Building the Boatwagon

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Mike: yay, +1 ava.
Mike: But, BRB
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Mike: Okay, back!
Mike: Li’l last-minute doublechecking and prep. And sneezing.
Avara: hello

  • Mike adds +1 Jeya and Perun, next to Jil.
    Avara: yay~
    Mike: And I have to figure out the NPCs’ skills!
    Avara: pretty high general education to craft clothes
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    Mike: Alright! Just need a Surolam.
    Mike: I got some feedback from TBG about the Obsidian Skill System from his players. I’m hoping to apply some of that here tonight.
    TBG: heart
    Mike: While we’re waiting for Dawn’s computer to reboot and Hamachi to get its act together, – did anyone have any questions, or any bookkeeping?
  • TBG raises his hand
    Mike: Yes, you in the second row.
    TBG: “Can I have a hug?”
    Avara: what level are pokemon able to raise their skills above novice at?
    Mike: The GM should be SOMEWHAT MEAN!
    DNA: @Avara: 5
    Blonde Ralts: Ralts Hug! 12!
    Mike: …Yes, you may have a hug. But I will hug you too tightly.
    TBG: Don’t care. It’s a hug
    Mike: oh snap Ralts with the hug-steal!
    Makoto: Ha! I knew that overworld shiny sprites existed somewhere! Got it. My book-keeping is up-to-date.
    TBG: Mine probably isn’t Pokemon-wise, but I can fix that if it comes up.
    Mike: Ah, nice.
    DNA: Dammit, forgot TL…
    Avara: brb
    DNA: Also, how many days have passed since we fought Chuck? 0 or 1?
    DNA: Oh we’re at 4.0. I had totally forgotten to apply that.
    GrayGriffin has connected.
    Mike: This is actually still the same day, albeit late afternoon heading into evening.
    Avara: hi!
    Mike: And we have a GG!
    Mike: gg, GG.
    DNA: Darn, I thought so. I must wait more for my plant to mature.
    Blonde Ralts: Ralts hug!
    DNA: That means I have 2 dudes following me around without Poke Balls for now.
    GrayGriffin: Yo!
    Mike: Well, you guys as a party can always decide to stop for a day. But then, y’know. I might get it in my head to have things happen. :P
    Mike: ANyway!
    Mike: For now, we have things to get up to!
    LAST TIME on SHIKOKU! Our heroes explored the wild world of boat ownership. You know what they say: the two happiest days of a boat-owner’s life are the day they buy the boat, and the day they sell it. But the truth might be more complicated than the aphorism…
    Jericho: (( “TOO BAD WE NEVER SOLD IT!” ))
    Today, they’ve gathered help from their acquaintences all over town to help get the boats together into a mighty boatwagon.
    Avara: with a sail, potentially.
    Mike: The Barkeep Machamp, and Jil’s patrons Perun and Jeya, are at the dock with her. The sun is beginning to dip in the sky; afternoon is becoming evening. If you want to get this done today, it’s now or never.
    DNA: do eet
    Mike: Lesse…
    Mike: A few notes about this skill challenge! Because like I said, I’m trying to incoroporate some feedback.
    Mike: Each round has a different grouping of skills that are considered ‘on challenge’. Some of the skills overlap, but not all of them.
    Mike: Edu Tech is still the preferred skill (getting a +2 to its rolls!), and it’ll be useful all three rounds. You’re building a vehicle, after all.
    Surolam: “Hello…?” Surolam greets Perun and Jeya a bit cautiously.
    Blonde Ralts: “(Wow! Bishoujo!)” the blonde ralts said upon seeing the two fashion ladies joining the group.
    Mike: Finally, while a Partial Success gets you a boatwagon, and a Full Success gets you a much more mobile version, every point of success over the Full Success gets additional crafting materials – leftover scrap, y’know.
    Perun Joy: “Oh, hey! One of Jil’s friends, right?” She offers a hand. “Perun.” The pink-haired woman has tanned skin, tight jean shorts, and a very large sword strapped to her back.
    DNA: (Sorry, I didn’t see where the tokens are all at)
    Jeya Jenny: waves “Jeya. I design clothes – Jil’s been kind enough to model them for us while she travels.”
    Jeya Jenny: “We’d be happy to make some for you sometime, if you like them.” She smiles sweetly.
  • Blonde Ralts holds out her hand as well!
    Avara: perun and jeya do know that surolam’s blind, so keep that in mindfulness.
    Perun Joy: nudge “Nice upsell.” After a moment, Perun remembers, oh yeah, blind, and takes the offered Ralts’ hand instead – not sure if she should just, like, grab Surolam’s hand, she just lets that drop.
    Barkeep: “(I like the sword.)” He gives a respectful nod.
    Surolam: (( Also, Surolam would probably have been talking to the items in her box, both to see if there were any items that could help with the boat-building and if there were any items that’d be interested in staying with the Machamp bartender. ))
    Surolam: “Sword?”
    Jil Joti: "Perun, one of my bosses, is also a swordswoman.
    Jil Joti: "
    Surolam whispers: “Hi!” chirps Donphan-tooth to the sword. “What’s your name? And how old are you?” Little Pummerin simply murmurs a bit, waiting for the response for now.
    Perun Joy: “Yep. It’s more fun to be out there causing pain!” She gives a toothy, predatory grin, drawing her sword – and then taking Surolam’s hand so she can feel the blunt of the blade.
    Blonde Ralts: “(Wow!)” the blonde ralts said, impressed.
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: The sword rouses. “I fancy myself Painkiller, he-who-ends-headaches. I was forged two summers ago as a secret.” The blade sounds proud, and perhaps a bit posh.
    Makoto: “(Wait, there’s two object-speakers!? Oh man oh man, why did I sign up for this…)”
    Hajime: “(Shhh, don’t be rude.)”
    Jil Joti: “These are Perun Joy and Jeya Jenny, my employers. They have agreed to assist us with the boat project.”
  • Jeya Jenny stands back a little, watching her companion soak in the attention.
    Jeya Jenny: “Oh! Yes, it sounds very interesting.”
    Blonde Ralts: “(They’re really pretty. They must have all sorts of mates!)”
    Perun Joy: “Well. And useful. ‘Sides, it’d be fun to get some sweat going with you guys.”
  • Surolam strokes the blade, looking impressed.
    Jeya Jenny: =>.>= Jeya blinks at the Ralts’ comment, blushing. “I, uh…”
    Surolam whispers: “An impressive name, and origin. Have you lived up to it?” asks Little Pummerin, swaying slightly.
    Blonde Ralts: Ralts was surprised to be understood!
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: MY wielder still stands. Many shrubs and quite a few Emolga are beside a road somewhere, fearful of her footsteps. So, you tell me." >:
    Perun Joy: “Hn? Did she say something?” She asks with an edge on the ‘something’, imply-asking if it was something bad.
    Jeya Jenny: “No, it’s fine. She said we were very pretty.”
  • Hajime smirked at the Jenny’s reaction, and the ensuing deflection.
    Jeya Jenny: “Thank you, little Ralts. You’re quite pretty, too.” She bows.
    Surolam whispers: “Small prey. Still, every legend must start somewhere. And I truly have not seen so impressive a sword as yourself for quite some time.” Little Pummerin sounds a bit wistful.
    Blonde Ralts: Blonde Ralts blushes and shuffles a foot.
