Denouement, Part 2


The Infinite Possibility. ARN-000.

  • Jil followed Surolam over mountain and stream. She felt attached, and was glad to keep the place she had established.
  • However, establishing a family, settling down permanently… Those were difficult decisions, and ones Jil did not feel ready to make, one way or the other. She stayed with Surolam, but the Crystal Creche remained unused by them, at least for a long while.


The Ineluctable Dawn. ARN-008. The last of the Armorer Robots, and perhaps the most human.

  • She continued her career, singing new songs and taking command of her pop-star and crime-fighting identities.
  • She went through a number of different styles, flirting with goth, grunge, and country, before returning to the more bubblegum style she was originally built for. She seemed satisfied with it, having explored other options.
  • She also tried out numerous costumes and names for the nightly patrols that Lunar Hope had inspired her to do, practically a new one at every stop on her tour. While she never battled anything on the scale some Trainers and other adventurers do, she did have a few tougher fights, including a night-long running brawl against a gang of boy-band street thugs in Garden City.
  • After her big tour was complete, though, Aditya joined her sister Antariksha, and set about searching for her lost sisters. She still performs occasionally, but only spontaneously – ardent music fans are always hoping that today might be the day she steals the spotlight at their local mall or town square…


The Pervading Shadow. ARN-007.

  • Purpose-built for intelligence gathering and assassination; she embraced the former, and rejected the latter. She continued working against SMITE with Jericho until the organization was finished, and Antimonite Valley freed. Through the journey, she caused bodily injury on a few occasions, but never took a life directly.
  • Afterwards, she desired closure on her origins, and on her lost sisters. She joined Aditya, searching for their sisters in the towns and countryside of Shikoku. She was unsure what she would do when she found them, if anything. She knew only that she wanted to observe, to learn their status.
  • When her journey is over, however, she intends to return to Antimonite Valley, unannounced and unobserved. Perhaps this time, she can catch Jericho unawares.


The Nourishing Earth. ARN-006.

  • Designed as a caregiver for the aging and ailing Armorers, Prithvi was originally designed as a robotic Nurse Joy – caring, nurturing, capable of tending to every need without hesitation, and built with the strength to move both a decrepit human and the bed they rested on without effort, despite only a hint of musculature upon her frame.
  • Brown hair, muscular build, broad-shouldered and large-chested. The Armorers had hope that their artificial nurse would be superior to the existing model.
  • They were partially right; Prithvi was too capable of seeing the harm they might cause. Those ARN girls in the know would debate whether she was the one to end their lives, to simply let them pass peacefully when the time came, or if she was caring for them until the end.
  • Now, she lives in Milk Town, not far from where the ARN base emergency exit is. She works on a farm, caring for Pokemon in a simple, rural life. She tries to shoo visitors away; concerned, perhaps, that her programming is too strong, and she would care for them despite her own misgivings.


The Purified Wind. ARN-005.

  • Vayu is a small, slight, wisp-like girl, younger-looking than the other ARNs. White hair and blue eyes sparkle up from her pristine face.
  • Vayu was designed to purify substances, be they gas, liquid, or solid. Despite the semi-biological nature of the ARN technology, she is utterly immune to poisons and toxins of all types.
  • She lives in Hydrolec City. For a time, she lived on the streets, and purified water for other homeless people. However, she was spotted swimming in a small pool of industrial waste by a low-ranking scientist… who observed the pool becoming clear and pure right before his eyes.
  • Now, she helps him in the lab, and he treats her as a daughter he never knew he wanted, but now adores. Vayu, for her part, appreciates the love, finding it an improvement over the Armorers’ callous and uncaring custodianship of her,
  • However, Vayu worries about what her robotic nature will mean for her newfound father figure. Would he approve? Would he be disappointed? Would he try to ‘fix’ her? What would that even mean? She debates telling him, she considers running away, she considers trying to find some way to ‘grow up’ for him. She has yet to come to a decision.


The Forgotten Mountain. ARN-004.

  • Dyaus is built like a Machop and nearly twice as tall. The Armorers intended her to help with expanding their base and constructing new robots and other devices – menial labor in a human package. Her long, wild gray hair is like an avalanche of dust and gravel.
  • Dyaus was not built for intelligence, but the native learning processes in all ARN were installed in her, as well. A voracious reader, Dyaus was quite happy to be ignored by her masters, except when they wanted something moved or built.
  • Soon after her activation, she was befriended by Chandramas. The two were never inseparable, but were perhaps the closest any two ARN were before the Armorers’ downfall.
  • The only thing that would drive her to action was when others were ignored and hurt – which should would try to fix in a quiet and anonymous way, if she could.
  • When the Armorers fell, Dyaus found her way to Maes City – a huge place she could disappear into. There, she works in construction, always leaving one company or another when she attracts too much attention, always carrying a book in her back pocket. She’s not too concerned with the fate of the other ARN girls – she’s found her peace, and would be content to help construct buildings for many years to come.


The Bright Moon. ARN-003.

  • In many ways, Chandramas was a prototype for Aditya: built with powers of light and suggestion, but without the secret ingredient of music.
  • Chandramas cuts an attractive figure, and dresses in a well-tailored suit. She was to be the Armorer’s main point of contact with the outside world, able to cut deals for materials and supplies that they thought they might need as they ramped up production of different models of robotic women.
  • However, few such deals were ever struck. She performed well in those missions, but the Armorers’ ailing health and protracted R&D phase left her with little to do on many days. When Dyaus was built, she made sure to befriend her – both for her own simple enjoyment of the company, but also to consolidate a power base.
  • When the Armorers passed, she made her own was to Maes City, unaware that Dyaus had done the same along a different path. She now works as a negotiator, often crafting business deals between the less-than-savory: businessmen, criminals, and pirates alike. Of all the ARN, Chandramas has amassed the most wealth and influence – and so far, seems content to sit on it.


The Living Fire. ARN-002.

  • Her hair is short and fiery red, her eyes a tumultuous orange, her body lithe and agile. She commands fire, starting it with a touch, manipulating it like a toy.
  • Agni was the first “proper” ARN model, in the Armorers’ eyes. They preferred her over all their other creations, and she took it to heart – as well as their ideology. When they died, she was, in part, responsible for the destruction of their base, causing fires and explosions in a fit of anguish.
  • Lost and alone without her creators’ guidance, she fled the faltering base, into the mountains. Some days, travelling Trainers and Pokemon will see a solitary woman, wreathed in fire to keep the cold at bay – but before they can reach her, she is gone, running swiftly over stone and hard-packed snow.
  • No one is quite sure what, if anything, she is up to. Perhaps she is merely dealing with her loss on her own, as so many of the ARN are. Perhaps she is plotting vengeance against her sisters, or against the Pokemon that the Armorers held in such disdain.


The Unmoving Star. ARN-001.

  • A straight-backed woman with black hair, save for a few white strands peppering it. Built as the first Armorer Robot, she was intended to help further their scientific goals… Which meant they had little need to finish her legs. A wheelchair sufficed.
  • Now, she works in an observatory on the mountain above the town of John’s Lookout, watching the stars and making careful calculations. Respected as a logical and intelligent scientist, she struggles to make personal connections – her emotional and interpersonal programming is relatively simplistic and underdeveloped.
  • So far, she seems happy to simply continue performing scientific measurements, though she feels she could be spurred on to action and greater purpose… if the need arose.


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