Dragging Feet, Dragons Underfoot

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Mike: Watching one last vid with my GF; should be about 7 minutes long.
TBG: Take your time
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Mike: Annnd I’m back.
Mike: “Return of Jafar”, it seems, is not horrendous. Just kinda so-so. And that’s the news from Lake Wobegon.
TBG: These russian dumplings are not as good as I was hoping they would be, and they taste nothing like Chicken.
Mike: Alrighty! I see we’re missing an Ava. I will provide her a poking, but in the meantime: it sounds like we’re just hanging out and exploring town. I can riff on this pretty well, though I don’t have a lot of new NPCs prepared for this. So don’t be surprised if I have a little bit of loading time when you stick your head somewhere.
Mike: You can also ask if there’s a such-and-so place around town. While I have a big ol’ map, I am okay with handwaving a certain place into existance, or saying an existing unnamed building is that thing.
Mike: …Also I haven’t rearranged the NPCs from the concert. Whups.
Mike: Ah well. Ava’s alive and logging in.
DNA: 123 Fake Street
Mike: Oh snap, that’s where all the crime is! /simpsons
Mike: While I wait for Ava to log in to provide an opening, are there any bookkeeping or questions or the like? I believe I brought up the revised Badge Edge in the SKype chat.
Mike: That sounds like ‘no’. >.> Fair enough.
Avara has connected.
GrayGriffin: Is this the same day as the gym battle?
Mike: That was my plan, yeah. You can have time to use healing items or take a short rest, but I wasn’t going to make it an extended rest unless you all told me otherwise.
Mike: But I imagine this’ll be a restful session. If you guys get into a fight… well I won’t be surprised but I won’t expect it either.
GrayGriffin is disconnected.
TBG: Jericho could use some medical attention, yeah.
Mike: I have am /emit prepped to set the scene; was hoping for Dawn to reconnect first. But yes, you can use healing items. Pokecenter healing takes longer than that, and the team of other Trainers will be spending their downtime there.
DNA: I don’t plan on using Makoto for a while so I’m just going to let him sleep and let natural healing take its course.
DNA: But i do have to see what I can stock up on.
Mike: Shopping can also occur. Preeeetty sure I put a Pokemart in this town, and other shops are likely to be available as well.
Mike: Alright, sending the emit. I will then copy it into Skype for Dawn.
It’s early afternoon in Crabchitin, and the town is humming with activity. Sleek black ships steam out of the harbor, laden with goods from the warehouse from the western docks. Aditya’s concert hall is empty. De Zheng has brought his ship back into port, to repair the cabin after the latest Gym Battle. All through town, people are conducting business, both legal and illicit, and just going about their day, talking to one another, visiting, and simply being.
GrayGriffin has connected.
DNA: ololo
Mike: Repeating for Dawn then!
It’s early afternoon in Crabchitin, and the town is humming with activity. Sleek black ships steam out of the harbor, laden with goods from the warehouse from the western docks. Aditya’s concert hall is empty. De Zheng has brought his ship back into port, to repair the cabin after the latest Gym Battle. All through town, people are conducting business, both legal and illicit, and just going about their day, talking to one another, visiting, and simply being.
There’s the Pokemart, restaurants, specialty shops, shipping businesses, warehouses, apartments, city hall, back alleys, a Temple, the city center and fountain, and further to the north, the town’s remaining farming area, and wooded mountains past that.
DNA: I heard Temple
Jericho: “Okay, I vote we seek out medical help before my sides split open. Ow.”
Molly: “Hmm..”
Jericho: (( Yes, Jericho even went to it. He knows where it is. ))
Mike: It’s true!
Brasia: “Holy crap, what hit you out there, a Sharpedo?”
Jericho: “Greninja, actually. Feint Attack to the chest.”

  • Jericho grimaces as he takes another step.
  • Surolam twitches her tail, almost lifting it to curl around Jericho’s arm before lowering it again.
    Surolam: “That sounds like a good idea.” Surolam has Kiir’s Pokeball in her own hands as well.
    Surolam: Surolam is healed and gains 1 ability points. Current Ability Points: 8, Maximum Ability Points: 8
    Altair Azure: “I wouldn’t object. Makoto looks like he got punched halfway across town.”
  • Brasia makes sure to give Jericho the space – and to not stand between him and Surolam. She’s very aware of tail twitches.
    Mike: Headed to the Pokemon Center then? Or elsewhere for medical care?
  • Zojiik is currently lying on Surolam’s head, looking exhausted.
    Brasia: “…You all look wiped. I, uh… I didn’t know Gym Battles were that, y’know. Rough.”
    Brasia: “I always imagined them as, I dunno. Arm Wrestling but for Trainer egos, I guess.”
