Surolam Arcel

Envoy of Ordinary Things


Name: Surolam Arcel
Gender: Female
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 127 lb
Hair color: Dark purple
Eye color: Cloudy blue
Age: 18
DOB: November 30
Hometown: Garden City


Surolam is a sweet, if somewhat strange girl. She has a lot of empathy for inanimate objects, as they have been her main companions for most of her life. Although she does know vaguely that it looks strange when she talks to them too much, she does try to sneak in conversations with them whenever she can. She usually shows strong support towards anyone or anything that desires freedom as well, since that is something she has also desired for a while.

She is also rather curious about some parts of the world that she has never seen before, especially the idea of romance, or “casual courting,” as she calls it. She is still feeling things out most of the time, and most of the time she takes Little Pummerin’s advice. However, she is also starting to learn when and when not to do so, especially since her other inanimate object companions are much less stuffy than the old bell.

With some combination of her curiosity and advice from an old man who owns a flower shop, she has started courting several of her other teammates, and has shown that she can be quite flirtatious when she wants to be. After Zojiik held some mistletoe above them during a Christmas in July, she and Jil have had their first kiss. While she also reached out to Altair during that time, his reaction was much less receptive, and she’s a bit unsure of how to proceed.

While she has left her wealthy life behind and tries not to reveal too much of it, she still slips into that persona sometimes. Her speech is often a bit formalized, and she sometimes has trouble understanding about being able or not able to afford things. She can also get a little standoffish when confronting foes, and has a tendency to smile when making calm, quiet threats. When those she cares about are harmed, those threats have a tendency to get much more intense. This is also when her draconic side is most likely to emerge. While initially it merely manifested in sharper teeth and nails, it has slowly started to become more obvious, with signs such as scales appearing over her body, or a golden glow that appears around her when she is actively using her draconic abilities.

Surolam was born into a fairly wealthy and noble family. When her parents realized that she was almost completely blind, they immediately swore to give her the best they could buy. They bought her an extremely beautiful ivory cane, although it would be a while before she could use it, as well as several tutors who tried to teach her the musical arts, and many, many Braille books.

Surolam first discovered her unusual object-speaker powers upon opening a book and hearing it speak to her, describing its contents to her. She soon started hearing many other objects, including her cane, start speaking to her as well. Through this, she started learning to navigate around by listening to those voices, as well as read, or perhaps hear, many more books than the Braille.ones her parents had provided. While her parents were too busy to pay attention to her and her tutors left her behind as soon as they were done teaching her, she had the many inanimate objects around her to keep her company.

However, the ability to hear the voices of objects also came with the knowledge of her family’s dark secrets. Many of their precious collectors’ items had been stolen or “found” long ago, and several wanted to leave their display cases and be of better use. While she sympathized with them, she wasn’t sure what she could do to help. After all, she didn’t know how to survive in the outside world…

Near her 18th birthday, she discovered Little Pummerin, the bell. It had been shut up in a secret room for a long time, and was very excited to be discovered by her. It told her that it remembered the dragon her family line had apparently descended from, but added that said draconic blood was now very faint and diluted. However, it could see that the blood had manifested much more strongly in her, and asked to become her guide and companion. It promised to help her awaken her dormant abilities, as well as provide her with its own supernatural abilities. She accepted, and with the bell’s encouragement and guidance, began planning to flee from her home.

She found an old oak box that was overjoyed to be being used again, and gathered up all the items in her home that were crying out to be useful once more. Setting out at night, she traveled down to the docks to question the ships about which one of their crews she would be safest with, and finally secured passage on a craft called the Early Delibird

Surolam’s Teammates

Most Recent Relationship Chart
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Altair Azure: Surolam is quite fond of Altair, due to the fact that they have the shared ability to communicate with inanimate objects, and bonded over this when they first met. While this fondness has grown into a crush, which is blossoming into love, his apparent rejection when she (semi) confessed to him means that she’s now much less comfortable around him, although she still feels a little comfortable thanks to the fact that they have shared quite a bit. However, she still trusts him due to their shared semi-secret, and she does feel strongly protective over him due to his close call while climbing down a cliff, supposedly getting knocked out by a trap when they were separated for a moment, and then actually getting knocked out in battle. She also respects his attempts to hold the team together, which thankfully seem somewhat less necessary now. She also feels a mixture of confusion and hurt over his reaction to her attempting to court him, as well as being curious as to why he’s acting this way.

