Big Ship Big Spender

Mike Desktop has connected.
TBG has connected.
Mike: It’ a TBG!
DNA has connected.
Molly has connected.
Mike: That’s three!
MollyM: Ready for adventure
DNA: Why is she doing the maid thing again?
Mike: I mean, I’m not gonna question the cat with a gun.
Avara has connected.
MollyM: Sometimes girls like to dress up
MollyM: this is my only dress
Hajime: furious blushing
Mike: It’s an Ava!
Mike: That’s four of five.
Mike: Also: D’aww.
Mike: Whelp~ I have one or two ideas for what’s going to happen to today’s session. It kinda depends on what y’all wanna do!
MollyM: I was wanting to explore islands
DNA: What she said
DNA: …I really have no concrete plan; I was going to go with whatever came up.
Avara: i don’t have any particular feelings and will go with the flow
Mike: The reason I ask is because someone mentioned getting the old koopa ship moving again. That’s a thing you guys could try to do, with the crystal you found in the holo-planetarium, I do believe. Or you can head straight to where it’s pointing you. But, that sounds like a vote for the latter.
TBG: Why not both?
MollyM: Right yeah. That’s what the goal was. I couldn’t remember where we were on that to-do list
MollyM: getting the ship to get to the islands is what I would want to do
Mike: So noted. Giving Dawn a little time to log in, but I think that can be arranged. (It’ll be a Picture of Words though.)
Avara: oh, right.
Avara: we were gathering up power sources from wherever we are that has a holodeck
Avara: so that we could plug them into the koopa ship
Mike: Mmhm!

  • Mike remembered half a thing.
    Avara: i think we found one or two of the ones we need, and the last one is to the south?
    Avara: something like that
    MollyM: One we need, the second is more inland. We only need one to get it seaworthy. We need both to get it to fly
    Avara: let’s get both
    Avara: to make it easier on mike getting us where we’re going for the endgame
    MollyM: More inland is potentially a completely new adventure in its own.
    Avara: ah, true
    Avara: well, captain, it’s your choice how to handle things
    MollyM: From my point of view, Molly only wants a seaworthy ship to explore islands. With the pilgrimage going on we’ll eventually get close to the second. So I think one crystal will do.
    MollyM: Now we wont see the end of the pilgrimage, and likely not see the airship fly, but we also probably wont reach the point where we need to
    MollyM: so both IC and OOC I think we only need one for now.
    Avara: sounds good to me
    Mike: Heh. :3
    DNA: That is fair.
    Mike: If you guys had decided to go after the inland stuff, I would’ve tried to figure it out on the spot. Sometimes I enjoy making things up on the spot. _
    Mike: …Dawn still isn’t in yet. I think we can go ahead and start setting some scene though?
    It’s midday as you leave the confines of the rock in the hidden lagoon. You blink, adjusting your eyes to the light again. You have a crystal, and knowledge of where it really belongs – and directions to a place, though you don’t seem sure quite what awaits there.
    The boatwagon is ready for another voyage, if you wish to use it to reach the old Greenshield ship again. You used it to enter the lagoon, that much I remember.
    Molly: Is the sea calm enough for that long of a trip on a small boat?
    GrayGriffin has connected.
    Mike: WB, GG! Or, well, welcome.
    Mike: The sea is mostly calm – a gentle breeze alights. A great sailing day for a small vessel, though a little dull for a large one.
    GrayGriffin: Which map are we on?
    Mike: Right now it’s just word-pictures, so any map will do you. But we might get to an actual map by day’s end.
    Molly: ((Theatre of the Mind))
    Surolam: (( So we’re on the boatwagon right now? ))
    Mike: Mmhm!
    Molly: It’s midday as you leave the confines of the rock in the hidden lagoon. You blink, adjusting your eyes to the light again. You have a crystal, and knowledge of where it really belongs – and directions to a place, though you don’t seem sure quite what awaits there. The boatwagon is ready for another voyage, if you wish to use it to reach the old Greenshield ship again. You used it to enter the lagoon, that much I remember. Molly: Is the sea calm enough for that long of a trip on a small boat? GrayGriffin has connected.
    Mike: Or about to be, if you wish to set sail.
    Surolam: “You feel up to it?” Surolam asks the boatwagon, patting it.
    Molly: “If we get this crystal to the koopa’s airship, we should get it to sail. We may need help from pokemon who can swim to help carry everything alongside the boatwagon.”
    Mike: (( Gyah, the whisper macro isn’t wanting to work. Grrr. ))
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: The boatwagon seems refreshed. The wind is calling to its sails, and the water is cool on its bow. It feels almost majestic under your hand, ready to be let loose into the open sea.
    Surolam: “Our boatwagon is ready for the journey.” Surolam pauses. “Shouldn’t it have a name by now? ‘Boatwagon’ is merely a descriptor, after all.”
    Molly: Molly folded her arms, “She does.”
    Mike: While you figure out a name for the boatwagon, I’ll organize this next bit. scribbles
  • Surolam taps her fingers on the boatwagon’s side.
    Surolam: “We built it ourselves…should the name reflect us in some way, then?”
    Mike: The boat feels… at attention. Not judging, but listening. Even those without object-sense might get that feeling… Or maybe it’s just the gentle crashing of the waves, and that pensiveness before the first step on a journey.
    Molly: “Something brave, reliable and draconic. This little boat has carried us through much more than her share of troubles. And you’re the one to bond with her the most, Surolam. So you should name her, as you name your pokemon.”
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: The idea of a figurehead – of Surolam, legs sidesaddle-curled around the bow like a wooden mermaid, gazing ever forward.
    Jericho: “Eh, if I cared for such an obvious target, I know exactly what I’d name it.”
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: The concept of that figurehead, its neck snapping around to glare.
  • Surolam snickers.
  • Surolam grins as she lays her hand on the side of the boat.
    Surolam: “Okaaz-golt. A fitting name for one that sails over both ocean and land.”