    Altair Azure: “They’re more like trials to make sure we don’t die when out venturing.”
  • Brasia blinks, and looks away, wistful for a moment. “…Oh. Yeah, I can see how that’d… be useful.”
    Stin: “It was a true battle at sea! Our enemies would give us no quarter and would have swarmed us if they could!”
    Jericho: (( Hrm… Pokemon center, I should think ))
    Jericho: “It’s a lot different from the fights I’m used to being in.”
    Brasia: “I mean, it sounds cool, apart from the ‘sea’ thing.” She walks ahead of the group a bit, and opens the Pokecenter door for them, being uninjured. “Here, lemme get that for ya.”
    Stin: (( center makes sense to me ))
    Jericho: “Thank you.” Jericho says, clearly still hurting.
    Jericho: (( Fun fact- Jericho has never been this hurt before during the campaign. ))
    Jericho: (( Mostly because he flees sooner than he fights. ))
    Stin: (( so, move to the Center map? ))
    Mike: Works for me, I have basically everybody’s sprites there.
    Nurse: “Welcome to the Pokemon Center!” A smiling Nurse Joy, the picture of the stereotype, stands at the counter. “How may I help you today?” Her eyes go over your injuries in a moment, but she waits for you to speak before moving anywhere.
    Avara: are the rival team still there?
    Jericho: (( they were at the gym battle ))
    Mike: I will say ‘yes’ – they had their own Gym Battle just before you guys, and they were also torn up pretty good.
    Mike: They watched your battle, but would’ve headed for the center a little more immediately than you, I think. So you can catch up with them here, as they try to relax and let bandages do their work.
  • Surolam holds up Kiir’s Pokeball, and gestures with her tail in Jericho’s general direction.
    Surolam: “We just finished a gym battle.”
  • Zojiik floats off Surolam’s head and flumps on the counter.
    Nurse Joy: “Ah! Well, I hope you find more success the next time you challenge de Zheng.” She bows her head slightly in respect, and begins to move out from behind the counter.
    Nurse Joy: “Please line up and I’ll take a quick inventory of your injuries. It looks like contusions and bruises with a few sprains and some minor lacerations, but I’d like to be sure.”
    Stin: “More success? We won! We trounced them completely and utterly!”
    Altair Azure: “Ah, that’s all? I thought it’d be something more serious, like a dislocated joint. Thank goodness it isn’t.” He says this with the largest smile on his face.
    Jemyn Temyta: “Indeed! I got to bring out one of my older techniques as well!”
    Jericho: “Speak for yourself.” Jericho frowns, noting the large cut on his chest.
    Zelly: * The other Trainers are all in the recreation area – the pit with the television, and the game room. Several of their Pokemon are splayed out on the couches, half-dozed, and in an obvious mood to not get up for a while. However, those in the TV pit all wave a friendly, tired, smiling wave to you as you enter.
    Nurse Joy: “That laceration is minor. If it were a major laceration, you would know it, because you would be able to see your sternum.”
    Nurse Joy: “…Though I suppose you, uh, might be a special case,” she says, nodding to Jemyn.
    Ianthe: (( Hey, does Ianthe have any photographic abilities? If so, could she have gotten pictures of Surolam blasting through the cabin? ))
  • Jericho turns a sickly green at Nurse Joy’s suggestion.
    Jemyn Temyta: “Indeed! Such distinctions are much less meaningful to me now!”
    Mike: Ianthe as a phone, yes – IIRC that’s part of her holographic abilities.
    Henrietta: “Pokemon can end up taking a lot more pain than humans usually do,” Henrietta said to Jericho, trying not to laugh at him. “So the standards are a bit different.”
    Mike: So yep, she could’ve gotten a nice shot.
    Nurse Joy: “It’s true!” She nods to Henrietta. “Most Pokemon have some affinity for battling, while it’s not often a human does. So on average, she’s right – though a highly trained Martial Artist could certainly withstand as much pain as a Snorlax.”
  • Ianthe chuckles, before projecting an image of Surolam midway through shattering the cabin glass, and another of her smashing Red-Eye through the other wall of the cabin.
    Ianthe: “Well, you must admit this was impressive.”
    Brasia: O.O’ Brasia feels a moment of… I guess you’d call it draconic impotence. Her tail wraps around her leg.
    Mike: (( Aw man, Rau is over on the other side of the map, lemme juuuust… ))
  • Rau perks up at the photography. “Is that… Whoa. Holography! Super hi-def, too – nice!”
    Nurse Joy: “Alright, I think I have everyone’s injuries tabulated.” She stretches out a roll of bandages with a sudden ‘riiiip’ noise.
  • Jericho whimpers
    Ianthe: “Thank you.” Ianthe bows to Rau.