Jericho Swift: Jericho’s constant vague statements have made Surolam curious about what’s going on with him, although this curiosity is no longer as intense as it originally was due to her starting to recognize his boundaries and not wanting to push at them too hard. However, the few one-on-one interactions they have had allowed her to feel a bit more comfortable around him, as well as trust him enough to act properly around her. (Little Pummerin does not quite agree with this assessment.) His actions when they first met mean that part of her still distrusts him, though. She’s also developed a physical attraction to him after getting a chance to grope his bare chest, and seeing his flustered reaction to that has made her somewhat protective of him, as shown by her later presenting him with a flower indicating that she’d like to take things slow, if they do develop at all. (Donphan-tooth is mostly amused by this, while Little Pummerin is still somewhat distrustful of Jericho.) This protectiveness and attraction has only been increased by the fact that a Bansheek tried to “steal” him. Although his reaction to the boat issue made her a little frustrated with him, his handling of the crossbow trap has made her both trust and respect him a bit more. Her frustration with him is fading now that he has agreed to assist in helping out Jil, and now is slowly developing into a mixture of fondness and a crush. She is currently trying to subtly court him.

ARN-00 / Jil Joti: Jil’s displays of vicious strength appeal to Surolam’s draconic side, leading to feelings of both lust and respect. Furthermore, her demonstrated strength, and the fact that she was able to carry Surolam down a cliff safely and then catch Altair almost immediately afterwards, also means that Surolam feels especially safe around her. (Little Pummerin is actually also quite impressed by her. Donphan-tooth likes her because she complimented it directly.) Due to the fact that Jil has shown respect for inanimate objects after learning of her abilities, and asked her to get their opinions, Surolam trusts the android quite a bit. After the two of them shared a lot more detail about their pasts during a more private time together, Surolam now feels quite comfortable around her, and no longer as curious. There is also a romantic crush that developed after Jil’s frank question about courtship after being presented with a bouquet, and her reaction to learning about Surolam’s old suitors. This crush was only strengthened by Jil’s further compliments towards Surolam when they were building the boat, and the closeness they shared during their time together. However, after she took somewhat of a beating in the fight with Tarik, and the Bull threatened her further, Surolam has now developed a protective streak over her as well, openly threatening Tarik and the Dustouch for hurting her. This protective streak has increased after seeing Aditya insulting Jil, although Surolam’s reaction to this also made her realize that this crush was deepening into love. This feeling of love has now become much stronger now that she and Jil have finally shared their first kiss.

Molly: The impressive stories Surolam heard about life on the sea on her way to Cianwood mean that she respects Molly’s “captain” attitude quite a bit. She also has respect for Molly’s shooting skills, which probably prevented their fight with Tarik and the Dustouch from being even more painful. While Molly has shared a bit more of her background, Surolam is still a bit curious about exactly what kind of adventures the Meowstic has had. However, Molly’s choked-up reaction to being given a bouquet of flowers also led to a bit of a protective feeling towards the Meowstic. Despite this, her overly-quick reaction to Jericho’s “it’s got my arm” joke caused a mixture of distrust and frustration towards her, and a bit of fear deep down inside, although all that is now subsiding. Molly has acted more level-headed after that, though, serving as a translator between the group and wild Pokemon, so Surolam is starting to think she can trust her. Surolam is now beginning to feel fond of Molly as a person after the Meowstic captain declared her support of Jil.

Other Characters

Surolam’s Parents: Surolam still isn’t sure how to feel about them. They did take care of her and do their best to accomodate for her disability, and never referred to her as an unsuitable heir because of it. However, from what she’s learned about them, they’ve done plenty of bad things to other people. Also, the fact that they never picked up on her growing wanderlust makes her wonder just how much attention they really paid to her.

Captain of the Early Delibird: Surolam’s first introduction to life aboard a ship. She appreciates his taking care of her while she was still new to this adventuring business. (Little Pummerin maintains that he would have helped her beat down any unsavory characters.) She gave him an old but well-cared sextant from her box.

Tenyir Caudill: While Surolam doesn’t know the man very well yet, she appreciates the trust and encouragement he has given her. She was also willing to return the favor by sharing her own secret about being able to communicate with inanimate objects. She’s sure the spool she’s returned to him will be much happier now.

Reginald Leander Vane: Surolam’s not sure how to feel about him, since he’s the first person to hit on her with a terrible pick-up line. While she feels a bit embarrassed about not getting it, she also doesn’t feel attracted to him anyways. Still, when he’s not being a flirt, she does find his stories, such as the ones he shared about alternate Kirlia evolutions, interesting. She’s also glad that Kiir and his Sertep get along.

