Cleaning Up Christmas

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Avara has connected.
Mike: +1 Ava!
Mike: I didn’t even have to ping you.
GrayGriffin has connected.
Avara: hi
Mike: Heya. Also, heya GG!
DNA has connected.
Eclipse has connected.
Mike: +1 DNA
GrayGriffin: Hello everyone!
Mike: I know TBG said he might be late tonight. Dunno about Molly’s player.
GrayGriffin: Is anyone using this color?
Mike: Not to my knowledge, not in here. I think Kao uses it now in AEB Pa.
Avara: hmm
Avara: no, mine’s juuuust different enough
Mike: Yeah, Ava’s is a bit more pink, Gray’s a bit more red.
GrayGriffin: Yeah, I was using the preview box to check
Eclipse: Comparison against my color. Mine is lighter than yours, I think.
Avara: i think mine’s more blue to your more red? not sure. but what matters is we’re different enough that we get to both keep our colors
Mike: Unfortunately, “new colors” is not in one of the presents on offer for today.
Mike: Mr. Hotei is good, but he can’t alter the visible light spectrum.
Mike: …Probably.
DNA: My bookkeeping is done. Hajime has ‘evolved’.
Mike: “Son, you are a man now.”
GrayGriffin: The new color is my Christmas gift to myself
Mike: :3
DNA: Heheh.
Molly has connected.
Mike: +1 Rob! Now we but need a TBG.
Mike: I figure we can wait a little bit for him.
Avara: fine with it. not like it’s actually time yet anyway
DNA: Remind me, Hajime’s injuries were 2 Acc and 1 SpDef, right?
Mike: I couldn’t remember if you paid me, honestly.
DNA: Ah yeah, found it. Yes, that was it. He now has 1 Injury, that’s Accuracy. (Ha!)
Mike: Just nursin’ a shiner, hunh?
Avara: we’re getting a full night rest, right?
Avara: do you remember if i healed up jil before last session ended?
DNA: I think so…? Either way I know Altair cast Cure Well on her, so she should.
Mike: I do not remember, but I do remember some spells being cast.
Avara: she’s at injured max right now i think.
DNA: Psynergy are not spells!! /hairsplitting
Mike: yes, yes, please hush Mia.
GrayGriffin: I assume we got some rest, since it’s apparently day now…?
DNA: Yeah, a full Extended Rest. That means you should heal 1 injury and then go to max.
Mike: Still no TBG. I know he said he’d be late. Do we mind waiting a little bit for him in case he shos up? Or shall we go on without him, and he can pop in when he arrives? (Presents aren’t the first thing we’ll do, we gotta there first. So that’s buffer a-plenty there.)
Surolam: Surolam is healed and gains 38 hit points.
DNA: I vote for buffer, a strange OOC move for me.
Surolam: I don’t mind waiting.

