Henrietta Hits the Town

Mike Desktop has connected.
Avara has connected.
Mike: Is an Ava!
Mike: I will admit I haven’t had much prep for the intro session. I am open to you exploring your town and getting a sense of normalcy, and also for a few NPC introductions – both here in the town, and also from outsiders.
Mike: Anything in particular strike your fancy?
Avara: feel free to take some time and work up ideas. i need a bit to get myself in a henrietta mindset. sooooo set up and prep time, 20 minutes?
Mike: ‘k! I’ll do some quick note-ing.
Avara: i imagine if someone tried capturing a member of the settlement by force (non-consentual battle or just chucking balls at people randomly) they’d get a whole lot of angry fairies gunning for them
Mike: Ohhhh yes. Pokeballs in an all-Pokemon community are going to be a bit of a sore topic.
Mike: Going back, way back, to the original intro sessions, it was less about having an antagonist, and more about having a small sample of adventure-before-adventure. A way to help you get into character easily, work out some kinks, and establish an NPC or two for your backstory. I’m trying to gun for that angle, and I have half an idea now!
Mike: …Where’s that nice reference sheet you encouraged me to make, that’d be handy now… goes to gdrive
Avara: yeah, i was just thinking about how it’ll go if someone does the stupid thing tomorrow.
Mike: Found it! :D
Mike: Thankfully Lauren isn’t here.
Mike: She’d be eyeing all kinds of folks with that in mind. And they’d probabl know it.
Mike: Iiiit would be a bad day.
Avara: probably, yeah.
Avara: what’d you find?
Avara: ah, life in wyldglen
Mike: Mmhm! I have the middle, and a beginning, juuust not quite an end. Hrm.
Mike: Alright! I think I have enough of an idea to play with now. Shall we?
Avara: surely.
Avara: for irony’s sake and mood’s sake, listening to a happy, silly LP of Spyro the Dragon.
It’s a warm autumn day in Wyldglen. The town is alive with the sound of the farmer’s market, of farming Fairy growing their Berries, of buzzing Combee bustling about to get those last few drops of pollen, of the wind through the trees and the flowers.
Pokemon are talking and socializing with one another all over town – except for one particularly grumpy old Braixen witch near your kitchen window – buuut…
Adagio: “Hop!” hops

  • Adagio is hopping towards your door, at an excrutiatingly slow rate. She carries with her a toy wooden ship, and the mermaid smiles, moving it up and down as if on waves.
  • Henrietta is licking some honey from her fingers—which had been placed on her doorknob by somebody as a good morning prank, probably. “Good morning, Adagio. How’s the pond today?”
    Adagio: “Hop!” hops
    Henrietta: “Step!” steps
    Adagio: :D The mermaid giggles, and scrunches up her fishy tail-limb, preparing for aaaaa-
    Adagio: “HhhhhhhHOP!” HOPS
  • Henrietta catches Adagio in a hug!
  • Adagio hops right into you, giggling.
  • Henrietta may have pounced a bit, but it’s definitely a hug.
    Adagio: “Morning, Henrietta! I went for a swim in the underwater river today, and the water was warm and fast~” She is still quite wet, and her hand is full of… some kind of toy boat.
    Adagio: “…And I found this!”
  • Henrietta frees Adagio of the hug.
    Adagio: “I thought it was a ship, but it’s really tiny to be a ship, so I thought I’d ask you if you knew why the ship was so tiny.”
    Henrietta: “Ho~… It’s really pretty for such a small ship. Let me think…”
  • Adagio flumps down a bit, but can stand tall on her tail-fin. She isn’t fast, but she’s not totally helpless out of the water. Just… mostly.