    Perun Joy: “Ahhh. Well, if you ever wanna be even prettier, you just ask Jeya here. Whadaya think, a sari rap for her when she grows up?”
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: …" The sword lets the ‘small prey’ comment slide. “Thank you. And as a bell, you are… More tolerable than a Pokemon Center’s buzzer.” A voice of experience
    Blonde Ralts: Blonde Ralts smiles brightly!
    Jeya Jenny: “I could see that, but for now, a cute t-shirt might be best. She can still wear it when she evolves – she’ll outgrow a full wrap.”
  • Barkeep coughs.
    Barkeep: “Hey, ladies, I appreciate the fashion talk, and I’m sure everyone will be the belle of the ball when you dress up the Pumpkaboo.”
    Surolam whispers: “I should hope so! I am nothing like those common vagrants!” Donphan-tooth chuckles. “Are you sure? You can be pretty loud yourself sometimes.” Mighty murmurs in agreement.
    Jil Joti: “Perhaps you could pursue that once we’re done, and mail us the finished item?”
    Jil Joti: (( oh! jil’s wearnig a robe now. ))
    Barkeep: He hefts a large, red toolbox, clattering with tools. “Yeah, what she said.”
    Jil Joti: Jil takes out a toolbox as well.
    Surolam: “Then…should we go get Molly?”
    Jil Joti: “Yes, and Jericho or any of his pokemon willing to help in his stead.”
    Surolam whispers: did you see what I mentioned up there about Surolam asking about items in her box that could help?
    Altair Azure: “They’re somewhere near the bar? Or did they move since? Either way, I’ll go find them.”
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: Painkiller smirks. “Well, please don’t feel the need to prove it. I hope I don’t have need to prove my sharpness today, either. Boats are ill-suited to cutting or to belling.”
    Barkeep: “I didn’t see ‘em on the way here. They might’a gone up past the beach – plenty of places to sit up there.”
    Altair Azure: “All right. I’ll be off, then.”
  • Altair Azure then took his entourage north along the shoreline to locate the other two.
    Blonde Ralts: “(I can work for Molly, if she’s still helping Mr. Jericho.)” Blonde ralts pats her chest.
    Mike: The way I’ve got this set up, I’m assuming each Trainer will have a Pokemon helpin them each Round – though it needn’t be the same Pokemon each round, of course.
    Avara: yay~
    Mike: This means that the ultimate victory numbers are actually Pretty Darn High, between the double-up and the extra NPC help.
    Altair Azure: (…Oh, there they are,) Altair observed.
  • Jericho is still grumpily talking to Molly. He’s quite cross.
    Molly: Molly was leaning quietly against a wall a respectable distance from Jericho.
  • Altair Azure felt like it would be rude to interrupt the conversation, so he just stood there without saying anything. …That didn’t stop Makoto from waving to try and get their attention, though…
  • Jericho notices Altair nearby and pauses in the middle of what he was saying.
    Molly: Molly wasn’t speaking. Or paying much attention. She was just there.
    Molly: ((Oh, I didn’t realize they were still talking))
    Molly: Molly wasn’t speaking, just listening for now.
    Jericho: (( Oh. Well, they could not be. ))
    Jericho: (( Doesn’t matter too much. Just thought it might be weird for them to just sit there doing nothing. ))
    Molly: ((They got it out of their system and were just sitting around letting the mood pass))
    Perun Joy: “Alright, so li’l Ms. Ralts is nice. And you, buddy,” she pats Machamp’s muscular arm, “are definitely rockin’ it. But who else we got here? I see a ghost-buddy, and – holy crap is that a mermaid?”
    Altair Azure: (I’d assumed they were still talking, which is why I didn’t say anything, but if it’s free grounds to interject, may I?)
    Athletic Syroe: Pearl did a jump and a spin out of the water!
  • Jil Joti brings out Ecran and Roma.
  • Perun Joy hops over to the side of the dock to check out Pearl the Syroe. “Whoa, sweet. Got some awesome kicks, girl!”
  • Zojiik waves shyly.
    Athletic Syroe: She tries to speak up, but can’t. She looks sad for a second.
    Jericho: (( By all means, please do. ))
  • Ecran gives Syroe a subtle thumbs-up.
    Altair Azure: “…Oh, Molly, Jericho. …Hello there.” He just waited to be acknowledged first; he’d rather shave off the tense atmosphere than outright break it.
    Perun Joy: “Aw. You two aren’t much for words, hunh? Ah, s’alright. Strong, silent types! Emphasis on the ‘strong’, am I right?” :3
  • Jeya Jenny smiles at the appearing Ralts, and waves at her fellow Jenny.
  • Jericho gives a grumble, but doesn’t say more than that. He’s cooled off a bit, but still isn’t in a very good mood.
  • Roma Jenny waves back to Jeya, smiling at the group.
    Pearl: Pearl frowns. She wants to talk, she just can’t yet.
    Jeya Jenny: “Jil, I meant to mention – I think you have two very beautiful Pokemon. Remind me to get their measurements before you go?”
  • Jil Joti nods.
  • Jeya Jenny gives Roma a sly, conspiratorial wink – of course she’s pretty. All Jenny are, right?
    Blonde Ralts: Blonde Ralts speaks with Joy with Telepathy. “(She wants to talk, but her voice isn’t strong enough.)”
  • Roma Jenny winks back, smiling and giving Jeya a thumbs-up as well. Damn right!
    Altair Azure: “…The bartender just got off his shift, so he’s going to help us repair those boats. If you want, you can come down to the dock and lend a hand… But, if you’d rather stay here for now, I’ll just come by later when we’re done.”
    Molly: Molly glances at Jericho to see what he’d do.
    Perun Joy: (o.O) . o O (Whoa, voice in my head. Okay, uh – can she whistle? Er…) “Hey, can you whistle, maybe?” She puts her lips together, and blows.
    Altair Azure: “I…could tell you were rather upset about it. I’m not going to coerce you.”
  • Surolam sends out her other two Pokemon as well.
    Pearl: Pearl makes a soft whistling sound, startling herself.
    Kiir: “(Wow, another Roma?)”
  • Ninviidost curls up on Surolam’s head, looking a bit nervous at the new group.
    Barkeep: “Whoa-hey, everyone’s comin’ out all at once.” He blinks, just a little unsure – he’s used to sailors; other Pokemon are actually a rarity for him.
    Jericho: “…I’m gonna go do some research. Build the stupid boat-thing without me.”
    Perun Joy: “There ya go!” whistles a few notes
    Pearl: Pearl tries to copy them but isn’t able to match the tones.
    Altair Azure: “All right. …Molly?”
    Barkeep: “Uh…” He coughs. “(Yeah, kinda. I think they’re the same species. They’re like the cops! But they ain’t any cops I’ve seen.)”
    Jericho whispers: Pre-emptively, I’d like to have Jericho travel the town asking around about the Greenshields (that is the right name, yes?)
    Molly: “My two deckhands are there. If they’re not enough help then they need to shape up. I can wait here.”
    You whisper to TBG: Yep, that’s correct. I tell you what: I’ll include you in the initiative, and you can do that asking then. I might give you some info on them!
    Altair Azure: “All right, I’ll come back later, when it’s over with. Until then we’ll be down at the docks.”
    Jericho whispers: Cool. Thanks!
  • Altair Azure gestured to his tiny brigade of 3, and they made their way back.
    Molly: Molly nodded in understanding.