  • Avara is ok with it either way, and christmasness suggests waiting for full party
    Avara: but maybe check the backlog to see if he said anything about missing this session or something to be sure
    Mike: Then we can wait a few minutes! In the meantime, it sounds like people are book-keeping, so that’s good.
    DNA: He said he might be late due to some trip prep.
    Mike: Yep. Reposted in Skype.
    GrayGriffin: Is there any way to copy properties from one token to another without copying the whole token?
    Mike: The way I often do that, is I copy the token and then change the image on it to suit the difference. If there’s an easier way, I don’t know it, unfortunately.
    GrayGriffin: It just feels like there should be a way to do it.
    Mike: It does! Let me know if you should find one. Only way I can think of would be to make a macro.
    Mike: Gonna get some h2o while I wait. In the meantime! Feel free to arrange your tokens around the Temple 5 grounds, as you like. Right now everyone’s just grouped up on the boatwagon.
    TBG has connected.
    Molly: yo
    GrayGriffin: Temple 5 grounds on the Route 4 map or on the Temple 5 map?
    TBG: (( Sorry for the delay ))
    DNA: @Gray: The former.
    Mike: Back! And the grounds on the Route 4 map.
    Mike: The cave might not actually come up too much today.
    DNA: Hotei’s portrait totally screams ‘badass old man’ to me.
    Mike: ;3
    DNA: (In the original, he is voiced by Norio Wakamoto.)
    TBG: (( It’s Santa. It’s totally Santa ))
    DNA: (Yes, Santa is also voiced by Wakamoto)
    Mike: I’m glad folks like! (For the record, it’s Mr. Briney from the Pokemon anime. But he came up when I looked for “old man anime” – which by the by it’s really hard to find good images of. The one time I don’t want a cute female…)
    Mike: Anyway!
    DNA: wahaha
    Mike: Shall we get started, now that we have our itinerant TBG?
    Eclipse: We are ready.
    TBG: (( I am all in favor. Give me gifts in exchange for my rapidly receding hairline. ))
    TBG: (( By which I mean my sister is taking a pair of scissors to my hai. ))
    Mike: That’s not what itinerant mea- y’know what, lemme just start typing the intro. :P
    TBG: (( hair* ))
    The sun rises, and the air is calm, albeit rather cold. You awaken in the basement of the cottage of Temple 5.
    Temple Keeper Alison puts out a simple breakfast for everyone, including the two additional guests at the cottage today. And by ‘simple’, I mean it – it looks like it was put together with the very dredges of the pantry.
    Surolam: (( How does it taste, though? :P ))
    Bland. Spices, apparently, are not part of the dredges.
    Altair Azure: “Good morning, everyone,” Altair was up very early, even before sunrise. “How did you all sleep?”
    Minerva: “I’m not used to beds.” One of the two additional guests is a woman in green, with green hair. She sports large red goggles, strapped over her head. Leaning against the wall behind her, a very, very large gun, which stock-to-muzzle might be taller than she is.
    Surolam: “It was alright.” Surolam was kept awake for a while by Little Pummerin whispering vengeance against the Red Rooks.
  • Jericho is still waking up, but mutters a “good morning”.
    Mr. Hotei: “Oh, I take my comforts where I can. The beds were a little dusty, admittedly, but better than the rocks outside.” The old man has a smile on his face, as though constantly amused by something or other. “Though, if I miss my guess… I suppose those need tending to as well, hm?”
  • Temple Keeper Alison sighs, heavily.
    Temple Keeper Alison: “You have no idea. I appreciate your kind words, but this temple is in… disarray.”
    Jericho: “Or dat array.”
  • Stin is surprisingly eager about eating the gruel.
    Minerva: “Pff~.”
    Altair Azure: “…Disarray? What do you mean? Is it just in need of tidying, or is there something else to it?”
    Molly: Molly had found more than enough comfort on the boatwagon, with most of her crew joining her.
    Stin: “At last…real food…I’m so sick of alcohol.”
    Temple Keeper Alison: “It’s in need of a proper temple keeper, and an army of maids, and a handyman, and maybe just a Charizard who knows Flamethrower auuuugh”
    Minerva: “I can handle that last one. Gangi’d be down.”
    Makoto: “(Flamethrower? I can handle that! …when I grow up, maybe…)”
    Jericho: “The last one sounds dangerous.”
    Jericho: “And probably won’t leave a temple remaining.”
    Surolam: “Gangi?”
    Temple Keeper Alison: “Sorry, sorry.” She takes a deep breath.
    Minerva: “My Lucivern. He’s outside.” She eyes Surolam up and down for a moment. “…I think you’d like him. A lot.”
    Stin: “You’d have to aim it in the right direction. And focus it small enough.”
    Surolam: “Lucivern?”
    Mr. Hotei: “…Perhaps instead of planning out how to commit arson, you can tell us what the root of the problem is?”
    Surolam: Pokemon Education: " + rollResult = "(Secret) Pokemon Education: " + 13 »">(Secret) Pokemon Education: 13
    Jericho: “The root of the plants, I’d imagine.”
    Player “Dawn” is not connected.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: Lucivern, a draconic Pokemon. Possibly the source of many legends of Draconic Pokemon, but not actually Dragon-type – Fire/Dark, actually. They’re also known for their love of puzzles and conversation. In stories, they always find humans so very interesting, and only occasionally do they find them delicious.
    Ninviidost: “(Plants could be the problem! If they’re the kind that grows super-fast and covers everything!)”
  • Ninviidost is sitting on Stin’s head and sharing her gruel.
    Temple Keeper Alison: “Sort of. It’s the plants, the dust, the cracks in the torii, pretty much everything.” Another deep breath. “I’m sorry. I’m newly assigned to this temple. I’ve been here a week, and already I have a to-do list that’s longer than my arm. I can barely keep things steady where they are, but improving the situation…”
    Molly: “The need for more deckhands?” Molly guessed
    Makoto: Makoto is busy scarfing down on what he was fed. He eats a lot faster than Altair does, though, who is basically eating it 1 morsel at a time.
    Temple Keeper Alison: “Exactly, yes.” She nods to the Meowstic’s place – and then looks down, and nods again.
  • Mr. Hotei gets a twinkle in his eye, and looks at the green-haired woman.
    Altair Azure: “…Assigned? So there’s a sort of system dictating who gets what temple? Though as far as cleaning up rubble and shifting plants goes, I could lend a hand.”
  • Kiir has stopped eating and looks wide-eyed at the mention of a Lucivern.
    Nathaira: Nathaira fidgited with excitement from where she was hidden. The tiny fairy snuck off to remote corners of the temple and began to tidy up.
    Minerva: “It sounds like you’ve got a lot of people who’re willing to help out for a day. How about this, Alison.” She stands up, and waggles a finger.
    Jericho: (( have to go wash hair off. Brb. ))
    DNA: Hopefully it’s your own hair.
    Minerva: “You take a ride out to Cianwood, and stock up on groceries. Because, I gotta be honest, you know that’s on your to-do list. I’ll even let you borrow one of my dragons for the ride. And while you’re out, we can try to tidy the place up a little.”
    DNA: This feels like the Snow White movie already.
  • Mr. Hotei chuckles.
    Temple Keeper Alison: “I- are you sure?”
  • Minerva shrugs. “Well, that’s up to everyone else. So, you lot – think you’d be up for helping this nice lady out?”
    Surolam: “…I’ll do what I can.”
    Molly: “A place to sleep will only get you so far. What else do you have to offer if we do?”
    Altair Azure: “I’ve expressed interest already, and I’d love to help.”
  • Minerva grins, and looks over at the old man. “I think we can front you some payment. Whaddaya say, Mr. Hotei?”
    Mr. Hotei: “Hehe. Actually… I was thinking you could handle that.”
    Minerva: O.O “W-wait, really?”
    Mr. Hotei: “You’ve been my apprentice for a while now, dear. I think you’re quite competent. I know your style is a little different from mine, but… I trust in you.”
    Nathaira: Nathaira was rolling up balls of dust off on her own~
    Minerva: “…That means I’d be too busy to do any heavy lifting.”
    Mr. Hotei: “I know. Don’t worry, I’ll help, too. …I’ll make the hot chocolate.”
    Minerva: :D “Really? Okay, done, deal, awesome!”
    Makoto: The young Buizel began to drool a little at the mention of hot chocolate.
  • Stin looks similarly excited.
    Altair Azure: “That’s…interesting…”
    Minerva: “Phew! Alright. So, to answer your question, kitty cat… Yes, you’ll be compensated very thoroughly. And not just the hot chocolate, though hooo once you taste it you’d think it was enough.”
    Minerva: (( Molly? ))
    Molly: Molly looked to the others, then nodded to Minerva. It seemed like the group was going to stay anyway, so it was not like time would be saved by protesting further.
    Temple Keeper Alison: “Well… alright!” The temple-keeper fetches a list from the front of the fridge… and then unfolds it. And again.
    Temple Keeper Alison: “Here’s my to-do list. I’ll take my grocery list, and be back before sunset or so. How much weight can your dragon carry, Miss Minerva?”
    Minerva: “Ohhh don’t worry about that. I’m sending you on Ice Wall; if you wanted to buy a new fridge, she could manage it.”
    Surolam: “Ice…fridge…did you intend to make a pun?” Surolam is trying to recall any ice-associated dragons.
    Surolam: Pokemon Education: " + rollResult = "(Secret) Pokemon Education: " + 12 »">(Secret) Pokemon Education: 12
    Jericho: (( back ))
    Minerva: “…Well, I wasn’t, but I should’ve.”
    Surolam: (( We’ve just been semi-volunteered for temple cleaning duty ))
    Mr. Hotei: “Never miss an opportunity for a good pun, dear. I should take a point off you for that.”
    Minerva: “Wait, what points?!”
  • Altair Azure couldn’t help but chuckle at this dialogue.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: Ice dragons? Well, there’s Zekrom – no, wait, it was Kyurem, in Unovan legend. there might be a Tohoku legend about ice dragons too? Hard to recall it though.
    Avara: meep.
    Minerva: (( You live! ))
    Minerva: (( Didn’t want you to miss it. ))
    Surolam: (( Yay Ava! ))
    Jericho: “I’ll make a note of that. Who’s in the lead?”
    Avara: sorry. did i miss nything in particular?
    Mr. Hotei: “Well, that Liao girl back in New Valkenburg was quite industrious. And she hasn’t lost any points today~.”
    Surolam: (( Morning food dialogue, getting volunteered to help clean up the crumbling shrine ))
    DNA: Nothing in particular, no, other than that we’re cleaning up the temple today.
    DNA: Ha! Continuity!
    Minerva: “Buh- pffhuh- ghh. Alright! Let’s get moving!” She takes the list off of Alison’s hands, and hands it to someone in the party. “You guys handle this. I’ll handle figuring out exactly how to pay you. Uh, I might be watching you or asking questions sometimes. This is a bit of short notice, y’see.”
    Minerva: “Ice Wall!”
    Ice Wall: “…?”
  • Ice Wall moseys over.
  • Altair Azure has a to-do list foisted onto him…?
    Minerva: “Take Ms. Alison to Cianwood, and help her with her groceries, please.” pat pat “Halberd, Gangi, you’re watching and talking just like me! Everyone else, get ready to tidy up!”
    Temple Keeper Alison: * Altair: Looking at the list, it is quite… extensive. But it may not even be everything.
    Mike: Alison’s To-Do List (but other additions are welcome!)
  • Sweep out Statuary Cavern
  • Sweep tiles around Warrior’s Effigy statue out front
  • Dust statues in Statuary Cavern
  • Clean and Polish the Warrior’s Effigy
  • Refill fuel for Warrior’s Effigy (for flaming sword)
  • Trim trees
  • Launder guest beds in basement
  • Catalogue first aid supplies
  • Double-check Torii (repair any minor damage)
  • Double-check sign (repair any minor damage)
  • Clear brush from path to Statuary Cavern
  • Catalogue groceries and supplies
  • Clean bathrooms (eugh)
  • Dust furniture
  • Beat dust out of welcome mat
  • Vacuum cottage
  • Cut grass short
    Altair Azure: "Okay, so we have…sweeping and dusting outside and in a cavern, trimming trees and cleaning up on the walkway outside, taking stock, doing laundry, cleaning rooms, dusting furniture…
    Mike: This will be a Skill Challenge, involving every Trainer and one of their Pokemon (you can change which Pokemon each round). The list above is meant to be a kickstart for your imagination, ways to improve the cottage and temple and clean up around here.
    Surolam: “I think I can help with taking stock.”
  • Altair Azure just decides to find a hook or high point also.
    Molly: “My crew can handle the sweeping. We have low perspective.”
    Ninviidost: “(I’ll help with the trees!)”
    Stin: “I’ll help here help with the trees.”
    Mike: There is no specific skill involved. You can use any skill under the sun, so long as it makes sense for a way to clean things up! BUT! Each critter can only use an individual skill once. So no spamming the same thing.
    Altair Azure: He affixes the list to a point where everyone can see and read it.
    Jericho: “I’ll check the Torii. I can deal with high places.”
  • Jil Joti has her Repair Kit out and ready.
    Altair Azure: “I think I can do the dusting, both inside and out.”
    Surolam: Initiative = 8
    Jericho: Initiative = 16
    Jil Joti: Initiative = 5
    Altair Azure: Initiative = 10
    Molly: Initiative = 7
    Avara: you said each “critter” can only use a skill once. does that include trainers?
    Mike: Yes. So if your Trainer uses, say, Charm, then after that they can’t use Charm the rest of the challenge.
    Jericho: (( Trying to figure out how to apply Guile to cleaning. ))
    Jericho: (( XD ))
    Mike: Just lie to the dust! It’s not there!
    Jericho has received initiative.
    Stin: (( Use your skill with getting into small places to dust out small cracks? ))
    Stin: (( Lockpicking is guile, right? ))
    Molly: (( Stealth ))
    DNA: Lockpicking is Stealth, yes.
    Jericho: (( which I am also good at ))
    Jericho: (( Oh, right. It’s my turn ))
    Jericho: (( Alright then… ))
  • Temple Keeper Alison hops on Ice Wall, and then takes off. “I’l be back soon! Thank you again!”
  • Jericho will scale up the Torii, to check for and repair damage. 6 Athletics
    Stin: (( I assume that our Pokemon just go on our own initiatives? ))
    Mike: Jericho: The torii is old, cracked, the paint fading. You find a can of paint in the cottage, and can paint over some of the smaller ones… But, you also find a hastily-scrawled letter, nailed to the torii, which also suspends a small cloth sack.
    Mike: Yes, please assume that.
    Mike: So it is also Jericho’s ’mon’s turn to contribute.
    Mike: (( >.> ))
    Jericho: Yen will be using telekinesis to change and launder the beds- much easier when you can move it all around as it it was doing itself. 13 Focus!
    Mike: * It is much easier to manhandle all that bedding with telekinesis. Hunh!
    Jericho: “Huh? What’s this?” Jericho grabs the letter and cloth sack as he finishes, lowering himself back to the ground.
    Altair Azure has received initiative.
    Surolam has received initiative.
    Altair Azure has received initiative.
    Mike: Altair, your go. I will handle the note over heeeere.
    Makoto: Makoto starts with the smaller task of beating the dust out of the rug outside. It’s going to involve a lot of strategic kicking, and making sure the dust flies away from the house. Combat 4d6+5: 15 .
    You whisper to TBG: “Saw how you handled Rooks. Took out one that ran. Tied to tree in forest now – might hear him if you move quick. Take mushroom with compli- comple- kind words.” Then, the two-line signature, in green ink, of a stylized, simple green shell.
    Player “Jericho” is not connected.
    Altair Azure: Altair, on the other hand, is handling the dusting everywhere inside the house instead. Dust has some earth content in it, so he figures he can actually manipulate the dust that way, by lifting the dust up and off the furniture before disposing of it in the trash. Focus 4d6+3: 16 .
    You whisper to TBG: In the sack is a single large, bulbous mushroom. It has a red cap, with white spots. It looks mildly tasty, but you sense that it has more properties than just as food.
  • Jericho raises an eyebrow, but slips the letter and cloth sack into his pack.
