Connecting with Kami

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Mike: That’s three of five! Need 1x Dawn and 1x DNA.
DNA has connected.
Eclipse has connected.
TBG: DNA get da ze
Mike: Nice! We’ll give Dawn a few minutes, and that is also a valid excuse for me to top off my water.
Mike: And now I have h2o.

  • Mike puts on History of Power Rangers for background noise.
    GrayGriffin has connected.
    Mike: Is a Dawn!
    Mike: But not a Dawn of a New Age.
    Mike: Same ol’ Dawn.
    Mike: Alright I’m done with the puns.
    TBG: If it’s a Dawn of the Fifth Age, she gets to wear pink and fuzzboots.
    DNA: I think it’s a Dawn of the First Day
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    DNA: sorry, Third Day
    Mike: Whelp, if she disconnected, I guess the moon crashed?
    GrayGriffin has connected.
    Mike: You in now, Dawn?
    GrayGriffin: I think so
    Mike: I can see what you said! So yeah that seems pretty solid.
    Last time! On Shikoku!
    Our heroes finally left Wyldglen, and trekked down the hills of Shikoku, towards the road. They arrived at a burned-out Temple, astride a muddy, trashy stream.
    After some investigating, one of their number, Jemyn, hopped into the muck – only to find that Muk forebearer, Grimer!
    TBG: (( Looks like we may have muked up. ))
    GrayGriffin: He’s flying above it
    Mike: Ah, my bad. I didn’t see any Elevation on him!
    GrayGriffin: I said he was floating over it
    Grimer 3: * That helps a little – the Grimer rise from the muddied waters, and… seem surprised. And a little afraid. They are definitely, however, rapt at the flying racoon-skeleton-man-thing.
    GrayGriffin: Do I have to repost what I posted last week?
    Mike: Ah! Yeah, you’d started to speak when my energy ran out. Uh, I can grab it, or if you have it handy, drop it like it’s hot!
    Jemyn Temyta: “Hello there! We merely wish to pass by, but some of us want to pay their respects to the shrine.” Jemyn points at it.
    Jemyn Temyta: “Could you perhaps pull back your territorial aura so that they can accomplish this without being poisoned?”
    Grimer 3: O.O’ The Grimer shiver, and back away from Jemyn a little bit. They begin to turn to one another… but always keeping an eye on the flying skeleton, just to be sure he doesn’t try anything.
    Grimer 1: * The Grimer converse among themselves, whispering. Their eyes are wide.
    Grimer 1: * Finally, the group disbands, and one scoots out to meet you. “(…Will you leave once this is done?)” It eyes you warily.
    Grimer 2: “(And not clean up anything!)”
    Grimer 1: “(I was going to say that after he agreed to the first thing, yes.)”
  • Jemyn Temyta glances over at the shrine.
    Jemyn Temyta: “Would you consider repairing that building to be ‘cleaning things up’?”
    Grimer 1: “(…Hm. Would that attract more humans?)”
    Grimer 1: * The Grimer’s eyes narrow, no longer wide with awe and terror. It’s trying to put on a more considerate face.
    Molly: “What is going on down there?”
    Jemyn Temyta: “Possibly? This is an important place for several humans.” Jemyn gestures to the shrine under the bridge.
    Jemyn Temyta: “I am trying to negotiate safe passage. It seems this mess is part of how the Grimers like it.”
    You whisper to Molly: A whiff of awful, pungent gas wafts up from beneath the bridge.
    Molly: “That smells awful.” Molly’s face scrunched.
    Grimer 1: “(We do not want more humans returning. We have our trash, and are left alone. No one trying to drive us away!)”
    Jericho: “Beats me.”
    Avara: brb/afk
    Grimer 1: “(…You speak with us and ask for passage, and I think we can allow that. But we are very leery of you cleaning anything up.)” narrows eyes
    Grimer 1: “(Is that acceptible?)”
    Jemyn Temyta: “I will speak to the others, but I believe it is.”
  • Jemyn Temyta flies back, landing next to the others.
    Jemyn Temyta: “In exchange for safe passage, they ask that we not clean up their trash, or do anything that will lead to more people coming here.”
  • Surolam frowns.
    Avara: back
    Molly: Molly spots some heavy armor…
    Mike: (( WB! ))
    Altair Azure: “That’s…a bit of a pity for us, but it’s important we respect their space. I don’t object.”
    Molly: “Would someone care to fly up there and catch that suit of armor?”
    Henrietta: “It’s been their place for a long time. You… what, talk to objects, right? Maybe ask the shrine if it minds being how it is since it’s part of their home?”
  • Surolam walks over to the building.
    Altair Azure: “…Ah, that’s true. …I shall do that while I’m down there.”
    Surolam: “I…feel you have been alone for very long.” She repeats the conditions the Grimer gave. “Is…is that okay with you?”
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: …I miss the supplicants, the travellers, the worshippers. The feeling of a hundred feet climbing my stairs." The tower sighs. "I have been empty for a long time. A little longer is of little consequence…
    Grimer 1: * The Grimer retreat a bit, to try and have a slightly better view of the assembled party up on the ridge.
    Surolam: “…the gate mentioned a statue. Do you know where it is now?”
  • Surolam places a hand on the tower’s wall, trying to send it a sense of comfort.
    Mike: Are you asking that of the tower? I’m assuming so, I just wanna be sure.
    Mike: Also, Molly asked if anyone could fly up for the armor. I hadn’t seen any responses to that.
    Jericho: (( I can’t fly. ))
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: * The tower feels less comfortable now; angry, even. Your wave of comforting feeling washes over it, like water over a rock, darkening it.
    Altair Azure whispers: Altair jumps down to where the shrine is, and gently lays his hand on it. “Are you well? Are you content?”
