Digging up a Dragon

Mike Desktop has connected.
Warriork Pruzag: 45
Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): 13
Crucibelle Liquisdom: 21
Warriork Pruzag: 38
Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): 23
Crucibelle Liquisdom:
Crucibelle Liquisdom: 15
Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): 6
Wyvereign (Dragon, Head):
Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): 25
Molly has connected.
Mike: 1x mol~
DNA has connected.
TBG has connected.
Mike: So we still need a Surolam and a Henrietta. And I know Ava is going to be out for at least most of the night.
Molly is disconnected.
Molly has connected.
GrayGriffin has connected.
Mike: It’s a Dawn!

  • Mike almost said “Dan”.
    Mike: Hookay! Is there any bookkeeping or questions that people need to do or ask?
    Molly: have we rested any since the terracotta fight. Molly is bruised
    Mike: I’m trying to remember, but yes, I believe you did. You rested with the Warriorks shortly after that temple, on the road between there and Temple 13.
    DNA: Can confirm, that was the start of a new day.
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    Mike: And we lost a dawn.
    Mike: We’ll wait for her computer to recombobulate before I kick things off.
    Mike: Also: Don’t forget your cookies.
    DNA: I just ate my cookies.
    DNA: oh, you meant in-session
    Molly: Molly loses 0 hit points.
    Mike: oooh, just remembered another thing. jots note
    TBG: I don’t have cookies, but I do have that pie I made on Tuesday.
    TBG: Hm. I should probably have dinner first though. I think I still have some pizza rolls I can toss in the oven
    GrayGriffin has connected.
    Mike: Pizza rolls are food, yes.
    Mike: Alright! Dawn, you in and back online?
    GrayGriffin: The Route 7 encounter is freezing up again
    GrayGriffin: Last time when you brought out the pot sprite it only appeared as a question mark, so I think that’s the problem
    Mike: Yeah, apparently. Alright, lemme cut and paste her then I guess.
    Mike: Alright, removed her from everything but the NPC Storage sheet, which y’all can’t see anyway.
    GrayGriffin: Alright, I can see it now
    Mike: We’ll be starting on the Temple 13 map, but we’re going to move on to Temple 14 tonight.
    DNA: Understood.
    When we last left our heroes, they had met Claire, the grandmotherly woman who seemed to care for the Temples on this mountainside. Lonely and unable to keep up with the work, she welcomed both the heroes and their retinue of Desolation-worshipping Warriork.
    The Warriork prayed at the temple itself, a ruined husk maintained in the exact state it was left in following the battle ages ago. Our heroes put their backs into helping out around the house, including repairing the stamp machines for the temples on the mountain.
    Old Woman Clara: (( Clara, sorry, not Claire. Whups! ))
    And then Clara made cookies for everybody. There were quite a few left over.
    Old Woman Clara: And that’s about where we pick up…
  • Old Woman Clara also passes out cookies – a second pan, mind you – to the Warriorks.
    Old Woman Clara: “I imagine you’re all quite hungry after telling your stories.”
    Warriork Pruzag: ’
    Warriork Pruzag: “Our thanks. But we should continue to Desolation soon.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Pilgrimage nearly at its end. Soon, we battle the dragon of old, and meet our fate in deadly combat.” She sounds quite eager, even getting a little teary-eyed with how exciting the subject is to her.
    Old Woman Clara: “I… think that’s wonderful?” blink “Well, dearie, it’s always a pleasure seeing you. Same time next year?”
    Warriork Pruzag: “If we survive.”
  • Old Woman Clara shrugs this off, like it’s the answer she gets every year. Maybe it is.
    Jericho: “Ever the optimists, them.”
    Kiir: “(I can’t wait!)” Spoken with a mouth full of cookies.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Is optimism, yes.” She moves around Clara to better see the Trainers.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Either we die, and our clan is stronger to lack us. Or we win, and we are stronger for victory, and can tell rousing tale.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Are you ready to continue? We will wait for Bringer and her retinue to gather their things, but we would not wish to wait all day.”
    Jericho: “…just a thought. If your entire clan is wiped out, wouldn’t your clan arguably be weaker?”
    Jericho: “You know, via that whole ‘not existing’ issue?”
    Jemyn Temyta: “I’m ready!”
  • Jemyn Temyta pumps his sword-holding fist.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Males, weak ones, old ones, children, all left higher-up on mountain. Clan will not die with us.”
    Jericho: “So… basically anyone who isn’t a warrior?”
    Warriork Akash: * The one with a smartphone looks up from it. “I mean… the human’s got some kinda point.”
  • Warriork Pruzag looks at Jericho, and nods.
    Jericho: “I’ve got pessimism. With just a touch of nihilism.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Humans. Trainers, yes? You bring your Pokemon, your warriors, with you. But not your family, your sick, your elderly.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “The valley between our crags is narrow enough to jump.”
    Zojiik: “I mean, I am carrying some eggs with me. They’re safe inside here, though.”
    Jericho: “If I could get away with it, I wouldn’t be going either.”
    Mike: (( Oh yeah, did I leave the diamoth token behind? Where’d that guy go… ))
    Pirta: (( bloop ))
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: Speaking of eggs: As quickly-developing insect eggs, in a safe and controlled space, they’re growing quickly. Zojiik, you can feel them wriggling. They will likely hatch by the day’s end.
    Warriork Pruzag: “You can run. Your cowardice will be recorded in stone, but it will be chiseled by your hand. …If the Bringer allows.” She nods to Surolam, still (?) in Dragon forme.
