Cookies, Chores, Claire

Mike Desktop has connected.
DNA has connected.
TBG has connected.
Mike: So we have a DNA and a TBG. Dawn is out tonight. Rob is going to be attempting to log in here shortly.
Mike: I guess I’ll poke Ava.
DNA: Schwing
Mike: I did have an idea or two for what tonight’s activity might be, but… this might be more of a case of ‘poke around and maybe find interesting things.’ Lemme grab my notes.
Molly has connected.
Mike: It’s a Molly!
Mike: Welcome back.
Mike: Ava has been bepoke’d. While I give her a few minutes to wake up and maybe see my message – is there any bookkeeping that needs to be done, or questions, etc. etc.?
DNA: My stuff is up-to-date so I’m okay there.
Molly: I think I’m all ready for things
DNA: TL 21.8 is where we are right now.
Mike: Alrighty. No response from Ava, but she might show up whenever, or not! Can’t be 100% certain on her end sometimes.
Mike: Ah, there’s a ping from her. Heh.
Mike: And yeah, her sleep schedule is bewhacked. She will not be joining us tonight either.
When we last left our heroes, they had bunked for the night on Route 7, surrounded by a contingent of Warriork women – who worshipped Surolam’s draconic species as the Bringer of Desolation.
They are all, to a one, loud snorers.
The sun rises over the mountainous route, and the air is cool. You can smell snow in the air, but none is falling. If you cast your gaze far, far up the slope, though, there you can see it – a gentle wintry dusting starting to acumulate.
The road ahead, however, bears no such snowy malice for you. The trees remain multicolored and the ground remains clear, as the Warriork begin to break camp.
Crucibelle Liquisdom: From their number, the Crucibelle, pink goo in a pot, clomps about on the ground, refreshed, and speaks. “Alright gals! Best behavior for Claire!”
Crucibelle Liquisdom: “…And our suicidal guests, too, why not.”
Jericho: “Gee, thanks.”
Warriork Ghratutha: checks her smartphone “They’ll be okay. By my research, adventurers thrive on doing stupid stuff.”
Warriork Pruzag: “Your research is all tale and no fact.”
Altair Azure: “I’d consider ‘risky’ to be a more appropriate adjective, myself…”
Jericho: “No, that may as well be fact.”
Warriork Ghratutha: “Eh.” shrug
Warriork Pruzag: “Either way, things end well. Either Bringer of Desolation is revived, or we die in glorious battle and are purged by his rage, bettering lan by losing our weakness.”
Warriork Pruzag: (( *clan ))
Crucibelle Liquisdom: “That is also not helpful. OKAY THEN if everything’s packed, are we good to go? What about you guys?” She clomps to turn to our heroes.
Jericho: “Ready as I’m gonna be.”
Altair Azure: “I’m fully prepared.”
Jericho: Jericho is healed and gains 48 hit points.
Picking up your belongings, the road stretches westward, staying roughly level. The mountains above you, and the mountain-spike peak below you, hem you in. But it isn’t long before you see…
Mike: (( You may plop tokens on the Temple 13 map. ))
Several buildings, tucked into the trees. Two appear to be houses of some kind. One is a temple – that has obviously seen much better days.
Warriork Pruzag: “Ah, good. Is as we left it.”
Jericho: “Crumbling in disrepair?”
Warriork Pruzag: “Yes. Has been this way for many seasons.”
Warriork Pruzag: “Claire keeps temple as was wounded by Bringer.”
Warriork Pruzag: “Come, you meet her. Clan, to Claire’s house!”
Altair Azure: “So they keep it wrecked as it was destroyed during the fight? Huh…” he wondered aloud.
Mike: As you move around the bend of the path, you can see the torii, stretching above the treeline. You can also see a small house, a yard… Two gravestones…
Old Woman Clara: …And an old woman, bent with age, and dirty hands. She’s looking at the graves, contemplative. She doesn’t event notice the troop of Warriork, or the adventurers, on the road.
Jericho whispers: What is appropriate Shikoku conduct for respecting the dead?