    Jericho: (( …actually, Florin might be able to carry Molly. It’s high time I evolved her anyways. ))
    Avara: or i could send out my harpy
    Avara: was doing some paperwork on the side
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: That… statue. Usurped my place! It is now what people come to worship, when so rarely they do! The traveller who was turned away at my gates, now revered for the floods and fires his misfortune bestowed upon me!
    Jericho: “I dunno. Can you ride a bird?”
  • Jericho gestures with Florin’s Poke Ball
    Surolam: “His misfortune? Did he cause it himself, or was it some outer source?”
    Molly: “If it is large enough.”
    Jericho: “Well, one way to find out.” Jericho tosses the ball, letting loose his Pidgey.
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: I-I don’t know! But he came, and was turned away, and then misfortune fell upon us! Certainly, the humans seems to think that’s the case – since they built the statue, and placed it under the bridge. …I remember the ceremony.
    Brasia: “Aw. She’s beautiful.”
  • Florin preens and poses at the compliment.
    Jericho: “She’s also got an ego.”
    Molly: ((size?))
    Brasia: “Heh. Is that why she’s your pokemon, then?”
    Molly: ((Mountable capability?))
  • Brasia says this with a smile – friendly ribbing.
    Surolam: “Why would they build a statue of one who brought them misfortune?”
    Jericho: (( She’s still a pidgey. But this would be a good time for her to evolve. ))
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: From the ceremony… They thought it would please him. To have a permanent home. …And then they put him under the bridge." An exasperated shudder of creaking wood
    Jericho: “Hey now. It’s not overconfidence if you can back it up.”
    Grimer 1: * The Grimer look back at each other.
    Grimer 1: “(…This is taking a little while.)”
    Grimer 2: “(Usually humans just rush through things.)”
    Surolam: (( Did Jemyn see any statue while he was flying over the pit? ))
    Jericho: (( So, for that matter, can Florin evolve now? She has the level prereqs. and I can see her ego getting stroked making her happy enough to work as a trigger. ))
    DNA: (I asked the statue a quick question; I don’t know if that was answered or not.)
    Mike: If she has the levels, she can evolve. nod
    Mike: So, Jemyn might not have seen it, but I think Altair has – the statue is in the little hutch, underneath the bridge.
    Mike: Which – …when did he slide down there? Hunh.
    Mike: Altair, did I miss out on you here? I apologize if I did.
    DNA: It was nearish to the start of the whispers when I did both of those things.
    Mike: Alright, lemme see.
    Florin: Preening at the comment, the sparkles of Florin’s feathers suddenly brightens, covering her entire body!
    You whisper to DNA: First things first: I need a Fortitude check when you go down there.
    Florin: A Pidgeotto bursts from the sparkles!
    Surolam: “Well, I’m here now.” Surolam runs a hand over the wall. “And I can tell that you must have been impressive, once. I might not be a hundred travelers, but I’ll do what I can to show you reverence.”
  • Brasia grits her teeth. “…Nice.”
    Molly: “(Do you think you can carry me?)” Molly asked Florin.
    Florin: (( Okay… let’s see… Florin is Medium size now… ))
    Florin: (( Power 3? ))
    DNA whispers: Ah, right, of course. 13
    You whisper to DNA: When you touch the shrine, you can feel it stirring, rolling over from beneath the cool, muddy bridge. “I have shelter… But it is bare and cold. I have company, and they do not shun my visage. Some things are well; some things are not.”
    Molly: Molly is small, probably
    You whisper to DNA: You might cough and hack, but you can survive the poisonous miasma down here alright. It isn’t pleasant, though.
    Florin: (( WC? ))
    Mike: Never ask a lady her weight! Except I guess when it’s important, like here.
    Molly: 19 lbs. I don’t know
    Florin: (( I can double-check, but I’m pretty sure I can do that no prob. ))
  • Altair Azure is doing all right, though he’s covering his mouth with his scarf to be safe.
    Altair Azure whispers: Altair: “When you say some things are well and some are not…what is not well? And what kind of company are you keeping?”
    Mike: Yep, Meowstic are 19 lbs. on average!
    Mike: So that sounds okay to me.
    Florin: (( Yeah, she’s definitely light enough. ))
    Florin: “(Sure. Let us take off into the distance~)”
    You whisper to DNA: The water and the wind, the sludge and the sick air and the refuse. They speak and meander. Sometimes they worship me. Sometimes they worship their own kami.
    Molly: Molly tries to get on Florin’s back, not quite sure how to ride a bird.
    You whisper to DNA: She seems… driven. But I accept the company. She does not speak to me, I do not speak to her.
    Florin: (( You put your left foot on, you pull your left foot out. You put your left foot on and you shake it all about. ))
    Altair Azure whispers: Altair: “Driven? …How can you tell?”
    Florin: (( No, wait, that’s the Hokey Pokey ))
    Florin: (( ANYWAYS ))
  • Florin easily flies up with Molly on her back.
    Surolam: (( Did you miss my comment? ))
    You whisper to DNA: Merely from how they speak to her, and what they offer. They give her the most awful bits of food; they give me very nice bits. This, I appreciate.
    Mike: Ah, sorry!
    Mike: responding now
    Altair Azure whispers: Altair: “Hm, I see. Seems like a regular. But you didn’t say what you found ‘not well’ with you.”
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: That would be appreciated." The tower… bows? "You are welcome in my walls. My bells no longer toll, and my incense no longer burns, but the company is appreciated, however brief it may be.
    Molly: Molly tries to grab the piece of armor, her claws poking through Florin’s feathers while she tries not to teeter over and fall.
    Mike: Florin, Molly: Once in the air, it’s simple to fly into the gaping hole atop the tower. A suit of metal plate armor is balanced precariously on a wooden beam, high in the tower’s belfry.
    Mike: Looking down into the hole, you can see the charred remains of the interior – and the core is largely burned out, as if the fire rose straight up from within the tower.
    Mike: Hrm. Molly, the armor is quite precarious. Acrobatics, please?
    Jericho: (( Can Florin assist? ))
    Molly: acrobatics 13
    Mike: Yes, that would make perfect sense to me.
