Molly: “Something brave, reliable and draconic. This little boat has carried us through much more than her share of troubles. And you’re the one to bond with her the most, Surolam. So you should name her, as you name your pokemon.”
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: The idea of a figurehead – of Surolam, legs sidesaddle-curled around the bow like a wooden mermaid, gazing ever forward.
    Jericho: “Eh, if I cared for such an obvious target, I know exactly what I’d name it.”
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: The concept of that figurehead, its neck snapping around to glare.
  • Surolam snickers.
  • Surolam grins as she lays her hand on the side of the boat.
    Surolam: “Okaaz-golt. A fitting name for one that sails over both ocean and land.”
    Molly: “Ocean land?” Molly guessed/
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: the boat’s conception of a figurehead returns its attention to the fore. Your non-existant wooden doppelganger seems to have a satisfied look on it. It’s hard to describe, but you can feel the name taking hold, being repeated by the ship. Each board echoes it, each nail reverberates at its sound.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: it is the echoing, certain noise of an object being Named.
  • Surolam hums softly as she nods at Molly’s comment.
    Molly: “Lets begin, before the weather changes its mind.”
    Surolam: “Indeed.”
    Mike: Alright. The journey will take a little while… Which is why I’m thinking this is a good place to kick off an Obsidian Skill Challenge.
    Mike: Here’s what I’m thinking:
    Round 1 is arriving at the island. Guding the boat-wagon through the sea to the island’s hidden harbour.
    Round 2 is actually fixing the ship up, installing the crystal, and the like.
    And Roudn 3 is guiding it out of the harbor, and getting its systems functioning while no longer docked – the final shakedown, as it were.
    Mike: This would be a Mental challenge – so Perception, Focus, and all the KNowledge checks. Since we’ve decided that spamming a skill is no fun, we’ll say you can’t use the same skill more than once per ‘slot’ (so if your Trainer uses Edu Tech, your Pokemon can still use Edu Tech on their turn.)
    Surolam: (( Ooh. Gotta check up on my Pokemon skills again. ))
    Mike: And this would be an opportunity for some collaborative storytelling. I’m happy to provide details and hints, but it might be fun for you-all to build on one another, or take your own ideas and run with them for a line or two.
    DNA: All right, sounds like a plan.
    Surolam: Initiative = 10
    Henrietta: Initiative = 5
    Altair Azure: Initiative = 25
    Molly: Initiative = 7
    Mike: …Not sure where Jericho is on this map, BUT I can slip him in quick I think. Lemme see…
    GrayGriffin: Jericho is so good at stealth he’s hidden from the GM
    Jericho: (( which map? ))
    Mike: I was using the Pokemon Center map. Couldn’t find him on Temple 14 either, though.
    Jericho: Ah. He’s on Temple 11 right now. Let me move him then.
    Mike: Thanks! It’s just to have initiative for my own ease.
    Jericho: Ta da
    Jericho: Initiative = 30
    DNA: Pokemon center, really? It must not register speed stages right…
    DNA: It being the macro, I mean.
    Mike: Resorting, then.
    DNA: wait, one sec
    Mike: Waiting one sec!
    DNA: Sorry, it was registering correct. The center sprite is just really old
    DNA: and it’s been a while so I thought my speed was 31 for some reason. It’s not; it’s just 30
    DNA: so Jericho can go first.
  • Jericho will take the lead by navigating. He guides the group across the best currents to make a timely arrival. 11 Nature Education.
    Mike: Alright. ROUND 1 – reaching Shell Island on the Boatwagon. The seas are calm, but there could be plenty of danger, or just minor obstacles to overcome. And Jericho’s already started. :3
    Jericho: Ehhhh Skill expert
    Jericho: 17 Nature Edu
    Jericho: (( I’ll take it. ))
    DNA: The first round is Perception, Focus, and any Education, correct?
    Mike: Alright! With Jericho’s assistance, the Okaaz-golt finds a lovely little warm current.
    Mike: All three rounds will be, but you can only use a given skill once for your Trainer, and once for your Pokemon slot.
    Jericho has received initiative.
    Mike: And since you each have both a Pokemon and a Trainer turn in this… Well, I can just cycle through everyone twice per round. That’s probably easiest.
    Altair Azure has received initiative.
    Mike: Altair!
    Altair Azure: Getting to actually be on the open sea like this wasn’t something to have happened in a long time. The weather was nice, the air was nice, and above all the company was nice. Trying to remember what he’d seen, he keeps a mental path in mind, charting out a course of where they’d go next. Focus 30 (I’m not sure how to RP Focus right now, this is the best I have)
    Mike: Given the relaxing surroundings, it would be easy to lose track of things – including time, place, and direction. With your incredible Focus, though, you can both relax and keep on track. Whenever someone’s hand at the wheel lazes off, you can give them a gentle prodding to get back on course.
    Surolam has received initiative.
    Mike: Surolam!
    Mike: (( It’s the naaaap boaaaat~ ))
  • Surolam keeps a hand on the boat to listen to it, asking it to tell her what dangers lie ahead that they may not be able to sense.
    Surolam: (( Would this count as Intuition? ))
    Mike: Intuition is technically a Social skill, and I had set this out as a Mental challenge. I’m okay with using skills in crazy-creative ways if they tell a story, but I think you’d want to make that more intriguing to do so.
    Surolam: (( Eh, I could see it as Focus as well ))
    Surolam: (( I’m okay with saving the alterante skills for later, since we can only use them once per challenge, right? ))
    Mike: Edus General, Medicine, Occult, Tech, Pokemon; Focus and Perception.
    Mike: Yep!
    Mike: Given you’re doing it with your ability, Focus would be okay.
    Molly: Focus is also spirit, if you don’t take the edge to make it Mind
    Surolam: 12 Focus, then
    Mike: The boat ride is quite relaxing, but you can stay awake at the wheel – barely. I’m sure Altair gently nudges you once or twice, and the boat itself might do the same.
    Stin: “Ah…this brings back memories.” Stin hovers above the boat, her hand raised to shield her eyes even though she doesn’t really need to do that anymore. 17 Perception
    Mike: You can even float up a little bit, as if the little boatwagon had a Murkrow’s nest. You can barely see it in the distance: Shell Island, its distinctive, dome-like tutley shape.
    Mike: Molly, Henrietta? Rob’s suggesting we can just type up all at once, so I’m okay with abandoning initiative some and finishing out Round 1 as people like.
    Molly: Molly keeps her eyes on the seas, where they belong. Occasionally calling out for a change in direction or twist in the sail. Perception 32
    Hajime: Hajime keeps his eyes looking out, pinpointing the horizon for appearing landmarks, or just anything approaching in general. The skies are clear, so it isn’t too difficult, but at the same time, he can never be too careful. Perception 26
    Starcatcher: Starcatcher tends the sails, Focusing on keeping them steady. 12
    DNA: Huh, same rolls
    Stin: “Aye, captain!” Stin probably says a few times.
    Starcatcher: Starcatcher tends the sails, Focusing on keeping them steady. 13
    Starcatcher: ((I missed a modifier))
    Molly: Molly smiled, letting Hajime call out a few things that she “missed”.
  • Henrietta will use stories of old sailor lore and the like to help guide the boat. 21 Education General.
    DNA: That is ever so slightly adorable.
    Mike: You might know a god sea-shanty with that knowledge roll as well. :3
  • Stin definitely knows a lot. Including older variations.
  • Henrietta sings a sea shanty while we work. 21 Charm
    Mike: ~
    Mike: Still need a Pokemon check from both Henrietta and Jericho’s crew – unless I missed ’em!
    Jericho: Oh right. Hrm.
    Avara: 15 Chihiro attempts to add to the knowledge pool of Generality.
  • Kiir has his Sertep kid riding on his head, both swaying with the music
    Jericho: Florin scouts from the sky, looking out for any potential threats to the safety of the boat. 14 Perception
    Mike: * The cutest Mawile and the peepinest birb both contribute, and though you might spot a few Harpies in the sky, they don’t appear to be amassing for an attack… Squinting, you notice a burlap sack full of white things, with rough 90-degree angles… envelopes?
    Mike: * It appears the trip was successful, and though it took awareness and knowledge from all of you, you succeeded in arriving back at Turtle Island. A quick trip down the pipe, and navigating the familiar, block-filled corridor… and you arrive back on the deck of the abandoned, ancient Greenshield ship. It looks just as you remembered it.
    Mike: Unfortunately, that means it still needs a little work, and the systems are not exactly familiar to you all. They appear to be a combination of digital technology, and crystalline-based magic – and it’s going to take a little more than just plugging Crystal A into Slot B to get it moving, let alone ship-shape and a sight to behold.
    Surolam: “Hello again.”
    Molly: Molly begins to assign jobs and keep everyone on task, taking the roll of leader. Command! 22 (will reroll if requested. It makes the most sense.)
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: the ship rumbles to life, drowzy. “Hello, Princess- ah. My mistake.” It seems apologetic for mistaking you so.
    Mike: Hmmmm. I tell you what: I’ll allow it… but I’d like to hear what you’re actually suggesting/commanding what everyone do. :3
    Nathaira: Nathaira squees over the strange magitech, theorizing how best to plug everything in together 22
    Mike: Nathaira, you’re well-suited to getting into the small spaces and plugging in all the loose wires and crystals that’ve shaken loose over the ages.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: As things on the ship are plugged back in, the ship will generally awaken more and more, like a groggy person taking sips of coffee.
    DNA: Are these the same skills to be used as in the first round?
    Avara: are we still actually doing initiative?
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    Mike: Yep, same skills! Just remember, you can’t use what you already used, per ‘slot’. And nope, since people seemed to take to not having initiative, I’m okay with abandoning it for the remainder!
    DNA: All right then…
    GrayGriffin has connected.
  • Jericho doesn’t take well to being told what to do… but he’s a good hand with gadgetry. 11 Technology
    Jericho: …well, whatever, I’ll take it
    Molly: "Henrietta, look over the magic here if you can. Nathaira, back her up if you would. Jericho, I know you’re our stone expert, make sure everything is matching up when we put the crystal in. Altair, keep an eye on the crystal with him. See if your tremorsense can give us any insight we’re not getting here. Is anyone here an expert on wiring? We’re going to need someone to help Henrietta and Nathaira hook everything up correctly. We’ll also need some heavy lifters to haul this thing… "
    Mike: ^_^
  • Altair Azure knows at least some way around mechanical parts. He keeps note of everything he sees and looks around accordingly. This will give him some idea of seeing what goes where… Tech Edu 6
    DNA: aw rip
    Molly: ((Oh, misunderstood the ‘per slot’ instruction. I thought we could reuse skills. Nevermind.))
    Jericho: (( Oh, right, Molly. +2 to that then ))
    Jericho: (( …right? ))
    Molly: ((Yep, if you’re close enough to her.))
    Jericho: (( I can never remember the commander buffs ))
    Avara: do we have a pokemon slot for every round?
    Jericho: (( It’s like having a bard with multiple songs active. ))
    Molly: ((It is +2. I’m giving it to my pokemon. If you seek out Molly’s help she’ll give you the +2 as well.))
    Wish: Meanwhile, while the others are on the inside, Wish is skittering about the outside. There has been a lot of accumulated buildup, which would tend to happen if you keep ships underground for such a long time. So he’s scraping off any dirt, plant life, or whatever that would keep the ship from effectively moving. Nature Edu 21
    Mike: The idea I was trying to communicate was basically: Your Trainer can’t repeat skills, and your Pokemon can’t use the skills that your Pokemon used previously, either – whether or not it was the same Pokemon.
    Molly: ((But they can use the same skills as the trainer?))
    Mike: Yes.
  • Surolam helps a bit with the crystal, although most of her time is spent with the ship. She pats its side as they work, comforting it and speaking about what they’re going to do once they get out. She’s doing her best to keep it relaxed while this goes on. 27 Charm
  • Henrietta goes over the magitek involved with everything, while using Roma’s keen eyes to pick up anything she missed. 22 Edu Occult and 10 Perception.
    Mike: If you both want to use, say, Gen Edu, that’s fine, just once each.
    Jericho: Yen’s using Telekinesis to move debris off and away from the ship, and to ensure safe connection of the crystal. 17 Focus.
    Mike: I believe the only one I’m missing is Surolam’s Pokemon. Also, BRB, I need to refresh my water!
  • Zojiik calls on her suburban mom memories of installing electronic devices to figure out the best way to lay out the wiring without getting it tangled up. 20 General Edu
    Mike: I’m imagining Zojiik in an apron, puttering around a 1950’s house. It’s kinda adorable.
    Mike: With your efforts, the ship is not only starting to look nice and livable, but operational, as well! As the large crystal clicks into place, lights on the control panels shine, and you can hear a gentle, thrumming hum reverberate throughout the ship.
    Zojiik: (( Good, I wanted you to ))
    Mike: One button in particular seems to be flashing. When someone presses it, the rear stone wall of the hidden harbor retracts into the sea, revealing daylight – an opening large enough for the ancient ship to move through.
    Surolam: “See? We’re taking you out of this place…”
    Mike: * The ship’s engines thrum to life, slowly pushing the ship forward – it seems to be motorized, with a turbine beneath the waters.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: Fresh air and sunshine… This, I remember.
    Wish: “!” The shock causes Wish to scuttle back inside, for fear he’ll be knocked off.
    Mike: That said, it’s time to give her a shakedown! Test the engines, the cannons, the radar, the lights – and get it out to sea proper.
    Mike: Round 3, final round! You guys are closing in on the success number with your usual aplomb, but you aren’t there yet.
    Molly: Molly spends her time in the engine room, listening for any unusual rattling sounds and tightening anything that is loose. Technology 11
    Nathaira: Nathaira flutters around the ship, feeling the air currents and looking out for any nasty hanging rocks that might damage the ship. Perception 17
  • Henrietta will use what she knows about koopa troopas, koopalings, king koopas, and so on to estimate what they’d build for. 25 Pokemon Education.
  • Stin flies ahead, studying the air currents and figuring out which way to move would be safest for them. 7 Nature Education
    DNA: The last real knowledge skill I have is Medicine Education, but I don’t know if or how I could really sell that. I can’t, can I?
    Jericho: Jericho muscles the cannons into place, making sure to anchor them before giving them a test fire! 12 Athletics!
    Avara: Ecran helps by feeling things out with telekinetic focus and clearing up problems. 12
  • Surolam moves to the crystal, making sure that it’s stable as they fly on. 15 Occult Education
    Mike: As for medicine: Maybe! I think that might combine with Henrietta’s Edu Pokemon, and might help with the sickbay – it’s probably small on this boat, but it might still have things in stock, and those might tell you something about Greenshields.
    Altair Azure: Altair also stands by the crystal some, to give it an extra bit of stability, and whatever push would be needed. Occult Edu 8
    Molly: Making sure the deck is free of rusted metal or other hazards
    Mike: Henrietta: Most Koopas are a little shorter than you, but they seem to have built this with doorways that can accomodate even a Large Pokemon. It seems the hallways are set up such that you can actually slide down the middle of them – the largest hallways have two lanes of smooth, flat floor, perfect for skidding down.
  • Avara considers the best way to do this. (which skill?)
    Kiir: Kiir is totally going to take his kid skidding there, then.
    Mike: Wheee~ Uh, Skidding I would say Acrobatics.
    Wish: Wish is off skittering to the medical bay, the only thing he knows how to do right now! He takes stock of everything included therein, since this ship will most likely be used for a protracted journey. There’s also noting how much it can fit, and what it needs most. So, I’ll try a Medicine Edu 26
    Mike: Altair and Jericho’s Pokemon, I think, are the last ones to – ah, there’s one!
    Mike: There’s a surprising amount of turtle wax, and the ingredients for… well, medically they’d be most akin to the concrete bandage material you’d pour into the cracks on Rock-type Pokemon.
    Mike: There’s definitely room, though – besides the remaining wax and concrete, most of the bottles are empty. They must’ve taken the remaining supplies when they abandoned ship.
    Kiir: (( I already rolled for Surolam’s Pokemon. Unless this is just a “see how well you do” thing for fun? ))
    Avara: pretty much
    Jericho: (( I really can’t figure out anything for Jericho’s team to realistically do. ))
    Molly: ((what’s the best skill?))
    Kiir: 21 Acrobatics!
    Mike: Or: Is there a Pokemon you’d like to highlight?
    Mike: And yeah, skidding would be a just-for-funsies.
  • Henrietta slides down the hall! 5
  • Henrietta has no style, she has no grace.
    Mike: And WHOOOOOOOO it’s fun! You can slide nearly from one end of the ship to the other on your smooth belly! The lanes on the floor are even sliiiightly grooved, keeping you – wuh-oh.
    Jericho: (( I have 6d6+2 athletics on Greenback. ))
    Mike: Henrietta’s slide is far, far less graceful. She bobs and bounces, slowly rotating. It hurts nothing more than pride, but it really highlights how that sliding track is not meant for bipedal.
    Jericho: Greenback… uh… uses his vines to push the ship away from any dangerous rocks and help guide it out of the cave? 23 Athletics?
    Molly: ((Best Mind skill?))
    Mike: Hrrrm.
    Mike: The GM should be SOMEWHAT NICE!
    Mike: Alright. I’ll allow it, but only because A. the dice said to be nice, and B. because you guys are very close to hitting the “fully succeeded” mark already.
    Mike: But it did literally come down to that last roll – anything less than… a five would’ve meant only Partial Success.
    DNA: Hahahaha
    DNA: Nice one.
    Mike: Greenback’s mighty vines are strong enough to even push the ship! Well, just barely – but it still helps avoid a shoal just off Shell Island’s coast. Missing by an inch is still a miss!
    Mike: One moment, my stepmother is texting me.
    Mike: -_-’
    Mike: Okay, just letting me know the exact timing of my little sister’s graduation ceremony.
    Mike: TLDR: It’s at like 8 AM on Sunday, so I need to be at the house at 7 AM.
    Mike: Alright! With your efforts, you have successfully revived the greenshield ship! It moves under its own power, and is more than large enough to carry you, your whole team’s worth of Pokemon (boxed and all), some NPCs… you’ve got plenty of cargo space, and even a few cannons and cannonballs – which match the one found in the cave with the holo-map, by the by.
    Altair Azure: “…won’t this catch a few eyes that people are suddenly seeing, of all things, a flying ship moving around?”
    Molly: Molly watched the sun washed over the deck of the ship, grinned as they sailed to the open sea.
    Altair Azure: “…I’m also worried about how the Greenshields are going to react…”
    Nathaira: “Well, it can’t fly until we get the other gemstone. It’s just a ship for now.”
    Mike: To be clear, the ship is still oceanbound, with only one crystal in the engine. It looks rough-hewn – like logs stacked atop one another – but it’s big and tough and will probably also catch a few eyes.
    Henrietta: “So… let’s not tell them?”
    Mike: You can even pick up the Boatwagon and keep that aboard. It’s like the Hovercraft and the Enterprise in FF IV.
    Altair Azure: “…All right, that’s fair.”
    Mike: (( “So, about that ship-” “I’m just holding it for a friend.” ))
    Surolam: “Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.” Surolam is sprawled on the railings of the ship, soaking in satisfaction at a job well done.
    Henrietta: “… I thought the saying was ‘burn that bridge when we get to it’. Crossing makes more sense.”
  • Altair Azure stays indoors on the bridge for now, still wanting to maintain the sense of satisfaction.
    Molly: “My plan is to beat up their leader and see how many would join my crew out of respect. But that’s just me.”
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: You can over-feel a conversation between the two ships, greater and lesson. The Okaaz-golt mentions its imagined figurehead, and intentions towards your sprawled form. The greater ship mulls it over, and agrees – though its vision of you has you in a large, poofy, frilly dress, with a jewel-broach and a simple golden grown.
    Henrietta: “Be sure to jump on their heads.”
    Player “Henrietta” is not connected.
    Kiir: “(…how can we do that if we don’t have legs?)”
    You whisper to Avara: It’s true! Bounce, in particular, is Super-Effective on Greenshields
    Henrietta: “(Coil your body under you and act like a spring.)”
    Mike: :3
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: And the grater ship includes a scent in its vision, too – mushrooms, gentle but earthy. Hunh.
  • Hajime is out on the deck, overlooking the ocean. Despite being surrounded by water, he feels oddly at ease.
    Hajime: “…Gotta wonder how far we can take this thing.”
    Mike: For the record, the Setzer’s Theme DNA posted is hitting me right in the feels.
    DNA: Hell yes
    Mike: Music —F-e→els
    Henrietta: “Well, if we ever get the other crystal, we’ll be able to take it as far as we can breathe, I think.”
    Henrietta: “Anywhere that’s still got air, we can ship it.”
  • Surolam grins.
    Nathaira: “Baldrik will love this! I can’t wait to tell him.”
    Surolam: “That’s…freedom, isn’t it?”
    Mike: * You have yourselves a fine ship, and an idea of an interesting locale – that might well be worth visiting. But you may also want to go back to town and prepare. And if you guys really, really want to also find Baldrik and see what he’s up to – which may have something to do with the second crystal – I will not stop you.
    Henrietta: “That’s freedom, yeah. Same as how a Pokemon can walk anywhere as long as they avoid getting caught or getting into a fight. We just have to avoid the pokemon in the air that’d fight with us.”
    Altair Azure: “Freedom, huh…” He ponders that for a minute.
    Henrietta: “I don’t think I ever heard why you all decided to become adventurers, anyway. Why did you?”
    Mike: (( I’ll have to make everything up on the spot, it’s a detour to endgame, but… I can do that. And it’d be Mario-esque stuff so it isn’t the Same Ol’ Thing, which helps. ))
    Henrietta: “It’s a job defined by its inherent insanity. What draws someone to do a thing like this?”
    Mike: (( Or you can RP and I can chill and watch. :3 ))
    Nathaira: “I’ll fly back to the mainland and tell him. I should know about where he is. If you want to meet up in Crabchitin, I’ll find you!”
    Nathaira: Nathaira flies off into the distance.
    Molly: Molly nodded to Nathaira.
    Surolam: “Like I said…freedom.” Surolam turns around, leaning back against the railing. “To leave a lying famly, and make my own path.”
    Jericho: “Money.” Jericho says, surprising no one.
    Molly: “Adventure..? I didn’t have a choice, really. I lost my home, taken in by pirates. It’s not like humans will hire a pokemon for labor, they’d rather higher the trainers and get six pokemon’s labor for free. So I became a pirate; the only job I knew, the only one that would take me.”
    Molly: *would rather hire
    Altair Azure: “…I want to see the world, mostly. There’s so much of it out there, and so little of it I’ve seen.” He nodded. “I don’t know if I’d say it’s liberating, but it’s definitely a change of pace.”
    Henrietta: “So we have a money-hunter, a pirate, a freedom-seeker, someone who wants to see the world, and a wandering archaeologist-type person.”
    Molly: “But now, now that I have a ship. And once I get The Cloudcutter, I will do whatever it is I want.”
    Henrietta: “… I think we should get that second crystal, before we decide to do anything else with our lives. Go back to Crabchitin, get ready, and go seize destiny by the face and shout at it to bend to our will.”
    Jericho: “Whatever, huh?”
    Molly: Molly nodded.
    Henrietta: “Anything we want to do, anywhere we want to go, any item we want to get, it’ll be easier that way.”
    Henrietta: (( proposed endgame: Get The Flight Crystal ))
    Jericho: “What’s going to happen when you invade someone else’s airspace? When the government regards your ship as a threat? When someone else wants it?”
  • Surolam grins.
    Surolam: “Sounds like a plan to me.”
    Henrietta: “I guess we’ll have to add stealth and such, won’t we, Jericho? I’ll add that to my to-learn-this-magics list.”
    Henrietta: “We’ll be flying ninja sky pirates.”
    Molly: Molly shrugged. “I would fight them off. Go somewhere else. Whichever.”
    Molly: “Look at every bandit gang that goes around unquestioned. No one is really stopping anyone, just looking out for their own little corners of the world.”
    Henrietta: “There’s still lots of Wild world out there, too. Places nobody from ‘civilization’ has ever seen. Whole new species of Pokemon. All kinds of things. The world is really big, and this is the best way to explore it all. And hey—finding out new things tends to make money.”
    Jemyn Temyta: “Yes! Let’s see all this world has to offer!”
    Mike: :3 Heading back to Crabchitin, then?
    Molly: Yes
    Jericho: “Yeah, I suppose that’s the case, hm?” Jericho gets a bit of a sour look on his face, but doesn’t continue
  • Henrietta hands molly 10,289 gold. “I don’t know what to buy for this sort of adventure. Would you mind shopping for two?”
    Altair Azure: “…I suppose there’s a lot we could do out in the big wide world. So much to spread. So much to do.”
    Molly: Molly blinked, looking at the money. “… I can.”
    Henrietta: “Please do, then.”
    Jericho: A dangerous glint appears in Jericho’s eyes.
    Surolam: “It’s not like we would have to be bandits ourselves. There’s plenty of things we can do with such a large transport.”
    Mike: Your boat is quite massive – big enough that you can’t actually dock at the ports directly. You have to take the Boatwagon in to port, leaving the ship at anchor in the bay. Molly, as the ship drops anchor, a little compartment on the, uhm, dashboard of the ship folds open. Inside is a White Anchor bauble, about the size of your paw – it seems to control the ship’s anchor.
    Molly: “There are enough bandit targets to bandit from. There’s a bandit friend of Jericho in particular I’m looking forward to killing.”
    Surolam: “…killing? I assume your use of the word ‘friend’ is sarcastic in this case.”
    Mike: (( Castor? :3 ))
    Mike: (( Note to self: Have him come back. ))
    DNA: ayyyyyyyy
    Mike: Alright. Crabchitin again! From here you can do shopping, as per usual, or switch out your Pokemon teams. I’ll let you know that there will not be Pokemon Centers in the island’s interior! So you may want to stock up on items and get your team ready. it won’t be end-game there, but I’m hoping I can get a nice dungeon together for you guys.
    Jericho: “He’s not a bandit.”
    Jericho: “Really, if he was, that’d make my life a whole lot easier.”
    DNA: So it’s just the usual medicinal stuff sold there?
    Mike: I will also note that Connie is here, on the docks. And she will be selling some high-end armor and weapons.
    Molly: “Semantics. He’s got property I want, that he didn’t earn.”
    Mike: Which reminds me; I need to stat out those three dragon-soul items!
    Connie: “Holy butts, you guys UPGRADED.” whistles
    Molly: “This is the underground ship we were working on digging out when we first met.”
    Connie: “…Next ship you find, lemme… naw, actually, I can’t ever sell something like that, even if you did find another.”
    Stin: “Perhaps we could make a deal for transportation sometimes. That should go much smoother.”
    Connie: “…Well, if you guys think you’ll need a merchant tagging along with you… I could hang out for a while. Restock when you hit port and whatnot.”
    Jericho: “I can’t let you have that ‘property’, cat.”
    Molly: “I would never sell the ship I’m looking for.”
    Connie: “Anyway. If you guys came into money, I can help turn it into firepower and armor.” (( It’s been a very long time since I looked at the AEB enchantments and such. But I can take a quick look. ))
    Molly: ((Held items are what I’ll be after anyway.))
    Connie: “Anything in particular you guys need? I’ve got a lotta inventory today. A crew of warrior-types dropped off a bucket of loot. I think they fought their way through some Warriork hordes, lots of held items, weapons, that kind of thing. Their idea of armor is a little, uh, Sonia the Red-y.”
    Jericho: “Got anything a little lighter in the footwear department? Armor has a way of giving away my position.”
    Connie: “Uh, yeah, lemme see…” She dives into her boat’s inventory, head-first, feet kicking. It’s a very large bag today.
    Molly: “I’m looking for a Choice Item. Something to help my special attack. I remember you being out before.”
    Connie: “Cat Tabi! A +2 to Stealth checks, and they make you as Stealth-y as a Meowth. These ones also make it so you don’t slip on ice.”
    Connie: “Choice Band, Choice Scarf, Choice… Yeah, lotta Choices here. I guess they didn’t get Chosen, hunh? Well, their loss, your gain!”
    Altair Azure: “I think I’d want something that makes me a bit quicker on my feet. More mobile, easier to maneuver. Of course, if you have basic medicines I’d be fine with those too. In a fight I’m not very agile.”
    Mike: (( For the record, I think we’re reaching a natural jumping-off point, but I am happy to provide random gear from Connie. She can also provide basically all the standard items – and because we’re coming up on end game, I think she’ll also sell basically all the held items, as well. If it’s in the core book as a generic thing, she can sell you it. Fancy stuff, I’ll make up. ))
  • Jericho looks interested. “Oh? How much will those shoes run me?”
    Stin: “Do you have anything to enhance the power of my vocal abilities?”
    Connie: “Shoes and vocals… Y’know, I knew a Barbaracle who could tapdance, once. Once he started you couldn’t tell which end of him was up.”
    Molly: “… I would like a dress. And maybe a new coat. The coat for battle. The dress for relaxation.”
    Connie: “Alright, feet-wise, for movement, I have some good ol’ Running Shoes, one-size and all that. There’s also these – Rocket Skates. Pretty sure whoever invented them was, uh, drunk at the time. And also always. But he had a robot suit, so I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.” (( They increase your Overland by 1, and you gain the Rocket ability with them, with the exception that it’s for walking, not flying. ))
    Connie: “The Cat Tabi? Uh… Let’s say 5 grand.” She shrugs at the pricing
    Jericho: “Hm. Sounds reasonable.” ((SOLD))
    Altair Azure: “Rocket Skates, huh? That sounds…pretty cool, honestly. How much would you be willing to part with them for?”
    Jericho: “Sounds loud. And dangerous.”
    Connie: “For Vocal abilities…” She digs around some more. “Oh, here we go. A Collar of Attention. Kinda cute, actually, but it amplifies your voice, like a megaphone. You’re hard to ignore with this on – I used it for barkering yesterday, people covered their ears.” (( +5 damage to all Sonic abilities and +1 to-hit with all Social abilities; Neck slot. )) “Uhm… Let’s start with 8 thousand.”
    DNA: 8000 directed at me?
    Connie: At Stin for the collar.
    DNA: sorry
    Connie: “For the rocket skates, I think they’re a bit cooler than the tabi, myself – how about 6k?”
    Connie: (( Reminder; you can always try to talk her down on things, too. ))
    DNA: Yeah, I see you implied as much.
    Molly: “A type plate isn’t even worth 8000. A vocal booster like that should be 6000, no more.”
    Connie: “A dress, and a coat… Hm.” She sizes up Molly – and is caught off guard by her butting in to that other transaction.
    Connie: “…Alright. I’ll take 6 for the collar.” She nods appreciatively.
    Altair Azure: “Running Shoes only sell for, what, 2000 though? Tacking on a tiny rocket probably isn’t enough to make the value, pardon the pun, skyrocket that much. 3500 would make a bit more sense.”
    Molly: Molly didn’t butt into that one. A whole Ability? 6000 was actually a good deal in her head.
    Connie: “I dunno. It’s a nice ability – especially if you need to be in someone’s face, fast. And they’re on the ground. But… I’ll come down to 5k for you.”
    Altair Azure: “…4500?” He knew Connie wouldn’t take the 3500 offer; he lowballed on purpose.
    Connie: “Coat-wise there’s this – it looks like a light coat for an officer, buuuut,” she turns it inside-out, and you can see it’s covered in metal plating on the inside. “Strong enough for a soldier.” (( It’s Heavy Armor protection at a Light Armor penalty, basically. ))
    Connie: “…Nngh. Alright, 4,500. But only because they smell like bourbon.”
    Altair Azure: “What, do you not like the smell of bourbon?” He gladly hands the money over, though.
    Connie: “I’m a water kinda gal. Alcohol and desert foliage don’t mix.” :3
    Connie: “Alright, dress-wise… I think they raided a noble’s closet at some point. Lots of small fancy dresses, and some taller ones – though those ones have holes in the ch…” She glances at Henrietta. “Oh, right. THAT makes a lot of sense. Duh!”
    Connie: “Anyway. Frilly skirts and little sailor uniforms for someone kinda-sorta your size.” She waggles her hand about so. “You can try them on and find one you like. I’ll go 1k for each – they aren’t magical, they’re just pretty, but the style… is gonna be a hard sell elsewhere. I’ll admit that.”
    Jericho: “Sounds like somebody raided a Raltesian settlement.”
  • Connie taps her head. “That’s what I’m thinking. Someone found an old palace or something.”
    Molly: “I would try some on, if you wouldn’t mind. And what would the starting price on that coat be?”
    Altair Azure: “While I’m at it, I also have a few staves you could add to your arsenal of wares?”
    Connie: (( I was trying to find the armor rules in AEB to answer that. ))
    Connie: (( WHich I can’t find, so… ))
    Molly: ((I can link))
    Connie: (( That might be nice, actually. ))
    Connie: “Well, it’s bascially heavy armor, so… Let’s say 4,000.”
    Connie: “It’s just not as heavy as actually heavy heavy armor.”
    Stin: “Well, I don’t think we have the money for that right now. Would you be willing to hold on to it for a while?”
    Connie: “Hmm. Before I say ‘yes’, let me ask: Where’re you guys going next?”
    Molly: Molly pawed at her neckfur. “…That is a fair price.”
    Connie: “Because you guys have been good customers, and you seem on the up and up. And you’ve worked for me before. So, I’d be willing to pay you up front, if you were going in a direction that I might find useful.”
    DNA: (Did she see Altair’s question about wanting to sell staves to her? I can’t tell if her response there accounted for his question.)
    Connie: (( Rule #2 of being a seller of weapons and armor in a fantastical world: Be friends with the adventurers. They sell you high-end stuff, they buy your stuff, and if you get caught up in plot they will save you. ))
    Connie: (( She did, I just hadn’t come up with one yet! ))
    DNA: (OK!)
    Connie: “Staves… Oh! Hold on, I have a crazy one, and a not-so-crazy one.”
    Altair Azure: “I mean I wanted to sell my staves to you. Coincidentally, I also have one crazy and one not-so-crazy.”
    Connie: “Oh! I am glad to buy crazy weapons from you guys. There’s always someone who wants ’em down the coast.”
    Molly: "We’re heading further inland. I’ll have to wait for my fairy companion to bring back more details on the location.
    Altair Azure: “So first, this one here is a wand of binding. It’s really good for casters who want to hold their opponents in place, though I’ve never really felt attached to it. Probably because I’m more of a hit-hard kind of guy.”
    Altair Azure: One-handed range4 weapon. Regular attacks with this inflict Slowed on 18+. At Adept Combat, gains access to Salvo (EOT AC2 DB6 Special 4Blast2); at Master Combat, gains access to Wrap-Up (Scene AC2 Range4 Status; the target is Stuck, and makes a Save Check DC 16 minus its Power at start of its turns. If it succeeds it’s no longer Stuck; if it fails the check it becomes Tripped.)
    Connie: “…Well, there’s a lot of inland…” She strokes her chin, and then looks at the wand. “…This looks like it’d be good for some Control-based wizards… Nice. What’s the other one?”
    Stin: “We are looking for something to enhance the capabilities of our new vehicle.”
    Altair Azure: “The other one is two-handed, and a bit more defensive. It’s the less fancy one, but good for protecting allies in a pinch.”
    Altair Azure: A two-handed weapon that can fire Struggle Attacks up to 4m away, and uses SpAtk to do so (but in Melee can use either attack). Treated as a shield with a Shielding value of 1. When equipped, holder can use the move Crafty Shield.
    You whisper to Molly: Nathaira will be able to find Baldrik and his crew – Greenshields all, though of different kinds. It might take a bit of time for her to get there and back, but Baldrik is happy to hear from you and your crew again. He has a lead on a temple in the inland mountains, supposedly built by his people. He has a party along because he suspects it’s dangerous – but he’s willing to bring in additional backup.
    Connie: “…These are both pretty crazy, but I see what you mean. Okay, tell you what – 10k for the both of ’em.”
    You whisper to DNA: She can also be talked up, of course. Up to you if you want to try.
    Altair Azure whispers: Nah, that’s fair. Besides, I already kinda haggled her; IC and OOC I’d feel like a jerk if I tried that again.
    You whisper to DNA: thumbs up I try not to screw you TOO bad on the initial price, but Connie likes to haggle.
    Altair Azure: “That sounds like a fair deal to me. I accept your offer.” He hands them both over gingerly to the cactus merchant.
    Connie: “Beautiful.”
    Connie: “Alright, if you’re going inland, I do have something that could stand moving. You guys are friends with the Greenshields, right? You were with one on the island that one time.”
    Molly: “We are. Nathaira is fetching them, in fact.”
    Connie: “Hah! Perfect.~” She grins, and says it in a sing-song-y way.
    Connie: “I have a bag full of hammers for them.” blink “Okay, that sounded really bad.”
    Surolam: “Our new ship is relevant to their interests as well, I believe.”
    Connie: “They make really nice ships, then. Which, okay, sure, the mountain-turtles make dreadnoughts, why not.”
    Molly whispers: Let me know when she can reappear.
    You whisper to Molly: Uno momento, lemme finish Connie’s spiel, but then, sure.
    Connie: “Anyway. Bag’a hammers.” She hops on her boat, and drags it off. You can hear them clanking around in there -but they also sound like ringing churchbells, strangely.
    Connie: “They wanted them blessed to smite undead. That’s the kind of enchantment you only get if you know it’s gonna come up, and they seemed pretty adamant about that, and not fire. Like, really adamant about it not being fire.”
    Connie: “So, here’s the deal. Schlep this bag’a hammers up to them, so I don’t have to. And I’ll give you the collar as payment, up front, because we’re all just really swell people.”
    Mike: * I’m going to be a tiny bit of a jerk about this. The Bag of Hammers is very heavy! Whoever carries it is Slowed during combat. And if I remember to have an encounter on the way there, that might mean something!
    Molly: AT LAST the boatwagon can shine. We put the hammers in the boatwagon, and stop pulling the boatwagon once combat starts.
    Molly: That is literally the reason I wanted a wagon all those years ago. (maybe singular year, I can’t remember)
    Mike: …
    Mike: takes of sunglasses
    Mike: mother of god…
    Altair Azure: “…I also have a question for you, Connie. It’s just a request, you don’t have to take it, but you sound like someone who might appreciate it.”
    Mike: I am going to be 100% okay with being hoisted by my petard.
    DNA: i’ll be quick i swear, I know it’s time
    Molly: Otherwise, Molly is looking at dresses.
    Connie: “…if you’re asking me out, I’m flattered, but adventurers usually get into fights when they take me to a bar. If you’re not asking me out, I’m insulted.” She says it in a way that’s joking on both fronts – neither actually insulted, nor actually expecting to be asked out, at all.
    Molly: “I think red is a good color for me, it’s striking, and my fur has always been a bit on the purple side…” She explains to whomever is closest to her.
    Altair Azure: “Nah, nothing quite like that. I’ve been carrying around a traveling companion for some time now, but he’s been a little lonely as he doesn’t have much place to fit in. He’s normally rather stationary, so he likes moving around, but his current state kinda hinders that.”
    Pyroxy 1: Altair takes the moment to release the Pyroxy, as he continues his explanation. “Around ships he doesn’t do so well, on account of sticking to them and then eating them, but other than that he’s very adorable. And I know you travel around so I figure he may be a nice companion.”
    Altair Azure: “You don’t have to, but does he sound like someone you’d want to have around?”
    Connie: “…Well, I could use a guard on my ship when I step off it.” She thinks. “If I ask you nicely, can you not dissolve my ship? Or maybe if I, uh… put some plywood under you sometimes, I guess?”
  • Connie doesn’t actually know Pokemon super well. Not in an Edu Poke sense.
    Pyroxy 1: The Pyroxy just contentedly waves back and forth – but then he nods. “(It’s kind of a habit, but if I have a plywood seat, that might work very well! Plywood doesn’t taste good anyway.)”
    Jericho: “Red says you’re dangerous too.” Jericho comments offhand. “It’s bright and attention-drawing, conveying the idea of power.”
    Molly: Molly nodded in agreement.
    Pyroxy 1: “(Never mind all the fire and poison! Ooh I like this idea~)”
    Connie: “I think it’s happy with it? So, if it’s happy, then… sure, what the hey. Welcome aboard, ya little scrubby bubble.”
    DNA: I think this was the one who could get Hallucinogenic, Flame Body, and poison Point all at once.
    “You hit me with a melee attack? Now you’re confused, burned, and poisoned, because screw you that’s why.”
    Pyroxy 1: ^.^
    Molly: “What dresses do you have in red? Something elegant, and beautiful.”
    Connie: :3
    Avara: mind if i hop off here?
    Avara: y’all can keep going with rp, i’m just… not really here.
    DNA: That’s fine; we can bring you up to speed later. I save stuff.
    Mike: I think this is a good stopping point in general. Molly, you can design the dress as you like, or hit me up if you want some back-n-forth on it.
    Avara: ciao~
    Mike: I have to work in the morning and then immediately get on a plane.
    Avara is disconnected.
    Molly: okay
    Mike: Alrighty. This was an RP heavy sesh! So, what the hey. 3 TXP and 30 PKN EXP. handwave
    DNA: TL 23.0 yeeboi
    DNA: This means it’s a feat level. …This is going to make it hard for me to decide.
    Mike: Saving things!
  • Mike is a bit jazzed now.
Ancient Lights Unearthed