    Mike: Kick! Punch! It’s all in the mind!
    Mike: Soon, Makoto has created a cloud of dust around him – but the rug is dust-free, thanks to that.
    Jericho whispers: Any chance I can slip away for a moment to “hear” him?
    Makoto: echu~
    Mike: Altair Earthbends the dust away, creating a beautiful swirl of dust around him, before banishing it from the cottage.
    You whisper to TBG: You could do a quick Perception into the forest, but a full search, probably not.
    Surolam has received initiative.
    Jericho whispers: 11 Perception
    You whisper to TBG: You don’t hear anyone yelling. But you do see footprints on the road, obviously made by a Pokemon – the footprints are smaller than a human’s, but defintiely appear to be made by shoes of some kind or another.
  • Surolam moves through the house, talking to it and asking it to tell her where the various supplies are kept, also keeping an ear out for the voices of anything that might have been dropped. She also talks to the supplies themselves, trying to get them to tell her if there’s anything wrong with them that might not be evident from a glance. (Charm?)
    Mike: Iiiiii’ll allow it! Sweettalk the domicile!
  • GrayGriffin rolls to you: 3d6+8 => 13 + 8 = 21
    DNA: D’oh! Now I have to think of what I’m going to do next turn.
    Surolam: (( Talk to the statues? ))
    DNA: …Just figured something out.
    Mike: Oh, the cottage likes you, Surolam. It talks your ear off in-between telling you where things are. Apparently, it’s had a long life, and many, many temple keepers. The cottage is surprised that this latest one doesn’t have a secret boyfriend, but thinks it just a matter of time.
    Mike: Suro-mon?
  • Ninviidost swings through the trees, checking them for damaged or rotten leaves and nibbling their stems so they fall off. And maybe occasionally nibbling a fresh one for herself… (Nature Edu)
    Ninviidost: Nature Education: " + rollResult = "(Secret) Nature Education: " + 7 »">(Secret) Nature Education: 7
    Mike: (( FYI, there is thunder and lightning here. SO if I go poof, that might be why! ))
    Mike: So… many… leaves…
    Mike: There’s no way one weedle can handle them all! Nini trims one tree and part of a second before a full belly stops her cold.
    Molly has received initiative.
    Molly: Molly uses her leadership skills to effectively delegate tasks to her crew members. Command 12
    Ninviidost: “(Worth it.)”
    DNA: haha
    Mike: Managing! But it’s totally in-character and actually makes sense. With Molly crossing things off the list as they get done, it’s easier to know what’s left to do.
    Nathaira: Nathaira uses her sylvan stealth skills to sneak around Altair as he dusts to pick up the little bitties he misses. 17
    Mike: Nathaira makes Altair look good. A few extra puffs of dust follow the earthbent swirl out the window, with nobody else any the wiser.
    Jil Joti has received initiative.
  • Roma Jenny wanders around, rather than focusing on any one specific chore—she’s searching for damages all over the shrine, scoping them out in terms of severity of damage and how possible they are to repair with the supplies and tools present! 7 Perception.
  • Minerva watches Jil as she works…
    Avara: …
  • Avara bites the RNG.
    Ninviidost: (( Wow. ))
    DNA: RNG, you ass pirate.
    Molly: and not even the sexy kind of ass pirate
    Mike: A Jenny’s instincts are strong, but her training might be weak. She knows only the basics of analyzing an area for property damage… still, she can find a few things that need repairing. The bike rack behind the cottage, for instance, has a hidden sheer in it that someone could use to steal a bicycle, lock and all, with a good swift tug!
  • Jil Joti is going to use her incredible jumping height to get to all the places nobody else can and clean thereabouts. Trimming trees and cleaning Toriis and Roofs and stuff. 23 Acrobatics.
    DNA: Now that is more like it.
    Minerva: “…So – Jil, right? – I couldn’t help but notice. Robot, right? …You’re an incredible piece of work.” She says this approvingly, and claps as Jil performs yet another amazing jump.
    Jericho has received initiative.
    Jil Joti: “That is correct, and I appreciate the compliment.”
    Minerva: “…You remind me a lot of my dad’s work.” She taps her chin. “That gives me an idea. I have some old projects floating around on my laptop… yeah, that might work…” muttering to herself, and then, slowly smiling
  • Surolam tilts her head to listen to Donphan-tooth describe another of Jil’s jumps, and grins slightly, waving at her when she passes.
  • Jil Joti waves to Surolam. Then looks to Minerva. “If you do not mind my asking, what is your father’s identity?”
  • Surolam also looks impressed at Altair’s preivous dust-bending, although she keeps more out of the way for that.
    Jericho: “Hey Molly, I bet I can cut the grass faster than you can.” Jericho tries to goad Molly into working faster so he doesn’t have to. (( Does this trigger my Skill Stunt? ))
    Minerva: “Hunh? Oh, uh… He’s a big-time scientist in Tohoku. Kind of a shut-in, but his group does good work. They used to be bad guys, wearing armor that mimiced Pokemon powers, caused a little trouble up there…”
    Mike: Is it actually a full-on lie? I don’t know your athletics versus hers.
    Surolam: “Tohoku? Does your…Ice Wall come from there?”
    Mike: But if she could actually whup you, then yes, it’s a bald-faced fib.
    Jericho: (( Yeah, Jericho doesn’t intend to work harder or compete. He intends to let her win. ))
    Molly: “I’m sure you can, Jericho.”
    Minerva: (( Thennnn yes. ))
    Avara: what would be the relevant roll for knowing who she’s talking about?
    Molly: Molly preceeds to ignore the lawn.
    Minerva: “Yep! Sorry I didn’t introduce you two more properly. But I can show you Gangi and Halberd.” pointing “Gangi’s by the cave, doin’ his dragon thing… and Halberd is flying over us right now, keeping an eye on things.”
    Minerva: Gen Edu to catch the reference, Jil.
    Molly: Molly pulled her cheek back, “See these teeth? I can’t eat grass.”
    Avara: 6
    Jericho: 21 Guile? Unless Rob is messing this up by not taking the bait.
    Mike: I don’t think he’s taking the bait.
    Jericho: (( then I can try something else ))
    Mike: Yes you can.
    Starcatcher: Starcatcher is willing to take on the challenge!
    Avara: it’s not really “messing it up” if the character would react the same way regardless of the roll result, i guess?
    Surolam: “Perhaps after we’re done.”
    Starcatcher: “I’ll show you for challenging my captain!”
    Jericho: (( and there we go. ))
    Surolam: (( Woo! ))
    You whisper to Avara: if it was anyone else, you wouldn’t catch it, but that last sentence – “armor that mimicks Pokemon powers” – that clicks something, deep in your memory cores. That sounds like your creators, and much earlier versions of your own technology.
    Jericho: “Bring it on!” Jericho doesn’t bother working any harder as Starcatcher does work.
    Mike: Sold, then!
    Mike: Jericho-mon?
  • Surolam does look eager, though.
  • Jil Joti shudders as pieces of information fall into place in her databanks, disused archives firing up as keywords fill in.
    Minerva: :3 “You got it!”
    Jericho: Meanwhile, Florin is up in the trees, pecking away dying branches and leaves. 8 Athletics
    Mike: So… many… leaves…
    Mike: Seriously, this topiary is like a Tangela with a hangover.
    Altair Azure has received initiative.
    Makoto: After taking care of the rug, Makoto thinks about what to do next. He thinks he saw…Ah! There it is: an old-fashioned lawnmower you just push around. Yanking it, he gets to work shaving the lawn up and down, even working on cleaning up out front as well. He also runs his tails on the grass behind him to cover up his footprints, because he saw that in a cartoon once and that’s totally how that works. Athletics 4d6+5: 14.
    Altair Azure: Altair’s still inside, though he takes care to avoid Jil and Surolam’s workings. He goes for the laundry next, finding every sheet, every article, every odd chemical that is needed (asking the house and its inanimate occupants for suggestions along the way), as he carefully, but methodically, goes about cleaning the house, now that the dust is no longer in the way. Knowing what supplies to use where, as well as how to wash the clothes, I feel falls under Tech Edu, 4d6+0: 13.
    Mike: The grass begins to get those nice mowed-in lines. You know the ones.
    Mike: And with the bedding through the wash, there’s time and chemicals enough to get the clothes – both your own, and the temple keeper’s – through the wash and dry cycle. A few more delicate items are now wafting in the breeze, hanging on an old-fashioned clothes line.
    Surolam has received initiative.
  • Kiir goes to get the fuel and carry it to the effigy to refuel it. (Athletics)
    Kiir: Athletics: " + rollResult = "(Secret) Athletics: " + 14 »">(Secret) Athletics: 14
  • Surolam follows Kiir with a cloth to help dust the effigy, being careful to get all the cracks in the statue as she works. She occasionally gets Kiir’s input about whether a spot looks good enough as well.
    Mike: Kiir: The warrior’s effigy, the statue of an armored warrior in the courtyard here, has a small repository for fuel. Pouring it in, and pulling a lever… the statue’s sword suddenly lights on fire! It burns steadily, creating an imposing image.
    Surolam: (Focus?)
    Mike: Yes, I like Focus for a tedious job that takes more attention than any cleverness. Thumbs up.
    Surolam: Focus: " + rollResult = "(Secret) Focus: " + 14 »">(Secret) Focus: 14
    Mike: Hunh! Neat.
    Mike: You get distracted on occasion – there’s a cool Dragon just over there so cool – but you refocus your efforts, and get all the nooks and crannies of the statue.
    Molly has received initiative.
    Molly: Molly uses her keen Perception to point out loose bricks, trash and other missed rubbish in the area for one of her crew members to pick up and gather. 17
    Mike: There’s plenty of detritus in the area. Someone left a Rage Candy Bar wrapper under a bush here, and it’s got an expiration date of… a year ago? Wow. Place really did go to pot.
    Nathaira: Nathaira finds an unfinished catalogue of groceries and supplies and counts whatever she finds remaining and marking them down with perfect perception. She even draws some butterfree wings on the sides of the paper (the dangers of distracted fairies) Perception 17
    Jericho: (( It’s still good. Those things would live through the apocolypse ))
    Mike: (( Snack food. Snack food never changes. ))
    DNA: I once traded snack food for an explosion
    Surolam: “There. Does that feel better?” Surolam asks the statue once she’s done.
    Mike: First: The butterfree wings are adorable, and really add some whimsy to the list. Second, how did the temple keeper not catalogue this bread flour in the back? Sure, it’s for bread, but you can use it on any number of things. Like breakfast.
    Jil Joti has received initiative.
  • Jil Joti is going to handle scrubbing down the floors, using the technique shown in some japanese shows where a servant has a wet cloth pressed to the floor and runs with it. 21
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: Much. I thank you for your service, maiden!" The sensation of a salute
    Mike: Roll Light would be proud.
    Mike: With a few laps, the floors are clean and the kitchen even sparkles.
  • Ecran will, meanwhile, be using telekinesis to help with general clean-up, using psychic powers to peel messes off of wherever they’ve managed to settle in. 17
    Mike: With all this hurried cleaning, some things get knocked over or nudged out of place. Ecran nudges things back where they need to be… and even feng-shui’s this one table a little better, the light catches better if you move the lamp over here…
    Jericho has received initiative.
    Mike: Last round! There’s still so much to do, though things really are coming together nicely!
  • Jericho gathers up the leaves and… sneaks off into the woods to drop them off somewhere? 19 Stealth?
    Mike: There were leaves around here, right? Or did the weedle and the pidgey really eat them all?
    Mike: Hunh. Coulda sworn.
    Jericho: (( aaaand Jericho mon… ))
    Mike: (( What do Zorua do? The new book by Teddiursa Geisel. ))
    Ninviidost: Don’t you mean “The Hungry Hungry Weedle”?
    Ninviidost: (( shit, it’s supposed to be “Very Hungry” ))
    Mike: Hungry Hungry Weedle was the tie-in board game.
    Mike: Use the Weedles’ String Shot to eat as many Pokepuffs as possible in 60 seconds!
    Mike: But don’t let your friends eat more than you!
    Mike: :D
    Mike: Need some thoughts, Jericho?
    Jericho: Greenback the Skiddo will pull apart the overgrown path with its vines. 12 Athletics
    Mike: So first off: Props on the name. Like, that’s legitimate. Kudos.
    Mike: Second: What do you say when you put a Skiddo on the trail of some vines that need to go away? “What vines?”
    Mike: What I’m saying is that there are no longer any vines, just a well-tramped path now.
    Altair Azure has received initiative.
    Makoto: Mowing the lawn takes a really long time, even with all of the helpers going around. But as he walks, Makoto finds one or two other odd things to clean up, and even has a few suggestions for the few ‘mon (particularly Surolam’s and Molly’s broods) for things they could improve or stuff they overlooked. Command, 4d6+0: 11.
    Altair Azure: Altair’s just realized – the cavern in the back hasn’t been tended to. Taking a few cleaning supplies with him, he goes to the back cave. It seems to be even messier than before, or at least the daylight made him notice things he wouldn’t see otherwise. Vases fallen over, weapons on statues out of place, and even the main article looks a little faded. He’s very careful to keep all of the detachable parts in place, and most of them seem to be some forms of weapons or armor on the statues. I’m not sure if this is a perfect fit, but Combat sounds to me like knowledge of how weapons and armor would be set up, even on a statue or other things. Gotta keep ‘em juuuuuuuust right. Combat 5d6+2: 22.
    Starcatcher: “Teehee, I am so winning this contest. Thanks!”
    DNA whispers: Altair’s care of the statue, combined with his remark to the angel just now that “I did say I’d be back to clean your shrine up”, suggest that his motives may have been just beyond simple upkeep.
    Mike: Makoto makes a good second-in-command foreman. Someone get that ’mon a hardhat!
    Mike: The statues in the back recognize your combat prowess, and the proper care and honor you pay the two remaining soldiers, the Gardevoir and Gallade. Even the spirits of the broken statues, their thoughts as fragmented as their stone, recognize something in your actions.
    Surolam has received initiative.
  • Surolam is notified by Little Pummerin about Ecran’s feng shui’ing of the shrine, and decides to help with that a bit more. She goes through, gently adjusting items into what she, or they, feel are the best positions. (Intuition)
    Surolam: Intuition: " + rollResult = "(Secret) Intuition: " + 21 »">(Secret) Intuition: 21
    Mike: It turns out it’s much easier to feng shui when you can talk to the things you’r shui-ing.
  • Zojiik starts phasing through the walls, searching for any defects or cracks that might not be visible from outside. If she finds one, she notifies the others so that it can be fixed or reinforced as necessary.
    Zojiik: Perception: " + rollResult = "(Secret) Perception: " + 18 »">(Secret) Perception: 18
    Mike: With some effort, Surolam, you’ve greatly improved the energy of the cottage’s interior.
    Mike: Zojiik, you find several cracks on the cottage, including one in the foundation. That one might be trouble in a few years…
    Molly has received initiative.
    Molly: Molly used her Nature Education to spot troublesome weeds and pull them out without leaving roots behind. 4
    Molly: Molly isn’t very good at it
  • Zojiik points out the crack in the foundation to Altair. Hey, he’s good with earthy stuff, right?
    Molly: It’s been almost 8 years since she was a kitten living in the wilderness.
    Mike: That’s a weed, right? Weeds are green. And have brown trunks. And are as tall as a hou- oh, wait. That’s a tree.