    Kiir: (( I forgot, was Kiir there when we encountered the Red Rooks? ))
    Avara: i don’t believe she was out
    Perun Joy: “Eh, you’ll get it with practice. Keep at it, alright? You be the you you wanna be.” She gives the Syroe a thumbs-up.
    Kiir: (( he ))
    Mike: Alright, plans adjusting for those minor shake-ups. No big deal though.
    Altair Azure: “…They’re still busy right now.” Altair quietly returned.
    Pearl: Pearl wistles happily!
    Kiir: “(Oh. What are cops?)”
    Barkeep: “Well, we got plenty of people and Pokemon here. And I’m not coming back tomorrow for this freakin’ thing.”
    Barkeep: “I’ll cover the salesman’s sweat for him. That puts me square with him on this one, alright?” He points at Perun, as the closest pointable person near.
    Blonde Ralts: “(I’m ready!)”
    Perun Joy: “Whoa, muscleman, not my problem. I’m here to look good and move heavy stuff, just like you.”
    Mike: Alright! Lemme get some initiative in. Two minor changes from the hiccups introduced just now:
    Altair Azure: “…Just tell me what we need to do, and we’ll do it.”
    Mike: * Jericho and his Pokemon have been factored out of my calculations. Instead, he’ll be… doing something else. Something that actually may be useful for you all, but it isn’t boat-building.
    Mike: * Since Molly herself is sitting out, I’m okay with her using both her deckhands as ‘her and her Pokemon’. Keeps things interesting and seems legit to me. But this is a bit of an off case, so don’t expect it for everyone all the time.
    Molly whispers: Molly will not, because what Jericho does is his own business. She gave him company and she’s not about to push it on him twice, even if she thought he was just sulking off again. Molly will wait where she is for now, in case he comes back to the bench. But in a while she’ll just head back to the boat.
    Jeya Jenny: Initiative =
    Perun Joy: Initiative =
    Pearl: Initiative = 3
    Blonde Ralts: Initiative = 6
    Surolam: Initiative = 5
    Zojiik: Initiative = 5
    Jil Joti: Initiative = 5
    Barkeep: Initiative =
    Altair Azure: Initiative = 9
    Hajime: Initiative = 15
    Schleimann: Initiative = 11
    Makoto: Initiative = 12
    Roma Jenny: Initiative = 5
    Ecran: Initiative = 2
    Kiir: Initiative = 8
    Ninviidost: Initiative = 8
    Molly: Call it a perk of the companion background if you want it to be unique.
    Jericho: Initiative = 10
    Mike: All the initiatives! Annnnd that might work. But we’ll talk!
    Mike: handwave
    Jericho: (( Why is his init 10? ))
    Avara: mike, npcs need inits
    Jericho: (( My speed is 13 ))
    Avara: when did it become 13?
    Mike: Do you still have a Speed Stage Down somewhere?
    Molly: Ralts speed is wrong. Let me fix that.
    Jericho: (( I shouldn’t ))
    Jericho: (( never took a speed stage down ))
    Mike: Whatever, I’ve set it to 13. Check your token’s MSPE and make sure it isn’t 10.
    DNA: or even the base Speed.
    Molly: ((You can reset now))
    Mike: Re-sort!
    Jericho: (( It is. That’s weird. ))
    DNA: I’m curious as to what skills are applicable for this, myself.
    Jericho: (( So do I have to change that every time my Speed Stat goes up? ))
    Kiir: (( Yeah, you need to edit your token stats yourself ))
    Kiir: (( the macros will do CS for you though ))
    Mike: Alright. Reminder: Trainer gets an action, and one of your Pokemon gets an action, Molly nonwithstanding.
    Mike: This is a skill challenge in three parts!
    Mike: Pt. 1 – plans, measuring, design, and prep.
    Edu Tech (+2), Command, Charm, Guile, Perception

Pt. 2 – breaking things down, sawing, and other deconstruction
Edu Tech (+2), Athletics, Combat, Fortitude

Pt. 3 – Reconstruction, and the final build
Edu Tech (2), Edu. General, Fortitude, Focus, Perception
Avara: yatta!
Mike: So, Pt 1 is getting the plan together and making sure everyone’s on board. Pt 2 is breaking things down. Pt 3 is putting it all together.
Hajime has received initiative.
Mike: Round 1! Time to get the plan together for the boat!
Mike: Edu Tech is the preferred skill, but Command, Charm, Guile, and Perception also work here.
Molly: ((Toggle hold on pokemon you want Mike to pass automatically))
Jericho whispers: So how will Jericho’s thing work? Will he just treat this as a skill challenge for himself?
Hajime: Hajime looks at the pieces of the boats and runs some numbers in his head. He looks for any bits that might look like they fit together, or even some not-so-obvious ones. Perception 4d6: 11 .
You whisper to TBG: Not a bad idea! I like it. This is a Social challenge for you – so Charm, Guile, Intuition, Intimidate. But one caveat: can only use a skill once.
Hajime: Holds toggled – next up.
You whisper to TBG: since rolling the same skill is bluh, according to your players. :3
Jericho has received initiative.
Jericho whispers: Darn my players.
Mike: Meanwhile, while Hajime looks over the parts of the boat – and finds a few pieces of wood that’ll still fit together! – Jericho is patrolling the mean streets of Cianwood, asking questions and sticking his nose places.
Jericho whispers: Jericho will try and get folks to let information slip slyly. 12 Guile
Makoto has received initiative.
Schleimann has received initiative.
You whisper to TBG: You overhear a few miscreants talking about the Greenshields and Red Rooks. They sound like they’re weighing their options, deciding which bandit gang to join to get a leg up in the world. They talk tough, but they don’t know enough to give you the full story – not from just lying to them, that is.
Barkeep: “Hunh. Not much for big social groups like this, but…” He claps his four hands together. “Alright, you guys, let’s get focused! We got a job to do! I wanna see people measuring what we got, I wanna see people getting tools out and ready!” He tries to rally the troops with Command! 8
Barkeep: His command style lacks the panache you might be used to from a certain cat-captain.
Altair Azure has received initiative.
Jil Joti: (( GM rolls or no? ))
Barkeep: You choose!
Molly: ((I’m going public, more fun))
Altair Azure: Altair is already at it with the measuring. With whatever papers or tools he has ready, he’s out drawing diagrams, shapes, whatever will make it fit best together. It’s all in the brainstorming steps right now, but the ideas will definitely help, and we’ll need to pick one of them. Tech Edu 4d6(
2!) 15
Altair Azure: And I’ll be asking later anyway. What was Hajime’s roll?
Mike: I kinda like people seeing their rolls for something like this, since the individual rolls don’t dictate success. But people can sympathize with poor rolls and cheer on great ones.
Jil Joti: (( jil has a really good roll for this. :3 ))
You whisper to DNA: 11.
DNA whispers: Sounds fair. I’m fine with that roll.
Mike: Altair, your ideas are starting to come together on the page. THis might not be so crazy after all…
Kiir has received initiative.
Ninviidost has received initiative.
Mike: Looks like we’re skipping Kiir and Ninvi, but GG just lemme know if that’s wrong.
Kiir: (( Yup, skipping them this turn ))
Perun Joy: “Uh. Well, I can take a look, but this isn’t my strong suit…” She squints at the boat! 9
Perun Joy: “Oh hey! I found a few extra nails down here!”
Surolam has received initiative.

