Ancient Lights Unearthed

Mike Desktop has connected.
Molly has connected.
Molly: Hello!
Mike: heya!
Nathaira: Delivery Fairy at your service!
Mike: Delivery Fairy EX Neo Ultra Climax Super Turbo Championship Edition
Mike: 2
Mike: 8
DNA has connected.
Mike: it’s a DNA!
DNA: Which map are we starting on?
Mike: So, you guys left off in town proper. But I think you were gonna head up to Temple 11 shortly.
Mike: Which reminds me, gotta grab dem orks
GrayGriffin has connected.
Mike: gonan get some h2o!
DNA: Ah, that’s true. I remember now!
TBG has connected.
Mike: DNA, Gray, Molly, TBG. Ava is gonna be a little late, she said.
Jericho: Jericho is healed and gains 2 ability points. Current Ability Points: 8, Maximum Ability Points: 8
Mike: ANy questions or bookkeeping that needed to be done or asked?
TBG: Are you my mummy?

  • TBG blinks behind his gas mask
    Mike: Well. That’s not creepy at all.
    Nathaira: yo
    GrayGriffin: Nope!
    Mike: Groovy. In that case~
    DNA: Don’t think so. I think I already took care of the major things.
    When we last left our heroes, they had finished beating down an undying dragon spirit! And then they relaxed in town for a little bit. But they still have some things to do in the area – a dragon to awaken, and some eggs to hatch.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: Speaking of which, Zojiik can tell that the eggs are ready to hatch at any moment, give or take. So I will leave it to you when you want that to happen – pre-dragon, or post.
    GrayGriffin whispers: Probably post-dragon
    Mike: And one more thing to ask about… whispers
    You whisper to Molly: And when would you like Nathaira to return, pre- or post-dragon? Or just in the background, if you prefer.
    Nathaira whispers: whenever I’m bored. I’ll drop her sprite and have her show up.
    You whisper to Molly: okay!
    Mike: Alright. It sounds like people are more eager to go hit up the dragon than anything else. Would you all like to go there now?
    DNA: I have no objections.
    GrayGriffin: Which map was that again?
    Mike: Temple 11.
    Molly: To speed things along, yes. Molly did her investigating in the town.
    Mike: I took the liberty of moving a bunch of tokens there. Your original tokens from the last time you were there, are still there – keep that in mind, if you need to delete them or just use them!
    The giant stone door is as imposing as ever. Now, however, the two orbs on either side of the door, held by the statues… are glowing, with their own inner light.
    The two halves of Seok-hun Yong, human and dragon, are nearby – each on either side of the door, not quite sure of the other, stuck between moving away, and moving closer.
    Surolam: “Greetings, both of you.”
    Wyvereign (Dragon): …Also, the draconic half is much, much smaller than before. You can see many of the wounds from your battle before upon it, though its claw is still a stump, unbleeding.
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “Hail, m’lady. We awaited your return… some, longer than others.”
    Wyvereign (Dragon): “You were the patient half, even then.”
    Wyvereign (Dragon): "I am ready for what comes next… though I know not what it will be.
    Surolam: “Alright. How shall we do this?”
    Mysterious Voice: “Command the door open. My halves will enter… and I shall emerge, whole and reborn.”
    Mysterious Voice: “If you have need of me in some other capacity, state so now. Focus your mind upon it.”
    Mysterious Voice: “Otherwise… I will be a hatchling once again, a new life born of old.”
    Wyvereign (Dragon): “Hnn. To rain destruction to a better end than my own rage… However we go about it, my rage will be calmed on occasion. And that is an improvement.”
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “However we go about it, we might yet still serve a greater purpose. Our home is gone, perhaps forever. But we can still serve the people, whether as advisor, as weapon, as servant or as ally.”
    Avara has connected.
    Surolam: “If you were to serve as an advisor…it would be better to have a full revival, would it not?”
    Warriork Akash: * The Warriorks are gathered behind you. The one with the smartphone has it out, pointed at the door. You can tell she’s recording everything.
    Mysterious Voice: “It would. Reborn, I would be a fresh mind, and my old life – all of me that you see before you, spirit, human, and dragon – would be a memory, a story told to me by my originators.”
    Mysterious Voice: “Fully revived, I would be as I was, in the fullness of my wisdom and glory… but set in my ways, as all old men are.”
    Stin: “It’s not that bad. You can learn to adapt.”
    Henrietta: “Are you concerned about being ‘set in your ways’ causing issues?”
    Jemyn Temyta: “Yeah! You can make a guest post on my blog sometime!”
    Mysterious Voice: “…I have very strong feelings about my previous life, and the service I rendered towards Raltesia. My sadness towards it would be ever-present, but I would live. I…” A harumph. “We got over it.”
  • Seok-Hun Yong (Human) bows his head.
    Wyvereign (Dragon): “Hnnn. My rage is exhausted.”
    Henrietta: “One aspect of you already recognizes me as, if not proper queen, then Noblesse worthy of following, I think. That might help—educating the Noblesse of heritage and duty, while learning from your student about the new world that was born of Raltesia’s legacy. This is possible both in full resurrection and in the alternative—inhabiting an artifact in fullness of spirit, while laying body to rest. But a reincarnation wouldn’t really be able to do that as such.”
    Henrietta: “In other words… you could use me as an anchor to your behavior, and I can help you adapt.”
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “She is Noblesse, it is true. Perhaps not crowned Empress, but the closest we shall find, these centuries hence.”
    Mysterious Voice: “Then I would have both a child and a noble to watch over.” You can feel the barest chuckle, shuddering the trees. A few leaves fall, their grip already softened by encroaching winter.
    Surolam: “Do you feel better about that prospect now? Henrietta’s presence has been…good, for our group.”
    Mysterious Voice: “Either will suffice. I have been myself before, but never a thing before. I admit… to being intrigued.”
    Mysterious Voice: “And you have, in my daughter, a being of my strength and wisdom – or you shall, in a shorter time than you might expect.”
    Mysterious Voice: “What would you have me become? Who would wield me?” Another gentle shudder… But this one, too, is friendly. Akin to if you were sitting on a bed with a friend, and that friend laid down stomach-first, propping themselves on their arms.
  • Henrietta looks to the Aspects. “Could we hear all of your opinions, before we make a decision?”