Altair Azure: “…Do we have time to stop here? If only for a few minutes.”
You whisper to TBG: That’s a good question. I hadn’t thought of any particular death rituals, I admit!

  • Warriork Pruzag nods, and then speaks quietly. “This is stop.”
    Old Woman Clara: 20
    Old Woman Clara: * The old woman finally snaps out of her reverie at the sound of voices. “Oh, heh. My apologies – I didn’t see you there!” Her voice cracks with age.
    Old Woman Clara: “Zaag clan, welcome again. Is it already that time of year?” She speaks slowly.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Yes. The world becomes desolate, and so we come on pilgrimage.” She bows her head for a moment, then raises it. “And we bring friends.”
  • Old Woman Clara advances towards the road to see you better.
    Old Woman Clara: “Ahhh. Hello, dears. My name is Clara. What’s yours?”
    Jericho: “Jericho Swift. A pleasure to meet you.”
    Altair Azure: “I’m Altair, one of many pilgrims to Shikoku.”
    Old Woman Clara: “Jerry, Al, very nice to meet you.” Though hunched, she seems to have some kind of sparkle in her eye. “Are you pilgrims, too? Or prisoners, perhaps?”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Hah. You do us honor.”
    Warriork Ghratutha: “It was a joke.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Jokes are honor too.”
    Altair Azure: “I said my name was Altair, not Albert.”
    Jericho: “Yeah, he prefers Alty.”
    Altair Azure: “Who?” he asked Jericho.
    Jericho: “Why are you bringing bands into this, Alty?”
    Altair Azure: “Never heard of her.” He turns back to the woman. “Are you the temple keeper here, madam?”
    Old Woman Clara: “I am, son. About all that’s left for all four temples on this mountain.”
    Old Woman Clara: “The dragon’s gate, the terra-cotta army, the wisteria tower, and the desolation.”
    Altair Azure: “…So that’s why I didn’t see any other temple keepers at the sites… Why is it so barren up here?”
    Old Woman Clara: “For the temples, or the rest of the landscape?”
    Old Woman Clara: A sigh. “I can’t keep up with the temples as well as I once could, dear. Especially now that Alex has passed.”
    Old Woman Clara: “But the temples themselves… these temples are a bit different from the others, I suppose. They commemorate a dragon that nearly brought the mountains down. I’m sure the Zaag clan have already told you all about it.” A dismissive hand wave. “They’re big fans.”
    Old Woman Clara: “Thankfully, many of the temples don’t require very much maintenance. Though the army needs polishing, and this one… Well, this one is tricky. It’s why we built our house here.”
    Old Woman Clara: “Oh. If you’re pilgrims, I suppose you want the stamps, hm?”
    Altair Azure: “…Yes, please.” He takes out his stamp card (as well as Surolam’s – continuity!) to hold out to the woman. “What numbers were these temples, again?”
    Old Woman Clara: “11, through 14. And if you’re asking where number 10 is – it’s in town. That charlatan controls the place, hides the stamp machine in the gift shop.”
  • Jericho snorts. “Yeah, sounds like him.”
    Old Woman Clara: “Ah, you’ve met him.” She says it like you’ve tried a foreign delecacy that has no delight for her tongue.
    Old Woman Clara: “Well, the stamp machines are at the front of the house, on the work table. You’re welcome to them… but I haven’t been able to fix them yet.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Someone break temples?”
    Altair Azure: “Ah, darn. Looks like I missed it and I’ll have to go back for it.”
    Old Woman Clara: “Nothing as heinous as that, but the stamp machines, yes. Hoodlums from Crabchitin, I’m sure, out to cause mischief.”
    Old Woman Clara: (( Fortunately, the town is basically where you’ll hit the main path again,so hey. ))
    DNA: Indeedy-do.
    Altair Azure: “How can we repair them?”
    Old Woman Clara: “It’s all mechanical. Harry was always better with those things than I was.”