    Molly: “Ocean land?” Molly guessed/
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: the boat’s conception of a figurehead returns its attention to the fore. Your non-existant wooden doppelganger seems to have a satisfied look on it. It’s hard to describe, but you can feel the name taking hold, being repeated by the ship. Each board echoes it, each nail reverberates at its sound.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: it is the echoing, certain noise of an object being Named.
  • Surolam hums softly as she nods at Molly’s comment.
    Molly: “Lets begin, before the weather changes its mind.”
    Surolam: “Indeed.”
    Mike: Alright. The journey will take a little while… Which is why I’m thinking this is a good place to kick off an Obsidian Skill Challenge.
    Mike: Here’s what I’m thinking:
    Round 1 is arriving at the island. Guding the boat-wagon through the sea to the island’s hidden harbour.
    Round 2 is actually fixing the ship up, installing the crystal, and the like.
    And Roudn 3 is guiding it out of the harbor, and getting its systems functioning while no longer docked – the final shakedown, as it were.
    Mike: This would be a Mental challenge – so Perception, Focus, and all the KNowledge checks. Since we’ve decided that spamming a skill is no fun, we’ll say you can’t use the same skill more than once per ‘slot’ (so if your Trainer uses Edu Tech, your Pokemon can still use Edu Tech on their turn.)
    Surolam: (( Ooh. Gotta check up on my Pokemon skills again. ))
    Mike: And this would be an opportunity for some collaborative storytelling. I’m happy to provide details and hints, but it might be fun for you-all to build on one another, or take your own ideas and run with them for a line or two.
    DNA: All right, sounds like a plan.
    Surolam: Initiative = 10
    Henrietta: Initiative = 5
    Altair Azure: Initiative = 25
    Molly: Initiative = 7
    Mike: …Not sure where Jericho is on this map, BUT I can slip him in quick I think. Lemme see…
    GrayGriffin: Jericho is so good at stealth he’s hidden from the GM
    Jericho: (( which map? ))
    Mike: I was using the Pokemon Center map. Couldn’t find him on Temple 14 either, though.
    Jericho: Ah. He’s on Temple 11 right now. Let me move him then.
    Mike: Thanks! It’s just to have initiative for my own ease.
    Jericho: Ta da
    Jericho: Initiative = 30
    DNA: Pokemon center, really? It must not register speed stages right…
    DNA: It being the macro, I mean.
    Mike: Resorting, then.
    DNA: wait, one sec
    Mike: Waiting one sec!
    DNA: Sorry, it was registering correct. The center sprite is just really old
    DNA: and it’s been a while so I thought my speed was 31 for some reason. It’s not; it’s just 30
    DNA: so Jericho can go first.
  • Jericho will take the lead by navigating. He guides the group across the best currents to make a timely arrival. 11 Nature Education.
    Mike: Alright. ROUND 1 – reaching Shell Island on the Boatwagon. The seas are calm, but there could be plenty of danger, or just minor obstacles to overcome. And Jericho’s already started. :3
    Jericho: Ehhhh Skill expert
    Jericho: 17 Nature Edu
    Jericho: (( I’ll take it. ))
    DNA: The first round is Perception, Focus, and any Education, correct?
    Mike: Alright! With Jericho’s assistance, the Okaaz-golt finds a lovely little warm current.
    Mike: All three rounds will be, but you can only use a given skill once for your Trainer, and once for your Pokemon slot.
    Jericho has received initiative.
    Mike: And since you each have both a Pokemon and a Trainer turn in this… Well, I can just cycle through everyone twice per round. That’s probably easiest.
    Altair Azure has received initiative.
    Mike: Altair!
    Altair Azure: Getting to actually be on the open sea like this wasn’t something to have happened in a long time. The weather was nice, the air was nice, and above all the company was nice. Trying to remember what he’d seen, he keeps a mental path in mind, charting out a course of where they’d go next. Focus 30 (I’m not sure how to RP Focus right now, this is the best I have)
    Mike: Given the relaxing surroundings, it would be easy to lose track of things – including time, place, and direction. With your incredible Focus, though, you can both relax and keep on track. Whenever someone’s hand at the wheel lazes off, you can give them a gentle prodding to get back on course.
    Surolam has received initiative.
    Mike: Surolam!
    Mike: (( It’s the naaaap boaaaat~ ))
  • Surolam keeps a hand on the boat to listen to it, asking it to tell her what dangers lie ahead that they may not be able to sense.
    Surolam: (( Would this count as Intuition? ))
    Mike: Intuition is technically a Social skill, and I had set this out as a Mental challenge. I’m okay with using skills in crazy-creative ways if they tell a story, but I think you’d want to make that more intriguing to do so.
    Surolam: (( Eh, I could see it as Focus as well ))
    Surolam: (( I’m okay with saving the alterante skills for later, since we can only use them once per challenge, right? ))
    Mike: Edus General, Medicine, Occult, Tech, Pokemon; Focus and Perception.
    Mike: Yep!
    Mike: Given you’re doing it with your ability, Focus would be okay.
    Molly: Focus is also spirit, if you don’t take the edge to make it Mind
    Surolam: 12 Focus, then
    Mike: The boat ride is quite relaxing, but you can stay awake at the wheel – barely. I’m sure Altair gently nudges you once or twice, and the boat itself might do the same.
    Stin: “Ah…this brings back memories.” Stin hovers above the boat, her hand raised to shield her eyes even though she doesn’t really need to do that anymore. 17 Perception
    Mike: You can even float up a little bit, as if the little boatwagon had a Murkrow’s nest. You can barely see it in the distance: Shell Island, its distinctive, dome-like tutley shape.
    Mike: Molly, Henrietta? Rob’s suggesting we can just type up all at once, so I’m okay with abandoning initiative some and finishing out Round 1 as people like.