    Florin: 16 Acrobatics
    Surolam whispers: “Well,” says Little Pummerin. “Is there any way the bells should toll? Maybe I am not as resonant, but I can provide a bit of what once was.”
    Mike: Heh. Molly’s got it, but Florin’s steady hovering in midair helps. With the armor grabbed, the payload on the bird is probably doubled! Metal is heavy, after all.
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: Once, the bells tolled for the rise and fall of the tides of the river, when the rice-paddies flooded.
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: …I believe the river no longer flows so. I know not whether this is the ebb, or the flow.
    Florin: Bird still is the word. And can bear that weight. It’s just a bit harder.
    Altair Azure whispers: Altair: “Do you know why it stopped? Did something happen from outside?”
    You whisper to DNA: “Stopped? Ha, no. Who am I to turn away company? A hypocrite, that’s what.”
    Surolam: “Would you mind if I played a bit, anyways? Even if it’s not the proper time?”
    You whisper to DNA: “No, she may stay, as may you. All are welcome in my humble abode.”
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: I would not mind at all, o maiden. Ring your bells – the memory will be offering more than enough.
    Brasia: “…It’s awful quiet when everyone’s talking to things that don’t talk back.”
    Heavy Armor: 20
    Jericho: “Tell me about it.”
    Heavy Armor: …One moment, I rolled nicely for this armor. Lemme figure out what it does.
  • Henrietta is fiddling with the puzzle toy boat while this happens.
    Starcatcher: “What’s that?” Starcatcher asked about the puzzle toy boat.
  • Surolam lifts up Little Pummerin, and starts swinging the bell back and forth, letting the sound of the tolling echo.
  • Surolam might be using her mostly-dormant Hexer powers to enhance the sound as well.
    Henrietta: “A friend of mine back in Wyldglen gave this to me, so I could try and figure out its mysteries. So far I’ve figured out where all the pieces go, but I need a key, or some other way to open the lock. There might be some sort of magic secret or treasure inside.”
    Henrietta: “Since everyone else is busy with the shrine stuff, I thought I might work on this.”
    Altair Azure whispers: Did the shrine answer the question about why the river stopped? I wasn’t sure.
    Henrietta: “It’s a model of a Raltesian ship, with a puzzle built into the top. Captain, lookout, warrior and deck-hand have to be put in their place for it to open.”
    Mike: The bell reverberates through the tower, and the wooden structure itself seems to amplify it, along with Surolam’s powers. The tower itself rings like a bell, clear and brilliant.
    Heavy Armor: * As it does, the armor, too, rings in unison with the tower.
    You whisper to DNA: No, I don’t think he did. Lemme find that question!
    Molly: Molly turns back to the tower sharply, as if ready for a fight.
    Brasia: o.O’ “Why is everything ringing?!”
  • Henrietta looks up from her puzzle to the ringing tower and armor.
    You whisper to DNA: Ah, I see it.
    You whisper to DNA: “Ah, my apologies. I misunderstood. I am old, and hard of hearing. Or perhaps, my old self was.”
    Henrietta: 20 Edu Occult?
  • Jericho whips out his throwing knife… and relaxes when it’s just the bell.
    You whisper to DNA: “I don’t… believe that I caused the river to stop, if that is what you ask. When I… when the traveller died, he was old, and weak, and without money or resources. If he caused the river to stop, he must have had great power indeed… But maybe that is why I am as I am now.”
    Mike: Answering Henrietta’s skill check..
    Molly: Remember Molly’s +2!
    You whisper to Avara: Some kind of synergy, a sympathetic vibration. The tower’s spirit is used to bells ringing, yearns for it. A single bell, powered by someone like Surolam… It’s set off a chain reaction, not unlike a chant at a bonfire starting from a single mouth and encompassing the whole gathering.
    You whisper to Avara: the armor ringing… perhaps it’s related to bells and sound in some way.
    Altair Azure whispers: Altair: “Your old self? Do you mean to say that you were once a human in a past life, but now are bound to this place? …Is that who the statue is of?”
    Grimer 1: * The Grimer are all in a tizzy at the sound, totally unsure of what’s going on.
    DNA: Heading to the kitchen to fix myself something to eat; I’ll have my laptop with me, so send whispers to both the desktop and the laptop.
    Henrietta: “I… don’t think it’s anything bad. It’s a sympathetic vibration, uh… mostly, you’re feeding into the spirit of the building’s yearning for respect and reverence, I think? The armor’s related somehow, but I’m not really sure how.”
    Mike: Yes, please, nobody die on my watch.
    Mike: The paperwork is awful, and also so are the emotions.
    Molly: Molly looked down at the armor, glancing over it for any runes, designs or inscriptions. Perception 30
    Jericho: (( That reminds me, I haven’t eaten. ))
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: A heaving sigh, a relaxing sound of wood stretching. Like when you use a muscle that’s been asleep too long.
    Surolam: “That is what I hoped for.”
    Eclipse: That is exactly why I’m fixing toast, yes.
    You whisper to Molly: This armor… it’s made of brass. It has words, old and stretched and melted, at odd angles across its plates. It looks like an inscription, in bits and pieces… “A Bell to call forth the supplicants”; “ring the river rise”, “sound the end of farmer’s day”… Not as a single sentence, but as bits and pieces, welded together by heat and force and, perhaps, magic.
    Jericho: (( YEAH TOAST ))
    Mike: (( headbangs ))
    Molly: “This has writing on it. Someone who can read human come here and look at it.”
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: Thank you, Shrine Maiden." A relaxed tone, now. "It does me such good to hear a bell toll within me once agian.
  • Surolam blushes.
  • Henrietta walks over to Molly to help read it.
    Surolam: “I don’t really think of myself as a shrine maiden. I’m…just a traveler, I guess.”
    DNA whispers: Altair: “Hmm, I see. Anything I could do for you while I’m here, to help make your days a bit more bearable?”