    Molly: Molly exited the building, her fur frizzy from relentless toweling off and still lightly damp. But clean.
    Surolam: (( Let’s say she turned back at some point to eat cookies, before shifting back to dragon form for the march ))
    Jericho: “I would, but if I leave now, I won’t have anyone left to say ‘I told you so’ to when this turns out to be a horrible idea.”
    Surolam: “We could always use more of your expertise,” Surolam says, tail flicking in a teasing way.
    Altair Azure: “You ready to go, Molly?” Altair glances over.
    Warriork Akash: “I’ll be sure to take a picture, then. You can post it online. ‘ToldYouSo.jpg’.”
    Jemyn Temyta: “Ooh, I can put it on my blog!”
    Molly: “I am. A rest was good for my mind.”
    Beverly: “So you did start that blog!” : D
    Jemyn Temyta: “Indeed. It was a good idea, althougH I do not have that many ‘followers’ yet.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Cat-commander is ready, Bringer is in full splendor. It sounds like we are ready.” She nods. “Clara, again, we thank you. Keep the Bringer’s desolation whole until we return.”
    Old Woman Clara: “I’ll try my best, dearies. Be safe!”
    Warriork Akash: “Well, remind me to follow you.” She pokes at her phone, and she’ll do just that if Jemyn gives her the info.
    Jemyn Temyta: “Um…Ianthe?”
  • Ianthe will text the URL to Akash.
    Warriork Akash: :D
    Mike: Alright. As you march westward form Temple 13, the grass begins to brown. The trees thin out, leaving bare rock. Bushes and shrubbery and tall grass, all become sparse, then stop appearing at all.
    Mike: And as you swing around on the path, and begin heading southwards – and downhill – you notice the ground becomes sandier, softer, and even more devoid of life. Though the air is still chill, it feels like no life is here – you don’t see a single bit of plantlife, and the air is surprisingly quiet, devoid of the sounds of wild Pokemon.
  • Gramaan buzzes around, looking nervous and starting to shift towards thier swarm-form.
    Jericho: “Well this isn’t ominous or anything.”
    Gramaan: (( Do we move to temple 14 now? ))
    Hajime: Perception for sounds 23
    Mike: Yes, please. Temple 14, north side, at or under the Torii.
    Molly: Molly loses 0 ability points. Current Ability Points: 3, Maximum Ability Points: 9
    You whisper to DNA: The wind wooshes by. The sand crunches beneath your feet softly. You can, very faintly, hear some echoing noise, far off in the mountains to the north.
  • Pirta follows, and lands on the Torii. She seems nervous, surveying the area.
    Hajime: “Wow. This place is absolutely empty.”
    Molly: Molly looks out for movement, no matter how hidden. 22 Perception
    Jericho: “Good. Maybe we don’t need to be here then…”
    Mike: It is. No buildings, excepting the Torii itself, clearly marking this as a Temple-space.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: You can feel it, under the sands – rage, rage undying, like a slight you have never forgotten.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Behold – the Desolation.”
    Surolam: “…I can feel the rage below us.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Sisters, we enter.” She bows her head, and the orcish women follow.
    Molly: ((the check earlier?))
    You whisper to Molly: Lesse. The sands shift slightly, ever-so-slightly. Not from your movement. It could simply be the movement of the earth, expanding in the sun’s warming light. But no creatures are afoot here at present, besides yourselves.
    Jericho: “Are you sure we’re not just standing on top of a volcano or something?” Jericho looks around at the rocks, desperately hoping this is the case. 10 Nature Edu
    Molly: “It looks more like a sinkhole. A volcano wouldn’t be surrounded by sand.”
    Molly: Molly investigates the larger rock beside her.
    Altair Azure: “Hmm… Sand.” Altair kneels on the ground and places his hand down, trying to feel through the earth with his Tremorsense. Focus 26
    You whisper to TBG: Molly’s right, or at least on the right track. This sand isn’t precarious, but the pit in the middle likely is. There’s hard rock under here – much of it in the form of large boulders, packed together with sand fill. The sand also seems a little odd to you – it’s not beach sand, more like desert sand, but sparkly.
  • Mike whispers things to people.
    You whisper to Molly: The rock is large, solid, and surprisingly smooth… glassy. The tiny points on it are sharp. It looks pretty sturdy – you could stand on it and jump – but if you broke it, it would shatter into a hundred sharp and pointy shards.
    You whisper to DNA: The ground is deep, boulders on boulders, packed with glittering, glassy sand. And far beneath it, you can feel something not-stone, dormant, long and serpentine. It doesn’t move… But you have the eerie sense that it’s aware of you, in some dim way.
    Molly: “This rock looks glassy. Something is breathing fire around here.”
    Altair Azure: “…The dragon is here. Way below the ground. I can’t sense anything else, and it’s not moving, but…it is aware of us.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “The Bringer of Desolation… his work is incredible. Even the earth itself is slain…”
  • Warriork Pruzag traces the form of her bronze necklace.
    Jericho: “Let me guess. We’re about to go down into the dark pit.”
    Molly: “Or drop fireworks down it.”
    Surolam: “It makes no difference to me.”
    Surolam: (( gotta keep up the blind jokes ))
    Jericho: “You want to drop explosives into unstable ground on something that breathes fire?”
    Mike: (( Hehe. ))
    Molly: “yes. It gives us a head start.”
