Pub Crawl to Dungeon Crawl

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Mike: A brand-new glorious Dawn awaits~
Not a sunrise, but a galaxy-rise~
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GrayGriffin: connected as a gm by accident
Mike: Ah; too glorious then.
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Mike: 19.875
Mike: Alright. We’re definitely still short some folks. While we wait for them, did anyone have questions, bookkeeping, or the like?
Mike: I’m over here scribbling up a thing or two; so I might be a little distracted.
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Mike: Alright, that’s three. Need Rob + Ava. I’m going to get h2o for a moment.
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Mike: It’s an Ava!
Avara: why does it still feel like monday?
Mike: Right there with ya. It’s been a long day for me.
Mike: And soon we’ll have a Rob.
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Avara: internet, don’t be a dick today. okay? okay.
Avara: that’s the RNG’s job.
Mike: Let’s see if the RNG is on the clock or not there.
Mike: The GM should be SOMEWHAT NICE!
Mike: …It’s just trying to lull us into a false sense of security.
Mike: You in, Molly?
Molly: Yes.
Molly: I signed in as GM
GrayGriffin: high-five
GrayGriffin: I did that too!
Mike: Ahh. Alright. I wish MapTools would say what you signed in as, so others could see when that happens.
Mike: Alright.
When we last left our heroes, they were checking out the autumnal Marmallow Island!
Altair was trying to find a home for a nail, and scope out a boat. Surolam and Molly and Jil were checking out how to make Marmallow, the local treat. Jericho was checking out a local landmark, and a local had an eye on him, too.
Avara: and iirc we were all about to meet up for ADVENTURE
Oh, and Beverly the Neko Miko made a friend, up in the northern wilds of the island, while tracking the scent of electric rodentia.
Indeed – there’re still things you can check out on the island, but if you would all like to regroup and decide what’s next, that might not be a bad thing.
Mike: * The island sky is warm, though the breeze is cool and salty. The sun has begun its descent towards the near horizon of Shikoku, and the mainland-island’s mountains threaten to gobble the orb up early.
Mike: The scent of freshly-mashed Marmallow wafts from the home where most of our heroes are right now.
GrayGriffin: I thought we were going to check out the tavern next?
GrayGriffin: IIRC Surolam also had the glass with her
Mike: I believe that’s correct. She had returned the stick, and still had the glass and, I think, the stone button?
Mike: And Altair had the nail.
DNA: Altair has the button too.
Mike: Understood.
Mike: So: Are folks regrouping, and if so, where to? The Pub is nearby, and probably the best indoor meeting space – unless you want lots of room, in which case there’s the warehouse.
Molly: Molly is following Surolam around, the last time she had any initiative.

  • Surolam will probably want to head to the pub next if no one objects.
    Avara: sounds like we should swing by the pub for convenience
    Mike: Alright. Man, I should make a generic Pub map sometime.
    Mike: Lemme add that to my to-do list…
    Mike: * The island’s lone gathering spot and drinking establishment, The Hindhead Pub, is a place with a foot in the old and a foot in the new. You can feel and even smell the well-aged wood that makes the floorboards and bar itself, even as you step in to the quiet establishment.
    TBG: (( I have no issues regrouping at the pub. So yeah. ))
    DNA: I shall head that way in the name of information!
    Mike: * The lighting is dim and warm-colored, with spare sunlight streaming in through the windows. A few tables are here and there, but the eyes are immediately caught by the items on the walls: pictures, mementos, items, marked maps, all of past voyages, famous ships, or infamous pirates. The walls are a veritable museum unto themselves.
    Molly: Molly looks at her paws with concern over their stickyness.
    Mike: * The bar also has a small stage, with a simple karaoke setup. A flat-screen television hangs on the wall; right now, tuned to a sports channel, airing a list of great Hitball moments – some sport from a far-off land, it seems.
    Mike: * Narrow stairs go up from there, rising behind the bar, leading to rentable rooms (according to the arrow and painted signage on the wall).