    Pearl: Pearl finds patches of dry grass and waters them, then moving on to the growing wildflowers and bushes, giving everything a fresh drink with her water moves! 17 Athletics!
    DNA: kek
    DNA: best way to describe a min roll
    Mike: Oh, nice. Some of these trees could definitely use the extra water.
    Jil Joti has received initiative.
    Mike: The place is looking much better already. Jil, can you put the finishing touches on things?
    Jil Joti: With everything else as taken care of as it can be, Jil and Roma will move out to the Torii. Jil, now wearing her modified pilgrimage outfit, starts a musical chant to call good spirits to the shrine and wish bad spirits away. 13 Charm. Roma is performing a traditional-like dance to try and enhance the invitation, acting as both greeter and defender. 19 Acrobatics.
  • Surolam leans against the statue, making sure not to brush against the flaming sword, and smiles as she listens to Jil’s chant.
    Mike: … :3 One moment while I describe, hm?
    Avara: go right on ahead~
    Mike: * Jil’s chant, and Roma’s dance, are a beautiful capper to a long few hours of cleaning and fixing. You can feel a sense of calm, of peace, of “this is how things should be” fill the air.
    Mike: * Just as the music ends, two things happen:
    Mike: * The smell of delicious, thick, warm hot chocolate fills the air, wafting from the cottage.
    Nathaira: O_O
    Altair Azure: Altair manages to catch the tail end of Jil’s chants and dance as he comes out of the cavernous hall. He smiles. That is not one of the two things.
    Mike: * …and a gentle, painless snowfall starts up. Juuuust enough to give everything a pleasant dusting of snow. Despite this, the air is only crisp, rather than truly, chillingly cold.
    Jericho: 0_0
  • Zojiik looks quietly amazed.
    Jericho: “Whoa, wait. What?”
  • Mr. Hotei emerges from the cottage, with a large silver platter of mugs, and a teapot full of hot chocolate. He hops a little to get out the door with his hands full.
  • Kiir looks up, trying to catch a snowflake on his nose. He fails, and ends up just sneezing instead.
    Jericho: “I thought it was summer! Where is the snow coming from?”
    Makoto: The snow seems to instantly melt the instant it touches Makoto’s golden fur, coating him with a thin layer of steam that floats around his body. This is normal for him, but it probably looks like quite the show to everyone else.
    Altair Azure: “Shikoku is a rather mountainous place. Perhaps a few stray snowclouds came down here to greet us?”
  • Stin carries Vii with her as she floats carefully towards Mr. Hotei and his cocoa.
    Mr. Hotei: “Hm. Must be!”
    Jericho: “I know my mountains, and that’s not how rain shadow works.”
    Minerva: “Well, Halberd didn’t report any dangerous weather. We should be fine.”
    Mr. Hotei: “Mmhm. Minerva, would you be a dear an-”
    Altair Azure: “Ah hello there, Mr. Hotei. Finished with the hot chocolate? I could see you putting a lot of care into its preparation.”
    Nathaira: Nathaira looks at the cocoa longingly from a hidden corner.
    Minerva: “Ah! Right! The, uh. Payment. I’llberightbackjustwaitthere!”
  • Minerva runs inside the cottage.
    Mr. Hotei: “Hehe. Yes, I do. It’s an old, old recipe. We’ve had it ever since chocolate was invented.”
    Pearl: Pearl notices Nathaira, grabs a mug and wiggles over to share it with her. “Fwee~”
    Avara: might want to clear the tiles around the statue for space.
    Nathaira: “Yay~ Thankyouthankyou!”
    Nathaira: Nathaira and Pearl snuggle up and share a big mug between the two of them.
    Altair Azure: “…Wait a minute, you said…you’ve had this recipe ever since chocolate was invented?”
    Jericho: “…Chocolate was invented ages ago.”
    Mike: * The hot chocolate is thick and rich as melted chocolate bars. Truly, there is no finer.
    Jericho: “You’re not nearly that old.”
    Mr. Hotei: “Well, I couldn’t ever verify it, I admit. But it makes for a good story, hm?”
  • Jil Joti looks at Hotei carefully. Not suspiciously, but more like… not certain what sort of existence she’s examining.
  • Jil Joti is taking it pretty literally.
    Altair Azure: “Finally! …I think I’ve figured it out. It’s been bugging me all day, ever since Minerva said your name.”
    Altair Azure: “…I knew I’d heard your name somewhere before, and now I remember where.”
    Altair Azure: “But only what I was told, which wasn’t that much.”
    Surolam whispers: “Another old line, then,” murmurs Little Pummerin. “Perhaps there is some dragon in them as well.” He gives the impression of gesturing at the other two dragons in the area.
    Mr. Hotei: “Oh?” He seems mildly interested.
    Surolam: “It depends on the definition of ‘we,’ as well. It could refer to a family line instead of a specific group of individuals.”
  • Surolam sips carefully at her hot chocolate.
  • Kiir gets whipped cream on his nose while sharing with Zojiik.
    Nathaira whispers: Does Nathaira know of Mr. Hotei? He might be one of her kind…
    Altair Azure: “I was told that Mr. Hotei was an old but friendly toymaker, having several abodes across the region, usually up in snowy mountainous areas. He didn’t live in one place, but liked moving around a lot.”
  • Jil Joti shuffles closer to Surolam. If it’s possible for her, as a robot, to drink hot chocolate… she’ll do so respectfully, savouring the taste.
  • Stin drinks eagerly, possibly burning her tongue a bit. Vii dips a leaf into the hot chocolate and sips it from there.
    Altair Azure: “One of the abodes also has a red dragon who is really good at riddles.”
    Mr. Hotei: (( back, sorry. had to let dog out ))
    Jericho: (( WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?! ))
    Jericho: (( WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF ))
  • Zojiik winks at Stin, before gently tugging Altair closer to Surolam’s other side.
    Jericho: (( ah, the 90’s. ))
  • Stin attempts to do the same for Jericho.
    Altair Azure: “…That’s all I know, though. Only what I was told—aahh.” Altair finds himself being tugged by a ghost.
    Mr. Hotei: “Ah, yes. You’re right on both counts, my boy – that dragon would be the father of Gangi, over there.” He gestures towards the cave.
  • Gangi snorts half-heartedly.
  • Jericho finds himself being pulled over as well
  • Altair Azure still prefers to stay next to the statue for now, but moves a bit closer.
    Molly: Molly sits off on her own, burning her tongue on her hot cocoa. She scrunched her nose and glared distrusfully at the drink.
    You whisper to Molly: Mr. Hotei, a fairy? …Well, the name isn’t familiar, but the personage is, vaguely. A toymaker who travels and sometimes shares gifts… he wouldn’t be the first.
    Jericho: “Haste makes waste, cat.”
    Jericho: “Let it cool off first.”
    Minerva: “Alright! Sorry about that!”
    Altair Azure: “If that’s true…the guy who told me all this, he said he engaged in a battle of wits with Gangi’s father. He never told me who won, though. I kept asking, but he said it wasn’t important.”
  • Stin will tug Jericho as close to Surolam as possible. Possibly to the side opposite to Jil.
    Molly: “I know that! It’s why I take my time to aim in combat, rather than rushing off to get the first hit in.”
    Altair Azure: “…which leads me to believe that the dragon didn’t win, but he didn’t want to say.”
    Minerva: Minerva appears in the doorway of the cottage, carrying a burlap sack. She’s obviously straining her muscles to lift it entirely off the ground, though. She pulls it through the doorway, and through the crowd, past the platter of hot chocolate – which she pauses to savor the smell of – before dropping it at the foot of the tree in the corner of the courtyard.
    Makoto: “(That’s weird. Don’t people refuse to admit things when they lose? Why would he not fess up if he won?)”
    Surolam: “He must have been pretty old himself then.”
  • Gangi smiles slightly. You see a little fang in there, but rest assured, it’s friendly.
    Zojiik: “(Respect for his opponent, I’d presume.)”
    Nathaira: The four inch tall Nathaira decided that it would be more fun to sit in the mug than outside of it. Cocoa jaccuzzi! She sinks in and drinks~
    Altair Azure: “And if all that’s true, then that means…” Altair looked toward Hotei. His smile got larger…but he said nothing.
    Pearl: Pearl giggles and helps herself to more.
  • Altair Azure then helps himself to some of Hotei’s World Famous Hot Chocolate™, since he’d been busy talking for so long.
  • Minerva digs into the sack… and pulls out a colorfully-wrapped box, with a shining ribbon. And then another. And another. And more. And… how many boxes are there?
    Avara: wagh!
    Minerva: A lot.
    Minerva: A lot a lot.
  • Altair Azure quickly counts…26.
    Minerva: “Phew! I think that’s everything.”
    Mr. Hotei: “…You may have gone slightly overboard, dear.”
    Minerva: “Gotta earn that point back somehow!”
    Mr. Hotei: “Touche.”
  • Kiir is wide-eyed.
    Molly: “That’s… a lot of boxes.”
  • Ninviidost is as well.
  • Jil Joti looks at the boxes with some apparent confusion.
    Altair Azure: “Expecting someone, Mr. Hotei?”
    Minerva: “Well, the old man taught me – if you pay with money, it’s forgotten the next day. But if you pay with a gift, it’s remembered forever.”
    Altair Azure: Altair’s verbage was very deliberate.
    Mr. Hotei: “I always expect an unexpected guest or two, my boy.”
    Jericho: “…how did you fit that many boxes in that bag.”
  • Jericho is still in shock, looking at the bag
    Minerva: “Theeeeeey may be a little squished in the corners.”
    Altair Azure: Altair smiled once more. “…I had a feeling. …He was right about you.”
  • Mr. Hotei smiles. “I believe I could say the same of you. Altair, was it?” He nods. “Yes, I believe i could.”
    Jil Joti: “Why are you setting out boxes by the trees?”
    Ninviidost whispers: “You’ll have to tell us what you mean by all that later!” calls Donphan-tooth. “We all want to know, even if Little Pummerin and Mighty are being all shutting-up about it!”
    Altair Azure: “…Altair, yes.”
    Minerva: “Oh! I forgot the holographic projector.”
    Nathaira: “I think he might be one of ours…” Nathaira whispered about Mr. Hotei.
    Jericho: “There shouldn’t be enough volume to hold all those presents. Please.” Jericho looks pleadingly. “Teach me how you did it.”
  • Minerva pulls a small device off of her belt, and sets it at the base of the tree she’s near.
    DNA: kek
    Ninviidost whispers: “So…many…other…boxes…” whispers Mighty.
    DNA whispers: Blue-Blaze: “You’re talking about what Altair thinks about Hotei, right? I…I don’t know very much either…so you’d have to ask Altair.”
    Minerva: “Therrre we go. That’s the spirit!”
    Jericho: O_O
    Stin whispers: “Or what he already knows! It sounds like a super-interesting story!” adds Donphan-tooth.
    Minerva: “Hehe. Nope! I can’t go and reveal secrets like that. If I did… Well, you wouldn’t come up with an even more clever solution.”
    Minerva: “Alright. Tree, boxes, good people, annnd Alison’s still out getting groceries, but that’s alright, we’ll catch her later.”
    Minerva: “Lemme get out of the way. I wanna see you all open them! This is the best part!”
    DNA whispers: Blue-Blaze: “Be careful about how you ask. He may not want to talk about it.”
  • Mr. Hotei smiles. “Yes. Yes it is~.”
  • Altair Azure quietly chuckles to himself, and steps to the side. He’s not going to be the first one to open a box. He’d rather someone else be that.
    Jil Joti: “That is…” processing… search image against database, time selection: winter, lab. loading… retrieving relevant data. Filtering gossip. “A christmas tree? Then those would be ‘presents’,” she says with some uncertainty in her voice.
    Surolam whispers: “Yes, we will,” says Little Pummerin, interrupting the cane. “I am sure that we have enough tact between us.” Donphan-tooth gives the impression of sticking out a tongue.
    Jericho: “…It’s July.”
    Altair Azure: “I hear that ‘Christmas in July’ is a very big thing overseas.”
    Surolam: “…oh. You’ve never celebrated Christams before?”
    Jericho: (( No, but I’ve celebrated Christmas. ))
    Surolam: (( *Christmas ))
    DNA: heh
    Jil Joti: “I have not. I have only heard of it.”
  • Surolam looks shocked for a moment.
    Molly: “Christmas….” Molly said. She never knew when or why it happened, but the celebration brought bittersweet memories to the surface…
    Minerva: “…Jericho, right? You’re the kind of guy who’d take a gift Ponyta in for a full dental exam, aren’t ya?” crosses her arms
    Jericho: “When Ponyta sometimes spit fire, yeah.”
    Starcatcher: “Are you okay, Cap’n?”
    Molly: “…yes.”
    Surolam: “Then that means…this is your first Christmas! Come on, then!” Surolam, looking excited, starts to drag Jil towards the presents.
    Altair Azure: Intuition on Molly’s hesitant ‘yes’, 2d6+3: 12 .
    Molly: Guile 7
    Surolam: “I wish we had something to record this…that’s always the best part.”
  • Jil Joti is dragged towards the gifts, though she doesn’t put up much of a fight. “I am recording everything, always.” She taps her temple.
    Minerva: “Oh! In that case…” thinks a moment
    Surolam: “That’s great then! All we need is music…”
    Minerva: “Hey, open one of Jil’s presents first. Uh, number 4, I think.”
    Mr. Hotei: “No giving hints, dear.”
    Minerva: “Well, they want to record this. That’ll do it.”
  • Surolam sits down, her cane and bell placed between her legs as she “watches” Jil.
    Mr. Hotei: “…I suppose. Maybe I’m a little set in my ways, then.”
    Avara: turn your pokedex radio to 122.5 FM
    Altair Azure: Altair takes a step to the side as Surolam and Jil have their moment, and walks, no, kneels by Molly. “Cap’n? You look a bit pale.”
    Jericho: (( I did. It’s just looping “Pokemon Christmas Bash” ))
    Molly: “My fur is white.”
    Altair Azure: “I know. That’s not what I was commenting on.”
  • Jil Joti does as instructed, carefully unwrapping the ribbon and wrapping paper before opening the box, careful not to damage anything.
    To: Jil 4: A New Valkenburg-style cell phone, the Momenta. It features a holographic display that expands to up to 2h x 3w x 1d feet, a camera with photo and video functions, an internet connection, and an interface for entertainment (games, apps, and music; media not included). Includes a data plan. Of course, in Shikoku’s mountainous terrain, it may not always get a signal.
    Makoto: Makoto looks over at the presents and notices Altair’s name on a few of them. That’s odd, he thinks. How would he get the presents so quickly? Or was Hotei watching them before?
    Molly: “…just…remembering life before the sea.”
    Makoto: Seeing the others talking, he quietly moseyes over to grab one of the presents. Picking randomly, he chooses…this one! 5
  • Jil Joti blinks a couple of times as she adjusts the focus of her cameras/eyes, looking over the phone. She set it to record, and looked to Minerva. “Please capture my friends’ reactions. I believe I overheard that there was magic in the faces of gift-receivers.”
    Altair Azure: “…Good or bad?”
    Surolam: “Good, hopefully.”
    Minerva: “It’s the same model I have. It’s really handy.” She takes the phone. “Yeah, lemme just…” bloop! “Therrre we go.” She sets it atop the broken wall behind her, a nice vantage point for the event.
    DNA: (Altair was talking to Molly, not Surolam/Jil)
    Mike: Lesse, ALtiar 5…
    Surolam: (( whoops, ignore then ))
  • Makoto carries it over and lets Altair open it, which he does, slowly. But with great care…
    To: Altair 5: A blindfold, with burning fire emblazoned across it. When worn, it not only makes one unable to see visible things, but also makes them unable to see Aura. Head slot: the blindfold can be moved on or off one’s eyes as a Shift action.
  • Surolam also takes the opportunity to open her own Present 5.
    Altair Azure: He actually takes out a pair of scissors, deftly cutting the ribbon and paper that way, rather than ripping it apart.
  • Minerva sees Surolam opening her Present #5.
    Minerva: “Ooh! This is the one we… Yeah. I hope you like this. It’s a bit of a guess, but it is one of a kind… I think.”
    To: Surolam 5: A nest, made of sparkling glassy filaments, just about the right size for a Pokemon Egg. When you hold it, it feels incredibly comfortable and warm in your arms. This is a Crystalline Creche.