  • Jericho throws his hands up in exasperation
    Surolam: “Is there any ceremony to follow?”
    Warriork Pruzag: “The Bringer rained destruction down upon the world… Events that rhyme, continuing, echoing.”
    Altair Azure: “Wait…that’s actually not a bad idea.”
    Warriork Pruzag: “We have never awoken the Bringer before. Tell us, Bringer.”
    Altair Azure: “…You think it might be possible to lure it up here? There’s nothing out here at all, and if we go into the chasm, we might be running into traps that it’s devised.”
    Molly: Molly finished digging through her coat. “…nope, I’m out of explosives.”
    Surolam: “Perhaps I could challenge it.”
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: Well, you woke up the human half before. It wouldn’t help with exploding its face early though, but it’s almost certain to wake it up.
  • Surolam moves closer to the pit, trying to see if there’s any change in what she can feel.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: The rage is there, pulsing, deep within the pit. Have you ever just stewed on something that pissed you off? Now imagine that, in the heart of a dragon, for centuries, with nothing else in their existence – since the human half that tempers those passions is elsewhere.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: It seethes. It waits for you to challenge it. Mentally, it is like a fist beginning to clench, just waiting for fighting words.
    You whisper to DNA: Something tenses within the earth. A deep, low movement, not even really a sound.
    Surolam: “I am of your blood and line, and I have come to challenge you! To bring you low, and quell your rage!”
  • Surolam tilts her head back and roars loudly.
    Mike: The roar echoes throughout the canyon. For a moment, it does so without any accompanyment…
    Mike: …and then the earth begins to rumble, and the sands begin to shift.
    Mike: The pit begins to fill with sand, swirling like a whirlpool.
    Jericho: “Yep. That’s it. We’re dead.”
    Mike: The sand rises, filling the pit, and then over the brim, swirling even faster.
    DNA: It’s DirtDrgn!
    Wyvereign (Dragon): * And then, a gargantuan dragon rises from the whirlpool, spraying sand and dust in all directions. It roars in response to Surolam’s cry, and the mountains tremble.
    Wyvereign (Dragon): And yes, it’s quite pissed off. Its Head, Left Claw, Right Claw, and Tail all twitch with an eagerness to begin the battle.
    DNA whispers: Blue-Blaze: “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…I’m scared!”
    Mike: I’ll give you a moment to put out the Pokemon you want to battle with.
    Starcatcher: Meee!
    Mike: Because yes, this is a Swirly Battle Transition. Please feel free to also put on any boss fight music you like.
    Starcatcher: Initiative = 2
    Molly: Initiative = 11
    Surolam: Initiative = 10
    Warriork Dagarha: Initiative = 9
    Warriork Akash: Initiative = 12
    Warriork Pruzag: Initiative = 9
    Warriork Grazda: Initiative = 9
    Warriork Yazuruk: Initiative = 10
    Warriork Yazara: Initiative = 6
    Warriork Ghratutha: Initiative = 15
    Warriork Lurza: Initiative = 9
    Hajime: Sure, I’ll go for it.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): Initiative = 0
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): Initiative = 0
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): Initiative = 0
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): Initiative = 0
    Mike: (( thought I fixed that. ))
    Surolam whispers: Haha, now this is more like it!" cheers Little Pummerin
    Surolam whispers: “I…I’m kind of scared too…” whispers Donphan-tooth.
    Hajime: Initiative = 24
    Altair Azure: Initiative = 30
    Kiir: Initiative = 13
    Jemyn Temyta: Initiative = 10
    Stin: Initiative = 14
    Zojiik: Initiative = 5
    Gramaan: Initiative = 13
    Jericho: Initiative = 30
    Blue-Blaze: Initiative =
  • Mike adds a lot of other folks to Initiative.
    Beverly: Initiative = 5
    Mike: Anyone else I missed?
    Mike: Oh, and so I don’t forget…
    Mike: There we go. I imagine you didn’t see anything. :3
    Jericho: (( nope. Didn’t see diddly. ))
    Jericho: (( Hm. Altair is the same speed as me. I should take improved initiative. ))
    Jericho: (( Er… highly reactive. ))
    Mike: Alright. Kicking off initiative.
    Altair Azure has received initiative.
    Mike: Altair or Jericho, out of the gate!
  • Altair Azure takes a deep breath, calming his mind, and ending his turn.
    Altair Azure: Altair Azure has had it’s Sp.Attack modified by 1 stages.
    Altair Azure: Altair Azure has had it’s Sp.Defense modified by 1 stages.
    Jericho has received initiative.
    Jericho: “Look, we all know how this is going to end. Just give in already.” 14 vs Status Evade, Targeting the head.
    Jericho: The head is afflicted by Torment and is now Supressed!
    Wyvereign (Dragon): checks Torment
    Wyvereign (Dragon): Alright, it’s just Suppressed itself. Cool beans.
    Hajime has received initiative.
    DNA: How close do I need to be (i.e. what squares) to attack it in melee?
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): You need to be touching it. Yes, that’s a bit awkward right now, since it’s surrounded by slopes on all sides.
    DNA: So basically, any square directly adjacent to it.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): It’s a massive ball of dragon, knotting itself in a seemingly-impossible arrangement.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): Yes.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): You can click it to get its square-y outline.
    DNA: Very well.
    Hajime: “…Too far away. I’m going in.”
  • Hajime moves closer, igniting in the process.