    DNA: The rule on centers is they heal…2 injuries?
    Nurse Joy: “Please lift your arms, sir,” she says to Jericho. Once she wraps him up, she’ll move on to everyone else, providing immediate pallative care.
    Brasia: “Oh man that’s gonna suuuuuck coming off.” >:3 “Sucks for you and your mammalian body hair.”
    Kiir: (( So Kiir can be revived/healed now? ))
  • Jericho lifts his arm and untucks his already open shirt, letting Joy wrap the bandages around.
    Mike: Revived at least, yes. I’m willing to handwave some of the healing here, this can be the ‘start’ of the rest, if you will.
    Jericho: “I don’t have that much hair around that area…”
    Nurse Joy: “Yes, you’re no Steve Carell. Thank goodness – we only shave Pokemon here.”
    Kiir: Kiir is healed and gains 78 hit points.
    Kiir was revived!
    Zojiik: Zojiik is healed and gains 60 hit points.
    Gramaan: Gramaan is healed and gains 29 hit points.
    Nurse Joy: * Bandages tied and taped, analgesics applied, sanitary conditions kept… “You’ll likely still feel tight muscles and sore joints for a few hours yet. But by this time tomorrow, you should be feeling much better!”
    Jemyn Temyta: Jemyn Temyta is healed and gains 21 hit points.
    Surolam: Surolam is healed and gains 3 hit points.
  • Nurse Joy has a thin sheen of sweat, from having cared for two whole teams of Trainers in less than an hour.
    DNA: The rule on centers is they heal 2 injuries, right?
    Nurse Joy: Yep! 3 if you spring for a bandage.
    DNA: I’m not in a rush, so I’ll just take the two.
    Nurse Joy: “Now. Don’t get into any more fights for a few hours – even if you did win a Gym battle, you obviously aren’t invincible, and i’m allowed to be cross if you ask me to fix the same injury twice!” She says this in an incredibly chipper way.." If you notice bleeding, swelling, or any odd scents, let me know immediately."
  • Kiir is sent out from hsi Pokeball, swaying a bit.
    Kiir: “(Did we win…?)”
    Reginald: “…I feel like that’s a dig at someone,” mumbles Reginald, “but I ain’t sure who. Is it us? I don’t think it’s us…”
    Gramaan: “(We did! And you holding that guy off helped a lot!)”
    Jericho: “Well I try not to get into life-endangering situations if I can help it, so I’ll take that advice.”
    Reginald: “Oi! LIttle Dratini- well. Neither’a those’re true now.” smirk “Nikare’s in the break room. He was real impressed, though.” He flashes a thumbs-up.
    Jericho: “Also, experience has taught me that you don’t piss off a person who can put your body back together.”
  • Kiir perks up, gliding towards said room.
    Altair Azure: “Good advice.”
    Kiir: “(Nikare! I’m back! We won!)”
    Nurse Joy: “I’m glad you see it that way,” says the Nurse Joy, going back behind the counter, and taking a seat on a stool. “It’s nice to be appreciated.”
    Jericho: “Mostly because if they can put you back together, they probably know the best way to take you apart.”
    Nikare: “(I saw.)” His tail shudders, rattling. “(I observed the entire fight. You were… impressive.)”
  • Nikare gingerly sliters up to the Dragonair, and tentatively coils around him, just once.
    Nurse Joy: “…I never thought of that, but I suppose…”
    Kiir: “(Really? Then can you tell me what happened after I got knocked out?)”
  • Nurse Joy gets lost in thought for a moment.
    Jemyn Temyta: “Don’t give her ideas!”
    Brasia: “Annnnd that’s how you turned the nice pink lady into a killing machine.”
    Altair Azure: “I have to agree with Jemyn here.”
    Jericho: “Hey, a medic needs to know how to defend herself.”
    Jericho: “If the healer dies, everyone else dies with them.”
    Henrietta: “You wouldn’t expect a chansey to only know how to heal people, would you?” Henrietta says to Jemyn and Altair, frowning firmly now.
    Nikare: “(Your mistress broke things. Your ship moved swiftly. Your foes were scattered to the seven seas.)” tail rattle “(I was… focused elsewhere.)”
    Altair Azure: “Well, I know a few tricks…”
    Ianthe: “That is true enough.”
    Ianthe: “The loss of our healers marked the start of our fall.”
    Jericho: (( No, but knowing my old Blissey, I’d expect them to miss on purpose so they don’t have to fight at all ))
    Henrietta: “Jericho’s right. You can’t leave yourself defenseless even if your job is to heal people”
  • Kiir wraps himself around Nikare as well.
    Kiir: “(Were you worired about me?)”