  • Surolam consults with the boats a bit about the current state of the plans, trying to get thier opinion. 15 Charm
    DNA: Did you seriously Skill Stunt ‘checks having to do with objects’?
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: The elder boat seems a little more accepting. He’d rather see the younger boat made whole – “I’d give up my rudder for ’im!”
    Surolam: (( yes ))
    DNA: Ha!
    Mike: …Well played. It’s not even off-challenge.
    Surolam: “We should probably work on fixing the broken boat as the base.”
    Zojiik has received initiative.
  • Zojiik goes intangible and sweeps through the boats a few times, looking for hidden weak spots.
    Zojiik: Perception: 11
    Mike: Yeah, there’s a few weak points on these boats. No one of them is a problem, but all together… Good thing you found ’em.
    Jil Joti has received initiative.
  • Jil Joti uses the power of database abuse and internal processing power to help design the boat stuff! 15 Edu Tech plus Tools (Crafting bonus) plus Favored Skill.
    Mike: > Compiling BoatKnow~1.DAT
    Roma Jenny has received initiative.
  • Roma Jenny helps with measuring stuff and searching for weakpoints, tapping wood gently here and there to see how it reacts to the pressure. 14 Perception.
    Mike: …I’m sorry, Jil probably doesn’t run DOS. I’m not that mean.
    Avara: pats
    Avara: so that’s 15 from jil and 14 from roma
    Mike: Ah, sorry, missed it.
    Mike: knock knock knock knock knock kconk – ah, there we go. A good spot to start the deconstruction from.
    Jeya Jenny: “I think I can design a very nice sail for a boat this size. Let me see…” She closes one eye and puts a thumb up, checking over the boat. 10
    Jeya Jenny: “Yes, I think this’ll work. 8 by 5, I think? Nice, simple rectangle.”
    Pearl has received initiative.
    Pearl: Pearl tries to whistle an inspiring little tune~ 7 Charm.
    Pearl: She’s almost okay.
    Perun Joy: “Hey, not bad, girl! Now, uh, try pursing your lips like this a little more…”
    Blonde Ralts has received initiative.
    Blonde Ralts: Blonde Ralts uses her telepathy and charming personality to make sure everyone was aware of the myriad of plans being made. 17
    Mike: (( Boat Borg Collective established. ))
    DNA: Sounds like a modern-day Das Boot.
    Jericho: (( Suddenly glad Jericho is doing Jericho things. ))
    Avara: everyone gets a slightly mechanical feeling from jil’s mind. because robot.
    Blonde Ralts: ((Does she have mind lock?))
    Blonde Ralts: ((Or telepathy immunity?))
    Avara: ohshit
    Avara: she does have mindlock
    Mike: Ah-hah!
    Mike: :P
    Mike: Alright! End of round one!
    Avara: probably can’t turn that off
    Mike: Current progress: 132 / 407. You’re just the tiniest bit behind the curve, but nothing you can’t make up in the next round – deconstructing the boat!
    Ecran has received initiative.
    Hajime has received initiative.
    Mike: Pt. 2 – breaking things down, sawing, and other deconstruction Edu Tech (2), Athletics, Combat, Fortitude
    Mike: Pt. 2 – breaking things down, sawing, and other deconstruction
    Edu Tech (
    2), Athletics, Combat, Fortitude
    DNA: Is there a DC for Great Success or just Success? (Also, Hajime will not be the one acting this round from my side)
    Blonde Ralts: Can Telekinesis allow Focus for this stage?
    Avara: Roll Higher, For Great Justice!
    Mike: There’s a DC for both. The one I used there was for Partial Success – you’re a little further behind for Full Success, but again, not terribly so.
    Jericho: (( IN JUSTICE WE TRUST ))
    Zojiik: (( Kiir’s turn! ))
    DNA: No, Dan.
    DNA: I think it’s Jericho’s turn now.
    Jericho has received initiative.
    Mike: Yep, sorry. Organizing a note.
    Mike: jericho!
    Blonde Ralts: ((Blonde Ralts’ question, can Focus be used in place of Combat with Telekinesis?))
    Jericho whispers: Jericho is going to see how his charming smile works. 12 Charm
    Mike: Ah. I will say yes, but that will be your Pokemon’s ‘cool skill switch-out’.
    Jericho whispers: Actually, I want to know the results so I can Skill Expert them if I need to.
    You whisper to TBG: Not badly, but it could go better. The two punks are won over by your bad-boy charm, and start gabbing a bit more. You’re gonna have to push really hard to get some good info out of them before they skedaddle.
    Makoto has received initiative.
    Schleimann has received initiative.
    Jericho whispers: As in I can reroll bad rolls if I want to.
    Schleimann: Schleimann scuttles about, hoisting materials and other bits and pieces about. He’s small, but that shell can support quite a lot. Fortitude 4d6+5 21
    You whisper to TBG: You can do your rolls ‘public’ if you like. Both have been 12 so far.
    Mike: Wow.
    Jericho: (( Oh. Well that’s pretty good for Charm. Gonna spend 1x Skill Expert on Guile tho. 19 Guile. ))
    Mike: The li’l alabaster-shelled scuttler is carrying what looks like a ton of materials. Stack of planks? Not a problem. Hammers? By the bagfull! Bricks? Why do you have bricks, but sure, he can take it.
    Jericho: (( Oh. Well crap. Ignore that, other people. ))
    DNA: Never! Mwahahahaha!!
    Jericho whispers: Did I mention I love being a skill expert so I can do things like that?
    Avara: lie harder, jericho
    You whisper to TBG: Your lie covering for your other, lesser lie serves much better. The punks believe you’ve got something to hide, but in a good way, now – obviously a dude with secrets like that must be one bad motha- shut yo mouth!
    Jericho: (( Who’s lieing? ))
    Jericho: (( Certainly not me. ))
    Avara: lie harder, dan
    Jericho: (( Roll me intuition to prove it. ))
    Jericho: (( XP ))
    Barkeep: “Alright, now you get to see what I’m made of! Time for the ol’-” punch “one!” crack “two!” strike “three!” chopFOUR!” 15
    Jericho: (( Pffft ))
    Jericho: (( I get it ))
    DNA: heart
    Barkeep: “Whoo! How ya like that?”
    Altair Azure has received initiative.
    Perun Joy: “Not bad… for an old man.” :P
    Barkeep: “What?! Let’s see you do better!”
    Altair Azure: Altair is perfecting those blueprints, scratching off old ideas, writing in the new ones, and checking off the team’s progress so far. The schematics are really coming along! He’s drawing them as they go. Tech Edu 4d6(+2!) 25 .
    Altair Azure: Nice.
    Zojiik: (( :D ))
    Mike: Holy crap one off from max.
    Altair Azure: A good Finch-style roll right there.
    Mike: Those schematics are REALLY coming along. Did you do drafting sometime in the past? Whoa.
    Kiir has received initiative.
  • Kiir helps Schleimann with carrying materials!
    Kiir: Athletics: 17
    Mike: The little dragon is almost as tough as the tiny shelled crab! Between the two of them, they could almost carry the boat wholesale.
    Ninviidost has received initiative.
    Perun Joy: “…Hold my sword.” She hands Painkiller off to the barkeep, and cracks her knuckles. “HiiiiiiiYAH!” 14
    Barkeep: “…Eh.”
    Perun Joy: “Eh?!” Sweat drips from her brow.