    Molly: Molly keeps her eyes on the seas, where they belong. Occasionally calling out for a change in direction or twist in the sail. Perception 32
    Hajime: Hajime keeps his eyes looking out, pinpointing the horizon for appearing landmarks, or just anything approaching in general. The skies are clear, so it isn’t too difficult, but at the same time, he can never be too careful. Perception 26
    Starcatcher: Starcatcher tends the sails, Focusing on keeping them steady. 12
    DNA: Huh, same rolls
    Stin: “Aye, captain!” Stin probably says a few times.
    Starcatcher: Starcatcher tends the sails, Focusing on keeping them steady. 13
    Starcatcher: ((I missed a modifier))
    Molly: Molly smiled, letting Hajime call out a few things that she “missed”.
  • Henrietta will use stories of old sailor lore and the like to help guide the boat. 21 Education General.
    DNA: That is ever so slightly adorable.
    Mike: You might know a god sea-shanty with that knowledge roll as well. :3
  • Stin definitely knows a lot. Including older variations.
  • Henrietta sings a sea shanty while we work. 21 Charm
    Mike: ~
    Mike: Still need a Pokemon check from both Henrietta and Jericho’s crew – unless I missed ’em!
    Jericho: Oh right. Hrm.
    Avara: 15 Chihiro attempts to add to the knowledge pool of Generality.
  • Kiir has his Sertep kid riding on his head, both swaying with the music
    Jericho: Florin scouts from the sky, looking out for any potential threats to the safety of the boat. 14 Perception
    Mike: * The cutest Mawile and the peepinest birb both contribute, and though you might spot a few Harpies in the sky, they don’t appear to be amassing for an attack… Squinting, you notice a burlap sack full of white things, with rough 90-degree angles… envelopes?
    Mike: * It appears the trip was successful, and though it took awareness and knowledge from all of you, you succeeded in arriving back at Turtle Island. A quick trip down the pipe, and navigating the familiar, block-filled corridor… and you arrive back on the deck of the abandoned, ancient Greenshield ship. It looks just as you remembered it.
    Mike: Unfortunately, that means it still needs a little work, and the systems are not exactly familiar to you all. They appear to be a combination of digital technology, and crystalline-based magic – and it’s going to take a little more than just plugging Crystal A into Slot B to get it moving, let alone ship-shape and a sight to behold.
    Surolam: “Hello again.”
    Molly: Molly begins to assign jobs and keep everyone on task, taking the roll of leader. Command! 22 (will reroll if requested. It makes the most sense.)
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: the ship rumbles to life, drowzy. “Hello, Princess- ah. My mistake.” It seems apologetic for mistaking you so.
    Mike: Hmmmm. I tell you what: I’ll allow it… but I’d like to hear what you’re actually suggesting/commanding what everyone do. :3
    Nathaira: Nathaira squees over the strange magitech, theorizing how best to plug everything in together 22
    Mike: Nathaira, you’re well-suited to getting into the small spaces and plugging in all the loose wires and crystals that’ve shaken loose over the ages.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: As things on the ship are plugged back in, the ship will generally awaken more and more, like a groggy person taking sips of coffee.
    DNA: Are these the same skills to be used as in the first round?
    Avara: are we still actually doing initiative?
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    Mike: Yep, same skills! Just remember, you can’t use what you already used, per ‘slot’. And nope, since people seemed to take to not having initiative, I’m okay with abandoning it for the remainder!
    DNA: All right then…
    GrayGriffin has connected.
  • Jericho doesn’t take well to being told what to do… but he’s a good hand with gadgetry. 11 Technology
    Jericho: …well, whatever, I’ll take it
    Molly: "Henrietta, look over the magic here if you can. Nathaira, back her up if you would. Jericho, I know you’re our stone expert, make sure everything is matching up when we put the crystal in. Altair, keep an eye on the crystal with him. See if your tremorsense can give us any insight we’re not getting here. Is anyone here an expert on wiring? We’re going to need someone to help Henrietta and Nathaira hook everything up correctly. We’ll also need some heavy lifters to haul this thing… "
    Mike: ^_^
  • Altair Azure knows at least some way around mechanical parts. He keeps note of everything he sees and looks around accordingly. This will give him some idea of seeing what goes where… Tech Edu 6
    DNA: aw rip
    Molly: ((Oh, misunderstood the ‘per slot’ instruction. I thought we could reuse skills. Nevermind.))
    Jericho: (( Oh, right, Molly. +2 to that then ))
    Jericho: (( …right? ))
    Molly: ((Yep, if you’re close enough to her.))
    Jericho: (( I can never remember the commander buffs ))
    Avara: do we have a pokemon slot for every round?
    Jericho: (( It’s like having a bard with multiple songs active. ))
    Molly: ((It is +2. I’m giving it to my pokemon. If you seek out Molly’s help she’ll give you the +2 as well.))
    Wish: Meanwhile, while the others are on the inside, Wish is skittering about the outside. There has been a lot of accumulated buildup, which would tend to happen if you keep ships underground for such a long time. So he’s scraping off any dirt, plant life, or whatever that would keep the ship from effectively moving. Nature Edu 21
    Mike: The idea I was trying to communicate was basically: Your Trainer can’t repeat skills, and your Pokemon can’t use the skills that your Pokemon used previously, either – whether or not it was the same Pokemon.
    Molly: ((But they can use the same skills as the trainer?))
    Mike: Yes.
  • Surolam helps a bit with the crystal, although most of her time is spent with the ship. She pats its side as they work, comforting it and speaking about what they’re going to do once they get out. She’s doing her best to keep it relaxed while this goes on. 27 Charm
  • Henrietta goes over the magitek involved with everything, while using Roma’s keen eyes to pick up anything she missed. 22 Edu Occult and 10 Perception.
    Mike: If you both want to use, say, Gen Edu, that’s fine, just once each.
    Jericho: Yen’s using Telekinesis to move debris off and away from the ship, and to ensure safe connection of the crystal. 17 Focus.
    Mike: I believe the only one I’m missing is Surolam’s Pokemon. Also, BRB, I need to refresh my water!
  • Zojiik calls on her suburban mom memories of installing electronic devices to figure out the best way to lay out the wiring without getting it tangled up. 20 General Edu
    Mike: I’m imagining Zojiik in an apron, puttering around a 1950’s house. It’s kinda adorable.