  • Henrietta rolls General Education on the model ship in case there’s anything special about it, examining it happily. 28
    Avara: it was a gm’d roll, just so’s you know
    Model Ship: (( Typing! Sorry, had the notification off ))
    Model Ship: * It’s quite old; the wood is seriously aged, but then battered by ages since then – centuries old, if not more. The sail looks to be made of gold-woven cloth, tattered by ancient winds. It’s staffed by what appear to be itty-bitty people… Not humans, but bipedal, most definitely. Robes and armor and one with a captain’s hat…
    Model Ship: * …And those people aren’t just pegged or glued into place. They appear to be on a kind of track system on the boat’s deck. You can gently wiggle on of the itty-bitty wooden people out of its place, and slide it along to some other station.
    Model Ship: * Pulling away from the ship for a moment… It’s a Raltesian design, one that you don’t see in many accounts of their wars and battles. It looks more like a small ship, one fit for nobles to putter around on or go fishing off of. Not meant for the open sea, but for Shikoku’s coast and bays.
    Model Ship: No cannons or ballistae on it, either. But maybe it wasn’t built for such.
    Model Ship: Alright, four stations on it: The captain’s wheel, the foremost bow, the center-deck, and the cabin. Well, just inside the cabin door. You can’t actually wiggle a finger in there any deeper than the doorway.
    Model Ship: Four figures on it, as well – a very small one, with a rounded bowl on its head; a slightly larger one, with two bows upon its head and a short skirt; a third, tall and thin with flowing robe; and a fourth, with tiny-teeny swords in each hand, standing tallest and broadest.
  • Adagio watches Henrietta look the ship over, curious at her curiosity.
  • Henrietta gently took a deep breath, as she did whenever she was about to completely make up a story. It was a tell she put in on purpose, so people who knew her better would be in on the joke—and it was just fun to make up stories sometimes. “Once upon a time, in a land far to the west, there was a noble Revanche lady adventuring to find herself some good breeding partners. She was putting together what humans call a ‘ha-rem’,” she said, putting some odd accent on the word, “and she couldn’t just expect good mates to come to her. She sailed high and sailed low, until she crossed the path of an angry Sinisette, whose mate she’d stolen out from under her. The Sinisette brewed a ritual so mean and cruel, using stories of revenge and misfortune and spite, until she made a spell that could destroy even this fair maiden’s hopes and dreams. It was only with a last moment’s breath that the maiden could preserve herself and her ha-rem, turning them all into toys on a ship that would sail the seas forever, rather than dying to the witch’s wrath.”
    Henrietta: “… No, but really, it’s a very complicated but very old Raltesian toy boat, I think. It’s got lots of moving pieces, but it’s old and needs some repairs. I think I can fix it up!”
    Adagio: :3 “I like both stories. But if you can fix it up and make it pretty, please, do so! I only just found it, so if you can find it the water it really wants to be in…” Her voice falters a little bit, thinking of waters that small, easily-broken things do not want to be in.
    Adagio: blink “…Also, humans have weird words.”
    Henrietta: “Humans are pretty weird. They don’t get a lot of how the world should be.” She agrees firmly, gently looking over the boat again. “I think this boat would be happy as a decoration for a home, but if it wants water, we could put it in a big bowl or a cauldron.”
    Sienestae: * The elderly Braixen witch nearby looks up at the mention of cauldrons. She glowers, still stirring a vat full of bubbling potion-to-be.
    Sienestae: Her glower is like so:
    Sienestae: >:|
  • Henrietta smiles at Sienestae. She never messes with the important potions, and she knows enough that when she does mess with a potion, it only turns your hair rainbow colors on top of what it should do. Looking back at Adagio, she nods. “I can fix the ship up nice and neat tonight. Was there anything else going on?”
    Adagio: “I heard Nob talking about some strangers he met in the forest yesterday. It sounded like he invited them to visit the town? So that’s exciting! Also he sang me a song about how pretty I was~.”
    Adagio: “…And then he sang it to two Fairies later that day.”