Mike Desktop has connected.
Molly has connected.
Molly: Hello!
Mike: heya!
Nathaira: Delivery Fairy at your service!
Mike: Delivery Fairy EX Neo Ultra Climax Super Turbo Championship Edition
Mike: 2
Mike: 8
DNA has connected.
Mike: it’s a DNA!
DNA: Which map are we starting on?
Mike: So, you guys left off in town proper. But I think you were gonna head up to Temple 11 shortly.
Mike: Which reminds me, gotta grab dem orks
GrayGriffin has connected.
Mike: gonan get some h2o!
DNA: Ah, that’s true. I remember now!
TBG has connected.
Mike: DNA, Gray, Molly, TBG. Ava is gonna be a little late, she said.
Jericho: Jericho is healed and gains 2 ability points. Current Ability Points: 8, Maximum Ability Points: 8
Mike: ANy questions or bookkeeping that needed to be done or asked?
TBG: Are you my mummy?

  • TBG blinks behind his gas mask
    Mike: Well. That’s not creepy at all.
    Nathaira: yo
    GrayGriffin: Nope!
    Mike: Groovy. In that case~
    DNA: Don’t think so. I think I already took care of the major things.
    When we last left our heroes, they had finished beating down an undying dragon spirit! And then they relaxed in town for a little bit. But they still have some things to do in the area – a dragon to awaken, and some eggs to hatch.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: Speaking of which, Zojiik can tell that the eggs are ready to hatch at any moment, give or take. So I will leave it to you when you want that to happen – pre-dragon, or post.
    GrayGriffin whispers: Probably post-dragon
    Mike: And one more thing to ask about… whispers
    You whisper to Molly: And when would you like Nathaira to return, pre- or post-dragon? Or just in the background, if you prefer.
    Nathaira whispers: whenever I’m bored. I’ll drop her sprite and have her show up.
    You whisper to Molly: okay!
    Mike: Alright. It sounds like people are more eager to go hit up the dragon than anything else. Would you all like to go there now?
    DNA: I have no objections.
    GrayGriffin: Which map was that again?
    Mike: Temple 11.
    Molly: To speed things along, yes. Molly did her investigating in the town.
    Mike: I took the liberty of moving a bunch of tokens there. Your original tokens from the last time you were there, are still there – keep that in mind, if you need to delete them or just use them!
    The giant stone door is as imposing as ever. Now, however, the two orbs on either side of the door, held by the statues… are glowing, with their own inner light.
    The two halves of Seok-hun Yong, human and dragon, are nearby – each on either side of the door, not quite sure of the other, stuck between moving away, and moving closer.
    Surolam: “Greetings, both of you.”
    Wyvereign (Dragon): …Also, the draconic half is much, much smaller than before. You can see many of the wounds from your battle before upon it, though its claw is still a stump, unbleeding.
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “Hail, m’lady. We awaited your return… some, longer than others.”
    Wyvereign (Dragon): “You were the patient half, even then.”
    Wyvereign (Dragon): "I am ready for what comes next… though I know not what it will be.
    Surolam: “Alright. How shall we do this?”
    Mysterious Voice: “Command the door open. My halves will enter… and I shall emerge, whole and reborn.”
    Mysterious Voice: “If you have need of me in some other capacity, state so now. Focus your mind upon it.”
    Mysterious Voice: “Otherwise… I will be a hatchling once again, a new life born of old.”
    Wyvereign (Dragon): “Hnn. To rain destruction to a better end than my own rage… However we go about it, my rage will be calmed on occasion. And that is an improvement.”
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “However we go about it, we might yet still serve a greater purpose. Our home is gone, perhaps forever. But we can still serve the people, whether as advisor, as weapon, as servant or as ally.”
    Avara has connected.
    Surolam: “If you were to serve as an advisor…it would be better to have a full revival, would it not?”
    Warriork Akash: * The Warriorks are gathered behind you. The one with the smartphone has it out, pointed at the door. You can tell she’s recording everything.
    Mysterious Voice: “It would. Reborn, I would be a fresh mind, and my old life – all of me that you see before you, spirit, human, and dragon – would be a memory, a story told to me by my originators.”
    Mysterious Voice: “Fully revived, I would be as I was, in the fullness of my wisdom and glory… but set in my ways, as all old men are.”
    Stin: “It’s not that bad. You can learn to adapt.”
    Henrietta: “Are you concerned about being ‘set in your ways’ causing issues?”
    Jemyn Temyta: “Yeah! You can make a guest post on my blog sometime!”
    Mysterious Voice: “…I have very strong feelings about my previous life, and the service I rendered towards Raltesia. My sadness towards it would be ever-present, but I would live. I…” A harumph. “We got over it.”
  • Seok-Hun Yong (Human) bows his head.
    Wyvereign (Dragon): “Hnnn. My rage is exhausted.”
    Henrietta: “One aspect of you already recognizes me as, if not proper queen, then Noblesse worthy of following, I think. That might help—educating the Noblesse of heritage and duty, while learning from your student about the new world that was born of Raltesia’s legacy. This is possible both in full resurrection and in the alternative—inhabiting an artifact in fullness of spirit, while laying body to rest. But a reincarnation wouldn’t really be able to do that as such.”
    Henrietta: “In other words… you could use me as an anchor to your behavior, and I can help you adapt.”
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “She is Noblesse, it is true. Perhaps not crowned Empress, but the closest we shall find, these centuries hence.”
    Mysterious Voice: “Then I would have both a child and a noble to watch over.” You can feel the barest chuckle, shuddering the trees. A few leaves fall, their grip already softened by encroaching winter.
    Surolam: “Do you feel better about that prospect now? Henrietta’s presence has been…good, for our group.”
    Mysterious Voice: “Either will suffice. I have been myself before, but never a thing before. I admit… to being intrigued.”
    Mysterious Voice: “And you have, in my daughter, a being of my strength and wisdom – or you shall, in a shorter time than you might expect.”
    Mysterious Voice: “What would you have me become? Who would wield me?” Another gentle shudder… But this one, too, is friendly. Akin to if you were sitting on a bed with a friend, and that friend laid down stomach-first, propping themselves on their arms.
  • Henrietta looks to the Aspects. “Could we hear all of your opinions, before we make a decision?”
  • Henrietta hums. “While I wait on your thoughts, I’ll tell you what I would do if you chose to possess an artefact.”
  • Seok-Hun Yong (Human) nods, and gives the Noblesse leave.
    DNA: What did you mean by ‘Aspects’?
  • Wyvereign (Dragon) closes his eyes, and thinks.
    Henrietta: (( the dragon, the human and the soul are three and one ))
    DNA: Ah, all right.
  • Henrietta leans back a bit, thinking. And she begins to tell the tale again, not as history but as myth, as she’d told it to the Warriorks. A story of love and loss, not merely of a person but of nations. Wrath left to burn until the world burned with it, or until it burned itself out, because of those lost and those who refused to listen and learn. And a story of the world that had to defend itself from the parent/teacher that had gone mad in his grief, arming a warrior to end his suffering. “I think it’s clear. You’re not someone who should make a weapon of yourself—your desire is to teach, to guide and inspire. To protect, both your kingdom’s people, its heritage, and the future as a whole. You’d be best set, I think, as either armor or a headgear of some kind.”
    Molly: Molly notices something by the road, and walked off.
    Wyvereign (Dragon): “I wish to see the world anew. More detail than that… would decide too much, at present.”
    Surolam: “There are many forms you could take for such travel.”
  • Ianthe waves.
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “I agree with the Noblesse. If I am to be a thing, and not a man, then I wish to protect and guide. A cloak, a crown, a suit of armor. Let my sword be sheathed forevermore – it brought us little joy.”
    Mysterious Voice: “…A crown…” The voice behind the door mulls it over.
    Mysterious Voice: (( lets Ava speak first ))
  • Henrietta shifts a little, not entirely sure what to think of the idea of Seok-Hun Yong becoming a crown. It’s an honorable idea, at the least. “And while we do go into battle, we’ve proven already that we can overcome one as challenging as yourself, through tactics and allies. So your strength of arm, while appreciated, is not something you need to feel obligated to wield.”
    Avara: more to say, but it depends on how the idea of a crown goes over
    Mysterious Voice: “In my old life… In one moment, I could advise; in the other, I could protect. As a crown, I could see. As a cloak, I could defend.” A chuckle. “And by fortunate circumstance of my nature… I need not choose one over the other.”
    Mysterious Voice: “I shall be both, in one.”
    Mysterious Voice: (( And I will have to figure out What The Heck That Means, sometime. ))
    Henrietta: “I was going to suggest as much. You are three in one. You need not, necessarily, become one entity in the process of possession. Perhaps a crown, a cloak and a scepter? The typical depiction of royal regalia.”
    Mysterious Voice: “Hah! Perhaps I shall.” A shifting of the earth. Whatever is behind the door, stands up, and squares itself.
    Mysterious Voice: “Am I ready?”
    Wyvereign (Dragon): “Yes.”
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “Yes.”
  • Henrietta looks back to Surolam. “Are we agreed?”
    Mysterious Voice: “Then by your leave, Noblesse – and by yours, my child.”
  • Surolam nods.
    Surolam: “That sounds quite appropriate.”
    Mike: As the two physical halves of Seok-hun Yong approach the door, the spheres glow more brightly.
  • Altair Azure is looking on with rapt attention. The reincarnation of an ancient dragon kind into a new form, what would that even be like? And would it still remember and know all that it was? He wasn’t sure, but wanted to see.
  • Warriork Akash holds her phone up even higher.
  • Surolam closes her eyes, focusing on listening to the scene.
  • Henrietta nods, and twirls her Rope. She doesn’t channel Aura through it to activate it, instead using it to set a circle around her. Psionics carve a spell circle under it, engraving the earth in tribute to Moon and Sun, invoking the fleur de lys and the all-seeing eye, the lion and the dragon. Ruler and wisdom. She incants the story she’d just told, the telling easier with practice. She emphasizes the duty, the desire to pass down knowledge and to learn in turn, both from student and by teaching. The story is not over, merely taking a new form. The ritual circle has three blank circles within it, to house the nature of the three Aspects of Seok-Hun Yong.
    Avara: do i need to roll anything or spend any money towards the creation of the DLI?
    Mike: Nope. You guys basically undertook a quest for this. Uno momento…
    Mike: As the story is told, the forms of Seok-hun Yong, man and ‘mon alike, fade away. The orbs astride the door glow brightly, shining like the Sun and the Moon, equal but not equivalent.
    Mike: The grand doors open, and air not tasted for a thousand years rushes forth. Beyond, you see only darkness – and a single mote of light.
    Mike: The spheres’ light escape their orb-bond, and rejoin the mote.
    Mike: It grows magnificent and beautiful in the combination, and then settles towards the base of the door’s opening, just above the grass outside it.
    Mysterious Voice: “Thank you.”
    Mike: The door slams shut.
    Mike: The mote splits again, into three objects, and each settle upon the grass:
    Dragonscale Cloak: A fine cloak, woven from golden dragonscales, each barely the size of a fingernail, shimmering in the glow.
    Scepter of Wisdom: A scepter of silvery metal, with an orb atop it, reflecting images of what could be, permutations and musings and insight.
    Starlit Crown: And a crown – more of a circlet or tiara, really – with what looks to be a tiny star at its focus. The star still glows with a golden, sunny light, even as the motes of light fade away.
    Mike: The magic ends. The items lay upon the grass. The air feels… fresh, somehow. As if a new day dawned, even in the midst of another one.
    Warriork Akash: “…Dude.”
  • Surolam takes a deep breath and sighs happily.
    Warriork Pruzag: “I am humbled.”
    Altair Azure whispers: Is it possible for me to detect those objects if they are alive? Or is that beyond my purview?
    Surolam: “That was beautiful, Henrietta.”
  • Henrietta finishes her incantations, the magic circle’s light fading away. She gathers up her rope and puts it in her pack, before picking the three items up from their spell circles. She ties the cloak over her shoulders, places the crown upon her brow, and raises the scepter. “Are you all settled comfortably?”
    Jericho: “Huh. What do you know. The dragon is dealt with and we’re not all dead.”
  • Henrietta nods to Surolam, smiling, and does a grandiose bow to the crowd gathered.
    You whisper to Avara: We are, Noblesse. Your brow is the velvet of the royal throne.
    Surolam: “I doubt there was any risk of death in this case.”
    Molly: Molly and Nathaira return to the group, Molly pawing at her neckfur.
    Surolam: “We’d already handled the worst of the halves.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “The Bringer is now armament. …May the New Bringer reign until our deaths in battle!”
    Warriork Akash: “And also maybe after!”
    Henrietta: “I’m glad you’re comfortable. I suppose I should ask… do you want to stay with one person, or be distributed across the group?”
    Henrietta: “And to the crowd, does anyone have interest in bearing these? I’d like to keep the crown.”
    Molly: “What do they do?”
  • Henrietta waits for an answer to that question, if one exists.
    You whisper to Avara: “The Noblesse, our daughter, and her cohorts. This is our court, our army, and our family. Beyond that, where we stand matters less than what we do.”
    Mike: Uh, hrm.
    Mike: So, here’s what I’m thinking, in generalities, with the caveat that this could change when I have a chance to sit down and write them out properly!
  • Surolam listens for an answer.
    Starcatcher: “Hey, you’re back! Hi Nathaira!”
    Nathaira: Nathaira flinched, blushed and waved to Starcatcher.
    Henrietta: “We might have to wait to be sure. They are freshly made.”
    Surolam: “I would appreciate the cloak.”
    Molly: “I’d like to know what they do first, before I place any claims. If it’s not helpful to me, then it is not helpful to me.”
    Mike: The Scepter aids in Special attacks, and in exploration – seeing afar or the invisible, perhaps.
    The Cloak aids in protecting its wearer, from elements and the bonds of gravity itself.
    The Crown aids in knowledge, magic, and commanding.
  • Henrietta unties the cloak from her shoulders, and with a flourish she’s placed it around Surolam, clasping it into place.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: Hello, my daughter. Your shoulders are broad – fit to carry your allies, and the world.
    Henrietta: “The scepter aids in Special-oriented attacks and exploration, and may have an aspect of Truesight. The cloak is protective in nature, against elements and gravity alike. Helpful for a flyer in battle, I bet. The crown helps with knowledge, magic, and commanding. Which is best fit to me, I think, as the scholar, mage and evident Noblesse.”
  • Warriork Akash moves in to take pictures of the new equipment on people.
    Starcatcher: “Ooo! I like the scepter!”
    Surolam: “The cloak definitely suits me, then.”
  • Mike takes notes on what he’s said now, so he’ll remember this later when he’s statting them up.
    Mike: :3
    Warriork Akash: “They’ll never believe this back at camp~”
    Avara: sounds like starcatcher’s putting claim on the scepter. i think DNA uses SATK as well? any input?
    Jericho: “Hm… I wouldn’t mind having a little more mobility…”
    Jericho: “And honestly, anything to help me take hits better…”
    DNA: I’m fine with Starcatcher’s claim on the scepter! I actually don’t have much interest in weapon slot stuff anyway.
  • Warriork Pruzag waves her warriors together as the heroes debate and consider.
    Henrietta: “We don’t have to assume that the people who hold them now will hold them forever, so feel free to discuss it as we travel?” Henrietta says to Jericho and Surolam, as she hands the scepter to Starcatcher.
    Starcatcher: Starcatcher glees as she holds the scepter.
    Altair Azure: “It’s going to be interesting to see what it’s ike to have an ancient dragon in our midst like this.”
  • Jericho shrugs. “Once I know more, I might want it more or less. I’m not too worried about it now. Just glad to not be a crispy pile of street magician on the pavement.”
    Molly: “There is a spot I would like to travel. I saw a cove near Crabchitin that looked interesting. And Nathaira has told me there is a good chance something interesting is buried there.”
    Henrietta: “… Actually, I haven’t been tracking it. Do you actually get hit in combat, Jericho? I sort of assumed you were sneaking around enough to avoid being targeted.”
    Altair Azure whispers: Had an earlier question but you might have missed it. Can I sense if these items are alive like an object, or can I not detect them that way?
    Jericho: “More of a ‘in the event of an emergency’ sort of scenario. I can’t dodge forever, as much as I’d like to think I can.”
    Surolam: “The one time he did get hit was pretty serious.”
  • Henrietta listens to Molly, and considers. “Well, we still need to go look into that airship thing you guys found. But ’til then, buried treasure does sound very interesting.”
    Jericho: “Yeah. That wasn’t an attack anyone could dodge.”
    Jericho: “Well… I might be able to do it once.”
    Henrietta: “Right. So the cloak’s between Surolam and Jericho for now. And we’re going to investigate what Molly and her crew found. Sounds good, everyone?” She looks over to the Warriorks. “Do we need to escort you all home, or will you be able to find the way safely?”
    Nathaira: “A-actually it has to do with the airship. I was talking with Baldrik and he said his crew buried one of the power sources to the airship there. If we retrieve it, we might be able to power it enough to be sea worthy.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “No, Bringer-chosen. We will return to our camp in the mountains. Our pilgrimage is complete, and then some.” She bows, and the others bow in turn.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Thank you, from hilt to tip. We are honored and humbled.”
    Altair Azure: “A…power source for the airship? That’s the interesting thing you believe is there?”
    Warriork Pruzag: “And if you ever visit the mountains west of here…” She takes off her necklace, of a bronze dragon, and hands it to Surolam. “You would be honored guests.”
    Molly: “If Nathaira is correct. I wanted to look it over anyway, coves are important to pirates like me who like to come and go without being watched.”
    Henrietta: “Alright. A power source would be a big help, for sure. I don’t know if I’d be able to find a way to replace it, so using a proper one’s good. And even if not? Buried. Treasure. Sounds like adventure to me.”
    Altair Azure: “That’s fair. And it’s not like we have anywhere pressing to be, right?”
    Altair Azure: “Sounds like fun; count me in.”
    Molly: Molly smiled.
    Jericho: “Eh, where some treasure is buried, there might be more.” Jericho not-quite-invites himself along.
  • Surolam accepts the necklace, hanging it over her own neck.
    Surolam: “I will find the time to visit you again.”
    Zojiik: “…speaking of a new life…”
    Zojiik whispers: Eggs can hatch now!
    Henrietta: “Something about the eggs, I’m guessing?”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Ah. Warriorks, await the hatching! Then, we march!”
    Zojiik: “Yes!”
    Mike: Zojiik: Yep, those eggs are a-hatching! I suggest opening up.
    Mike: And maybe clear some space.
  • Zojiik opens up, letting the newborn hatchlings have fresh air.
  • Zojiik also moves to a more open space.
  • Pirta lands on the tree behind Zojiik, to watch her eggs hatch!
    Mike: And they don’t so much come out and hatch, as… they’ve just hatched, and when Zohiik opens, they come plopping and rolling and even tumbling out, one after the other, as if the Cofagrigus was some kind of clown-car.
    Mike: Plorp, plop, bounce, plop, go the Caterime, and adorable display of chilly, cuddly caterpillers, dazed and bedazzled by, and sparkling in, the sunlight.
    DNA: Cannot unsee
    Pirta: “Iaaaa~” the Diamoth chitters happily, and swoops over the Caterime, glad to see them survive the mazzacre.
  • Zojiik smiles proudly.
    Mike: I put quick overviews of their properties on the tokens, so if anything catches your eye, you can certainly ask for a catch.
    Caterime 2: * One Caterime is incredibly, impossibly pink…
    Caterime 7: * One is ghostly and ephemeral – definitely alive, but more Ghost than Bug now.
    Avara: hold on a moment, mike
    Caterime 8: * And one has the mandibles, and rocky chitin, of a Lomberant; it, too, is more Rock than Bug now.
    Stin: “That is…very pink.”
    Zojiik: “It’s a pretty cute color though, don’t you think?”
    DNA: I knew it was that amber ant that Mike made!
  • Henrietta will give the baby pokemon all an inspection for health and determining any changes in their nature from birth. (Rolling Pokemon Education, please make results public instead of whisper)
    Stin: “…you know, I don’t remember seeing any part-ghost types along that flock…”
    Mike: Gimme dat roll!
    Zojiik: “…”
    Avara: 23
  • Zojiik looks over.
    Zojiik: "…Eh?!?’
    Mike: Alright. Incoming text dump over in Skype. I have all their data in Notepad~
  • Pirta doesn’t seem to mind, or care, about the changes.
  • Henrietta describes all their information to the party and Pirta, before congratulating Pirta on the new family.
    Hajime: “Oh man, they all look really healthy and lively. That’s good. That’s very good.”
  • Pirta does a happy flutter-dance, spreading a gentle, non-harmful powdered snow over the insects.
    Nathaira: “Aw, they’re so cute…”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Blessings upon this day. The Bringer brings death and life!”
    Warriork Dagarha: “And us without any bloodwine…”
    Warriork Pruzag: “It cannot be helped.”
  • Henrietta thinks at Seok-Hun Yong’s aspect within the crown.
    Jemyn Temyta: “Is there somewhere you could get it?”
    Warriork Pruzag: “When we return to camp, the men will have brewed a fresh batch. And we shall drain it to the dregs!”
    Henrietta whispers: “By the way, did anyone get a chance to tell you about the Warriork tribe that came about from your Wrath’s aftermath?”
    You whisper to Avara: “They did not. Is this a glad tale, or a sad one?”
  • Caterime 7 gets distracted, and tries to clamber over another Caterime… only to phase through it, instead.
    Caterime 7: plorp
    Henrietta whispers: “Glad. They found life and purpose in your wake, and they helped us bring your Wrath into line.”
    Henrietta: “Excuse me, but before you all go, would you mind telling your tribe’s story one more time? The First Bringer hasn’t heard it. That should be fixed.”
    You whisper to Avara: You can feel the crown literally chuckling upon your head.
    Surolam: “Ah, right! He definitely needs to hear it!”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Ah! Of course, Bringer-chosen. Your stories are made of magic and stars – we can repay only in torches. But repay we shall! The march shall wait another moment.”
  • Zojiik chuckles at the baby bugs’ antics.
    Warriork Pruzag: * The Warriorks begin their tale again – of how their tribe was a scourge upon the land, raining death from the mountains, until they were set upon by the Bringer. Their greatest warriors died to him, and the tribe took stock.
    Warriork Pruzag: “We believed them to be weak, not in arm, but in mind and path. We turned aside from our rage, and grew inwards, to become stronger and wiser. The Bringer of Desolation destroyed who we were, and created who we are.”
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Every year, we visit these mountains, and think upon that day. We pay tribute to the Bringer, and the deaths he wreaked. We thank him for besting us.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “And now, we have bested him. Perhaps now, we are worthy.”
    GrayGriffin has connected.
    Warriork Akash: “Holy- I hadn’t considered that…”
    Warriork Pruzag: “We will discuss it at camp, and what it means for our tribe. …After the bloodwine.”
    Warriork Akash: “Well, of course. Priorities.”
    Mike: (( BRB ))
    Henrietta: “Thank you, for sharing the tale.”
    Mike: (( back ))
    Molly: “Are we ready to go? I should be able to find my way, with Nathaira’s help.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Ah. We should be going, as well.”
  • Pirta gives Zojiik a big, butterfly-winged hug.
    Henrietta: “I think we’re ready.”
    Warriork Pruzag: * The Warriorks begin to march, up the road. You can hear them singing a song – something about a clash in the mountains against Darkness, Dragons, and Turtles. It’s a jovial marching song, with some pep to the step.
  • Pirta releases the hug on Zojiik after a time, and begins hefting her Caterime, placing them on bushes that they can eat. Then she settles into a tree to watch them – at least until they cocoon.
    Hajime: “Gotta wonder how the turtles worked their way into that song.”
    Mike: Last chance if anyone wants a Caterime.
    Avara: saving my ice ace-ness for Embark
    Mike: Hehe.
    Avara: they’re VERY pretty and neat, but henrietta’s interest isn’t there. she sees them as a family that should stay together. won’t stop other trainers from asking for one, but she’s not gonna
    Jericho: (( Same here. ))
    DNA: They’re adorable, that much is true, but I wouldn’t want one as a combatant.
    Zojiik: “I hope to see them again, once they’re fully evolved.”
  • Zojiik pats the ghostly one on the head.
    Caterime 7: “Eee~” Its bristles are cold as the grave. But a nice grave, I suppose?
    Pirta: “(You will. Look up when the winter ends!)”
    Mike: Alright. I do not have a map for the next area, but I can at least kick off a little more adventure.
    Avara: short session this week? maybe build up the hype for the break
    Avara: since next week is no game
    Mike: …Well, I’m open to it if everyone else is.
    Mike: Thoughts?
    Avara: i only say short session because it looks like we’ve caught you unprepared for carrying on particularly far
    Avara: but starting at the start would be helpful for avoiding memory issues mid-adventure after a break?
    DNA: I really don’t care one way or the other, but I’d like to get as far as we can without needing some planned-out assets to rely on.
    Molly: My thoughts: I’d rather continue because I have an end goal to a thing. But if we’re not going to reach the cove no matter what, and whatever is left of the session is going to be filler before we get there, I’m neutral on the idea. Filler can be fun, or provoke more stories.
    Mike: Okay. I think I can actually provide a lot of flavor for the cove, and there can be at least some progress. It’ll all just be Audio Play style.
    Mike: So I say we go a little further, then!
    DNA: I’m down!
    GrayGriffin: I’m okay with that
    Our heroes make their way back to Crabchitin, and leave by its western exit, riding the Boatwagon. The road to the west is open and broad, but the cove that Molly saw, and that Nathaira wanted to point out, is underneath the road.
    Pulling to the side of the road, you can look down into it – the road makes a kind of natural bridge over it; to a casual observer, it just looks like a dip in the side of the mountains. To get down there, you’ll need to fly or climb.
    Molly: Molly enjoys the boatride, even if it is short.
  • Surolam leans back and hums to the wagon as they go.
    Molly: ((are we going by road or water? Narration implies both, so I am confused))
    Surolam: “Glad to finally be sailing again?”
    Molly: “We’re going to have a ship soon. A whole open deck…” Molly’s voice was filled with dreamy anticipation.
    Mike: So, this is a road, leading out of town, that is a land route. It makes a big bridge over the cove.
    Mike: Does that make sense?
    Mike: Imagine a highway bridge, I suppose?
    Altair Azure: “Part of me wonders how much attention a flying ship would draw…”
  • Henrietta hummed in thought as she carried her maritime general, thinking about the story she’d weave.
    Henrietta: “Nobody ever thinks to look up, unless they’re prey-creatures looking for predators to run from.”
    Surolam: “They might notice the sudden shade though…”
    Henrietta: “Depends on how high up we fly, and if it’s cloudy or not. But if we’re that high up, what are they going to do? Wave at us?”
    Altair Azure: “Wasn’t there some story or event about a flying ship that shot ice or something?”
    Mike: Anyway. Climbing down into the cove? Flying? Some other clever crazy idea? :3
    Molly: ((It makes sense Mike, visually. I just don’t know where we are: The road or the water. We’re riding the boatwagon, so I assumed the water))
    Henrietta: “Not anything that I’ve heard of.”
    Mike: Ah. Well… Actually, yeah. I guess you could take the water.
    Mike: I hadn’t thought of that!
    Avara: taking the water is probably the smarter option
    Molly: ((I didn’t either, I was just confused))
    Avara: it’s a cove so the water’s probably nto too rough
    Mike: Indeed.
    Mike: Alright. Rather than leaving Crabchitin by its western road, you leave via its dock! Because that’s the smarter option, and you’re smart people and Pokemon.
    Mike: That also means less climbing.
    Molly: ((We may need Kiir’s help to carry everyone though. That’s a lot of bodies for one boat, even if we recall everyone who can be recalled.))
    Mike: * As mentioned, the cove is beneath the road. When you arrive at its mouth, you can see it above you, a large concrete bridge spanning overtop the natural harbor.
    Mike: The cove itself is small, and its walls are high, though – making it obvious why this was never permanently settled.
    Mike: You pull the boatwagon in… Folks, give me some Perceptions if you would?
    Avara: because everyone was too lazy
    Surolam: 9
    TBG: 12 Perception
    Avara: 9
    Hajime: 20 Perception!
    Stin: 15
    Stin: (( Also, Surolam’s ghosts can fly at least ))
    Mike: Alrighty, lesse.
    Molly: 24
    Avara: brb
    You whisper to DNA: Hajime: You can see various climbing handholds throughout the cove, carved into the rock. They all look to be different ages – some a few decades; others, hundreds of years, worn away by wind and surf. You can also see a large, flat rock ahead – with many markings on it. You can’t make them out, though.
    You whisper to Molly: You can see various climbing handholds throughout the cove, carved into the rock. They all look to be different ages – some a few decades; others, hundreds of years, worn away by wind and surf. You can also see a large, flat rock ahead – with many markings on it. You can tell they’re writing, and in different languages. It all looks haphazard, though.
    Avara is disconnected.
    Avara has connected.
    Avara: back. accidentally closed the window
    DNA: You missed nothing
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: Stin, you notice climbing handholds throughout the rock, made by different people at different times, probably. Lots of places around here someone could pull a boat onto the shore.
    Mike: Everyone else, you notice that there’re lots of places someone could pull a boat onto the shore, but no one of the mimmediately jumps out at you as more interesting than the next.
    Hajime: “Huh, that’s interesting. There’s a lot of handholds for climbing around the sides of it, but they aren’t all the same age.”
    Molly: “It looks like others have seen this cove as well. There’s carved footholds everywhere, different ages. Lots of writing.”
    Stin: “It looks like quite a few people have been here before.”
    Molly: “I think those sets of holds look newer. Get in closer to them, we’ll try to climb out there.”
    Mike: As you pull ashore, you can tell that there’s only, perhaps, a dozen meters of land to the cove before it reaches the cliff-face. The large rock, with many writings on it, is to your left. Ahead of you, climbing handholds – and they do indeed look fresh, no more than a year old.
    Mike: 4
    Mike: Hrmmm…
    Molly: “Can anyone read those languages?”
  • Henrietta checks for raltesian with her translation stone, more out of habit than anything. She’s not very language-learned.
    Mike: Henrietta: Nope… nope… nuh-uh… Ah! There’s some Raltesian. It’s near the top of the stone, and it looks very worn. The translation stone has trouble with it, even.
    Mike: “Here we welcome visitors, with watchful eye. Psychic in one hand, the other open.”
    Mike: Remind me – does the translation stone only do Raltesian, or other languages?
    Avara: only raltesian
    Molly: ((is this shared?))
    Avara: yes
  • Henrietta shares what little she can translate.
    Mike: I can say a bit about the other languages, at least. There’re quite a few – some runic, some cuneiform, and… a new entry, near the bottom-corner of the large flat stone. It is very, very fresh, definitely newer than a year, and probably more on the order of a few months.
    Molly: “Hm… I’m psychic. Maybe there’s something to see here.” Molly feels around with her telepathy for anything unusual.
    Mike: The stone itself is tall – taller than Henrietta; she has to stretch to get to the Raltesian at the top. It might be reminiscent of the Rosetta stone, with so many languages on it. But they aren’t written neatly, or even all in perfect alignment.
    Nathaira: “The new writing must be Baldriks!”
    You whisper to Molly: The stone has a wealth of psychic residue on it, caked on from a dozen users, if not more. Not one of them is human, you can tell that. But you can feel the general idea of the stone: it’s a guestbook.
    Surolam: “That makes sense.”
    Molly: “There’s a lot of psychic residue on this stone. It seems like this place has been used by a lot of non-humans. Is there a hidden fairy village or anything like that around here?”
    Nathaira: “If I came out and said it, it wouldn’t be very hidden, would it?”
    Molly: “So there is?”
    Nathaira: “I have no idea.”
    You whisper to Molly: Not one you’ve heard of. But like you said, if it was hidden…
    Altair Azure whispers: Possible to sense the stones for any life or ‘hints’?
    Surolam: “Is there any place they all seem to be congregating?”
  • Henrietta considers this, and attempts to channel psychic energy into the stone raw.
    Mike: Hrmm.~
    Mike: Okay, one moment, some people just tried stuff.
    You whisper to DNA: The large stone slab itself has the barest consciousness. It’s been used rarely, over a long time, and is only barely hand-shaped. But it does give you a single thought: “Welcome.”
    Altair Azure whispers: “Thank you for welcoming us. What do you stand watch over, timeless stone?”
    Mike: Henrietta, channeling psychic energy into the stone, you can feel that energy being drained away – not maliciously, but by… well, the energy equivalent of ‘sliding downhill’, from a full place to an empty place. It’s a slight grade… behind the stone.
    You whisper to DNA: “New Arrivals.”
    Avara: let me know when you’re done responding to people trying things?
    Mike: And I’m good.
    Altair Azure whispers: “Well, I and my entourage are certainly new arrivals, so how are you welcoming us? And what are we being welcomed to?”
    Henrietta: “I think it might be a secret passage sort of thing. Someone telekinetically-inclined, try to move the stone?”
    Molly: Molly and Starcatcher both try to lift it with Telekinesis.
    You whisper to DNA: “Writ-” And then the stone isbeing moved.
    Mike: Telekinetifolks! The stone is heavy. Can I get a Focus check from y’all please?
    Molly: Molly’s going to Aid Other in this case. 12 vs 8
    Starcatcher: Starcatcher gets +2 aid!
  • Altair Azure flinches slightly from the stone being moved. Didn’t expect the noise to be so loud.
    Starcatcher: 15
    Mike: Starcatcher – with Molly stabilizing the rock, you can just baaaaarely move it. Enough for someone Small to squeeze through the gap behind it, but not anyone Medium or above.
    Mike: The rock grinds forward, just a little bit. Behind it, you can see another chamber – pitch-black, with no light entering.
  • Henrietta uses the attack Psychic to follow up on the push given by Star and Molly!
    Henrietta: 4 vs the stone’s special defense.
    Starcatcher: ((Psychic gives you Telekinesis capability!))
    Avara: henrietta’s Focus is 2d6 plus modifier, and Psychic guarantees 1 meter of movement
    Mike: nuuuudge. The stone is shoved – and a few bits and chips fall off of its side. It is now wide enough for Small to stroll in, and Medium to squeeze.
    Avara: now that it CAN move, this should help
    Kiir: (( Can Kiir go in despite being large? Since he’s pretty thin ))
    Mike: Yes. It’s just extra-wriggly.
    Mike: Folks headed in? Reminder, it’s pitch-black.
    Mike: I will make no guarantees about Grues.
    Nathaira: Nathaira glows!
  • Surolam literally does not care about the darkness.
    DNA: I got that reference
  • Hajime strolls in. Altair will go in as well, crawling in a little further behind.
    Molly: Molly’s crew enters as well
    Avara: the crown/tiara let off sunlight, iirc
    Mike: Oh yes, it did.
    Avara: so we should have some light to work with
    Mike: Between that, you should be good to go, then.
    Mike: * Inside, you can smell silica – sand and moisture and crystals. Specifically, in the rear of the cave, a large, multifaceted, purple crystal. It’s actually about as tall as Kiir is, it is literally Large-sized. It reflects your light beautifully – the cuts are pristine, even after all this time.
    Mike: It’s laid against the far wall. And beside it, there is a lot of writing – and a lot of pictures – all carved into the stone.
    Mike: You can immediately recognize a side-view of the ship you found. Greenshields atop it. A cloud beneath it.
    Molly: Are they the same crystals from the… I can’t remember cave. Marmellow(sp?) island? Do the purple crystals look familiar? Molly is literally carrying around crystal fragments from that cave.
    Kiir: “Wow, it’s so shiny!”
    Mike: Oh wow. thinks
    Mike: Similar substance, but different make.
    Mike: Also: Mawmallow. But no worries, it was a while ago.
    Mike: It is shiny indeed. Though heavy, I imagine one of your heavy lifters can heft it, with their full focus.
    DNA: Marmallow
    Mike: Would you like to investigate ay further in here, or outside?
    Mike: I hit W instead of R. Derp
    Molly: Molly searches around, looking for coins, coin blocks, hidden bricks or other strange things from that original island. 27 Perception.
    Mike: 1
    Mike: 14
    DNA: Is the larger crystal flush against the wall, or in the center of the room?
    Mike: So, I will say that you find, in the corner of the cave, a round, black sphere – a canonball.
    Mike: It’s against the rear of the room, leaning against the wall, in a little nook. It’s not floating or anything.
    Mike: The cannonball looks smooth, but you can tell from the sand covering it, the sheen of crystalizing silica, that it’s been through some rough times – just never shot out of a cannon.
  • Hajime will peek around the crystal, in the cavity where it’s laid, seeing if there are any stones or anything that stand out. Like a secret switch. Perception 28
  • Stin will study the ceiling. 15 Perception
    Mike: 4
    Mike: 9
    Molly: Molly wonders why a random cannonball. She examines it closer, checking it over for psychic residue as well.
    Mike: Hajime: Uhhh… No secret switches, I’m afraid.
  • Henrietta considers the room, studying over it all.
    Mike: Stin: The ceiling is slick and smooth and wet. Occasionally, a droplet of water drips down. …And there’re tiny variations in the ceiling. Little… indents? Holes?
    Mike: Molly: Rolling the cannonball around, it catches on some kind of something, just beneath the rough sand. Rolling it the opposite way, you see a hammer, mostly buried in the sand. Unlike the cannonball, this hammer has seen better days by far, its head scuffed and marred.
    Mike: Henrietta: The room looks like some kind of record of something. The writing, the pictures… Events were recorded here.
    You whisper to Avara: looking over the pictures more carefully, you can see it tells a kind of story: The airship in the clouds. A burst of… something, around the ship. It crash-lands in a sea. The Greenshields find a cave, and bury their ship there, disembarking with three crystals.
    Molly: Molly takes the hammer! “I think something might be buried around here. Altair, can you part the sand over here?”
    Mike: Molly: Trusty Throwing Hammer. No magical properties, but it’s 110% built for throwing.
    Altair Azure: “Hm? Oh, sure.” He makes his way over, and moves to uncover the area, gently. Focus 20
    Molly: Molly adds +2 to skill checks, if that was your attribute.
    You whisper to Avara: The greenshields then take smaller boats to a new land. They deposit one crystal in a cave… and that’s it, so far.
    Stin: “There are holes of some sort in the ceiling.”
    Mike: Altair: You can part the sand… and you see a skeleton, in a shell. A dead Greenshield, long, long gone.
    Altair Azure: Yeah, that was my attribute – so 22.
    Altair Azure: “A…skeleton? Is this a grave? Or something else?”
    Mike: (( Anyone going to notice Stin’s noticing? >.> ))
    Jericho: “As long as they don’t start coming to li-” Jericho clamps a hand over his mouth to avoid tempting fate.
    Hajime: “Holes?” Hajime looks up. “Like a pattern of some sort?”
    Nathaira: Nathaira flies up into them. Shedding light on them with her glowing powers!
    Mike: As Nathaira sheds light directly on the divots, they glitter, much more strongly than the surrounding rock. Little flecks of crystal have been hammered into the rock, and they’re all glittering – in some sort of pattern.
    Henrietta: “The murals tell about what happened. The people whol ran the ship sailing above the clouds. Something struck, sending them to the sea. They found a cave and buried the ship there… and they took THREE crystals. They left one of them here, and that’s all it says right now.”
    You whisper to Molly: If you look up at the ceiling, you would recognize it instantly – a star chart.
    Nathaira: “Baldrik only knew of two. At least, he only told me about two.”
  • Jericho is curious. What sort of crystals are those? 15 Nature Education.
    Molly: “It’s a star chart.” Molly said, matter of factly.
    You whisper to TBG: Hum! Uh, smaller, less potent versions of whatever the big one is made out of. I think I’ve called it “Spesix” in the past, a crystal for storing magical power. Kind of like a blank elemental stone.
    Hajime: “A star chart, huh?” He glances over. “Molly, would you mind telling me what it indicates? I’m not really a navigator…”
    Molly: “I’m not much of one either, but I’ve seen them pleanty.”
    Hajime: “Like, where this place is in relation to the chart, tha tkind of thing.”
    Molly: ((What check to gain relevant information from it?))
    Mike: Uhm. Edu Gen probably?
    Mike: Or Survival I suppose.
    Molly: Gen Ed 9
    Mike: Uh, Edu Nature I mean. Since it’s split up.
    Mike: But that’ll work.
    Molly: Survival doesn’t exi- okay!
  • Jericho raises an eyebrow as he examines the crystals. “Why would they make it out of Spesix? Is this mural supposed to be magic or something?”
    Henrietta: brb
    You whisper to Molly: Yeah, it’s a bit rough to read. It looks like it’s close, though – you do recognize this. From here, it’d be south-ish-ish somewhere.
    Stin: “Spesix?”
    Molly whispers: what would be southish?
    Avara: back
    Jericho: “It’s those crystals. They’re a crystal that forms generally in deep caves, and exposure to certain things can grant them elemental properties, such as evolutionary stones.”
    You whisper to Molly: Wherever this star chart is pointing to. It’s a specific location – one you know you’ve reached when the stars above look like they do here. (( I am not a true sailor so I’m making things up a little bit. ))
    Jericho: “They also supposedly have really useful magical properties, though I dunno what you’d do with them.”
    Altair Azure: “Why does that sound suspiciously like that SMITE stuff?”
    Jericho: “Because SMITE was messing with evolution stones, like what these can potentially become.”
    Jericho: “Honestly, I’m surpised these aren’t Water Stones by now, considering their proximity to the ocean.”
    Henrietta: “I know what I’m gonna do with them!”
    Mike: (( I honestly hadn’t thought of it! Heh. ))
    Molly whispers: I’m pretty darn sure that’s not how they work at all, but I can try to figure something out…
    Henrietta: “If you give them to me anyway.”
    Altair Azure: “…Does it involve something blowing up?”
    Henrietta: “Do you want it to?”
    Molly: “Wait, something odd about this chart. I think it’s a clue to a location.”
    Altair Azure: “I’d rather it not if we can help it…”
    Henrietta: “Then no, it doesn’t.”
    Hajime: “Oh? Tell me what to look at.”
    Surolam: “Maybe they’ve been enchanted in some way already?”
    You whisper to Molly: I’m open to ideas. Go for it.
  • Henrietta will sit amongst the stones, carefully keeping her aura out of them as she looks over them for magical stuffs. 28 Occult.
    Molly: Molly’s giving +2!
    Mike: Well, first off; HOO BOY that big crystal over there is full of magical energy. It’s not enchanted to do anything, it’s just… a battery, basically. Set up to give power to a particular spell or system.
    Mike: Secondly: The stones in the ceiling absolutely have a secondary enchantment on them. And you can trigger it easily.
    Jericho: (( please let this not be a trap, please let this not be a trap ))
    Nathaira: “of COURSE! That’s the crystal we’re looking for!”
    Mike: Do you? Y/n
    Henrietta: Y.
    Jericho: (( No- damnit ))
    Mike: TOO LATE
    Mike: (( rocks fall everyone dies ))
    Jericho: (( WELP. THAT WAS A FUN CAMPAIGN ))
    Avara: tune in next month for zelda: the adventure of link
    Molly: (( Every party needs a pooper that’s why we invited you ))
    Jericho: (( because I have excellent bowel movements? ))
    Mike: Henrietta, with a wave of your hand… three symbols spin to life, between you and the cave’s ceiling: a circle, a triangle, and a square. They shift colors for a moment, and then fade. The ceiling crystals glow brighter… and the cave goes dark.
    Mike: Yes, even the lights you brought. One moment.
    Mike: As your eyes adjust, you can see an actual starscape above you. And below you, the deck of the ship. The ship looks to be a little lopsided in the water, which is very strange when the ground beneath you is not.
    Mike: But with another wave of your hand, you can change the sky yet again… And now, the ship is in the sky, and the stars are totally, 100% different. Not a single constellation you recognize.
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    Molly: “This must be a map of his world.”
    Mike: You can move around the scene. You are still, physically, within the cave – you can reach out and touch the walls, they feel like wet stone, but it looks like you’re just reaching into thin air.
  • Jericho gives a long low whistle
    Altair Azure: “It’s an interactive globe. We can change the view just by adjusting our hands.”
    Jericho: “Well, if this is a trap, it’s the nicest looking trap I’ve ever seen.”
    Jericho: (( excluding himself that one time ))
    DNA: ayyyyyyyyy
  • Henrietta will continue to adjust the view if requested, marvelling at the spellwork involved.
    Hajime: “Molly, you mentioned the star chart was indicating a destination?”
    GrayGriffin has connected.
    Mike: it’s quite impressive. You can change the view back and forth, from in-the-sky, where the ship is in wonderful condition, to in-the-sea, where it’s… less so. Within those two scenes, it feels like the ship is moving along at a nice clip – like, actually moving, somehow, even though the view isn’t really changing much.
    Molly: “It might be. It was misaligned in a way, shifted too far north. I think it meant that we should head south.”
    Hajime: “South? Like off the coast of Shikoku? We’re nearly at the southernmost tip of it right now.”
    Molly: “I don’t know how far, someone else should look at it, see what they can find.”
    Mike: Any other checks or observations? Check out the ship, the view, anything else?
    Mike: I think we’re at a good place to wrap up, but there is one thing I was hoping you’d all look at. >.>
    DNA: I’m trying to figure out the one thing!
    DNA: If you really want us to, you could hint~
    Surolam: (( Can Suorlam hear anything from the illusionary ship? ))
  • Henrietta shifts it to the view Molly and Hajime are discussing. “Seok-Hun Yong, do you recognize this star pattern?”
    Mike: Surolam and Altair: Nope. It is like dust in the wind to you, the mere suggestion of ship-ness. A hollow suggestion, a coloring book not yet put to pen.
    Avara: was avoiding consulting the ancient tutor, but if we need to wrap things up… i’ma do.
    Mike: As a hint: You’ve all looked up already in this simulation. What else might you look at?
    Molly: We can shift the stars, yes?
  • Surolam shudders.
    Avara: up up down down left right left right b a select start
    Surolam: “I can’t hear anything from it…”
    Surolam: (( Look at the sea? ))
    You whisper to Avara: “I recognize the first one, when the ship was in the water. Those are the stars above Shikoku – or above Shikoku’s waters, to the south. These stars, though… I have never seen them before.”
    DNA: Or at the floor.
    Henrietta: “It’s not a real ship. It’s the image of a ship. You’d have to be able to intone to Magic Herself, not to objects, to speak with it.”
    Molly: Molly looks out at the horizon for landmasses or other sky objects.
    Mike: :3
    Henrietta: “Seok-Hun agrees. The star view on the water fits with the area above Shikoku’s waters to the south.”
    Altair Azure: “The image of a ship, huh…” Altair kneels down to look at the ground, to look for anything there. He’d been so distracted by the star map he hadn’t even thought about it.
    Altair Azure: So I guess it’d technically be the deck or the surface of the water he’d be looking at.
    Mike: * Molly, while the ship is in the air, you can see… very, very far to the horizon. A gray castle looms below and ahead, with the face of a monstrous Greenshield carved into its edifice. Lava floes surround it like a moat. To one side, an icy plateau; to the other, a maze of criss-crossing pipes. In every direction, another land. Behind, leaning out over the ‘edge’ of the ship, scraping your head against the rock that’s really there, you can see behind you – a land of grass, and mushrooms taller than an building. Amidst that, a castle of rose and alabaster, with obvious cannon-marks on it, smoke pouring out of holes in its stonework.
    Mike: Altair: The simulacrum is good, indeed. You can duck your head beneath the floor, and see belowdecks – a hold full of golden blocks with “?” upon them, which you’ve seen before. …And there, craning your neck, a brig, with chains, stretched out as if holding someone. Strangely, you see nobody here, not human, not Pokemon, not Greenshield, either above nor below decks.
    Nathaira: “Baldrik would love this! His theory of the koopa coming from another world is true!”
    Surolam: “It is?”
    Henrietta: “Yeah. The magic shows two views. One in our world, and one that doesn’t match with ANY star patterns Our Tutor knows.”
    Molly: “I don’t recognize anything here. Not the landmasses in the distance, nor the sky. These are very strange stars.”
    Mike: :3
    Surolam: “…fascinating.”
    Mike: I think this might be a good place to call it. I showed the thin I wanted to show~.
    DNA: Nice.
    Mike: To that end, 25 PKMN EXP and 3 TXP because we finished lots of sidequests today.
    DNA: TL 22.7
    Mike: Saving stuff~
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
Slay and Sit a Spell

