Denouement, Part 1


  • Became a renowned scholar of magic; to the point where even human scholars cannot ignore her.
  • She helps engineer tighter ties between the Greenshields and Wyldglen, ensuring that the former Koopas have a second home there. She also helps the Greenshields rout the Red Rooks once and for all, with the aid of a few spider-borne women in the forests of Shikoku’s eastern coasts.
  • Also helps keep tabs on SMITE’s activities with the elemental stones, making some discoveries – and never giving them quite enough information to be effective.
  • Once SMITE and the Red Rooks were both taken care of, Henrietta turned her attention to two fronts: Magical study, and Raltesian history. In both cases, she became thoroughly knowledgeable, learning secrets that few living souls know – and yet, in the depths of that knowledge, she knows most of all that there is still so much yet to learn.
  • To this day, parties of Trainers and adventuring warriors know to turn to Wyldglen when they have need of deep magical or Raltesian lore, specifically to seek out a shiny Gardevoir of both beauty and brains – and to give her an offering of honey, to curry her favor.


  • Has her own ship now, which flies, thanks to the Pyramid crystal!
  • Eventually finds her old ship – in the hands of other, lesser pirates. Liberates it. By force. If she decides not to take it, perhaps she’ll return it to an old crewmate, or the (adopted?) child of her captain. In any event, however, it’s the start of her being not only a pirate captain, but a pirate admiral – the head of a fleet of pirate ships.
  • Though her further adventures, she collects a network of merchants and sailors, including Connie and the Harpies. While she may not profit from all business on the seas, there’re few deals or discoveries made on the sea that she wouldn’t know about, able to swoop in and act to her heart’s content.
  • To this day, she sails the seas and skies, looking for foes to plunder. One of the ‘good’ pirates, though that depends on who you ask.


  • Jericho went on to find more information on the souped-up elemental stones, and SMITE’s plans for them. He had help from Henrietta, but also broke into several SMITE offices and criminal hubs to get significantly more data.
  • With the aid of several NPCs – Antariksha, the Joy & Jenny, and others – he led a multi-pronged siege and assault on their headquarters, harassing and disabling their operations, machines, and mines.
  • Following a climactic battle with their head boss (while said boss was high on souped-up stones, empowered with all the Types of Pokemon at once), Jericho ends the threat of SMITE once and for all, not only for him and his family – found safe and sound, for a bargaining chip is only useful when not yet cashed in – but for everyone in Antimonite Valley.
  • He may or may have not blow up a mountain in the process.
  • Once things settled down, it was time to get the town back up and running under a more legitimate business plan. Jericho helped make sure the few remaining elemental stones were studied legitimately, and diversified Antimonite Valley’s mining operations, working with the allies from his adventures both before and after his time with the Shikoku crew.
  • With the town beginning to prosper, and all eyes on him, Jericho gave up being a pickpocket – and turned his attention to creating a new Gym in Antimonite Valley. The Gym focused on the skills of a thief: pickpocketing, sneaking, listening, and avoiding danger and traps. The additional tourism helped boost his home town even further, and gave him the means to keep the ‘real’ thieves, bandits and businessmen alike, at bay.


  • Her dragon heritage revealed, she continues onward to find homes for the small items in her box. It takes many miles and many moons, but by the end, even the box itself is returned to its rightful home.
  • The Orcs of the mountains still revere her as a god, and always welcome her there. They say you can find a statue of a great serpentine dragon, hewn from the rock, right at the cloudline. They still make their annual pilgrimage to the site of the Bringer of Destruction, but now they tell a new tale – of her conquest of the old Bringer.
  • At some point, her family caught up with her. Now, though, Surolam was not only a goddess in the eyes of some, but an adult, strong and capable and independent, in the eyes of nearly everyone else – and though it may have pained them, her parents were forced to recognize it, and to ‘give’ her the independence she had already taken for herself. Whether they truly reconciled, or simply agreed to disagree, is unknown.
  • Somewhere out there, she settled down. Whatever town held her attention so was truly blessed, and whatever men or women entered her orbit were doubly so – blessed by the blood of dragons, and by the heart of a woman. The town prospered, lost objects always found their way home eventually, and supplicants from the mountains – and elsewhere from her journeys – would come to her and her town with gifts, their own wisdom, and protection.


  • As Lunar Hope, he helped train Aditya in her new role as a crimefighter-by-night. Together, they patrolled the cities of Shikoku whenever they were in the same town; and when they weren’t, they kept an eye on news reports of the other’s actions. Aditya makes sure to send a few clippings of the best stories, with a copy of her latest CD, whenever possible.
  • By day, as Altair, he helped uncover the old secrets of buildings and caverns, scattered throughout Shikoku. Through him, the deeper ancient history of Shikoku, from before even Raltesia arose, began to come to light – a tale of darkness, rising and falling like a tide, and of heroes who crest the waves and scale the mountains.
  • Sometimes, in the darkness of those caverns, he heard a voice – one full of poison, both potent and dangerous. The presence seems content to quietly watch his movements, and see his discoveries. After a time, Altair realized it was both fascinated by him, and afraid of him – and not only for the sake of the Lunar Crystal that bound his two personas together.
  • After quite a while, Altair’s past caught up to him – chief among it, his mother, Vega. Exactly what transpired between them, both before Altair left to begin his journey, and after it ended, is a tale for another time, and one he was never eager to tell. Suffice to say, however, that the three – Altair, Lunar Hope, and Vega – had a reckoning. Grievances were aired, and hurtful, truthful things were said…
  • …But in the end, there was forgiveness. After that meeting, Lunar Hope shone brighter than ever before, a second moon in the darkest nights – and Altair felt more hopeful, too, his heart unburdened; his future, and all of Shikoku, were open to him.


ElementalKnight ElementalKnight

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