    Makoto: Makoto stepped in with Altair a little while ago, and he’s a little overwhelmed with how much STUFF is present – all of the people, the things on the walls, the sets playing…
  • Stin looks over at Molly.
    Stin: “Would you rather ride?” she asks, patting Surolam’s shoulder.
    Altair Azure: Altair himself is actually trying to purse his ears. Is he really finding it loud in here, or is there something else?
    Pubkeeper Patty: * Finally, behind the bar, her back turned to you, is a woman, wide but strong, age catching up to her just a bit. She hears you enter, and turns.
    Pubkeeper Patty: “Ah, visitors! Didn’t expect any ships today. Alright, well, come in and be welcome.” Her voice is that of a mother Ursaring: comforting, right up until something angers her.
  • Surolam sniffs the air.
    Molly: Molly looked to Stin, considered this and nodded. “That sounds nice.”
  • Surolam bends down a little, offering the patted shoulder to Molly.
    Surolam: “Hang tight.”
    Molly: Molly hoists herself up, laying bellyfirst on Surolam’s shoulder.
  • Jil Joti follows along quietly, observing things going on.
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: For the object-speakers: the room might well be noisy to you; the items on the walls aren’t actually strong in and of themselves, but they seem to feed off one another, bouncing stories back and forth betwixt them. None of them are shouting, they’re just in a perpetual state of telling a good tale.
    Altair Azure whispers: I know; that’s why Altair is pursing his ears.
  • Surolam straightens up again, tilting her head to listen to the sounds of the various objects.
  • TBG will pretend to be interested in the hitball tournament. In truth, he’s watching and listening for conversations around him. Anything interesting? 23 Guile and 15 Perception.
    Jericho: (( …Jericho will. ))
    DNA: Indeed.
    Mike: Hmm~
    Altair Azure: “So, Surolam, have you made any progress at all on returning the objects?”
    Mike: * The pub isn’t empty, per se, though only a few people are in it besides yourselves. Two old men are at a table near the screen, also watching the show. They don’t even notice Jericho as he feigns watching the Hitball match.
    Surolam: “The stick did belong to the marmallow makers.” Surolam licks a bit of stickiness off one finger. “We got to see it used once more as well.”
    Altair Azure: “That’s good. I haven’t actually returned any yet but I have a few leads. The nail belongs to a ship, but held a sail in place in particular. It’s not the cargo ship; I checked. The button is from a really old memorial.”
    Surolam: “There’s a memorial in the middle of the square here,” notes Surolam. “Jericho was talking to a lady there.”
    Old Man Wallace: “Ho ho, that’s a good hit there.” siiip “You know, back when I was a lad, I bet I could’ve done just as well.”
    Old Man Staal: “Nah. Too busy lookin’ for a way to find that ‘secret treasure’. S’all you did before you got hitched.”
    Altair Azure: “That’s probably where I’ll go for the button. As for the sailing ship, I have a feeling I’ll find it in the museum. So I’ll head to the memorial next.”
    Old Man Wallace: “Heh heh, yep. Never was too serious about it, but oh, those were fun days. Good excuse to run around in the wild woods.”
    Altair Azure: “Remind me what the other object you had was? It was a small vial, right?”
  • Surolam nods, taking it out.
    Surolam: “This place feel familiar to you?” she asks it softly.
  • Jericho twitches slightly at the word “treasure”
    Mike: (( distracted by GF suddenly; a moment. ))
    Altair Azure whispers: Altair turns to ask the nail briefly. “There aren’t any sails here, but there are all sorts of trinkets up on the walls. Do any of them look or sound familiar?”
    Mike: (( back ))
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: The little glass clinks in awareness. “Yeah! I feel like this is… home. But there’s one thing missing!”
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: I’m not full. Oh, and nobody’s toasting. Just nothign on fire please, people drop me when my liquid’s on fire.
  • Surolam chuckles slightly, before going up to the bar and placing the glass on it gently.
    Surolam: “I think this is yours.”