Mike Desktop has connected.
Avara has connected.
Avara: that’s one angry dargin
Mike: Yes it is.
Mike: On the upside: It’s been softened up, and its head has been dealt with.
Mike: But it still has a left claw, right claw, and tail.
Mike: Oh, and at the end of every turn, rocks fall and everyone dies.
Mike: Er, every round, not turn.
DNA has connected.
Molly has connected.
Mike: 3/5
GrayGriffin has connected.
TBG has connected.
TBG: Sorry I’m late. I had to lead a team of spandex-clad rangers under the command of a giant head to defeat a giant monster made of rubber.
Mike: I appreciate your comittment to blaming them.
TBG: To be fair, they had a pretty awesome theme song. The guitar lemotif was great.
Avara: which season?
TBG: Yes
DNA: Smooth.
TBG: As sandpaper.
Mike: We still need a Surolam. Did Dawn say she wouldn’t be here tonight? I didn’t think so but I could just be misremembering.
DNA: Gray is connected.
Avara: yeah, you failed your perception check, mike
GrayGriffin: Yeah, I’m here
Mike: Ah. Ahhhh, I see.
Mike: She hopped on same time Dan did. And then rangers got blamed.
Avara: she was there a good few minutes before him
Mike: Yes, but I wasn’t looking. Like you said, I failed my perception check, being distracted.
Mike: Anyway! Unless there’s any bookkeeping or questions, I think we can just jump right in to it!
TBG: I have a question!
TBG: Is Mayonaise an instrument?
DNA: No.
TBG: Okay.
TBG: I have another question!
Mike: No, Patrick.
Molly: No, but the Tromboon is.
TBG: Okay. I’m done. No more questions.
When we last left our heroes, they were batling the angry half-spirit of a dragon from an age long gone by!
His head was wounded beyond combat capability, but his left claw, right claw, and tail still remained.
TBG: (( Actually, I do question my sanity on a regular basis. ))
Altair Azure has received initiative.

  • Wyvereign (Dragon) roars! He is bloodied in the face, and piiiiisssed.
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    Wyvereign (Dragon): (( Oh! Since Ava is here today. Ava, drop your token, and whatever Pokemon you want out, somewhere in the northern area of Temple 14. ))
    Wyvereign (Dragon): (( And I’ll add them to the initiative. ))
    DNA: Tumble at full pelt DC 24: 31
    GrayGriffin has connected.
    Chihiro: Chihiro is healed and gains 34 hit points.
    Henrietta: Initiative = 5
    Chihiro: Initiative = 12
    Mike: Added & resorted!
  • Altair Azure rolls around the dragon’s large body, then skids to a stop as he causes the ground to erupt in a Burst 2 around him!
    Altair Azure: 16 vs Special, to all applicable targets.
    Wyvereign (Dragon): That’s still going to hit… both his left claw and his tail, I’ll say.
    DNA: His left or his right claw?
    Mike: I am imagining him facing northward, which I admit his sprite doesn’t actually support. But that’s where the majority of people are.
    Altair Azure: Dealing 52 Special Ground damage to any body parts hit!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw) loses 29 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail) loses 29 hit points.
    Avara: right click, set facing, click on one of the cardinal directions
    Avara: it’ll make an arrow showing which way it’s facing
    Wyvereign (Dragon): Make no mistake, it still stings! The dragon’s left side is heavily caked in dust from the attack!
    Jericho has received initiative.
    Wyvereign (Dragon): A fair point from the Gardevoir.
    Avara: time for jerry-ko to do a thing!
    Mike: Fight, Run, Quip, Awkward, Item?
    Avara: Limit Break?
    TBG: (( Hmm… ))
    Mike: > LIMI
    DNA: I didn’t know he had Dashing Swordsman
    Mike: > LIMIT BREAK
    Mike: There ya go.
    Mike: I need to make that into a macro.
    Avara: yes you do
  • Jericho hucks a rock at the right claw. Because it’s there. 2 vs Physical
    Avara: you hit that claw on the nose
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): That’ll hit!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): is this a special rock, or a rock rock?
    Jericho: 34 Physical Rock Damage!
    Avara: or is it dwayne the rock johnson?
    Jericho: Also multitasking.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw) loses 21 hit points.
    Jericho: Jericho loses 2 ability points. Current Ability Points: 6, Maximum Ability Points: 8
    Jericho: 15 vs Physical!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): * The right claw is looking pretty wounded; the scales have begun to crack, bleeding nothingness.
    Jericho: (( bah. missed crit by 1 ))
    Jericho: 34 Physical Rock Damage!
    Jericho: (( …what ))
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw) loses 21 hit points.
    Jericho: (( Hold on, that was strangely coincidental. Let me test this real quick. ))
    Jericho: 38 Physical Rock Damage!
    Jericho: (( nevermind. Carry on. ))
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): The universe experiences a moment of deja vu, as Jericho repeats the exact same action, with the exact same nuance!
    DNA: Just the dice beign quirk.
    Hajime has received initiative.
    DNA: *being quirky
    Jericho: “Whoa. Deja vu.”
  • Hajime shuffles in, and moves to strike at the tail. 1
    Hajime: I love Feint Attack
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): * The tail whips back and forth, but it can’t out-feint the feintmaster.
    Hajime: Dealing 45 Physical Dark damage
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail) loses 32 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail) was injured!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): The injury lowered the Speed stat!
    Jericho: (( I love *nevermiss ))
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail) has had it’s Speed modified by -1 stages.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): 4
    DNA: I mean Feint Attack specifically, because it isn’t EOT
    Jericho: (( Say what you will, nevermiss is the greatest keyword in the entire game ))
    DNA: Anyway! Proceed.
    Jericho: (( Yeah, Feint Attack is bork like that ))
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): Hajime, you rip scales from the tail, exposing softer… flesh? underneath. It’s like flesh, but not warm.
    Warriork Ghratutha: Meanwhile, a horde of orcs are still attacking the dragon and attempting to surround it. The one dressed in modern clothes slams a fist into the right claw, trying to rip scales off! 3v.DefEva!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw) loses 27 hit points.
    Warriork Ghratutha: “RARGH! We’re winning – it cannot slay us all before the day is done!”
    Stin has received initiative.
    Kiir has received initiative.
  • Warriork Dagarha looks behind her, at the fainted Akash. “…But it can sure get some of us.”
    Surolam: “Do not worry. I won’t let her get hit again.”
    Mike: Kiir? >.> Or Stin/Gramaan if you prefer.
  • Kiir whips his own tail around, sending another swirl of draconic energy at the Wyvreign. 4 vs Special Defense
    Mike: Hiiit! Barely.
    Mike: I feel like there’s been a lot of those.
  • Wyvereign (Dragon) is spun round round baby right round!
    Kiir: 37 Special Dragon damage!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw) loses 28 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw) loses 28 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail) loses 28 hit points.
    Mike: Despite the raging Twister, the spriit of the dragon is not Flinched!
    Gramaan has received initiative.
    Chihiro has received initiative.
    Mike: It still hurts quite a bit, though. The tail is looking bredraggled; the right claw even more so. The left claw has suffered little damage.
    Mike: Well. Less damage.
    Avara: are those spikes friendly or foely? and is the dragon hittable at all elevations?
    Mike: The dragon is tall enough that it can be hit at all elevations. The spikes are unfriendly, and they are Spikes spikes.
    Kiir: (( Spikes are from enemies, also I’m pretty sure they’re an indiscriminate hazard anyways ))
    Molly: The spikes are against us. They are created by falling, exploding rocks.
  • Raining Boulders! awaits the day it can smash puny heroes.
    Molly: And Molly’s buffs are listed under her name.
  • Chihiro is going to use Sweet Kiss. do i specify just one bodypart for confusion?
    Avara: and where is molly?
    Avara: thanks
    Mike: Since it’s single target, yes. Left Claw, Right Claw, and Tail are the targets.
    Mike: It’s a multi-part boss in the finest of JRPG tradition.
    Mike: (( be glad it can’t regenerate its Bits or anything! ))
  • Chihiro is gonna Sweet Kiss Left Claw. 14 vs speed.
    Avara: ye be Confused. end turn.
    Molly: Chase Bind! Molly attacks the confused part! 12 Special.
    Molly: 50 Special Normal to confused part.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): * The left claw twitches oddly, Confused as to how to act! And then Molly shoots it.
    DNA: That 32 is delicious.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw) loses 27 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw) was injured!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): The injury lowered the Accuracy stat!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw) has had it’s Accuracy modified by -1 stages.
    Wyvereign (Dragon): * And that didn’t help at all, either. The claw contracts painfully after that shot, and it’s gonna take a long time before the nerves fire right. If you ever gave it the chance, that is.
    Molly has received initiative.
    Molly has received initiative.
    Molly: Molly aims at the tail! 10
    Molly: Using Steel Shot!
    Molly: Molly loses 1 ability points. Current Ability Points: 2, Maximum Ability Points: 9
    Molly: 60 Special Normal to the tail! The Right Claw takes the same damage, but resists it one step.
    DNA: What’s the one that ignores DR? That’s Silver Shot, right?
    Molly: Yes
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): (( Using normal bullets, yes? Not the special fae ones. ))
    DNA: (It’s been so long since I wrote it)
    Molly: Steel causes bullets to carry over.
Invalid condition in SWITCH roll option. Statement options (if any): h,switch(defType) Statement Body : case 0: defAmt=MDEF; case 1: defAmt=MSDEF; case 2: defAmt=0; default: defAmt=0

Molly: I forgot about special bullets! So I am holding on to those for now. Normal bullets
Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail) loses 37 hit points.
Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw) loses 18 hit points.
Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): * The bullet ricochets off the tail, into the right claw. The tail seems barely functioning – keyword ‘barely’.
Warriork Yazuruk: “BANZAI!” She leaps towards the left claw! -2 v.DefEva!