    Surolam has received initiative.
    Barkeep: “Eh.” He hands the sword back.
    Perun Joy: “…You an’ me are arm-wrestling tonight.”
    Blonde Ralts: “Yaaa~yay~” Blonde Ralts cheers on Perun.
    Barkeep: >:D
  • Surolam taps at the elder boat’s joints, trying to figure out the best points of separation.
    Surolam: Intuition: 13
    You whisper to Avara: “I think they’re being flirtatious. Or about to kill each other. I’m really not too sure, heh.”
    Jericho: (( with which arm? ))
    Mike: Mmmmm…. Hrm.
    Mike: 9
    Mike: …Alright I’ll allow it. But that’s your ‘cool idea switch-out’.
    Zojiik has received initiative.
    Jil Joti has received initiative.
  • Jil Joti aids the effort along with the power of tools, doing her best to make sure everything is reusable as she takes it out. 22 She also smiles a little at something Jeya whispered to her.
    Jil Joti: (22. nice!)
    Mike: You can feel along the boats, finding places to safely disjoin the individual planks with minimal pain to their spirits.
    DNA: One off max again! Finch is strong with us.
    Perun Joy: “…Okay, so maybe using actual tools would help.”
    Roma Jenny has received initiative.
    Barkeep: “…Yeah.”
  • Roma Jenny will help with lifting things and moving them out of the way as their removed, and moving the deconstructifying boat around to help people remove pieces.
    Roma Jenny: 14 Athletics
  • Jeya Jenny claps for her fellow Jenny!
    Jeya Jenny: “I don’t know how much help I’ll be here, but…” She drags some of the un-useful debris out of the way, making sure not to drag it over the beginnings of her sail. 9
    Perun Joy: “See! You got some muscles in there!”
    Jeya Jenny: “Don’t remind me.” tug, tug, tug
    Pearl has received initiative.
    Perun Joy: “…Sorry.” ;.;’
    Pearl: Pearl adds her own athletic skill! 22 Go go!
    Avara: pearl is a STRONG mini-mermaid
    Perun Joy: “Whoo! Let your muscles do the talking, mermaid girl!”
    Blonde Ralts: Blonde Ralts carries pieces to and fro with her mind! 13 Focus!
    Perun Joy: “Heh. Maybe I should arm-wrestle her.”
    Blonde Ralts has received initiative.
    Ecran has received initiative.
    Mike: Alright! End of round two!
    Mike: Current total: 317 / 407 (Partial Success) and 462 (Full Success). You’re turning it around, but you can’t rest on your laurels yet.
    Mike: Round average: 16.818.
    Mike: That’s well above the curve.
    Blonde Ralts: Blonde Ralts speaks in Joy’s mind . o O ( She doesn’t do arm wrestling as much as she plays water soccer.)
    Perun Joy: o.O . o O (Water… soccer? Weird, but kinda badass.)
    Hajime has received initiative.
    Mike: Pt. 3 – Reconstruction, and the final build
    Edu Tech (2), Edu. General, Fortitude, Focus, Perception
    Blonde Ralts: ((This is where my mon’s crash and burn))
    Avara: auuu… i want to get that full success!
    Mike: This is it – the final round! If you can’t finish the boat now, it’s just not going to happen.
    Jericho has received initiative.
    Mike: Assuming Hajime is still on standby. Let me know if that isn’t the case, DNA.
    DNA: Correct.
    Jericho whispers: I don’t suppose I can bluff into intimidating them?
    Jericho whispers: Like bluff about how strong I might be?
    You whisper to TBG: Mmmm. Not without a really good story for it.
    Mike: >.>
    Jericho whispers: How about something like…. “I wonder how strong they are? Weak bandits bore me. The five I fought last week were far too easy.”
    You whisper to TBG: Nnnnnnnnn okay fine but only ‘cause it’s funny.
    Jericho whispers: Do I get to apply my Skill Stunt to it as a Blatant Fabrication?
    You whisper to TBG: Nope. It’s not blatant enough – you actually did have a scuffle with bandits.
    You whisper to TBG: Too many facts line up! Now, if you said you fought dragons or something, that might be a blatant fabrication.
    Mike: We’re negotiating.
    Mike: We’re negotiating just how much of a lie is a lie.
    Jericho whispers: Boo. Fair enough. 8 Guile.
    Jil Joti: (( all of it. ))
    Jericho whispers: yeah, Skill Experting that.
    Jil Joti: (( there is no cake or frosting. ))
    Jericho whispers: 19 Guile
    Jericho whispers: Much better.
    Mike: That’s a hell of al ie.
    Jericho: (( Just wanna say that I freakin’ love being a skill expert. ))
    Avara: shakes a fist
    Jericho: (( Too bad that was my last use for the day tho. ))
    You whisper to TBG: The punks are taken in with your lie. As far as they’re concerned, you’re an amazing super-thief who’s deigning to talk with them!
    Makoto has received initiative.
    Schleimann has received initiative.
    Mike: Lesse…
    Mike: *says more things at TBG
    Mike: But go on.
    Jericho whispers: Damn right I am
    You whisper to TBG: “So the Greenshields aren’t like the Rooks at all, right? They got this Robin Hood thing goin’, they like to steal from rich folks and the Rooks, but not regular schmucks.”
    Schleimann: Bro, do you even lift? Schleimann clearly does, and he’s more than willing and able to continue to pitch in for that last push, hoisting them materials around. Fortitude 4d6
    5 22 .
    You whisper to TBG: “And they say they’re all Pokemon. Every last one’a them. No humans allowed, I guess.”
    Mike: Bro.
    Mike: Bro
    Jericho whispers: “Fascinating…”
    Barkeep: “…Bro.”
    Schleimann: “(Bruh?)”
    Barkeep: “Bro!” quadruple fistpump
    Barkeep: “Alright, I might be an old fart, but I can still finish strong! Probably.” 12
    DNA: MAX
    Barkeep: (( Max roll actually. ))
    Barkeep: “Whoo! Yeah, bro and bro-ettes! What up now!” The Machamp seems… maybe a little younger, somehow.
    Altair Azure has received initiative.
  • Perun Joy smiles, despite herself.
    You whisper to TBG: “So, I heard a lot of them are these Normal-types, yeah? With big heavy shells on their backs, like Wartortles maybe, but they ain’t Wartortles.”
    You whisper to TBG: “What? Nah. I heard they got, like, wings.”
    Altair Azure: The plans fresh in his mind, the boat being realized, Altair assists by holding it all together. Using his manipulation of the earth, he holds the boat steady and in place, empowering it to resist any sort of shaking or tremor. Focus 4d6+3 17 .
    You whisper to TBG: “Pff. That’s bull. Why would they walk if they had wings?”
    Mike: You can actually create earthen risers for the boat, enabling easy work under the hull.
    Kiir has received initiative.
    Ninviidost has received initiative.
    Perun Joy: “Alright, lemme under there. I’ll hold it steady, you guys hammer away.” 9
    Perun Joy: “Ngh! Lot harder to do this laying down!”
  • Barkeep almost says something, but bites his tongue. He’s got some maturity left, despite his awesome workout here today.
    Surolam has received initiative.
    You whisper to TBG: “Oh, hey, I heard they like doin’ ambushes. Red Rooks’ll jump out and threaten you, but if you see one Greenshield, it’s ‘cause there’s a dozen others in the bushes ready to jump ya. So- shit, it’s the Jennies! Scatter!”
