History of Shikoku

Was a remote province during Ransei’s day. Some castles still remain, but only in remote places. The ones in towns were burned down in an uprising many decades ago.

There may be rumors of Almsbarrow expatriates having migrated to Shikoku’s interior just before its final fall. These rumors may or may not be true, but if they are, those populations have remained largely hidden and silent.

Has been a haven for pirates on-and-off through the centuries. Its naturally protected bay made it an ideal location for those that had the trust of the locals. Even today, Shikoku is more tolerant of “robin hood”-style thievery than other places might be, and any pirates doing their work for a ‘good cause’ (or at least, profiting the residents) will be welcomed – at least in some places.

Now at a new point in its history, the region of Shikoku is about to step into the modern world, as a real region with its own League. But before that happens, much must be done: Gyms must be finalized, the Pokemon of the region must be categorized, any strange phenomena must be discovered, and any remaining disputes must be settled – before they become enshrined by inertia, tradition, and law.

History of Shikoku

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