    DNA: Blissey, use Counter
    Henrietta: “If it makes you a little scarier, that just means people won’t attack you. Like puffing yourself up, or scary toxic colors.”
    Jericho: “Oh man, that was melodious to hear. ‘Jericho was right.’ I need to hear that more often.”
    Altair Azure: “…‘That’.”
    Bazlam gra-Nazubesh: “It is good to know how to smash and cut and break!” The tall green-skinned humanoid slams a fist into her hand, and then winces. “…Ow.”
  • Henrietta is unamused by altair attempting to deflect the scolding by comedy-ing at jericho.
    Nikare: “(I was concerned.)” He attempts to downplay it, to be cool about it.
    Henrietta: “You owe the healer an apology. Both of you, Altair, Jemyn.”
  • Brasia snrts at Altair’s joke.
    Altair Azure: “…I’m a little confused. How would I apologize to myself?”
    Nikare: “(…But I am glad you won the battle, and returned alive.)” The snake cuddles a little tighter, but only a little, being careful of the many scrapes and bruises on the Dragonair’s length. “(Make a habit of it.)”
  • Henrietta glares at Altair and points at Nurse Joy.
    Henrietta: “’Don’t give her any ideas!’” Henrietta mimes. “‘I agree with Jemyn.’”
    Henrietta: “She deserves to know how to defend herself just as much as anyone else.”
    Altair Azure: “Strange humor aside, what am I apologizing for? I don’t think it’s a good thing to give people potentially violent ideas.”
    Altair Azure: “I’m fine with people wanting to defend themselves – but not to dismantle others.”
  • Nurse Joy ‘s Poketch alarm goes off. She starts, having been listening to the conversation about her, while trying to appear as if she wasn’t.
    Kiir: “(I will! And you too! I haven’t seen any of your fights yet but I want you to always come back as well!)”
    Henrietta: “Would you appreciate it if I made jokes about leaving you bloody in an alley?”
    Nurse Joy: “Ah!” She clicks it off. “…Would one of you happen to be Surolam Arcel?”
    Altair Azure: “No, but I’d have a laugh about it anyway.”
    Altair Azure: “What are jokes, if not ways to share other bits of the world?”
  • Henrietta just keeps glaring at Altair, with the occasional glance of expectation at Jemyn.
    Nikare: “(I intend to. …If only to rub such success in my master’s face.)” A tongue flick – a moment of levity?
  • Surolam raises her hand.
    Nurse Joy: “Your Eggs are about to hatch. Would you like to see them?”
    Surolam: “Eggs?” Surolam perks up at the implication. “I would definitely like to be there.”
  • Zojiik floats to the door of the room.
  • Henrietta wanders off, grumbling about stupid humans.
    Nikare: “!”
    Kiir: “!!”
  • Nikare wordlessly unwraps, and slithers out of the room to go see.
    Altair Azure: “…And off they go, it seems.”
    Kiir: (( So which room is the egg room? ))
    Mike: (( Lesse. I don’t remember all the info on the Pokemon in them, unfortunately, I’d have to look that up. As for which room, uhhh… ))
  • Nurse Joy opens the counter up, and waves through anyone who’d like to see. “They didn’t require any special needs, so we’ve kept them in the back office – safe, of course.” She guides you to the large metal table, where the eggs are swaddled in spare blankets, each themed after a different Pokeball.
    Jericho: “Best leave them to it.”
  • Jericho tucks his shirt back in and joins the others in the TV area to rest and chat.
  • Surolam and her entire party end up coming along to see.
    Brasia: “…You do that. Maybe I’ll catch up in a bit? And, uh. Congrats to the ma and… pa and pa.”
    Mike: Alright, lemme find that info…
    Mike: Didn’t save it there…
    Jericho: “Okay… so what do we have left to do here in town… I’ve got that meeting tonight, there’s that guy we need to find.. anything else?”
    Mike: Alright, found the info. Lemme grab some sprites…
    Nurse Joy: * There we go.
    Nurse Joy: * As you gather ’round, the eggs begin hatching – in many colors, but all serpents. One is obviously a Sertep, the form Nikare once held; the others are Dratini, though a few are obviously a bit changed from their forebear…
    Jemyn Temyta: “Ah, the miracle of life!”
    Nurse Joy: “I did a scan on the eggs earlier; all of them are quite healthy, though one is a little bit of a runt. Nothing wrong with that, though.”
  • Surolam leans closer to the table, nearly bumping into it, but managing to steady herself as she just listens to the sound of the babies.
  • Brasia wanders away from the egg-hatching, to check on Henrietta. “…Hey. You okay? You seemed kinda human-angry…”
    Beverly: Beverly is scouting out this warehouse area, looking for interesting enterances or other less secure areas.