If any two creatures hold the nest for an entire night, an Egg is produced, as if the two had bred – regardless of their Egg Groups, Genders, Species, or any other factors. If three or four creatures hold the nest, the Crystaline Creche will still create an egg, but have more unpredictable outcomes. There simply isn’t room for five or more creatures to get their hands on the nest.

Once an Egg has been produced, the Crystalline Creche’s energy is expended, and it no longer gives the warm, comforting feeling when held. It recharges after 30 days naturally, but this time can be shortened by a day by expending 100 P$ in Crystals or other Occult Crafting material (which can be done as many times as you like).

Some rulings:

  • When in doubt, the answer is “Probably, but the GM gets to go crazy with it.”
  • Regardless of the parents’ genders, the child’s base species is decided by the parents beforehand. (This does not prevent the GM from further alterations thereafter.)
  • Various aspects of the parents may pass down to the child, moreso than in normal breeding. Things like gender ratio, coloration, and even body shape, to name a few.
  • Even if the parents are of species that do not lay eggs (for instance, humans), the resultant child is still hatched from an Egg.
  • In order to be considered as a parent by the Crystalline Creche, a parent must merely have a soul. This means that humans, Pokemon, robots, and even particularly long-lived and strong-willed objects are all eligible candidates.
    Makoto: “(Huh? …What good is this? I…don’t understand. Unless it’s like…a party trick or something.)”
    Surolam: (( It was actually my idea, to make it easier for him to tell the difference between Aura and the energy of magical objects ))
    DNA: Oh, so wow. It actually is intended for Makoto? How weird.
  • Jericho looks at Present #3… he picks it up, listens in… examines the box in detail trying to figure out if there are any traps or hidden mechanisims that may spell death for him… then slowly and carefully unwraps the box and opens the lid…
    To: Jericho 3: Big Book of Dragon’s Riddles and Tricks, 5th Edition. Accessory Item, grants +2 to Guile (riddles) and +2 to Intuition (solving riddles).
  • Surolam holds the nest in her arms, looking shocked for a while, and then immensely pleased. She grins, a little bit of fang poking out.
    Molly: Molly let Altair get distracted before she could respond (was in and out for a second).
    Surolam: “I’ll take good care of it.”
    DNA: (sa’right)
    Mr. Hotei: “Ah, good. I hope you enjoy it – but do mind the responsibility, and use it wisely.”
    Minerva: “Shoulda put a pie trap in there…”
    Jericho: “A riddle book?”
    Gangi: “Not just ANY riddle book!” The large, red-scaled dragon snorts from over your presents.
    Gangi: “Perhaps one of the finest written by any mortal’s hands!”
  • Altair Azure smiles at Gangi.
    Altair Azure: “So that’s where he got the riddle book from.”
    Altair Azure: “…It’s like I’m seeing family history re-enacted.”
    Kiir: “(Miss Captain Molly? Are you gonna open a present?)”
    Gangi: “Hn. Perhaps you’ll yet learn something from it when you read it. Though I wonder if your Pokemon may yet outfox you.” He lays his head back down, but continues watching the proceedings.
    Molly: Molly looked at the boxes, almost unsure.
    Molly: “…why? Why give us these things…?” Her voice wasn’t suspicious. Just bewildered.
    Stin: “You asked for payment.”
  • Minerva looks at Mr. Hotei for a moment.
    Molly: “R-right…”
    Minerva: “…Something like that.”
  • Jericho pauses for a moment… he looks down at the book in his hands. He looks at the boxes. Then back to the book.
    Mr. Hotei: clears throat “If you like, Captain, consider it an investment.”
    Molly: Molly walked over to Box 1. She placed a claw on it and began to scratch, tearing through the paper.
    Altair Azure: “I think that simple kindness may also be a part of it, Cap’n. Fair exchange is always a good thing to rely on, but occasionally we’ll run into exceptions.”
    To: Molly 1: A gun modification kit. It should slot into just about any gun without issue.

This modifies any gun with 2x Pin modifications.