  • Henrietta hums. “While I wait on your thoughts, I’ll tell you what I would do if you chose to possess an artefact.”
  • Seok-Hun Yong (Human) nods, and gives the Noblesse leave.
    DNA: What did you mean by ‘Aspects’?
  • Wyvereign (Dragon) closes his eyes, and thinks.
    Henrietta: (( the dragon, the human and the soul are three and one ))
    DNA: Ah, all right.
  • Henrietta leans back a bit, thinking. And she begins to tell the tale again, not as history but as myth, as she’d told it to the Warriorks. A story of love and loss, not merely of a person but of nations. Wrath left to burn until the world burned with it, or until it burned itself out, because of those lost and those who refused to listen and learn. And a story of the world that had to defend itself from the parent/teacher that had gone mad in his grief, arming a warrior to end his suffering. “I think it’s clear. You’re not someone who should make a weapon of yourself—your desire is to teach, to guide and inspire. To protect, both your kingdom’s people, its heritage, and the future as a whole. You’d be best set, I think, as either armor or a headgear of some kind.”
    Molly: Molly notices something by the road, and walked off.
    Wyvereign (Dragon): “I wish to see the world anew. More detail than that… would decide too much, at present.”
    Surolam: “There are many forms you could take for such travel.”
  • Ianthe waves.
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “I agree with the Noblesse. If I am to be a thing, and not a man, then I wish to protect and guide. A cloak, a crown, a suit of armor. Let my sword be sheathed forevermore – it brought us little joy.”
    Mysterious Voice: “…A crown…” The voice behind the door mulls it over.
    Mysterious Voice: (( lets Ava speak first ))
  • Henrietta shifts a little, not entirely sure what to think of the idea of Seok-Hun Yong becoming a crown. It’s an honorable idea, at the least. “And while we do go into battle, we’ve proven already that we can overcome one as challenging as yourself, through tactics and allies. So your strength of arm, while appreciated, is not something you need to feel obligated to wield.”
    Avara: more to say, but it depends on how the idea of a crown goes over
    Mysterious Voice: “In my old life… In one moment, I could advise; in the other, I could protect. As a crown, I could see. As a cloak, I could defend.” A chuckle. “And by fortunate circumstance of my nature… I need not choose one over the other.”
    Mysterious Voice: “I shall be both, in one.”
    Mysterious Voice: (( And I will have to figure out What The Heck That Means, sometime. ))
    Henrietta: “I was going to suggest as much. You are three in one. You need not, necessarily, become one entity in the process of possession. Perhaps a crown, a cloak and a scepter? The typical depiction of royal regalia.”
    Mysterious Voice: “Hah! Perhaps I shall.” A shifting of the earth. Whatever is behind the door, stands up, and squares itself.
    Mysterious Voice: “Am I ready?”
    Wyvereign (Dragon): “Yes.”
    Seok-Hun Yong (Human): “Yes.”
  • Henrietta looks back to Surolam. “Are we agreed?”
    Mysterious Voice: “Then by your leave, Noblesse – and by yours, my child.”
  • Surolam nods.
    Surolam: “That sounds quite appropriate.”
    Mike: As the two physical halves of Seok-hun Yong approach the door, the spheres glow more brightly.
  • Altair Azure is looking on with rapt attention. The reincarnation of an ancient dragon kind into a new form, what would that even be like? And would it still remember and know all that it was? He wasn’t sure, but wanted to see.
  • Warriork Akash holds her phone up even higher.
  • Surolam closes her eyes, focusing on listening to the scene.
  • Henrietta nods, and twirls her Rope. She doesn’t channel Aura through it to activate it, instead using it to set a circle around her. Psionics carve a spell circle under it, engraving the earth in tribute to Moon and Sun, invoking the fleur de lys and the all-seeing eye, the lion and the dragon. Ruler and wisdom. She incants the story she’d just told, the telling easier with practice. She emphasizes the duty, the desire to pass down knowledge and to learn in turn, both from student and by teaching. The story is not over, merely taking a new form. The ritual circle has three blank circles within it, to house the nature of the three Aspects of Seok-Hun Yong.
    Avara: do i need to roll anything or spend any money towards the creation of the DLI?
    Mike: Nope. You guys basically undertook a quest for this. Uno momento…
    Mike: As the story is told, the forms of Seok-hun Yong, man and ‘mon alike, fade away. The orbs astride the door glow brightly, shining like the Sun and the Moon, equal but not equivalent.
    Mike: The grand doors open, and air not tasted for a thousand years rushes forth. Beyond, you see only darkness – and a single mote of light.
    Mike: The spheres’ light escape their orb-bond, and rejoin the mote.
    Mike: It grows magnificent and beautiful in the combination, and then settles towards the base of the door’s opening, just above the grass outside it.
    Mysterious Voice: “Thank you.”
    Mike: The door slams shut.
    Mike: The mote splits again, into three objects, and each settle upon the grass:
    Dragonscale Cloak: A fine cloak, woven from golden dragonscales, each barely the size of a fingernail, shimmering in the glow.
    Scepter of Wisdom: A scepter of silvery metal, with an orb atop it, reflecting images of what could be, permutations and musings and insight.
    Starlit Crown: And a crown – more of a circlet or tiara, really – with what looks to be a tiny star at its focus. The star still glows with a golden, sunny light, even as the motes of light fade away.
    Mike: The magic ends. The items lay upon the grass. The air feels… fresh, somehow. As if a new day dawned, even in the midst of another one.
    Warriork Akash: “…Dude.”
  • Surolam takes a deep breath and sighs happily.
    Warriork Pruzag: “I am humbled.”
    Altair Azure whispers: Is it possible for me to detect those objects if they are alive? Or is that beyond my purview?
    Surolam: “That was beautiful, Henrietta.”
  • Henrietta finishes her incantations, the magic circle’s light fading away. She gathers up her rope and puts it in her pack, before picking the three items up from their spell circles. She ties the cloak over her shoulders, places the crown upon her brow, and raises the scepter. “Are you all settled comfortably?”
    Jericho: “Huh. What do you know. The dragon is dealt with and we’re not all dead.”
  • Henrietta nods to Surolam, smiling, and does a grandiose bow to the crowd gathered.