    Old Woman Clara: “It looks like the hoodlums just took a simple hammer to them. A few spare parts, or some ad-hoc work… He could always find a way to use duct tape to get something done…”
    Old Woman Clara: “But, if you get them fixed again, you’re welcome to the stamp, of course.” A hint of a smile. “Always happy to put a child to work, heh.”
    Altair Azure: “If it’s just mechanical, I might be able to try my hand at it. I’m not a handyman but I know at least some things about machines.”
    Jericho: “Eh, I’m no handyman, but I tinkered around a bit with machines when I was little. Can’t be that different.”
    Old Woman Clara: “I would appreciate it. In the meantime, you’re welcome to my kitchen, as well. Oh, and the library, of course.”
  • Old Woman Clara points northwards, straight through the torii.
    Old Woman Clara: “It’s that building there. Many old books in it – the previous temple-keeper collected them. Open to everybody, but no borrowing. The overdue fees after a full temple pilgrimage are quite hefty, heh.”
    Old Woman Clara: “And the temple itself is just past it. Please try not to repair it too much, but you’re free to look inside it. Appreciate how powerful the Bringer of Desolation was.”
    Warriork Pruzag: * The Warriorks nod as one, glad for the statement.
    Altair Azure: “Yeah, that’s understandable. First for me, the stamp machines.” Altair makes his way over to the work bench. He sees…3? 4? of them.
  • Jericho follows, and would roll up his sleeves if he had any. Time to get to work!
    Mike: There’re three stamp machines, scattered on and behind the work table, around the side of the house. (( They are the dome-topped square doodads there. ))
    Mike: * And sure enough, they do appear to have been been through some pretty rough times. The clear domes cracked and shattered, the innards dented.
    Mike: * When you give them a test turn, you can feel and hear the mechanics on the inside trying to move. It’s all analog and mechanical – if you can buff out the dents and re-align all the fiddly bits, that should do it, though making it look nice would be a bit harder.
    Mike: (( Lemme get some numbers for this… I was going to treat it as, essentially ,an Obsidian Skill Challenge. ))
    DNA: Had a feeling.
    Mike: (( Also: Molly, still here? Anything I can throw at you here or any questions you’d like to ask? ))
    Molly: ((Not really, still just calibrating after missing stuff))
    Mike: (( Understood. Feel free to poke or prod as you like when you wish. ))
    Molly: ((BRB))
    Warriork Pruzag: “We go to pay respects at temple. Will be a while.” She bows to Claire. “Thank you for hospitality. When we descend from the mountains to raze the countryside, you will be spared.”
    Old Woman Clara: “Thank you ,dear.” She smiles; it’s less a true threat, and more a traditional one, if that makes sense.
    Mike: Okay. Sorry, I hadn’t worked out what the skills would be here beforehand.
    Mike: I blame Zelda.
    Jericho: (( I blame Zelda for many things. Such as not being in the store when I want to buy it. ))
    DNA: Heheh.
    Mike: That’s why I went with Amazon. But even they had to take an extra two days to get it to me. I’m lucky I didn’t get it Sunday night.
    Mike: Alright! This is a three-round challenge. I’m just including two participants – Jericho and Altair.
    Mike: Partial Success will be: the machines work, but they’re still ugly and dented. Full success will be spitshined and like-new machines.
    Jericho: (( BRING IT ))
    Mike: Round 1 will be getting the dings and dents out of the cases. Round 2, fixing the fiddly internal mechanics. And round 3 is polishing, shining, putting in secret bits, etc. – that polish pass.
    DNA: Any Pokemon helpers? One each, or none?
    Mike: I just have 2 participants at present. You can use a Pokemon instead of yourself if you like – nothing says ‘humans only’, but the machines are small enough that having more than one set of hands in there is just going to muddle things.
    Mike: And maybe get some fingers smooshed.
    Mike: Round 1: Combat +2, Athletics, Endurance – Get the dings out!
    DNA: Okay, so a Pokemon in place of us during a round. That’s okay.
    Jericho: Hmm… So Combat gets a +2 for this?
    Mike: Yep. It’s like getting the dings out of a piece of metal – the traditional way is to bash a hammer against the opposite side of the metal plate.