  • Warriork Yazuruk faceplants and tumbles down the sandy hillside.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): CONF check! 14
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): I believe that’s high enough to act normally.
    DNA: it is
  • Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw) ignores the faceplanting ork, and Cuts the Air to the north, against Hajime and Surolam! 6 v. SpDefEva!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): Cone 2, for the record.
    DNA: Damn, technically not a ranged attack
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    Unresolved value “MSPATK”.
    DNA: However, is the left claw within 4m of Molly?
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): …It’s squishy, but I will say ‘yes’, simply because of how the cone would have to work. So at the moment of the swipe, yes, the claw is within 4m of Molly.
    GrayGriffin has connected.
    DNA: Just checking. In that case, it suffers a -2 accuracy on that attack, making it a 4 vs Special Evasion
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): That sounds correct to me. And of course, Hajime and Surolam both benefit from Molly’s bonuses as well.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): 42 Special Flying damage to those hit, as the air buffets them!
    Avara: a bit of a silly thought in future multipart battles, but maybe we should make a base boss sprite with floating parts as separate tokens?
    Mike: Yeah, that would be a good idea. nod Even if the parts seem a little silly floating around, it makes things easier.
    DNA: Or you could do what I did: have a large central sprite, but then have small red ‘hit boxes’ indicating other parts, from which attacks originate
    Avara: same thing with less work, DNA
    DNA: (that is, the other parts attack and are attacked at certain squares)
    DNA: This is true
    Molly: Does that include Molly’s -8?
    Mike: It did not!
    Mike: So actually 34 damage.
    Mike: Because Molly is amaikitty.
    DNA: (Waiting for Gray to confirm hit)
    Mike: *amazikitty.
    Avara: and did the left claw’s acc check include the penalty from injury?
    Molly: Remember your 4 DR guys! (I’m helping!)
    Surolam: Surolam loses 10 hit points.
    Hajime: (Miss)
  • Surolam barely flinches as the air cuts across her side.
  • Wyvereign (Dragon) is angry, still raging and writhing, but its energy is waning. It can’t muster enough oomph for a full roar – just a growl of diappointment at how not-dead his prey is.
    Jemyn Temyta has received initiative.
    Mike: (( Jemyn up to anything? I assume not since Kiir took the turn this round, but he isn’t toggled so I’ma ask. ))
    Surolam: (( not doing anything ))
    Mike: Groovy. Thank you!
  • Warriork Dagarha nods at Surolam and her words.
    Warriork Dagarha: “Thank you, Bringer.” She turns. “FOR THE NEW BRINGER!” 13 v.DefEva against the right claw!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw) loses 27 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw) was injured!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw) fainted!
    Warriork Dagarha: * The Warriork punches through the scales on the dragon’s right claw, and then through the soft skin underneath. When she pulls her hand out again, the claw contracts into a tight fist, and the dragon tucks it under his sinewy body, protecting it.
    Warriork Dagarha: “LONG MAY SHE REIGN!”
    Warriork Pruzag: “There’s the spirit! To the rear! We can yet finish the old Bringer!”
  • Warriork Pruzag runs up the sandy hill, and then slams into the tail! 11 v.DefEva!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail) loses 27 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail) was injured!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail) fainted!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): * The tail, too, curls up and coils tightly, too raw and wounded to continue fighting. The dragon is off-balance, and can barely muster strength to battle on – but its left claw yet remains, sharp and agile.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Let us bring to her, what she brought to us! Return his blessing!”
    Warriork Lurza: “Damn. Nothing left to stab over here.”
  • Warriork Grazda skids down the sandy hill, and launches at the left claw. 10 v.DefEva!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw) loses 27 hit points.
    Warriork Grazda: “Hah! A scar for you, then.”
    Warriork Yazara: “Hup hup hup hup…”
    Surolam has received initiative.
    Mike: Surolam! You’re paralyzed, injured, and within striking distance. Are you a bad enough dudette to slay a dragon?
    Mike: (( I’d say it’s possible but not probable you could land the final blow here. ))
  • Surolam lunges forward, both foreclaws striking down at the left claw. 16 7 vs Physical Defense!
    Mike: Is that first one a crit?
    Surolam: 16 para check
    Surolam: (( no crit ))
    Surolam: 76 Physical Dragon damage!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): Even so, this is likely going to be bad ne- whooo-ee.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw) loses 126 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw) was injured!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw) fainted!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): Your lunge severs the claw clean off. It falls and hits the sand beneath the dragon.
    Wyvereign (Dragon): * With a heave, and a gutteral sigh of defeat, the dragon collapses, length after length of sinewy body made to languish in the sand.
    Wyvereign (Dragon): His eyes clear, their unending rage quelled. Now, and only now, can he truly see.
    Wyvereign (Dragon): “…My child… What… have I done?”
    Wyvereign (Dragon): (( Combat end. Dragon defeated. ))
    Jericho: “Well that was a thing.”
  • Warriork Pruzag exits her combat stance, and holds up a hand – signaling her sisters to both stop fighting, and to not cheer, not yet. Honor allows him final words… even if he isn’t quite, y’know, alive enough to truly die.
    Starcatcher: “The heck it was!”
    Surolam: “Your rage has been great. But it is time for it to end.”
    Surolam: “Your other half has already relented from his old vigil.”
    Wyvereign (Dragon): “My other…” His eyes twinkle. “I remember.”
    Wyvereign (Dragon): “I was both man and dragon. My sorrow grew to rage… rage enough that I could not be killed.”
    Wyvereign (Dragon): “…Thank you, my child. I can smell him, now…”
    Wyvereign (Dragon): “Honor and duty… freshly fulfilled.”
    Wyvereign (Dragon): “I will rejoin him.” He closes his eyes, and his beard and eyebrows flutter in a sudden, gentle wind.
    Avara: to verify: is the gate closer to the previous town and pokemon center, or closer to here, on foot?
    Wyvereign (Dragon): * Unless stopped, he will slowly fade from view, in a shower of golden motes. In a minute, his form is gone entirely.
    Mike: Let me pull up the world map!
    Mike: Your closest route would be to continue south. This will lead to a large open area, just above the quiet bay that Molly spied earlier, which also has a temple (which, unfortunately, I do not have mapped out… but I could probably wing it with text). That puts you right next to Crabchitin, which you could loop through and come back up to Temple 11 from.
    Henrietta: Orrrr Henrietta could pull a magic rope out from her pack, twirling it in a circle to open a portal back to the Pokemon Center in Crabchitin.
    Mike: I forgot that was a thing you could do. :3
    DNA: Henrietta has a literal Escape Rope?
    DNA: …how wide-reaching is its scope, exactly
    Warriork Pruzag: When the dragon has disappeared, the leader Warriork pumps her fist. “FOR THE BRINGER!” And her fellows cheer, directing their acclaim towards Surolam.
  • Henrietta pulls out a glistening silken rope, Ueda’s Greater Escape Rope, and spins it in a circle, creating a 3-square-wide portal.
    Warriork Ghratutha: “Whoa. Wizard.”
    Avara: the portal is 1-3 squares wide and lasts 5 minutes. 1 use per scene.
  • Surolam bows, before tilting her head back and roaring in triumph.
    Avara: once it’s done, the rope disappears into the portal on the destination side.
    Avara: so it’s infinite uses
    Warriork Pruzag: * The Warriork redouble their cheer at Surolam’s deafening, bone-rattling roar.
  • Henrietta leaves the portal open, stepping through it. Everyone else will come through in their own time.
    Warriork Pruzag: * When the cheer is done, the leader approaches Surolam. “Your wizard’s portal will not last forever, so we will say our farewells quickly, o Bringer.”
    Henrietta: “You could come with us,” she says from inside the portal. “We’re going to the Bringer’s soul.”
    Surolam: "Indeed. I feel this is something you would like to witness.
    Warriork Pruzag: “I-” blink “We would be honored.” She blinks, not expecting this. She might’ve thought it a private thing, perhaps?
    Warriork Pruzag: “Dagarha! Pick Akash up and dust her off. …And give her phone to Ghratutha. We will want this recorded.”
    Surolam: “I see no reason why you cannot join us for this.”
    Molly: “There are a few things at or around Crabchitin I still wish to see.”
    Altair Azure: “I need to stop by the gift shop, apparently one of the temple stamps is there, hidden.”
    Warriork Pruzag: * The Warriork will do as Pruzag says, and will march through the portal.
    Henrietta: “Good thing I brought the Greater Escape Rope, eh?”
    Mike: Needless to say, the few Trainers at the Pokemon Center – and it seems a little busier this time around! – are very surprised to see: a beautiful Gardevoir, a horde of Warriork, a bunch of adventuring Trainers and their Pokemon, and then a freaking dragon waltz on in out of thin air.
    Avara: to answer DNA’s question about scope: no specified max distance. it locks onto the most recently visited pokemon center.
    Mike: None of them will stop you, though someone will call out, “Good magic trick!”
    Starcatcher: “Hey hey!” Starcatchers shouted once she reached the other side, “I’m hurt! Pamper me!”
    Mike: (( Do you intend to poke around Crabchitin some, or is it just a conveniently near point? I can jump over there and dump all the Warriork sprites onto the map. ))
    DNA: Oh wow, nice.
    Avara: given everyone’s conditions, a brief stop to heal might be good?
  • Surolam stretches, before shrinking back into human form at last.
    Mike: Alrighty! I will gather up their sprites, and maybe get some more h2o!
    Surolam: “Well, this is…comfortable, as well.”
  • Henrietta will coil up the Greater Escape Rope once the portal closes, putting it back in her pack.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Ah. The Bringer’s hidden form?” She nods. “Simple and comely, belying power. Fitting.”
    Warriork Ghratutha: “I like her hair.”
    Warriork Lurza: “I dunno, the Gardevoir’s hairstyle is pretty nice…” sheathes knives
    Molly: Things Molly saw that she will share. Quoted from GM Mike for clarity: “Coming into Crabchitin harbor, you can recognize the ship of Connie the Cacturne merchant. A harpy is flying westwards. A truck heads into Crabchitin from along the road there, passing under the Harpy. Your ear twitches; in the mountains above, a group of beings is on the move, and you can hear the hard clak-a-lak of… shells.”
    Jericho: (( Dan does not quietly mutter a swear word under his breath. Of course not. ))
  • Hajime will take the time to rest at the center, because ow, flying rocks hurt.
    Mike: I forget the exact rules for Pokemon Centers – I believe they just restore HP and Injuries nicely during an Extended Rest.
    Avara: which gives plenty of time for shopping that folks mentioned
    Starcatcher: Starcatcher rests while Molly and Beverly head out.
  • Surolam is going to stay as long as it takes to heal her paralysis before going with Altair to find the stamp machine
    Nurse Joy: “This is… quite a lot of Pokemon,” she says, nodding to the Warriork. “Are you Species Aces?”
  • Altair Azure will be looking for the gift shop, and locating the stamp machine after Surolam is ready.
    Molly: Molly goes to see the events at the docks, if anything of note is going on.
  • Henrietta will be staying to keep the warriorks entertained with stories.
    Warriork Pruzag: * Oh, they’ll like that. :3
    Mike: Alright, alright. lesse…
    Henrietta: “They’re not captures. They’re a clan from on the mountains that helped us in a harsh battle, so we’re bringing them for healing before we finish business and escort them back home.”
  • Jericho sneaks off… and totally does not do anything bad.
    Jericho whispers: Sneaking off to the north. Stealthing as I go. 19 Stealth
    Jericho whispers: You know. To the mountains.
    Priest Dagget: Altair, and eventually Surolam: Yep, the temple’s gift shop is much as you remember it. Mugs, snow globes – a lot of snow globes, hunh! – t-shirts, and… ah! There, behind a selection of comemorative scarves. the stamp machine! It… is a little dusty.
    Priest Dagget: “Oh hey! You kids again. Didn’t think you’d be back so soon, heh.”
  • Surolam frowns as she dusts off the stamp machine with her sleeve.
    Surolam: “Who has done this to you?”
    Surolam: (( So, does Surolam get healed fully? ))
    Connie: Molly: At the docks, you can see dockworkers working the docks, moving boxes off a truck and into a warehouse.
    Connie: (( Yes. ))
    Molly: ((Totally forgot something I need to ask Henrietta. Tasks for later))
    Connie: * You can also see Connie, and her little boat, on a different dock. She’s got a little sign out: “Buying & Selling Rare Weapons, Artefacts, and Adventuring Supplies. No Item Too Weird! Come take a look!”
    Altair Azure: “Neither did we. The journey took a little quicker than expected.”
    Molly: Molly watches the moving boxes, through sight and smell primarily, to find what may be inside. 29
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: The machien gives a sense of ‘no one’ – though it also registers a few flashes of Priest Dagget, from between the scarves, walking by it on different days.
    Surolam: “To be so neglected…it’s such a shame.”
  • Surolam feels over the machine, trying to see if there’s anything broken.
    You whisper to Molly: Flowers, it seems. Hibiscuses. And behind that, the scent of plastic, cheaply made.
    Priest Dagget: “Uh, I’m not that bad off, thanks for- oh, the stamp machine? Hadn’t given that much mind in a Houndour’s age. Should still work, though!”
    Priest Dagget: “Lemme know if the stamper’s out of ink, though, eh?”
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: Nothing’s broken. It’s a feeling like, if you had a dry throat, after rooting around in the attic for a few hours – dusty and dry but nothing you won’t overcome with fresh moisture.
    Molly: Any company marks on the boxes or the trucks?
  • Surolam frowns, running a finger over the stamping area. Is it out of ink?
    Nurse Joy: “…Understood. I’ll treat them this time – we do try to be charitable to wilds. Please make sure they stay calm and controlled while I treat them. Could you place her on the bed, please?” She gestures to the Warriorks holding up the injured one, who do so. This simple obeyance gives her a bit of a smile – this own’t be so bad after all.
    Surolam: “Are you happy, being like this?” she whispers to the machine when Dagget passes.
  • Henrietta will, as promised, keep the warriorks calm and entertained with stories.
    Jericho whispers: Just reminding you that I’m stealthing towards the mountains.
    You whisper to Molly: The Hibiscuses are from Laurel’s Flower Shop in Hibiscus Bay. The cheap-plastic scent is from boxes labeled Maes World Record Record Shop.
    Molly: Education General on Hibiscuses Bay 13
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: A tragic sigh. The machine gives an image, of a Perfect Temple, captured in a snowglobe. The temple is clean and huge and open, and the stamp machine has a place of pride right next to the door, on the inside, near a coffee machine and a little box of cookies.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: It stamps, stamps, stamps, every few minutes, or every few hours on the quiet days. Stamp, stamp, stamp~
  • Surolam huffs.
    Surolam: “He probably can’t help the gate being so far back…but he could put you somewhere more visible.”
    You whisper to Molly: Known for flowers, and for symbiosis with sea-based Pokemon. If you’re a Water-type, it’s a very nice place – broad canals you can swim up and down, with the tide carrying you gently. Locks keep things from getting too hectic on storm-swell days. Land-lubbers, or those adverse to swimming, use small canoes to traverse the water. It also has a very big lighthouse, a common navigational aid.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: …Stamp, stamp? Will stamps still be stamped? …That might be good enough. cough
    Surolam: (( Is the stamp machine attached to anything? Or can she just pick it up and move it? ))
    Molly: ((Techically speaking, I don’t think being attached to anything would stop Surolam from picking it up and moving it if she wanted to))
    DNA: Dohohoho
    Surolam: (( True ))
    Surolam: (( I guess it’s more asking how much she has to move ))
    Mike: You can just pick it up. Two hands, it’s kinda bulky, and it needs a nice flat surface to live on. It’s a little back-heavy – that’s where the mechanical bits are, it seems; the rest is an empty shell more for appearance and aesthetic.
    Surolam: (( Is there any table or such in the front of the shop? ))
    Mike: 1
  • Mike rolls… a 1.
    Mike: Unfortunately, no. The temple is pretty dense and crowded, and not just with tacky stuff. It’s just not got a lot of floor space as it is. The front hallway has a rack of coat-pegs and pamphlets for local attractions and information, then there’s the inner area where you can pray, and the Priest’s office in the back. And the giftshop, off to the side of the entrance hallway.
    Mike: BRB a moment! I never did refresh my water. >.>
    Molly: Molly doesn’t find much else to catch her interest. Purrhaps some things to investigate some other time. She begins to head back to the pokemon center.
    Altair Azure: “…we could probably stand to clear away the area around here a bit, at least to make this more visible.”
    Surolam: “Perhaps there’s a table somewhere we could move.”
  • Surolam is already invested in the “move the thing” narrative
  • Altair Azure looks for a table or something to move. If I have to, Perception 5 but there’s probably enough clutter this won’t be necessary.
    Surolam: “I can’t move the temple to make the whole thing visible, but at least I can do this for the machine.”
    Mike: Back! And yeah, there’s a table… ah, in the back corner of the inner temple area. It’s relatively empty right now, though from the slight stain on the top you can tell there used to be a vase there.
    Mike: You can pick it up, move it to the entrance way… it’s a bit of a tight fit to nestle it in there, buuuuut you can do it. Just don’t scuff anything!
    Altair Azure: I will do this! Altair will move the table since it looks a bit on the heavy end. There should be some other clear space nearby.
    Priest Dagget: “Uh. …So, do you guys just come in and redecorate everybody’s place? It seems harmless enough, it’s just… weird.”
    Surolam: “Could you move the table? You can tell better what spot it shoul dbe.”
    Surolam: “This stamp machine has been too long neglected.”
  • Henrietta is finishing up an old Raltesian tale when Molly gets back, if Molly isn’t stopped by anything.
    Surolam: “It deserves the prominence the ones at the other temples have.”
    Molly: “Henrietta?” Molly asked after the story was finished, “I was hoping you could enchant something for me.”
    Warriork Grazda: * The Warriorks have been listening, ranging from ‘fascinated’ to ‘politely’. Nobody’s looking at the one phone, at least.
  • Henrietta looks to Molly. “What do you need done?”
    Priest Dagget: “Uh.” He thinks it over, and you can see him calculating the angles in his head. Both the furniture angles, and then what it could mean for his money-making schemes. “…I guess it wasn’t getting much play in the gift shop, anyway. Alright, alright.” He rolls up his sleeves to help.
    Molly: Molly held out her pistol, which already glimmered with faint magic. “There is an enchantment on this gun I want stronger. I can fetch some crystals if you need them.”
    Priest Dagget: * Between him and Altair, it’s still kinda tight maneuvering, but it’s doable. After a grunt or two… there! The table scoots in nicely.
  • Surolam places the stamp machine on the table, stroking its side.
    Henrietta: “Let me see what I can do.”
    Surolam: “Isn’t this better?”
  • Surolam might have placed it facing slightly in the wrong direction, though.
    Henrietta: (( is molly giving off any skill boost auras? ))
    Molly: +2 to all skills, yep
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: Stemp! Stamp! Stamp! It’s like a cheer, when an audience gets to their feet and… well, stamps.
    Avara: do you have specialist stuff locked and loaded?
    Priest Dagget: “Lemme just…” He wiggles the stamp machine a bit, making it square with the table surface. “Therrre ya go.”
  • Warriork Ghratutha , in particular, leans forward, eager to see the magic happen. Literally.
    Henrietta: “How many gems do you have to feed into the process?”
  • Altair Azure checks to see if it’s flush with the wall, or whatever else it’s set on. 5
    Molly: “I’ve got about 500 worth. And 1900 in cash I can spend on it.” (I need 600 more to get +2 levels onto it)
    Priest Dagget: “Now… Anything else I can help you kids with? Or did you just sense my stamp machine was lonely?”
  • Priest Dagget says it with a bit of a sarcastic tone, but not caustic.
  • Henrietta will cover the 600 missing.
    Avara: … hold on a mo’
    Altair Azure: “Well…I was looking for it earlier, and I’d completely missed it on my earlier trip here, so… I’m fine with just the stamp on my card, but I can’t speak for my friend.”
    Surolam: “We wanted to use it, and it should not have been placed so far back.”
    Surolam: “Hopefully now it will receive the attention it deserves.”
  • Surolam is going to try and see if she can feel any other dissastisfied items in the place, though.
    Henrietta: 27 vs DC 24 for Keening +6
    Mike: So keen!
    Avara: i covered the fees past what molly has for the attempt
    Mike: Surolam: Give me a… Perception, I think would do it?
    Surolam: 5 Perception
    Surolam: (( wow ))
    Surolam: (( all 5 perception squad go ))
    Mike: Five by five!
    Molly: Molly’s eyes are wide as she watches the magical craft.
  • Henrietta melts the gems into pure energy as she chants, and her hand slides along the gun’s barrel, seeping the energy into the gun. She traces runes over empty spaces in the gun, glowing brightly. It dims down slowly, and the gun itself seems SHARPER by the end.
    Mike: Surolam: There are a LOT of objects in this room. When you open your senses wide, it’s like being in a crowded market plaza. You can feel them all… maybe not quite communicating with one another, so much as comingling. But you can also feel the Temple itself, an ancient and sturdy thing, despite the many repairs and refurbishments it’s undergone.
    Mike: No one voice is loud or distinct enough to overcome the temple itself, and even the temple needs to speak loud, slow, and clearly to be heard by you – and Altair. And even then, it does not so much say anything, so much as it simply… welcomes you.
    Henrietta: “It’s not the usual sort of enchanting I do, but this was interesting to try too. Since we might have some time, do you want me to try and ritual-enchant it too?”
    Molly: In the meantime, Molly gives Surolam a single bullet. A Magic Flintlock Bullet. It deals fairy damage. “This is ancient, as far as we can tell. I thought you should have one to study, in case I use the rest.”
    Molly: “Ritual… enchant? What would it do?”
    Warriork Ghratutha: “Amazing… You have written it upon the world, made it more of a thing than it was before. A blade keened without forge-fire…”
    Mike: Molly, Surolam is at the temple right now, while Henrietta is at the Pokemon Center. Nothing stops you from walking out and over and giving her the bullet, just an FYI.
    Henrietta: “You know how I can weave stories into magic? It’s like that. It’s a lot more freeform than the magic system that was used to make this gun as good as it is. Any effect that falls under Heroism, Law or Knowledge, I can possibly enchant into your gun. Maybe something about oathbreakers?”
    Henrietta: “It’s how Ueda’s Greater Escape Rope was made. The rope that brought us here.”
    Molly: “What would a story about the freedom of the sea create..?” Molly asked.
    Henrietta: “I’d guess it would be something that helps you move around more. Or escape bonds. Or… let’s see. Sailing, maybe. Crossing land like water?”
  • Surolam bows her head in gratitude for the welcome.
    Henrietta: “Anything in mind, Molly?”
    Surolam: “I believe that is all for now.”
    Priest Dagget: “Well… thanks for comin’! And re-arranging the furniture.”
    You whisper to TBG: I totally forgot about you, didn’t I. I apologize.
    Molly: Molly looked deeply at her pistol, pondering everything it meant to her.
    You whisper to TBG: Nobody noticed you when you snuck away. Both literally and in-game! Much too good at sneakery.
    Jericho whispers: So meta
  • Surolam heads back to the Pokemon center to check on the Warriorks.
    You whisper to TBG: You were sneaking northward, I believe. Anything in particular you were looking for?
    Nurse Joy: * And good timing, too, since Nurse Joy is walking back out. “Your, uhm. Wild Pokemon friend is resting comfortably. She’s quite the heavy sleeper. She’ll be much better once she wakes up – I suspect it’ll be about 8 hours. But let me know if you need to move sooner.”
    Molly: Molly seems like she might take a while.
  • Henrietta waves to Surolam when she comes in. “Hi.”
    Surolam: “Hello.”
    Warriork Akash: Warriork Akash is healed and gains 15 hit points.
    Warriork Akash was revived!
  • Henrietta looks to Molly. “Take your time and get back to me on it.”
    Warriork Pruzag: * The other Warriork give a quieter cheer at that news. When Surolam enters, they all stand up, and bow their heads to her for a moment. …And if she doesn’t say anything about it, they’ll sit back down. Eventually.
    Jericho whispers: Clattering shells were mentioned. I was seeking out the source of the sound. While trying not to be found.
  • Surolam will only notice once Donphan-tooth nudges her about it.
    Surolam: “You may be seated.”
    Surolam: (( I guess molly can hand over the bullet now? ))
    Warriork Pruzag: “Mm,” she says, as a note of ackowledgement. And they sit, relaxing. There’s only so much ceremony they can stand on.
    Molly: (( ??? I’m forgetting something ))
    Avara: molly was gonna give surolam a fae bullet
    Avara: in case she uses all the rest
    Player “Jericho” is not connected.
    You whisper to TBG: Understood. You can go up the mountain a ways, the one that the road you just ventured on surrounds. From halfway up there, you have a nice view of the town, and the mountains to the north. Gimme a Perception?
    Mike: You wrote the dialogue for it up above, I reminded you that you were in different rooms at the moment.
    Molly: (( Wow, I inteded that to Henrietta, and wrote Surolam for some reason. But it makes sense. She gives a bullet to each of her historically inclined companions))
    Avara: alright.
  • Henrietta will accept one bullet and pass one bullet to Surolam.
  • Surolam holds it carefully, trying to feel how old it is.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: Several centuries. It rested in the ruins of a temple for much of that time. Before that, a spark of light, pink and glittering; a forge, a mold, red-hot liquid metal.
    You whisper to Avara: You can feel heroism sloughing off this bullet. This is a bullet forged, enchanted, intended, and used, for slaying a great enemy in a valiant battle of unspeakable odds.
  • Mike talks about magic bullets.
  • Henrietta leans her head back as she focuses on the bullet… balancing it on her forehead as she does. Because she can, mostly. “The legend and purpose it was made for have made this a strongly Heroic item.”
    Surolam: “Do you remember the first time you were used?”
    Surolam: “It was definitely forged with the help of fae magic.”
    Henrietta: “If magic were sap, this thing would be a giant oak.”
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: the flash of a muzzle. A journey through the air, then through a dragon’s scales, flesh, scales, air, tree branch, roof-tile, and landing within the beam of a temple. Silence. And a thousand passing days.
    Mike: (( I gave their benefits to Molly previously. As I recall, they are bullets of Slaying Dragons Real Good. ))
    Molly: Molly lifted up her last bullet and looked it over.
    Surolam: “It still has the memories of that first fight as well…” It does make her shudder a bit.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: A memory of a hand, young and warm and supple. A hand that knew weapons, and especially guns, and knew them well.
    Jericho whispers: Sorry. 10 Perception?
    Henrietta: “Hm… I wonder if these would be useful in rituals.”
    Jericho whispers: er Skill Expert. 25 Perception
    Jericho whispers: Boy, that’s a useful feat
    Mike: Excuse me, Jericho just shot a die and made it better.
    DNA: I’ll wait.
    You whisper to TBG: You don’t see anyth- oh wait, that’s the SUN. Maybe don’t stare at that.
    Jericho: (( It was a nice bullet ))
    Surolam: (( So wait, did Altair run off on his own sometime while Surolam was in the temple? ))
    You whisper to TBG: That’s better! Ahhh. Well NOW you can see some other glints – sun on shining shell, far to the north, high in the mountains. It looks like a large band of shelled creatures – the Greenshields, from your experience – trudging westwards. For what purpose, you aren’t sure, but it’s quite a lot of them. …And then, behind them, a very, very large, familiar Torterra.
    DNA: No, he just hasn’t said anything. He’s either still there or back at the center.
    Jericho whispers: Jericho is going to try and listen in. Perhaps they’re chatting about something?
    Mike: Henrietta: I… hadn’t thought of that. I see no reason you couldn’t, though I hadn’t assigned them a value. But they’re so old and magical now… Yes, I think they would be. It would depend on the kind of ritual, but I will say it could be used for such. Anything Heroism-related would gel nicely with it.
    You whisper to TBG: “…How much further ’till the temple?”
    You whisper to TBG: “A day west, then a few days southwest. The smart guy thinks there’s something from our history there. And he said the last one had treasure and even more kinds of plants! So it should be cool.”
    Surolam: “To slay dragons?” Surolam sounds a bit tense at that.
    Henrietta: “That’s what they were made for, but no. They’re dripping with Heroism, which is a purview of stories and inspiration.”
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: Yeah, it seems quite certain about that. …it doesn’t seem to notice that you count, though.
    Henrietta: "You know that water gym leader guy with the boat? I heroismed his boat into a self-repairing battle field for up-and-coming heroes’ training and testing.
    Henrietta: "
    Jericho whispers: for the record… are they headed towards the cave where the dragon spirit thing is?
    You whisper to TBG: Nope. That would be… east of you, a little north, and mostly down. They’re headed west, then southwest, and they don’t seem to be interested in ‘down’, at least right now.
    You whisper to TBG: So the totally opposite direction.
    Jericho whispers: Ah. Phew. That’s good news. Okay. Interesting to see what they’ve been up to. Jericho will listen in a little longer before he heads back to town.
    Henrietta: “I don’t know why I’d want to slay dragons. You’re a dragon and you’re alright, if a bit territorial.”
    You whisper to TBG: THere’s some more back-n-forth chatter, but nothing amazing or even all that audible. They don’t seem to notice you, either.
    Surolam: “Well, it seems to like that idea.” Surolam is holding the bullet at a bit of a distance now.
    Henrietta: “It was made to kill one of your kin. It’s not going to be a pleasant conversationalist.”
    Jericho whispers: Then I’m gonna slip back to the city. Ninja vanish!
  • Surolam nods.
    Surolam: “I feel I’ve gleaned enough from it for now.” She’s going to hand it back.
    Henrietta: “Do you want it, Molly, or should I hold onto it?”
    Mike: It seems things are slowing down a bit, but I don’t know if Jericho would like to return and report on anything or not..?
    Jericho: (( Nothing to report here. All sectors green. ))
    Avara: let’s set the city on fire and get out.
    DNA: This isn’t 8-Bit Theatre
    Mike: That seems drastic.
    Mike: Also expensive. I don’t have the FX budget for it.
    Mike: Alright. Lemme go calculate some EXP!
    Mike: But also.
    Mike: It sounds like next week, we’ll be waking up the real, 100% whole dragon, and I’d like some thoughts about how you’d like it to turn out.
    Avara: sounds like a plan to be made
    Molly: “You can hold onto it. I’ll keep one in case I need to hurt something with Fairy Type. But it sounds too valuable to waste, I think you’ll find more use out of it.”
    Mike: A new Pokemon? A spirit to inhabit a weapon or other such item? Two new souls, split from one another? Some other idea? I’m open, but I want it to be epic, and something you’d like.
    Avara: meanwhile you’ll be getting lost in hyrule some more
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): 30
    GrayGriffin: I’m cool with him coming back as an NPC ally or something like that
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): 192
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): …I’m gonna do a little rounding.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): 200 PKMN EXP and 2 TXP!
    DNA: You rounded for that?
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): it was a boss, so it had bigger HP bars. And also rocks falling.
    DNA: ah
    DNA: TL 22.4
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): I basically counted the rocks falling as also Pokemon, since they were dealing pretty solid damage that you couldn’t fight back against.
    Avara: oh, i forgot we would’ve gotten a TL up last session i missed, yeah
    Avara: bye~
    Avara is disconnected.
    Molly is disconnected.
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    Mike: Saving campaign and log!
Terra-Cotta Tussle

Mike Desktop has connected.
You have disconnected.
Mike Desktop has connected.
TBG has connected.
GrayGriffin has connected.
DNA has connected.
Mike: Evening all! Lemme just find my notes…

  • Mike finds a note in his notes of “oh yeah this other thing (I should look that up)”
    Mike: Goddamnit past-Mike.
    Mike: Always screwing present-Mike over with your poor decisions!
    Mike: Well, I guess I’ll just do something stupid. That’ll show future-Mike!
    Mike: …Hrm. I feel like my plan has a flaw.
    DNA: Because that worked SO well last week, didn’t it?
    Mike: Apparently, since past-Mike is over there, not doing the thing that would help me.
    Mike: Smug bastard. He’s lucky he’s handsome, and also totally unreachable by the currently-known laws of physics.
    Mike: But I was able to find it, at least.
    DNA: You found past-Mike!?
    DNA: Take that, laws of physics.
    Mike: He’s the man in the mirror.
    Mike: Oh, and I need to dig out this other thing, too, probably…
    TBG: Is it a time machine?
    TBG: Don’t forget to load in the crystals.
    Mike: I’m sure it’ll be fine without them.
    Warning: Temporal Rift imminent.
    Mike: Iiiii’m sure it’s supposed to do that!
    Mike: What Trainer Level are you guys, now? 21? Sounds like 21 from the end of the last log…
    TBG: 21 Confirmed
    DNA: 21.3
    Mike: Alright, got a thing ready because now I know a shenanigan might occur. I now expect you all to subvert or circumscribe it.
    Mike: And we’re still lacking a Molly and an Ava. Hrm.
    GrayGriffin: Ping them on Skype?
    Mike: Yep, s’what I’m doing.
    Mike: I may follow that up with a text if they aren’t here shortly.
    Mike: Alright, they’re both on their way, it sounds like.
    Mike: In the meantime, does anyone have any questions or bookkeeping they need done?
    DNA: Ah, bookkeeping, right, I should check that.
    Mike: Heh. See, this is why I ask. :3
    Avara has connected.
    Mike: It’s an Ava!
    Mike: Now we require only a Rob.
    Molly has connected.
    Mike: There we go!
    DNA: DNA is buffeted by the hail!
    Mike: Pff.
    When we last left our heroes, they had watched nature take its course, and then intervened. Now, at the top of the mountain-path, they found a small batallion of terra-cotta soldiers, and a regally dressed terra-cotta general atop a commanding peak.
    Jericho: “You know, this is different from my usual struggles with law enforcement.”
    The sky is gray and dark, and you can smell the decaying leaves in the clearing. Craters dot the landscape, left over from some long-forgotten battle.
  • Pirta flutters to rest atop a stone, off to the side. She isn’t sure why the humans and their Pokemon have stopped here, but she supposes it’s interesting enough.
    Mike: At present, the soldiers and the general figure seem to be still, just stone. Perhaps they need to be woken up?
    Avara: hmm
    Mike: (( Ah, players thinking. Always a dangerous sign. ))
  • Henrietta steps up onto the first rise of the area, letting Chihiro and Ecran out of their Pokeballs in the process.
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    Avara: ecran needs an upgrade from kirlia to sacremiko
    Mike: Lemme see if I have that at-hand!
    GrayGriffin has connected.
    Mike: Mm, not transparented. I can do that.
    Molly: ((Temple 11 map?))
    Avara: 12
    Avara: 11 is where grumpy sleepy dead dragon is
    Mike: 12 now. Alright, image ready. Lemme just get to the token…
    Avara: 12 is where the human half of his body is
    DNA: Going to go pull up a FF6 Battle theme on loop now, to be thematically appropriate
    Molly is disconnected.
    Ecran: (( Ready on your PC box! ))
    Molly has connected.
    Avara: and now on the map
    Surolam: (( did i miss anything? ))
    Avara: just henrietta stepping up onto the hill and some token arranging.
    Mike: Yep! A little scene-setting. NBD.
    Mike: Anyway!
    Avara: does approaching provoke the soldiers of stone and clay?
    Mike: Henrietta, you had just stepped forward. The soldiers surrounding you do not move, though it’s hard not to shake the feeling of being watched, somehow.
  • Henrietta continues to move forward, gesturing for the others to follow.
  • Surolam gets nudged forward by Kiir.
    Player “Dawn” is not connected.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: You can feel half a spirit watching you, from above. Though the statue does not move, you can sense the vaguest of stirring at your mere presence on the field.
    Molly: “So what are all of these here for?”
  • Henrietta will, if not interrupted, walk right up to the raised platform that the Wyvereign is on.
    Surolam: “They have a presence, of some sort.”
    Henrietta: “The soldiers that he leads, when woken, one presumes.”
    Surolam: “I can feel life stirring in them.”
    Altair Azure whispers: Can I sense life from them as I would objects? Or not?
    Avara: so how far up is he actually?
    You whisper to DNA: The soldiers, yes. The general, no.
    Mike: The general figure is height 5 up from you. You’d have to climb or fly to get up there.
    Altair Azure: “Hm, so the soldiers are objects, but the general isn’t. …Makse sense, I suppose.”
    Avara: i need to start investing ranks in focus so i can have more range on my telepathy, it seems
    Mike: Heh. >:3
    Surolam: (( Raltsian ladder ))
    Jericho: “Hmm… I wonder how much one of these statues is worth at a museum?”
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: You can feel a kind of calculating, undirected rage from the general, up above. The tense-ness of always being about to attack, but frozen in time – a war movie on pause, the bugle about to be blown.
    Altair Azure: “I’m sure it’d be plenty, if you could actually lift and take one with you.” A slight modicum of snark.
  • Henrietta throws a rock at the general, not with intent to harm, just to get his attention.
    You whisper to Avara: You get a vague telepathic feeling – there’s definitely some kind of spirit to the general’s statue, exuding force of will. It feels ever-poised to attack, like you had a thumb on the end of a chapter, but had yet to turn the page.
    Wyvereign (Human): 8
  • Henrietta then sends a telepathic message in the general’s general direction.
    Surolam: “…I can feel the general, as well.”
    Wyvereign (Human): * Such simple defacement doesn’t do anything to his countenance. The rock bounces off. But – what’s youre telepathic message?
    Henrietta whispers: It is a strange general indeed that seeks to place himself above any queen he might serve.
    Altair Azure: “……You can?”
    Altair Azure: “Oh, right. That’s because he’s dragonkin.”
    Surolam: “Most likely, yes. He’s…quite tense.”
    You whisper to DNA: And still, you cannot. The terra-cotta soldiers around you have the vaguest sense of being alive. You could reach out to talk to them… but they are stoic. They will not speak, not because they cannot, but because they choose – have been ordered? – to not.
    You whisper to DNA: Alive in that object-y way, not the heartbeat-and-breathing way.
    Mike: (( Building a little atmosphere~ ))
    Mike: Ah, I see the message. One moment…
    Altair Azure: “Tense? As in annoyed, or…or like ready to spring?”
    You whisper to Avara: The general’s mind seems to awaken, as if struck across the face with a glove.
    Wyvereign (Human): * The general’s stone body begins to move, shaking off centuries of dust. Slowly. His mouth opens, his limbs move.
    Jericho: “Maybe like ‘past tense’?”
    Surolam: “Ready to attack.”
    Wyvereign (Human): “AAAAaaaaaatttttaaaacccckk!” In slow motion, his arm swings down, drawing a sword longoriously… But on the upswing, his body begins to speed up, returning to full alacrity.
    Surolam: “…like that, exactly.”
    Terra-Cotta Knight 1: * At his command, the soldiers begin to move as well, shaking off their dust of ages. They, too, draw – to arms!
    Altair Azure: “Ah.” He bends his knees and gets into position.
    Wyvereign (Human): Initiative = 15
    Terra-Cotta Knight 1: Initiative = 5
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2: Initiative = 5
    Terra-Cotta Knight 3: Initiative = 5
    Terra-Cotta Knight 4: Initiative = 5
    Terra-Cotta Knight 5: Initiative = 5
    Terra-Cotta Knight 6: Initiative = 5
    Terra-Cotta Knight 7: Initiative = 5
    Terra-Cotta Knight 8: Initiative = 5
    Terra-Cotta Knight 9: Initiative = 5
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10: Initiative = 5
    Terra-Cotta Knight 11: Initiative = 5
    Terra-Cotta Knight 12: Initiative = 5
    Henrietta: Initiative = 5
    Kiir: Initiative = 13
    Surolam: Initiative = 10
    Jemyn Temyta: Initiative = 10
    Zojiik: Initiative = 5
    Chihiro: Initiative = 12
    Chest full of Aetrin: Initiative =
    Shepherd’s Crook: Initiative =
    Beverly: Initiative = 5
    Starcatcher: Initiative = 2
    Molly: Initiative = 7
    Ecran: Initiative = 2
    Ianthe: Initiative =
    Gramaan: Initiative = 13
    Jil Joti: Initiative = 5
    Stin: Initiative = 10
    Jericho: Initiative = 25
  • Henrietta proceeds to scold the general telepathically, disappointment on her face.
    Jericho has received initiative.
    Altair Azure: Mike, I’m not in Initiative at all
    You whisper to Avara: . o O ( Who dares to insult my loyalty to the Empire?) His mental voice is unperturbed by the telepathic contact.
    Mike: Whups!
    Hajime: Initiative = 23
    Altair Azure: Initiative = 28
    Blue-Blaze: Initiative =
    Jericho: (( fixed my init- both in the queue and on the sheet ))
    Mike: You were hiding! Slightly below where I was!
    Henrietta whispers: “And really, is that any way to greet someone? Certainly, you are ready for battle, but to not even know your opponent? I was told you were wise, not a mindless killer. I am Henrietta, Noblesse and last of my line, descended from lost Raltesia.”
    DNA: oogyboogy
    You whisper to Avara: You will be able to attempt to negotiate or talk him down during your turn. You can tell it will take some doing – but it won’t be impossible.
    Mike: Anyway. Jericho! The soldiers are starting to move, but you’re faster than any stone.
    Mike: Also, they bunched up in initiative quite a bit. I think I never shuffled up their SPDs. Hope you can batter some down, or batten your hatches, before they move.
    Molly: Reset Molly’s init
    Molly: Initiative = 11
  • Jericho sighs. “I guess we’re doing this.” He palms a Poke Ball, tossing it into the fray (Shift Action), then quickly whips out a stone to hurl at TCK-9! 0 vs Physical Evade!
    Molly: Molly’s Radius is currently 3 meters.
    Jericho: (( Let me grab the token, but continue anyways. I have to adjust stats. ))
    Terra-Cotta Knight 9: * That’ll miss, unfortunately! Sounds like you’re good to go then.
    Altair Azure has received initiative.
    Molly: ((wait, did we level up to 21 last session..?))
    DNA: Yeah, we did.
    DNA: (Only 3? Wasn’t it 4 or 5 before?)
    Molly: ((…then it’s a radius of 4))
    Molly: ((I was miscounting. I thought it was based on Ranks, but it’s based on Features.))
    DNA: Aha.
  • Altair Azure isn’t sure what or how they’ll move first, so he gets into position, and calms his mind.
    Hajime has received initiative.
    Mike: Understood.
    Altair Azure: Altair Azure has had it’s Sp.Attack modified by 1 stages.
    Altair Azure: Altair Azure has had it’s Sp.Defense modified by 1 stages.
  • Hajime does much the same thing, igniting his body.
    Hajime: Hajime has had it’s Speed modified by 1 stages.
  • Pirta is startled by SUDDENLY FIRE but doesn’t run away.
    Jericho: Jericho is healed and gains 3 ability points. Current Ability Points: 8, Maximum Ability Points: 8
    DNA: End of turn; Hajime will move up a tick in initiative next round.
    Jericho: (( Oh, btw, Greenback is now on the battlefield ))
    Wyvereign (Human): “Soldiers! Humans of Raltesia! For too long, you have been looked down upon by the Empress and the Noblesse. Your minds unable to speak aloud, able only to lift air and thought!”
    Wyvereign (Human): “Today, we show them the nobility and usefulness of humanity. We make them regret every remark and every snub, not through rebellion, but through success. Now go – strike, and overrun their ramparts!”
  • Wyvereign (Human) commands his soldiers to Recklessly Advance! All of them, at once.
    Jericho: “It’s only success if you win, moron!”
    Stin: “Damnit, he’s lost in a memory…!”
    Kiir has received initiative.
    Altair Azure: “So he’s a sort of commander as well. If that’s true…”
    Jericho: “Eh, he’s still nowhere near as intimidating as Cap’n Kit.”
    Greenback: Initiative = 10
  • Stin is going this round.
    Mike: Gotcha!
    Gramaan has received initiative.
    Chihiro has received initiative.
    Mike: Ava! Chihiro, or Ecran, acting this round?
    Avara: chihiro, but i had to fix their tokens
    Avara: haven’t updated them in a WHILE
    Surolam: (( So I didn’t have Surolam transform back from the last fight, would I have to use Scale Shield again to have her keep her form/CS boost? Since she didn’t get to fight at all last time ))
    Avara: … actually, i’ll use ecran this turn. and need ecran’s init updated.
    Ecran: Initiative = 2
    Avara: … stares at init macro
    Surolam: (( Did you edit the MSPE bit? ))
    Avara: i’ll do that now. i entered init manually.
    Avara: done.
    Mike: So, the previous encounter ended. But as for being transformed, uh, let’s say you could remain in that form between fights, just because of all the draconic chutzpah on this mountain?
    Mike: As in I’m not going to make you un-transform and re-transform because I’m not a total jerk.
    Avara: resort init and move on in turns
    Molly has received initiative.
    Molly: Molly shuffled closer to her allies and focused her energy!
    Mike: Resorted!
    Molly: Done
    Molly: Ecran now gets Molly’s bonuses!
    Surolam has received initiative.
  • Surolam lands on a rock and ROARS.
    Surolam: (( We finally have a Dragon-type opponent in the battle, I presume? ))
    Mike: The general is Dragon-type, yes.
    Mike: The soldiers are not.
    DNA: +2 gogo
    Molly: ((I added Molly’s Commander stuff to her lable, along with the radius. Those are all +s for allies, -s for penalties.))
    Surolam: Surolam has had it’s Attack modified by 2 stages.
    Mike: Hoo-ee. Molly makes fights ugly. I missed that!
    Surolam: (( Done ))
    DNA: I missed her too.
    Surolam: (( She can’t Regal Challenge the general yet, not within range ))
    Molly: ((DR penalties don’t apply to enemies that don’t have DR. It doesn’t lower defenses or anything))
    Avara: the general is a butt who likes standing high above all the everyones in the world.
    Avara: joking. but, he is really high up.
    Mike: I gave him an imposing cliff to be on top of.
    Mike: Now, there’s also a reason he’s up there.
    Mike: …but I won’t say more than that.
    Jericho: (( because he’s a damn coward who won’t fight his own battles ))
    Surolam: (( Next in initiative? ))
    Jemyn Temyta has received initiative.
    Stin has received initiative.
    Mike: Sorry! Thought you were about to do a thing. It’s hard for me to tell sometimes.
    Jericho: (( good thing we have two ranged attackers, access to flight, and a dragoon. ))
  • Stin floats forward.
    Mike: Also things like the Push technique, and, oh hey, an HM that lets you drag opponents to you, I do believe.
    Stin: “Listen to me! Your battle is over!”
    Stin: “You have no more reason to fight!”
    Jericho: (( I totally forgot that HM. ))
    Stin: “I know how it is to repeat the same moment, over and over again…but you can break free!”
    Stin whispers: Evolution now!
    Mike: * A cutscene whirs up on the disc!
    Shepherd’s Crook: And me!
    Mike: Stin evolves!
    Stin: “You don’t have to keep fighting the same fight, over and over again!”
    Stin: (( Charm check? ))
    it’s a Dramatic Evolution!
    Mike: Charm is one of the skills that can be used to end his need to battle, yes. For Dramatic Evolution, you roll the maximum possible roll for your skill check.
    Mike: So all those Xd6’s are just 6’s.
    Molly: Molly uses Specialist! The charm check is +50%
  • Mike hands a bunch of cubes, all labeled ‘6’, to Dawn.
    Avara: can we both specialist the same roll?
    Molly: Not the same roll, but you can adjust his resist DC
    Jericho: (( basically doubling the result? ))
    Mike: blink I… oh man. Nothing about Dramatic Evolution says it cannot be affected by things that affect skill rolls.
    Avara: then yeah, henrietta will reinforce the message of passed time telepathically, aimed specifically at the general to lower his opposed check by half.
    Mike: So… you can do anything to it you could do to any other roll.
    Stin: (( Anyone else got something to modify it? ))
    Molly: ((If I was closer, you’d get +2))
    Mike: I think this is basically a Limit Break of a skill check.
    Stin: 37.5 Charm!
    Avara: so whatever general rolls to oppose that Charm is halved. and it’s facing a ridiculous charm check to begin with.
    Avara: roll to see how big an impact it has on him?
    Mike: Ah, here it is.
    Mike: > LIMIT BREAK
    DNA: That’s some hardcore color sorcery.
    Mike: Long story, I’ll tell you later. ANYWAY.
    Jericho: (( At least it’s sorcery and not wizardry. ))
  • Mike does some additional GM sorcery: he throws some of his notes out the window.
  • TBG cringes at the crash and screams that results from this.
  • GrayGriffin fistpumps.
    Wyvereign (Human): O.O The words seem to echo in the general’s mind. He staggers, his half-spirit reeling. “Uh-I…”
    DNA: Well then.
  • Jericho blinks.
    Wyvereign (Human): Stin, you can see it crossing his face: that same moment of realization, the weight of hundreds of years re-asserting itself on him, realizing that he is no longer the man he once was.
  • Wyvereign (Human) sinks to his knees. He’s dumbfounded.
    Mike: A mechanical note: This has good news, and bad news.
    Stin: (( Oh crap. ))
    Mike: The good news is that this basically puts the general out of the fight. Unless you do further stuff to him, he’s got a lot to think about.
    Mike: The bad news is twofold:
    Mike: A. His previous Orders will stand, for this round. So all his soldiers still have that bonus of Reckless Advance.
    Mike: B. Even when the orders end, his soldiers will still fight on, albeit in a less organized fashion.
    Mike: So the fight isn’t over. But… Well. Imagine fighting you guys as a group, and then imagine fighting you guys as a group while Molly sits the fight out.
    Mike: That’s what you just did right there.
    Greenback has received initiative.
    Wyvereign (Human): “My leige… My country… I remember it now. The splendorous cities consumed by darkness, the people fleeing, my rage and impotent anger…”
    Mike: Greenback! The terra-cotta soldiers are still on the move.
    Mike: They’re just very slow. Stiff joints, and all.
    Stin: (( Maybe we should actually fight them now ))
    Mike: I recommend violence! They’re gonna try it, too.
    Mike: We’ll see how it works out. It’s like science, but then someone bleeds.
    Avara: so it’s like mad science.
    Avara: we do what we must because we can.
  • Greenback shuffles back and sends out a prehensile vine to strike at TCK 9! 11 vs Physical Evade!
    Greenback: 30 Physical grass Damage!
    Mike: Gamemaster science!
    We plan it all out, to make, it up.
    For the fun of our play-ers
    (’cept when they skip out on us)