    You whisper to Avara: We are, Noblesse. Your brow is the velvet of the royal throne.
    Surolam: “I doubt there was any risk of death in this case.”
    Molly: Molly and Nathaira return to the group, Molly pawing at her neckfur.
    Surolam: “We’d already handled the worst of the halves.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “The Bringer is now armament. …May the New Bringer reign until our deaths in battle!”
    Warriork Akash: “And also maybe after!”
    Henrietta: “I’m glad you’re comfortable. I suppose I should ask… do you want to stay with one person, or be distributed across the group?”
    Henrietta: “And to the crowd, does anyone have interest in bearing these? I’d like to keep the crown.”
    Molly: “What do they do?”
  • Henrietta waits for an answer to that question, if one exists.
    You whisper to Avara: “The Noblesse, our daughter, and her cohorts. This is our court, our army, and our family. Beyond that, where we stand matters less than what we do.”
    Mike: Uh, hrm.
    Mike: So, here’s what I’m thinking, in generalities, with the caveat that this could change when I have a chance to sit down and write them out properly!
  • Surolam listens for an answer.
    Starcatcher: “Hey, you’re back! Hi Nathaira!”
    Nathaira: Nathaira flinched, blushed and waved to Starcatcher.
    Henrietta: “We might have to wait to be sure. They are freshly made.”
    Surolam: “I would appreciate the cloak.”
    Molly: “I’d like to know what they do first, before I place any claims. If it’s not helpful to me, then it is not helpful to me.”
    Mike: The Scepter aids in Special attacks, and in exploration – seeing afar or the invisible, perhaps.
    The Cloak aids in protecting its wearer, from elements and the bonds of gravity itself.
    The Crown aids in knowledge, magic, and commanding.
  • Henrietta unties the cloak from her shoulders, and with a flourish she’s placed it around Surolam, clasping it into place.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: Hello, my daughter. Your shoulders are broad – fit to carry your allies, and the world.
    Henrietta: “The scepter aids in Special-oriented attacks and exploration, and may have an aspect of Truesight. The cloak is protective in nature, against elements and gravity alike. Helpful for a flyer in battle, I bet. The crown helps with knowledge, magic, and commanding. Which is best fit to me, I think, as the scholar, mage and evident Noblesse.”
  • Warriork Akash moves in to take pictures of the new equipment on people.
    Starcatcher: “Ooo! I like the scepter!”
    Surolam: “The cloak definitely suits me, then.”
  • Mike takes notes on what he’s said now, so he’ll remember this later when he’s statting them up.
    Mike: :3
    Warriork Akash: “They’ll never believe this back at camp~”
    Avara: sounds like starcatcher’s putting claim on the scepter. i think DNA uses SATK as well? any input?
    Jericho: “Hm… I wouldn’t mind having a little more mobility…”
    Jericho: “And honestly, anything to help me take hits better…”
    DNA: I’m fine with Starcatcher’s claim on the scepter! I actually don’t have much interest in weapon slot stuff anyway.
  • Warriork Pruzag waves her warriors together as the heroes debate and consider.
    Henrietta: “We don’t have to assume that the people who hold them now will hold them forever, so feel free to discuss it as we travel?” Henrietta says to Jericho and Surolam, as she hands the scepter to Starcatcher.
    Starcatcher: Starcatcher glees as she holds the scepter.
    Altair Azure: “It’s going to be interesting to see what it’s ike to have an ancient dragon in our midst like this.”
  • Jericho shrugs. “Once I know more, I might want it more or less. I’m not too worried about it now. Just glad to not be a crispy pile of street magician on the pavement.”
    Molly: “There is a spot I would like to travel. I saw a cove near Crabchitin that looked interesting. And Nathaira has told me there is a good chance something interesting is buried there.”
    Henrietta: “… Actually, I haven’t been tracking it. Do you actually get hit in combat, Jericho? I sort of assumed you were sneaking around enough to avoid being targeted.”
    Altair Azure whispers: Had an earlier question but you might have missed it. Can I sense if these items are alive like an object, or can I not detect them that way?
    Jericho: “More of a ‘in the event of an emergency’ sort of scenario. I can’t dodge forever, as much as I’d like to think I can.”
    Surolam: “The one time he did get hit was pretty serious.”
  • Henrietta listens to Molly, and considers. “Well, we still need to go look into that airship thing you guys found. But ’til then, buried treasure does sound very interesting.”
    Jericho: “Yeah. That wasn’t an attack anyone could dodge.”
    Jericho: “Well… I might be able to do it once.”
    Henrietta: “Right. So the cloak’s between Surolam and Jericho for now. And we’re going to investigate what Molly and her crew found. Sounds good, everyone?” She looks over to the Warriorks. “Do we need to escort you all home, or will you be able to find the way safely?”
    Nathaira: “A-actually it has to do with the airship. I was talking with Baldrik and he said his crew buried one of the power sources to the airship there. If we retrieve it, we might be able to power it enough to be sea worthy.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “No, Bringer-chosen. We will return to our camp in the mountains. Our pilgrimage is complete, and then some.” She bows, and the others bow in turn.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Thank you, from hilt to tip. We are honored and humbled.”
    Altair Azure: “A…power source for the airship? That’s the interesting thing you believe is there?”
    Warriork Pruzag: “And if you ever visit the mountains west of here…” She takes off her necklace, of a bronze dragon, and hands it to Surolam. “You would be honored guests.”
    Molly: “If Nathaira is correct. I wanted to look it over anyway, coves are important to pirates like me who like to come and go without being watched.”
    Henrietta: “Alright. A power source would be a big help, for sure. I don’t know if I’d be able to find a way to replace it, so using a proper one’s good. And even if not? Buried. Treasure. Sounds like adventure to me.”
    Altair Azure: “That’s fair. And it’s not like we have anywhere pressing to be, right?”
    Altair Azure: “Sounds like fun; count me in.”
    Molly: Molly smiled.
    Jericho: “Eh, where some treasure is buried, there might be more.” Jericho not-quite-invites himself along.
  • Surolam accepts the necklace, hanging it over her own neck.
    Surolam: “I will find the time to visit you again.”
    Zojiik: “…speaking of a new life…”
    Zojiik whispers: Eggs can hatch now!