    Mike: * The young Pokemon bray, shaking bits of eggshell off of themselves. Within a minute, their eyes are open, and they begin twisting and turning around and over themselves, a noodly knot of adorably young Pokemon.
    You whisper to Molly: Beverly: Give me a Stealth and a Perception roll, please?
  • Kiir leans forward to nuzzle his kids.
    Beverly: In order:
    Beverly: 18
    Mike: Beverly, I think you s:‘d those rolls instead of gm:’d. I don’t see them.
    Mike: Oh there’s one
    Beverly: 3
    Nurse Joy: “Go ahead. They’ll like the contact.” :3
  • Nikare leans forward more slowly, and gives a gentle tongue-flick, tasting the air around them.
    Mike: * The tiny noodles look up, and naturally gravitate towards the bigger sneks. Soon, they’re wriggling all up and down Kiir’s length, though the smaller, Ground-type Dratini stops and gives Nikare its own tongue-flick of curiosity.
  • Surolam reaches out a hand as well, allowing several of the snake-babies to wriggle around her arm if they like.
    You whisper to Molly: You are unseen amidst the warehouse exterior, sticking to shadows and blending in naturally. The thugs never notice you…
    You whisper to Molly: Unfortunately, you don’t notice very much, either. It seems like activity has died down – nothing’s being moved right now. There’s the main door, and a few windows, of course, but those are all closed right now. There might be some way in via the roof, maybe? But no obvious secret entrances reveal themselves to you.
    Mike: At the invitation, Surolam, you are instantly covered in drakelings. it turns out five of them at once are kinda heavy!
    Beverly whispers: are there any fire exits or ladders to teh top? How high do the fence or trees reach?
    Nurse Joy: “Interesting! They seem to have taken a natural shine to you.”
  • Surolam instinctively bulks up, scales running over her body right before she shifts into her full draconic form.
    Nurse Joy: “Perhaps they sense you’re their parent’s trainer?” She cocks her head. “…or maybe it’s something el… ah, that might do it.” She notices the subtle transformation.
    Jericho: (( “Subtle” he says. ))
    Surolam: “It could still be both,” mutters Surolam, her tail flicking back and forth.
    You whisper to Molly: The fence is perhaps 10 feet tall, and the trees a little taller – probably ab etter bet, and less noisy too.
    Nurse Joy: O.O
    Ianthe: “Who do you think was in those photographs?”
    Mike: * The little Dratini and Sertep seem elated at your new form. Their scales rub smootly over yours, a satisfying chitinous clatter, not unlike Nikare’s own rattling tail.
    Beverly whispers: and how tall is the warehouse? How high are the first/second/third level windows?
  • Brasia advances into the library further.
    Brasia: “Hey, Henrietta. Wanna… complain about humans some?”
    You whisper to Molly: Those are very specific questions! Uh. 5/15/25 feet, and then 40 for the rooftop itself, I’ll say.
    Henrietta: “Huh? Oh. I… don’t really understand them, I guess. Because I don’t understand how Altair could’ve kept missing the point of what he said, and… ugh. I was just reading some books to pass the time.”
    Jericho: “You know, it’s been a long time since I’ve watched TV. Anyone know if the Goldenrod Electabuzz ever got out of that losing streak?”
    Kiir: “(Surolam, do you remember that girl I met the first time we saw Aditya perform? She wanted to keep me, but I mentioned that I already had you as my trainer. But I also said that if I ever had eggs she could have one of them.)”
    DNA: Not even in your dreams, Mister Squarepants.
    Brasia: “…Humans are reaaally good at being oblivious. Better than Bidoof. My dad would try to just… talk reality itself down, sometimes. Usually didn’t work.”
  • Kiir glances at the many, many tiny snakes.
    Kiir: “(And, well, this seems to suit that.)”
    Nadine: “They aren’t, but they got close. 2-1 in the bottom of the 10th last week.”
    Reginald: “Wait, you watch sportsball?”
    Nadine: “Listen, not watch. I think it’s better over radio.”
    Henrietta: “It sure looks that way,” Henrietta said with a sigh. “So what sort of stuff do you like to read? Or do as a hobby, in general?”
    Brasia: “I don’t get many books out in the wild, but, uh… I actually kinda like fashion magazines.” She blushes, her cheeks red as a Pikachu’s. “Look, it’s dumb, but whatever, right? And sometimes the articles are good too, I guess.”
    Henrietta: “Fashion? Any kind you liked particularly?”
    Rau: “You’re missing out if you don’t catch it on TV, then! They have dynamic shots, and great overlays, and…”
    Nurse Joy: “We’re happy to help you set these little ones up with homes. If you have a Trainer in mind for them, all the better.”
