Name: Molly
Gender: Female
Species: Meowstic
Age: 9
Height 2’1"
Wight: 19 lbs.
Date of Birth: August 1st
Place of Birth: Hoenn, Route 120


Molly grew up in Hoenn, in the lakeside forests of Route 120. She had always been a child of wanderlust, taking after her Absol father who would spend much of his day roaming across the Hoenn grasslands. She was a daddy’s girl but inherited her mother’s strong personality, whereas her father was a quiet, observant sort.

She spent two years growing up before she was captured. She was still an espurr at the time, wandering on her own when a local pokemon trader caught her in the tall grass outside of her home. She was given a proper, vitamin rich diet and was pampered until evolution. There the trader attempted to pass off Molly as a pure-bred, perfect natured pokemon to the local coordinators. Anyone with a career could tell she was a captured wild and took no interest, but a visiting man of wealth was smitten with the adorable Meowstic and bought her as a pet.

Walter was the man’s name, a doting, excitable bookworm of a man who had no interest in any pokemon competition. Walter may have been scammed but even if he knew he had no regrets. He adored his new pokemon, naming her Molly. Molly had few complaints herself, Walter was very kind to her and she had all her essential needs met. But Molly still felt the need to travel and explore, and regardless of the size of Walter’s home it wasn’t nearly enough for her. She spent two years living this life until another event would turn her world upside down yet again.

Walter and Molly were on a boat heading for Shikoku. It was a small private yacht but carrying expensive cargo under the eyes of local authorities. Walter may not have known this was going on, but some seafaring scallawags certainly did. The yacht was overtaken by pirates, Walter and the crew weren’t armed enough to put up a resistance and the cargo was taken. The pirates were a crew known as the Green Rain Pirates, a mostly pokemon group that had a reputation for attacking human ships displaying an excess of wealth and pokemon liberation activism. Molly was taken along with them and away from Walter, the Green Rain Pirates attempting to free her from her pethood despite her protests.

Molly did not take to the sea life well at first. She was bitter toward the Green Rain Pirates, whose abduction of her she saw as no different from her original capture by human hands. Only now she was forced to work on a smaller, dirtier ship. In the time of turbulence Molly found herself looking back to her childhood and her parents. She began to show her mother’s strong-willed personality and her father’s observation and practical nature. Combined with the pampered lifestyle she had just come from, Molly gained a reputation as a tomboy princess.

Molly did not stay with the Green Rain Pirates long, though her stay with them had a large impact on her life. She began to learn human speech from the pokemon that had picked it up dealing with human dockworkers. Molly’s perception of what a pokemon was and what a human was began to shift, watching pokemon and humans work together side by side. And as her tomboy princess personality developed Molly grew confident in making her own decisions and not following the prompts of others. And with her new-found strong-willed nature Molly left the crew while the ship was docked for repairs to seek her own fortune without the help of the Green Rain pirates.

After few months wandering the cities and countryside of Shikoku Molly realized just how much the days on the sea changed her. She missed the smell of salt and the sound of waves. The ground felt stiff and uncomfortable compared to the give of water. The meowstic found her wanderlust leading her to the shores of the island time and time again. Eventually she gave in and looked for a new ship to serve on.

Not all pirates are equal. The Green Rain loved the humiliation of haughty humans and the liberation of pokemon. Others are pirates for the loot and slaughter. Molly cared little for activism through piracy, as well as needless killing of others. She craved adventure, discovery and treasure over all else, and that desire eventually landed her on the Cloudcutter.


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