    Henrietta: “Something about the eggs, I’m guessing?”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Ah. Warriorks, await the hatching! Then, we march!”
    Zojiik: “Yes!”
    Mike: Zojiik: Yep, those eggs are a-hatching! I suggest opening up.
    Mike: And maybe clear some space.
  • Zojiik opens up, letting the newborn hatchlings have fresh air.
  • Zojiik also moves to a more open space.
  • Pirta lands on the tree behind Zojiik, to watch her eggs hatch!
    Mike: And they don’t so much come out and hatch, as… they’ve just hatched, and when Zohiik opens, they come plopping and rolling and even tumbling out, one after the other, as if the Cofagrigus was some kind of clown-car.
    Mike: Plorp, plop, bounce, plop, go the Caterime, and adorable display of chilly, cuddly caterpillers, dazed and bedazzled by, and sparkling in, the sunlight.
    DNA: Cannot unsee
    Pirta: “Iaaaa~” the Diamoth chitters happily, and swoops over the Caterime, glad to see them survive the mazzacre.
  • Zojiik smiles proudly.
    Mike: I put quick overviews of their properties on the tokens, so if anything catches your eye, you can certainly ask for a catch.
    Caterime 2: * One Caterime is incredibly, impossibly pink…
    Caterime 7: * One is ghostly and ephemeral – definitely alive, but more Ghost than Bug now.
    Avara: hold on a moment, mike
    Caterime 8: * And one has the mandibles, and rocky chitin, of a Lomberant; it, too, is more Rock than Bug now.
    Stin: “That is…very pink.”
    Zojiik: “It’s a pretty cute color though, don’t you think?”
    DNA: I knew it was that amber ant that Mike made!
  • Henrietta will give the baby pokemon all an inspection for health and determining any changes in their nature from birth. (Rolling Pokemon Education, please make results public instead of whisper)
    Stin: “…you know, I don’t remember seeing any part-ghost types along that flock…”
    Mike: Gimme dat roll!
    Zojiik: “…”
    Avara: 23
  • Zojiik looks over.
    Zojiik: "…Eh?!?’
    Mike: Alright. Incoming text dump over in Skype. I have all their data in Notepad~
  • Pirta doesn’t seem to mind, or care, about the changes.
  • Henrietta describes all their information to the party and Pirta, before congratulating Pirta on the new family.
    Hajime: “Oh man, they all look really healthy and lively. That’s good. That’s very good.”
  • Pirta does a happy flutter-dance, spreading a gentle, non-harmful powdered snow over the insects.
    Nathaira: “Aw, they’re so cute…”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Blessings upon this day. The Bringer brings death and life!”
    Warriork Dagarha: “And us without any bloodwine…”
    Warriork Pruzag: “It cannot be helped.”
  • Henrietta thinks at Seok-Hun Yong’s aspect within the crown.
    Jemyn Temyta: “Is there somewhere you could get it?”
    Warriork Pruzag: “When we return to camp, the men will have brewed a fresh batch. And we shall drain it to the dregs!”
    Henrietta whispers: “By the way, did anyone get a chance to tell you about the Warriork tribe that came about from your Wrath’s aftermath?”
    You whisper to Avara: “They did not. Is this a glad tale, or a sad one?”
  • Caterime 7 gets distracted, and tries to clamber over another Caterime… only to phase through it, instead.
    Caterime 7: plorp
    Henrietta whispers: “Glad. They found life and purpose in your wake, and they helped us bring your Wrath into line.”
    Henrietta: “Excuse me, but before you all go, would you mind telling your tribe’s story one more time? The First Bringer hasn’t heard it. That should be fixed.”
    You whisper to Avara: You can feel the crown literally chuckling upon your head.
    Surolam: “Ah, right! He definitely needs to hear it!”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Ah! Of course, Bringer-chosen. Your stories are made of magic and stars – we can repay only in torches. But repay we shall! The march shall wait another moment.”
  • Zojiik chuckles at the baby bugs’ antics.
    Warriork Pruzag: * The Warriorks begin their tale again – of how their tribe was a scourge upon the land, raining death from the mountains, until they were set upon by the Bringer. Their greatest warriors died to him, and the tribe took stock.
    Warriork Pruzag: “We believed them to be weak, not in arm, but in mind and path. We turned aside from our rage, and grew inwards, to become stronger and wiser. The Bringer of Desolation destroyed who we were, and created who we are.”
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Every year, we visit these mountains, and think upon that day. We pay tribute to the Bringer, and the deaths he wreaked. We thank him for besting us.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “And now, we have bested him. Perhaps now, we are worthy.”
    GrayGriffin has connected.
    Warriork Akash: “Holy- I hadn’t considered that…”
    Warriork Pruzag: “We will discuss it at camp, and what it means for our tribe. …After the bloodwine.”
    Warriork Akash: “Well, of course. Priorities.”
    Mike: (( BRB ))
    Henrietta: “Thank you, for sharing the tale.”
    Mike: (( back ))
    Molly: “Are we ready to go? I should be able to find my way, with Nathaira’s help.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Ah. We should be going, as well.”
  • Pirta gives Zojiik a big, butterfly-winged hug.
    Henrietta: “I think we’re ready.”
    Warriork Pruzag: * The Warriorks begin to march, up the road. You can hear them singing a song – something about a clash in the mountains against Darkness, Dragons, and Turtles. It’s a jovial marching song, with some pep to the step.
  • Pirta releases the hug on Zojiik after a time, and begins hefting her Caterime, placing them on bushes that they can eat. Then she settles into a tree to watch them – at least until they cocoon.
    Hajime: “Gotta wonder how the turtles worked their way into that song.”
    Mike: Last chance if anyone wants a Caterime.
    Avara: saving my ice ace-ness for Embark
    Mike: Hehe.
    Avara: they’re VERY pretty and neat, but henrietta’s interest isn’t there. she sees them as a family that should stay together. won’t stop other trainers from asking for one, but she’s not gonna
    Jericho: (( Same here. ))
    DNA: They’re adorable, that much is true, but I wouldn’t want one as a combatant.
    Zojiik: “I hope to see them again, once they’re fully evolved.”
  • Zojiik pats the ghostly one on the head.
    Caterime 7: “Eee~” Its bristles are cold as the grave. But a nice grave, I suppose?