  • Jericho decides to trust Minerva and Mr. Hotei. He opens Box 2 with far less caution than the previous box.
    Minerva: “I’ve had those parts rattling around for a while. I never found a use for it, but I bet’cha you’ll want to pin someone down a lot more than I will. …I prefer headshots with a beanbag round.”
    Altair Azure: Altair goes over to pick up one of his other boxes, though he eyes Molly’s reaction carefully just to be safe. Picking at random, he picks up Box 1.
  • Surolam hands the creche to Zojiik, who is closest, before opening Present 4.
    To: Jericho 2: A bandanna, much like Jericho’s. It’s even made by the same manufacturer. However, it’s brand-new and freshly laundered.
    Mike: Whoa okay I’ll get to these. Not everyone at once. >.>
  • Jericho blinks.
  • Avara pokes initiative
    Jericho: “…I think I know who would like this.”
    Avara: we can go in init order?
    DNA: That…is actually a good idea.
  • Jericho opens Junior’s Poke Ball and afixes the bandana to its head.
    Mike: Alright. Lemme get Altair’s, and then we can go from there in init order. Sound good?
    Jericho has received initiative.
    Altair Azure has received initiative.
    Surolam: (( Matching bandanas! :3 ))
    Avara: thumbs up
    DNA: Sounds great.
    To: Altair 1: A polishing kit, meant for general use on all sorts of items. Includes shammy cloths, gloves, and a sampling of polish types.
    Surolam has received initiative.
    Kiir: “(Oh hello!)” Kiir looks surprised at seeing Junior. “(I haven’t seen you around before!)” He moves a bit closer, curious.
    Altair Azure: “Aha! This…this would improve my lantern’s sheen by a lot. I don’t get very many chances to clean him up, so…this will really help him.”
    Surolam: (( Already picked 4 ))
    To: Surolam 4: A sprig of mistletoe, perfectly preserved. When spoken to as an object, it tells tales of having been hung over the gates of a bustling town’s entrance gate, and the many romantic kisses from thousands of couples. It has more romantic stories to tell than you can shake a stick at, of people and Pokemon of all kinds. The mistletoe is happy to share the stories, and enjoys encouraging romantic feelings between people.
    Molly has received initiative.
  • Surolam smiles as she listens to the stories.
  • Junior is estatic about the new bandana it’s wearing, and runs around excitedly showing it off.
  • Zojiik has her eyes on that mistletoe.
    Molly: Molly scratched at box 4.
    Kiir: “(…that looks so cool…)”
    To: Molly 4: A black rectangle of sturdy cloth, with a Meowstic’s skull on it, and two flintlock pistols crossed below its chin.
  • Ninviidost improvises a bandana for Kiir with leaves and thread! (Should I roll for this? Just for the fun of it?)
    Mike: Ah, just for funsies, you can has, Nin
    Minerva: “Gotta represent.” Minerva nods, assured of herself on this one.
    Jil Joti has received initiative.
  • Jil Joti carefully opens Box 3.
    Ninviidost: Nature Education: 6
    Ninviidost: (( Noooooo ))
    To: Jil 3: A complete boxed set of an old western television show, “The Itinerant Lawstress”.

It’s an older show, set in the Wild West of Unova, detailing the adventures of a wandering lady-sherrif bringing justice to towns-of-the-week, while also falling for the hunk- or babe-of-the-week. Filmed in New Valkenburg, so it tends to have very progressive social mores.

The later seasons get kinda weird (aliens, angels, and whatever else the writers decided to throw in).

Comes on flashdrive, so it’ll plug and play into basically any data device, including phones, computers, televisions, and the like.
Minerva: “So, that’s one of my favorite shows. I’ve seen every epsidoe twice! But I thought you and your Jenny friend might like it.”
Jericho has received initiative.

  • Jil Joti nods, looking over the box of the box set for information on the series. Convenient that she now has a phone to play that on.
  • Jericho is starting to get into a rhythm. He tears open Box 5.
    To: Jericho 5: A dawn-blue stone, glowing with an internal light. A Shiny Stone!
    Avara: something tells me Surolam would enjoy watching the show too, or at least listening to it.
  • Kiir shows off his new “bandana” to Junior. It’s kind of poorly put-together and almost falling apart, although it’s obviously made with love.
    Minerva: “So, I heard you like shiny things. I don’t know if any of your Pokemon can evolve with that, but even if they can’t… Well, it’s shiny as heck. …It also hurts like the dickens when you throw it.”
    Surolam: (( Especially if she gets to snuggle with Jil during it ))
    Altair Azure has received initiative.
  • Junior looks excited that somebody else has a new bandana! He picks up a nearby stick and decides to start playing adventurer with Kiir.
    Makoto: Makoto is anxious to pick the next box for Altair to open. Once again, choosing at random, he points to Box 3.
  • Jericho is looking down at the stone, quietly. He seems… unusually quiet.
    To: Altair 3: A cloak, made of an off-white cloth. It retains heat impressively well, and is subtly padded for physical protection. However, it appears to be sized and tailored for a humanoid creature of smaller statue.

Light Armor (Physical), Thermal Dampening.
Altair Azure: Altair handles the box very gingerly, like all the others, being very calm and deliberate with his scissor cuts so as not to destroy the wrapping paper.

  • Kiir picks up a stick in his mouth and eagerly leads the way towards the back of the house.
    Jericho: (( Boy, that wording was bad. Yes, Quiet Jericho is Quiet. Great redundant redundancy. ))
    Surolam has received initiative.
  • Surolam opens present 3, still going in order.
    Altair Azure: “Hmm? Interesting… I wonder… Ah, right, of course.”
    To: Surolam 3: “How To Hug Your Bug”. It provides lots of tips and tricks on how to hug Pokemon with prickly bits, and even includes tips on how those Bugs can safely hug back. Consumable. Grants the Chitinous Cuddler Ability.

Chitinous Cuddler
Daily – Free Action
Connection – Hug. The ally targeted with Hug also regains 5 HP at the start of their turn for the next 5 rounds.

  • Surolam listens to the book recite its title, before looking excited and waving towards Stin and Vii.
  • Surolam hands them the book.
    Mr. Hotei: “That book is rather popular, but it’s out of print now, sadly. There’re a few trainers I can think of I should try to send a copy to…”
    Molly has received initiative.
  • Stin looks at the title and reads it to Vii, who looks very excited. She moves towards the wall to lean against it and continue to read…
    Molly: Molly opened box number 2.
    To: Molly 2: An ocarina, made from a seashell, with a string of beads attached to it. Suitable to hang around a small Pokemon’s neck.

The Seashell Ocarina is also a weapon. It makes Struggle attacks a Ranged 4 Special attack with the Sonic keyword.
Jil Joti has received initiative.

  • Jil Joti opens #2.
    Jericho: (( Sounds like Molly can start summoning storms and turning back time. ))
    Avara: or her little mermaid can.
    Minerva: “So… I hope this is okay. Don’t be mad! …Please.”
    Mr. Hotei: “…Minerva, what did you do?”
    Minerva: “…Dug through a lot of old archived files from my dad’s stuff. Annnnnd maybe pinged her ports once or twice. Nothing malicious, honest!”
    To: Jil 2: A small thumb drive, labeled with a Charizard sticker. Attached to it is a hand-written note.

“Hey! I took a spin through making a program for your Copy Chip system. It’s pretty intense stuff, I like it! Remind me of working with my dad, in a good way. I hope you have fun with this.”

“And remember, the best way to test out a new weapon is to find some bad guys, and beat them up with it! 3, Minera.”

Full details here: .
To: Jil 2: Relink:
Jericho has received initiative.

  • Jil Joti is stunned—not offended, but just genuinely surprised to a deep degree.
  • Jericho carefully sets the Shiny Stone in his pack, still not saying a word and begins opening gift number 4.
    To: Jericho 4: A Kitesh board, of relatively new make, but hand-made from fine wood, including instructions. (Kitesh is a board game, played with three players. It’s a tactical game, where players use units to defeat an evil force.)
    Minerva: “My aunts play it every so often. Pokemon seem to get into it, too. That one’s hand-made in Almsbarrow; they’ve got a trade in high-end Kitesh boards going now.”
    Stin: (( Woo, Kitesh! ))
    Altair Azure has received initiative.
    DNA: Whoo Kitesh indeed. That brings back memories.
  • Jericho is suddenly turning away, making sure nobody can see his face… is something going on?
    Altair Azure: Setting that small armor aside for Hajime later, Altair next goes to Box 4.
  • Kiir pauses in battling a vicious wall.
    Kiir: “(Is your dad okay? He’s your dad, right? You have the same bandana and everything!)”
    To: Altair 4: A two-pack of Moon Balls, tied together with ribbons. The Moon Balls are hand-crafted, and bear a simple imprint on the bottom of them: MAIZIE.
    Altair Azure: Gen Edu on MAIZIE, 2d6 7 .
    You whisper to DNA: The name ‘Kurt’ crosses your mind. Is she related, maybe?
    Altair Azure: “…This…is some fine craftsmanship. Where did you find these?”
    Mr. Hotei: “Johto. She’s a fine ballsmith. Almost as good as her grandfather, and only at half his age in his prime.”
    Surolam has received initiative.
  • Surolam opens present 2.
    Jericho: (( Hehe. Ballsmith. ))
    Altair Azure: “I…I see. Thank you very much, sir.”
  • Zojiik has nabbed the mistletoe while Surolam isn’t paying attention. She has Plans for it.
    Mr. Hotei: :3 “You’re quite welcome, my boy.”
    To: Surolam 2: A friendship braclet kit. It comes with lots of colorful beads, string, and little wooden tokens, and a booklet that explains how to write messages using those beads and strings and what their colors and order mean.
  • Surolam takes the booklet carefully.
    Molly has received initiative.
    Molly: Molly unwraps her last present (keeping the ribbon.
    Surolam: “Hmm…sounds like it would be more useful for one of you.” She places the kit aside, since Zojiik seems pretty burdened.
    Minerva: “I heard-tell you might be crafty. I saw a flower or two around, and figured you might have some fun with it. I know it’s a little chintzy, but…” shrug
    To: Molly 3: * That ribbon will feel your wrath one of these days, I’m sure. Some day soon, you will best it in mortal combat, and- ahem.
    To: Molly 3: A tube of lip balm, with a Jynx on the label. It’s guaranteed to prevent lip burn, as well as prevent the spread of diseases from light kisses.

Held item (Accessory for Trainers). Prevents “On Contact” effects from triggering from any Move with the word “Kiss” in the name.
Surolam: “Well…I might need help with putting them together. Still, thank you. I’m sure I have a few companions who will enjoy doing it.”
Jil Joti has received initiative.

  • Jil Joti unwraps her final present as well, setting the four ribbons side by side.
  • Surolam has been stuffing her wrappings and ribbons back into the boxes after taking the presents out.
    To: Jil 1: The present-box contains a number of photos of a creature that appears to be part-Mawile and part-Gardevoir, who – from said photos – appears to be the cutest possible thing ever. She poses and twirls for the camera, and each shot is glamorous without being cloying.

Also included in the photo is a note, reading: “This Pokemon and I spoke for quite a while when we passed one another in the forest a few days ago. She’s interested in fashion and modeling, and was hoping to make a go of it – though she doesn’t seem to have a solid plan for how to go about it. She also seemed like she could use a friend with similar interests – and while we got along quit well, I can’t be that friend for her.”

