Merchant on the High Seas


Connie is a humanoid-shaped Cacturne, who travels the seas of Shikoku. She buys and sells from lots of adventurers, as well as the various people, Pokemon, and other outcasts who hang around the islands off of Shikoku’s coasts.

Connie loves haggling, exchanging money for goods or services, and conversing with interesting people, particularly travelling Trainers and adventurers. Given the chance, she can spend a whole day just shooting the breeze with people – and then, of course, offering them up something for sale, or hiring them to do something that will make her more money in the long run.

Though she primarily sells weapons and armor – often obtained from those who explore the long-lost places of Shikoku, bringing back rare and valuable items – she also traffics in more mundane goods, like supplies for the people who live on small islands. Typically, one can find almost any mundane adventuring gear on her boat, and a smattering of highly powerful items as well.

Connie sails in a Boatwagon of her own, having caught the idea from the bar in Cianwood where the party’s boatwagon was originally constructed. She sees herself as a trendsetter in this regard, and will happily point it out to anyone who asks. She rarely puts into port at a major human hub, finding human society off-putting and exclusionary to her. However, she’s always happy to give individual humans she meets on the road a chance to prove themselves her friends – or better yet, her customers.



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