    Hajime: Hajime has had it’s Speed modified by 1 stages.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): * The dragon’s head is Tormented by Jericho’s words, and roars. Flecks of spittle fly amidst the sand as it roars.
    DNA: End of turn
    Warriork Ghratutha: “We move in! Herald the new Bringer!” One of the Warriorks – the one with more modern, human-made clothing – rushes down the sandy walls, but does not get to striking distance.
  • Wyvereign (Dragon, Head) gives an earth-shattering War Cry.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): Surolam, Kiir, you can feel the cry vibrating against your scales. Your presence empowers the War Cry even further.
    Surolam: “So that’s how you want to play it…”
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): Wyvereign (Dragon, Head) has had it’s Sp.Attack modified by 2 stages.
  • Wyvereign (Dragon) is also exuding Pressure.
    Stin has received initiative.
    DNA: Targeting who?
  • Stin starts singing, a slow, mournful cry.
    Mike: War Cry is a self-targetting buff move.
  • Stin uses Frighten on the Head! -2 Speed CS.
    Mike: Pressure is a passive thing.
    DNA: No, I meant Pressure. Targeting who?
    Mike: Pressure doesn’t have a target. Just: If you’re within 3m of the badie, you are Pressured.
    DNA: Scene – Free Action, targets 1 creature within 8 metres, and Suppresses it.
    Mike: Ah. This is an AEB thing isn’t it.
    DNA: It is, yeah
    DNA: If you must, blame Dan
    Mike: Hrm! Then Surolam.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): Wyvereign (Dragon, Head) has had it’s Speed modified by -2 stages.
    DNA: though admittedly I was one of the last to acquiesce.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): 11
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): * The Head is slowed considerably by Stin’s frightening presence!
    Stin: (( Man, can’t we make it AOE for this battle at least? ))
    Kiir has received initiative.
    Mike: (( Feel free to toggle any guys you have on the field who won’t be acting this turn. ))
    Mike: (( that goes for Dawn and Molly and basically anybody. Make my life easy! I have an army of Orcs to go through as well, y’know. ))
    Stin: (( Stin was using Ianthe’s DLI effect to shift and use a Swift action ))
    Stin: (( So Kiir’s attacking ))
  • Kiir twirls his tail a few times, before sending a whirl of draconic energy at the Wyvreign! 16 vs Special Defense!
    Mike: That’ll hit! That looks like Twister to me, so it’ll hit all four of his sections. Because AoEs are fun like that.
    Kiir: 32 Special Dragon damage to all parts, and they are Flinched!
    Mike: …
  • Mike takes off his glasses.
  • Mike rubs his eyes.
    Mike: …Motherf- grrrrhuh.
    Molly: Including my bonus?
Invalid condition in SWITCH roll option. Statement options (if any): h,switch(defType) Statement Body : case 0: defAmt=MDEF; case 1: defAmt=MSDEF; case 2: defAmt=0; default: defAmt=0

Kiir: (( Oh yeah, 40 damage then ))
Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): Wyvereign (Dragon, Head) loses 34 hit points.
DNA: Get bodied
Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw) loses 34 hit points.
Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw) loses 34 hit points.
Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail) loses 34 hit points.
Mike: There we go.
Gramaan has received initiative.
Mike: The twister rails against the huge dragon, and ties it up in a knot! The beast is Flinched, head to toe!
Mike: Well. Tip to tail.
Kiir: “(…Did I do that?)”
Surolam: “Nice job, Kiir!”
Warriork Pruzag: “…The Bringer-scion’s power! Let those who challenge it suffer!”

  • Gramaan flies forward in preperation.
    Gramaan: (( Done ))
  • Warriork Akash puts her phone away. “Whelp.”
  • Warriork Akash slides down the hill, towards the dragon.
    Molly has received initiative.
    Molly: Molly uses Focus Energy!
    Surolam has received initiative.
  • Surolam roars out her own challenge. Battle Cry!
    Surolam: Surolam has had it’s Attack modified by 2 stages.
  • Wyvereign (Dragon) is Dragon-type, if it weren’t obvious. Which it should be. It should be exceptionally obvious.
    Surolam: “Come and face me!” Regal Challenge as a Swift action!
    Mike: Remind me how Regal Challenge works at present? …And also since he’s flinched now, uh, he definitely can’t come up and attack you.
    Surolam: (( I know it’s a persistent effect, at least ))
  • Warriork Yazuruk runs out between Surolam and Kiir, ready to leap off the cliff and jump on the Bringer.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): * The dragon’s two claws twitch, Flinched from the twisting wave of draconic energy!
    Jemyn Temyta has received initiative.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): Anything from Jemyn?
  • Jemyn Temyta marches forward to stand beside Grazda!
    Jemyn Temyta: “Ah…this takes me back.”
    Wyvereign (Dragon): Given what was said in Skype: This dragon 100% ACCEPTS the challenge. Though his body is twitching, he curls his lip, and looks Surolam right in the eye.
    Jemyn Temyta: (( done ))
    DNA: The dragon suffers -2 accuracy/-5 damage against anyone not Surolam, and Surolam gains 2 accuracy/5 damage against the dragon. Ho ho ho.
  • Warriork Dagarha takes a running LEAP off the edge of the cliff, and attacks the dragon’s Left Claw! 1 v.DefEva!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw) loses 27 hit points.
    Warriork Dagarha: “HYAHAH!”
    Warriork Pruzag: “Run and fight, my sisters!”
    Warriork Grazda: “Gettin’ a little crowded there.”