“But, perhaps you can. She was taking the long way from Playhouse to Cianwood, so I imagine you will find her eventually should you take that same road the other way. If you meet her, just tell her that I said ‘hello’, and that I vouch for you. I imagine that should be introduction enough.”

“~ Mr. Hotei”
To: Jil 1: Image link:
Jericho: (( mashes cuddle button ))
Jericho: (( WHY ISN’T IT WORKING ))
Jericho has received initiative.
Avara: mineminemineminemineminemine
Mike: :3
DNA: And thus, the circle is complete.

  • Jil Joti places the note and picture in her pack for safe keeping.
  • Minerva grins, barely containing herself.
  • Jericho wipes his hand across his eyes- must have gotten something in them- and opens the last box.
    To: Jericho 1: A Pokemon Grooming Kit, complete with brushes, shampoos, scale-shiners, and nail clippers, among other random accoutrements.
    Minerva: “So, that one might take a little explaining.”
    Minerva: “I noticed that you didn’t work very closely with your… With the Pokemon at your side. I thought you could use that to get to know them better.”
    Minerva: “Who doesn’t love having their hair brushed, right?”
    Altair Azure has received initiative.
    Jericho: “I…” Jericho is completely at a loss for words.
    Altair Azure: “That…that leaves one more to go. I get…I get a very odd feeling from this box, but maybe I’m imagining it.”
  • Altair Azure is almost reluctant to open it, actually.
    Makoto: “(?)”
    To: Altair 2: (( Ah, should I hold off? Or..? ))
    DNA: What do you mean?
    DNA: Altair hasn’t actually opened it yet. Something’s holding him back.
    To: Altair 2: (( Yeah. So… lemme know when you do. Shall I skip you and come back? ))
    DNA: Yeah, skip me.
    Surolam has received initiative.
  • Surolam opens the last box.
  • To: Altair 2 remains unopened, for the moment.
  • Altair Azure recoils his arm, unable to go through with it.
    Surolam: “There’s three more boxes that seem to be for all of us. Maybe you two could open those, and we can open the last one together?”
    To: Surolam 1: A polishing kit, meant for general use. Includes shammy cloths, gloves, and a sampling of polish types.
    Surolam: “!”
    Altair Azure: “…So we both got one of those, Surolam.”
    Surolam: “Yeah. This is really great. I’m going to put it to good use.”
    Jericho: (( Don’t you love how she gets all these gifts that would work better with sight? ))
    Surolam whispers: Little Pummerin can be heard purring in anticipation.
  • Mr. Hotei raises an eyebrow to Minerva.
    DNA: …wow, Dan
    Surolam: (( Well, the book was for Vii. ))
    Jericho: (( I’m just waiting for Toph to show up and remind everyone she’s blind. ))
    Surolam: (( She did mention it with the friendship bracelet kit. ))
    Surolam: (( And she does have experience with using cleaning supplies, so that’s okay. ))
    Minerva: “Trust me, they can both use it. …And there’s more to polishing than just the shine. Have you ever felt something that’s been polished just so? It’s almost like it glides over your hand.”
    Molly has received initiative.
    Surolam: “Of course. It’s part of proper maintenance, after all.”
    Molly: Molly is sitting back where she started.
  • Makoto is stacking Altair’s opened boxes one on top of the other, sorting with the larger ones at the bottom, fitting them inside one another if possible.
    Surolam: (( Surolam suggested that she and Jil each open one of the “everyone” boxes. ))
    Mike: Gotcha.
    Jil Joti has received initiative.
  • Jil Joti will do this thing of opening an Everyone box.
    Jil Joti: #1.
    Molly: Molly does take one of her boxes and brings it back to where she was sitting. Setting it on the grass and climbing into it.
    To: Everyone 1: A light, airy robe, designed to absorb a slight amount of force from Special attacks.

Light Armor (Special)
Surolam: (( It fits. She sits. ))
DNA: pfahahahaha

  • Minerva gently nudges the camera to get a good look at the em-box’d Molly for a few seconds, and then returns it to its position.
  • Jericho is too distracted to bother laughing at Molly in her box.
    Jericho has received initiative.
    Mike: I believe we just have Altair’s, and the two remaining Everyone’s. So, who’s doing which?
    Molly: Molly plays with her ribbon.
    Jericho: (( Well, Altair is obviously opening his. ))
    Avara: finish altair’s, then open the remaining Everyones in order?
    Surolam: (( Hoping to have everyone open at least one present together ))
    Altair Azure has received initiative.
    Mike: Altair, are you ready yet?
    Jericho: (( We’ll all open the last two together. Open Altair’s for now. ))
    Avara: that’d be pretty cool
    Avara: all of us help open the Everyones
    Surolam: (( Well, Jericho could also open an Everyone, and then Surolam could just make everyone open the last box with her on her turn. ))
    Surolam: (( :P ))
    Jericho: (( nope. We’re waiting for Altair. ))
  • Jil Joti ties the four ribbons of her own gifts together, into one long multi-bowed ribbon.
    Jericho: (( Believe it. ))
  • Jil Joti will then tie this ribbon into Surolam’s hair.
    Altair Azure: Altair pulls out one of his Poke Balls, and whispers something to it, before walking over to Hotei. “Mr. Hotei? There’s…a favor I’d like to ask of you.”
    DNA: (Sorry, all those messages came in at once. I feel like I was lagging.)
    Mr. Hotei: “…Of course.”
    Altair Azure: Altair pulls out one of his Poke Balls. “I found this little guy on the beach back in Cianwood. He has a dream that he wants to be a giant monument one day, a name that everyone will remember and look at. And I said I could do that, but…now I’m not so sure.”
  • Surolam starts, before leaning back and letting Jil tie the ribbon into her hair.
    Altair Azure: “You probably travel all over the world, and I can tell you and your assistants have a penchant for bright and shining lights.”
    Molly: “Of course you can.” Molly said, dismissively."
    Altair Azure: “So…could you take this Dwebble, and show him the world through your eyes, as a sort of ‘Rudolph’?”
  • Surolam listens to what Altair has to say, before looking down at her own box of heirlooms.
    Mr. Hotei: “…I could. But is that what you want, or is that what he wants?”
    Altair Azure: “I know you might not be a Trainer per se, but…I think you can fulfil his wishes better than I can.”
    Surolam: “So, any of you up for a world trip?” she asks.
    Altair Azure: “…I don’t know. I…didn’t ask. I…couldn’t bring myself to.”
  • Mr. Hotei pats the Pokeball, pressing it into Altair’s hands.
    Molly: “You’ve only taken your first few steps. How can you say you’re not good at traveling?”
    Molly: Molly was still looking at her ribbon as she spoke.
    Mr. Hotei: “I think you and he should speak about this, before you send him with me. He’d be welcome, of course. But I think the same is true of you.”
    Schleimann: Schleimann looks around confused. They were talking about him, right?
    DNA whispers: The only way I’ll be able to decide this myself fairly is with a coin flip. How would you handle it? I can’t really speak with myself.
  • Minerva hangs back, listening. She isn’t sure it’s her place to say anything in this…
    Makoto: “(Schleimann, our trainer, he…he doesn’t think he can fulfill your dream. And he thinks that this old guy can better.)”
    You whisper to DNA: Wuss. Let me ask this: What’s Schleimann know about you? What has he seen you do? When have you failed him?
    Makoto: “(What…What do you think?)”
    Schleimann: “(He…he what? Why? What’s wrong?)”
    Molly: “(He’s not confident.)”
    Schleimann: “(I see him…as a great and shining light. A light that I only wish I could be.)”
    Molly: “(Not confident in himself to live up to your dreams.)”
    Molly: “(Then you should stay with him, and let him know that’s what he means.)”
  • Schleimann skittered over to Altair, and stayed put.
    Zojiik: “(Not confident, huh? I wonder how will a kiss from a fair maiden would work as a confidence booster…)” Zojiik twirls the spring of mistletoe thoughtfully.
    Zojiik: (( *well ))
    Schleimann: “(He might be better than you, but I haven’t seen him in action yet. You, Altair, are another story. So let’s take the world by storm together, and show the world our light.)”
  • Mr. Hotei crosses his arms, raises an eyebrow, and looks at Altair.
    Altair Azure: “……It seems that the decision’s been made for me. That I don’t give myself nearly enough credit, and that he sees things in me I don’t even see in myself.”
    Molly: “He doesn’t care which of you is better. He’s loyal to you. He believes in the journey you two will share.” Molly took liberties with the translation.
    Altair Azure: “…Sorry to have bothered you, sir.”
    Avara: merry christmas, melon farmer
    Avara: =3
    Mr. Hotei: “Quite all right. Now then.” He bends down – slowly, the old bones creaking – and picks the Dwebble up. And places him in Altair’s hands. “I believe you two have a gift to open up.”
    Mr. Hotei: “Together.”
    Altair Azure: “…So we do.”
  • Altair Azure and Schleimann then got to carefully cutting open their final box, Box #2.
    Zojiik: (( Crab claw scissors! ))
    To: Altair 2: A rock-engraving kit, intended for very fine work. Chisels, sanders, and lacquer included.
    Avara: ha!
    Minerva: “…Good timing.”
    Mr. Hotei: “Yes. Quite lucky, wasn’t it?”
  • Altair Azure started laughing. He couldn’t help himself.
    Altair Azure: “…This…this had to have been planned. Somehow.”
    Surolam has received initiative.
  • Mr. Hotei just smiles, and feels warm.
  • Surolam goes to get one of the last boxes-Everyone #2.
    Surolam: “So, shall we all open this one together?”
    Schleimann: “(Whoo! Polishing kits! C’mon, shine this puppy up a bit more. I have faces to dazzle!)”
  • Jil Joti goes with Surolam. “That seems… appropriate.”
    Molly: Molly leaves her box and walks over.
    Altair Azure: “I’ll try my best not to make any tears or rips.”
  • Zojiik beckons Jericho.
  • Jericho manages to gather the courage to join the others.
    To: Everyone 2: A suit of padded clothes, designed to absorb some force from physical blows.

Light Armor (Physical)
Jil Joti: “We should open the final one together as well.”
Altair Azure: “…Why not open it all up on the count of 3?”

  • Jil Joti nods.
  • Altair Azure put one hand on the ribbon, and another near the box’s side.
    Surolam: “Definitely.” Surolam goes to grab it.
  • Jil Joti matches these actions.
    Altair Azure: “Cap’n! Here, you can pull this part of the ribbon.”
  • Surolam places a hand near the spot where the ribbon is tied.
  • Jericho reluctantly puts a hand on the box, ready to tear paper away.
    Surolam: “One…”
    Jil Joti: “Two…”
    Jericho: “Three!”
  • Altair Azure sets right to it, pulling the ribbon and cutting the wrapping both at once!
    To: Everyone 3: A suit of studded leather plates, designed to absorb physical force.