    You whisper to DNA: “…A blanket, and food. Both would be more charity than I… than he was shown in life. I have a roof over my head, with the bridge keeping me dry.”
    You whisper to DNA: “And see if my fellow boarders need anything else, as well, I suppose. I will not deny them charity if it can be provided.”
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: You rang my bell. Well, your bell. You are the first to do so in many years.
    Surolam: “It just…seemed like the proper thing to do.”
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: You are a maiden, and you have performed a Shrine’s duty. …Even if it is a mere passing folly to call you such, allow me it, please. A Shrine Maiden ringing my bell, and paying me respect…
    Molly: "Heavy Armor whispers: This armor… it’s made of brass. It has words, old and stretched and melted, at odd angles across its plates. It looks like an inscription, in bits and pieces… “A Bell to call forth the supplicants”; “ring the river rise”, “sound the end of farmer’s day”… Not as a single sentence, but as bits and pieces, welded together by heat and force and, perhaps, magic."
    Molly: ((Not meant to be Molly’s speach. that was just what I was told))
  • Henrietta reads off the inscription out loud. ((should i roll edu occult on the sentence fragments?))
    Mike: You can if you like!
    Henrietta: 24 (includes molly bonus)
    Jericho: “So… if you ring the bell, the river will rise?” Jericho wonders aloud.
    Surolam: “The tower says it was the other way around.”
    Surolam: “The bells were rung in response to the changes in the river.”
    You whisper to Avara: This armor was not forged in a blacksmithy, nor enchanted by a wizard. It is a rarity in that way – made on its own by intense energy and spirit. The plates were fused together by immediate necessity to protect the concept of the object. That’s why it appears so hodge-podge, and why the writing is so hurdy-gurdy.
    You whisper to Avara: In short, this armor didn’t used to be armor. But it became armor, to protect itself.
    Jericho: “Huh. And then the farmers would end their workday based on the flow of the river then.”
    Jericho: “Makes me wonder if this bridge was always here.”
    Surolam: “Nothing was ‘always’ here,” notes Surolam.
    Henrietta: “That’s… strange. The armor’s made from stuff that was lying aruond, I think? It’s not something someone made, it made itself. To protect its own concept with intense energy and spirit. That’s… it’s kind of hard to understand. But this armor is special, I think. The thing-talkers might benefit from talking to it?”
    Brasia: “Dunno that I could stand a river telling me what to do. Indirectly, yeah, I know.”
    DNA whispers: Altair: “Your fellow boarders, you say? I think I’ll ask them. Thank you for your time.” (for some reason I didn’t see this earlier)
    DNA whispers: But, unrelated, is there a blanket and/or food even nearby? It’s kinda odd for a dirtied riverbed.
    You whisper to DNA: That might be worth searching around for with Perception. There’s definitely a lot of trash here; a blanket might be around somewhere. Food… I mean, something that used to be food, maybe.
    Jericho: “Well think of it like this. What if the farmers lived on one side, but the good farmland was on the other?”
    Altair Azure whispers: Let’s try it! Perception! 5
    Jericho: “If the river rises and falls at consistent intervals, then they’d be able to cross whenever the riverbed was empty, like this.”
    Molly: Molly poked the armor, “Is… is it a pokemon?”
    Jericho: “So if it happens twice a day, the bell rings when they start and when they end.”
  • Surolam lays a hand on the armor.
    Henrietta: 19 Is The Armor A Pokemon? Poke-Edu check.
    Surolam: “Hello?”
    Mike: (( …I admit, I hadn’t considered Molly’s idea at all. But hearing it now, I’m kinda intrigued by it. ))
  • Mike sits back in his GMing chair.
    DNA: inb4 Honedge counterpart
    Molly: ((I imagine that’s how some mechanical ones came into being))
    Jericho: (( I was thinking the same thing ))
    Mike: That is immediately where my mind went to, yes.
    Jericho: (( GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE ))
    Mike: …Guys, should I head down this road? What do you think?
    Avara: hey, dan? has jericho mentioned his ability to pick locks around henrietta at all?
    DNA: The GM should be…
    Avara: i’m fine with there being an armor mon
    Avara: maybe flip a coin?
    DNA: The GM should be SOMEWHAT NICE!
    Mike: …Did you actually hit the button for that one, or did you type it up? :P
    DNA: I hit the button
    DNA: I have to be fair
    Molly: The Cat should be VERY MEAN!
  • Mike laughs.
    Mike: That’s literally the only option on that macro, is it? :D
    DNA: I know Rob pressed a button for that one
    Mike: Anyway, I’m sorry. I’m getting distracted and breaking kayfabe.
    Molly: ((No, it’s literally the GM macro with Cat))
    Jericho: (( @Ava He hasn’t. And I don’t think he’s had to demonstrate it either. But it he has done some thievery, and lockpicking is a useful theivery skill. ))
    Heavy Armor: * The armor stirs. Its plates shuffle and shift, sliding around its form. On its breast – right over where a person’s heart would be – an ornate, stylized eye opens, carved into the metal itself.
    Heavy Armor: * The eye looks aroudn, confused and curious.
    Avara: henrietta mentioned having a lock that needs to be opened, but doesn’t know he can open locks.
    Avara: @Mike henrietta rolled a poke-edu, so could apply to identifying this one?
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: Hello?" It speaks, in the object way, like a bell tolling quietly and quickly – like a sleigh bell, almost
    Heavy Armor: Working on it!
    Molly: ((Bug-Steel Shuckle))
    Starcatcher: ((Stop it))
    Jericho: (( Hm. I can’t find the statement. But I can reply to it. ))
    Avara: one moment, i’ll get it on skype
    Eclipse: Ah, so you also have an inner monologue.
    You whisper to Avara: Yep! Definitely some kind of Pokemon. It’s transmogrified from a bell, into armor, into some kind of… Armor Pokemon. You haven’t seen its like before, and can only theorize what its abilities and types might be. Almost certainly Steel.