    Warriork Grazda: “I’d rather catch it unawares on th’other side.”
  • Warriork Lurza draws her knives.
    Warriork Lurza: “Ah, damnit! Get outta th’way!”
    Warriork Yazara: “Wait, we’re starting? Crap!”
    Warriork Yazara: “I uh, I’ll just wait my turn I guess.”
  • Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail) ’s tail twitches, Flinched.
    Zojiik has received initiative.
  • Zojiik will stay where she is for now.
    Zojiik: “You doing okay up there?” she asks Pirta.
  • Pirta looks very scared of the dragon that is larger than any tree she’s ever seen.
    Pirta: “D-Dia…” “(Y-yes…)” …she doesn’t sound terribly sure, trembling wings and all.
    Zojiik: “Don’t worry, I won’t let it get you. Or your eggs.” Zojiik clenches her left hands into fists and pounds them into her right ones.
    Zojiik: (( done with turn, btw ))
    Starcatcher: Starcatcher teleports and blasts the wyvereign with a Line of Powder Snow! Targeting I don’t know how many parts! 3 vs Special Evasion!
    Starcatcher: Darn
    Starcatcher: Done
    Beverly has received initiative.
    Starcatcher has received initiative.
    Zojiik: (( That might still hit some of them? The claw apparently had lower physical evasion, so maybe some parts have lower special evasion? ))
  • Pirta nods – she won’t partake in the battle, but she’s glad to see Zojiik taking care of her brood. She flutters down to rest atop her head.
    Starcatcher: ((They all have the same listed evasions by their HP bars))
    Mike: Yep yep.
    Mike: Anyway. clears throat
  • Mike picks up a die real quick.
    Mike: 3
    Mike: 2
    Zojiik: (( meatballs! ))
    Zojiik: (( Dagarha hit the Left Claw on a roll of 1, though ))
    Zojiik: (( Unless she has some new ability that lets her do that? ))
    Mike: …That was me forgetting to include the evasions. It was just her to-hit and AC.
    Mike: So, that was my mistake. Bit late to fix it, but I’ll keep it in mind next time. Thank you!
    Mike: * As the battle begins in earnest, the earth rumbles, and great, glossy stones shoot out of the ground – and land as you see them! There’s no to-hit here, to keep things speedy and also to keep them mean.
    Mike: Anyone overlapped by a rock is hit for 40 Physical Rock-type damage.
    Warriork Lurza: Warriork Lurza loses 25 hit points.
    Warriork Pruzag: Warriork Pruzag loses 27 hit points.
    Warriork Grazda: Warriork Grazda loses 25 hit points.
    Mike: So Kiir, Hajime, Molly, and Starcatcher.
    Hajime: Hajime lost 32 HP!
    Mike: In addition, the rocks break apart, and leave a slew of spiky fragments. These are Spikes. Laying them down now.
    Molly: Molly loses 20 hit points.
    Kiir: Kiir loses 28 hit points.
    Altair Azure has received initiative.
    Wyvereign (Dragon): * The earth shudders to a halt – for the moment. The dragon roars back to life.
    Starcatcher: Starcatcher loses 50 hit points.
    Starcatcher: Two injuries
    Mike: The injury lowered the Speed stat!
    Mike: The injury lowered the Special Attack stat!
    DNA: I’m waiting for the spikes
    Mike: I- wait you can’t see them can you.
    DNA: I cannot, yes
    Mike: There we go.
    Mike: Sorry.
    Mike: SPIKES.
    Altair Azure: “I’m going around the other way! Try and stay clear of me if you can!” Altair darts forward and tries to move down the cliff face to save time.
    Altair Azure: When into position, he conjures two energy daggers in his hands and throws them at the Wyvereign’s head! Spending 1 AP for Accuracy
    Altair Azure: Altair Azure spends 1 AP!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): go 4 it!
    Altair Azure: 5 vs Special Evasion
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): Hit!
    Altair Azure: A much more massive sword collides with the Wyvereign’s head from the side, dealing 72 Special Ground damage!
    Altair Azure: ah, and you subtract your physical defense from the damage instead.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): (( …my macro for damage is dying on me. Hrm. ))
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): 59
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): Wyvereign (Dragon, Head) loses 59 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): * That hurt it! The sword cuts across the beast’s face, sending scales flying. They sink into the sand as soon as they land.
    Jericho has received initiative.
    Jericho: Lacking in better options, Jericho throws a rock at the dragon. 8 vs Physical Evade!
    Jericho: (( Uh… the head. Yeah ))
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): Hit!
    Kiir: (( a special rock? ))
    Jericho: (( a special rock ))
    Mike: Roll 1dSpecialRock if it’s a special rock!
    Starcatcher: (( but it’s physical… ))
    Jericho: 9 Special Rock Effect!
    Jericho: pffft
    Mike: And you’ll have to remind me which special rock that is, because i don’t remember.
  • Mike is fire-n-forget.
    Jericho: King’s Stone. Target is flinched.
    DNA: G E T B O D I E D
    Jericho: Also, 36 Physical Rock Damage
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): * Have you ever gotten a speck of dust in your eye? And you just can’t do anything else until you finally wink it out? It’s like that, but the eyeball is the size of your head.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): Wyvereign (Dragon, Head) loses 23 hit points.
    Molly: Chase Bind. Molly gets to attack it as a Free Action. She loads in a special bullet. 13 vs Special Evasion
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): Also hit!