    Mike: With your efforts, the ship is not only starting to look nice and livable, but operational, as well! As the large crystal clicks into place, lights on the control panels shine, and you can hear a gentle, thrumming hum reverberate throughout the ship.
    Zojiik: (( Good, I wanted you to ))
    Mike: One button in particular seems to be flashing. When someone presses it, the rear stone wall of the hidden harbor retracts into the sea, revealing daylight – an opening large enough for the ancient ship to move through.
    Surolam: “See? We’re taking you out of this place…”
    Mike: * The ship’s engines thrum to life, slowly pushing the ship forward – it seems to be motorized, with a turbine beneath the waters.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: Fresh air and sunshine… This, I remember.
    Wish: “!” The shock causes Wish to scuttle back inside, for fear he’ll be knocked off.
    Mike: That said, it’s time to give her a shakedown! Test the engines, the cannons, the radar, the lights – and get it out to sea proper.
    Mike: Round 3, final round! You guys are closing in on the success number with your usual aplomb, but you aren’t there yet.
    Molly: Molly spends her time in the engine room, listening for any unusual rattling sounds and tightening anything that is loose. Technology 11
    Nathaira: Nathaira flutters around the ship, feeling the air currents and looking out for any nasty hanging rocks that might damage the ship. Perception 17
  • Henrietta will use what she knows about koopa troopas, koopalings, king koopas, and so on to estimate what they’d build for. 25 Pokemon Education.
  • Stin flies ahead, studying the air currents and figuring out which way to move would be safest for them. 7 Nature Education
    DNA: The last real knowledge skill I have is Medicine Education, but I don’t know if or how I could really sell that. I can’t, can I?
    Jericho: Jericho muscles the cannons into place, making sure to anchor them before giving them a test fire! 12 Athletics!
    Avara: Ecran helps by feeling things out with telekinetic focus and clearing up problems. 12
  • Surolam moves to the crystal, making sure that it’s stable as they fly on. 15 Occult Education
    Mike: As for medicine: Maybe! I think that might combine with Henrietta’s Edu Pokemon, and might help with the sickbay – it’s probably small on this boat, but it might still have things in stock, and those might tell you something about Greenshields.
    Altair Azure: Altair also stands by the crystal some, to give it an extra bit of stability, and whatever push would be needed. Occult Edu 8
    Molly: Making sure the deck is free of rusted metal or other hazards
    Mike: Henrietta: Most Koopas are a little shorter than you, but they seem to have built this with doorways that can accomodate even a Large Pokemon. It seems the hallways are set up such that you can actually slide down the middle of them – the largest hallways have two lanes of smooth, flat floor, perfect for skidding down.
  • Avara considers the best way to do this. (which skill?)
    Kiir: Kiir is totally going to take his kid skidding there, then.
    Mike: Wheee~ Uh, Skidding I would say Acrobatics.
    Wish: Wish is off skittering to the medical bay, the only thing he knows how to do right now! He takes stock of everything included therein, since this ship will most likely be used for a protracted journey. There’s also noting how much it can fit, and what it needs most. So, I’ll try a Medicine Edu 26
    Mike: Altair and Jericho’s Pokemon, I think, are the last ones to – ah, there’s one!
    Mike: There’s a surprising amount of turtle wax, and the ingredients for… well, medically they’d be most akin to the concrete bandage material you’d pour into the cracks on Rock-type Pokemon.
    Mike: There’s definitely room, though – besides the remaining wax and concrete, most of the bottles are empty. They must’ve taken the remaining supplies when they abandoned ship.
    Kiir: (( I already rolled for Surolam’s Pokemon. Unless this is just a “see how well you do” thing for fun? ))
    Avara: pretty much
    Jericho: (( I really can’t figure out anything for Jericho’s team to realistically do. ))
    Molly: ((what’s the best skill?))
    Kiir: 21 Acrobatics!
    Mike: Or: Is there a Pokemon you’d like to highlight?
    Mike: And yeah, skidding would be a just-for-funsies.
  • Henrietta slides down the hall! 5
  • Henrietta has no style, she has no grace.
    Mike: And WHOOOOOOOO it’s fun! You can slide nearly from one end of the ship to the other on your smooth belly! The lanes on the floor are even sliiiightly grooved, keeping you – wuh-oh.
    Jericho: (( I have 6d6+2 athletics on Greenback. ))
    Mike: Henrietta’s slide is far, far less graceful. She bobs and bounces, slowly rotating. It hurts nothing more than pride, but it really highlights how that sliding track is not meant for bipedal.
    Jericho: Greenback… uh… uses his vines to push the ship away from any dangerous rocks and help guide it out of the cave? 23 Athletics?
    Molly: ((Best Mind skill?))
    Mike: Hrrrm.
    Mike: The GM should be SOMEWHAT NICE!
    Mike: Alright. I’ll allow it, but only because A. the dice said to be nice, and B. because you guys are very close to hitting the “fully succeeded” mark already.
    Mike: But it did literally come down to that last roll – anything less than… a five would’ve meant only Partial Success.
    DNA: Hahahaha
    DNA: Nice one.
    Mike: Greenback’s mighty vines are strong enough to even push the ship! Well, just barely – but it still helps avoid a shoal just off Shell Island’s coast. Missing by an inch is still a miss!
    Mike: One moment, my stepmother is texting me.
    Mike: -_-’
    Mike: Okay, just letting me know the exact timing of my little sister’s graduation ceremony.
    Mike: TLDR: It’s at like 8 AM on Sunday, so I need to be at the house at 7 AM.
    Mike: Alright! With your efforts, you have successfully revived the greenshield ship! It moves under its own power, and is more than large enough to carry you, your whole team’s worth of Pokemon (boxed and all), some NPCs… you’ve got plenty of cargo space, and even a few cannons and cannonballs – which match the one found in the cave with the holo-map, by the by.