    Jericho: “You said you had a lock that needed opening?”
    Jericho: “I’m pretty handy with locks.”
    You whisper to DNA: With that Perception? No, I’m sorry – nothin’ doing with that. But in the trash pile nearest you, you do wake a sleeping Trubbish.
    Trubbish 1: o.O’ tumbles out of the trash pile as Altair examines it
    Henrietta: “Well.. I can’t recognize it really. Used to be a bell, and… well, obviously… it’s probably a Steel type.” She looks over to Jericho, “Maybe you can help me with it once we’re done here, then?”
    Altair Azure: “…Ah! Sorry!” he steps back, apologetically.
    Jericho: “Sounds like a plan.”
  • Henrietta waves to the armor pokemon. “(Good morning.)”
    Trubbish 1: “Bub ubbish trub!” The Trubbish seems mildly peeved. It scrapes up mud and dust, and dusts itself up.
    Surolam: “I can hear it, as well,” notes Surolam.
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: Morning, donggg!" The morning bells, calling supplicants to prayer, signaling the sunrise
  • Altair Azure walks around and away from it, to leave it alone.
    Heavy Armor: * The armor plates shift, and the eye blinks.
    Starcatcher: ((Uh oh, trubbish is going to start cleaning things!))
    Heavy Armor: “…Ghhhk-” Scraping metal. “Ghhk mmmmmrrrrkkknnggnn.”
    Molly: “(I can’t understand you.)”
  • Trubbish 1 tips over the cardboard box, and dumps another pile of trash out.
    Trubbish 1: flumphs in the new trash “Rubbish bub.”
    Heavy Armor: * The metal plates creak, a little louder, and the plates scrape faster. “(Gooood mooorniiing?)” An uncertain voice, the eye blinking on the breast.
    Brasia: “Hoookay it’s talking now.”
  • Altair Azure returns to his original plan – briefing 1 of his Pokemon on the situation and have it go to ask the Grimer a question.
    Molly: “(Good morning. You were perched up high. I thought you were unliving so I fetched you.)”
    Surolam: “…it remembers the bells, and what they were used for.”
    Jericho: “Embrace the madness. Or just throw up your hands in exasperation. That’s what I do.”
  • Jericho does just that.
    Wish: “(Excuse me! Excuse me…)” the spider asks the blobs. “(Can I ask you something?)”
    Grimer 1: “(Ah! Are you with the humans?)”
    Grimer 1: “(We heard a ringing, and they’ve been talking a while. What’s going on?)”
    Heavy Armor: “(Belllllllls.)”
    Wish: “(Mm! I’m…not sure what’s going on with the ringing, but… You sometimes visit that little shrine down here, right?)”
  • Heavy Armor rings, just like a bell.
    Grimer 1: “(Ah, the human shrine? Yes, we do. We know it’s of a human who was shunned.)”
    Grimer 1: “(It seemed proper. We know what that’s like.)”
    Wish: “(Right…yeah, that one! I wanted to know… Since you’ve been really good to the shrine, the shrine wants to know if you want anything in return.)”
    Surolam whispers: “Were you a temple bell? Or…more than one temple bell?” asks Little Pummerin, sounding awed.
    Wish: “(…Also I’m looking for a blanket. Just any old blanket for the shrine. Is there one around here?)”
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: Bells… I was the bells. When I rang, people came, and they prayed. I was every bell." The armor-mon seems awed itself, as if the thought only now occurred to it. Perhaps it did
    Grimer 1: 16
    Grimer 1: “(Blanket… uhhhhh-)”
    Grimer 4: “(I got it! There’s one in the cardboard box over th-)” blink “(…Trubbish tipped it over. Aw man, I was gonna melt that cardboard and let the junk run through me!)”
    Wish: “(You think we could ask it for the blanket?)”
    Surolam: “It’s…all the bells. Together.”
    Surolam: “How did you become this form?”
    Heavy Armor: * The plates shimmy and shudder, one at a time. As it does, a different bell’s ringing noise calls out.
    Henrietta: “It probably happened while the tower was under one of the great disasters that hit it. The bells fused together to protect their concept, their purpose.”
    Heavy Armor: “(…Fire.)” An alarm bell, surprisingly loud and clamorous, but only for an instant. “(The last ringing… the temple gone.)” As it speaks, it begins to pick up a little strength, no longer having to grind the words out from between its metal sheets.
    Grimer 1: “(You could try. We try to share rubbish here. Humans don’t dump nearly enough of it. Sometimes we gotta take it off their hands for them. So we gotta share what we have.)”
    Wish: “(I’ll go ask! Thank you!)”
  • Wish skitter skitter scurry skittle over to the Trubbish. Is the blanket apparently obvious? Can it be extricated without waking it up?
  • Brasia steps back, and keeps her tail veyr much on the other side of her body from the armor.
    Trubbish 1: 5
    Trubbish 1: 14
    Trubbish 1: The blanket is there, tucked under some of the detritus. The Trubbish is snoozing, not quite entirely asleep, but in that lazy sunday afternoon kind of mode.
    Wish: “(Excuse me?)” A whisper. Not enough to jolt it, but enough to be heard.
    Heavy Armor: “(…Temple… gone.)” The eye looks up, at the tower, squinting. The ringing of a funeral bell.
    Trubbish 1: “(Bluh- what?)” The Trubbish sits up.
    Wish: “(Can I ask a really quick question? The shrine over there is really cold and needs a bit of warmth.)”
    Wish: “(There’s a blanket in that pile of trash near you, so would you mind if I took the blanket over to the shrine to warm it up?)”
    Trubbish 1: “(…What trash do I get in return?)” The Trubbish sits up a bit more, and seems to have a scheming look in its eye.
    Wish: “(What do you want in return?)”
  • Wish looks a bit surprised, he was just expecting a quick “Yeah, sure!” …he’s naive.
    Surolam: “It is. But there are still people who come by, to remember it.”