    Molly: Let me see…. take the enchantment, add scope lens, carry the Focus Energy… that is not a critical hit. Barely.
    Mike: Phew.
    Molly: 54 Special Fairy Damage
    Mike: But it’s still not, uh, a Healing Bullet of happy puppies, is i- nyope, okeydoke.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): Wyvereign (Dragon, Head) loses 62 hit points.
    Mike: A moment. Molly, this is using one of the special bullets from the previous Temple, yes?
    Molly: Yes.
    Molly: Magic Bullets
    Kiir: (( …the bullets that originally killed him. ))
    Kiir: (( oh heck. ))
    Kiir: (( I have no idea if that’s good or bad. ))
    Mike: * As you fire that bullet, in the muzzle flash, you can make out a humanoid figure standing beside you. A human, male, with a long ponytail on an otherwise-bald head. He holds a flintlock, more ornate than yours; in his long coat, you can see other rifles and pistols slung across a bandolier of various shots. And then, as the muzzle flash fades, the image is gone.
    Hajime has received initiative.
  • Wyvereign (Dragon, Head) roars – this one more pained than before, more emotional. Not just rage, but a hint of… humiliation.
  • Hajime ’s eyes flicker to his side. Did he really just see that? What was—? Ah well, he could ask later.
  • Hajime moves in for the kill, but has to move across the spikes to do so. Tumbling in at half speed dc12 to be safe. (6d6+6 cannot fail.)
    Hajime: Hajime lost 7 HP!
    Hajime: He takes 1 injury.
    Mike: The injury lowered the Attack stat!
    Hajime: Dammit!
    Mike: whoo~
    Hajime: Hajime has had it’s Attack modified by -1 stages.
    Mike: Lemme know if other spikes should’ve been removed, I missed seeing you move.
    DNA: I wasn’t aware spikes disappeared when you moved over them
    Mike: …I always thought they did.
    Altair Azure: Altair Azure spends 1 AP!
    Mike: Well if they don’t, this is gonna get a lot more hectic as things go on. But now that you’re saying that, you’re right – I don’t see anything that says they’re consumed.
    Hajime: Anyway, 9 vs Physical Evasion on his head.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): Hit!
    Hajime: check 4
    Hajime: “Oraoraora!” 77 Physical Fire damage.
    Hajime: Hajime’s turn ends. The effect of Ignite has worn off.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): Wyvereign (Dragon, Head) loses 32 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head) was injured!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): The injury lowered the Accuracy stat!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): Wyvereign (Dragon, Head) has had it’s Accuracy modified by -1 stages.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): * The burning claw cuts right across the huge dragon’s un-rock’d eye, leaving an open wound.
    DNA: Consider that payback
    Jericho: (( But I don’t think Weavile learns Payback? ))
    Warriork Ghratutha: “Charge!” The Warriork skids down the hill and slams head-first into the dragon. 15 v.DefEva
    Warriork Ghratutha: CRIT.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw) loses 37 hit points.
    Stin has received initiative.
    Warriork Ghratutha: “HAH! Let none stand against the mighty forehead of Ghratutha, of Zaag clan!”
    Warriork Ghratutha: “Especially not the four swimming dragons I now see.”
    Mike: Stin / Kiir / Gramaan? I’m gonna get some h2o while you decide what you’re up to, I’ll BRB!
    Kiir: (( Stin and Gramaan aren’t going ))
  • Kiir stays where he is, before rising into the air, above the spikes, and sending another Twister at the dragon’s body. 11 vs Special defense!
    Kiir: 40 Special dragon damage!
    Mike: (( back ))
    Kiir: (( No flinch this time, still an AOE ))
    Mike: Phew, good.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): Wyvereign (Dragon, Head) loses 34 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw) loses 34 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw) loses 34 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail) loses 34 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): * That hurt a fair bit, all over the dragon’s body. It twists and turns in the twister!
    Kiir has received initiative.
    Gramaan has received initiative.
    Warriork Akash: “Oh geeze oh geeze oh geeze…”
  • Warriork Akash slides down the hill, and attempts to slam into the dragon’s face! 4 v.DefEva!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): Wyvereign (Dragon, Head) loses 27 hit points.
  • Wyvereign (Dragon, Head) is flinched! He finally gets his eye open again. It’s now bloodshot from the rock that Jericho got in there.
    Molly has received initiative.
    Molly: Molly took aim at the dragon’s head, loaded in yet another special bullet and fired! 13 Special Evasion!
    Molly: ((you’re taunting me crits)
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): That’s amazing.
    DNA: See, now when you take Super Luck, you’re going to roll 11s forever
    Molly: 58 Special Fairy damage.
    Kiir: (( god if you ko his head before I can attack I’m gonna be so mad ))
    Mike: * As you fire, in the muzzle flash, you see another image – the same warrior-monk, his coat with a tear in it, his bandolier looking a little lighter and emptier, his skin a little dirtier and dustier. A few fine scratches line his face.
    Mike: And then it fades.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): Wyvereign (Dragon, Head) loses 70 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): GWAAUUUURRHHHHUUUHHHH
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): * The dragon’s face is heavily bloodied now.
    Surolam has received initiative.
  • Surolam takes to the air, before landing on the dragon’s face, coiling around his jaws and raking her claws across his chin. 18 vs Physical Defense!
    Molly: ((GM, I request that Surolam and Molly make their attack rolls at the same time for the rest of this combat. Then Surolam can choose which order they play out for whatever dramatic effect is strongest. It’s her plot))
    Surolam: 69 Dragon Physical damage!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): I’m okay with that.