  • Surolam moves to help hold the boat together, her nails lengthening into semi-claws and a smattering of scale patterns appearing on her skin as she braces herself against it.
    Surolam: Focus: 12
    You whisper to TBG: The punks run off, lest they be fined for loitering. You, however, seem to be an upstanding citizen, perhaps accosted by the local ruffians, and remain further unaccosted.
    Jericho whispers: aaaaand that’s a lot of useful information. I also have an idea of what the Greenshields are.
    Barkeep: “Uh. Is that a skin condition, or…”
    Perun Joy: “Dude, no. So cool.”
    Zojiik has received initiative.
    Jeya Jenny: “That’s actually quite beautiful…”
    DNA: “Rocket Punch!”
    Surolam: “Hm?”
    Kiir: “(She’s a dragon! Like me!)”
    Perun Joy: “So. Cool.”
    Jil Joti: “I agree. The draconic manifestation is appealing.”
    Mike: Zojik!
    Mike: poke-a-poke
    Jil Joti: (( Zooooojiiiiiikuuuuuu ))
    Blonde Ralts: ((skip for now?))
    Blonde Ralts: ((Come back? Order doesn’t matter))
  • Surolam blushes.
    Mike: …We’ll skip her for n- ah there we are.
  • Zojiik gives the new construction a similar floating-through once-over!
    Zojiik: Perception: 8
    Mike: Well, it seems alright… But you’re no boat-ologist.
    Jil Joti has received initiative.
  • Jil Joti is Jil The Builder. Can she build it? Yes she can! 16
    Roma Jenny: (( can i lift the boat to help others build it? ))
    Mike: It probably shouldn’t be lifted now that it’s more built than not…
    Roma Jenny: (( okay ))
    Altair Azure: Didn’t I do lifters or something?
    Mike: And it’s on risers thanks to Altair.
    DNA: Risers, right…
    Mike: If Roma can’t help, Ecran might have something in her toolbox.
    Roma Jenny has received initiative.
    Roma Jenny: (( just trying to think of a way to sub in athletics ))
    Roma Jenny: (( maybe REALLY ENTHUSIASTIC BUILDING ))
    Mike: (( :P Can’t help you there, but if you think of something col I’ll listen. ))
  • Roma Jenny helps with the weakness search and making sure everything fits together as it’s pieced in bit by bit, helping with precision. 10 Perception.
    Avara: sads roll.
    Mike: You find one or two minor issues, but nothing earth-shattering. It’s down to the wire…
    Jeya Jenny: “I think I have the sail ready!” 21
    Jeya Jenny: * And quite the sail it is. Well-sewn, you can’t even see any seams. It looks like it’ll hold sturdy against all but the worst Lugia-born winds.
    Pearl has received initiative.
    Pearl: Pearl Fortitudes! 14
    Mike: But we aren’t there yet! Pearl! Can you bring it home?
    Blonde Ralts: Blonde Ralts uses Focus some more! 14
    Mike: Pearl’s a hard worker, and she doesn’t give up easily.
    Mike: With the Blonde Ralts’ help, the sail is attached.
    Mike: And with that, the sun has just begun to set.
    Avara: final score?
    Mike: With a gentle breeze going, you decide to take it for a quick test-ride up the docks. And…
    Mike: Four-hundred…
    Mike: >.>
    Mike: …
    Mike: >.>
    Mike: …and seventy-two.
    Mike: Out of 462.
    Avara: full success plus ten!
    Mike: Yep!
    DNA: Ohhh shit yeah
    Mike: * With everything said and done, there’s actually just a little bit left over! It looks like there’s 250 P$ left over in scrap wood, suitable for further craft projects.
    Surolam: “Feeling okay?” Surolam pats the side of the new boatwagon as she speaks.
    Blonde Ralts: Blonde Ralts puffs out her chest with pride!
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: I.. Yeah. Hey! I’m fine!" The boat seems slightly surprised at this revelation
    Jeya Jenny: “…That turned out pretty well, actually.”
    Altair Azure: “So…it’s complete. This is really nice to see. It’s like watching a new lease on life.”
    Perun Joy: “Yeah, had my doubts for a minute. But we did good.” She gives the Machamp a fist-bump, and then reaches down to give the Syroe a fistbump too.
  • Jil Joti approaches the boat, looking it over now that it’s done.
    Pearl: Pearl gives a fistbump, then curls her tail around Perun Joy’s hand.
  • Perun Joy lifts the tiny Syroe out of the water. “Hehe! You are a cutie.”
  • Schleimann is proud of the works of his pincers! Well, he mostly lifted stuff around, but still.
    Barkeep: =>.>= “Well, thanks?”
    Perun Joy: “…Eh.”
    Pearl: Pearl whistled happily, hugging Perun’s arm.
    Kiir: “(Yay! We did it!)”
    Mike: So! I do not have actual rules for sail-wagon at-hand.
    Mike: I’d made rules for plain boatwagon and for boatwagon with bike. I even made sprites. I’ll have to make sprites for the sailwagon though.
    Avara: make it up later. :3
  • Ninviidost snuggles up happily with Zojiik. She’s not sure what everyone’s so excited about, but she’s happy her friends are happy!
  • Jericho returns to the Dance Pavillion (where Molly presumably still is?)
    Boat (rowboat, wheels, with bicycle): shows off sprite
    Avara: important part is we won~
    Molly: Molly was almost dozing off on the warm sand.
    DNA: And we didn’t even lose Krillin!
    Avara: sorry to make you waste that at the last moment. >>
    Mike: Nah, no worries.
    Mike: I can hack a sprite together real quick.
    Avara: sailboatwagon has more viability for mobility
    Avara: now we can sail on land!
    Jericho: “M’back.” Jericho notes, as he sits back down on the bench. He seems to be in a better mood and more relaxed.
    Mike: So, I’ll make a sprite and rules over the week. Until then… Well, we aren’t necessarily done yet, are we?
    Molly: Molly nodded. Her eyelids heavy.
    Mike: I believe Jericho might have something to share. And if you’re willing to take your boat for a spin, I can hint at the next adventure.
    Avara: jericho and molly must see the manifestation of success. and yes, a maiden voyage.
    Jericho: (( Share? DNA_Laugh.gif ))
    Altair Azure: “…I promised I’d go get them once we were finished.”
    Avara: also we need a name for the boat. maybe surolam and altair can help name it?
    DNA: actually it’s just DNA.gif but you’re on the money
  • Altair Azure turned about with his fellows to head back to the Dance Pavillion.
    Ninviidost: (( I think Molly said she planned on naming it the Chiming Lantern or something like that? ))
    Avara: jil wants the input of the item-talkers and the boat itself
    Boat (sailboat): * Ownership transferred. You guys made the object, but whether you want me to play it, or you want one of the item-talkers to play it, I am open to discussion.
    Altair Azure: “Hello, to both of you again.”
    Ninviidost: (( I’m cool with you or DNA playing it. I have enough inanimate object companions of my own to handle. ))
    Molly: “Hm…?” Molly mumbled, stretching herself awake.
    Boat (sailboat): (( Then I’ll handle it for now. ))
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: Hello to you too, sir!" The boat sounds a little more polite, and full of energy
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: So – where to? Can we set sail tonight?
    Altair Azure: “We just finished rebuilding the boats. They look pretty nice combined together, actually.”