    Altair Azure: “…won’t this catch a few eyes that people are suddenly seeing, of all things, a flying ship moving around?”
    Molly: Molly watched the sun washed over the deck of the ship, grinned as they sailed to the open sea.
    Altair Azure: “…I’m also worried about how the Greenshields are going to react…”
    Nathaira: “Well, it can’t fly until we get the other gemstone. It’s just a ship for now.”
    Mike: To be clear, the ship is still oceanbound, with only one crystal in the engine. It looks rough-hewn – like logs stacked atop one another – but it’s big and tough and will probably also catch a few eyes.
    Henrietta: “So… let’s not tell them?”
    Mike: You can even pick up the Boatwagon and keep that aboard. It’s like the Hovercraft and the Enterprise in FF IV.
    Altair Azure: “…All right, that’s fair.”
    Mike: (( “So, about that ship-” “I’m just holding it for a friend.” ))
    Surolam: “Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.” Surolam is sprawled on the railings of the ship, soaking in satisfaction at a job well done.
    Henrietta: “… I thought the saying was ‘burn that bridge when we get to it’. Crossing makes more sense.”
  • Altair Azure stays indoors on the bridge for now, still wanting to maintain the sense of satisfaction.
    Molly: “My plan is to beat up their leader and see how many would join my crew out of respect. But that’s just me.”
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: You can over-feel a conversation between the two ships, greater and lesson. The Okaaz-golt mentions its imagined figurehead, and intentions towards your sprawled form. The greater ship mulls it over, and agrees – though its vision of you has you in a large, poofy, frilly dress, with a jewel-broach and a simple golden grown.
    Henrietta: “Be sure to jump on their heads.”
    Player “Henrietta” is not connected.
    Kiir: “(…how can we do that if we don’t have legs?)”
    You whisper to Avara: It’s true! Bounce, in particular, is Super-Effective on Greenshields
    Henrietta: “(Coil your body under you and act like a spring.)”
    Mike: :3
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: And the grater ship includes a scent in its vision, too – mushrooms, gentle but earthy. Hunh.
  • Hajime is out on the deck, overlooking the ocean. Despite being surrounded by water, he feels oddly at ease.
    Hajime: “…Gotta wonder how far we can take this thing.”
    Mike: For the record, the Setzer’s Theme DNA posted is hitting me right in the feels.
    DNA: Hell yes
    Mike: Music —F-e→els
    Henrietta: “Well, if we ever get the other crystal, we’ll be able to take it as far as we can breathe, I think.”
    Henrietta: “Anywhere that’s still got air, we can ship it.”
  • Surolam grins.
    Nathaira: “Baldrik will love this! I can’t wait to tell him.”
    Surolam: “That’s…freedom, isn’t it?”
    Mike: * You have yourselves a fine ship, and an idea of an interesting locale – that might well be worth visiting. But you may also want to go back to town and prepare. And if you guys really, really want to also find Baldrik and see what he’s up to – which may have something to do with the second crystal – I will not stop you.
    Henrietta: “That’s freedom, yeah. Same as how a Pokemon can walk anywhere as long as they avoid getting caught or getting into a fight. We just have to avoid the pokemon in the air that’d fight with us.”
    Altair Azure: “Freedom, huh…” He ponders that for a minute.
    Henrietta: “I don’t think I ever heard why you all decided to become adventurers, anyway. Why did you?”
    Mike: (( I’ll have to make everything up on the spot, it’s a detour to endgame, but… I can do that. And it’d be Mario-esque stuff so it isn’t the Same Ol’ Thing, which helps. ))
    Henrietta: “It’s a job defined by its inherent insanity. What draws someone to do a thing like this?”
    Mike: (( Or you can RP and I can chill and watch. :3 ))
    Nathaira: “I’ll fly back to the mainland and tell him. I should know about where he is. If you want to meet up in Crabchitin, I’ll find you!”
    Nathaira: Nathaira flies off into the distance.
    Molly: Molly nodded to Nathaira.
    Surolam: “Like I said…freedom.” Surolam turns around, leaning back against the railing. “To leave a lying famly, and make my own path.”
    Jericho: “Money.” Jericho says, surprising no one.
    Molly: “Adventure..? I didn’t have a choice, really. I lost my home, taken in by pirates. It’s not like humans will hire a pokemon for labor, they’d rather higher the trainers and get six pokemon’s labor for free. So I became a pirate; the only job I knew, the only one that would take me.”
    Molly: *would rather hire
    Altair Azure: “…I want to see the world, mostly. There’s so much of it out there, and so little of it I’ve seen.” He nodded. “I don’t know if I’d say it’s liberating, but it’s definitely a change of pace.”
    Henrietta: “So we have a money-hunter, a pirate, a freedom-seeker, someone who wants to see the world, and a wandering archaeologist-type person.”
    Molly: “But now, now that I have a ship. And once I get The Cloudcutter, I will do whatever it is I want.”
    Henrietta: “… I think we should get that second crystal, before we decide to do anything else with our lives. Go back to Crabchitin, get ready, and go seize destiny by the face and shout at it to bend to our will.”
    Jericho: “Whatever, huh?”
    Molly: Molly nodded.
    Henrietta: “Anything we want to do, anywhere we want to go, any item we want to get, it’ll be easier that way.”
    Henrietta: (( proposed endgame: Get The Flight Crystal ))
    Jericho: “What’s going to happen when you invade someone else’s airspace? When the government regards your ship as a threat? When someone else wants it?”
  • Surolam grins.
    Surolam: “Sounds like a plan to me.”
    Henrietta: “I guess we’ll have to add stealth and such, won’t we, Jericho? I’ll add that to my to-learn-this-magics list.”
    Henrietta: “We’ll be flying ninja sky pirates.”
    Molly: Molly shrugged. “I would fight them off. Go somewhere else. Whichever.”
    Molly: “Look at every bandit gang that goes around unquestioned. No one is really stopping anyone, just looking out for their own little corners of the world.”