    Brasia: “Just… stuff that looks like it’d get dirty easy, but doesn’t. I don’t think that’s really a type, but, y’know. It’s the kind of stuff I couldn’t ever actually wear.”
    Surolam: “Do you have any videophones here? I think it’d be easier to make contact with the trainer I think Kiir has in mind.”
    Brasia: “if I even saved up to buy a nice dress like that, it’d get torn and burned and muddy and hell maybe even wet in like two days.”
    Avara: dawn, ianthe is still a phone
    Nurse Joy: “We do! We have a room set aside for Trades, off the main lobby. Second door on the left.” Nurse Joy doesn’t know that Ianthe is a phone, necessarily.
    Jericho: “I mean, I’m more of an outdoors-y type myself, but I don’t mind watching a sportsball game every once in a while.”
    Jericho: “I just wish somebody would unseat the Cerulean Starmies from that World Series Championship.”
    Surolam: (( not sure if she has video call capabilities? ))
    Surolam: (( Surolam wants to show off the babies to let the trainer make a decision ))
  • Bazlam gra-Nazubesh raises an eyebrow at Jericho calling himself outdoorsy, but says nothing. It’d be disrespectful, y’know.
    Avara: was a smart phone from mr hotei
    Avara: i’d say it was probably a video phone ‘cause pokemon established those as a thing in x-y
    Mike: IIRC, Ianthe’s phone was a very nice phone indeed. So yes.
    Mike: And video phoning was a big-time feature in BW1 and IIRC 2.
    Avara: so yes, it’s a thing.
    Jericho: (( IT’S CANOOOOOOOOOOOON ))
    Mike: boomf
    Mike: …Now I need to remember who that was. I wonder if I saved her in NPCs…
    Mike: No I did not. Dang.
    Mike: Alright, making things up a bit here then, unless you can remember just what session she showed up in.
    DNA: Vona?
    DNA: …only person I can think of right now.
    Mike: Vona Matye is Tenyir Cauldil’s assistant.
    DNA: Yeah. …to be fair I have no idea who you’re thinking of.
    Mike: Slash, girl who lies for him.
    DNA: so I threw out a name and hoped it would stick.
    Mike: I think ti was when the party was split up. So hey.
    TBG: I remember Vona
    Nadine: “The Starmies are formidable, but not unbeatable. I suspect the Pewter team has a fair shot at a slight upset.”
    TBG: (( I saved her in my intro story. ))
    Jericho: “Yeah, but they have a history of choking when it matters most.”
    Mike: Yeah, can’t find this NPC’s info off a search either. I’m sorry. I’m gonna have to make itu p a bit here, and that hurts me.
    Surolam: (( Sienna ))
    Surolam: (( her sprite is described as Demure Woman (pink hair w flower) ))
    Surolam: (( in the Antagonizing Aditya log ))
    Sienna: Blam. Thank you!
    Sienna: * After a few rings, a sweet-looking girl with pink hair, wearing an Aditya T-Shirt, picks up. She blinks. “Hello?”
    Rau: “I guess that’d make it a good Cinderella story. But yeah, I don’t see it happening either. Now, Fuchsia, that’s my team. Give me the Arboks any day of the week.”
    Rau: “They move fast, they hit hard, and their defense is… I mean, it’s better.
    Zelly: “Hee~. You’re a nerd, Rau.” :3
    Tabitha: “Yes, but he’s our nerd, and I like him.”
    Brasia: “What about you, Henrietta? I mean, you got your, uh… what’sitcalled. Pretty slinky dress thingy.” She vaugely waves her hands down her own body in an hourglass motion. “But is that your favorite, or just what you wear everyday?”
    Kiir: “(Hi!)” calls Kiir. Surolam is in the background, still having the
    Sienna: :D “Dragon!”
    Surolam: “Hello,” says Surolam. “I believe you remember Kiir?”
    Sienna: “Yeah! He was just the sweetest dragon. And he’s all grown up now!”
    Sienna: “And… you I don’t remember. Arrrrre you his mother?”
    Jericho: “Yeah, Fushia’s pretty good. I’m more of an Olivine guy myself, and not just because the Ampharos cheerleaders have the best uniforms.”
    Surolam: “…oh.” Surolam runs a talon over her scales. “Right.”
  • Sienna saw you as a human, I’m pretty sure ((I don’t see her seeing you as a dragon, at least not in that log.))
    Surolam: (( nope, she didn’t ))
    Surolam: (( Surolam just kinda forgot about that ))
    Rau: “…I feel like that’s kind of the thing I shouldn’t comment on.”
    Surolam: “Kiir, can you and Nikare take them back for now?”
    Tabitha: “See? Nerd means he can learn.”
    Timothy: “A-Ampharos have uniforms?” blink
    Reginald: “Ohhhh boy. This I know somethin’ about! Someone got a phone so we can educate the boy?”