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: The nail twists its string in melancholy. “Not quite, no, sorry. But it feels closer. Right amount of wood all around. But it’s… land-locked. Not even supposed to be a ship, never was.”
    Pubkeeper Patty: “Hm?” She looks down at it. Then she blinks. “Well, I’ll be.”
    DNA whispers: Altair: “…I had a feeling. …But still, I had to check. Didn’t want to ignore the answer if it was staring right at me.”
    Molly: Molly watches the glass trade hands.
    Pubkeeper Patty: * She bends down. “I haven’t seen these since I was a wee babe. My grandfather bought the set when he was a young man, thought the last one broke about ten years ago. Where’d this beauty come from?”
    Old Man Staal: “Bah. You always were, weren’t ya. Didn’t seem to work on the girls, though, did it?”
    Old Man Wallace: “Only on the right ones.” siiip
    Researcher Kassandra: * That’s when Kassandra walks in, pink hair with a few more leaves than when she was last seen by Beverly up in the wilds.
    Surolam: “From…people who failed to appreciate it.”
    Bonita: * Followed by a Kirlia, hair crackling gently with static electricity.
    Molly: Molly watches the sparkling Kirlia.
    Pubkeeper Patty: “Well, I know the first thing to fix that. What’s your pleasure?” She takes the glass, wiping it off with a dishtowel.
    Pubkeeper Patty: “Oi, Kassy! Welcome back. Find the thing you were lookin’ for?”
    Molly: “Milk” Molly said immediately.
    Researcher Kassandra: “And then some, but I need to hunker down and do some research.”
    Surolam: “…” Surolam tilts her head to the side, apparently thinking. “Whatever you recommend.”
    Bonita: “Nuh-uh. Singing first. You promised.”
    Researcher Kassandra: “…I have leaves in my hair.”
    Pubkeeper Patty: “I heard a milk, and fer you…” She looks you up and down.
    DNA: And then the Internet!
    Pubkeeper Patty: “…Miss, you got that spirit about’cha, the one that says you got more strength than a ship’s hold full of average folks. So I’m givin’ you somethin’ strong.”
    Altair Azure: “…Something tells me that she won’t be able to hold alcohol very well…”
    Pubkeeper Patty: * She reaches under the bar, and pulls out a bottle marked only with a label of hand-made paper, scrawled on in inked quill: ‘Sunset Fire’.
    Pubkeeper Patty: * She just puts a little bit in there, just a finger’s-width. Replacing the bottle under the bar, she then gets a much larger, much less ornate or interesting, glass, and fills that with cold milk.
    Pubkeeper Patty: “Whole milk, an’ a li’l somethin’ special. This one’s on th’house, for bringin’ that li’l glass back.”
    Pubkeeper Patty: “Only fair you get th’first drink from it.”
  • Jericho raises an eyebrow at the drink, but doesn’t say anything, still feigning interest in the game. He’s trying to listen a little more closely to those old men. Treasure in the woods, huh?
    Old Man Staal: “Hey, speakin’ of the right girl…” He nods at Kassandra as she walks by.
  • Surolam picks up the glass, before putting it to her lips and tipping it back, perhaps a bit more awkwardly than necessary when she realizes just how little is in it.
    Cat Maiden Beverly: Cat Maiden Beverly is investigating a hole!
    Old Man Wallace: “Pfeheh, if I was fourty years younger, maybe.”
    Mike: * Beverly: Ah yes, the hole! It looks like it’s a cracked hole, something that was dug a long time ago, and never quite filled in properly. Perhaps they put too many rocks in the soil as they put it back…
    Mike: * But there’s definitely the scent of something down there, something object-y.
    Researcher Kassandra: “Thanks,” says Kassandra, as she stops at their table. “You’d have to change a little more than that, though.” :P
    Researcher Kassandra: “Anyway. Mind if we borrow the screen for a song? …My partner has some energy to work out, I guess.”
  • Jericho lets out a snort of laughter.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: The liquid certainly feels like fire – first in a bad, way, but then, as it descends, in a much more pleasant way, the warmth of a hearthfire in your throat and belly.