Jeya Jenny & Perun Joy: Surolam mostly knows about these two through their connection to Jil, although they did work together on building the boatwagon. She’s quite interested in Perun’s sword, who seems to have quite a few stories to share. She also has a quiet appreciation for Jeya’s sewing skills, and has given her a needle from her box. She also has a draconic kimono made by Jeya, which has become her default outfit.

Lunar Hope: Thanks to never having read any comics, Surolam has no idea that Altair and Lunar Hope might be the same person. This is helped by the fact that their voices and speech mannerisms are different and Lunar Hope’s body is completely concealed, thus hiding any resemblance that Little Pummerin and Donphan-tooth can pick up on. While Lunar Hope’s more obvious fairy-based abilities make Little Pummerin nervous, Surolam is more unnerved by his supposedly random appearance. Still, his formal speech patterns remind her somewhat of her old life, and not in a totally bad way. She is intrigued by and maybe a little attracted to him, and wouldn’t mind seeing him again.

ARN-08 / Aditya: Surolam isn’t sure how to feel about this other robot, since the two of them didn’t really interact. She really dislikes how Aditya was insulting Jil, but at the same time can see that she feels vulnerable in some ways, and acknowledges that Aditya might not have the support that Jil has. She hopes that Jil’s plan to show Aditya her inherent worth will work, and they can perhaps have a more civil discussion. (Especially since she plans on courting Aditya’s “sister.”)

Mr. Hotei & Minerva: Despite having just recently met, Surolam already feels pretty comfortable around these two. The gifts they presented to everyone reminded her a lot of her Christmases at home, and she was glad that they gave her a chance to introduce Jil to Christmas. She’s given a bell that originally belonged to Mr. Hotei back to him as well. She also wants to get a chance to properly talk to the dragons that accompany them some time.

Surolam’s Pokemon

Pokemon Character Surveys

Zojiik the Yamask was encountered by Surolam and Altair in the Safari Zone. Surolam offered the ghost an opportunity to travel with her and find happiness, which the girl is also curious about. She is mostly quiet and thoughtful about things, usually speaking up only to ask questions about the world she finds herself in. She does have a sense of humor, though, and finds Jericho’s antics somewhat amusing. After traveling with the group for a while, she has started joking around more. She has taken on a protective role over Vii, due to seeing a bit of herself in the Weedle when they first met and she saw Vii’s rejected expression. Also, she totally ships Surolam with Jericho, Jil, and Altair, now, and will often refer to them as “my trainer’s future lovers.” Her name means “joyous” in the ancient tongue of the dragons.

Kiir the Dratini was turned down by Molly due to not showing sufficient ferocity. Surolam tried to cheer him up, and ended up bringing him along with her. He is quite fascinated by her apparent draconic heritage, and is eager to meet more dragons on this journey. He is very energetic and cheerful, and although he mostly doesn’t like to fight, once the gloves come off, he can be a very determined combatant. Although he’s happy to be traveling with Surolam now, he also still kind of wants to impress Molly, and refers to her as “Miss Captain.” He has a bit of a friendship/rivalry with Reginald’s Sertep Nikare. His name means “young.”

Ninviidost the Weedle, or Vii for short, was encountered in Route 2 as part of a larger group of Weedles who immediately glomped onto Surolam and Jericho. When Zojiik plucked her off, she seemed so distraught that the Yamask offered to let her come along for a while. She enjoyed riding along with Surolam’s other two Pokemon, and watching Kiir battle Nikare. However, soon after that, she ended up getting dragged along when the group found the Red Rooks’ rowboats and escaped in them. Despite the harrowing experience, she agreed to join Surolam’s adventures further. She is mostly a cuddler, not a fighter at all, although her sneaky hugs can occasionally be surprising and persistent enough to slow people down. She’s also quite new to the outside world, or at least the civilized part of it, and it can be a bit overwhelming for her, but always appreciates a chance to cuddle people or taste delicious new food. While she doesn’t really have a favorite, she currently enjoys cuddling with Stin most because she feels the Bansheek needs to be cheered up. Her name means “stinger.”

Stin the Bansheek was part of a cursed pirate crew encountered in a cave off Route 3, who can speak human. She stopped fighting against the group once Molly shot her tankard out of her hand, and collapsed for a while. Vii immediately jumped in to hug her, and stayed with her along with Pearl, Molly’s Syroe, while the rest of the team hunted down the source of the curse to end it. Once it was ended, she chose to stay with Surolam, due to her enjoyment of Vii’s company. She has a great enjoyment of many mundane things, finding them luxuries after her long imprisonment. She loves seeing the sunrise most, since she never had a chance to see it in her may long years of imprisonment. She has recently been inducted into Zojiik’s plans to get Surolam and all her love interests together. Her name means “freedom.”

Surolam Arcel

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