  • Surolam allows the babies to wriggle back onto their parents before shifting back into her human form.
    Jericho: “No, Ampharos is the mascot and the name of the team. Now the cheerleaders…” Jericho gets a big grin on his face.
    Mike: * The minisneks disperse onto their parents, turning into two smaller knots of danger noodle.
    Surolam: “This is the form you remember, right?”
  • Reginald mirrors that same smile.
    Nadine: “…”
    Sienna: “Ah! Kiir’s human!”
    Sienna: “Yes, now I remember you. You were the human he travels with. I’m glad to see you, uh… also grew up and evolved?”
    Sienna: “Sorry, I’m not much of a Trainer. I just thought your dragon was the cutest though.”
    Surolam: “Well, as you hopefully saw, he and his mate, Nikare, have recently had some children. I believe he wishes to offer you one of them, if you’d like.”
    Sienna: * You can practically see her eyes light up into heart-shaped pupils. …Wait, no, those’re Aditya-brand contacts.
    Sienna: Still, she seems very happy at the prospect. “R-really?!”
    Surolam: “Yes. It was he who reminded me of you, actually.”
    Sienna: “I’d love that!” She leans in mch closer, providing a bit of a distorted image in the holo-phone’s display. She squints to make out the lesser snakes.
    Sienna: “Aww! Kiir, you remembered me~.”
    Sienna: “See? The. Sweetest. You should give him a treat for that.”
  • Nikare shakes his tail slightly at the idea in agreement.
  • Jericho and Reginald are going to try and find something to show Timothy exactly who the Ampharos cheerleaders are.
    Reginald: “Rau, lemme see your phone for a minute?”
  • Surolam smiles.
    Surolam: “I’ll take that into consideration.”
    Rau: “…I’m not gonna stop you, but since I know what you’re doing… put it on incognito first.”
  • Rau hands over an older phone, but still web-capable. It’s in a plastic zippy bag.
    Rau: >.> “So it doesn’t get wet.”
    Reginald: “Alright, what’re we looking for here?”
    Sienna: * Sienna looks over the little dragon-lets – presumably, as the Nurse mentions their strong suits, and the parents struggle to keep their wriggling forms on camera for more than a few seconds as they explore the new world.
    Jericho: “Look up the lineup from three years ago. They still had Cheryl Barkley on the team then.”
    Sienna: “…I kinda like… That one.” She points to the one sliding up Nikare’s body, Dratini C. “I know you mentioned he doesn’t have anything super-special about him, but that’s kinda why I like him! He looks just like his daddy!”
    Nurse Joy: “Would you like me to send him along to her? She can pick him up at the nearest Pokemon Center, if you agree.”
    Surolam: “That works for me,” agrees Surolam.
    Sienna: :D :D :D
    Sienna: “Eeeee~ Thank you Ms. Surolam!” She bows, and her image jostles, before her giant hand rights it – a trick of perspective.
    Surolam: “You’re welcome.”
    Sienna: “And thank you, Kiir and, uh, a-and Mr. Kiir! And i hope your other babies have a good time too!”
  • Nikare ’s tail rattles in acceptance of the psuedonym.
  • Zojiik chuckles at the “Mr. Kiir” comment
    Reginald: “Ohhh, Cheryl. I didn’t recognize the name, but that smile~… I’d know it from a thousand yards away!”
  • Reginald pulls up an image, and hands it to Timothy.
    Timothy: “…”
    Timothy: o.o
    Timothy: =o.o=
    Timothy: “Sh-she’s… uhm. She’s… V-very.” He can’t find a word to attach to that ‘very’.
    Jericho: “Ah, he’s got some good taste after all.” Jericho looks smug.
  • Nurse Joy reaches out for Dratini C, and he slides along her arm willingly. She pets his scales gently, and talks softly to him as she heads for the Trading room.
  • Dratini C seems accepting of the idea. He’s still in the mode of “this is a new world and I don’t know what I’m doing yet, but everything looks like a fun adventure to me.”
    Mike: Alright, I absolutely have to get some water, and I feel like there’s some ebbing energy in the room. Are there other things people want to address tonight? I can go another hour, easily, I just gotta get a drink and this seemed a good time to ask.
    Zojiik: (( Well, I was thinking that Surolam would also offer a baby to Reginald, but that’s about it for me, honestly ))
    Jericho: (( Well, I kept trying to bring up the temple, but it kinda got buried. ))
    DNA: Oh, right, I totally forgot about that.
    Mike: Back with h2o. Rob, Ava?
    Mike: S’okay if you’re pooped, I know Rob in particular was in the doldrums today.
    Beverly: ((oro?))