  • TBG weighs the pros and cons of using Athletics vs Combat in this situation…
  • TBG decides to go with the more stable choice.
    Jericho: 13 Combat!
    Mike: Tink-tank tonk. Hm. Well, that could’ve gone much worse – the dings in yours look better, though you can kinda still tell where it was. It isn’t perfectly flat.
    Jericho: (( Eh, it was either I get the +2 combat or a chance on an extra d6 that could’ve gone either way. ))
    Altair Azure: Altair’s going for it. His fingers seem to be moving a bit more precisely, putting in a bit more work for it, really wanting to give it a nice shine. Combat 28
    Jericho: (( …in retrospect, the die roll probably would have been better. ))
    Mike: Altair is one with the metal. You study the curve in the dent, feel its angles… and with a single, solid strike, the sheet-metal reverberates like a bell! And when it stops vibrating, it looks like it was freshly struck from the press, no sign of the dent at all.
    Mike: Like, seriously, whoa. That was a good rol.
    Mike: Round 2: Edu Tech +2, Focus, Acrobatics – Get fiddly bits working!
    Molly: Molly investigates the fiddly little structures over here in the meantime
  • Jericho is much more at home with a task like this. It’s just like working the tumblers of a lock. Except he doesn’t get to keep what’s inside. 25 Acrobatics.
    Altair Azure: Altair has some technical know-how, it’s true, but a lot of that comes from how fast he can get his fingers to move. He moves oddly quick, but it looks like he knows what he’s doing. Acrobatics 22
    Mike: Oh hey a Molly! This looks to be a little shrine, and the stamp machine right next to it – this one totally undamaged, for the record. The little shrine-house’s doors can be opened. Doing so reveals a scroll of parchment, in a glass box – unfurled so it can be read, but still protected from sunlight and fingerprints.
    Molly: Unfortunately, Molly cannot read so she ignores the parchment and continues on.
    Mike: Apparently THIS step both the guys are great at, because it’s not hard at all for them to reconnect the levers, bands, and stamp-pads in the machines. It helps that they aren’t hovering around the three-digit age mark.
    Mike: Round 3: Perception 2, Intuition, Stealth – Polish, hiding secret tricks, knowing what the ‘audience’ wants, etc.!
    Mike: (( Dat illiteracy tho~ ))
    Mike: (( :3 ))
    Jericho: Jericho’s eyes gleam. There’s no way anyone can be better when it comes to trickery. 20 Stealth.
    Jericho: (( Hm… debating if I want to pop a skill expert on that. ))
    Altair Azure: Altair’s not quite as good, but at least he has good eyes and can at least see where things need to be lined up. Perception 11
    Jericho: (( eh, I’ll roll with it. Still beat Alty. ;) ))
    Molly: Molly goes to investigate the tower instead! It is ruined. That means treasure.
    Mike: Hehe. I’ll get to that momentarily~
    DNA: Either I have 2d6
    2 or 1d6+3. I don’t have much wiggle room for these particular skills.
    Jericho: (( Skill Monkey have no such problems. Skill Monkey do all the things. ))
    Mike: The two guys examine their handiwork… Jericho sees a little notch in the case, left there by the manufacturer, that is just the right size for a coin. A little etching on it – “take a coin, leave a coin” – means it’s a fun treat for anyone who investigates the stamp machine thoroughly in the future. For Altair, it’s just another pass over the machines to make sure everything is hunky-dory.
    DNA: Skill Monkey like Fritos, skill monkey like Tab and Mountain Dew?
    Mike: And with that: Yeah, these machines are in fine shape now! The cases might be a little bit dented still, but only if you look closely. They are Good As New.
    Mike: Molly: Do me a favor and roll some Perception as well?
    Jericho: (( Skill Monkey prefer Cheetos and Mug Root Beer, but close enough. ))
    Molly: ohboy
    Molly: 24 Perception
    Mike: The temple is old, and the roof is open. You notice that grooves have been cut into the floor to sluice rainwater away when it falls. But looking around, you notice very small glints, lodged in the woodwork – little bits of metal. They don’t look like nails. Nails don’t sparkle.