Now it’s no sense crying over every skipped fate
You just keep on trying ‘till you stay up too late
And the game gets done
A neat module you run
For the players who are
Still Awake~
Terra-Cotta Knight 9: Terra-Cotta Knight 9 loses 40 hit points.
Terra-Cotta Knight 9 was injured!
Terra-Cotta Knight 9 suffered Massive Damage!
Terra-Cotta Knight 9: * The vine whip-cracks away at the soldier’s pottery armor, slipping into the cracks and widening them!
Terra-Cotta Knight 9: The injury lowered the Speed stat!
Terra-Cotta Knight 9: The injury lowered the Special Defense stat!
Terra-Cotta Knight 9: Terra-Cotta Knight 9 has had it’s Speed modified by -1 stages.
Terra-Cotta Knight 9: Terra-Cotta Knight 9 has had it’s Sp.Defense modified by -1 stages.
Molly: “They look weak to grass. They really might be stone, or dirt. Whatever the case may be.”
Terra-Cotta Knight 9: 4
Ecran has received initiative.
Starcatcher: “I’ll tell you what they are. Just too staggered for me to Line them up!”

  • Ecran will use Lucky Chant and end turn. Party can cancel up to 3 critical hits aimed our way.
    Altair Azure: “…weak to Grass? That’s…good to know.”
    Jemyn Temyta: “They were soldiers once, after all!”
    Jemyn Temyta: “Formations are important!”
    Jericho: "I mean, we can always just hit them. And if that doesn’t work, we can hit them harder.
    Mike: A lucky chant echoes throughout the field of battle!
    Mike: be sure to drop some tokens for it, or I can do it.
    Beverly: “You sound more like Molly by the day.”
    Mike: Hoo boy, here we go.
  • Hajime stifles a chuckle.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 1: (( Hrmmmm… okay yeah they can attack the Raltses. THey weren’t told not to. ))
    Avara is disconnected.
    TBG is disconnected.
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    Molly is disconnected.
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 1 steps up to Chihiro, and attempts to Slash with his clay sword! 3 v.DefEva!
    Avara has connected.
    GrayGriffin has connected.
    Avara: mike what did you do
    DNA: * Terra-Cotta Knight 1 steps up to Chihiro, and attempts to Slash with his clay sword! 3 v.DefEva!
    DNA: He did that
    Molly has connected.
    TBG has connected.
    Avara: hits
    Terra-Cotta Knight 1: 32 Physical Normal damage – it’s an extra-Reckless hit, leaving him open to counterattack, and removing his Evasions until his next turn!
    Chihiro: Chihiro loses 17 hit points.
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 2 will also Slash at Chihiro, as the closest target! 10 v.DefEva!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2: 32 Physical Normal Reckless damage!
    Molly: TCK is in Molly’s range!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 3: Yep! Lesse.
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 3 attacks Ecran with a more forceful hit, with the pommel of his pottery blade – a Bone Clubbing! -6 v.DefEva!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 3: o.O Natural 1.
    DNA: Crit fail!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 3: The GM should be SOMEWHAT MEAN!
    Chihiro: Chihiro loses 17 hit points.
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 3 not only misses, but drops his clay blade! Until he picks it up, he can’t do any of his Physical Melee moves!
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 4 attacks Molly with a more forceful hit, with the pommel of his pottery blade – a Bone Clubbing! 8 v.DefEva!
    Molly: hi
    Terra-Cotta Knight 4: 44 Physical Ground damage, no additional effects. But it’s a Reckless attack, leaving the soldier open!
    Molly: (( does that include the -8 damage?))
    Terra-Cotta Knight 5: Oh! No it did not.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 5: Derp herp.
    Molly: 17
    Molly: Molly loses 17 hit points.
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 5 moves towards Beverly, and swings in a Slash! 0 v.DefEva!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 5: Er, Starcatcher.
    Starcatcher: “Woop!”
    Terra-Cotta Knight 5: And that’s a miss. Kirlia are tough to hit!
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 6 moves up, and attempts to Bone Club Surolam! 2 v.DefEva!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 6: With her Physical Evasion? Pssh. The blade barely registers against her scales.
    Surolam: tink
    Terra-Cotta Knight 7: Hrm. The woman before him is wakwardly placed. The soldier stabs the ground, and summons a whirl of Sand around Beverly to enTomb her!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 7: 1 v.SpDefEva, including Mollypain.
    Avara: brb
    Beverly: “Wuh-oh!” Hit.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 7: 12 Special Ground damage, and she’s now in a Vortex. Including the -8 damage.
    Beverly: Beverly loses 7 hit points.
    Beverly: ((Vortex does what again? No moving or no escaping?))
    DNA: slowed, trapped, and lose 1/10 max HP at start of turn.
    DNA: DC is made at end of turn to escape; it starts at 20 and goes down by 6 each time after.
    Stin: (( trapped doesn’t matter since Molly doesn’t use Pokeballs ))
    DNA: sorry, DC is at start of turn, right after the damage.
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 8 Shores Up his defenses. Crap, lemme double-check this move…
    DNA: Thank you, character sheet, for remembering things I didn’t!
    DNA: Shore Up is a healing move, though
    Terra-Cotta Knight 8: Yeah, you’re right. Derp.
    Avara: i’m back. i got a thing
    Terra-Cotta Knight 8: Okay, never mind that. Instead, he turns and moves to attack Molly!
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 8 swings his blade in a Slashing arc! 11 v.DefEva! Flanking negates that penalty to hit.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 8: 31 And Molly’s penalty negates the commander’s bonus!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 8: so that much Normal Physical damage to the cat.
    Molly: Molly loses 12 hit points.
    DNA: After that, you lose your evasion and whatnot, etc etc
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 10 attempts to Bone Club Beverly, since she’s right there! 11 v.DefEva!
    Beverly: Donk
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10: Hit, Flinch, and Trip, because of the Reckless Advance! 27 Physical Ground damage, and now he’s Reckless’d!
    Beverly: Beverly loses 22 hit points.
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 11 attempts to attack the dangerous goat with a Sand Tomb! 6 v.SpDefEva on the goat!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 11: 26 Special Ground damage, and Vortex!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 12: FINALLY, this last Knight moves on Kiir, and attacks with a Bone Club-ing! -3 v.DefEva!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 12: And totally whiffs.
  • Kiir coils around, avoiding the attack completely.
    Henrietta has received initiative.
  • Henrietta continues to telepathically communicate with the shocked general. While she’s not actively using any magic, her aura is tinged with aspects of Heroism, Knowledge, and Law, gripping tightly onto the psychic connection they’d established previously.
    Greenback: Greenback loses 5 hit points.
  • Greenback is more inconvienced than hurt
    Henrietta whispers: . o O (Collect yourself, soldier! Yes, time has passed. Yes, the world has changed and left you behind. But you have your duty yet to fulfill, and your duty as yet is to keep your soldiers from attacking those innocent of harming Raltesia’s people and heritage. You can face the ramifications of time later, but right now, get the FUCK UP.)
    Wyvereign (Human): Those are all high points, so I’ll keep that in mind. Also: You are both Raltesian, and Noblesse, which also help. These are all in your favor.
    Avara: unfortunately that’s more Command than Charm, so my roll isn’t really great for this check.
    Avara: 14 Command.
  • Wyvereign (Human) staggers to his feet.
    Wyvereign (Human): He shakes his head, attempting to clear it. That he is, literally, only half a man, doesn’t help… But perhaps it gives him some room for clarity.
    Wyvereign (Human): “Y… Yes. Aye, m’liege.”
    Zojiik has received initiative.
    Kiir: (( Stin already went ))
    Beverly has received initiative.
    Jil Joti has received initiative.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 9: Oh hey, this guy got slowed!
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 9 steps forward, and tries to bash the goat in the face with a Bone Club! 1 v.DefEva!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 9: Yeah NOPE.
    Starcatcher has received initiative.
  • Greenback blocks the attack with his horns
    Starcatcher: Starcatcher aims an Icy Wind straight north!
    Starcatcher: Powder Snow! Not Icy Wind!
    Starcatcher: 6 Special Evasion!
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 5 is caught in the blast!
    Starcatcher: 54 Special Ice Damage!
    Starcatcher: Done
    Terra-Cotta Knight 5: Terra-Cotta Knight 5 loses 88 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 5 was injured!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 5 suffered Massive Damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 5 fainted!
    It’s a One-Hit Knock Out!
    Jericho: (( Well. SOMEBODY is weak to ice. ))
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 5 is caught in the icy blast. Freezes over. And shatters.
    Starcatcher: Starcatcher gives her staff a twirl!
    Avara: wow~.
  • Stin should have a init of 14 after evolving, btw.
    Avara: i love ice type.
    Jericho: (( It’s great offensively ))
    Starcatcher: “Who else wants a piece of Starcatcher the Magnificent!”
    Ianthe has received initiative.
    Jericho has received initiative.
    Jericho: (( too bad almost everything else is offensively good against it. ))
    Mike: Going ‘round the horn!
    Pirta: “(Wh-whoaaaaa~)”
    Avara: not really even ’almost everything’. its weaknesses are common, but not many in number.
    Avara: so in PAGE it’s actually less of a concern, really.
    Mike: It is like a giant enemy crab. You can hit its weak points for massive damage.
  • Jericho hops up. He’s gotta get to work swiping things if he’s gonna loot anything from this encounter. 2 vs Physical Evade!
    Mike: But Ava’s right that it isn’t quite as bad as could be, or seems in the games.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 9: Le hit!
    Avara: take it from a former and future ice ace.
    Jericho: 37 Physical Dark Damage and le swipeage
    Terra-Cotta Knight 9: It’s been a while, remind me – do you decide what you swipe, or do I?
    Terra-Cotta Knight 9: Terra-Cotta Knight 9 loses 27 hit points.
    Jericho: (( Uh… ))
    Jericho: (( I think we’ve done it both ways before ))
    Starcatcher: ((The swiper, all slots but body if I remember))
    DNA: I think the user of Thief chooses, if I remember my notes correctly.
    Player “Dan” is not connected.
    You whisper to TBG: He’s got a terra-cotta blade, a terra-cotta helmet, and a terra-cotta cape. They all seem a little fragile, now that they’re animated.
  • Jericho lashes out with a hand… and swipes himself a terra-cotta cape. Chicks dig capes.
    Avara: a cape made of clay. that sounds heavy, but potentially very handy if it moves like a cape.
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 9 ‘s SPD Eva is reduced to 0! Besides recklessness.
    Hajime has received initiative.
    Jericho: (( …you mean to tell me this cape grants speed evasion? ))
    Avara: that sounds like aces for you, dude.
    Jericho: (( Oh heck yeah ))
    Hajime: Tumbling at full pelt! 28 DC 24
    Mike: I meant it when I said it was fragile though. :3
    Starcatcher: ((And it lets you blend in to your surroundings. If your surroundings are clay))
    Avara: we can ensorcell it later.
    Jericho: (( meaning it’ll break under certain circumstances ))
  • Hajime runs right on up the ridge too fast for TC12 to follow.
    Molly: Molly gives Hajime a glance and a nod before returning her attention to her enemies.
    Avara: if henrietta can enchant a boat to be a self-repairing battlefield, it stands to reason she can durability up robin hood’s cape.
    Hajime: Hajime glances and nods back, then slams his fist right into TC7. 2 vs Physical
    Terra-Cotta Knight 7: hiiiiiit, but ever so barely.
    Hajime: Should’ve spent an AP. Ah well, it works, so Five-Strike check 5
    Hajime: 3 times
    Terra-Cotta Knight 7: Bam bam bam whiff whiff!
    Hajime: “Oraoraora!” 83 Physical Fire damage to TC7.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 7: Terra-Cotta Knight 7 loses 73 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 7 was injured!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 7 suffered Massive Damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 7 fainted!
    It’s a One-Hit Knock Out!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 7: * The soldier is totally wrecked by that combo. His clay pieces shatter, blacking and cracking from the heat.
    Jericho: (( geeeet dunked on ))
    Hajime: “…Good.” His wrists snap with a crackle of heat. 9End turn)
    Altair Azure has received initiative.
    Molly: “That gives me room to back up.”
    DNA: Now, who do I go for next…
    Mike: I mean, Ava’s crew is a little surrounded.
    Jericho: (( ah, nothing like reducing your enemies to a burning pile of slag ))
    DNA: True, but I can’t get that far yet. So…
    Jericho: (( that’s why fire is my favorite type ))
  • Mike is having fun with the death animations.
    Altair Azure: Altair raises his hand towards TC10. -1 vs Special
    DNA: Oh no!
    Avara: hold on a mo’
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10: * Even in his recklessness, that attack wouldn’t hit!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10: But if Henrietta can help…
    Jericho: (( Miiiiike. Your maps are always so much prettier than mine. How do you do it? ))
    Avara: guided mind. reroll accuracy.
    Altair Azure: 1
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10: There ya go!
    Altair Azure: It’s Reckless, so it works!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10: (( I start with broad strokes, and then try for irregular shapes in natural environments. ))
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10: (( I don’t have a specific technique, but that’s the ten-thousand-foot view, I guess. ))
    Jericho: (( and then you add happy little trees, right? ))
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 10 advanced too far forward with its attack, so Altair can totally hit him.
    Altair Azure: 34 Special Grass damage to TC10, and jutting up brambles beneath his feet.
    Avara: and occasionally sad little trees. points to the leafless trees
    Jericho: (( Nah, they’re happy too. They just got a haircut ))
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10: Terra-Cotta Knight 10 loses 48 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10 was injured!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10 suffered Massive Damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10: The injury lowered the Speed stat!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10: The injury lowered the Attack stat!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10: Terra-Cotta Knight 10 has had it’s Speed modified by -1 stages.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10: Terra-Cotta Knight 10 has had it’s Attack modified by -1 stages.
    Avara: part of it’s probably the seasonally accurate set-up. there’s not much in the way of flowers or tall grass, as it’s autumn moving into winter. so everything’s set appropriately.
  • Altair Azure felt a surge of adrenaline from TC10’s injuries!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10: 4
    Jericho: (( I don’t think I’ve seen the falling leaves sprite before… ))
    Jericho: (( er, fallen* leaves ))
    Altair Azure: Altair Azure has had it’s Attack modified by 2 stages.
    Altair Azure: Altair Azure has had it’s Sp.Attack modified by 2 stages.
    Altair Azure: Altair Azure has had it’s Speed modified by 2 stages.
    DNA: (End turn.)
    Mike: Fallen leaves, in my sprite mega-folder, are under Grasslands/Autumn and Grasslands/Leaves, IIRC.
    Mike: Yeah.
    Stin: (( holy fuck how did you get +6 CS in one turn ))
    Stin: (( please tell me that’s a Scene feature ))
    DNA: It is
  • Wyvereign (Human) walks off the cliff. He lands in the classic Hero Pose, and then stands.
  • Jericho applauds.
    Jericho: “Superhero pose. Classic.”
    Wyvereign (Human): “My leige.” He nods, and then strikes the soldier next to him with energy-rife Claws of the Dragon. 14 v.DefEva!
    Wyvereign (Human): 49 Physical Dragon damage.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2: Terra-Cotta Knight 2 loses 39 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2 was injured!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2 suffered Massive Damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2: The injury lowered the Special Attack stat!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2: The injury lowered the Speed stat!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2: Terra-Cotta Knight 2 has had it’s Speed modified by -1 stages.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2: Terra-Cotta Knight 2 has had it’s Sp.Attack modified by -1 stages.
    Stin has received initiative.
  • Henrietta nods approvingly.
    Mike: Gonna get some H2O! Stin, Molly, Surolam!
    Mike: Oh!
    Mike: Before I forget.
    Wyvereign (Human): * Now that the General is on the field, he, too, exudes an Aura of Command.
    Wyvereign (Human): Fortunately for you, he’s not commanding the soldiers.
    Wyvereign (Human): ALright now h2o.
    Molly: Molly is going to target Terra-Cotta Knight 1! 17 vs Special Evasion!
    Molly: Critical Hit
    Molly: Activating Steel Shot
  • Stin lets out an echoing cry that reverberates through the valley.
    Stin: 7 Special vs Knight 11.
    Stin: 37 Ghost Special damage
    Molly: 84 Special Normal Damage against Terra-Cotta Knight 1! Steel Shot causes Terra-Cotta Knight 2 to take the same damage, resisted one step.
    Molly: Molly loses 1 ability points. Current Ability Points: 2, Maximum Ability Points: 9
  • Surolam glides down off the rock, lining up her shot, before smacking Knight 6 with her tail.
    Molly: 57 Special Normal if they are immune to criticals. Which wouldn’t be surprising.
    Surolam: 7 vs Physical
    Surolam: 56 Dragon Physical, pushed 6 meters!
    Wyvereign (Human): (( back! ))
    Avara: things happened!
    Mike: Yep, scrolling back now!
  • Greenback lashes out with a prehensile whip at TCK 9! This is a Reach attack, not ranged, so it doesn’t provoke AoOs! 14 vs Physical!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 1: Terra-Cotta Knight 1 loses 74 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 1 was injured!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 1 suffered Massive Damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 1 fainted!
    It’s a One-Hit Knock Out!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2: Terra-Cotta Knight 2 loses 37 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2 was injured!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2 suffered Massive Damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2 fainted!
    Greenback: 33 Physical Grass Damage!
    Molly: ((MOlly shifted before that attack))
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2: Ack
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2: Terra-Cotta Knight 2 is healed and gains 37 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2 was revived!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 1: Terra-Cotta Knight 1 is healed and gains 74 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 1 was revived!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 1: Terra-Cotta Knight 1 loses 47 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 1 was injured!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 1 suffered Massive Damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2: Terra-Cotta Knight 2 loses 23 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 11: Terra-Cotta Knight 11 loses 27 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 6: Terra-Cotta Knight 6 loses 46 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 6 was injured!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 6 suffered Massive Damage!
    Surolam: (( She was pushing him into the cliff wall ))
    Surolam: (( I assume she can’t push him to hit the other two up there ))
    Terra-Cotta Knight 6: Nope, but it’ll still do a little bit.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 6: 8
    Terra-Cotta Knight 6: Terra-Cotta Knight 6 loses 8 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 6: That was quite a dust-up just now.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2: The injury lowered the Special Defense stat!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2: The injury lowered the Accuracy stat!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2: Terra-Cotta Knight 2 has had it’s Sp.Defense modified by -1 stages.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2: Terra-Cotta Knight 2 has had it’s Accuracy modified by -1 stages.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 1: The injury lowered the Defense stat!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 1: The injury lowered the Defense stat!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 1: Terra-Cotta Knight 1 has had it’s Defense modified by -2 stages.
    Surolam: (( Greenback attacked as well ))
    Terra-Cotta Knight 9: Terra-Cotta Knight 9 loses 46 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 9 was injured!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 9 suffered Massive Damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 9 fainted!
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 9 crumbles as the vines shatter his form.
    Kiir has received initiative.
    Gramaan has received initiative.
    Chihiro has received initiative.
    Molly has received initiative.
    Surolam has received initiative.
    Jemyn Temyta has received initiative.
    Greenback has received initiative.
    Ecran has received initiative.
    Mike: There we go, I think we’re caught up.
    Mike: Ecran!
  • Ecran uses minor action to pick up the dropped Terra-Cotta Sword. Does it grant any moves?
    Mike: One moment, lemme checkee
    Mike: Adept: Slash
    Master: Bone Club

Fragile, just like the cape.

Avara: those ranks being for combat?
Greenback: (( the heck is a minor action? ))
Avara: i don’t like “move action” in a game with moves
Jericho: (( it’s a “Shift Action” ))
Avara: shift is also an action.
Jericho: (( never said it was perfect. ))
Mike: It’s a Fine-quality weapon. And yes, you must have those ranks of Combat skill to use those moves.
Mike: It’s a One-Handed Melee weapon, so it grants +1 DB.

  • Ecran will just hold onto the sword to keep the enemy from using it, and use Magical Leaf instead. 2 crit check vs TCK3.
    Ecran: 23 grass special damage.
    Greenback: (( Ah, I forgot vortex check ))
    Terra-Cotta Knight 3: Terra-Cotta Knight 3 loses 26 hit points.
    Greenback: 9
    Terra-Cotta Knight 3: The leaves sting the terra-cotta soldier, but he can weather the attack.
    Avara: end turn.
    Greenback: Greenback loses 8 hit points.
    Avara: … oh, wait
    Terra-Cotta Knight 3: ?
    Avara: +8 damage from molly to the roll. and if it stacks (i think it does NOT), +5 further from the general.
    Molly: ((Same class? Then no.))
    DNA: (It wouldn’t stack if they’re both commanders)
    Avara: then just +8, which becomes 16 after SE
    Terra-Cotta Knight 3: Terra-Cotta Knight 3 loses 16 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 3 was injured!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 3: The injury lowered the Speed stat!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 3: The injury lowered the Accuracy stat!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 3: Terra-Cotta Knight 3 has had it’s Speed modified by -1 stages.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 3: Terra-Cotta Knight 3 has had it’s Accuracy modified by -1 stages.
    Avara: and i think that would be massive damage, as it was in one hit
    Jericho: (( Well, that confirms one of his classes. Guessing the other is HoP ))
    Terra-Cotta Knight 3: Yes it was!
    Jericho: (( Logical combination. ))
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 1 strikes at Chihiro, ignoring his commander, with a Bone Club! 0 v.DefEva!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 1: Womp womp.
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 4 summons a Sandstorm!
    Molly: “Ugh, someone better clear this up. Sand is the worst…” Molly frowned, looking over her fur.
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 6 attempts to Shore himself Up during the sandstorm!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 6: Terra-Cotta Knight 6 is healed and gains 54 hit points.
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 8 walks up to Molly to continue his attack, Slashing away! 9 v.DefEva!
    Molly: Hit!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 8: 23 Physical Normal damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 8: Including the Molly antipain.
    Molly: Molly loses 4 hit points.
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 11 walks up to Jericho, flakes dripping off him, and attempts to Club him! 9 v.DefEva!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 11: Gotta check how the weather handles this, one sec
    Jericho: (( Huh. I totally should have left his friend standing. Oh well. ))
    Avara: does anyone have a weather move? i’m guessing no.
    Avara: … wait, no, surolam does.
    DNA: Dohohoho
    Avara: surolam can make it dragon weather.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 11: 36 Physical Ground damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 11: Sandstorm doesn’t actually add damage to ground moves.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 11: Hunh!
    Jericho: Jericho loses 26 hit points.
    Avara: what’s the DoT for sandstorm?
  • Jericho baaaarely avoids 50%
    Terra-Cotta Knight 12: So that depends on the version.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 12: I think we’re using AEB ones, so Lv. 1 doesn’t do any damage.
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 12 increases the sandstorm’s power! It’s now a Sandstorm Lv. 2!
    DNA: Sand damage doesn’t happen until level 3
    Weather (Sandstorm): Initiative =
    Avara: ok
    Henrietta has received initiative.
  • Henrietta recalls Chihiro.
  • Henrietta then ends turn, lacking fancy things to do.
    Avara: iirc recall is a major/standard/whatever
    Zojiik has received initiative.
    Jericho: (( Hmm… the knights, despite the size of their sprites, are Medium Size, yes? ))
    Mike: They are Medium, yes.
    Jericho: (( perfect ))
    Mike: Is Zojiik taking a turn? Or did I just miss her in the toggling?
    Avara: stin did a scream this turn
    Beverly has received initiative.
    Jil Joti has received initiative.
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 3 attempts to Bone Club Ecran! 10 v.DefEva!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 3: Oh wait!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 3: He can’t.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 3: Because he lacks a weapon.
  • Ecran is holding that weapon.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 3: >:(
    Ecran: >:)
    Jericho: >.>
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 3 attempts to just punch at Ecran, then! -2 v.DefEva!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 3: Haha, whiff. He is not trained in hand-to-hand.
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 2 Shores Up his cracking, nearly-crumbling form!
    Avara: heh
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2: If anyone has an interrupt, wouldn’t be a bad target for it.
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 2 gives it a few seconds.
  • DNA doesn’t use interrupts; /shrug
Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): h,switch(defType) Statement Body : case 0: defAmt=MDEF; case 1: defAmt=MSDEF; case 2: defAmt=0; default: defAmt=0

Jericho: (( couldn’t reach if I had one ))
Avara: none for this
Surolam: (( I’m going to stop that sandstorm ))
Terra-Cotta Knight 2: Terra-Cotta Knight 2 is healed and gains 62 hit points.
Starcatcher: ((I’m just going to murder him anyway~))