    Trubbish 1: “(…Something stinky, or gooey, or… Something awful.)”
    Avara: so it wants an internet connection and a forum subscription?
    DNA: eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Jericho: (( rimshot ))
    Heavy Armor: * The armor begins to float off the ground, shakily. “(They remember? I heard myself- I heard the bells. And you have come to pray.)”
    Heavy Armor: “(…All is right, and yet I did not ring.)”
    Wish: “(Okay! I’ll be right back!)” And he skittered back to the Grimer clearly having no idea what he was doing.
    Wish: “(The Trubbish wants something stinky, gooey, and/or awful! Where can I find one of those?)”
    Grimer 1: “(Guh, what a jerk. Doesn’t know how to just share.)”
    Grimer 1: 15
    Heavy Armor: “(…Where do I ring now?)”
    Brasia: “…That’s a very big question. I don’t have an answer for me, yet, let alone you.” She sounds a little sad, saying this.
    Grimer 1: “(Uhh. Okay, what about this.)”
    Grimer 1: “(Ask the Mistress for something awful. That’s her specialty. And maybe she’ll like someone new asking it.)”
    Henrietta: “That’s a pretty complicated question. It’s hard to find where you belong in the best of times. Maybe if you try and focus inward, and see what you can do in your new shape, we could help you figure out what to do from now on? Your bells rang to protect people and help them live. There are other ways to do that.”
    Wish: “(…Who is the Mistress? Is she like the queen of the hill?)”
    Grimer 1: “(Kinda! She’s a queen of Poisons. Heard about her from the Warriork in the mountains. One of them came through here once… long story. She seemed like someone worth praying to, so we set up a little shrine.)”
    Grimer 1: “(Here, lemme show ya.)”
  • Grimer 1 sludges over towards the far bank of the river.
    Heavy Armor: “(Other ways…)”
    Heavy Armor: “(Show me – what can I ring for? How can I move people with my sound?)”
    Heavy Armor: “I am bells without a temple, now.)”
    Surolam whispers: “There are places besides temples where bells can ring,” notes Little Pummerin.
    Grimer 1: “(Here we go!)” A green orb – it looks like it’s just a snowglobe, a simple glass ball, filled iwth green ichor. Purple flowers are laid before it.
    Henrietta: “Before I can show you, I need to know what you can do. If you’re a Pokemon now, you may have some moves or abilities that’d help. If you’re something else and just… outwardly aware, that’s important too.”
  • Wish is astounded at both the orb and the flowers. How the flowers can grow even with all this refuse surprises him greatly.
    Grimer 1: (( Does Wish know about botany? I presume so, since that was why you trained him up. ))
    Grimer 1: (( Also that gender status helped with that sentence yesssss ))
    Wish: He does, yes!
    You whisper to DNA: It’s Nightshade. Obviously, used to make many dealdy poisons.
    DNA whispers: MIND = BLOWN
    Heavy Armor: “(Pokemon… I know Pokemon. They were supplicants. They travelled with humans. They prayed under me.)”
    Heavy Armor: “(…I am a supplicant, now. I am what I rang for.)” The eye seems to focus itself inwards.
    Heavy Armor: (( Since I don’t fully know what it is yet, it’s hard for me to commit to something there. But I am leaning towards it being a Pokemon, or perhaps if that doesn’t fit, some kind of minor mini-DLI. ))
    Avara: henrietta is telling it to take some time
    Avara: look inward, then let us know when it’s done
    Mike: Also, you guys didn’t hear it, but DNA just had his mind 110% blown.
    DNA: The GM’s equivalent of an existential crisis
    Avara: basically: i doubt we’ll be leaving the shrine tonight
    Avara: so i’m giving you time to figure it out
    DNA: And yes, Mike is correct
    Avara: congrats
    Heavy Armor: “(I will find out what I can do. I will find out how I can pray. I will find out how I can ring.)”
    Grimer 1: “(Yeah, see? Those flowers are because of her. We didn’t plant them here.)”
    Grimer 1: “(Don’t eat them though.)”
    Wish: “(Ooh… Yeah, I know not to eat nightshade.)”
    Grimer 1: “(Anyway. Uh… Usually we just talk to her and ask her about things. And sometimes she gives us stuff. I don’t know if she likes us, or just thinks we’re funny, but… Maybe she’ll help you out? Then you can get the blanket to help out the other guy.)”
  • Grimer 1 shrugs, shapelessly.
    Wish: “(I can try!)”
  • Wish approaches and thinks of something to say.
    Brasia: “…I’m kinda glad I’m not the only stray you guys’ve picked up, then.”
    Molly: ((Back))
    Avara: welcome back
    Wish: “(So, uh, Mistress of Poisons! I…I’m just a humble gardener passing through, but I…I see someone here who loves poison a lot. Like a whole lot. And I’m told you’re awesome at what you do, so – could you show me ‘something awful’, something enough that it’ll blow the socks off of every toxin connoisseur ever?)”
    Jericho: “I kinda wish I could understand both sides of all these conversations.”
    Wish: Charm 5d6 13 for good measure!
    DNA: Ah right, spirit, not mind.
    Henrietta: “It’s trying to figure out what it is now that it’s not a bunch of bells, so it can figure out its purpose in life.”
    Green Glass Ball: * The ball is quiet and cool and unresponsive…
    Green Glass Ball: * …for a moment.
    Green Glass Ball: * Then, the sound of a woman’s haughty chuckle, pleased with herself and her situation, reverberates from the ball, and echoes through the riverbed.
    DNA: I read that in Shantotto’s voice. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOHOHOHOHO~
    Black Sludge: * Black sludge oozes from the green ball, and slips between the nightshade blooms.
    Green Glass Ball: * And then, the echo stops.
  • Wish ‘s eyes go wide. “(WHOA.)” Then to the Grimer. "(You weren’t kidding.)"