    Molly: Molly aquires the bits of metal!
    Altair Azure: “Wow, this is pretty good. I can’t even tell they were in disrepair before, and I was working on them. Awesome job, Jericho.”
    Mike: You may have to hop up on some ‘fallen’ cross-beams (which look a bit fresher than the temple itself), but you can get your claw in there… and out pops a little round ball. You recognize it instantly: Flintlock ammunition, lodged in the woodwork. It sparkles in the sunlight, magically so. Looking around, poking your claw into things, you find a total of 5 rounds.
    Jericho: “Eh, we did alright.” Jericho brushes it off, but it’s clear he’s proud of the results.
    Mike: Each round can be used to make one attack with your gun Fairy-type, overriding whatever else it would’ve been. These can be loaded as a free action on your turn.
    Mike: Something about them strikes you as very old, as well.
    You whisper to Molly: Looking back, and up, you can juuust see little pinholes of light in the roof, at an angle from the shots you pry out. These shots are from a gunfight, long ago, when the temple was first destroyed.
    Old Woman Clara: “Ahh. Are they fixed, boys?” Clara comes around the corner.
    Molly: “Someone shot down from above…?” Molly pondered.
    Altair Azure: “Yep, they’re fixed. Good as new.”
    Old Woman Clara: “Well, Harry would be proud. And you stamped your passport, of course?”
    DNA: (Are the stamp machines numbered with which to stamp them on? I only see 3 here at the shack; the 4th one is across the way?)
    Warriork Pruzag: * The Warriork, outside the temple, are retelling the story of the Bringer of Desolation to one another. It’s something like a religious ceremony.
    Mike: The machines are labeled and numbered, so you can do them in order. The stamps themselves also indicate which shrine they belong to – not impossible to fake, but it’d take a steady hand. Jericho might be able to do it… but the more of these you do, the smaller a lie it becomes.
  • Altair Azure takes the time to stamp the cards for both Surolam and himself.
    Mike: t-tak, t-tak. It’s a satisfyingly mechanical sound, the noise of a job initiated and well-done in a single stroke.
    Old Woman Clara: “Are you boys staying long? I have a lot of chores that could stand to be done by someone with a little more pep in their step than I’ve got these days.”
    Molly: Molly makes her way as high onto the tower as she can.
    Mike: hrm! Athletics or Acrobatics for tower climbing or ninja-jumping.
    Altair Azure: “I’m not in a rush per se; I’ll be leaving when the brigade does, so I wouldn’t mind.”
    Molly: 10 Athletics. Molly uses her vine-rope when possible.
    Mike: That’ll help. With the rope, you can get up pretty high, but only in the interior of the temple – to where that plank extends across the roof-hole.
    Jericho: “I don’t mind. Looks like you could use the aid.”
    Mike: From here, you can look outwards, to the south. You see a mountain, like a stout spire, blocking your view of Crabchitin Town. The mountain-spire looks to have a cave on its eastern face, and a flattened top, festooned with evergreen trees, and capped by a thin layer of snow. To the west of the spire, you can see what looks like… a small desert, tucked in the mountainside, as if a space was carved out for it.
    Molly: Molly used her vantage point to overlook the area and look for areas of note.
    Mike: The desert has a Torii at its entrance, as well. I can try to go into further detail on any of those things, or you can look for anything else a-happening with another Perception check.
    Old Woman Clara: “Yes, I suppose I could. …I wonder sometimes what I’ll do when I’m gone. Or, rather, what will become of the temples when I’m gone. I don’t have a replacement lined up… Ah, sorry, getting caught up in my own thoughts again.”
    Molly: Perception Check to notice activity! 35
  • DNA low whistle
    Altair Azure: “You know if one of the warriors would be willing? Or do you get any other regular visitors through here?”