    Pirta: “(You will. Look up when the winter ends!)”
    Mike: Alright. I do not have a map for the next area, but I can at least kick off a little more adventure.
    Avara: short session this week? maybe build up the hype for the break
    Avara: since next week is no game
    Mike: …Well, I’m open to it if everyone else is.
    Mike: Thoughts?
    Avara: i only say short session because it looks like we’ve caught you unprepared for carrying on particularly far
    Avara: but starting at the start would be helpful for avoiding memory issues mid-adventure after a break?
    DNA: I really don’t care one way or the other, but I’d like to get as far as we can without needing some planned-out assets to rely on.
    Molly: My thoughts: I’d rather continue because I have an end goal to a thing. But if we’re not going to reach the cove no matter what, and whatever is left of the session is going to be filler before we get there, I’m neutral on the idea. Filler can be fun, or provoke more stories.
    Mike: Okay. I think I can actually provide a lot of flavor for the cove, and there can be at least some progress. It’ll all just be Audio Play style.
    Mike: So I say we go a little further, then!
    DNA: I’m down!
    GrayGriffin: I’m okay with that
    Our heroes make their way back to Crabchitin, and leave by its western exit, riding the Boatwagon. The road to the west is open and broad, but the cove that Molly saw, and that Nathaira wanted to point out, is underneath the road.
    Pulling to the side of the road, you can look down into it – the road makes a kind of natural bridge over it; to a casual observer, it just looks like a dip in the side of the mountains. To get down there, you’ll need to fly or climb.
    Molly: Molly enjoys the boatride, even if it is short.
  • Surolam leans back and hums to the wagon as they go.
    Molly: ((are we going by road or water? Narration implies both, so I am confused))
    Surolam: “Glad to finally be sailing again?”
    Molly: “We’re going to have a ship soon. A whole open deck…” Molly’s voice was filled with dreamy anticipation.
    Mike: So, this is a road, leading out of town, that is a land route. It makes a big bridge over the cove.
    Mike: Does that make sense?
    Mike: Imagine a highway bridge, I suppose?
    Altair Azure: “Part of me wonders how much attention a flying ship would draw…”
  • Henrietta hummed in thought as she carried her maritime general, thinking about the story she’d weave.
    Henrietta: “Nobody ever thinks to look up, unless they’re prey-creatures looking for predators to run from.”
    Surolam: “They might notice the sudden shade though…”
    Henrietta: “Depends on how high up we fly, and if it’s cloudy or not. But if we’re that high up, what are they going to do? Wave at us?”
    Altair Azure: “Wasn’t there some story or event about a flying ship that shot ice or something?”
    Mike: Anyway. Climbing down into the cove? Flying? Some other clever crazy idea? :3
    Molly: ((It makes sense Mike, visually. I just don’t know where we are: The road or the water. We’re riding the boatwagon, so I assumed the water))
    Henrietta: “Not anything that I’ve heard of.”
    Mike: Ah. Well… Actually, yeah. I guess you could take the water.
    Mike: I hadn’t thought of that!
    Avara: taking the water is probably the smarter option
    Molly: ((I didn’t either, I was just confused))
    Avara: it’s a cove so the water’s probably nto too rough
    Mike: Indeed.
    Mike: Alright. Rather than leaving Crabchitin by its western road, you leave via its dock! Because that’s the smarter option, and you’re smart people and Pokemon.
    Mike: That also means less climbing.
    Molly: ((We may need Kiir’s help to carry everyone though. That’s a lot of bodies for one boat, even if we recall everyone who can be recalled.))
    Mike: * As mentioned, the cove is beneath the road. When you arrive at its mouth, you can see it above you, a large concrete bridge spanning overtop the natural harbor.
    Mike: The cove itself is small, and its walls are high, though – making it obvious why this was never permanently settled.
    Mike: You pull the boatwagon in… Folks, give me some Perceptions if you would?
    Avara: because everyone was too lazy
    Surolam: 9
    TBG: 12 Perception
    Avara: 9
    Hajime: 20 Perception!
    Stin: 15
    Stin: (( Also, Surolam’s ghosts can fly at least ))
    Mike: Alrighty, lesse.
    Molly: 24
    Avara: brb
    You whisper to DNA: Hajime: You can see various climbing handholds throughout the cove, carved into the rock. They all look to be different ages – some a few decades; others, hundreds of years, worn away by wind and surf. You can also see a large, flat rock ahead – with many markings on it. You can’t make them out, though.
    You whisper to Molly: You can see various climbing handholds throughout the cove, carved into the rock. They all look to be different ages – some a few decades; others, hundreds of years, worn away by wind and surf. You can also see a large, flat rock ahead – with many markings on it. You can tell they’re writing, and in different languages. It all looks haphazard, though.
    Avara is disconnected.
    Avara has connected.
    Avara: back. accidentally closed the window
    DNA: You missed nothing
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: Stin, you notice climbing handholds throughout the rock, made by different people at different times, probably. Lots of places around here someone could pull a boat onto the shore.
    Mike: Everyone else, you notice that there’re lots of places someone could pull a boat onto the shore, but no one of the mimmediately jumps out at you as more interesting than the next.
    Hajime: “Huh, that’s interesting. There’s a lot of handholds for climbing around the sides of it, but they aren’t all the same age.”
    Molly: “It looks like others have seen this cove as well. There’s carved footholds everywhere, different ages. Lots of writing.”
    Stin: “It looks like quite a few people have been here before.”
    Molly: “I think those sets of holds look newer. Get in closer to them, we’ll try to climb out there.”
    Mike: As you pull ashore, you can tell that there’s only, perhaps, a dozen meters of land to the cove before it reaches the cliff-face. The large rock, with many writings on it, is to your left. Ahead of you, climbing handholds – and they do indeed look fresh, no more than a year old.
    Mike: 4
    Mike: Hrmmm…
    Molly: “Can anyone read those languages?”
  • Henrietta checks for raltesian with her translation stone, more out of habit than anything. She’s not very language-learned.
    Mike: Henrietta: Nope… nope… nuh-uh… Ah! There’s some Raltesian. It’s near the top of the stone, and it looks very worn. The translation stone has trouble with it, even.