  • Adagio puts on her best Sienestae impression: >:|
    Henrietta: “It sounds like Nob’s going to have a hard life if he can’t make up more than one song about beauty. If you’re making that sort of song it should be specific to the person,” Henrietta said, mumbling with some pout to her voice. “Singing you’re-so-pretty songs the same way at every girl is a human thing. I told you humans just don’t get it.”
    Adagio: “Then Nob’s dumb as a human, I guess.” She crosses her arms, and mimics your pout… before giggling, and then losing her composure and laughing.
    Adagio: “Hee~! Well, I’ll just have to sing him a better song right back at him! About how pretty I am! And how dumb and human-like and whatever else he is!”
    Henrietta: “Do it where the fairies he was singing to can hear, and make sure to put in a rhyme or two about how he’s trying to fool everyone into thinking he only loves them.”
    Adagio: “The boy with a wand’r-ing eye~
    Swore to my beauty and told me no lies~
    But his lie was in repitition’s folly~
    For my beauty was same’d compar-ably~”
    Henrietta: “… Keep working on it. Your revenge’ll be better if you take time to make it perfect.” She pats Adagio on the head.
  • Adagio wriggles happily under the pats. She just enjoys attention of most any kind, it seems.
    Adagio: “Hee~. Yeah, I will. Thank you, Henrietta.” :3
    Henrietta: “No problem, Addy. I look forward to seeing your song~.”
    Adagio: “And I look forward to seeing the boat prettied up! Maybe he can sing a song to that. Put that in his human ha-rem.”
  • Adagio giggles, and then shuffles to turn around.
    Adagio: “See you later, Henrietta! …Hop!”
  • Henrietta giggles a bit, and puts the boat in her house for later repairs, before looking over to Sienestae. “Sienna, how’s the potion going?”
    Sienestae: “Poorly. The damn fool boy couldn’t find enough Energy Root, so I’m making it up with coffee beans.”
  • Sienestae pulls her large spoon-wand from the cauldron, and takes a tasting-sip.
    Sienestae: “…Don’t tell him, but it tastes better this way.”
    Sienestae: “Just not quite as restorative.”
  • Henrietta stifles another giggle. “Well, maybe it has another effect? Coffee doesn’t make you feel better, but it makes you more awake and energetic.” (Maybe it restores AP?)
    Avara: (or frequency)
    Sienestae: “…It might, yes. I haven’t tested it after exerting myself.” She gives a weary sigh. “My bones are too old to go throwing Fire Blasts around willy-nilly. And it sets a poor example for that boy. Did you know I saw him trying to lead a little ember up and down a bundle of sticks? The boy’s going to set fire to the forest one of these days. Leaving his cauldron unattended.”
    Henrietta: “Yeah, I remember catching him leaving it alone to go swimming once. He clearly needs you around all the time to help keep him in line,” she says with a bit of a teasing tone—implying implications vaguely about how she and he might be a good couple.
    Sienestae: “Psh. Oh, I think you’re half-right, dear. He definitely needs someone to keep an eye on him. I’d swear that you’re the only one he listens to these days, though.” She chuckles.
    Sienestae: “If I ask him to gather herbs, more and more he’ll look for something to get distracted by. And half the time that would be you, dear. That’s why he set the caudlron up alllll the way over here, no matter what he says abou the wind and the Hoothoot.”
    Sienestae: “I suppose that’s how it is for all young boys, though. Men don’t want old women telling them what to do, and he’ll be a man someday, whether he realizes it or not.”
    Sienestae: (( go ahead :P ))
  • Henrietta chuckles. “I know. He’s rather deeply smitten, isn’t he? He does need to learn from his betters and elders, though. Just pretending he knows everything is going to get him hurt if he doesn’t learn.”
  • Sienestae gives a hint of a smile.
    Sienestae: “And it’s wisdom like that why I let him put the cauldron here. Maybe some of it will rub off if he keeps talking to you.”
    Sienestae: “So, you keep distracting him, hm? Sooner or later he’ll get wise.” She gives the potion cauldron a quick, hard stir, and taps the spoon-wand against the bottom, breaking up a clump of something. “Speaking of distracting! Would you like to try your theory on this potion batch, dear?”