    Molly has received initiative.
  • Wyvereign (Dragon, Head) shuffles init around so Surolam is first. Makes it easier to remember.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): Wyvereign (Dragon, Head) loses 112 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head) was injured!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head) fainted!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): * The dragon’s head is now clawed, bitten, shot twice, and seriously wounded. His face is out of the fight, his jaw seeingly broken – but his two claws and his tail are still able to battle.
    DNA: Good to know
    Warriork Yazuruk: “Gotta get down to those clawwwws…”
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): (( Hrm, nothing perfect… But, ))
  • Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw) swipes northward with his Right Claw, Cutting the Air! This is a Cone 2, striking Akash and Surolam.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): 14 v.Akash, 4 v.Surolam.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): Special.
    Surolam: (( Hits ))
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): And crits the Warriork.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): 35 Special Flying damage to Surolam! And…
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): 57 Special Flying damage to Akash!
    Warriork Akash: Warriork Akash loses 104 hit points.
    Warriork Akash was injured!
    Warriork Akash suffered Massive Damage!
    Warriork Akash fainted!
    It’s a One-Hit Knock Out!
    Molly: Remember -8 damage and -2 accuracy, since he is within Molly’s radius
    Warriork Akash: …Ooooh hoh ho.
    Warriork Akash: Warriork Akash is healed and gains 16 hit points.
    Warriork Akash was revived!
    Surolam: (( Also -10 from being challenged? Unless that only applied to the Head ))
    Warriork Akash: Warriork Akash is healed and gains 10 hit points.
  • Warriork Akash BARELY survives that hit – only because the dragon’s attention is elsewhere, really. Even so, it’s a very rough blow to handle. Her glasses crack.
    Warriork Akash: Warriork Akash has had it’s Accuracy modified by 2 stages.
    Warriork Akash: “Nyyygh!”
    Surolam: (( Shouldn’t she heal an additional 10 since that was SE? ))
    Mike: It’s -5 damage for the challenge, so that doubles to 10.
    Mike: Oh, and I forgot the +5 damage to you, by the by.
    Mike: My bad. -_

    Surolam: Surolam loses 15 hit points.
    Surolam: (( He doesn’t get +5 against me ))
    Surolam: (( Only I get +5 against him ))
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): (( Ah. My bad. Then, uh, I didn’t forget. I’m just dumb. ))
  • Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw) scoots back a bit, Shuffling through the air. And then he unleashes a burst of draconic energy from his left claw, the air itself turning to Dragonbreath! 18 v.SpDefEva against Surolam!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): And that’s a crit.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): 58 Special Dragon damage, and Parapara!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): * Since the dragon is Suppressed, though, it won’t be able to do that again, it seems.
    Surolam: Surolam loses 76 hit points.
    Surolam was injured!
    Surolam suffered Massive Damage!
    TBG: (( devious cackling ))
    Mike: The injury lowered the Special Attack stat!
    Mike: The injury lowered the Accuracy stat!
    Mike: (( Yeah I’m sure this will end poorly for me. ))
    Jemyn Temyta has received initiative.
    Starcatcher: “Oh no! I can help!”
    Jericho: (( Suppression so broke. ))
    Warriork Akash: “Hhh… Bringer! Don’t fall!”
  • Surolam gasps as the breath attack rushes over her, tearing through her scales.
    Surolam: “I’m not down yet.”
    Jericho: (( I mean, if Take a Breather is still a thing, that counters it, but otherwise, your options are very limited. ))
    DNA: it’s not lol
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Head): * Though the dragon can only barely see through its bloodied face, he can still catch the scent of your blood. And you can see his lips curl in a grin – he has bloodied she who challenges him.
    Jericho: (( So there’s like… Cleanse Tags and one of the Fashionista Abilities? Full Heals? ))
    Surolam: (( I still think getting rid of TAB was dumb ))
    Surolam: (( especially since it gave a way for Pokemon without balls to activate on-return abilities ))
    Jericho: (( And one of the fairy aura abilities. ))
    DNA: the Abilities with take-a-breather alternate triggers were modified so they could spend a Standard ACtion instead, to compensate.
    Jericho: (( Sweet Veil I think? ))
    DNA: It’s one of the veils. Let me check.
    DNA: Also whose turn is it?
    Mike: Right now Temyn. Not sure if he’s doing anything since Kiir attacked.
    Jericho: (( the skelly’s turn ))
    DNA: (It was Aroma Veil)
    Jericho: (( spooky, scary, skelly’s turn sends shivers down your spine… ))
    Mike: I will assume Jemyn doesn’t have anything for now. Correct me if I’m wrong and I can give him his turn back.
    Surolam: (( Yeah, Jemyn can’t do anything ))
    Warriork Dagarha: “He is bloodied! Keep striking, sisters!” The warriork scampers down the hill some more, trying to press against the cliff wall to keep from setting foot in the whirlpool
  • Warriork Dagarha attacks! 11
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw) loses 27 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw) was injured!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): The injury lowered the Speed stat!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw) has had it’s Speed modified by -1 stages.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): 8
    Surolam: Surolam has had it’s Speed modified by -4 stages.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Hnn! I can’t get close enough without falling in the pit! Press the offensive!”
    Warriork Grazda: “Damnable spikes. Bringer-scion, you do your kin proud.” She moves calmly, with a warrior’s heartiness, further around the battlefield.