    Mike: “Here we welcome visitors, with watchful eye. Psychic in one hand, the other open.”
    Mike: Remind me – does the translation stone only do Raltesian, or other languages?
    Avara: only raltesian
    Molly: ((is this shared?))
    Avara: yes
  • Henrietta shares what little she can translate.
    Mike: I can say a bit about the other languages, at least. There’re quite a few – some runic, some cuneiform, and… a new entry, near the bottom-corner of the large flat stone. It is very, very fresh, definitely newer than a year, and probably more on the order of a few months.
    Molly: “Hm… I’m psychic. Maybe there’s something to see here.” Molly feels around with her telepathy for anything unusual.
    Mike: The stone itself is tall – taller than Henrietta; she has to stretch to get to the Raltesian at the top. It might be reminiscent of the Rosetta stone, with so many languages on it. But they aren’t written neatly, or even all in perfect alignment.
    Nathaira: “The new writing must be Baldriks!”
    You whisper to Molly: The stone has a wealth of psychic residue on it, caked on from a dozen users, if not more. Not one of them is human, you can tell that. But you can feel the general idea of the stone: it’s a guestbook.
    Surolam: “That makes sense.”
    Molly: “There’s a lot of psychic residue on this stone. It seems like this place has been used by a lot of non-humans. Is there a hidden fairy village or anything like that around here?”
    Nathaira: “If I came out and said it, it wouldn’t be very hidden, would it?”
    Molly: “So there is?”
    Nathaira: “I have no idea.”
    You whisper to Molly: Not one you’ve heard of. But like you said, if it was hidden…
    Altair Azure whispers: Possible to sense the stones for any life or ‘hints’?
    Surolam: “Is there any place they all seem to be congregating?”
  • Henrietta considers this, and attempts to channel psychic energy into the stone raw.
    Mike: Hrmm.~
    Mike: Okay, one moment, some people just tried stuff.
    You whisper to DNA: The large stone slab itself has the barest consciousness. It’s been used rarely, over a long time, and is only barely hand-shaped. But it does give you a single thought: “Welcome.”
    Altair Azure whispers: “Thank you for welcoming us. What do you stand watch over, timeless stone?”
    Mike: Henrietta, channeling psychic energy into the stone, you can feel that energy being drained away – not maliciously, but by… well, the energy equivalent of ‘sliding downhill’, from a full place to an empty place. It’s a slight grade… behind the stone.
    You whisper to DNA: “New Arrivals.”
    Avara: let me know when you’re done responding to people trying things?
    Mike: And I’m good.
    Altair Azure whispers: “Well, I and my entourage are certainly new arrivals, so how are you welcoming us? And what are we being welcomed to?”
    Henrietta: “I think it might be a secret passage sort of thing. Someone telekinetically-inclined, try to move the stone?”
    Molly: Molly and Starcatcher both try to lift it with Telekinesis.
    You whisper to DNA: “Writ-” And then the stone isbeing moved.
    Mike: Telekinetifolks! The stone is heavy. Can I get a Focus check from y’all please?
    Molly: Molly’s going to Aid Other in this case. 12 vs 8
    Starcatcher: Starcatcher gets +2 aid!
  • Altair Azure flinches slightly from the stone being moved. Didn’t expect the noise to be so loud.
    Starcatcher: 15
    Mike: Starcatcher – with Molly stabilizing the rock, you can just baaaaarely move it. Enough for someone Small to squeeze through the gap behind it, but not anyone Medium or above.
    Mike: The rock grinds forward, just a little bit. Behind it, you can see another chamber – pitch-black, with no light entering.
  • Henrietta uses the attack Psychic to follow up on the push given by Star and Molly!
    Henrietta: 4 vs the stone’s special defense.
    Starcatcher: ((Psychic gives you Telekinesis capability!))
    Avara: henrietta’s Focus is 2d6 plus modifier, and Psychic guarantees 1 meter of movement
    Mike: nuuuudge. The stone is shoved – and a few bits and chips fall off of its side. It is now wide enough for Small to stroll in, and Medium to squeeze.
    Avara: now that it CAN move, this should help
    Kiir: (( Can Kiir go in despite being large? Since he’s pretty thin ))
    Mike: Yes. It’s just extra-wriggly.
    Mike: Folks headed in? Reminder, it’s pitch-black.
    Mike: I will make no guarantees about Grues.
    Nathaira: Nathaira glows!
  • Surolam literally does not care about the darkness.
    DNA: I got that reference
  • Hajime strolls in. Altair will go in as well, crawling in a little further behind.
    Molly: Molly’s crew enters as well
    Avara: the crown/tiara let off sunlight, iirc
    Mike: Oh yes, it did.
    Avara: so we should have some light to work with
    Mike: Between that, you should be good to go, then.
    Mike: * Inside, you can smell silica – sand and moisture and crystals. Specifically, in the rear of the cave, a large, multifaceted, purple crystal. It’s actually about as tall as Kiir is, it is literally Large-sized. It reflects your light beautifully – the cuts are pristine, even after all this time.
    Mike: It’s laid against the far wall. And beside it, there is a lot of writing – and a lot of pictures – all carved into the stone.
    Mike: You can immediately recognize a side-view of the ship you found. Greenshields atop it. A cloud beneath it.
    Molly: Are they the same crystals from the… I can’t remember cave. Marmellow(sp?) island? Do the purple crystals look familiar? Molly is literally carrying around crystal fragments from that cave.
    Kiir: “Wow, it’s so shiny!”
    Mike: Oh wow. thinks
    Mike: Similar substance, but different make.
    Mike: Also: Mawmallow. But no worries, it was a while ago.
    Mike: It is shiny indeed. Though heavy, I imagine one of your heavy lifters can heft it, with their full focus.
    DNA: Marmallow
    Mike: Would you like to investigate ay further in here, or outside?
    Mike: I hit W instead of R. Derp
    Molly: Molly searches around, looking for coins, coin blocks, hidden bricks or other strange things from that original island. 27 Perception.
    Mike: 1
    Mike: 14
    DNA: Is the larger crystal flush against the wall, or in the center of the room?
    Mike: So, I will say that you find, in the corner of the cave, a round, black sphere – a canonball.
    Mike: It’s against the rear of the room, leaning against the wall, in a little nook. It’s not floating or anything.