    Henrietta: “Sure. I’ll need to do some work before I can test it, but I bet you have something in mind already.”
  • Henrietta is still smiling over the poor apprentice, who is rather amusing.
    Sienestae: “I do, actually. See the bundle of kindling over there?” She points towards the large pile of sticks, right next to the still-hopping Adagio. “I was thinking that you can your spry, youthful body could unleash some stress on it. Use some big, impressive Moves. And then we can see if the potion restores any of them for you.”
    Sienestae: “And if it really works out that well, I think you could deliver a few batches to my apprentice. He’d be eagre for a visit from you, I’m sure. …Not as eagre as he should be to sell my potions, but I must work with what the world gives me.”
    Adagio: “Hop!”
  • Henrietta chuckles again, nodding. “At the least, he is absorbing your lessons. He’s not that disciplined, but he’s learning.” Henrietta walks around the cauldron, one hand glowing pink, while the other glows a shinier pink.
  • Adagio dives into the water, and surfaces to watch the light show.
    Sienestae: (( getting h2o brb ))
    Henrietta: 1 vs special. Psychic! 0 vs special. Moonblast! 15 vs special. Thunderbolt! (all of henrietta’s moves are EOT, so i’m just-for-fluff using them all up in one burst.)
    Avara: alas, they are sticks, and presumably cannot dodge.
    Avara: 39 psychic. 44 fairy. 27 electric.
    Mike: Back!
    Mike: * the sticks are unable to dodge! Though that Moonblast very nearly missed them anyway. Darn sunlight, getting in the way of your destructive moonlight.
    Avara: pff
    Sienestae: “Well, quite impressive. You know, when I was your age, I could throw Psychic blasts from my wand just as well as any Kadabra. And my spoon was bigger, too, hehe.”
    Sienestae: “Alright, come on then. Give the potion a big sip and tell me how it feels.”
  • Sienestae dips her spoon-wand in, and pulls it out laden with sticky green potion.
  • Henrietta siiiiiiiiiips from the spoon!
  • Henrietta has some trouble swallowing sticky potion, but gets it all down.
    Sienestae: * Indeed, it’s quite a strange taste. Not quite as vile as some of her potions can be, though – the mocha coffee flavor helps lessen that.
    Sienestae: * The restoartive potion surges through your gullet, and restores 30 HP – not that you needed that – but the subtle hint of coffee also restores the use of an EoT Move of your choice, the energy springing back to life almost immediately.
    Sienestae: 1
    Sienestae: Also… Do me a favor, and roll 1d10.
    Henrietta: 2
  • Sienestae grins.
    Mike: * Your beautiful blue hair turns a brilliant Braixen-red! It will stay that way for the next 43 minutes..
    Sienestae: >:3
    Henrietta: “Huh~.” Henrietta smiles appreciatively, playing with her hair. “Maybe this is what i’d be like if I was a fire type?” As she mentions fire type, she stamps out the fire on the kindling pile.
    Sienestae: “Hehehe~. I’m glad you like it, dear. I always found red to be a suitable color for most anything, myself.”
    Henrietta: “It definitely goes better with my little bow and my chest-gem.”
    Sienestae: “Oh, you look like the vision of autumn. …Mm, been hanging around Nob too often, sounding like him now…”
    Sienestae: “Now then! Does the potion work as you thought? Or is it just better-tasting?”
    Henrietta: “It put power back in my fairy side faster than usual,” she said with some thought. “I could moonblast again right after drinking.”
    Henrietta: “It also does taste better.”
    Sienestae: “Well, then I think it’s worth selling. Here, let me bottle it up – would you mind taking it to my apprentice?”
    Sienestae: “See how much he stammers with your new look. I’ll bet you it takes him two minutes straight to spit out the one compliment, beginning to end.”