    Beverly: ((Nah, I’m fine. I got useful info))
    Nurse Joy: * A few moments later, the Nurse returns – dragonless, but smiling.
    Nurse Joy: “The transfer was a success, and the documentation was filled out as well. Your little Dratini is on his way now.”
    Nurse Joy: “Is there anyone else you’d like to give a hatchling to?” She giggles. “This is one of the better parts of the job, making sure Pokemon have loving homes.”
    Surolam: “I suppose Nikare’s trainer should also get a chance to choose.”
    Nikare: “(I will fetch him.)”
    Nikare: “(…Reginald.)” His tail shakes with annoyance, seeing his Trainer sharing pictures of human girls on a phone.
    Reginald: “Nyuh? Something wrong?”
    Nikare: “(The opposite.)” He turns. “(Follow me, please.)”
    Reginald: “Alright, I’m comin’.” He points to the screen, and whispers to Timothy. “You just push that button there, it’ll show you the next girl on the squad. And the next, and the next…” wink
    Reginald: * Reginald then follows Nikare into the back room. “Bit crowded back here, hunh? So what’s…” He blinks, seeing the hatchlings. “Hey! Beautiful li’l buggers.”
  • Mike moves Sienna to the NPC box, to make sure she’s saved this time. Fool me once…
    Surolam: “Indeed. One of them has already gone to one of Kiir’s human friends. I assumed you’d want one as well.”
    Henrietta: “I don’t really have anything but this,” Henrietta said, looking down at her kimono. “I think I said before, I put it together to keep people from staring too much and getting distracted. So I didn’t make more than one, but I guess I could make something better?”
    Brasia: “Heh. I guess we’re a little different that way, hunh? But, uh… If you do make something else… lemme know if I can help out any? And maybe you could make me one too?” =>.>=
    Reginald: “…I’d be honored.” He has a serious look, for once.
    Henrietta: “We could work on something for you. I’m guessing we’ll have time, before Molly and I take our turn in the gym.”
    Reginald: 2
    Reginald: “I think I’m leaning towards the pink one, actually. Not just because it’s shiny, but because it’s quiet, too. …If it’s alright with you, uh. Grandma? Auntie?” :P
    Surolam: “As long as it’s fine with that too.”
    Brasia: “Thank you.” She smiles. “I’d like that.” her tail swishes happily, warming the air.
    Dratini B: 1
    Dratini B: (( Hrm. Lemme just roll a d20 to see if it is- aaaand nat1. ))
  • Dratini B takes one look at Reginald, and hops back on the metal table. It seems reluctant to go with him.
    Reginald: “…Alright, I’ll respect that. Uh, what about you, buddy?” He points to A.
    Reginald: 7
    Dratini A: * A seems… still a little wary, but willing to at least try. He slithers onto Reginald’s shoulders.
    Reginald: “Well! I think that settles it then. Welcome aboard! …We’ll come up with a good name for you later. What do you think of sports?”
  • Dratini A has a curious, unknowing look, not yet being really aware of sports.
  • Reginald walks off, talking to the Dratini a bit more.
    Nurse Joy: “It’s not… too uncommon for a Pokemon to reject a Trainer when asked.”
    Nurse Joy: “Just somewhat uncommon. …Hm.”
    Stin: “Indeed. Although honestly, I believe most of us were asked by another part of the team, instead of Surolam herself.”
    Kiir: “(Yeah! It’s just me and Zojiik who got asked by her!)”
    Henrietta: Henrietta nods, and sets her book aside to start looking for any fashion magazines to use as reference for the project.
    Beverly: ((going to jump off and start winding down for the evening))
    Brasia: (( alright! ))
    Molly is disconnected.
  • Brasia helps, and shows some serious knowledge of the different magazines and their brands. She doesn’t know actual fashion terms, but she does know what she likes, at least, and is quite decisive about it. (( And if we like, that’s something we can explore and figure out the details of later! ))
    Avara: soudns good.
    Mike: Alright. I think it might be best to save the temple for another day? Sound fair?
    Kiir: (( fair enough ))
    DNA: That’s fine by me
    Mike: Alright! Wrapping this up like, uh, a Dratini with Wrap!
  • TBG loses 1/10th of his Max HP
    Mike: This was an RP heavy session, and I enjoyed it. I also appreciate everyone’s effort in coming and playing tonight, I know it was a bit rough for some people. So 3 TXP! Annnd I’m gonna be a bit light on PKMN EXP so just 20 PKMN EXP.
    Mike: And repasted into Skype.
    TBG: TL 19.5 I think
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    DNA: 19.5, yes
    Mike: Saving logs!
    Mike: And it sounds like next week we’ll Temple it up, so we have a plan for what we’re doing next! I love it.
    Eclipse is disconnected.


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