    Old Woman Clara: “Well, I could use some help removing the vines from Harry’s grave. They do seem to like it, but he’s mine, dang nab it. Heh. Inside, just tidying up, and maybe helping me prepare a few meals – I can’t cook for a whole clan of Warriork, like I used to. And then making sure the shrine with the Empress’ letter is dusted and cleaned.”
    Mike: Molly: Phew-ee.
    You whisper to Molly: What do your kitty eyes see, Legolas? Lots of activity. Coming into Crabchitin harbor, you can recognize the ship of Connie the Cacturne merchant. A harpy is flying westwards. A truck heads into Crabchitin from along the road there, passing under the Harpy. Your ear twitches; in the mountains above, a group of beings is on the move, and you can hear the hard clak-a-lak of… shells. And then there’s a spot that lacks activity – a little natural harbor, along the road there. Curious that nobody is using it right now; if you wanted to dock near Crabchitin but not AT Crabchitin, it should be a natural, easily-hidden spot… Hrm.
    Old Woman Clara: “They’re as regular as it gets. Once a year, every year, they trek through here. Sometimes from the west, sometimes the east, like today. And I don’t like asking them for help… They’re actually quite nice, but they seem more eager to break things than to make or repair things. You know how it can be sometimes.”
    Molly: Molly learns some things! Recognizes some individuals! And plots future… plots.
    Molly: Then she climbs down.
    Altair Azure: “The…Empress’s Letter?”
    Warriork Pruzag: * The Warriork never noticed you were up there, as far as you can tell. They’re finishing their recitation of the events of the Bringer of Destruction, when a hero laid him low not once, but twice.
    Altair Azure: “Is that what the shrine across the way is about?”
    Old Woman Clara: “Mmhm. A letter from an empress, they say. Legend says that she was some minor empress of a small kingdom, who had a brilliant commander and tactician. The letter is a commendation on his part, and granting him a parcel of land, here on the mountain, to be used in his honor – with plans to build a shrine to him, actually. I believe that’s where the terra-cotta soldiers to the east came about from.”
    Altair Azure: “All right. Seems pretty cool. Are there any brooms or other things at your house or in the shrine?”
    Molly: “I saw the cacturne lady heading to crabchitin.” Molly mentioned as she walked over. “Also, I think I heard Koopa in the mountains. They’re related to dragons, aren’t they?”
    Old Woman Clara: “Brooms should be in the shed, yes. Thank you so much, dear. I suppose i’ll have to bake some cookies for you all…”
    Old Woman Clara: “Koo-pwha, little… ah, kitty!” Her face lights up at seeing Molly.
    Old Woman Clara: “You are just the sweetest little kitty.”
    Molly: Molly looks at Beverly. “… she is, for a human.”
  • Old Woman Clara is then quite confused.
    Beverly: Beverly giggled.
    Old Woman Clara: “Well, I… suppose it is nearly time to dress up and ask for candy, isn’t it.” trying in vain to make sense of it all
    Old Woman Clara: “Then I suppose you are both very sweet kitties?”
  • Altair Azure quietly covers his mouth to hide his steadily-growing smile.
    Jericho: “Molly is anything but sweet.”
    Molly: “I am Captain Molly. I am traveling with the gentleman over there, and Jericho.”
    Jericho: “You say that like being a gentleman is a good thing.”
    Old Woman Clara: “…Oh.” She is totally stymied as to what to say in reply to that, and feels awkward.
    Altair Azure: “Why, Captain, I’m flattered.”
    Old Woman Clara: “I… think I’ll go inside and begin making the cookies, then. I appreciate all the help you can provide, I really do – whether from kitties or captains or gentlemen, which you boys most certainly are.”
    Molly: “… wait, she was calling me a sweet kitty?”
  • Old Woman Clara goes to make her way into the hut, slowly.
    Altair Azure: “I would imagine so, yes.”
    Jericho: “That was the implication.”
    Mike: :3
    Altair Azure: “So, it looks like we have a shrine to dust up. I’ll go on over. Jericho, you could do something over here, right?”
    Molly: “Oh.” Molly blinked, “It has been a long time since I heard that.”