    Mike: The cannonball looks smooth, but you can tell from the sand covering it, the sheen of crystalizing silica, that it’s been through some rough times – just never shot out of a cannon.
  • Hajime will peek around the crystal, in the cavity where it’s laid, seeing if there are any stones or anything that stand out. Like a secret switch. Perception 28
  • Stin will study the ceiling. 15 Perception
    Mike: 4
    Mike: 9
    Molly: Molly wonders why a random cannonball. She examines it closer, checking it over for psychic residue as well.
    Mike: Hajime: Uhhh… No secret switches, I’m afraid.
  • Henrietta considers the room, studying over it all.
    Mike: Stin: The ceiling is slick and smooth and wet. Occasionally, a droplet of water drips down. …And there’re tiny variations in the ceiling. Little… indents? Holes?
    Mike: Molly: Rolling the cannonball around, it catches on some kind of something, just beneath the rough sand. Rolling it the opposite way, you see a hammer, mostly buried in the sand. Unlike the cannonball, this hammer has seen better days by far, its head scuffed and marred.
    Mike: Henrietta: The room looks like some kind of record of something. The writing, the pictures… Events were recorded here.
    You whisper to Avara: looking over the pictures more carefully, you can see it tells a kind of story: The airship in the clouds. A burst of… something, around the ship. It crash-lands in a sea. The Greenshields find a cave, and bury their ship there, disembarking with three crystals.
    Molly: Molly takes the hammer! “I think something might be buried around here. Altair, can you part the sand over here?”
    Mike: Molly: Trusty Throwing Hammer. No magical properties, but it’s 110% built for throwing.
    Altair Azure: “Hm? Oh, sure.” He makes his way over, and moves to uncover the area, gently. Focus 20
    Molly: Molly adds +2 to skill checks, if that was your attribute.
    You whisper to Avara: The greenshields then take smaller boats to a new land. They deposit one crystal in a cave… and that’s it, so far.
    Stin: “There are holes of some sort in the ceiling.”
    Mike: Altair: You can part the sand… and you see a skeleton, in a shell. A dead Greenshield, long, long gone.
    Altair Azure: Yeah, that was my attribute – so 22.
    Altair Azure: “A…skeleton? Is this a grave? Or something else?”
    Mike: (( Anyone going to notice Stin’s noticing? >.> ))
    Jericho: “As long as they don’t start coming to li-” Jericho clamps a hand over his mouth to avoid tempting fate.
    Hajime: “Holes?” Hajime looks up. “Like a pattern of some sort?”
    Nathaira: Nathaira flies up into them. Shedding light on them with her glowing powers!
    Mike: As Nathaira sheds light directly on the divots, they glitter, much more strongly than the surrounding rock. Little flecks of crystal have been hammered into the rock, and they’re all glittering – in some sort of pattern.
    Henrietta: “The murals tell about what happened. The people whol ran the ship sailing above the clouds. Something struck, sending them to the sea. They found a cave and buried the ship there… and they took THREE crystals. They left one of them here, and that’s all it says right now.”
    You whisper to Molly: If you look up at the ceiling, you would recognize it instantly – a star chart.
    Nathaira: “Baldrik only knew of two. At least, he only told me about two.”
  • Jericho is curious. What sort of crystals are those? 15 Nature Education.
    Molly: “It’s a star chart.” Molly said, matter of factly.
    You whisper to TBG: Hum! Uh, smaller, less potent versions of whatever the big one is made out of. I think I’ve called it “Spesix” in the past, a crystal for storing magical power. Kind of like a blank elemental stone.
    Hajime: “A star chart, huh?” He glances over. “Molly, would you mind telling me what it indicates? I’m not really a navigator…”
    Molly: “I’m not much of one either, but I’ve seen them pleanty.”
    Hajime: “Like, where this place is in relation to the chart, tha tkind of thing.”
    Molly: ((What check to gain relevant information from it?))
    Mike: Uhm. Edu Gen probably?
    Mike: Or Survival I suppose.
    Molly: Gen Ed 9
    Mike: Uh, Edu Nature I mean. Since it’s split up.
    Mike: But that’ll work.
    Molly: Survival doesn’t exi- okay!
  • Jericho raises an eyebrow as he examines the crystals. “Why would they make it out of Spesix? Is this mural supposed to be magic or something?”
    Henrietta: brb
    You whisper to Molly: Yeah, it’s a bit rough to read. It looks like it’s close, though – you do recognize this. From here, it’d be south-ish-ish somewhere.
    Stin: “Spesix?”
    Molly whispers: what would be southish?
    Avara: back
    Jericho: “It’s those crystals. They’re a crystal that forms generally in deep caves, and exposure to certain things can grant them elemental properties, such as evolutionary stones.”
    You whisper to Molly: Wherever this star chart is pointing to. It’s a specific location – one you know you’ve reached when the stars above look like they do here. (( I am not a true sailor so I’m making things up a little bit. ))
    Jericho: “They also supposedly have really useful magical properties, though I dunno what you’d do with them.”
    Altair Azure: “Why does that sound suspiciously like that SMITE stuff?”
    Jericho: “Because SMITE was messing with evolution stones, like what these can potentially become.”
    Jericho: “Honestly, I’m surpised these aren’t Water Stones by now, considering their proximity to the ocean.”
    Henrietta: “I know what I’m gonna do with them!”
    Mike: (( I honestly hadn’t thought of it! Heh. ))
    Molly whispers: I’m pretty darn sure that’s not how they work at all, but I can try to figure something out…
    Henrietta: “If you give them to me anyway.”
    Altair Azure: “…Does it involve something blowing up?”
    Henrietta: “Do you want it to?”
    Molly: “Wait, something odd about this chart. I think it’s a clue to a location.”
    Altair Azure: “I’d rather it not if we can help it…”
    Henrietta: “Then no, it doesn’t.”
    Hajime: “Oh? Tell me what to look at.”
    Surolam: “Maybe they’ve been enchanted in some way already?”
    You whisper to Molly: I’m open to ideas. Go for it.
  • Henrietta will sit amongst the stones, carefully keeping her aura out of them as she looks over them for magical stuffs. 28 Occult.
    Molly: Molly’s giving +2!