    Henrietta: “There’s still lots of Wild world out there, too. Places nobody from ‘civilization’ has ever seen. Whole new species of Pokemon. All kinds of things. The world is really big, and this is the best way to explore it all. And hey—finding out new things tends to make money.”
    Jemyn Temyta: “Yes! Let’s see all this world has to offer!”
    Mike: :3 Heading back to Crabchitin, then?
    Molly: Yes
    Jericho: “Yeah, I suppose that’s the case, hm?” Jericho gets a bit of a sour look on his face, but doesn’t continue
  • Henrietta hands molly 10,289 gold. “I don’t know what to buy for this sort of adventure. Would you mind shopping for two?”
    Altair Azure: “…I suppose there’s a lot we could do out in the big wide world. So much to spread. So much to do.”
    Molly: Molly blinked, looking at the money. “… I can.”
    Henrietta: “Please do, then.”
    Jericho: A dangerous glint appears in Jericho’s eyes.
    Surolam: “It’s not like we would have to be bandits ourselves. There’s plenty of things we can do with such a large transport.”
    Mike: Your boat is quite massive – big enough that you can’t actually dock at the ports directly. You have to take the Boatwagon in to port, leaving the ship at anchor in the bay. Molly, as the ship drops anchor, a little compartment on the, uhm, dashboard of the ship folds open. Inside is a White Anchor bauble, about the size of your paw – it seems to control the ship’s anchor.
    Molly: “There are enough bandit targets to bandit from. There’s a bandit friend of Jericho in particular I’m looking forward to killing.”
    Surolam: “…killing? I assume your use of the word ‘friend’ is sarcastic in this case.”
    Mike: (( Castor? :3 ))
    Mike: (( Note to self: Have him come back. ))
    DNA: ayyyyyyyy
    Mike: Alright. Crabchitin again! From here you can do shopping, as per usual, or switch out your Pokemon teams. I’ll let you know that there will not be Pokemon Centers in the island’s interior! So you may want to stock up on items and get your team ready. it won’t be end-game there, but I’m hoping I can get a nice dungeon together for you guys.
    Jericho: “He’s not a bandit.”
    Jericho: “Really, if he was, that’d make my life a whole lot easier.”
    DNA: So it’s just the usual medicinal stuff sold there?
    Mike: I will also note that Connie is here, on the docks. And she will be selling some high-end armor and weapons.
    Molly: “Semantics. He’s got property I want, that he didn’t earn.”
    Mike: Which reminds me; I need to stat out those three dragon-soul items!
    Connie: “Holy butts, you guys UPGRADED.” whistles
    Molly: “This is the underground ship we were working on digging out when we first met.”
    Connie: “…Next ship you find, lemme… naw, actually, I can’t ever sell something like that, even if you did find another.”
    Stin: “Perhaps we could make a deal for transportation sometimes. That should go much smoother.”
    Connie: “…Well, if you guys think you’ll need a merchant tagging along with you… I could hang out for a while. Restock when you hit port and whatnot.”
    Jericho: “I can’t let you have that ‘property’, cat.”
    Molly: “I would never sell the ship I’m looking for.”
    Connie: “Anyway. If you guys came into money, I can help turn it into firepower and armor.” (( It’s been a very long time since I looked at the AEB enchantments and such. But I can take a quick look. ))
    Molly: ((Held items are what I’ll be after anyway.))
    Connie: “Anything in particular you guys need? I’ve got a lotta inventory today. A crew of warrior-types dropped off a bucket of loot. I think they fought their way through some Warriork hordes, lots of held items, weapons, that kind of thing. Their idea of armor is a little, uh, Sonia the Red-y.”
    Jericho: “Got anything a little lighter in the footwear department? Armor has a way of giving away my position.”
    Connie: “Uh, yeah, lemme see…” She dives into her boat’s inventory, head-first, feet kicking. It’s a very large bag today.
    Molly: “I’m looking for a Choice Item. Something to help my special attack. I remember you being out before.”
    Connie: “Cat Tabi! A +2 to Stealth checks, and they make you as Stealth-y as a Meowth. These ones also make it so you don’t slip on ice.”
    Connie: “Choice Band, Choice Scarf, Choice… Yeah, lotta Choices here. I guess they didn’t get Chosen, hunh? Well, their loss, your gain!”
    Altair Azure: “I think I’d want something that makes me a bit quicker on my feet. More mobile, easier to maneuver. Of course, if you have basic medicines I’d be fine with those too. In a fight I’m not very agile.”
    Mike: (( For the record, I think we’re reaching a natural jumping-off point, but I am happy to provide random gear from Connie. She can also provide basically all the standard items – and because we’re coming up on end game, I think she’ll also sell basically all the held items, as well. If it’s in the core book as a generic thing, she can sell you it. Fancy stuff, I’ll make up. ))
  • Jericho looks interested. “Oh? How much will those shoes run me?”
    Stin: “Do you have anything to enhance the power of my vocal abilities?”
    Connie: “Shoes and vocals… Y’know, I knew a Barbaracle who could tapdance, once. Once he started you couldn’t tell which end of him was up.”
    Molly: “… I would like a dress. And maybe a new coat. The coat for battle. The dress for relaxation.”
    Connie: “Alright, feet-wise, for movement, I have some good ol’ Running Shoes, one-size and all that. There’s also these – Rocket Skates. Pretty sure whoever invented them was, uh, drunk at the time. And also always. But he had a robot suit, so I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.” (( They increase your Overland by 1, and you gain the Rocket ability with them, with the exception that it’s for walking, not flying. ))
    Connie: “The Cat Tabi? Uh… Let’s say 5 grand.” She shrugs at the pricing
    Jericho: “Hm. Sounds reasonable.” ((SOLD))
    Altair Azure: “Rocket Skates, huh? That sounds…pretty cool, honestly. How much would you be willing to part with them for?”
    Jericho: “Sounds loud. And dangerous.”