    Henrietta: “Sure. Heh… I’ll time it for you. If it’s that long you get soup tonight.”
    Sienestae: ^_^ “So gracious.”
    Sienestae: * The Braixen witch fills a dozen small glass bottles with the potion, and hands them to you. “Here you are. He’s in a booth we set up at the farmer’s market. He should be the first one you see, if I remember.”
    Henrietta: “Alright.” She gives Sienna a little pet-pat before walking off with the potions.
    Sienestae: >:| She doesn’t quite appreciate the pats, but she lets it go; respect between mages and whatnot.
    Henrietta: “Cauldell!” she calls out, wondering how long until Sienna notices the honey in her fur. Maybe as long as it takes Cauldell for the compliment?
    Avara: henrietta did have honey on her hand at the session start
    Mike: Yes she did. I had forgotten! :3
    Sienestae: * A few seconds later, Sienestae scratches her head… and her hand comes back gooey.
    Sienestae: “…” >:|
    Sienestae: >.>
    Sienestae: licks paw
    Avara: :3
    Cauldell: * Cauldell is in the first little booth at the Farmer’s Market, watching as a Jigglypuff browses the dwindling potion supplies he has – and trying not to drool over the smell of fresh-baked Fairy Bread, wafting even to your… nose? However Gardevoir smell.
    Cauldell: “Ah, Ms. Puff, the red ones are quite handy – they treat small wounds very quickly, and don’t fill you up! We still have a few of those left…”
    Henrietta: “New batch of potions, Cauldell,” she says, coming up behind him.
    Mike: * The booths are at most five feet tall – a little short for a human, but just the right size for the Small creatures here. Medium-sized like you might bump your head a little, but it’s rarely been a huge issue in these outdoor places.
    Cauldell: “! Mistress Henrietta, I didn’t expeh-heh-ehehhh…” He trails off as he finally catches view of you, and his face begins turning red. Which is funny, since he definitely didn’t just eat a berry.
    Cauldell: =o.o=
  • Henrietta is counting time in her head.
  • Henrietta smiles patiently.
    Cauldell: "U-uhm, you, uh. You uh. Your… You looooo… l-look very, uhm… "
  • Cauldell gulps. “I mean, uhm, your hair is, it’s real, it’s very, uhm, very. You know. It’s… it’s quite.”
    Cauldell: * Suddenly, the dam in his throat breaks. “Ithinkyoulookverynicemistresshenrietta”
  • Cauldell seems surprised he even said that.
  • Henrietta totals up the time it took him in her head as she answers, “Thank you very much, Cauldell. You’re looking pretty red… maybe you need some healing potion too? This batch gives you a bit more pep, even if it doesn’t heal as much.”
    Avara: does sienna get soup tonight/
    Avara: ?
    Cauldell: Hrm!
    Cauldell: Dice, how nice am I to Henrietta in terms of getting soup?
    Cauldell: The GM should be SOMEWHAT MEAN!
    Cauldell: * Cauldell got it out juuuuust in time to beat the buzzer, but it was a very long minute-and-change.
    Cauldell: “Ah! New potions! Thank you!” He hurredly takes the potions, and arranges them on the wooden display table.
    Cauldell: “Miss Puff! These new potions are fresh and even still warm! They’ll heal you and put some pep in your step!”
    Cauldell: >.> “Thanks for the line, mistress,” he says in a whisper, leaning back to you.
  • Jigglypuff 5 considers, but then… picks up two of the red potions. She places a few small crystals on the wooden table as payment-in-trade.
  • Henrietta whispers back, “As payment, next time you feel like leaving your cauldron cooking, just remember how close it is to my house.”
    Avara: not just i-can-see-you but also if-it-burns-i’m-cooked-first
    Cauldell: =>.>= “…S-sorry, mistress Henrietta…” He bows his head, even as the Jugglypuff wanders off with her new Potions.
  • Henrietta gives Cauldell a honey-pat too.