    Brasia: “Oh! Uh, Jericho. If you want me to translate… I could do that. I’m a little rusty on my Pokemon speak, but I get the gist usually. Just lemme know next time, alright?”
  • Surolam turns her head.
    Surolam: “What…what was that laughing?”
    Brasia: “…Not used to working with humans. N-not that it isn’t nice.”
    Heavy Armor: “(A Kami…)”
    Grimer 1: “(I know, right?)”
  • Altair Azure turned his head, saw an orb laughing, and then sludge pouring out of it.
    Grimer 1: “(You must’ve caught her in a good mood. Or she likes you.)”
    Altair Azure: “………I’ve seen weirder.” And then he went back to waiting.
    Wish: “(I will assume the former until told otherwise!)”
    Wish: “(Thanks very much for the help.)” He scoops up the Black Sludge and heads back over to the Trubbish.
    Jericho: “Nah, I get it. I’m not used to working with Pokemon.”
    Trubbish 1: O.O
    Wish: “(Is this ‘awful’ enough for you?)”
    Trubbish 1: “(…For the blanket? DEAL.)” The Trubbish happily hops off the garbage pile. He even rummages through it to get you the blanket!
    Trubbish 1: “(Hahaha~)”
    Wish: “(Deal!)” And thus the exchange is accepted.
    Wish: While he’s here, Wish espies out any other trash piles nearby for food, because Altair’s eyes aren’t quite as good. Perception 15
    You whisper to DNA: There – a bag of Leftovers. It still smells… MOSTLY edible.
    Wish: “(Got it~)” Wish then skitters back over to the shrine. And, with a care only a gardener could have, he leaves the food before the shrine’s small statue, and the blanket over it.
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: Haaaa~." The shrine beneath the bridge exhales. "Thank you, fellow traveller. With this, I have an ight’s comfort.
    Henrietta: “Jericho, while the armor of bells is doing that, would you mind?” She holds up the boat.
  • Surolam sits down, leaning against the sign and patting the armor slightly.
    Heavy Armor: “(You are polishing me. I remember this. )”
    Altair Azure: Altair smiles. “Mission accomplished. Thanks, Wish. I think we can rejoin the others now.”
    Wish: ^^.^^
    Mike: …pfff. :3
    Mike: That’s adorable.
    DNA: That was the idea, yes.
    Jericho: “Sure! Let’s get crackin’!” Jericho cracks his knuckles.
    DNA: Note to self: find the actual shrine maiden and get stamped.
  • Jericho will start by inspecting the lock. Best to gather information before making the actual attempt. 15 Edu Tech
    Mike: I mean. I think at this point, that’s Surolam.
    Jericho: (( Hot damn, that was a nice roll. ))
    DNA: Delish.
  • Surolam smiles, then takes out a cloth and starts polishing the armor more seriously.
    Player “Dan” is not connected.
    You whisper to TBG: It’s a very old style of lock; they don’t make ‘em like this anymore. This is what you’d find in an ancient tomb, or a museum! Definitely pickable – none of the complex pressure-based systems of a modern lock. It’s just got a very small opening, however. That’s the only defense.
    Jericho: (( Now watch me flubb the follow-up stealth roll. ))
    Heavy Armor: “(Haaaaa~)” The armor’s eye closes in bliss, and its plates loosen, straps – also made of bronze, somehow – relaxing and stretching and loosening a few notches.
    Brasia: “Pff. Yeah, it’s definitely alive. Never seen a bell love a backscratch like that.”
    Jericho: “Oh yeah. This is nice and simple. There’s a reason they don’t make ’em like this anymore. The biggest issue is gonna be that small opening there…” Jericho slips out his lockpicking tools and makes an attempt. 34 Stealth to pick the lock
    Mike: Goddamn.
    Jericho: (( looks down at his dice ))
    Jericho: (( What the hell ))
    Avara: they’re encouraging helping the party
  • Brasia looks over… and sees Jericho’s skill with the lock.
    Jericho: (( and I roll 4 crit failures in my pathfinder game? ))
    Brasia: “…Whoa.”
    Mike: * Jericho: Hah! They thought the tiny opening would stop you. Pff. That’s adorable.
    Surolam: “You’d be surprised. Most just don’t have a way to express that enjoyment,” Surolam tells Brasia.
    Jericho: “Easy” click “peasy” click “Lemon-squeezy” click k-tch
    Mike: * If anything, you can use it to your advantage, using the leverage and pressure of all your lockpicks in there at once to hold things together… and with a final, flamboyant-as-you-like twist, the tiny box springs open.
    Mike: * Inside… is an itty-bitty rolled-up scroll, of thin parchment paper. It looks to be in perfect condition. It even smells fresh.
    Brasia: “…Hunh. I guess I hadn’t thought of that…” she says, in response to Surolam’s remark.
    Jericho: “Huh. How old did you say this was?”
  • Henrietta brings out Cauldell’s Translation Stone. “Not sure. Let’s find out?”
    Henrietta: “I’ll read the scroll. The model’s after a Raltesian ship, and the damage on the ship itself suggested it was really rather old. But I don’t really have the tools to give an exact year.” She opens the tiny scroll very carefully.
    Mike: * The scroll unfurls nicely. It’s written in a fine, cursive script, in Raltesian. But Henrietta’s translation stone fits over the scroll’s words very nicely.
    Henrietta: The stone lets out a dim light, shining upon the scroll and twisting the words written upon it, changing it from Raltesian script to the human script of Shikoku.
    Scroll: “Herein are the censued names of those Nobles and their Retinue, who in the final days of the Raltesian Empire, did flee Court to escape their doom…”
    Scroll: “This list is presented without judgement, so that Future Queens might dispense such justice as they please. It is hidden, such that returning Nobles might not find it before their return, and such that the Empire’s fall does not destroy it – justice needs be served, be it rewarding, or beheading., or elsewhile betwixt the two extremes.”
    Scroll: * What follows is a list of names, two dozen entries long. These are words that the stone does not translate – perhaps knowing that they are proper names.