  • Terra-Cotta Knight 10 attempts to Slash at Beverly! 18 v.DefEva!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10: CRIT
    Jericho: (( lol ))
    Beverly: Meany poop!
    Beverly: hit
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10: 41 Physical Normal damage, and just out of range of Molly’s aura!
    Beverly: Beverly loses 37 hit points.
    Beverly: Give me an injury~
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10: The injury lowered the Defense stat!
    Avara: hold on a mo’
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10: Holdin’ mo!
    Avara: Lucky Chant is in effect.
    Mike: (Mo) “Hey leggo!”
    Avara: you can negate that crit.
    Mike: Oh yeah! Pop a Chant?
    Beverly: Yes please
    Avara: 2 left.
    Beverly: Beverly is healed and gains 37 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10: The damage is instead 29 Physical Normal!
    Beverly: Beverly loses 25 hit points.
    Beverly: Keeping the injury
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10: Still helpful!
    Starcatcher has received initiative.
    Starcatcher has received initiative.
    Molly: Molly loses 1 ability points. Current Ability Points: 1, Maximum Ability Points: 9
    Jericho: (( this is gonna suck for them ))
    Starcatcher: Starcatcher attempts to Powder Snow! Line 4 to the north. 2 Special Evasion
  • Wyvereign (Human) sees the Kirlia from the corner of his eye, and gives the slightest nod. +5 damage.
    Wyvereign (Human): (( from the aura ))
    Starcatcher: 63 Special Ice Damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2: Terra-Cotta Knight 2 loses 110 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2 was injured!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2 suffered Massive Damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 2 fainted!
    It’s a One-Hit Knock Out!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 1: Terra-Cotta Knight 1 loses 106 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 1 was injured!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 1 suffered Massive Damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 1 fainted!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 6: Terra-Cotta Knight 6 loses 106 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 6 was injured!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 6 suffered Massive Damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 6 fainted!
    It’s a One-Hit Knock Out!
    Avara: n-ice
    Wyvereign (Human): “…Like a tiny Regice…”
    Ianthe has received initiative.
    Altair Azure has received initiative.
    Henrietta: “The modern age still has wonderful examples of Raltesian descendants, don’t you think?”
    Starcatcher: “Ho ho ho~”
    Starcatcher: Starcatcher puffed out her chest confidently.
    Wyvereign (Human): “Q-quite.” O.O An ancestral fear of Ice still lurks within the general’s half-spirit.
    Surolam: “We are fortunate to have her on our side.”
    Starcatcher: “And I have a lovely singing voice.”
    Beverly: “Modest, too.”
    Jericho: (( Whoa, alty got fast all of a sudden ))
    Avara: the sandstorm effect goes really well with the autumn color pallet.
  • Altair Azure materializes a small thin energy blade in each hand, and hurls them toward TC11! 5 vs Special Evasion to take advantage of Molly.
    Altair Azure: wait, sorry, that’s too far.
    Altair Azure: Can’t get the Molly bonus, so just 3 vs Special Evasion.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 11: Still, that’ll hit.
    Altair Azure: A substantially larger energy sword slams into TC11 from the side, dealing 69 Special Ground damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 11: Terra-Cotta Knight 11 loses 59 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 11 was injured!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 11 suffered Massive Damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 11 fainted!
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 11 is cut in twain, stem to stern!
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 11 ’s halves fall apart, and crumble.
    DNA: Odyssey is great.
    Jericho: “Huh. I guess that works too.”
    Jericho has received initiative.
    Avara: afk
  • Jericho hucks a rock at TCK 10! 13 vs Physical Evade!
    Jericho: It’s one of his special rocks! 8
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10: Hit! Which one’s that one?
    Jericho: It’s a Skipping Stone! After dealing damage, Jericho may make a second attack on a target within 6 meters of the original target.
    Surolam: (( niiiiice ))
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10: Ooh, well done. Roll it again for the next guy!
    Jericho: 32 Physical Rock Damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 12: Terra-Cotta Knight 12 loses 11 hit points.
    Jericho: Bouncing to hit TCK 12! 6 vs Physical Evade!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 12: CLONK.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10: Terra-Cotta Knight 10 loses 11 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 12: BONK
    Jericho: 36 Physical Rock Damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 12: Terra-Cotta Knight 12 loses 4 hit points.
    Jericho: “Huh. Not as effective as I would have liked.”
    Terra-Cotta Knight 12: There we go. Rock, unfortunately, isn’t terribly effective against Ground. But hey, splash damage!
    Hajime has received initiative.
    Jericho: (( Not like I can close into melee right now anyways ))
    Mike: (( Some games would give you the “hit two guys twice for half damage” as a special attack. Here, it just ended up a a meh effect. ))
    Mike: Hajime, punch-away!
  • Hajime moves through shadow to strike at TC8! 15
    Hajime: Dealing 54 Physical Dark damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 8: Terra-Cotta Knight 8 loses 44 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 8 was injured!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 8 suffered Massive Damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 8: The injury lowered the Accuracy stat!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 8: The injury lowered the Special Attack stat!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 8: Terra-Cotta Knight 8 has had it’s Accuracy modified by -1 stages.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 8: Terra-Cotta Knight 8 has had it’s Sp.Attack modified by -1 stages.
    DNA: (That’s all from me)
    Terra-Cotta Knight 8: * The soldier begins to crumble, but it isn’t falling apart yet.
    Wyvereign (Human): (( looking up a thing… ))
    Avara: backish.
    Wyvereign (Human): (( Okay, not too useful here. Oh well. ))
  • Wyvereign (Human) hops over Henrietta, and slams into the next soldier with a Force Palm! 15 v.DefEva!
    Wyvereign (Human): 45 Physical Fighting to the face!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 3: Terra-Cotta Knight 3 loses 35 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 3 was injured!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 3 suffered Massive Damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 3 fainted!
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 3 shatters at the touch!
    Stin has received initiative.
  • Wyvereign (Human) dusts off his hands. “I apologize, m’leige.”
    Wyvereign (Human): “I was… Am. Not myself.”
    Wyvereign (Human): “Not fully.”
    Henrietta: “Indeed not. That is what we are working to fix, in fact.”
    Mike: Four soldiers left! …And I had totally forgotten to boost their initiative from the sandstorm.
    Mike: So right now it isn’t actually doing anything.
    Mike: Go ahead and do your thing, stin, I’ll just adjust them…
    Stin: (( does she take an aoo from that? ))
    Stin: (( also a burst 1 here won’t hit beverly, right? ))
    Jericho: (( Burst 1 won’t hit beverly, no ))
    Mike: Burst 1 will not hit Beverly. I’m afraid I missed the approach, but – it’s a little late and I’m a nice guy, so if I didn’t notice, they didn’t notice.
  • Stin takes a deep breath, before singing out a loud, pounding song.
    Stin: 7 vs Special, Burst 1
    Mike: Hit and hit!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10: * The soldiers clasp their hands to their ears!
    Stin: 36 Ghost Special damage
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10: Terra-Cotta Knight 10 loses 26 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10 was injured!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 10 fainted!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 12: Terra-Cotta Knight 12 loses 26 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 12 was injured!
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 10 shatters like a wine glass!
    Kiir has received initiative.
    Gramaan has received initiative.
    Molly has received initiative.
    Molly: Molly draws an AoO from TCK8 as she attempts to SHOOT HIM IN THE FACE! 19 Special Evasion
    Molly: Steel Shot
    Molly: 60 Special Normal to TCK8. TCK4 takes the same damage, but resists it one step.
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 8 attempts to BASH HER IN THE FACE. 8 with a Bone Club!
    Molly: hit
    Terra-Cotta Knight 8: 20 Physical Ground damage.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 8: Terra-Cotta Knight 8 loses 50 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 8 was injured!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 8 suffered Massive Damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 8 fainted!
    Molly: Molly loses 1 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 4: Terra-Cotta Knight 4 loses 25 hit points.
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 8 shatters, covering Hajime in terra-cotta dust.
    Molly: turn done
    Molly: Molly loses 1 ability points. Current Ability Points: 0, Maximum Ability Points: 9
    Surolam has received initiative.
  • Hajime coughs, dust now all over his cloak.
    Mike: Surolam! Two soldiers remain.
    Hajime: “Gonna have to wash this pretty good later…”
    Molly: “I concur.”
  • Surolam focuses, drawing on the draconic energy within her and sending it into the earth around her.
    Surolam: “Let’s put an end to it now, then.”
  • Surolam uses Dragon Ruins! Weather changes to Ruined.
    Molly: “That is weirdly refreshing.”
    Avara: afk
    Hajime: “Huh.” …He coughs a bit, noticing the slight damper on the shadows.
    Mike: The sand subsides. In its place, the world is brought into focus and stark relief.
    Jemyn Temyta has received initiative.
    Greenback has received initiative.
    Greenback: Vortex Check! 17
    Mike: The sandy soldiers are slowed down by the cessation of sand.
  • Greenback is freed from the Vortex!
    Mike: Pretty sure that busts you out by this point!
  • Greenback lashes out with its vines at TCK 12! 3 vs Physical Evade!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 12: Well, and he’s flanked to hell and back.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 12: HIT.
    Greenback: 43 Physical Grass Damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 12: Terra-Cotta Knight 12 loses 66 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 12 was injured!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 12 suffered Massive Damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 12 fainted!
  • Terra-Cotta Knight 12 is snapped in half, and even as his dust settles, you can see thin vines creeping over his remains.
    Ecran has received initiative.
    Mike: I believe Ava is AFK, and she has the turn both before and after this guy.
    Avara: and back
    Mike: >.> Oh nice timing.
    DNA: ohai
    Mike: Ecran! Are you a bad enough dude to finish this last soldier?
    Mike: Dudette. Still. Bad enough?
  • Ecran was going to heal beverly, but will instead assist in downing the last dood.
    Ecran: 5 crit check.
    Ecran: wait no that’s EOT
    Ecran: 18 vs spec
    Avara: close to a crit but not quite
    Terra-Cotta Knight 4: Well THAT’s a good hit.
    Avara: 33 spec psy damage.
    Molly: ((any status…?))
    Terra-Cotta Knight 4: Terra-Cotta Knight 4 loses 23 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 4 was injured!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 4: The injury lowered the Accuracy stat!
    Avara: it was 18, so just short
    Avara: sadly
    Terra-Cotta Knight 4: Terra-Cotta Knight 4 has had it’s Accuracy modified by -1 stages.
    Avara: 19 or 20 would’ve been confused
    Terra-Cotta Knight 4: Still, it’s hurt – you can likely finish it off shortly. But the soldier won’t run, of course.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 4: Instead, he walks up to his commander, and stares him in the eye for a moment. Then attacks, Slashing at him. 7 v.DefEva
    Terra-Cotta Knight 4: 16 Physical Normal damage.
    Wyvereign (Human): Wyvereign (Human) loses 1 hit point.
    Henrietta has received initiative.
  • Wyvereign (Human) takes the blow to the cheek, but barely feels it.
    Wyvereign (Human): “…M’lady. He requires an honorable death.”
    Wyvereign (Human): “Would you… honor him such?”
    Henrietta: “Certainly.”
  • Henrietta grants him the honorable death of a Psychic attack. Which is Psychic. No, the name of the mo—17 vs spec
    Terra-Cotta Knight 4: A hit.
    Henrietta: 57 Psychic Special Damage.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 4: Terra-Cotta Knight 4 loses 47 hit points.
    Terra-Cotta Knight 4 was injured!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 4 suffered Massive Damage!
    Terra-Cotta Knight 4 fainted!
    Avara: and the push direction would have been “against the wall”
    Terra-Cotta Knight 4: The soldier is relieved of his duties, in a most head-exploding manner.
    Mike: FIGHT END.
    Wyvereign (Human): “Thank you.”
  • Greenback bleats happily, and begins to glow!
  • Wyvereign (Human) dusts himself off – futile, since he is also a statue, albeit infused with Draconic aura.
    Greenback: (( aaaand I’m gonna need some help because I don’t have Gogoat’s sprite. ))
    Henrietta: “I was just doing my duty, as you do yours. So, do you have a name, soldier?”
    Mike: Lemme see…
  • Hajime brushes himself off, and doesn’t seem very much the worse for wear.
    Hajime: “You all right, Molly? The sand didn’t seem to agree with you.” He found himself subconsciously trying to fleck motes out of her collar.
    Mike: There ya go!
  • Jemyn Temyta is shaking sand out of his joints.
    Jericho: “WHOA!” Jericho is startled as his little goat creature grows several times its size and flips its trainer on its back.
    Wyvereign (Human): “I am Seok-Hun Yong, of… late of Raltesia. I was an adviser to the Empress, and at times such as these, took command of her armies.”
    Zojiik: “I didn’t see anything that bad about it.”
    Molly: Molly checked over her gun. “I have a very fine coat of fur, it is not very good at keeping sand out.”
  • Altair Azure doesn’t seem bothered by the sand; it either sloughed right off or didn’t even stick to him. A perk of the earth, I guess.
    Jericho: “Okay. This is new.”
    Beverly: _ “Yayaya…”
    Mike: :3
    Hajime: “So I’m noticing. Hold still; I should be able to get all the bits out.”
    Zojiik: “Congratulations on evolving, both of you!”
    Jericho: “Man, your horns make such convient handlebars. It’s like you’re built to be a motorcycle or something.”
  • Zojiik pats Greenback on the nose, because he’s closer.
    Hajime: “…Wait.” He stopped himself once he realized what he was doing. “…Sorry. I need to ask permission first.”
  • Greenback nuzzles into the pets. Even if he’s big now, he can still enjoy them.
    Henrietta: “Indeed. Your body and soul were rent asunder. Your human half is here, your draconic rage is further down the mountain, and your… I suppose draconic consciousness is sealed behind a gate. I’m sorry that Raltesia’s descendants took so long to help you. Honestly, it’s only your draconic aspect that was able to even tell me about the situation, and that I am ‘Noblesse’ as he put it.”
    Henrietta: “We also have one of your own kin helping us.”
    Hajime: “May I assist in removing the sand?”
    Surolam: “Indeed.”
  • Surolam glides over to the ledge.
    Altair Azure: “A goat motorcycle, Jericho? I can’t tell if that’s more or less improbable than a boat wagon.”
    Molly: “You may. Your claws look well adapted to it.”
    Surolam: “This is the first I have heard about the draconic half of my ancestry.”
    Hajime: “Having younger siblings will do that.” He set to work. Thankfully there wasn’t much to pick aside. “Though I can’t say I’m any good at cleaning out a gun barrel.”
  • Jericho snorts. “Far more practical. Easily stored in a Poke Ball and he can go up mountains.”
    Jericho: “All I need are some aviators.”
    Altair Azure: “…Can’t argue with the mountain transport bit there.”
  • Ecran boops Beverly with a Heal Pulse and a Blessed Touch for a total of 75% healing.
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “I do not remember this, but… I know the truth of what you say. I am half of a whole, and I can feel the gaping lack of it, as if I had lost a hand.”
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “Your nobility cannot be denied, however, m’leige. That the lore and legacy of Raltesia was lost… never mind my own pennance, the hardships you must have endured!”
    Molly: “I wont have any trouble cleaning this one out.” Molly glanced at her gun again. “She’s working fine. Something may be loose, I hear a light rattle when it fires.”
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “And…” He turns to Surolam. He stops.
    Henrietta: “Hardships… well I guess by the standards of Raltesian elite they would be. I lived as a wild pokemon, and then as a sage in a fairy glen.” Henrietta then goes quiet, to let Surolam bond with her ancestor-ish person.
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “…You remind me of my daughter. She was born of a human – strange, that I would think of her as such, but perhaps not as strange as I might… mmh.”
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “Regardless. Your voice brings me peace, and your gleam-” another confused moment. “-your gleam is familiar, and a salve for sore eyes.”
    Surolam: “Both my parents are human, as far as I can recall. I am the first in my line to awaken our draconic blood after a long time.”
    Hajime: “That’s good.” He nodded quietly, not sure of what else to say (if there was anything to say).
    Surolam whispers: “I mean, maybe someone else could have, but they didn’t have an advisor like me!” says Little Pummerin, sounding quite proud.
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “After the fall… perhaps everyone went into hiding. Your ancestors, and yours, alike. Yours in the wild, and yours in the human world.” He turns to Henrietta and Surolam in turn for those nods. “It was a plan sometimes discussed. I had given it my own approval as an emergency evacuation measure.”
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “The darkness lusted for Raltesia, its powerful minds and auras. Humans and undisciplined wild Pokemon were little more than table scraps, compared to the feast we presented.”
    Molly: Molly felt no need to say anything. She quietly enjoyed the grooming.
    Surolam: “The darkness?”
    DNA: Urge to blush rising?
    Mike: Don’t stop… b-baka.
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “We never learned its true name, and could only suss its purpose from its actions.”
    DNA whispers: Blue-Blaze: “Wait, he’s mentioning the darkness? Simmer down; we should listen to this!”
    Avara: question: what does seok-hun mean by gleam?
    Jericho: “I feel like we need a magic missile all of a sudden.”
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “An absence of light, and perhaps of reality itself. it would descend on a place, and… replace it, for a time. And when it rose up, all the people and Pokemon therein were gone.”
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “Our most powerful Psychics, skilled in telepathy and various cognitions, would investigate. And they nearly broke from the echoes they sensed.”
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “It consumed sanity, and broke wills. Where an Arcanine might gnaw at your marrows, it would gnaw your memories.”
    Surolam: “Is it gone now? Or could it come again?”
    Jericho: “Wait… how would you know this if there was never anyone left?”
    Avara: jil commented on the thing before. it was destroyed in almsbarrow. for all that an eldritch abomination can be destroyed, this one was.
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “I am not Psychic myself, but it was explained to me once. How would you know a prisoner lived in a cell, if there was no prisoner and no body? You would count the tally marks, the scuffles on the floor from his pacing, the wear around the bars from futile efforts to escape.”
    Altair Azure: “Wait, did you…actually see the Darkness, or did you only hear about it second-hand?”
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “I remember, it seemed… sated, after consuming Raltesia proper. It rose, and left, and I did not see it until… my memory fades. A cloud of rage.”
    Jericho: “Honestly, ‘The Darkness’ sounds like some sort of saturday morning cartoon villain. Or maybe some sort of heavy metal band.”
    Surolam: “I believe that is what the draconic half we mentioned talked about, then. A rage that continued until it was sealed.”
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “In my time, though, I fought it. Its minions, at least, which would attempt to wear down our defenses, pierce shields, crack crystals.”
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “We could hold it at bay, for a time. But they were delaying actions, nothing more. In time, it always found a way.”
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “May it starve to death in a pit of light somewhere.” He spits, but produces only dust.
    Altair Azure: “…Do you know how or if you managed to make any headway against it?”
    Jericho: “Stabbed it in the right place would be my guess.”
    Henrietta: 21 edu occult for knowledge about the darkness, if i haven’t rolled this before. can’t remember.
    Mike: Still worth a shot. Lemme thinkee~
    You whisper to Avara: Hrm. The Darkness is a tale told to naughty children, and one of the edgier ones. They say you have to fight atop your own mind, and if you lose, it gets the ‘land’. If you win, it retreats, denied you as a meal.
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): "One would think so. I never entered it. Those who did, did not return. But defeating its minions would slow its advance. When we pioneered Crystal magitek, we had a defense against it.
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “We could shield ourselves in solid crystals, where it could not touch or see us, but we in turn could not be touched or seen. It was… not viable for large-scale use. Only powerful warriors could use it.”
    Henrietta: “The Darkness is sort of spoken of as a bogeyman to make sure young psychic-types do their practices and behave. It’s said that it preys on children, and attacks them atop the plane of their own mind. If you lose, it gets claim of the ‘land’ within. If you win, it retreats, denied its meal.”
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “Heh. In my time, those were classified theories.”
    Zojiik: “Everything comes out, in the end. It all depends on how it gets shared.”
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “Indeed.” He sighs.
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “Still. A measure of hope – my leige and my…” He looks to Surolam. “Forgive me my presumption, but: my descendant? A distant cousin?”
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “You stand before me, and offer me absolution. What need I do to obtain it?”
    Altair Azure: “…I see. That’s about what I thought. It’s just I heard you mentioning the Darkness, and…I recall studying a bit about it at one point. Didn’t get very far, though.”
    Henrietta: “You and the draconic rage embodied at the base of the mountain have to be brought to the gates where the other half of your mind awaits. You’ll be able to merge whole, and… well, the aspect of you in the gate wished to pass on and be reincarnated.”
    Surolam: “As she said. There were other ideas raised, that perhaps you could each become a new soul, but in the end we decided to find you as well, and hear from you.”
    Henrietta: “If it matters at all, as your present liege, I’m willing to release you of any duties. The choice is yours and yours alone, to be discussed among your selves.”
    Henrietta: “You can be reincarnated, or we can attempt making an enchanted body for you to inhabit as a whole, or… any other option we may be able to achieve.”
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “Then I will have that discussion. With… myself.” blink “Thank you, my leige.” He bows. “Your grace is appreciated.”
  • Seok-Hun Yong (Human) sounds a little breathless, a little awestruck.
    Jericho: “Well, that’s one half. Shall we go look for the other?”
  • Henrietta nods. “We still need to subdue the ever-burning draconic rage before we can finish.”
    Altair Azure: “A good idea. …Maybe he knows more about the Darkness. Wouldn’t that be something?”
    Hajime: “Aaaaaaaaaaaand done. There, all the sand is gone.”
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “Perhaps.” He straightens up.
    Avara: rob
    Avara: beverly got healed for 75%
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “I will find the other half of me, back down the path. I will await you there.”
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “I stood at my post for centuries. Another day, with myself for company, is a trifle.”
    Beverly: Beverly is healed and gains 59 hit points.
    Henrietta: “That should make for interesting conversation.”
    Surolam: “We will meet you there,” Surolam says with a bow.
    Mike: Shall we call it here? It’s a bit after midnight for me. >.>
    Henrietta: “Good luck and good day, Seok-Hun Yong.”
    Avara: calling it sounds good
    Jericho: (( can do ))
    DNA: I agree!
    Avara: i need to rearrange my computer set-up ‘cause my chair started breaking down. at the moment i’m on the floor staring up at a monitor on the desk.
    Avara: ’s why i had to afk mid-fight.
    GrayGriffin: EXP?
    Mike: So, thinking I have this right. 90 PKMN EXP for each Trainer, and 2 TXP as well.
    DNA: TL 21.5
    Mike: Also, the items real quick; The cape is Shoulder slot, +1 Speed Evasion. The sword is as described: Slash for Adept users, Bone Club for Master users, a One-Handed weapon so it grants +1 DB. BOTH items will BREAK if you sustain an Injury while using them.
    Mike: Alrighty. I think that covers everything?
    Mike: Saving campaign and log!
    Avara: sounds good.
    Avara is disconnected.
Cookies, Chores, Claire

Mike Desktop has connected.
DNA has connected.
TBG has connected.
Mike: So we have a DNA and a TBG. Dawn is out tonight. Rob is going to be attempting to log in here shortly.
Mike: I guess I’ll poke Ava.
DNA: Schwing
Mike: I did have an idea or two for what tonight’s activity might be, but… this might be more of a case of ‘poke around and maybe find interesting things.’ Lemme grab my notes.
Molly has connected.
Mike: It’s a Molly!
Mike: Welcome back.
Mike: Ava has been bepoke’d. While I give her a few minutes to wake up and maybe see my message – is there any bookkeeping that needs to be done, or questions, etc. etc.?
DNA: My stuff is up-to-date so I’m okay there.
Molly: I think I’m all ready for things
DNA: TL 21.8 is where we are right now.
Mike: Alrighty. No response from Ava, but she might show up whenever, or not! Can’t be 100% certain on her end sometimes.
Mike: Ah, there’s a ping from her. Heh.
Mike: And yeah, her sleep schedule is bewhacked. She will not be joining us tonight either.
When we last left our heroes, they had bunked for the night on Route 7, surrounded by a contingent of Warriork women – who worshipped Surolam’s draconic species as the Bringer of Desolation.
They are all, to a one, loud snorers.
The sun rises over the mountainous route, and the air is cool. You can smell snow in the air, but none is falling. If you cast your gaze far, far up the slope, though, there you can see it – a gentle wintry dusting starting to acumulate.
The road ahead, however, bears no such snowy malice for you. The trees remain multicolored and the ground remains clear, as the Warriork begin to break camp.
Crucibelle Liquisdom: From their number, the Crucibelle, pink goo in a pot, clomps about on the ground, refreshed, and speaks. “Alright gals! Best behavior for Claire!”
Crucibelle Liquisdom: “…And our suicidal guests, too, why not.”
Jericho: “Gee, thanks.”
Warriork Ghratutha: checks her smartphone “They’ll be okay. By my research, adventurers thrive on doing stupid stuff.”
Warriork Pruzag: “Your research is all tale and no fact.”
Altair Azure: “I’d consider ‘risky’ to be a more appropriate adjective, myself…”
Jericho: “No, that may as well be fact.”
Warriork Ghratutha: “Eh.” shrug
Warriork Pruzag: “Either way, things end well. Either Bringer of Desolation is revived, or we die in glorious battle and are purged by his rage, bettering lan by losing our weakness.”
Warriork Pruzag: (( *clan ))
Crucibelle Liquisdom: “That is also not helpful. OKAY THEN if everything’s packed, are we good to go? What about you guys?” She clomps to turn to our heroes.
Jericho: “Ready as I’m gonna be.”
Altair Azure: “I’m fully prepared.”
Jericho: Jericho is healed and gains 48 hit points.
Picking up your belongings, the road stretches westward, staying roughly level. The mountains above you, and the mountain-spike peak below you, hem you in. But it isn’t long before you see…
Mike: (( You may plop tokens on the Temple 13 map. ))
Several buildings, tucked into the trees. Two appear to be houses of some kind. One is a temple – that has obviously seen much better days.
Warriork Pruzag: “Ah, good. Is as we left it.”
Jericho: “Crumbling in disrepair?”
Warriork Pruzag: “Yes. Has been this way for many seasons.”
Warriork Pruzag: “Claire keeps temple as was wounded by Bringer.”
Warriork Pruzag: “Come, you meet her. Clan, to Claire’s house!”
Altair Azure: “So they keep it wrecked as it was destroyed during the fight? Huh…” he wondered aloud.
Mike: As you move around the bend of the path, you can see the torii, stretching above the treeline. You can also see a small house, a yard… Two gravestones…
Old Woman Clara: …And an old woman, bent with age, and dirty hands. She’s looking at the graves, contemplative. She doesn’t event notice the troop of Warriork, or the adventurers, on the road.
Jericho whispers: What is appropriate Shikoku conduct for respecting the dead?
Altair Azure: “…Do we have time to stop here? If only for a few minutes.”
You whisper to TBG: That’s a good question. I hadn’t thought of any particular death rituals, I admit!