    Cauldell: “I never meant to, uh…” blink “…Your hand is sticky.”
    Henrietta: “You noticed faster than Sienna did.”
    Cauldell: And after a moment, the scent of honey wafts up to him. His stomach grumbles. “And you smell better than… I-I mean, you smell like honey!” =o.o=
    Henrietta: “You noticed faster than Sienna did,” she repeats, showing him her honey-coated palm. “Someone coated my doorknob this morning, so I’ve been spreading the cheer. I got Adagio with a hug, too.”
    Cauldell: “She might not even have noticed… I mean, she swims, so it might wash off.” He rubs a finger along his honeyed fur, and then rubs his fingers together, testing it.
    Cauldell: “…I’m going to smell like honey all day.”
    Henrietta: “Honey’s the best smell in the world.”
  • Cauldell blinks, thinks a thought, and then shakes his head to banish it.
    Cauldell: “Y-yeah, it is. I would love to have some. I mean, not from your hand. O-or my fur. But I can’t leave my stall while nobody else is here.”
    Cauldell: * He gazes longingly down the row, to the bread next to him, and to the stall full of honey and mead further down.
    Henrietta: “I’ll get some for us both, then.”
  • Henrietta walks around the stall.
    Cauldell: OoO “Th-thank you, mistress!” He bows, deeply grateful.
    Queen Darcinia IX: * The honey stall is staffed by Her Majesty, Queen Darcinia IX. She’s not your queen, or really anyone’s queen but the Combee. But people seem to humor her. Some of this is because she makes very good honey, and also because she makes very good mead from that honey.
    Queen Darcinia IX: * Her stall smells thickly of honey, and glass jars of it are stacked on her counter.
    Henrietta: “Greetings, QUEEN DARCINIA IX,” she says, putting on the emphasis that QUEEN DARNICIA IX demanded/requested of everyone. She’s blushing openly, somewhat intoxicated by the scent of her favorite honey addiction.
    Avara: this is a test
    Avara: alright. correction: QUEEN DARCINIA IX
    Queen Darcinia IX: “Mmmm?” She buzz-hums, turning to you. Seeing your blush, and hearing your respectful tone, she nods in acknowledgement of you.
    Queen Darcinia IX: “We recognize Lady Henrietta, and welcome her to our business.” She bows, ever so slightly – enough to say she did, but never, ever denegrating herself to someone else.
    Queen Darcinia IX: “Have you come to sample my honey? Or the work of my loyal…” She searches for an alternate word, but fails. “…workers?” She gestures to her mead.
    Braixen 3: *A slightly inebriated Braixen hiccups, and stumbles away to listen to a singing Jigglypuff. He smells of honey, too.
    Henrietta: She lets out a fluffy-soft and happy sounding sigh, bowing back more deeply in respect to the royal lady. “Servants, perhaps? And I’m here for the best honey in Shikoku, of course. Did one of your people coat my doorknob this morning? I was wondering who to thank.”
  • Queen Darcinia IX giggles, a happy, warm buzzing noise.
    Queen Darcinia IX: “That, lady, was the work of our royal hand.” She holds out an insectile hand, thinly coated with sticky, raw honey. “I believed it might drive people to me, the thought of delicious… warm, nourishing honey… awakened in their simple minds as they started their day.”
    Queen Darcinia IX: “So if you wish to thank someone, you can thank us~.”
    Henrietta: “It certainly brought this mage to you, Your Majesty. Thank you very much.” If appropriate for interaction with QUEEN DARCINIA IX she would kiss the queen’s hand as a show of gratitude. Also because of the honey, but 99% the gratitude, honest. “What might it cost me to buy some of your sweet, precious, life-brightening honey?”
    Queen Darcinia IX: * QUEEN DARCINIA IX allows such displays of gratitude. She doesn’t mind the kiss lingering, either – after all, the longer the kiss to her hand, the more devoted the supplicant, correct?