    Molly: Molly nodded, then looked at the setting sun. “…how long are ya planning to stay?”
    Surolam: “Hopefully.”
    Jericho: “…Stay?”
    Perun Joy: “What, us? A day or two. We wanna keep on the road and try to get contacts and opportunities.”
    Surolam: (( I don’t think Molly is talking to Perun ))
    Avara: molly isn’t near perun yet
    Jericho: (( She’s with Jericho, remember? ))
    Jeya Jenny: (( Oh. ))
    Jeya Jenny: (( Herp! ))
    DNA: “Why did you just say that sentence fragment?”
  • Jil Joti looks to Surolam. “Are you talking with the boat?”
    Molly: (( You made it evening, so I wasn’t sure if we were going to be sleeping in town again ))
    Mike: Well, that’s up to you, isn’t it?
    Molly: (Hence the question)
    Mike: I did want to hint at the next adventure. You can see said hint if you check out juuuust south of town.
    Altair Azure: “Is that directed at me, Molly, or the sunset?”
    Molly: Molly glanced at Altair. “The sunset’s being pretty stubborn about leaving. So that just leaves you.”
    Mike: Lemme figure out some EXP while people RP themselves into gear.
    Surolam: “Yes. It’s asking when we can sail.”
    Surolam: “I think it’s eager to try it out.”
    Altair Azure: “I don’t know – I could be worse than the sunset.” He chuckled a bit. “If you want to come down to the port to view it, you’re free to it. Your deckhands did a wonderful job, and I believe there was talk of taking it out for a test voyage as well.”
    Jil Joti: “Once the others return, we can have a test voyage.”
    Molly: Molly nodded and hoised herself back to her feet. She began to walk back to the dock, leaving Jericho behind.
  • Jericho hesitates for a bit… then stands up. “Fine. I’ll see what cumbersome abomination you’ve all created. May as well know what I’m going to have to deal with.”
    Altair Azure: “All right. I’ll see you there.”
    Mike: :3
    Blonde Ralts: “(Captain!)” Blonde Ralts exclaimed
    Molly: Molly nodded to the others as she approached.
  • Jil Joti puts her tools and such away, watching for Jericho, Altair and Molly.
    Molly: “I hear you did well.”
  • Barkeep nods. “Cap’n Cat.” He speaks with a hint of respect to his voice – and his youthful vigor fading, a little middle-age showing again.
    Jil Joti: “We have exceeded initial parameters for success.”
    Perun Joy: “Yep. Check it!”
  • Jil Joti gestures to their successful sailboat-with-wheels.
  • Jericho arrives on the scene
    Makoto: “(For what it’s worth, I think you lifted great, little guy!)”
    Schleimann: The Dwebble is most proud of himself, especially after the compliment.
    Molly: “The wheels add a lot of drag. It wont sail as fast as it would without them. On land, the sail will also add drag, is there any way to take it down?”
  • Roma Jenny gives Jeya and Perun a super-happy smile!
    Avara: DOES the sail fold?
  • Jericho facepalms at the sight of the thing.
    Jil Joti: “We can use the oars to make up for lost speed in the water, as it was originally a pair of row boats.”
    Jeya Jenny: “The sail rolls up, actually.” She walks over, and tugs on a rope attached to it. She returns the smile to Roma, and gives her a friendly squeeze on the shoulder.
    Altair Azure: “I think the wheels retract similarly.”
    Perun Joy: “You might be able to put the mast on a hinge. We didn’t actually have any hinges, but that’d make it lower and sleeker.”
    Jil Joti: “An upgrade project for another time.” She looks to Jericho. “I will not bother you for that.”
    Molly: “It will cross a river just fine. I’m not worried.”
  • Jericho is muttering things under his breath.
    Jil Joti: “Would it be acceptable to take it for a test voyage before we leave the town?”
    Molly: “It’s as well built as it could have been.”
    Molly: “Who will ride?”
  • Perun Joy gives the Syroe a raised eyebrow.
    Altair Azure: “Just so long as no one jumps into it, I don’t see a problem with that.” Altair casts a whimsical glance at the barkeep.
    Jil Joti: “I would like to.”
    Barkeep: “Ugh, geeze, fine.”
    Pearl: Pearl looks back at Perun with wide, happy eyes.
    Barkeep: “Look, I held up my end. I broke it, I helped fix it. All yours now, kids.”
    Jericho whispers: “The damned bright sail makes it highly visible to anyone, somebody’s going to have to bike that thing across the land, and it looks atrocious.”
    Altair Azure: “Thank you very much for your aid, sir.”
    Surolam: (( So, were any of the items Surolam had interested in staying with the bartender? ))
  • Perun Joy grins, and sets Pearl in the boat. She offers another fistbump, and leans in to whisper something.
    Jil Joti: “Agreed, the debt is repaid.”
    You whisper to Molly: “You man the ship. I’m gonna see what I can do with Grumpy Gus Four-arms over there. Hey, pinkies stick together, alright? Stay tough, gal.”
  • Roma Jenny whispers something to Jeya, then vanishes into her Pokeball.
    Pearl: Pearl whistled in agreement!
    Roma Jenny whispers: “I hope Perun’s treating you well. She’s cute!”
  • Ecran goes to her ball as well.
    You whisper to Avara: :3 “She does. Yours is, too.” :)
    Blonde Ralts: Blonde Ralts jumps n!
    Altair Azure: “The boat could probably hold 4 people, as it is the conglomeration of 2 smaller boats.”
    Mike: Ah, lesse.
    Mike: 4
    Altair Azure: “…Except there are more than four of us, so that becomes problematic. Hmm…”
    Avara: four people is how much each rowboat could hold
    Altair Azure: Oh, really? I thought each held 2.
    Avara: so more than four?
    Altair Azure: Hahah, whoops!
    Avara: we split into smaller groups trainer-wise
    DNA: In that case, disregard that bit.
    Mike: All five Trainers can squeeze in, because Molly is small, though it might be tight. But you won’t be able to fit in everyone and also the Pokemon at the same time.
    Avara: =(
    Avara: what about molly’s team?
    Mike: …Hrm.
    Schleimann: Schleimann will be with Altair on the boat, while the other two can swim if necessary!
    Mike: One second and I’l think on that a moment. I might change my mind.
  • Avara waits
    Jericho: “I’ll stay on the shore, thanks.”
    Altair Azure: “I hope it isn’t because you’re allergic to salt.”
    Molly: "Not fond of boats?
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: The items aren’t too excited about the barkeep, but there is a sewing needle that seems excited about Jeya, the sewing Jenny. It sounds like it wants to pierce and stitch again…
    Jericho: “Not fond of being a great big target.”
  • Surolam lifts a sewing needle out of her box, polishing it a bit on her sleeve.
    Mike: …Okay, yeah, I’ll change my mind. Yes, it can fit all the Trainers plus Molly’s two Pokemon – but that’s it. After that, people will either have to walk alongside, have flying mounts, or be in Pokeballs.
    Surolam: “I have something that you might be interested in. I thought it would be a good gift to thank you for your help.” Surolam presents the needle to Jeya.
    Perun Joy: “Alright, you.” She speaks to the Barkeep. “I asked for an arm wrestle and you’re giving it. Let ’em play with the boat.”
    Jeya Jenny: “Ah!” She accepts the needle, and appraises it. “…Oh my. I actually don’t have this size. See, the eye is actually extra-fine, for very thin threads – this is meant for lace, not burlap or denim or the like.”