    Jericho: “Yeah, I should be able to cut through these vines and stuff, no prob.”
    Altair Azure: “….Is it bad, Molly?”
    Molly: Molly shook her head. “Only unexpected.”
    Mike: Alright. Dusting up the temple, and taking on some vines. I won’t do this as an obsidian, they’re both quite simple tasks. And I’m open as to how you want to do them, but I will ask for a skill roll regardless – so convince me how, and then roll dem bones?
    Altair Azure: Let’s see…I’m doing the dusting, so…
    Altair Azure: The last time I did dusting was manipulating the particles as I would the earth, and I rolled Focus back then, so would that be acceptable this time too?
    Mike: As an earthbender avatar Adept terramancer, yes, that seems fair.
    Molly: Molly helps out this time around, giving her +2 for commander.
    Mike: (( “No, dust better. Swoosh it more. Much better.” ))
    Mike: Go for it, Altair, with Molly’s help.
    Altair Azure: Focus! 14
    DNA: …ew
    DNA: Why is Ava not here
    Jericho: Jericho’s just got a knife. Sharp things are good at cutting through vines, from what I understand.
    Jericho: Would this be combat then?
    Mike: Between cutting the vines and grappling them to hold them still while you cut them, yes, I am okay with this.
    Jericho: 16 Combat. Let’s make like Clayton and- on second thought, let’s be careful as we cut them.
    Mike: Altair: the shrine is, apparently, quite dusty. You lose focus for a moment, and a big plume of fine dust and sand just ploomfs out at you – causing you to sneeze. Which just kinda kicks up another ploomf. I mean, it’s working, but it’s kind of the most embarassing way to go about it.
    Mike: Still, the shrine’s contents are protected by the glass box… though now you’ll have to wipe that off, too. Ew.
    Altair Azure: “Dangit, messed up. Guess I’m doing this the old-fashioned way.” What skill would that be, do you think? Acrobatics?
    Altair Azure: or Athletics?
    Jericho: (( General Education? ))
    Mike: Jericho: The vines are stubborn, and have apparently been growing for a while. But with some elbow grease and sweat, you cut through them, one at a time. They are rough, but you manage to avoid the few sharper leaves and brambles on them, preventing you from getting cut. After some time, you can sit back – and the gravestone is now clear of vines, their remains scattered about you.
    Mike: And yeah, I’d say Gen Edu is probably the most approrpiate, really.
    Molly: “It looks like we might need to put some mundane work in.” Molly grabbed herself a fistfull of leaves to sweep clear the dust from any hard to notice areas. 23 Perception.
    Mike: But I admit ‘dusting’ is a really weird example.
    Mike: …That is also a good way to go about it.
  • Jericho flicks the vine-bits off his knife, then spins it with a flourish in triumph before sheathing it.
    Molly: “There’s no real skill to it, just time. At best you figure out how to hurt your back the least while doing it.”
    Molly: ((I would say Gen Ed if it needed a skill, because it handles most domestic crafts. But I would also argue that it doesn’t involve skill, just work.))
    Mike: Yeah, and that’s what makes it so weird. So anyway!
    Altair Azure: AS you wish! 5
    DNA: I think I wasted all my good luck. I guess add 2 to that because Molly.
    Mike: Molly: With a little boost from Altair, probably, you can get into the finer spaces of the shrine. You have to reaaaally reach to get back in there, and yep, there’s a big pile of dust in the back corners. You can scrape it out to the front, where Altair can just swoop it onto the ground…
    Mike: …Though you’re going to come out rather dust-tinged yourself, I’m afraid, Molly. But still, with that, the job is done.
    The smell of raisin-filled cookies begins to waft up from the hut.
    Altair Azure: “I’m sorry. I’m out of practice, apparently. That’s no excuse, I know…”
    Molly: “I will demand a bath for this.” Molly noted to herself.
  • Jericho will use the extra time to polish up the graves- the old one needs it more than the new one.
    Altair Azure: “I could brush the dust off in the meantime, I suppose.”
    Molly: “I would like that.”