  • Warriork Pruzag nods, and then speaks quietly. “This is stop.”
    Old Woman Clara: 20
    Old Woman Clara: * The old woman finally snaps out of her reverie at the sound of voices. “Oh, heh. My apologies – I didn’t see you there!” Her voice cracks with age.
    Old Woman Clara: “Zaag clan, welcome again. Is it already that time of year?” She speaks slowly.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Yes. The world becomes desolate, and so we come on pilgrimage.” She bows her head for a moment, then raises it. “And we bring friends.”
  • Old Woman Clara advances towards the road to see you better.
    Old Woman Clara: “Ahhh. Hello, dears. My name is Clara. What’s yours?”
    Jericho: “Jericho Swift. A pleasure to meet you.”
    Altair Azure: “I’m Altair, one of many pilgrims to Shikoku.”
    Old Woman Clara: “Jerry, Al, very nice to meet you.” Though hunched, she seems to have some kind of sparkle in her eye. “Are you pilgrims, too? Or prisoners, perhaps?”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Hah. You do us honor.”
    Warriork Ghratutha: “It was a joke.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Jokes are honor too.”
    Altair Azure: “I said my name was Altair, not Albert.”
    Jericho: “Yeah, he prefers Alty.”
    Altair Azure: “Who?” he asked Jericho.
    Jericho: “Why are you bringing bands into this, Alty?”
    Altair Azure: “Never heard of her.” He turns back to the woman. “Are you the temple keeper here, madam?”
    Old Woman Clara: “I am, son. About all that’s left for all four temples on this mountain.”
    Old Woman Clara: “The dragon’s gate, the terra-cotta army, the wisteria tower, and the desolation.”
    Altair Azure: “…So that’s why I didn’t see any other temple keepers at the sites… Why is it so barren up here?”
    Old Woman Clara: “For the temples, or the rest of the landscape?”
    Old Woman Clara: A sigh. “I can’t keep up with the temples as well as I once could, dear. Especially now that Alex has passed.”
    Old Woman Clara: “But the temples themselves… these temples are a bit different from the others, I suppose. They commemorate a dragon that nearly brought the mountains down. I’m sure the Zaag clan have already told you all about it.” A dismissive hand wave. “They’re big fans.”
    Old Woman Clara: “Thankfully, many of the temples don’t require very much maintenance. Though the army needs polishing, and this one… Well, this one is tricky. It’s why we built our house here.”
    Old Woman Clara: “Oh. If you’re pilgrims, I suppose you want the stamps, hm?”
    Altair Azure: “…Yes, please.” He takes out his stamp card (as well as Surolam’s – continuity!) to hold out to the woman. “What numbers were these temples, again?”
    Old Woman Clara: “11, through 14. And if you’re asking where number 10 is – it’s in town. That charlatan controls the place, hides the stamp machine in the gift shop.”
  • Jericho snorts. “Yeah, sounds like him.”
    Old Woman Clara: “Ah, you’ve met him.” She says it like you’ve tried a foreign delecacy that has no delight for her tongue.
    Old Woman Clara: “Well, the stamp machines are at the front of the house, on the work table. You’re welcome to them… but I haven’t been able to fix them yet.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Someone break temples?”
    Altair Azure: “Ah, darn. Looks like I missed it and I’ll have to go back for it.”
    Old Woman Clara: “Nothing as heinous as that, but the stamp machines, yes. Hoodlums from Crabchitin, I’m sure, out to cause mischief.”
    Old Woman Clara: (( Fortunately, the town is basically where you’ll hit the main path again,so hey. ))
    DNA: Indeedy-do.
    Altair Azure: “How can we repair them?”
    Old Woman Clara: “It’s all mechanical. Harry was always better with those things than I was.”
    Old Woman Clara: “It looks like the hoodlums just took a simple hammer to them. A few spare parts, or some ad-hoc work… He could always find a way to use duct tape to get something done…”
    Old Woman Clara: “But, if you get them fixed again, you’re welcome to the stamp, of course.” A hint of a smile. “Always happy to put a child to work, heh.”
    Altair Azure: “If it’s just mechanical, I might be able to try my hand at it. I’m not a handyman but I know at least some things about machines.”
    Jericho: “Eh, I’m no handyman, but I tinkered around a bit with machines when I was little. Can’t be that different.”
    Old Woman Clara: “I would appreciate it. In the meantime, you’re welcome to my kitchen, as well. Oh, and the library, of course.”
  • Old Woman Clara points northwards, straight through the torii.
    Old Woman Clara: “It’s that building there. Many old books in it – the previous temple-keeper collected them. Open to everybody, but no borrowing. The overdue fees after a full temple pilgrimage are quite hefty, heh.”
    Old Woman Clara: “And the temple itself is just past it. Please try not to repair it too much, but you’re free to look inside it. Appreciate how powerful the Bringer of Desolation was.”
    Warriork Pruzag: * The Warriorks nod as one, glad for the statement.
    Altair Azure: “Yeah, that’s understandable. First for me, the stamp machines.” Altair makes his way over to the work bench. He sees…3? 4? of them.
  • Jericho follows, and would roll up his sleeves if he had any. Time to get to work!
    Mike: There’re three stamp machines, scattered on and behind the work table, around the side of the house. (( They are the dome-topped square doodads there. ))
    Mike: * And sure enough, they do appear to have been been through some pretty rough times. The clear domes cracked and shattered, the innards dented.
    Mike: * When you give them a test turn, you can feel and hear the mechanics on the inside trying to move. It’s all analog and mechanical – if you can buff out the dents and re-align all the fiddly bits, that should do it, though making it look nice would be a bit harder.
    Mike: (( Lemme get some numbers for this… I was going to treat it as, essentially ,an Obsidian Skill Challenge. ))
    DNA: Had a feeling.
    Mike: (( Also: Molly, still here? Anything I can throw at you here or any questions you’d like to ask? ))
    Molly: ((Not really, still just calibrating after missing stuff))
    Mike: (( Understood. Feel free to poke or prod as you like when you wish. ))
    Molly: ((BRB))
    Warriork Pruzag: “We go to pay respects at temple. Will be a while.” She bows to Claire. “Thank you for hospitality. When we descend from the mountains to raze the countryside, you will be spared.”
    Old Woman Clara: “Thank you ,dear.” She smiles; it’s less a true threat, and more a traditional one, if that makes sense.
    Mike: Okay. Sorry, I hadn’t worked out what the skills would be here beforehand.
    Mike: I blame Zelda.
    Jericho: (( I blame Zelda for many things. Such as not being in the store when I want to buy it. ))
    DNA: Heheh.
    Mike: That’s why I went with Amazon. But even they had to take an extra two days to get it to me. I’m lucky I didn’t get it Sunday night.
    Mike: Alright! This is a three-round challenge. I’m just including two participants – Jericho and Altair.
    Mike: Partial Success will be: the machines work, but they’re still ugly and dented. Full success will be spitshined and like-new machines.
    Jericho: (( BRING IT ))
    Mike: Round 1 will be getting the dings and dents out of the cases. Round 2, fixing the fiddly internal mechanics. And round 3 is polishing, shining, putting in secret bits, etc. – that polish pass.
    DNA: Any Pokemon helpers? One each, or none?
    Mike: I just have 2 participants at present. You can use a Pokemon instead of yourself if you like – nothing says ‘humans only’, but the machines are small enough that having more than one set of hands in there is just going to muddle things.
    Mike: And maybe get some fingers smooshed.
    Mike: Round 1: Combat +2, Athletics, Endurance – Get the dings out!
    DNA: Okay, so a Pokemon in place of us during a round. That’s okay.
    Jericho: Hmm… So Combat gets a +2 for this?
    Mike: Yep. It’s like getting the dings out of a piece of metal – the traditional way is to bash a hammer against the opposite side of the metal plate.
  • TBG weighs the pros and cons of using Athletics vs Combat in this situation…
  • TBG decides to go with the more stable choice.
    Jericho: 13 Combat!
    Mike: Tink-tank tonk. Hm. Well, that could’ve gone much worse – the dings in yours look better, though you can kinda still tell where it was. It isn’t perfectly flat.
    Jericho: (( Eh, it was either I get the +2 combat or a chance on an extra d6 that could’ve gone either way. ))
    Altair Azure: Altair’s going for it. His fingers seem to be moving a bit more precisely, putting in a bit more work for it, really wanting to give it a nice shine. Combat 28
    Jericho: (( …in retrospect, the die roll probably would have been better. ))
    Mike: Altair is one with the metal. You study the curve in the dent, feel its angles… and with a single, solid strike, the sheet-metal reverberates like a bell! And when it stops vibrating, it looks like it was freshly struck from the press, no sign of the dent at all.
    Mike: Like, seriously, whoa. That was a good rol.
    Mike: Round 2: Edu Tech +2, Focus, Acrobatics – Get fiddly bits working!
    Molly: Molly investigates the fiddly little structures over here in the meantime
  • Jericho is much more at home with a task like this. It’s just like working the tumblers of a lock. Except he doesn’t get to keep what’s inside. 25 Acrobatics.
    Altair Azure: Altair has some technical know-how, it’s true, but a lot of that comes from how fast he can get his fingers to move. He moves oddly quick, but it looks like he knows what he’s doing. Acrobatics 22
    Mike: Oh hey a Molly! This looks to be a little shrine, and the stamp machine right next to it – this one totally undamaged, for the record. The little shrine-house’s doors can be opened. Doing so reveals a scroll of parchment, in a glass box – unfurled so it can be read, but still protected from sunlight and fingerprints.
    Molly: Unfortunately, Molly cannot read so she ignores the parchment and continues on.
    Mike: Apparently THIS step both the guys are great at, because it’s not hard at all for them to reconnect the levers, bands, and stamp-pads in the machines. It helps that they aren’t hovering around the three-digit age mark.
    Mike: Round 3: Perception 2, Intuition, Stealth – Polish, hiding secret tricks, knowing what the ‘audience’ wants, etc.!
    Mike: (( Dat illiteracy tho~ ))
    Mike: (( :3 ))
    Jericho: Jericho’s eyes gleam. There’s no way anyone can be better when it comes to trickery. 20 Stealth.
    Jericho: (( Hm… debating if I want to pop a skill expert on that. ))
    Altair Azure: Altair’s not quite as good, but at least he has good eyes and can at least see where things need to be lined up. Perception 11
    Jericho: (( eh, I’ll roll with it. Still beat Alty. ;) ))
    Molly: Molly goes to investigate the tower instead! It is ruined. That means treasure.
    Mike: Hehe. I’ll get to that momentarily~
    DNA: Either I have 2d6
    2 or 1d6+3. I don’t have much wiggle room for these particular skills.
    Jericho: (( Skill Monkey have no such problems. Skill Monkey do all the things. ))
    Mike: The two guys examine their handiwork… Jericho sees a little notch in the case, left there by the manufacturer, that is just the right size for a coin. A little etching on it – “take a coin, leave a coin” – means it’s a fun treat for anyone who investigates the stamp machine thoroughly in the future. For Altair, it’s just another pass over the machines to make sure everything is hunky-dory.
    DNA: Skill Monkey like Fritos, skill monkey like Tab and Mountain Dew?
    Mike: And with that: Yeah, these machines are in fine shape now! The cases might be a little bit dented still, but only if you look closely. They are Good As New.
    Mike: Molly: Do me a favor and roll some Perception as well?
    Jericho: (( Skill Monkey prefer Cheetos and Mug Root Beer, but close enough. ))
    Molly: ohboy
    Molly: 24 Perception
    Mike: The temple is old, and the roof is open. You notice that grooves have been cut into the floor to sluice rainwater away when it falls. But looking around, you notice very small glints, lodged in the woodwork – little bits of metal. They don’t look like nails. Nails don’t sparkle.
    Molly: Molly aquires the bits of metal!
    Altair Azure: “Wow, this is pretty good. I can’t even tell they were in disrepair before, and I was working on them. Awesome job, Jericho.”
    Mike: You may have to hop up on some ‘fallen’ cross-beams (which look a bit fresher than the temple itself), but you can get your claw in there… and out pops a little round ball. You recognize it instantly: Flintlock ammunition, lodged in the woodwork. It sparkles in the sunlight, magically so. Looking around, poking your claw into things, you find a total of 5 rounds.
    Jericho: “Eh, we did alright.” Jericho brushes it off, but it’s clear he’s proud of the results.
    Mike: Each round can be used to make one attack with your gun Fairy-type, overriding whatever else it would’ve been. These can be loaded as a free action on your turn.
    Mike: Something about them strikes you as very old, as well.
    You whisper to Molly: Looking back, and up, you can juuust see little pinholes of light in the roof, at an angle from the shots you pry out. These shots are from a gunfight, long ago, when the temple was first destroyed.
    Old Woman Clara: “Ahh. Are they fixed, boys?” Clara comes around the corner.
    Molly: “Someone shot down from above…?” Molly pondered.
    Altair Azure: “Yep, they’re fixed. Good as new.”
    Old Woman Clara: “Well, Harry would be proud. And you stamped your passport, of course?”
    DNA: (Are the stamp machines numbered with which to stamp them on? I only see 3 here at the shack; the 4th one is across the way?)
    Warriork Pruzag: * The Warriork, outside the temple, are retelling the story of the Bringer of Desolation to one another. It’s something like a religious ceremony.
    Mike: The machines are labeled and numbered, so you can do them in order. The stamps themselves also indicate which shrine they belong to – not impossible to fake, but it’d take a steady hand. Jericho might be able to do it… but the more of these you do, the smaller a lie it becomes.
  • Altair Azure takes the time to stamp the cards for both Surolam and himself.
    Mike: t-tak, t-tak. It’s a satisfyingly mechanical sound, the noise of a job initiated and well-done in a single stroke.
    Old Woman Clara: “Are you boys staying long? I have a lot of chores that could stand to be done by someone with a little more pep in their step than I’ve got these days.”
    Molly: Molly makes her way as high onto the tower as she can.
    Mike: hrm! Athletics or Acrobatics for tower climbing or ninja-jumping.
    Altair Azure: “I’m not in a rush per se; I’ll be leaving when the brigade does, so I wouldn’t mind.”
    Molly: 10 Athletics. Molly uses her vine-rope when possible.
    Mike: That’ll help. With the rope, you can get up pretty high, but only in the interior of the temple – to where that plank extends across the roof-hole.
    Jericho: “I don’t mind. Looks like you could use the aid.”
    Mike: From here, you can look outwards, to the south. You see a mountain, like a stout spire, blocking your view of Crabchitin Town. The mountain-spire looks to have a cave on its eastern face, and a flattened top, festooned with evergreen trees, and capped by a thin layer of snow. To the west of the spire, you can see what looks like… a small desert, tucked in the mountainside, as if a space was carved out for it.
    Molly: Molly used her vantage point to overlook the area and look for areas of note.
    Mike: The desert has a Torii at its entrance, as well. I can try to go into further detail on any of those things, or you can look for anything else a-happening with another Perception check.
    Old Woman Clara: “Yes, I suppose I could. …I wonder sometimes what I’ll do when I’m gone. Or, rather, what will become of the temples when I’m gone. I don’t have a replacement lined up… Ah, sorry, getting caught up in my own thoughts again.”
    Molly: Perception Check to notice activity! 35
  • DNA low whistle
    Altair Azure: “You know if one of the warriors would be willing? Or do you get any other regular visitors through here?”
    Old Woman Clara: “Well, I could use some help removing the vines from Harry’s grave. They do seem to like it, but he’s mine, dang nab it. Heh. Inside, just tidying up, and maybe helping me prepare a few meals – I can’t cook for a whole clan of Warriork, like I used to. And then making sure the shrine with the Empress’ letter is dusted and cleaned.”
    Mike: Molly: Phew-ee.
    You whisper to Molly: What do your kitty eyes see, Legolas? Lots of activity. Coming into Crabchitin harbor, you can recognize the ship of Connie the Cacturne merchant. A harpy is flying westwards. A truck heads into Crabchitin from along the road there, passing under the Harpy. Your ear twitches; in the mountains above, a group of beings is on the move, and you can hear the hard clak-a-lak of… shells. And then there’s a spot that lacks activity – a little natural harbor, along the road there. Curious that nobody is using it right now; if you wanted to dock near Crabchitin but not AT Crabchitin, it should be a natural, easily-hidden spot… Hrm.
    Old Woman Clara: “They’re as regular as it gets. Once a year, every year, they trek through here. Sometimes from the west, sometimes the east, like today. And I don’t like asking them for help… They’re actually quite nice, but they seem more eager to break things than to make or repair things. You know how it can be sometimes.”
    Molly: Molly learns some things! Recognizes some individuals! And plots future… plots.
    Molly: Then she climbs down.
    Altair Azure: “The…Empress’s Letter?”
    Warriork Pruzag: * The Warriork never noticed you were up there, as far as you can tell. They’re finishing their recitation of the events of the Bringer of Destruction, when a hero laid him low not once, but twice.
    Altair Azure: “Is that what the shrine across the way is about?”
    Old Woman Clara: “Mmhm. A letter from an empress, they say. Legend says that she was some minor empress of a small kingdom, who had a brilliant commander and tactician. The letter is a commendation on his part, and granting him a parcel of land, here on the mountain, to be used in his honor – with plans to build a shrine to him, actually. I believe that’s where the terra-cotta soldiers to the east came about from.”
    Altair Azure: “All right. Seems pretty cool. Are there any brooms or other things at your house or in the shrine?”
    Molly: “I saw the cacturne lady heading to crabchitin.” Molly mentioned as she walked over. “Also, I think I heard Koopa in the mountains. They’re related to dragons, aren’t they?”
    Old Woman Clara: “Brooms should be in the shed, yes. Thank you so much, dear. I suppose i’ll have to bake some cookies for you all…”
    Old Woman Clara: “Koo-pwha, little… ah, kitty!” Her face lights up at seeing Molly.
    Old Woman Clara: “You are just the sweetest little kitty.”
    Molly: Molly looks at Beverly. “… she is, for a human.”
  • Old Woman Clara is then quite confused.
    Beverly: Beverly giggled.
    Old Woman Clara: “Well, I… suppose it is nearly time to dress up and ask for candy, isn’t it.” trying in vain to make sense of it all
    Old Woman Clara: “Then I suppose you are both very sweet kitties?”
  • Altair Azure quietly covers his mouth to hide his steadily-growing smile.
    Jericho: “Molly is anything but sweet.”
    Molly: “I am Captain Molly. I am traveling with the gentleman over there, and Jericho.”
    Jericho: “You say that like being a gentleman is a good thing.”
    Old Woman Clara: “…Oh.” She is totally stymied as to what to say in reply to that, and feels awkward.
    Altair Azure: “Why, Captain, I’m flattered.”
    Old Woman Clara: “I… think I’ll go inside and begin making the cookies, then. I appreciate all the help you can provide, I really do – whether from kitties or captains or gentlemen, which you boys most certainly are.”
    Molly: “… wait, she was calling me a sweet kitty?”
  • Old Woman Clara goes to make her way into the hut, slowly.
    Altair Azure: “I would imagine so, yes.”
    Jericho: “That was the implication.”
    Mike: :3
    Altair Azure: “So, it looks like we have a shrine to dust up. I’ll go on over. Jericho, you could do something over here, right?”
    Molly: “Oh.” Molly blinked, “It has been a long time since I heard that.”
    Jericho: “Yeah, I should be able to cut through these vines and stuff, no prob.”
    Altair Azure: “….Is it bad, Molly?”
    Molly: Molly shook her head. “Only unexpected.”
    Mike: Alright. Dusting up the temple, and taking on some vines. I won’t do this as an obsidian, they’re both quite simple tasks. And I’m open as to how you want to do them, but I will ask for a skill roll regardless – so convince me how, and then roll dem bones?
    Altair Azure: Let’s see…I’m doing the dusting, so…
    Altair Azure: The last time I did dusting was manipulating the particles as I would the earth, and I rolled Focus back then, so would that be acceptable this time too?
    Mike: As an earthbender avatar Adept terramancer, yes, that seems fair.
    Molly: Molly helps out this time around, giving her +2 for commander.
    Mike: (( “No, dust better. Swoosh it more. Much better.” ))
    Mike: Go for it, Altair, with Molly’s help.
    Altair Azure: Focus! 14
    DNA: …ew
    DNA: Why is Ava not here
    Jericho: Jericho’s just got a knife. Sharp things are good at cutting through vines, from what I understand.
    Jericho: Would this be combat then?
    Mike: Between cutting the vines and grappling them to hold them still while you cut them, yes, I am okay with this.
    Jericho: 16 Combat. Let’s make like Clayton and- on second thought, let’s be careful as we cut them.
    Mike: Altair: the shrine is, apparently, quite dusty. You lose focus for a moment, and a big plume of fine dust and sand just ploomfs out at you – causing you to sneeze. Which just kinda kicks up another ploomf. I mean, it’s working, but it’s kind of the most embarassing way to go about it.
    Mike: Still, the shrine’s contents are protected by the glass box… though now you’ll have to wipe that off, too. Ew.
    Altair Azure: “Dangit, messed up. Guess I’m doing this the old-fashioned way.” What skill would that be, do you think? Acrobatics?
    Altair Azure: or Athletics?
    Jericho: (( General Education? ))
    Mike: Jericho: The vines are stubborn, and have apparently been growing for a while. But with some elbow grease and sweat, you cut through them, one at a time. They are rough, but you manage to avoid the few sharper leaves and brambles on them, preventing you from getting cut. After some time, you can sit back – and the gravestone is now clear of vines, their remains scattered about you.
    Mike: And yeah, I’d say Gen Edu is probably the most approrpiate, really.
    Molly: “It looks like we might need to put some mundane work in.” Molly grabbed herself a fistfull of leaves to sweep clear the dust from any hard to notice areas. 23 Perception.
    Mike: But I admit ‘dusting’ is a really weird example.
    Mike: …That is also a good way to go about it.
  • Jericho flicks the vine-bits off his knife, then spins it with a flourish in triumph before sheathing it.
    Molly: “There’s no real skill to it, just time. At best you figure out how to hurt your back the least while doing it.”
    Molly: ((I would say Gen Ed if it needed a skill, because it handles most domestic crafts. But I would also argue that it doesn’t involve skill, just work.))
    Mike: Yeah, and that’s what makes it so weird. So anyway!
    Altair Azure: AS you wish! 5
    DNA: I think I wasted all my good luck. I guess add 2 to that because Molly.
    Mike: Molly: With a little boost from Altair, probably, you can get into the finer spaces of the shrine. You have to reaaaally reach to get back in there, and yep, there’s a big pile of dust in the back corners. You can scrape it out to the front, where Altair can just swoop it onto the ground…
    Mike: …Though you’re going to come out rather dust-tinged yourself, I’m afraid, Molly. But still, with that, the job is done.
    The smell of raisin-filled cookies begins to waft up from the hut.
    Altair Azure: “I’m sorry. I’m out of practice, apparently. That’s no excuse, I know…”
    Molly: “I will demand a bath for this.” Molly noted to herself.
  • Jericho will use the extra time to polish up the graves- the old one needs it more than the new one.
    Altair Azure: “I could brush the dust off in the meantime, I suppose.”
    Molly: “I would like that.”
    Mike: It does, indeed. As you do this, you notice the Warriork beginning to filter out of the shrine and temple area, towards the road – nay, the hut.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Story has been told, and respect has been paid to temple. …Claire has put you to work, it seems.”
    Molly: “Starcatcher could help you practice your focus. You could try to control dust while she telekinetically pushes it around as well. A mystic arm wrestle to strengthen your…” Molly paused in thought, “I don’t know.”
    the smell of raisin-filled cookies gets a little stronger.
    Altair Azure: “Strengthen my connection to the earth, I suppose.” He pulls out a hairbrush on the walk back to the hu-wait, are those homemade cookies he smells?
  • Jericho is trying not to drool as he works. That smells reeeeeeally good
    Old Woman Clara: * Claire emerges from the hut, with a pan of said cookies. They are oatmeal and raising – and, somehow, you can tell it’s an old-fashioned kind of recipe. This is the real deal, right here.
    Old Woman Clara: “Ah! Thank you so much, dearies.”
    Old Woman Clara: “Here, I’ll put the pan on the work-table. Not enough room in the house for everybody, I’m afraid…”
    Old Woman Clara: “But please, enjoy them. It’s the least I can do for you all. And you too, girls, come along.” She sits down on the bench near the cookies, resting. Even the act of baking took some wind out of her sails.
    Warriork Pruzag: * The Warriork will murmer in appreciation – not only for Claire, but also for the heroes, as well. Something about ‘taking one for the team’.
    Jericho: “Thank you very much” Jericho gives a small bow. It’s been a long time since he’s had a home cooked meal, much less fresh-baked cookies.
    Warriork Pruzag: * They’ll get in line. It’s surprisingly orderly. They seem cowed, somehow, by the presence of Claire.
    Molly: “Do you have an available bath?”
    Altair Azure: “Thank you very much, madam.” He takes one cookie, and waits for Molly.
    Old Woman Clara: “Yes, you can use it. …Would you prefer the sink, kitty?”
    Old Woman Clara: “You remind me of my Alex when he was just a Cubchoo. We bathed him in the sink. Though of course, we leaned him over so his nose dripped in the other sink…”
    Molly: “… a sink isn’t a bath.” Molly said confused.
    Jericho: “I thought you were a cat, not a dust bunny.” Jericho smirks.
    Mike: Once everyone gets a cookie or two, there are 10 cookies left over for you to take with you. Each Home-Made Cookie restores 10 HP and removes one Volatile Status Condition as a Snack. ((Been a long time since I looked at Snacks, I think that makes sense. Correct me if not. ))
    Old Woman Clara: “Well, if you insist. Second door on the left, kitty.”
    Molly: ((snacks are one per scene, that’s the big drawback. But they can do a lot of things))
    Altair Azure: “Molly, will you be all right on your own? Or are you not fond of water?”
    Beverly: Beverly and Starcatcher help themselves to however many cookies they can get away with it. Molly takes only one and nibbles away at it slowly.
    Molly: With half-eaten cookie in hand, Molly goes to clean herself off.
    Mike: Hunh. Apparently not many people went in for second cookies, because that’s a whole 10 cookies you guys get to keep after this session. Wowza.
    Molly: ((missed Altair’s comment))
    Molly: “I’ll be fine on my own. I may need help while drying off.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “We thank you for temple and food, Claire. After cookies, we march to battle!”
    Altair Azure: “All right. Give me a holler when that happens.”
    Mike: I also think we can about stop there. A bit short, I know, but we’re down two people and continuing on would invite the boss battle. And I know Surolam would like to be here for that, if nothing else.
    DNA: Yeah, that’s fine by me
    Unresolved value “b”.
    Mike: Alrighty. Let’s say 25 PKMN EXP and 2 TXP. A short and chill day of noodling around, but people got some loot and I hope y’all had some fun.
    DNA: TL 22.0. YEAUH
    Mike: Ain’t that handy. Here’s hoping the baddie I made is buff enough to withstand you guys.
    Mike: Saving campaign and log
Lunar Hope: Unforgotten

[6:40:42 PM] Mike: * Midnight, and the world is quiet. Imagine the path the party is on as a large loop of thread, with the town of Crabchitin at the point where the thread crosses itself: You have ascended the rocky cliffs that are in the middle of that loop, surrounded by the thread of road. The air is chill and swift; your breath might appear in visible puffs ahead of you, though it is only uncomfortably cold, not dangerously so.
[6:42:25 PM] Mike: Speaking with the Crucibelle further after the Warriork pledged their allegience to Surolam and the Bringer of Desolation, you noticed a few telltale clues about her tomb. And up here, you find it – not a grand and ornate affair, not a tomb of kings, but an ancient cave, tucked into the hillside. Even looking into it, you can sense the weight of ages sloughing from its mouth, a patience that could wait another thousand-thousand years with only a sigh.
[6:44:11 PM] DNA: <hope> (It’s quiet here,) so he thought. He takes a few deliberate steps towards the mouth of the cave, and waits. He wants to see if the only voice he hears is that of the stones, or if there are other creatures nearby. He will wait for 30 seconds.
[6:46:39 PM] Mike: The cave itself is natural, and old – old enough that time and nature have reclaimed it, it seems. You can detect the faintest hint, not of an object per se from it, but of an object-that-was.

This tomb is an object that was, but no longer is.
[6:48:12 PM] Mike: As for other creatures… You push your sense further. I don’t need a roll, but tell me – what’s your Focus or Perception like? The higher of the two, please.
[6:48:24 PM] DNA: Focus is higher, and at 6d6+2.
[6:52:25 PM] Mike: The cave may be an object-that-was, but like any corpse, other things may live inside it. You push your senses further, into the cave – perhaps taking a step, then another, unconsciously. And you can sense other objects-that-were, and objects that hibernate, left so long without sentient contact that they have dried up and gone to sleep, neither awake-and-aware nor decayed and gone. But you can sense the faintest hint of another presence, too – not an object, but more like a Pokemon, watching in the night with curiosity.
[6:54:45 PM] DNA: Hope’s eyes narrowed, only just. He’d expected the tomb to be bereft of life, and yet there was something there. He steps into the tomb, only a few steps, and waits, as if expecting the other creature to make a move.
[6:55:33 PM] Mike: No movement happens. Are you shirning light into the tomb-cave, or leaving it dark?
[6:55:49 PM] DNA: Nothing beyond Hope’s natural glow about him, no.
[6:58:16 PM] Mike: Even that faint light might reveal a few things. The cavern is naturaly-hewn, a large pocket of air in the mountainside. The walls have faint markings on them. Along the ground, near the walls, are urns – the same kind that the Crucibelle occupied, but more heavily scoured by sand and wind and time.
[6:59:09 PM] Mike: The floor is vaguely concave, just a bit. In the middle of the cavern floor, you can see a stain, darker than the stone surrounding it, seemingly absorbing your light and refusing to reflect it back.
[7:01:09 PM] DNA: Hope’s gaze turns about the room, but then settles on the patch of darkness, noticing its strange behavior. He then stares right at it, with his burning white eyes, and utters a single word: “Well?”
[7:03:14 PM] Mike: The concept of movement in the dark; though nothing physical actually shifts, you can sense the motion of the air, the idea of a head-tilt. That curiosity has increased just a hair. But it comes on a mental level, and from all around you – not only the patch of darkness, but the entire cavern, is… owned? Encompassed? By this force.

However, it does not speak or reach out or react further… yet, at least.
[7:05:15 PM] DNA: Hope takes a seat on the ground, and sits cross-legged, his eyes still locked on the dark patch. If he does not hear anything right away, either auditory or mental, he will close his eyes and wait.
[7:10:07 PM] Mike: While your eyes are open… nothing. The wind mewls softly at the mouth of the cave, and the weight of the things-that-were rests in the still air of the cavern.

When your eyes close, and you begin to meditate… then, the presence moves. It is not aggressive, but it is predatory. Your mind’s ear can hear the faintest padding, a cat-like tread upon the stone. You imagine a single finger, moving towards your back, to trace a figure – and then holding, just above your skin, before pulling away from your light.

The figure continues pacing around you, like a predator… but not a hungry predator. Like a curious one, like the Meowth who has found a Rattata, and circles it, simply enjoying the act of watching. You can sense it gently prodding at your mind, just the surface level, attempting to read you like a book – one left open on the table, not touching the pages, just seeing what was left to be seen.
[7:12:51 PM] DNA: <hope> “A tomb is a symbol of rest and the afterlife, of silence and departure from the land of the living. Those interred here are freed from mortal bonds, and left undisturbed by the hand of man.
And yet you are here, whoever or whatever you are. What drive causes you to take residence among the departed?”
[7:13:03 PM] DNA: He said all this without opening his eyes once, and without moving. Clearly, he was waiting.
[7:17:12 PM] Mike: The presence pauses in its pacing. It leans in, and it whispers.
“Wherever my handiwork is,
so am I.
Whenever your body is beseiged,
I am empowered.
Whatever sickness transpires,
I am made whole.
However you are poisoned,
I am enriched.
And whoever poisons food and drink, defiles water and air,
spreads my dominion.

This is my temple, consecrated in my unspoken name,
given me unknown by supplicants ignorant."
[7:18:36 PM] Mike: “And yet, you are here. A healer without patients, a body without illness, a mind without need for swift and silent vengeance.” A smirk – the flash of white teeth, the canines sharp, but the smile not all edge and malice. “What drive causes you to take residence among the departed?”
[7:21:15 PM] DNA: Hope seems to pay no mind to the counter jab. He seemed as if he expected it.
“I supposed it would be quiet here, as tombs normally are. It appears I was mistaken.” He stood up, but without opening his eyes. “Therefore, I shall be on my way, for a sanctuary of true calm.”
[7:24:40 PM] Mike: “You have treated my subjects with respect, healer. We are at odds, but we are not enemies.” A shrug, and then the presence begins to pad away. “You may have your secrets. I will uncover them eventually, if they should prove of interest at all.”
[7:25:32 PM] Mike: “Fair thee well, healer. Perhaps someday, you will pray to me. Pray – and I will answer.” A gentle chuckle, as the presence fades into the darkness, away from your mind.

Moments pass. The cave is quiet, and now without presence, though you can sense that the presence’s ownership of the place remains.
[7:27:01 PM] DNA: Hope says nothing. A few thoughts ran fleetingly across the surface, but they quickly dissipated. As promised, he would leave the tomb and find another place nearby to meditate. He steps outside, looks around for something like a grove or other secluded area, and ponders.

(I wonder what that urn would think of her tomb being now inhabited,) he thinks, in passing.
[7:28:26 PM] Mike: (( Would you like me to continue? Or would you like to pause it there? I can see this either-which-way, is why I ask. ))
[7:28:37 PM] DNA: Continue.
[7:29:48 PM] DNA: My first instinct is the Crucibelle is up late, but I’d have no idea.
[7:29:55 PM] DNA: Failing that I’d just find a quieter place to meditate.
[7:31:23 PM] Mike: Hrm. I’m not even sure if slime molds have a concept of sleeping! But she would also be in the Warriork camp, which is likely not quiet, given their sleeping and drinking – so having a quiet moment with her would be a question of itself.
[7:31:54 PM] Mike: However, I can also offer you: a vew to the west, to where your path will lead you on the morrow.
[7:32:08 PM] Mike: Or, further up, perhaps something a little snowier.
[7:32:30 PM] DNA: I was going to say a view to the west, but a quick excursion further up the mountain? You tempt me. I’ll take it!
[7:33:18 PM] Mike: (( Getting inspired my my most recent Zelda adventure~ ))
[7:34:17 PM] Mike: * The cavern was not at the summit of this mountain. Rather, that lays further up – where a thin dusting of snow holds sway. The air is officially cold, but the summit’s evergreen trees help buffer against the wind, making it much more still and quiet than it would otherwise be.
[7:34:50 PM] Mike: The snow is but an inch or two thick, crunchy and fresh. These first snows have not yet reached the lower altitudes, where sane humans and warm-blooded Pokemon reign.
[7:35:17 PM] Mike: The air is crisper, cleaner, and even the quietness seems louder. The sky is open and clear, and through the trees, you can see the stars.
[7:37:00 PM] DNA: Whatever passed for a smirk on Hope’s mask was just barely perceptive. He didn’t need to sit down cross-legged to meditate here; he only need look up at the beautiful night sky. He finds a small enclosure sheltering from wind, but from where the sky is still cleanly visible.

(It’s…it’s stunning.) He doesn’t even seem to be affected by the cold. His eyes are just fixed on the stars – and, if visible, the moon.
[7:39:06 PM] Mike: The moon is out, not quite full, but brilliant all its own. You feel as if you could see all the way to the end of the universe here, that every shimmer in a dot of light is a Deoxys or Rayquaza passing in front of the stars.

A streak of light crosses the sky, thin and quick – a falling star, from east to west. It falls low on the horizon, cutting a mark across the sky, quiet as a surgeon and quick as a swordsman.
[7:41:41 PM] DNA: (A…shooting star.) His mind is momentarily distracted by the thought of somebody, but he quickly shakes it off as he stares upward. (One of these days you’re going to have to tell her. Perhaps when we’ve stopped running. But for now… we cast our eyes heavenward.)
[7:43:08 PM] Mike: (( The problem with quiet spaces is, they may not have Pokemon to disturb you. ))
[7:43:49 PM] DNA: (And if that’s the case, then so it is. I’ll still sense to see if there’s anything or anyone nearby.)
[7:46:35 PM] Mike: The trees and the rocks are all natural; a realm of existence untouchable to you and your senses. But- another object-that-was rests here, beneath a stone, tucked under a single root of a tree, across the way from you.

You can sense its shape: a doll, vaguely humanoid. It is like many of the urns in the cavern below; neither active, nor entirely decayed; merely hibernating, conserving its thing-ness.
[7:47:58 PM] DNA: Hope’s eyes don’t move, but he can sense it. In contrast to the encounter before, he decides a different tact. Again he says 1 word, but it’s different, and reaching out only to objects: (Hello?)
[7:51:40 PM] Mike: A stirring, uncurling. It reaches out – its mind is primtiive and slow to work. (Momma?)
[7:52:19 PM] DNA: (No, I’m not a mother.) A beat. (Wait, where are you?)
[7:53:53 PM] Mike: (Momma, it’s dark.)
[7:46 PM] Mike:

<<< beneath a stone, tucked under a single root of a tree, across the way from you.
[7:54:50 PM] DNA: He doesn’t wait to correct the doll again. He moves quickly to the stone and removes it, to observe who- or what-ever is underneath it.
[7:57:27 PM] Mike: It is the simplest possible object – bundles of sticks, tied together with a basic rope, to form a bare-bones doll. Two legs, two arms, and a head, topped with an ancient pinecone. The pinecone-head was carved, and some work was put into it – the seed’s pointed bits remain as ‘hair’ in the back, but the face is plucked free of them, with a primitive set of eyes and a line for a mouth.

The object is so old as to have ossified. What were once flammable twigs are now petrified wood.
[7:57:49 PM] Mike: (Momma!) The doll is glad to see you, to be held again. This was its purpose.
[7:58:18 PM] DNA: (As I stated, I’m not your mother; however, who put you here?)
[7:58:42 PM] DNA: Rather than standing up, he sits down cross-legged, holding the doll gingerly with both hands, as if letting it go might cause it to break.
[8:00:48 PM] Mike: In fairness: It might.

(Momma’s momma put me here. She was sad. She put me here so she wouldn’t be sad.)
[8:01:44 PM] DNA: (Who was your original owner? Was it a young girl? Perhaps granted you as a present?)
[8:04:32 PM] DNA: also is it okay to say that I’m actually really intrigued with where this is going?
[8:04:51 PM] Mike: (Momma was my momma.) The doll awakens a little more, and begins to remember aloud. (I was her baby. Momma’s papa gave her to me at the harvest-time.) The doll adopts an imitation of a gruff, but caring, masculine voice. (When the Mandibuzz caw or the Abomasnow rumble, hold your baby close, and keep her safe – just as I keep you safe.) The imitation ends. (That’s my first memory ever.)
[8:05:40 PM] Mike: (( I’m glad. :3 ))
[8:06:39 PM] DNA: Hope’s left hand twitches almost imperceptibly, as if recalling something unpleasant. (Your mother…What was her name? How long were you two together? Why were you separated?) He felt a quiet dread in whatever answers he would get…but he had to ask them.
[8:08:30 PM] Mike: (Momma’s name was Namhu. I was hers for two harvests, and I was her favorite, because her papa made me.) The doll pauses at the last question.
[8:08:54 PM] Mike: (…Momma was sick. Her papa said a lot of people were sick.)
[8:10:46 PM] Mike: (When she… when she…) The doll is sad. If wood could cry… (…Momma’s momma couldn’t put momma away. Momma was made into an offering, and the gods took her, and her papa made an urn for her embers. So Momma’s momma took me, and said words, and put me in the ground.)
[8:11:04 PM] Mike: (She was sad. And it made her happier. And making momma’s momma happy would make momma happy.)
[8:11:34 PM] DNA: OOC: Just to confirm, the doll’s owner was cremated? If I’m reading what you said correctly.
[8:11:55 PM] Mike: (( I’m not confirming anything. Not until we’re done, at any rate. ))
[8:12:00 PM] Mike: (( /jerkGM ))
[8:13:11 PM] DNA: You jerk!
[8:13:57 PM] Mike: (( :D ))
[8:15:32 PM] DNA: Hope didn’t move. He didn’t speak. It was almost like he couldn’t, he was so thoroughly shocked. He was just…stuck there, in some sort of trance. If what the doll said was correct, then her owner was… was…
And how long ago? This doll could have been here for years.

(How… How long have you been… in… the ground?) Any calmness and confidence he had before didn’t seem to be present right now.
[8:16:04 PM] Mike: (I fell asleep. A very long time, momma.)
[8:16:25 PM] Mike: (I slept a thousand naptimes. My twigs are stiff.)
[8:18:01 PM] DNA: Hope didn’t even bother (or notice?) to correct the latest momma comment. Rather, he just slowly held it close to his body, and closed his eyes. (…What’s your name?) he asked.
[8:19:16 PM] Mike: (Bau.)
[8:20:14 PM] DNA: (…Bau.) He paused again. (What is your…wish?)
[8:22:06 PM] Mike: (This is it. To be loved and held and cared for. I was made for this.)
[8:22:14 PM] Mike: (Thank you, momma.)
[8:27:20 PM] DNA: Hope said nothing. He couldn’t. How could he? He was overwhelmed – but surprised to be so. His mission, his purpose, was to give light and hope to those who had none, but he didn’t expect that to happen so quietly, and so directly. Bau had latched onto him like a child to a hand, ever trusting, ever hopeful. He couldn’t just deny that.

He simply closed his eyes even tighter and held Bau close to his chest. (I’ll see to it that you never break or are left alone ever again.) Was he crying? He couldn’t tell. How much time was passing, he wasn’t even sure. He didn’t care. Yeah, he’d head back as was custom, but…not now. Not yet. He wanted time alone, with the doll he’d inadvertently saved.
[8:29:44 PM] Mike: Again. Quietly. Nestling into your grip, comforted. (Thank you, momma.)
[8:30:12 PM] DNA: (It’s…Hope. Call me Hope.)
[8:33:16 PM] Mike: No response. The doll is quiescent – not dead, nor hibernating, but dozing, perhaps.