    Surolam: (( Init should be reduced to 5 ))
    Warriork Yazara: “Well, this is poor positioning. Hnn…”
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): * Finally, the dragon’s tail twitches to life.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail):
  • Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail) ‘s tail swishes in a pattern, creating a five-pointed figure. That figure lights afire, and the dragon sense a wave of Mystical Fire at the Dragonair! 10 v.SpDefEva!
    Surolam: (( fuck ))
    Kiir: (( hit ))
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): 36 Special Fire damage, and lowers his Special Attack by 1 combat stage!
    Kiir: Kiir loses 12 hit points.
    Kiir was injured!
    Mike: The injury lowered the Attack stat!
    Mike: (( aww. ))
    Zojiik has received initiative.
    Mike: Zojiik up to anything?
    Kiir: Kiir has had it’s Attack modified by -1 stages.
    Kiir: Kiir has had it’s Sp.Attack modified by -1 stages.
    Zojiik: “We have a dragon of our own on our side, and an army besides.”
  • Warriork Pruzag , and the other Warriork, cheer and rabble-rouse.
    Zojiik: “As you can see, we’re doing quite well.”
  • Zojiik just continues to stay here and talk to Pirta.
    Zojiik: (( done ))
    Starcatcher: Starcatcher uses Heal Pulse on Surolam! Recover 50% HP. Starcatcher took massive damage last turn and cannot use a shift action.
    Surolam: Surolam is healed and gains 50 hit points.
    Surolam: “…thank you.”
    Beverly has received initiative.
    Starcatcher has received initiative.
    Raining Boulders!: The earth shudders, and again, 4 boulders are spewed from the earth.
    Starcatcher: "Keep on fighting, we’re counting on yoU!
    Starcatcher: Starcatcher uses Teleport!
    Raining Boulders!: dat bloop!
    Starcatcher: “Ow! No! You PENIS!” Starcatcher cursed.
  • Hajime ducks low as he watches a boulder fly right past his head. That was close.
    Surolam: (( If Surolam intercepts a boulder, does it count as an attack from the Wyvreign? ))
    Raining Boulders!: 40 Rock Physical damage to all who’re hit by a boulder! Annnnnd that’s an interesting question.
    Raining Boulders!: 3
    DNA: You can’t intercept something that can’t miss
    Raining Boulders!: I will say ‘no’, that it’s more a field effect – albeit yes one caused by the dragon awakening.
    Starcatcher: ((it will be logistically easier to say it’s just arena effect))
    Warriork Grazda: Warriork Grazda loses 25 hit points.
    Warriork Grazda was injured!
    Warriork Yazuruk: Warriork Yazuruk loses 27 hit points.
    Warriork Yazuruk: The injury lowered the Speed stat!
    Surolam: (( Dangit ))
    Warriork Grazda: Warriork Grazda has had it’s Speed modified by -1 stages.
    Warriork Grazda: 7
    Warriork Akash: Warriork Akash loses 25 hit points.
    Warriork Akash was injured!
    Warriork Akash fainted!
    Warriork Dagarha: Warriork Dagarha loses 21 hit points.
    Warriork Yazara: Warriork Yazara loses 15 hit points.
    Warriork Lurza: Warriork Lurza loses 25 hit points.
    Warriork Lurza was injured!
    Warriork Lurza: The injury lowered the Special Attack stat!
    Warriork Lurza: Warriork Lurza has had it’s Sp.Attack modified by -1 stages.
    Warriork Akash: * Okay, NOW Warriork Akash is slammed into the rock. By another rock.
  • Jericho takes advantage of the power of his DODGE ability, and gets the heck out of it.
    Warriork Akash: * When the rock falls away, you can see that she’s left an imprint on the stone. She’s fainted, and obviously quite hurt.
    DNA: Piccolo has taught you well
    Mike: Stin and Jericho are both affected. Unles you can auto-dodge it somehow, like a Kirlia.
    Mike: 40 rock phys damage if it hits you.
    Jericho: Like I said, Dodge ability
    Mike: That’ll do it.
    Mike: Alright. It’s about midnight here. I’m sure other people can go another round, but I doubt my ability to do so. Would you mind if we paused here, and continued next week?
    Stin: Stin loses 26 hit points.
    Stin: (( I’m fine with that ))
    TBG: I have no objections
    Mike: I suspect you’ll be able to finish him off. And I hope the fight is proving interesting!
    Stin: (( It is ))
    DNA: and here I thought I just had to kill his head
    DNA: Oh well
    Stin: (( Finally Surolam’s getting to fight a dragon ))
    Mike: I made four parts and by god you’re gonna slay four parts.
    Mike: :3
    GrayGriffin: Did the head even get to do anything?
    Mike: It buffed!
    DNA: also suppressed Surolam
    DNA: So something, at least
    Mike: And those +2 SPATK stages would’ve hurt quite a bit if it had a chance to use them.
    Mike: …Because I’m afraid I’ll forget, I’ll do XPs now. And then Xp for the fight will be next week (or later if it takes that long). 2 TXP and 20 PKMN EXP.
    DNA: TL 22.2
    Mike: Saving campaign and log!
    GrayGriffin: FUCK I forgot Surolam has +5 DR against Dragon attacks
    Mike: GWAH tips over anime-style
    GrayGriffin: Fixing that now
    Mike: Well, remember next week, too. It might come up again. Fightin’ a dragon an’ all.
    Molly: And Molly’s giving DR too, that adds up


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