    Jeya Jenny: “Wow… Thank you, Miss Surolam.”
    Jeya Jenny: bow
    Jil Joti: (( i can’t remember. how open has surolam been about the whole she’s a dragon thing, aside from the manifestation earlier? ))
    Surolam: (( Well, she hasn’t explicitly revealed it, mostly due to her powers still being minor, but she’s not really cagey about it either ))
    Surolam: (( Kiir also mentioned it ))
    Surolam: “You’re welcome.”
    Surolam: “I’m sure it will be put to better use with you.”
    Jeya Jenny: :3 Jeya goes for the hug! Uh, needle safely cupped in her hand, of course.
    Jil Joti: “Surolam, would you like to come on the initial voyage?”
    Mike: Alright. Everyone ready for a quick three-hour tour?
    DNA: That’s pretty foreboding.
    Avara: everyone let’s goooooo~!
    Molly: half hour is fine
    Mike: Well. It’ll likely be even less than that.
    Surolam: “Oh, definitely!”
  • Jericho will be watching disinterestedly from shore.
    Altair Azure: Altair won’t volunteer outright, but will not refuse if asked.
    Jil Joti: “Altair?”
    Altair Azure: “Hm? Yes, Jil?”
    Surolam: (( whoops, missed the mention of the hug. Assume Surolam accepted it ))
    Mike: * Jeya and Perun and the Barkeep stay behind – though you notice that Jeya goes to the Pokemon Center, while Perun and the barkeep head for the bar.
  • Jil Joti gestures to the boat.
    Altair Azure: “…Oh, you’d like me to come along? Really?”
    Jil Joti: "I think it would be best for as many of us as possible to enjoy this together.
    Jil Joti: "
    Jil Joti: (( that doesn’t stop jil from perhaps dibsing the seat next to surolam. ))
    Surolam whispers: “Traveling in a boat together? So romantic!” exclaims Donphan-tooth.
    Molly: Molly nodded. “At least, we will be able to figure out where everyone can find room.
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: I guess I was born a romantic, then!” *puffs up a bit
    Altair Azure: “…All right, I’ll join you. The boat’s not big enough to fit all of us, so I’ll have my entourage stay on the shore. Hajime, you three stay here and wait for us to get back. If we aren’t back in 15 minutes or so, swim after us.”
    Hajime: The Sneasel nods. “(All right. I’ll keep an eye on these guys.)”
    Altair Azure: Altair will move to the boat, but will claim his spot last, after everyone else.
    Surolam: (( Since Jericho’s not coming, is there room for Kiir/Zojiik? Although they can also swim/float ))
    Mike: Yes.
  • Surolam will try to get a space between Jil and Altair ;)
    Makoto: Altair’s mon are either Medium or Small sized, so they’ll have to swim on the side if at all. Schleimann could probably fit, though.
    Jil Joti: (( shiptease harder why don’tcha ))
    DNA: Haha, you said ship
    Mike: * As you push the boat into the water, it lands with a great, sturdy SPLASH – but it holds, and no water gets in. With some oar-based maneuvering, you can get it away from the docks – then unfurl the sails, and away you go!
  • Altair Azure will offer to take 1 – or more – of the oars.
    Mike: Going into cutscene mode for a moment.
    Mike: * As you sail about Cianwood Harbor, you find the winds gently guiding you into the river canyon that makes its southern border. The sun dips just under the horizon, and the air begins to fog.
    Avara: party spooper?
    Mike: * Before you, amidst the swirling, quickly-chilling fod, you see a floating spot of gold, hovering over the water.
    Mysterious Misdreavus: * A Misdreavus, gilded and sparkling in the last rays of light. It seems… forlorn.
    Altair Azure: Perception 11 on the spot!
    Altair Azure: Perhaps there is something about it not inherently obvious.
    Avara: still in cutscene mode?
    You whisper to DNA: It appears to be a Misdreavus, all right. It seems just a tiny bit off… But you can’t put your finger on it.
    Unknown command: “oc Yep.”. Try /help for a list of commands.
    Mysterious Misdreavus: (( Yep. ))
    Zojiik: Perception: 14
  • Zojiik also studies the other ghost, Vii huddled behind her mask.
    Altair Azure: “Hmm, that’s…that’s odd.”
    Mysterious Misdreavus: * The Misdreavus sees your boat, and its eyes sparkle, for just a moment, still filled with sadness. It floats up, away from the water, towards the rocky wall of the cliff. It moves slowly, letting your eye easily track it.
    Mysterious Misdreavus: * It then moves into a small, rocky cave – easily missable, if something hadn’t drawn your eye there.
    Mysterious Misdreavus: * It looks back at the boat, at you all, once more, over its shoulder – eyes beckoning, asking. pleading somehow.
    Altair Azure whispers: How far up is that ledge? Can it easily be reached?
    Mysterious Misdreavus: And then it disappears into the inky blackness of the cave.
  • Jil Joti will sail towards the cave, looking into it.
    Molly: “…shame we can’t fly.”
    Avara: is the cave near or open to the water?
    Zojiik: (( No response to Zojiik’s perception? ))
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: It appears to be a Misdreavus, all right. It seems just a tiny bit off… But you can’t put your finger on it.
    Avara: oh, i see it now.
    Mike: The rocky cliff face is scalable, certainly. There seems to be a ledge there, perhaps 20 feet above the water.
    Mike: (( Heh. See? Missable. ))
    Avara: 20 feet, or 4 meters? 4 squares regardless?
    Mike: However. I think that little hint of mystery might be a good place to stop for the night, unless you have any last-minute questions or skill checks to throw at the problem.
    Mike: 4 squares, yes.
    Molly: “That bridge leads to town. It might be easiest to head back and use a rope from the cliftop.”
    Jil Joti: “We could return with rope, yes.”
    Surolam: “Jericho has a rope.”
    Altair Azure: “Probably a better idea than leaving the boat stranded here like this.”
    Molly: “And Jericho is in town.”
    Jil Joti: “If Jericho will not be angry at us for suggesting anything to do with boats.”
    Jericho: (( Dave’s not- I mean, Jericho’s not here. ))
    Surolam: “It’s been a bit bored.”
    Altair Azure: “Well, it doesn’t technically have to do with the boat.”
  • Jil Joti will begin sailing towards town again.
  • Altair Azure picks up the oars and turns the vessel around.
    Mike: Alright. The fog lifts from your sight as you leave the river canyon; from there, it’s easy to maneuver back to town.
    Mike: So! It will be up to you guys, the party, whether you want to chase this g-g-g-ghost immediately, or sleep on it until morning.
    Mike: It will be up to me to give some EXP.
    Mike: Lemme do dat now.
    DNA: Super Mega Ultra Spooky
    30 PKMN EXP
    3 TXP
    DNA: TL 4.3!
    Avara: spoop us, GM-senpai!
    Mike: Obviously, if you sleep on it, ghostliness might not be there in the morning. Ghosts are not ‘daytime’ people, as it were.
    Mike: So that might be good, it might be bad. Up to you.
    Avara: oh, handy. roma has foresight now
    Mike: Congratulations, everyone. That boat took a lot of effort and you called in a lot of favors, and in the end it helped out and did make a solid difference.
    Avara: huzzah~!
    Avara: we have a landboat
    Mike: Saving campaign and log!


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