Zig Zaag

TBG has connected.
Mike Desktop has connected.
GrayGriffin has connected.
GrayGriffin: I have been given too much power
TBG: Use your power for good, not evil
Mike: Or to annoy! That works too.
Mike: Specifically, annoy DNA.
DNA has connected.
TBG: Speak of the devil
DNA: and in I walk!
DNA: My laptop will not be joining us tonight. Mostly because with the new computer, I don’t see as much need to.
DNA: Also it’s been in my car for-
DNA: oh no wait it’s right here
DNA: underneath my Iglooshrew plush
TBG: I will set aside my Aladdin alt-universe book. It’s time for a different thief to take the stage.
DNA: and a bunch of miscellaneous papers, and a copy of the film Lilo and Stitch.
Mike: I am intrigued by the idea of an Aladdin alt-universe, but sure.
Mike: Lesse. Rob is 100% out today, because Disney.
Mike: …Hunh.
Mike: And Ava is out for at least some of the time, because she has a case of the blehs.
Mike: And I’d rather she not bleh all over her computer.
Mike: So yeah! I guess it’s us four tonight. …This might get interesting if y’all rush for the next encounter. Hrm hrm hrm.
Mike: ANyway. Any questions or bookkeeping? Or any issues with Maptools 1.4.05?
Mike: hurredly finishes cereal
DNA: No worries here. Just wherever the next map is, direct me to it.
GrayGriffin: Looks fine to me
TBG: The book is a what-if story where Abu fails to steal the lamp from Jafar before they fall into the Cave of Wonders
Mike: Neat!
Mike: In that case…
When we last left our heroes, they had conquered a terra-cotta army, and awoken in its captain his true spirit – or what remnants he held, at any rate.
Seok-Hun Yong (Human): * Said captain, calling himself Seok-Hun Yong – the same name as the dragon-spirit back at the base of the mountain – left the remains of his warrios where they lay, and after speaking with you, would head back down the mountain, to the door that started this jaunt.
Our heroes, however, had more road to travel, even as the sky began to darken with the approach of nightfall.
Mike: Would those of you on lookout please provide me with a Perception roll as you travel? In the meantime, I have a die to roll…
Mike: 20
Mike: …And then we’ll move on to the next map once I have those rolls.
Hajime: Perception 26
Mike: (( I’m currently on the Temple 12 map, if you’re wondering. But we’ll likely move on from there shortly. ))
TBG: 18 Perception

  • Mike rolls his random encounter die… is surprised… and decides to have a little fun with it.
    Mike: Alright. To set the scene some, for those Perception rolls…
    Stin: Wait a moment, grabbing my character sheet
    Mike: ‘k!
    Stin: 20 Perception
    Mike: Hunh, I think everyone’s rocking pretty well here.
    Avara has connected.
    TBG: (( Well, I mean, it’s pretty hard to have a bad roll in a d6 system once you have a few ranks ))
    Avara: hi
    TBG: Hi
    DNA: You’d be surprise
    DNA: I’ve turned 3d6 into a 4 before
    Mike: For everyone, then: You can see, up ahead, a contingent of humanoid figures – shorter and stockier, armed with clubs and wearing leather armor. They have tusks jutting upwards from their jaws. Right now, they appear quite relaxed – playing cards with one another. It looks like some kind of guard post, on a quiet day.
  • Mike begins dropping some sprites.
    TBG: (( Rare, not impossible ))
    Avara: what map are we on?
    You whisper to DNA: For your score – you can also see they have a few tents, just around the bend. And it looks like said tents contain a load of supplies and some sparkling objects…
    Mike: This is a random encounter, so if you please, drop your tokens on the lower-right corner of “Route 07 Encounter”
    Jericho: “Times like this make me wish I had a spyglass.”
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    GrayGriffin has connected.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: for your perception; you can sense that they’re not a conquering force or raiding party, Stin – while they’re armed, they aren’t quite as organized as your old crew might’ve been. They also seem to be wearing necklaces – of a serpentine figure of some sort, made of bronze.
    Mike: That-all said – you’ve seen it well enough in advance that you can stop, take stock of the situation, and decide what to do.
    Mike: You can try to sneak through and catch them unawares, or rush in and attack, or just slip past unnoticed. Or you can walk up and talk to them.
    Mike: You can also do further Perception, knowledge, etc. checks on them. Though be aware that I’m making up a bit of this as I go – I was caught a little off-guard by my own dice!
    Mike: And I’ll tell you why
    Mike: …later.
    Mike: I hit ‘enter’ too soon ther.e
    GrayGriffin: Hold on, map is still loading for me
  • Mike thinks of anything else to add to this map while people load in.
    GrayGriffin: Don’t do it, you’ll make it load even slower
    Mike: Alllriiiiiight.
    Mike: 16
    Mike: 25
    Mike: 3
    DNA: It’s weird to me because the map doesn’t have that many tokens on it…
    Mike: Mmhm. I actually stripped off the tokens from the previous use. (I exported it first, no worries.)
    Mike: 1
    Mike: 7
    GrayGriffin: I’m basically stuck at 49/50 right now
    Mike: Hrm. Try leaving the map and returning? It might reboot it.
    Mike: Or I can strip out a few sprites.
    Mike: 7
    DNA: Leaving and returning can help, because the map up to that point will have already loaded so it won’t take as long
    Mike: Hrm. If that isn’t working, as well, I can just describe it in words… but you’d have problems impersonating unless you use your tokens on another map.
    GrayGriffin: I want to see the map okay
    GrayGriffin: Are there any extraneous sprites you can get rid of
    Mike: Yes, lemme do that.
    Mike: There.
    Mike: Now it’s just the original Route 7 Encounter map, and the physical beings’ tokens.
    Mike: Okay I missed one. NOW it is as I said.
    GrayGriffin: That last one still isn’t loading
    GrayGriffin: Ugh I’m gonna disconnect and reconnect
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    GrayGriffin has connected.
    Mike: Technical difficulties, I suppose. Gotta take the game disc out and give it a buff.
    Mike: Any joy? >.>
    Jericho: I thought we were cartridge based
    Mike: I don’t wanna blow on you.
    Mike: Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all night!
    Mike: Try the veal, and then tip it, because it worked very hard to be delicious. And then treat your waitress with respect.
    DNA: …
    GrayGriffin: It’s still at fucking 45/46
    Avara: i vote we turn game night into comedy night and make mike do the digital equivalent of stand-up comedy.
    Avara: for three hours.
    DNA: I object
    DNA: Mike is terrible at that
    Avara: he can only get better by practicing.
    Mike: I mean. We can pause the game. This gives Rob time to return, and also time for Dawn to try and sort this out. During said pause, we can either just chill out, or if anyone wants to do any searchign for particular Pokemon, I can do that too.
    Avara: i’m good with waiting.
    DNA: I’ll just wait.
    TBG: I can do the stand-up comedy
    Mike: The offer extends to Dawn as well – if we decide to call it on account of techical rain, I can still do stuff with you via Skype.
    GrayGriffin: Now it’s at 46/47
    GrayGriffin: Who pasted in an extra sprite
    Mike: I added the Diamoth from earlier.
    Mike: Lemme try…
    GrayGriffin: oh god finally
  • Mike removes one of the Pokemon sprites he had on this map
  • Mike then pastes it back.
    Mike: OKAY so that was weird. I guess it just really doesn’t like that one sprite. …And right now it’s even invisible to you guys.
    Mike: You good ot go Dawn?
    GrayGriffin: Gotta paste my tokens in real quick
    Mike: Alright. BRB myself then while you do that!
    GrayGriffin: …it’s happening again
    GrayGriffin: Can you do the cut-paste thing again?
  • Mike cuts.
    Mike: Did that not do it? I can cut more.
    TBG: Clearly, we need to sacrifice a Ram to the tech gods.
    TBG: and yes, it has to be a Ram
    DNA: hah
    DNA: RAM
    Avara: maybe the orcs decided to mow the lawn or cut down some trees?
    Mike: I can just delete the entire background, but it sounds more like Dawn is choking on a particular sprite. Lemme try…
    Mike: Basically yeah.
    Mike: I just ctrl+X’d ALL The tokens.
    Stin: (( I’m here now ))
  • Mike then puts them in the NPC Storage map just in case.
  • Mike now repastes them.
    Stin: (“They don’t seem like raiders,”) whispers Stin.
    Mike: Gonna repaste some background stuff too!
    Mike: There!
    Hajime: “(Judging by their wares and setup, I’m guessing they might be merchants?)” he said keeping his voice low.
    Mike: Alright, yes. Phew. Thank you everyone for sticking around.
  • Pirta alights in a nearby tree. She doesn’t run away, but she does try to stay out of peoples’ way, and watch – keeping an eye on the Cofagrigus carrying her eggs, in particular.
    Stin: (“They also have bronze dragon necklaces. They may know something about the temple…”)
    Jericho: (“Looks more like a guard post to me.”)
    Jericho: (“I mean, we are about to find a dragon half. Makes sense they would have guards or something.”)
    Jericho: (( hehe. Dragon Half. Good series. ))
    Avara: is jericho whispering or speaking pokemon? same stin
    Stin: (“So I suppose we’ll have to speak to them either way.”)
    Jericho: (( Ah, I was whispering. ))
    Jericho: (( I thought she was doing the same. ))
    Hajime: I was doing whatever Stin was doing
    Avara: ("") as whispers is a little confusing, since “()” is pokespeak
    Stin: (( parenthseses outside quotes mean whispering ))
    Stin: (( quotes outside parentehses mean poekspeak ))
    Jericho: (( that’s what I figured ))
    Stin: (( doubling it up would mean whispering in pokespeak ))
    Stin: (( i even added that she was whispering in my first post ))
    DNA: And of course there’s the whispering in Pokespeak, “(”text")“.
    Mike: We need more symbols and parentheticals.
    Mike: (( (”(Whispering in Pokespeak out-of-character.)") ))
    Mike: (( …Sorry. Apparently I’m in a strange mood tonight! clears throat ))
    Mike: it sounded like Stin was suggesting going up and talking to them. Would you like to do so, or are you sneaking in, rolling thinky-checks, or doing something else?
    Stin: (( she’s waiting for everyone else’s opinion ))
    Stin: (( also considering sending out dragon-form Surolam to wow them ))
    Mike: (( I was trying to prod everyone else to give it. >.> ))
  • Henrietta is going to do a Thinky Check: Pokemon at them.
    Mike: Roll the thinkybones!
    Henrietta: 28
    Mike: Reasonably thoughtful bones. They remember their mother’s birthday, and get her a card, but maybe not a giftcard to go in it.
    You whisper to Avara: Warriork. You’ve seen one before – one was with Remy, the Rattata boy in the other group of Trainers. Warriork – and their less-often-seen brethren, Sorcerogre – are humanoid inhabitants of the mountains of Shikoku. They tend to live in small groups, “clans”, that are roughly a few families tied together by oaths and blood spilled in battles.
    You whisper to Avara: They can actually be reasonable when caught in the right mood. They also make for very good drinking buddies, though they can plow through a keg of fairy mead like it’s nobody’s business.
    You whisper to Avara: Lemme get their pokedex info for you too… loading~
    You whisper to Avara: Warriork are purely Fighting-type, but they are skilled with Ground and Dark moves as well. In battle, they can be Cruel, and can have No Guard.
    Henrietta: “They seem friendly enough. Not really hunting for folks, just trying to keep an eye out for their clan, probably. They look to be in a good mood, so we should say hi.” ((proposing "" for whispers))
    Stin: (( kinda hard to notice ))
    Stin: (“Alright then.”)
  • Stin floats forward.
    Mike: * In the corner off the road, four Warriork are playing cards. It seems to be a quiet game – lots of staring at one another, shifty eyes. They don’t notice Stin’s approach, too focused on their game.
    Mike: * Off to the left, where the road reaches a hill you’d have to step up, a few Warriork are standing guard, seemingly bored. But they do notice Stin, as she floats forward.
  • Stin waves and smiles.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Hail!” One steps forward – wearing that dragon necklace, jangling against her bare collarbone.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Who walks this road?” She asks it in a mildly curious tone – you might be the most interesting thing to happen on a very boring day.
    Warriork Akash: * One of the other Warriork, behind her, looks up – from a smartphone. She nudges her glasses upwards.
    Jericho: “You know, I don’t think our group has a name yet.”
    Stin: “Me and my companions, on a journey to see the temples.”
    Jericho: “We ought to fix that.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Pilgrims!” A smile. “Good – more should hear the tales of the dragon, and appreciate his desolation!”
    Warriork Pruzag: “You are welcome in our camp. Keep weapons sheathed, but we will not take them from you.”
  • Warriork Akash exhales, a ‘phew’ noise.
    Warriork Pruzag: “We are of clan Zaag, born from the desolation.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “You are…” She looks Stin over – and then past her, at the others. She skews her face up, trying to figure you lot out.
    Warriork Pruzag: “…Spirits annnnd spirit-minders?”
    Warriork Akash: “I think they’re Trainers.” snrt
    Warriork Akash: “Keep an eye out for Pokeballs, alright?”
    Warriork Pruzag: “I tell them to keep weapons sheathed. They will honor the request.”
    Stin: “My trainer only captures those she asks, and frees them when they wish.”
  • Warriork Pruzag holds up her hands, in a ‘see?’ motion.
    Jemyn Temyta: “Well, I’m the only one here who really uses a weapon…”
  • Jemyn Temyta does have his sword sheathed, though.
    Warriork Pruzag: “I am Pruzag. She with phone is Akash. Eldest, wise one, Likwi, is resting in tent. Am sure she would send regards.”
    Warriork Akash: “Hashtag, clan Zaag.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Yes, already mentioned.”
    Jericho: “The modern world never fails to surprise me.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Leader spirit, you travel with humans. Do humans know of the desolation, as well?”
    Jericho: “Gonna have to be waaaaay more specific.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “We know only one human, Clara, she-who-tends. Is that specific?”
    Stin: “There are…stories, of what lies within the temples. And we know there is some truth to them.”
    Stin: “But I do not know how many humans think of them as not just stories.”
    Warriork Akash: “I think he means which desolation. I guess there’s more than this, to him?” A raised eyebrow and a raised eye.
    Jericho: “The world has a long history of people trying to kill each other and destroying everything around them in the process.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Desolation is not when humans kill humans, or when Pokemon kill Pokemon. Desolation is when dragon kill everybody.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Human, Pokemon, plant, even the earth.”
    Jericho: “Eh, just because one side was more successful and throurough doesn’t mean I’m wrong.”
    Stin: “We have…heard of that. And we have one among us who knows of how it was stopped.”
    Warriork Pruzag: :/ “Perhaps. And-” She blinks. “Mm! A loremaster, then, like Likwi? Would love to hear her stories!” :D
    Mike: * The Warriork playing cards perk their ears up at the word story.
    Stin: (( is Ava back? ))
    Jericho: (( wasn’t aware she’d left ))
    Avara: i’ve been back for a while
    Avara: just letting the scene play out so far
    Stin: (( well Stin’s mentioned Henrietta now ))
    DNA: I am also just observing at this time, as there isn’t much opening for me just yet.
    Henrietta: “I’d be glad to share some stories. Maybe we can get a meal and share stories together, before we go to visit the Desolation’s site?”
    Surolam: “More perspective on this ‘desolation’ would be useful.”
  • Surolam finally steps out from the bushes in her full dragon form.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Haaa, yes! Come, come.” She claps three times. “Zaag! We have guests. They offer lore, we offer food! Make pilgrimage worthwhile for aaaawahowoah!”
  • Warriork Pruzag stumbles back, eyes widened, at Surolam’s dragon form.
    Mike: * The other Warriork gasp as a group, staring at Surolam’s sinewy body.
  • Warriork Pruzag sinks to her knees.
    Henrietta: “As you can probably guess, one of our companions is of the same species as the Desolation’s dragon. She’s much less Desolat-ory, though.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “B-Bringer of desolation! You… honor us.” She bows, low, touching her forehead to the dusty ground.
  • Warriork Akash , in the back, is still impressed enough to put her phone away and get on her knees. Dragons are serious business.
  • Jericho blinks
    Jericho: “Wait, you feel honor towards a bringer of desolation?”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Still of same clan.” She speaks into the ground, yelling to make sure she’s heard despite her prone position. “Still demand respect. Still reason for clan Zaag.”
    Surolam: “Clan Zaag? That is another story to hear.”
    Surolam: “Although this is not my usual form, it feels…right, for this part of our journey.”
  • Surolam pauses.
    Surolam: “…you may rise.”
    Altair Azure: “Laying on the awe, are you?”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Thank you, Bringer.” She raises her torso, and then gets back on her feet.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Please. Honor us with your presence. You were to dine with us, yes? Please, come, sate yourselves on our stores in offering!” She gives a quick glance to the Warriork playing cards.
    Warriork Pruzag: * The other Warriork immediately leave their card game, and start a fire with previously-gathered sticks.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Akash! Wake Likwi when food is ready. She must see honored guest.”
    Warriork Akash: “Y-yeah.” nodnodnod
    Warriork Pruzag: “Will be minutes. We take best stores, render fat, cook fresh. Use salt.”
    Henrietta: “Would you mind if I help making the food? I picked up a few tricks in the Glen.”
    Warriork Pruzag: * The other Warriork are putting the meal together. You notice lots of green, leafy plants, and lichens and mosses, being used – in addition to a comically large hunk of meat, still on the bone.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Please! We cannot refuse.”
  • Henrietta rolls a Thinky Check: General for cooking!
    Warriork Pruzag: Do eet!
    Henrietta: 28
    Mike: With Henrietta’s help, the meal comes together even better than it would’ve otherwise. It turns out they had a few Cave Peppers in their store. They seem to use it as something for magical rituals – and it can certainly be used for those, particular Levitation spells – but it also makes a keen spice that opens the nostrils.
    Mike: * Soon, the scent of well-prepared meat fills the camp. The Warrior gather around… But they don’t dive in, despite how hungry they look. Instead, they place the largest hunk of meat, the size of a Skiddo in full, in front of Surolam’s draconic visage.
  • Greenback nearly whimpers at the implication
    Kiir: “(Wow, that looks great!)”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: * As they do so, the Warriork with the cell phone emerges from a tent – carrying an ancient clay pot, filled with a pink goo… which appears to have a face.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Bringer of Desolation, the meal is yours to consume first. Please take it as offering, and give us your blessing.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “May your power wreath the weak in fire and sand, and may your rage never be forgotten.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Mmphf. You got me up for dinner? Really? You know I don’t ne-” blink “…Well then.”
  • Surolam takes a bite of the meat, quite carefully holding it in her talons.
    Altair Azure: “…A…a clay pot? No, not quite. That’s…interesting.”
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: I will let you tell me how good or bad it is. Grateful or vengeful, ask for ANOTHER slam or spit it out with an insult, as you like. :3
  • Crucibelle Liquisdom wriggles, and looks at Altair.
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “…Hm.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “I am what is inside the pot.” The pot is adorned with skulls, and has a rosy, pink tint to it. So does the goo inside, forming a pink, youthful, simple face, with yellow eyes
  • Surolam takes a few deep breaths.
    Altair Azure: “So I’m noticing. I’ve usually noticed parties are a little more varied when we travel around. Here it’s different – the species here are all the same except for you. …What’s your story?”
    Surolam: “It is…hotter than I am used to, but tasty indeed.”
  • Surolam pauses.
    Surolam: “Your offering is accepted.”
    Mike: * The Warriork watch Surolam consume the meat, gauging her reaction as if it was the most important thing in the world. And when she says that-
    Mike: * They burst into cheers. You’d think they landed a man on the moon! There are hugs, high-fives. One attempts to chest-bump Henrietta.
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “I am very, very old.” A beat. “…But I’m betting you didn’t want the short version, hunh?”
    Stin: “Well, we are here to hear and tell stories, after all.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Thank you, o Bringer! May your scales be ever-bright!” :D
  • Henrietta chest-bumps the warriork, figuring why not? She probably gets knocked over for her trouble.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Ah, yes! Sisters, pass the meat and quiet yourselves – let the elder, and the Bringer, and the Bringer’s retinue, gift us with story!”
    Altair Azure: “I have time to listen. And I like long stories, anyway.”
    Warriork Ghratutha: * Yeeah, chest-bumping Henrietta is like chest-bumping a trampoline. Warriork Ghratutha goes knocked on her butt, her modern clothes fluttering in the dust. She laguhs it off, though.
    Avara: i meant henrietta probably gets knocked over. but this works too.
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Alright, well, settle on in. The slightly less short version is: I am VERY old. Hundreds of years. S’how I got so smart.” She taps the lid of her pot, which she wears as a hat, with a pulpy ped.
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “But specifically, I am old enough to have been around back when the Bringer of Desolation – and I know that isn’t you, really, but y’know – back before that Desolation got Brought.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Way way way back. I think I’m one of the first pots humans made, but maybe that’s just thinking I’m fancy.”
    Altair Azure: “What was it like back then? And…wait a minute. You’re…you’re animate. But you said you’re a pot? How’d that happen?”
  • Surolam perks up at that mention.
    Henrietta: “You can already talk to object-spirits, and we’ve seen an object become a pokemon.”
    Henrietta: “Remember the bell armor?”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Sorry. Mixing words. I’m not actually the pot.” She taps it. “I’m what’s inside the pot, too. I’m a… mold? Lichen? Whatever. Not delicious. But the pot’s me, too, I think.”
    Surolam whispers: “Ah, we are in the presence of quite a knowledgable lady, then!” exclaims Little Pummerin, sounding genuinely respectful for once.
    Warriork Akash: “Elder, perhaps you should tell them of the desolation?”
    Henrietta: “Yeah. You tell us your version, and we’ll tell you what we know. Trading stories is fun.”
    Altair Azure: “You…you think? In that case, may I ask a favor?”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Alright, alright.” The gooey gal looks at Altair. “Yeah?”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Boy, for everyone being in a rush, you guys get distracted a lot.”
    Warriork Akash: “I’ve read about that. They’re adventurers. Well-known for being easily distracted.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Do not speak ill of honored guests.”
    Warriork Akash: >.>
    Stin: “We are not in that much of a rush.”
    Stin: “The captain has said that he can wait.”
    Altair Azure: “May I lay a hand on your vessel? …It’d let me know how much of you is contained in the pot.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “…Uh, how about when I’m done with the story. But sure, alright.”
    Warriork Akash: =>.>=
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “…Solids. Well, whatever. DESOLATION.”
    Altair Azure: “All right, I’ll wait. …It’s just personal curiosity, after all.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “SO! There I was, a couple’a hundred years ago, just being soft in my pot in a tomb. When suddenly, the ground rumbles.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “No big deal. It’s an earthquake, or maybe some Sandslash digging through. Either way, I wanna get out of the way, so I roll out of the tomb. The traps had been sprung ages ago, so it’s not a big deal. Hop over a few skeletons, you’re in the clear.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “And outside, there’s a human, and a dragon. And – no offense, Bringer, but this was a BRINGER. And he BROUGHT.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “He was… Mmmm. Two? Three? Times bigger than you. Length, width, claw, mouth, all of it.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “When he breathed, rocks fell.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: "And I don’t mean from his mouth.
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “They just fell. From the sky. On everything.”
  • Jericho doesn’t look any more pleased about the party’s current quest. Silently, he confirms again to himself that this is a terrible idea.
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “And the human’s got a… No, not a magic wand. The other thing.”
    Avara: of course it’s a terrible idea. we’re adventurers
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Little stick that shoots little balls.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Pew pew pew.”
    Jericho: “A gun.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Yeah! That thingy.”
    Jericho: “I would know. I’ve had a few leveled at me in my time.”
    Henrietta: “Always your own fault.”
    Altair Azure: (So far this is…consistent with what we heard at the big door earlier…) he thought to himself.
    Jericho: “Only for getting caught.”
    Altair Azure: “Ahem.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Wait, really?” blink “I’m impressed, then. Looked like it hurt the Bringer.”
  • Henrietta smiles knowingly at Cru.
    Jericho: “I make it a point to not actually let the little balls hit me.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Oh. Alright, that explains it.” It’s a little less impressed now.
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “So, it still took a hundred pew-pews to get him down. I just kinda hung back and watched. For about a day, I think?”
    Altair Azure: “…the battle went on for a whole day?”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “I remember it was really bright outside, and then it wasn’t.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Sorry, I wasn’t quite so smart back then. Learning words took time.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “And all I knew were the glyphs in my tomb, back then, anyway.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “So yeah. The Bringer crashed, and sunk into the ground. It was all sand, I remember that. From what I heard later, that isn’t how it started.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “And then the human came over to me. And he sat down.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Needless to say, I was freaked out. Holy crap, this guy just took down the biggest thing I had ever seen! And he could pew-pew! I didn’t even know what that meant at the time, but just, like, holy tribunal, right?”
    Zojiik: “Was that…uncomfortable? Being sat on?”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Well, I couldn’t hop away anyway. No traction.” wriggle
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “And if he was sitting on me, he wasn’t pew-pew-ing at me.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “So I took it in stride, I guess. The panic died down.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “And when he woke up, or stopped meditating, or whatever, he said…”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “‘The dragon is slain again. But it may wake once more.’”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “And he did… something. He stood up, and I could peek out again.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “And I saw him do some big, swirly, sparkly thing. I saw the big beastie get pulled from the ground, but it was transparent, and it was in chains, and I knew what chains were because of the torture chamber, so that was actually refreshing to see.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “And he said, ‘Dragon, I will keep you in your slumber. Your rage will be forever quelled. I cannot kill you, but I can grant you peace, and the mountains peace.’”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “And he walked off with it. The Bringer just kinda floated behind, like a Drifloon. Found out what those were later.”
  • Surolam looks slightly freaked out at the implications of that power.
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “’bout a hundred years later, I get found by these gals.” She throws a thumb over her shoulder. “And I tell them the story, and they take me in.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “So now I get free spoinkyback rides.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “…Anyway, uh. It’s scary stuff. And it was even scarier back then, because I didn’t know anything about anything.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: She… exhales? Bubbles, maybe.
    Altair Azure: “Looking back on it now… do you have any impressions on all that, that you didn’t have before?”
    Henrietta: “It was fun to listen to. Are you ready to hear what we’ve learned?”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Mmm. Maybe. Put a pin in that, human boy, and maybe bring it up later, okay?”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Now, Ms. Sage, please. I bet you got some good ones.”
    Altair Azure: “All right.” He remains silent, and also stores his previous request for later.
  • Henrietta takes an appropriately dramatic seat at the fire, her visage illuminated in flickering flames. She clears her throat, shifts her posture, and Speaks. And she Speaks of a story that starts long ago, in ages before the first Human empire, of the days of Raltesia and even of times before that. Of a dragon sage, who sought not to rule, but to teach and guide. The sage who helped the generations of Kings and Queens in the psychic empire, and regretfully was forced to watch it crumble under the whispering Darkness that consumed psychic minds.
  • Henrietta tells the tale of a sage who has lost his home, seeking to plant roots again after the wounds had healed, only to be scorned and rebuffed, rejected and ignored by those infinitely inexperienced and incapable, who flaunted power over wisdom older than time itself.
  • Henrietta tells the tale of a sage scorned, wisdom turned to rage at the destruction of all he loved and cherished, turning into the endless fury of a dragon’s might.
    Mike: * The Warriork lean in, nearly ensorcelled by Henrietta’s telling, not only what she says, but how.
  • Henrietta tells the tale of a dragon that tormented the people and the area, and of a human chosen to champion the people now in need of a savior. Of a weapon, enchanted by the fae to be dragon’s bane, crafted from mythril and engraved with the hopes and dreams of those who could not help themselves.
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “…so that’ what that was…”
  • Henrietta tells, finally, the tale of a spirit sundered. The wisdom of the sage, sealed behind the gates. The mind of the general, entombed with his terracotta army. And the rage of the destroyer, laid to rest but never to peace, waiting at the base of the mountain.
    Henrietta: “… And that’s what we know.”
    Avara: done
    Warriork Pruzag: “We were… unaware. Of how tormented the Bringer was.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “We believed he was wrath made form. And now, we know he was… but he was not always so.”
    Surolam: “And he may not be so anymore, either. We have spoken with him, as both his draconic and human halves.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “I am sorry. I will still thank him for his wrath, for we were forged in the fires of his rage. But…” She stands up.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Elder. I wish to speak from the heart, and make a promise.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “This is one of those ‘on behalf of the clan’ things, isn’t it?”
    Warriork Pruzag: nod
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “…” nod
    Warriork Pruzag: “Our clan was forged in those fires, for we were, once, bigger, and more deadly. Our bravest warriors were killed… and so was our chief. Our clan was sundered, but not destroyed. And we rebuilt ourselves, in a new, more peaceful form. We still raise clubs to defend our home and kin. But we no longer seek to conquer other mountains.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “We, Clan Zaag, forged in the rage of the Bringer of Desolation… owe him, as child owes parent.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “You would restore him.”
  • Warriork Pruzag kneels.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Tell us how to serve.”
    Mike: * The other Warriork bow, still seated.
    Henrietta: “I think he would be happy, to know that his rage had a positive effect on someone at the least. But… we go to do battle with his Bringer form, his wrath incarnated. We’ve already sought out his human half and the mind of his draconic form, but we yet need to bring his fury, his burning soul, to commune with the other two. Only then can he be reincarnated or revived, as he so chooses.”
  • Henrietta nods to Surolam. “As he’s your kin, it’s your call.”
    Surolam: “We do not know how hard the battle may be. If you would assist us, it would be an honor.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Okay, girls. You know I love you all, but I’ve seen this thing. It was kind of the biggest and scariest thing I’ve ever seen. I know you all think it’d be honorable, but you may very well get your pots broken over this.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Would you stop us, Elder?”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Tch-.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “…No. Couldn’t even if I wanted to.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Good. Then I will take your caution under advisement.”
    Henrietta: “In the interest of fairness—this is a third of the true form of the Bringer, and likely withered by time and bondage.”
    Henrietta: “So I don’t know that it’ll be a match for what you remember, sage.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Hooooo I hope it isn’t.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “I hope everyone is very disappointed with how easily you beat it.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “I hope everyone gets bored.”
    Kiir: “(I hope the fight is cool!)”
    Zojiik: “(Kiir, don’t-)”
  • Zojiik facepalms.
    Warriork Pruzag: “The lesser-Bringer has spirit!”
    Henrietta: “We also have fae and ice on our side to exploit weaknesses, as the gun was crafted to do. And we have numbers on our side.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “I like the sound of all of those words you just said.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “As do I!”
    Warriork Pruzag: “There is no need for fairness in this battle. It is not a duel for honor – it is a conquest, like our ancestors, but one of thankfulness, as is our way now.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Sisters! Woman of Zaag! Tonight, you will drink, and rest. Tomorrow, you will hone your weapons, and ride in the Bringer’s retinue!”
    Warriork Pruzag: “We will rescue the original Bringer from his torment, and show him our gratitude, with spilt blood and sweat!”
    Mike: * A cry goes out from the assembled Warriork.
    Jericho: ^_^; “Well, can’t say I don’t appreciate the extra muscle.”
  • Henrietta bows her head in gratitude.
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Whoo, yay, please only spill a little blood, you need enough to walk home with.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Now then! Boy! You had something you wanted to ask me?” She has to shout, to be heard over the rabble of the Warriork.
    Avara: altair wants to touch the pretty pot
    Avara: and ask about new perspectives
    DNA: Yes, indeed I did.
    Altair Azure: “Yeah. I would like to lay my hand upon your vessel – to see how much of you still inhabits that pot. …as well as how looking back on your encounter with the gunman now has changed, now that you have all this knowledge.”
    Warriork Akash: “Elder, I’m halfway convinced this is a human mating ritual.” She grins. “Well done! Mate before our illustrious battle!”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “…” >:|
  • Henrietta chuckles.
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Just hold me up so the boy can touch me.”
    Jericho: “It doesn’t work that way.”
    Jericho: “Not that this doesn’t sound like something similar.”
    Warriork Akash: “Uhm, he asked to lay hands upon her curves.”
    Altair Azure: “I promise you, it’s not a mating ritual.”
    Warriork Akash: “I believe saying that is also part of the mating ritual in some circles of human.”
    Altair Azure: Altair lays his hand quietly on the Crucibelle’s pot, looking specifically to see if he senses any leftover traces of life or vibrancy therein.
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “It’s not a mating ritual!” wriggles angrily
    Henrietta: “He has the ability to commune with the spirits of old objects, especially those crafted in loving detail.”
    Mike: Altair; give me a focus check?
    Henrietta: “So he’s checking how much of the pot is and isn’t the sage.”
    Altair Azure: Focus 27. Also would there be a situational bonus here since I’m trying to sense a pot, something that’s made out of earth?
    Altair Azure: …Y’know with that roll I may not need one. But I want to ask in case this comes up again.
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: (( whispering! ))
    You whisper to DNA: The pot is almost entirely subsumed by the Pokemon within it. But there, at the very basest, beneath a sea of pink goo, you can just barely scrape your metaphorical fingers against a bare, dry earth. And then, your mind flashes-
    You whisper to DNA: to a bare and dry mountainside, under a baking sun. An idea of being shaped, of being wetted and spun on a simple stone wheel. Placed in a kiln, by a man in a simple loincloth and shawl, young and scruffy, caked in dusty earth.
    You whisper to DNA: Born in a kiln, with a knowledge of honor – a burial urn, for someone of mild import. You cannot tell who, but the concept of buried tombs enters your mind, being carried into the dark, filled with ash and moisture… and then silence, darkness.
    You whisper to DNA: And then the goo returns, and you can sense your presence drowning in something it cannot comprehend with its senses – a life, not inanimacy. Your being rises from the sea of goo, breaking the surface, gasping for air

    Mike: And you’re back, Altair.
    DNA: Processing…
    Altair Azure: “…whoa. That… That’s never happened before.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “What’s never happened before?”
  • Altair Azure drew his hand back.
    Surolam: “What is it?”
  • Surolam moves closer to Altair.
    Altair Azure: “Normally when I sense objects, I get an idea of what they’re currently thinking. Or what their general purpose was.”
  • Henrietta gives Surolam and Altair some room.
    Altair Azure: “This time it was…way more specific.”
    Warriork Akash: “Did the elder’s pot speak?”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: o.O
    Surolam: “What did you hear?”
    Altair Azure: “I felt that I was reading its very first memories. A pot being carefully crafted, simple but beautiful. Its purpose was to be a burial urn. And indeed it was put in a tomb. I saw all that, and then suddenly, a goo-like sensation appearing and crowding everything out. Then…that was it.”
    Altair Azure: “I know it was just my mind trying to read and connect with it, but for only a few brief moments at the end, I felt like I was drowning.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “I… Well.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “I guess that was me, being born, drowning you.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “So… sorry?”
  • Crucibelle Liquisdom rubs her lid.
    Warriork Akash: “You speak in omens.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Kinda, yeah!”
    Altair Azure: “It’s all right, truly. I just wanted to see if there was any life left in the pot. …There is, but…just as memories.”
    Surolam: “A burial urn…where would the goo come from, then?”
    Altair Azure: “I’m more surprised I even read the memories. That’s never happened before. Usually it’s…well…it’s like tantamount to talking, or low-level mind-reading in some cases. Never anything like memory-reading.”
    Altair Azure: “I don’t know. Either she found her way in, or…” He stopped for a moment. “Or maybe she was the one buried there, and she’s been reincarnated.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “…I don’t remember being anything else.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Hunh. I guess everyone comes from somewhere, though. Clan Zaag says they were born from the deaths of the Desolation. Maybe I’m kinda the same deal.”
    Henrietta: “Reincarnation usually doesn’t leave memories behind. It doesn’t really matter beyond something to know—you’re still you, however you happened to become you.”
    Altair Azure: “Yeah, memories from past lives don’t really ‘carry over’. I mean, they might be locked deep within your mind, and something spontaneous might bring them out, but it may not matter. You’ve still made a whole lot of new memories.”
    Zojiik: “Yeah, becoming a Ghost-type is different from reincarnation. And sometimes you can still lose your memories when being reborn in that way.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Well, it’s something to think about.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “I’m not even sure where the tomb is, now. It’s been a long time since I rolled out of it.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “But maybe it’s kinda nice to know about the people who built it. Who built me.”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: snff “Alright, I’m getting sappy. Stupid adventurers having feelings and riling up my girls.”
    Altair Azure: “Sap? I thought you were more gooey?”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Pssh. That’s a goo’ one.” :P
    DNA whispers: Blue-Blaze: “Has he been learning from Jericho?”
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “Alright, alright. Yo, ladies!” She bangs on her lid. “Drain your ale, get to bed. You wanna fight a big legendary dragon tomorrow, you’re doing it on a full night’s rest or not at all!”
    Avara: seems like we’re winding down a bit. expies? or maybe ex-pies. though if they’re ex-pies, what are they now and how did they stop being pie?
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: “And we’re still packing up in the morning, too! We gotta pay respects to Clara and I want us respectable.”
    DNA: Now I want pie.
    Avara: you’re welcome
    Crucibelle Liquisdom: (( For all you know, Likwi here is an ex-pie. ))
    DNA: Is she tasty? Actually, don’t answer that.
    Zojiik whispers: “Sounds like it,” sighs Donphan-tooth.
    Avara: she said no herself earlier
    Avara: she’s made of not-tasty.
    Mike: XPsies, hunh? Alrighty.
    3 TXP because this was all RP and I had fun, and it sounds like others did too.

30 PKMN EXP for your mons as well!

DNA: TL 21.8
Mike: Annnd a retinue of 8 Warriork and a Crucibelle and a Diamoth and a bushel of Caterime eggs.
DNA: I assume one IG day will pass, and we’ll start off the next morning from here?
Mike: Yep yep. It seemed a good place for it.
DNA: Excellent.
Avara: yupyup. yay for healing injuries and HP
Mike: Saving campaign and log. This isn’t at all what I thought we’d get to today, but hey! Fun times.
Avara is disconnected.
GrayGriffin is disconnected.


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