    Mike: Well, first off; HOO BOY that big crystal over there is full of magical energy. It’s not enchanted to do anything, it’s just… a battery, basically. Set up to give power to a particular spell or system.
    Mike: Secondly: The stones in the ceiling absolutely have a secondary enchantment on them. And you can trigger it easily.
    Jericho: (( please let this not be a trap, please let this not be a trap ))
    Nathaira: “of COURSE! That’s the crystal we’re looking for!”
    Mike: Do you? Y/n
    Henrietta: Y.
    Jericho: (( No- damnit ))
    Mike: TOO LATE
    Mike: (( rocks fall everyone dies ))
    Jericho: (( WELP. THAT WAS A FUN CAMPAIGN ))
    Avara: tune in next month for zelda: the adventure of link
    Molly: (( Every party needs a pooper that’s why we invited you ))
    Jericho: (( because I have excellent bowel movements? ))
    Mike: Henrietta, with a wave of your hand… three symbols spin to life, between you and the cave’s ceiling: a circle, a triangle, and a square. They shift colors for a moment, and then fade. The ceiling crystals glow brighter… and the cave goes dark.
    Mike: Yes, even the lights you brought. One moment.
    Mike: As your eyes adjust, you can see an actual starscape above you. And below you, the deck of the ship. The ship looks to be a little lopsided in the water, which is very strange when the ground beneath you is not.
    Mike: But with another wave of your hand, you can change the sky yet again… And now, the ship is in the sky, and the stars are totally, 100% different. Not a single constellation you recognize.
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    Molly: “This must be a map of his world.”
    Mike: You can move around the scene. You are still, physically, within the cave – you can reach out and touch the walls, they feel like wet stone, but it looks like you’re just reaching into thin air.
  • Jericho gives a long low whistle
    Altair Azure: “It’s an interactive globe. We can change the view just by adjusting our hands.”
    Jericho: “Well, if this is a trap, it’s the nicest looking trap I’ve ever seen.”
    Jericho: (( excluding himself that one time ))
    DNA: ayyyyyyyyy
  • Henrietta will continue to adjust the view if requested, marvelling at the spellwork involved.
    Hajime: “Molly, you mentioned the star chart was indicating a destination?”
    GrayGriffin has connected.
    Mike: it’s quite impressive. You can change the view back and forth, from in-the-sky, where the ship is in wonderful condition, to in-the-sea, where it’s… less so. Within those two scenes, it feels like the ship is moving along at a nice clip – like, actually moving, somehow, even though the view isn’t really changing much.
    Molly: “It might be. It was misaligned in a way, shifted too far north. I think it meant that we should head south.”
    Hajime: “South? Like off the coast of Shikoku? We’re nearly at the southernmost tip of it right now.”
    Molly: “I don’t know how far, someone else should look at it, see what they can find.”
    Mike: Any other checks or observations? Check out the ship, the view, anything else?
    Mike: I think we’re at a good place to wrap up, but there is one thing I was hoping you’d all look at. >.>
    DNA: I’m trying to figure out the one thing!
    DNA: If you really want us to, you could hint~
    Surolam: (( Can Suorlam hear anything from the illusionary ship? ))
  • Henrietta shifts it to the view Molly and Hajime are discussing. “Seok-Hun Yong, do you recognize this star pattern?”
    Mike: Surolam and Altair: Nope. It is like dust in the wind to you, the mere suggestion of ship-ness. A hollow suggestion, a coloring book not yet put to pen.
    Avara: was avoiding consulting the ancient tutor, but if we need to wrap things up… i’ma do.
    Mike: As a hint: You’ve all looked up already in this simulation. What else might you look at?
    Molly: We can shift the stars, yes?
  • Surolam shudders.
    Avara: up up down down left right left right b a select start
    Surolam: “I can’t hear anything from it…”
    Surolam: (( Look at the sea? ))
    You whisper to Avara: “I recognize the first one, when the ship was in the water. Those are the stars above Shikoku – or above Shikoku’s waters, to the south. These stars, though… I have never seen them before.”
    DNA: Or at the floor.
    Henrietta: “It’s not a real ship. It’s the image of a ship. You’d have to be able to intone to Magic Herself, not to objects, to speak with it.”
    Molly: Molly looks out at the horizon for landmasses or other sky objects.
    Mike: :3
    Henrietta: “Seok-Hun agrees. The star view on the water fits with the area above Shikoku’s waters to the south.”
    Altair Azure: “The image of a ship, huh…” Altair kneels down to look at the ground, to look for anything there. He’d been so distracted by the star map he hadn’t even thought about it.
    Altair Azure: So I guess it’d technically be the deck or the surface of the water he’d be looking at.
    Mike: * Molly, while the ship is in the air, you can see… very, very far to the horizon. A gray castle looms below and ahead, with the face of a monstrous Greenshield carved into its edifice. Lava floes surround it like a moat. To one side, an icy plateau; to the other, a maze of criss-crossing pipes. In every direction, another land. Behind, leaning out over the ‘edge’ of the ship, scraping your head against the rock that’s really there, you can see behind you – a land of grass, and mushrooms taller than an building. Amidst that, a castle of rose and alabaster, with obvious cannon-marks on it, smoke pouring out of holes in its stonework.
    Mike: Altair: The simulacrum is good, indeed. You can duck your head beneath the floor, and see belowdecks – a hold full of golden blocks with “?” upon them, which you’ve seen before. …And there, craning your neck, a brig, with chains, stretched out as if holding someone. Strangely, you see nobody here, not human, not Pokemon, not Greenshield, either above nor below decks.
    Nathaira: “Baldrik would love this! His theory of the koopa coming from another world is true!”
    Surolam: “It is?”
    Henrietta: “Yeah. The magic shows two views. One in our world, and one that doesn’t match with ANY star patterns Our Tutor knows.”
    Molly: “I don’t recognize anything here. Not the landmasses in the distance, nor the sky. These are very strange stars.”
    Mike: :3
    Surolam: “…fascinating.”
    Mike: I think this might be a good place to call it. I showed the thin I wanted to show~.
    DNA: Nice.
    Mike: To that end, 25 PKMN EXP and 3 TXP because we finished lots of sidequests today.
    DNA: TL 22.7
    Mike: Saving stuff~
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.


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