    Connie: “For Vocal abilities…” She digs around some more. “Oh, here we go. A Collar of Attention. Kinda cute, actually, but it amplifies your voice, like a megaphone. You’re hard to ignore with this on – I used it for barkering yesterday, people covered their ears.” (( +5 damage to all Sonic abilities and +1 to-hit with all Social abilities; Neck slot. )) “Uhm… Let’s start with 8 thousand.”
    DNA: 8000 directed at me?
    Connie: At Stin for the collar.
    DNA: sorry
    Connie: “For the rocket skates, I think they’re a bit cooler than the tabi, myself – how about 6k?”
    Connie: (( Reminder; you can always try to talk her down on things, too. ))
    DNA: Yeah, I see you implied as much.
    Molly: “A type plate isn’t even worth 8000. A vocal booster like that should be 6000, no more.”
    Connie: “A dress, and a coat… Hm.” She sizes up Molly – and is caught off guard by her butting in to that other transaction.
    Connie: “…Alright. I’ll take 6 for the collar.” She nods appreciatively.
    Altair Azure: “Running Shoes only sell for, what, 2000 though? Tacking on a tiny rocket probably isn’t enough to make the value, pardon the pun, skyrocket that much. 3500 would make a bit more sense.”
    Molly: Molly didn’t butt into that one. A whole Ability? 6000 was actually a good deal in her head.
    Connie: “I dunno. It’s a nice ability – especially if you need to be in someone’s face, fast. And they’re on the ground. But… I’ll come down to 5k for you.”
    Altair Azure: “…4500?” He knew Connie wouldn’t take the 3500 offer; he lowballed on purpose.
    Connie: “Coat-wise there’s this – it looks like a light coat for an officer, buuuut,” she turns it inside-out, and you can see it’s covered in metal plating on the inside. “Strong enough for a soldier.” (( It’s Heavy Armor protection at a Light Armor penalty, basically. ))
    Connie: “…Nngh. Alright, 4,500. But only because they smell like bourbon.”
    Altair Azure: “What, do you not like the smell of bourbon?” He gladly hands the money over, though.
    Connie: “I’m a water kinda gal. Alcohol and desert foliage don’t mix.” :3
    Connie: “Alright, dress-wise… I think they raided a noble’s closet at some point. Lots of small fancy dresses, and some taller ones – though those ones have holes in the ch…” She glances at Henrietta. “Oh, right. THAT makes a lot of sense. Duh!”
    Connie: “Anyway. Frilly skirts and little sailor uniforms for someone kinda-sorta your size.” She waggles her hand about so. “You can try them on and find one you like. I’ll go 1k for each – they aren’t magical, they’re just pretty, but the style… is gonna be a hard sell elsewhere. I’ll admit that.”
    Jericho: “Sounds like somebody raided a Raltesian settlement.”
  • Connie taps her head. “That’s what I’m thinking. Someone found an old palace or something.”
    Molly: “I would try some on, if you wouldn’t mind. And what would the starting price on that coat be?”
    Altair Azure: “While I’m at it, I also have a few staves you could add to your arsenal of wares?”
    Connie: (( I was trying to find the armor rules in AEB to answer that. ))
    Connie: (( WHich I can’t find, so… ))
    Molly: ((I can link))
    Connie: (( That might be nice, actually. ))
    Connie: “Well, it’s bascially heavy armor, so… Let’s say 4,000.”
    Connie: “It’s just not as heavy as actually heavy heavy armor.”
    Stin: “Well, I don’t think we have the money for that right now. Would you be willing to hold on to it for a while?”
    Connie: “Hmm. Before I say ‘yes’, let me ask: Where’re you guys going next?”
    Molly: Molly pawed at her neckfur. “…That is a fair price.”
    Connie: “Because you guys have been good customers, and you seem on the up and up. And you’ve worked for me before. So, I’d be willing to pay you up front, if you were going in a direction that I might find useful.”
    DNA: (Did she see Altair’s question about wanting to sell staves to her? I can’t tell if her response there accounted for his question.)
    Connie: (( Rule #2 of being a seller of weapons and armor in a fantastical world: Be friends with the adventurers. They sell you high-end stuff, they buy your stuff, and if you get caught up in plot they will save you. ))
    Connie: (( She did, I just hadn’t come up with one yet! ))
    DNA: (OK!)
    Connie: “Staves… Oh! Hold on, I have a crazy one, and a not-so-crazy one.”
    Altair Azure: “I mean I wanted to sell my staves to you. Coincidentally, I also have one crazy and one not-so-crazy.”
    Connie: “Oh! I am glad to buy crazy weapons from you guys. There’s always someone who wants ’em down the coast.”
    Molly: "We’re heading further inland. I’ll have to wait for my fairy companion to bring back more details on the location.
    Altair Azure: “So first, this one here is a wand of binding. It’s really good for casters who want to hold their opponents in place, though I’ve never really felt attached to it. Probably because I’m more of a hit-hard kind of guy.”
    Altair Azure: One-handed range4 weapon. Regular attacks with this inflict Slowed on 18+. At Adept Combat, gains access to Salvo (EOT AC2 DB6 Special 4Blast2); at Master Combat, gains access to Wrap-Up (Scene AC2 Range4 Status; the target is Stuck, and makes a Save Check DC 16 minus its Power at start of its turns. If it succeeds it’s no longer Stuck; if it fails the check it becomes Tripped.)
    Connie: “…Well, there’s a lot of inland…” She strokes her chin, and then looks at the wand. “…This looks like it’d be good for some Control-based wizards… Nice. What’s the other one?”
    Stin: “We are looking for something to enhance the capabilities of our new vehicle.”
    Altair Azure: “The other one is two-handed, and a bit more defensive. It’s the less fancy one, but good for protecting allies in a pinch.”
    Altair Azure: A two-handed weapon that can fire Struggle Attacks up to 4m away, and uses SpAtk to do so (but in Melee can use either attack). Treated as a shield with a Shielding value of 1. When equipped, holder can use the move Crafty Shield.
