Tenyir Caudill

Patron, Patriot, and President


President of the Cianwood Dyes company.

Prefers to do positive social and community-building work with his free time, using his significant wealth as a tool. Uses his “professional liar”, Vona Mayte, as his go-between and field agent.

Believes very strongly in Shikoku independence, and further believes that a strong League is key to that goal.


His father was a Pokemon Trainer – one of the best in the Pashmiri period of Shikoku’s history. It was his dream that the region gain its own Pokemon League, though he didn’t dream of it for the sake of Shikoku independence, just for the sake of the region offering so much to adventurers like himself.

Tenyir never had his father’s thirst for adventure, but shared his passion and love for Shikoku. He grew into his family’s business, Cianwood Dyes, when his uncle brought him in – assuming said uncle’s position as President of the company upon his death. Tenyir was thus one of the youngest leaders of the company in its storied multi-century history.

Despite his youth, he managed to pivot the company expertly through rough times, including the discord of the Pasmiri exit. With Shikoku’s latest oppressors gone and a real shot at lasting independence on the horizon, he sought to use his personal fortune to better his beloved homeland.

Tenyir Caudill

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