    Queen Darcinia IX: “For most, it would be a hundred coin. But for you, who are wise to bow before us and to recognize the greatness of us and our work… I shall provide you a deal. If you purchase one jar, I shall grant you another, as a boon and a token of our recognition.” She says it dismissively, as if it were merely the barest token of her power. Which, in fairness, it actually kinda is.
  • Henrietta IMMEDIATELY puts down 100 coin. Coin is far less valuable than honey, and she hadn’t expected to get more than one jar to share. “Thank you very much, Your Majesty,” she says with another bow. “This one appreciates your graciousness.”
    Queen Darcinia IX: “As well it should be. And when you desire our regal company again – or perhaps, our regal benefits – you know well where to find us.” She takes the coin happily, sliding it off the counter with her honey-stained hand, leaving a thin trail of sticky sweet.
    Avara: ‘regal benefits’?
    Queen Darcinia IX: She meant the honey. I only have so many synonyms for ‘things that I make’!
    Queen Darcinia IX: But yeah that sounded a little sexier than I intended.
    Avara: almost thought she was propositioning henrietta
    Avara: yeah
    Avara: which… well, she has a distinct advantage over others in courting her.
    Queen Darcinia IX: Hrm. Spinning that into a character thing real quick!
  • Queen Darcinia IX is often known for occasionally speaking in tones and words more salacious than regal. The few who try to act on the percieved intent usually find themselves stung to heck and back. The fewer who play it cool… well, so far they’ve never told any stories. Still, it seems to be more unintentional than actual solicitation, much to some males’ disappointment.
  • Queen Darcinia IX feels incredibly pleased with the interaction, anyway.
  • Henrietta blushes a little brighter at QUEEN DARCINIA IX’s accidental flirtation. If the Queen actually propositioned her, it might well be that she’d find herself a happy bed-warmer, even if they couldn’t breed together properly. “I’ll keep your august invitation in mind, Your Majesty. Then, with your leave…” she departs the stand regretfully, not wanting to leave that honey-scented stall at all.
    Queen Darcinia IX: “Fare thee well, Lady Henrietta. May honeyed winds be ever at your back.”
  • Queen Darcinia IX turns her attention away just as easily as she granted them. She sees a Fairy behind the Gardevoir, and flaps her wings, driving the scent of honey forward at her.
    Mike: (( Alright, so. It’s 10 o’clock for me and I should probably poke my GF sometime. ))
    Avara: alrighty then~.
    Mike: :3 If you want to poke other people, we may yet be able to find time after tomorrow and its session.
    Avara: 3
    Avara: …
    Avara: wanted to make a heart.
    Avara: i love this place.
    Avara: can we just rp here forever?
    Mike: <>3
    Mike: …hrm.
    Mike: I am open to having more RPs here, because yes, I enjoy it. Henrietta has been here for a while, so she can have had lots of little mini-adventures or just palling around.
    Avara: maybe henrietta can make a ritual item some day, or be gifted one, that lets her come back here once in a while
    Mike: :3
    Mike: I am okay with an idea such as this.
    Avara: would have to balance appropriately, since this place does have shops and all, but… yeah. it’s an idea.
    Avara: and would resolve the “problem” of what to do with her home when she leaves
    Mike: You really like it here, hunh?
    Avara: it feels home-y.
    Avara: and it’s like henrietta’s the star of a shoujo anime or something
    Avara: a slice of life series.
    Mike: Neat! I hadn’t intended quite that, but… yeah. Slice-of-life could totally happen here.
    Avara: money has been deducted, and she’s keeping that jar of honey.
    Avara: before we leave, should i roll or deduct money for repairing the ship?
    Mike: Mmmmmnah. I will handwave the initial repairs on it. But you haven’t figured out its secret
    Avara: okay. then i’m keeping it for now, unless addy wants it back
    Mike: Sounds okay to me!
    Mike: Saving log and campaing.
    Avara is disconnected.


ElementalKnight ElementalKnight

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