    You whisper to Molly: Nathaira will be able to find Baldrik and his crew – Greenshields all, though of different kinds. It might take a bit of time for her to get there and back, but Baldrik is happy to hear from you and your crew again. He has a lead on a temple in the inland mountains, supposedly built by his people. He has a party along because he suspects it’s dangerous – but he’s willing to bring in additional backup.
    Connie: “…These are both pretty crazy, but I see what you mean. Okay, tell you what – 10k for the both of ’em.”
    You whisper to DNA: She can also be talked up, of course. Up to you if you want to try.
    Altair Azure whispers: Nah, that’s fair. Besides, I already kinda haggled her; IC and OOC I’d feel like a jerk if I tried that again.
    You whisper to DNA: thumbs up I try not to screw you TOO bad on the initial price, but Connie likes to haggle.
    Altair Azure: “That sounds like a fair deal to me. I accept your offer.” He hands them both over gingerly to the cactus merchant.
    Connie: “Beautiful.”
    Connie: “Alright, if you’re going inland, I do have something that could stand moving. You guys are friends with the Greenshields, right? You were with one on the island that one time.”
    Molly: “We are. Nathaira is fetching them, in fact.”
    Connie: “Hah! Perfect.~” She grins, and says it in a sing-song-y way.
    Connie: “I have a bag full of hammers for them.” blink “Okay, that sounded really bad.”
    Surolam: “Our new ship is relevant to their interests as well, I believe.”
    Connie: “They make really nice ships, then. Which, okay, sure, the mountain-turtles make dreadnoughts, why not.”
    Molly whispers: Let me know when she can reappear.
    You whisper to Molly: Uno momento, lemme finish Connie’s spiel, but then, sure.
    Connie: “Anyway. Bag’a hammers.” She hops on her boat, and drags it off. You can hear them clanking around in there -but they also sound like ringing churchbells, strangely.
    Connie: “They wanted them blessed to smite undead. That’s the kind of enchantment you only get if you know it’s gonna come up, and they seemed pretty adamant about that, and not fire. Like, really adamant about it not being fire.”
    Connie: “So, here’s the deal. Schlep this bag’a hammers up to them, so I don’t have to. And I’ll give you the collar as payment, up front, because we’re all just really swell people.”
    Mike: * I’m going to be a tiny bit of a jerk about this. The Bag of Hammers is very heavy! Whoever carries it is Slowed during combat. And if I remember to have an encounter on the way there, that might mean something!
    Molly: AT LAST the boatwagon can shine. We put the hammers in the boatwagon, and stop pulling the boatwagon once combat starts.
    Molly: That is literally the reason I wanted a wagon all those years ago. (maybe singular year, I can’t remember)
    Mike: …
    Mike: takes of sunglasses
    Mike: mother of god…
    Altair Azure: “…I also have a question for you, Connie. It’s just a request, you don’t have to take it, but you sound like someone who might appreciate it.”
    Mike: I am going to be 100% okay with being hoisted by my petard.
    DNA: i’ll be quick i swear, I know it’s time
    Molly: Otherwise, Molly is looking at dresses.
    Connie: “…if you’re asking me out, I’m flattered, but adventurers usually get into fights when they take me to a bar. If you’re not asking me out, I’m insulted.” She says it in a way that’s joking on both fronts – neither actually insulted, nor actually expecting to be asked out, at all.
    Molly: “I think red is a good color for me, it’s striking, and my fur has always been a bit on the purple side…” She explains to whomever is closest to her.
    Altair Azure: “Nah, nothing quite like that. I’ve been carrying around a traveling companion for some time now, but he’s been a little lonely as he doesn’t have much place to fit in. He’s normally rather stationary, so he likes moving around, but his current state kinda hinders that.”
    Pyroxy 1: Altair takes the moment to release the Pyroxy, as he continues his explanation. “Around ships he doesn’t do so well, on account of sticking to them and then eating them, but other than that he’s very adorable. And I know you travel around so I figure he may be a nice companion.”
    Altair Azure: “You don’t have to, but does he sound like someone you’d want to have around?”
    Connie: “…Well, I could use a guard on my ship when I step off it.” She thinks. “If I ask you nicely, can you not dissolve my ship? Or maybe if I, uh… put some plywood under you sometimes, I guess?”
  • Connie doesn’t actually know Pokemon super well. Not in an Edu Poke sense.
    Pyroxy 1: The Pyroxy just contentedly waves back and forth – but then he nods. “(It’s kind of a habit, but if I have a plywood seat, that might work very well! Plywood doesn’t taste good anyway.)”
    Jericho: “Red says you’re dangerous too.” Jericho comments offhand. “It’s bright and attention-drawing, conveying the idea of power.”
    Molly: Molly nodded in agreement.
    Pyroxy 1: “(Never mind all the fire and poison! Ooh I like this idea~)”
    Connie: “I think it’s happy with it? So, if it’s happy, then… sure, what the hey. Welcome aboard, ya little scrubby bubble.”
    DNA: I think this was the one who could get Hallucinogenic, Flame Body, and poison Point all at once.
    “You hit me with a melee attack? Now you’re confused, burned, and poisoned, because screw you that’s why.”
    Pyroxy 1: ^.^
    Molly: “What dresses do you have in red? Something elegant, and beautiful.”
    Connie: :3
    Avara: mind if i hop off here?
    Avara: y’all can keep going with rp, i’m just… not really here.
    DNA: That’s fine; we can bring you up to speed later. I save stuff.
    Mike: I think this is a good stopping point in general. Molly, you can design the dress as you like, or hit me up if you want some back-n-forth on it.
    Avara: ciao~
    Mike: I have to work in the morning and then immediately get on a plane.
    Avara is disconnected.
    Molly: okay
    Mike: Alrighty. This was an RP heavy sesh! So, what the hey. 3 TXP and 30 PKN EXP. handwave
    DNA: TL 23.0 yeeboi
    DNA: This means it’s a feat level. …This is going to make it hard for me to decide.
    Mike: Saving things!
  • Mike is a bit jazzed now.


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