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This post contains links to all of the sessions and adventures, be they main or side, that we’ve done so far and been uploaded to this Portal. This is done largely for ease of browsing, so we don’t have to scroll all the way back in the adventure log just to find 1 particular log.

Logs will be listed in chronological order, and they will be shown by number (in the order which they happened) and name (as given to it on the portal). The Log Index will be in the wiki section, rather than the adventure log section, so it won’t get lost or buried with future updates.

If the log in question is a side session, it will be given a number and a letter (number being after which main session it occurs chronologically, letter going from A to Z). After the name, it will denote which PCs were present in that side session. If any event (main or side) spans more than 1 part (rare, but it can happen), there will be a dash and a number after it, indicating which part it is.

Episode 0A – Perun and Jeya, After a Fashion (Jil)
Episode 0B – Molly Mulls a Lead (Molly)
Episode 0C – Vona and the Bandit (Jericho)
Episode 0D – The New Kid in Town, Altair (Altair)
Episode 0E-1 – Surolam and the Boxes on the Waves (Surolam)
Episode 0E-2 – Surolam and the Romance of the Sea (Surolam)
Episode 1 – Seventh Group, First Time Meeting
Episode 2 – Safari Stroll
Episode 3 – Second Safari Stroll
Episode 4 – Blazing the First Trail
Episode 4A – Molly v. Timothy – The First Fight (Molly)
Episode 4B – Surolam v. Reginald – Snake Scrum (Surolam)
Episode 4C – Altair v. Tabitha – Wit Sharper than Claw (Altair)
Episode 4D – Jericho v. Zelly – Learning Jericho (Jericho)
Episode 4E – Jill v. Reginald – Punches and Tales (Jil)
Episode 5 – Red Rooks in Check
Episode 5A – Surolam Makes the Rounds (Surolam)
Episode 6 – Breaking New Ground in Cianwood
Episode 7 – Charging Chuck and Checking Cianwood
Episode 8 – Bartenders, Boats, and Buizel
Episode 9 – Building the Boatwagon
Episode 10 – Bedeviled by Pirate Ghosts
Episode 11 – Dusting Dustouch
Episode 11A – Mechanical Aftercare (Jil & Surolam)
Episode 11B – Jericho and Molly Swap Backstories (Jericho & Molly)
Episode 12 – Shrine, Sister, Sass
Episode 12A – A Song and Dance (Jil & Surolam)
Episode 13 – Blades, Bearing Babies, and Butting In
Episode 14 – Leave Luck to Lifting
Episode 14A – Spelunking with Pearl: Finding a Fairy (Molly’s team)
Episode 15 – Wild-Hearted Statue, Thick-Headed Bandits
Episode 16 – Parting Shots with Bandits
Episode 16A – Exeunt, Pursued by Personal Failings (Altair)
Episode 17 – Cleaning Up Christmas (Special Christmas Session with Mr. Hotei)
Episode 17A – Ghosts of Past, Present, and Future (Altair & Surolam’s team)
Episode 17B – The Tales of Cat and Dragon (Molly & Surolam)
Episode 17C – Person-able (Jericho & Jil)
Episode 17D – Three Dragons in a Wood (Surolam)
Episode 18 – Farewells and Conflagrations
Episode 19 – Parleying in the Sisters’ Parlor
Episode 19A – Snug as Two Bugs (Altair’s team)
Episode 19B – Jericho Shields the Party (Jericho)
Episode 20 – Uprooting Wisteria
Episode 21 – Exit Vii, Enter Playhouse
Episode 22 – Man and Mon, Apart Together
Episode 23 – Antagonizing Aditya
Episode 23A-1 – Act(ress)ing Sneaky (Jericho)
Episode 23A-2 – One Loud Concert, Two Quiet Voices (Jericho)
Episode 23B – Aditya, Agonized (Altair)
Episode 24 – Reunion with Rivals, Meeting Maurier
Episode 25 – Destined for Dramance
Episode 26-1 – The Greatest Show in Shikoku, Part 1
Episode 26-2 – The Greatest Show in Shikoku, Part 2
Episode 26-3 – Show-Stopping the Shadow-Play
Episode 26A – Altair: A Link in the Light (Altair)
Episode 26B – Jericho: A Date in the Dark (Jericho)
Episode 26C – Flute Stories (Altair & Jericho)
Episode 27 – Moving on to Marmallow
Episode 28 – On the Sea, Trouble Comes from Below – and Above
Episode 29 – Mellow Marmallow
Episode 30 – Pub Crawl to Dungeon Crawl
Episode 31 – Traipsing through Traps
Episode 32 – Sundering Skeletons
Episode 33 – Finishing Fighting Fallen Foes
Episode 34 – Meeting Ianthe and the Armory
Episode 35 – Freeing Ianthe, Losing Cohesion
Episode 35A – Humans, Pokémon, and Who’s In Between (Molly’s and Surolam’s teams)
Episode 35B – Reconciliation Made Possible (Surolam)
Episode 36 – Wrecking a Wreckoon’s Plan
Episode 37 – Museum of Memories, and a Pirate’s Past
Episode 38 – Two Travelling Turtles & a Host of Harpies
Episode 39 – Haranguing the Harpies
Episode 39A – Molly & Hajime, Not So Different (Molly, and Altair’s team)
Episode 40 – Strolling Around Shell Island
Episode 41 – Proving the P-Blocks’ Purpose
Episode 42 – Do the Mario LUIGI
Episode 43 – The HMS Geno’s Two-World Tour
Episode 44 – Turtle Girls and Dealin’ Cacturn’
Episode 45 – Salvage, Dredge, Restore
Episode 46 – Over the Ocean and Through the Woods…
Episode 46A – Henrietta Hits the Town (Henrietta)
Episode 47 – Stories from Shikoku: A Fireside Chat (Special 1st Anniversary Session)
Episode 47A – Henrietta & Altair – The Story of a Toy Ship (Altair & Henrietta)
Episode 47B – New Faces by Moonlight (Altair)
Episode 48 – Dragons, Honey, Theft, and Wisdom
Episode 49-1 – Stealing a Way to a New Beginning (RP half)
Episode 49-2 – Pokémon Problem Solvers (Combat half)
Episode 50 – Poisonous Souls
Episode 51 – Connecting with Kami
Episode 52 – No One Expects the Surprise Inspection
Episode 53 – Crashing in Crabchitin
Episode 54 – Friends from All Over
Episode 54A – A Pair of Lights (Altair)
Episode 55-1 – Getting Trawled, Part 1
Episode 55-2 – Getting Trawled, Part 2
Episode 56 – Dragging Feet, Dragons Underfoot
Episode 58 – Reeling in Bad Guys
Episode 59 – Pressing the Perimeter
Episode 59A – Aditya and Lunar Hope – Sneaking Mission (Altair)
Episode 60 – Wrecking Rico, Meeting McGrath
Episode 61 – A Brief Debriefing
Episode 61A – Altair & Surolam – Past the Illusion
Episode 62 – Draconic Discourse
Episode 63 – Natures Take Their Course
Episode 64 – Terra-Cotta Tussle
Episode 65 – Zig Zaag
Episode 65A – Lunar Hope – Unforgotten (Altair)
Episode 66 – Cookies, Chores, Claire
Episode 67
Episode 68 – Slay and Sit a Spell
Episode 69 – Ancient Lights Unearthed
Episode 70 – Big Ship Big Spender
Episode 71 – Dry Dry Desert
Episode 72 – Discovering the Dry
Episode 73 – Shiny Happy Necromancers

Shikoku Log Index

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