    Mike: It does, indeed. As you do this, you notice the Warriork beginning to filter out of the shrine and temple area, towards the road – nay, the hut.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Story has been told, and respect has been paid to temple. …Claire has put you to work, it seems.”
    Molly: “Starcatcher could help you practice your focus. You could try to control dust while she telekinetically pushes it around as well. A mystic arm wrestle to strengthen your…” Molly paused in thought, “I don’t know.”
    the smell of raisin-filled cookies gets a little stronger.
    Altair Azure: “Strengthen my connection to the earth, I suppose.” He pulls out a hairbrush on the walk back to the hu-wait, are those homemade cookies he smells?
  • Jericho is trying not to drool as he works. That smells reeeeeeally good
    Old Woman Clara: * Claire emerges from the hut, with a pan of said cookies. They are oatmeal and raising – and, somehow, you can tell it’s an old-fashioned kind of recipe. This is the real deal, right here.
    Old Woman Clara: “Ah! Thank you so much, dearies.”
    Old Woman Clara: “Here, I’ll put the pan on the work-table. Not enough room in the house for everybody, I’m afraid…”
    Old Woman Clara: “But please, enjoy them. It’s the least I can do for you all. And you too, girls, come along.” She sits down on the bench near the cookies, resting. Even the act of baking took some wind out of her sails.
    Warriork Pruzag: * The Warriork will murmer in appreciation – not only for Claire, but also for the heroes, as well. Something about ‘taking one for the team’.
    Jericho: “Thank you very much” Jericho gives a small bow. It’s been a long time since he’s had a home cooked meal, much less fresh-baked cookies.
    Warriork Pruzag: * They’ll get in line. It’s surprisingly orderly. They seem cowed, somehow, by the presence of Claire.
    Molly: “Do you have an available bath?”
    Altair Azure: “Thank you very much, madam.” He takes one cookie, and waits for Molly.
    Old Woman Clara: “Yes, you can use it. …Would you prefer the sink, kitty?”
    Old Woman Clara: “You remind me of my Alex when he was just a Cubchoo. We bathed him in the sink. Though of course, we leaned him over so his nose dripped in the other sink…”
    Molly: “… a sink isn’t a bath.” Molly said confused.
    Jericho: “I thought you were a cat, not a dust bunny.” Jericho smirks.
    Mike: Once everyone gets a cookie or two, there are 10 cookies left over for you to take with you. Each Home-Made Cookie restores 10 HP and removes one Volatile Status Condition as a Snack. ((Been a long time since I looked at Snacks, I think that makes sense. Correct me if not. ))
    Old Woman Clara: “Well, if you insist. Second door on the left, kitty.”
    Molly: ((snacks are one per scene, that’s the big drawback. But they can do a lot of things))
    Altair Azure: “Molly, will you be all right on your own? Or are you not fond of water?”
    Beverly: Beverly and Starcatcher help themselves to however many cookies they can get away with it. Molly takes only one and nibbles away at it slowly.
    Molly: With half-eaten cookie in hand, Molly goes to clean herself off.
    Mike: Hunh. Apparently not many people went in for second cookies, because that’s a whole 10 cookies you guys get to keep after this session. Wowza.
    Molly: ((missed Altair’s comment))
    Molly: “I’ll be fine on my own. I may need help while drying off.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “We thank you for temple and food, Claire. After cookies, we march to battle!”
    Altair Azure: “All right. Give me a holler when that happens.”
    Mike: I also think we can about stop there. A bit short, I know, but we’re down two people and continuing on would invite the boss battle. And I know Surolam would like to be here for that, if nothing else.
    DNA: Yeah, that’s fine by me
    Unresolved value “b”.
    Mike: Alrighty. Let’s say 25 PKMN EXP and 2 TXP. A short and chill day of noodling around, but people got some loot and I hope y’all had some fun.
    DNA: TL 22.0. YEAUH
    Mike: Ain’t that handy. Here’s hoping the baddie I made is buff enough to withstand you guys.
    Mike: Saving campaign and log


ElementalKnight ElementalKnight

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