Medium Armor (Phys)

  • Surolam cuts at the wrapping with a clawed finger.
  • Jil Joti manifests claws as well, helping cut open the paper while leaving the ribbon intact.
    Avara: … going with this being the only one that quick-loads since GM said EXP can go to the chip this session.
    Avara: sorry, only time it quick-loads.
  • Minerva ’s programming is just that hot and piping-fresh.
    Mike: So yes, you can has.
    DNA: Much like the hot chocolate.
  • Surolam starts, then smiles, at the feeling of the claws manifested by Jil.
    Mike: Oh, speaking of the EXP, lemme hit that now before i forget: 40 PKMN EXP for each Trainer to distribute, and 4 TXP for each Trainer, because I enjoyed the RP and also because It’s Christmas Dammit.
  • Zojiik slowly moves to hover above the party gathered around the box, before casually holding out the mistletoe.
    DNA: Aw hell yeah TL 7.0
    Mike: Oh my goodness it’s almost like I planned it.
    Minerva: >:D "Hehe. I think they’re in the spirit of things.
    Avara: pets mike
    Molly: Molly walked to Altair and held up the Ocarina. “…here. I think you should have this. It might help your team more than it helps mine.”
    DNA: wolololo
    Surolam: “Hm? What is it?”
    Altair Azure: “You…You sure?”
    Molly: Molly nodded.
  • Zojiik and the mistletoe clear their throats simultaneously.
    Altair Azure: “I…I’m not sure how to feel about this. I feel I should be trading you something in response.”
    Altair Azure: “Then again, that’s exactly how you felt not too long ago.”
  • Jil Joti experiments with her shapeshifting Draconic Aspect, alternately manifesting and banishing claws, scales, fangs and reptilian pupil-shaping.
    Stin: “How about some of your ribbons?” speaks up Stin from where she’s still going over the book with Vii.
    Molly: “It’s time to give gifts, isn’t it?” Molly turned her head, frustrated that she was being called out. “J-just take it, stupid!”
    Jericho: “… Jil, you got a moment?”
    DNA: tsundere as fuck
    DNA: as fuck
  • Jil Joti looks to Jericho.
    Altair Azure: “It’s…it’s okay, really. I…didn’t mean to frustrate you. I’m sorry.” Altair will graciously take it from Molly.
    Surolam: “Before everything else, there’s that,” says Surolam, pointing in an upwards direction so that everyone else can notice the mistletoe. She’s already taken a deep breath, not wanting to lose her nerve.
    Surolam whispers: The mistletoe is humming “Kiss the Girl.”
  • Jil Joti looks up at the mistletoe, then down to Surolam. She has to do another thorough database check… and then she moves in slowly, giving Surolam a kiss on her lips.
    Mr. Hotei: . o O (…I now have that song stuck in my head. Hm.)
    Molly: Molly nodded again, before going back to her group
  • Surolam accepts, kissing Jil back while taking her hand, claws partially entertwining.
    Altair Azure: Altair was examining the ocarina thoroughly. He didn’t see Jil kissing Surolam, but he heard it. He smiled his usual smile.
  • Blue-Blaze whistles.
    Minerva: . o O (…Reminded of my aunts. They’re really cute when they wanna be. …I haven’t called them in ages, I wonder how they are…)
    Surolam whispers: “Hey! This is an important event! Keep it down!” snaps Little Pummerin.
  • Surolam shakes the bell a bit.
  • Blue-Blaze is reprimanded.
    Surolam whispers: “You’re the one being loud here…” mutters Donphan-tooth.
  • Surolam slowly breaks the kiss, before turning around towards Altair and Jericho, a draconic smile still on her face.
  • Jil Joti enjoys the moment for a while. Once it’s done, she’ll look to Jericho again. “Did you require something?”
    Surolam: “I hope you won’t be too surprised to hear that…my affections…my romantic affections…do not just lie with one member of our party.”
  • Jericho blinks. “I’m not sure if I should be turned on or terrified.”
    Surolam: “The cherry blossoms were for all of you, after all.”
    Altair Azure: “…I wasn’t even aware you had romantic affections for anyone else besides Jil, actually.”
    Jericho: “You’re in love with Molly?”
  • Stin watches this, then facepalms at Altair’s words.
    Molly: blink
    Altair Azure: “You too are nice together.”
    Altair Azure: *two, not too
    Surolam: “…I suppose I should have been more obvious.”
  • Surolam goes for a kiss on Altair too. Perhaps on the cheek at first.
    Altair Azure: “You were,” Altair responded, surprisingly direct.
    Altair Azure: Roll for Evasion, Surolam.
    Jil Joti: “As I recall, Surolam asked me previously how I would respond to a partner wishing to pursue multiple potential significant others. It will take some balance and work, but I believe Surolam can manage it.”
  • GrayGriffin rolls: 1d20-4-2+2 => 18 – 4 – 2 + 2 = 14
    Surolam: Surolam loses 1 ability points. Current Ability Points: 5, Maximum Ability Points: 6
    Altair Azure: That was remarkably accurate. It nails Altair dead center on his cheek.
    Mike: (( I was hoping for a critical, myself. ))
  • Avara nudges the d20.
    DNA: I was hoping for a miss, myself.
    Surolam: (( Close enough ))
    Mike: (( “Critical fumble, you lose an eye.” ))
    Surolam: (( What, would a miss have been the lips? Or the ear again? ))
    Altair Azure: “…Please excuse me,” Altair responds, and steps away.
    Surolam: “…” Surolam steps back, unsure.
    DNA: No, he would have stopped her before she could get close enough.
    Makoto: “(That…wasn’t what I was expecting.)”
  • Jil Joti looks to Jericho to prompt him to finish what he was going to say earlier. A change of subject to avoid Surolam falling into premature despair please.
    Jericho: “I… uh… it can wait.”
  • Jil Joti looks disapprovingly.
  • Jil Joti stands up and hugs Surolam.
    Jericho: “What?”
    Minerva: “…So, old man. We should… Probably clean up the paper. Least we can do, right?”
    Altair Azure: Altair decides to change the pace himself, since he started it. “Those presents in those boxes, though, they were labeled ‘Everyone’, but we can’t all wear the armor at once. You think it might be a good idea to decide who gets what, for now?”
  • Surolam lets herself be hugged.
    Jericho: “You should wear the heaviest stuff. We can’t have our only healer dying on us.”
    Mr. Hotei: to Minerva “Yes, I suppose so. Oh, and do get the camera; no need for us to drain the battery too much, hm?”
    Molly: “The medium armor should go to Jil. She’s blocking the hits for us. The lighter armor should go to someone who is at risk of being hit at a range. And… Jericho has a point. I think the light one should go to Altair.”
    Surolam: “Well, you and Jericho are our two ranged fighters currently…”
    Jil Joti: “I utilize clothing to enhance my prowess; armor would render that a moot point.”
  • Jil Joti is still hugging Surolam.
    Altair Azure: “I agree that Jericho and I should be among the candidates to get the physical armor. …Without puffing myself up, I’d like to have one of them. I don’t want a repeat of yesterday.”
  • Surolam nods.
    Surolam: “I find those outfits useful as well, for now.”
  • Minerva turns the camera off on the phone, and then sets about picking up paper, boxes, ribbons… Any detritus that isn’t being kept (which you can define, of course).
    Molly: “I keep my distance. I would rather not be a target at all. I don’t need armor, not more than the rest of you.”
    Avara: jil is keeping all the ribbons she can.
    Avara: and molly gets at least one box i imagine
    Jericho: “Same here, but I’m all for not dying, and anything that keeps me alive longer is always good.”
    Surolam whispers: Also, Surolam asked if any of her heirloom items were interested with traveling with Hotei/Minerva.
    Minerva: * Minerva is smart enough to leave the box she’d previously inhabited, if nothing else. She likes her fingers right where they are, and most of her cousins are cats (Shinx).
    Molly: Molly has one ribbon and a box.
    Altair Azure: “And that’s my point, Jericho. Of the five of us, we’re the most likely to suffer when we get hit.”
    Jil Joti: “Molly, please accept one of the armors. Special would be best suited to you, for when a ranged striker opts to return fire.”
    Altair Azure: “I’d argue that you should get the heavier stuff since you probably need it more, but…you don’t like carrying excess weight around so…”
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: …Yes. There’s a very old, battered sleigh bell in there. When you shake it, you heard nothing. But if you shake it today… Perhaps a faint ringing. But it seems familiar with Mr. Hotei.
  • Surolam is going to keep a ribbon and a bit of paper, more as a personal memento than anything.
    Jericho: “Yeah, I’d rather keep myself light.”
  • Surolam takes an old, somewhat battered sleigh bell out of her wooden box.
    Surolam: “…is this yours?” she asks, holding it out towards Mr. Hotei.
    Altair Azure: “Fine. Then…wait.”
    Altair Azure: “Surolam, I realize we didn’t take your input. Did you want any of the armors, or do you think you’ll be okay for now?”
    Mr. Hotei: O.O “Oh my.”
    Mr. Hotei: “I thought you lost forever, little bell…”
  • Mr. Hotei gingerly accepts it.
    Surolam: “I’ll be fine. I have this right now.” She indicates the draconic kimono she’s currently wearing.
    Jil Joti: “Surolam stated that she enjoys the use of capability-enhancing clothes, of the same brand I utilize.”
    Surolam: “I’m glad I could return it to you.”
    Altair Azure: “All right. Just wanted to make sure. I wasn’t sure how similar her clothing choices were to yours, Jil, so that’s why I asked.”
    Mr. Hotei: “…Thank you, miss. This is very kind of you.” He holds the bell up to his ear, and rings it… and smiles. “Ah, still works, too.”
    Altair Azure: “So…the light special for Molly, the light physical for Jericho, and the medium physical for me? Is that what we agreed to?”
    Molly: “There were three…?”
    Altair Azure: “Yes, there were 3.”
    Jil Joti: “Yes. I opened the special set before we agreed to open together.”
    Molly: “Then I will take the light special.”
  • Zojiik returns the mistletoe to Surolam, looking a little dejected that her plans backfired.
    Mike: So, it’s half after midnight, and I think there’s plenty of fodder for discussion later this week. Shall we call it here?
    Mike: Next week, hopefully, we will have game – but I’ll let the chat know if something comes up in my schedule that prevents it.
    Jericho: Indeed. Jericho has some things to speak with people about
    GrayGriffin: I’m cool with that.
    Avara: on the plus side, surolam totally got a jil kiss?
    GrayGriffin: Yup
    GrayGriffin: First kiss goes to JIL!
    Molly: I’m good.
    Mike: And as for the time of day… Somehow, despite all that time spent cleaning, it’s only noon or thereabouts. Hunh. I guess time flies…
    Avara: Jil is going to claim all the firsts at this rate.
    Molly: Though Molly is still in a weird spot.
    Eclipse: I have no objections to halting here for now. Altair and his small army will be open to talking about whatever.
    Eclipse: And with whomever.
    Avara: sounds like a plan
    Avara: jil is good for side-seshes as well.
    GrayGriffin: Same here
    Avara: hopefully jericho can get whatever it is off his chest between the games?
    TBG: I’m sure he can easily
    Mike: Savin’!


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