    Scroll: * At the end, a final note:
    Scroll: “These names committed, the author provides a final Opinion on the matter: that those who fled for the sake of others, may yet find their way to a reunited and rebuilt Raltesia; that those who fled for their own sake, or who abandoned the Empire when it had dire need of them, be found by the Darkness and consumed therein.”
    Scroll: “- Scholaeo, Second Censeur of the Court of Raltesia, Hunteucer in full.”
    Jericho: “Well.”
    Henrietta: “Huh… so, not treasure, but this could be good anyway. We might be able to find the royal line of Raltesia, somehow… I don’t know. But I’m going to hang onto it for now. Thanks for your help, Mister Jericho.”
    Stin: “For all we know, that could be one of our companions…”
    Scroll: Remind me to write this up as a document, with actual names, come the weekend.
    Brasia: “What, a long-lost princess or whatever?” She’s about to snort… but then holds back. “…Actually nah. I’d believe it. If Pidgey and Starly start, uh, what’s the word. Alighting. On anyone’s finger while they sing, that’s the dead giveaway.”
    Starcatcher: “I don’t know my parents. How would I possibly learn that I’m a long-lost-princess?”
    Henrietta: “We might find something if we keep delving into Raltesian ruins? There was one northwest of Wyldglen we might be able to visit after Crabchitin?”
    Brasia: “The one your pendant thingy pointed to?”
    Henrietta: “Yes, that one.”
    Jericho: “Ruins, huh? Well, where there’s ruins, there’s treasure.”
    Jericho: “And hopefully more interesting locks.”
    Henrietta: “Probably. At the least, there should be some magical locks.”
    Jericho: “Ooooo. That’s new.”
    Brasia: “You’ll probably handle ‘em okay. You’ve got magic hands, it looks like.”
    Brasia: “…That came out kinda weird.” =>.>=
    Molly: “Did we see the shrine?” Molly asked in Altair’s direction.
    Mike: (( I feel like we’re winding down, but I am happy to have people continue roleplaying. At the moment, however, I am going to get some cereal. ))
    Surolam: “Oh Altair, you might want to pay your respects to the building as well.”
    Altair Azure: “The building? Any specific part of it?”
    Surolam: “It seems…discontented with the fact that the statue has taken over its purpose.”
    Surolam: “I simply rung Little Pummerin here. And talked to it.”
    Jericho: " ‘S not magic. It’s skill." Jericho smirks, spinning his lockpick around in his fingers.
    Molly: ((I’ll be skipping off to bed now then.))
    Molly is disconnected.
    Altair Azure: “I’ll talk to it as well, then.”
  • Henrietta puts the scroll back in the ship, careful not to re-lock the box in the ship, but closing the ship itself up for easy storage.
    Henrietta: “Thank you again.”
    Altair Azure whispers: Altair: “Greetings to you. I presume the ringing noise came from nearby to you?”
    Avara: i think i’m basically set on rp.
    Avara: so it’s down to the thing-talkers.
    Mike: back!
    DNA: I probably should talk to the building for the sake of closure, but I’ll make it quick so we can hurry onward.
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: It did. The Shrine Maiden rang her bell within me, and all the countryside heard it.
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: As it was, and should be.
    DNA whispers: Altair: “Speaking of the Shrine Maiden… she mentions you may be discontent because of a statue. Is that correct?”
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: It is! The statue claims my place as the temple here! When what few supplicants remain arrive, they pray to it, and pay me little thought!
    Avara: drop rewards in skype?
    Mike: can do!
    Avara is disconnected.
    DNA whispers: Altair: “The statue currently lies in an empty riverbed, now littered with refuse and mud. It’s in worse-off shape than you are right now.”
    Mike: 3 TXP
    30 PKMN EXP
    DNA: TL 18.0
    DNA: yeah
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: …I take satisfaction in this." The temple’s voice deepens a little, as if… smirking
    DNA whispers: Altair: “You look down on another shrine in more miserable condition than yourself? What drives you to do such a thing?” There isn’t contempt in his voice, but he’s definitely dissatisfied.
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: Because it takes from me my place! I am destroyed and my supplicants scattered! I can do nothing but listen to the wind in my empty shell.
    DNA whispers: Altair: “And it also isn’t destroyed? It’s barely standing in its current condition, not much different than you. People don’t attend it much either. Who would want to step into a garbage heap?”
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: The tower is silent, considering your words.
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: …I suppose you have a point. We have both fallen, now.
    DNA whispers: Altair: “You’re both lonely beings in need of friends and company. I helped attend to the small shrine, as my friends helped attend to you. You two are not unlike comrades-in-arms now.”
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: Hnh. With friends like this… But I have no bells now, and soon my shrine maiden will leave. I have nothing else, but it." sigh
    DNA whispers: Altair: “And you’re not completely alone. You and the other shrine are here together, so you have each other, right? I think you could forge a strong new friendship.”
    Wish: “(You think he’s trying to get the big building and the little building to be all buddy-buddy with each other?)”
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: …Very well. I will *attempt
    it. But it may require additional worship and energy, for both of us. We are alike, but that means we are both weak at present.
    Brasia: “Yeah, whenever one’a these guys starts staring into the middle distance when they talk, I just assume that’s what’s up.”
    Surolam: “Is there anything I can do? Even if I’m not going to stay here.”
    Altair Azure: “You think there’s any way to spiritually link the two buildings together?”
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: A ceremony, perhaps? Those always filled me with joy and power. The initiation of a shrine maiden, a tea ceremony… But done to bring us together. That would bind us more than words.
    Altair Azure whispers: Altair: “…I think we can arrange that.”
    Eclipse is disconnected.
    Mike: Call it there?
    Mike: Callin’ it there.
    Mike: :3
    Mike: saving things!
    DNA: Sure. It is late for you, after all.
    GrayGriffin: Woo!
    TBG is disconnected.


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