    Cat Maiden Beverly: Beverly digs stuff up carefully.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: It’s also got a bit of kick to it, leaving your tongue a sizzling, popping sensation as a parting gift.
  • Surolam licks her lips, flicking her tongue out a bit.
    Surolam: “…It’s good.” Her voice does sound a bit out-of-breath, as if she tasted something unexpected but still agreeable.
    Molly: Molly watched the glass, then looked to the barkeep expectantly.
    Mike: Beverly: The dirt is hard-packed and rough. But you can dig through it eventually, though your hands come away caked and dirty. Give me a few moments…
  • Pubkeeper Patty grins, and then feels herself being stared at by the cat.
    Pubkeeper Patty: “…Didn’t I get you your milk?”
    Pubkeeper Patty: “Unless ‘milk’ is s’posed to mean ‘milk with rum’. I know I didn’t put any rum in anything.”
    Molly: ((Didn’t Surolam get the drink?))
    Altair Azure: Surolam got the thimble-ful of Sunset Fire, yes, and then Molly got a glass of milk.
    Pubkeeper Patty: (( She did. And then she poured the milk. It was just one line, admittedly. ))
    Molly: ((Ahh))
    Molly: Molly took the Milk and sipped at it.
    Makoto: Makoto’s whistling quietly, his tails swishing about playfully, as his eyes scan the walls. He wonders, can he detect any auras or magic energies coming from them? (Capabilities: Aura Reader & Magic Sight)
    Mike: * Beverly: As you reach deeper into the hole, you feel something – something metal. Retrieving it, pulling it through your loosened dirt, you can feel it’s a belt of some kind, a long band of leather with an ornate piece of once-polished metal as its buckle.
    Mike: Holding it, it looks like it’d definitely fit someone human-sized, and has a few notches to adjust its sizing… And it looks like it’d brace one well against the wind. Type Brace: Flying.
    Cat Maiden Beverly: Cat Maiden puts the belt in her sleeve.
    Mike: Makoto: Initiative Aura Detective mode…
    Makoto: dun, dun, dun-dun dun, dun, dun-dun…
    Avara: brb. and for the record—paying attention fine, just don’t really have an intuitive place to put jil into things.
    Mike: * A few magical motes appear to you: here in the bar, one of the mementos on the wall, a pair of dog tags, seems to have a magical spark. The pubkeeper’s wrist sparkles, too, likely with a bracelet. And of course, the people and Pokemon in the room exude aura, but nothing untoward there.
    Surolam: “Jil, you should try some of this!” calls Surolam from her position at the bar.
    Old Man Wallace: “Uh… Go ahead, miss. Match is a rerun anyway.”
    Researcher Kassandra: “Thanks. Alright, Bonita – fire it up!”
    Makoto: “(Hm?)” Makoto seems to be staring intently at the pubkeeper’s wrist. The dog tags don’t surprise him very much, but the bracelet seems to have his attention.
    Bonita: “Way ahead of ya!” She has the television’s remote, and is already adjusting settings.
    Avara: back.
    Molly: Molly keeps drinkin’ her milk.
    Jil Joti: “… I am a machine. While I do have taste buds, I would not benefit from any alcoholic indulgence.”
    Pubkeeper Patty: “Ah, hey there! My, you lot have some friendly Pokemon with you.”
  • Jericho watches with interest as the tv swaps control
    Avara: patty is talking to who?
    Molly: “Indeed. I should be praised.” Molly swayed her tails.
    Bonita: * With a final button-press, the TV screen flickers to KARAOKE MODE.
    Pubkeeper Patty: :3 “Well, you are a good kitty.” She reaches out to pat Molly between the ears. “And that Buizel over there is looking very curious. Is it shy?”
    Molly: Molly closed her eyes and leaned into the pets.
    Bonita: “Something fast and loud and happy! We found out things today!”
    Researcher Kassandra: “Alright, alright. You’re so pushy sometimes. Hand me a microphone.”
    Altair Azure: “Oh, Makoto? Yeah, he doesn’t speak much, but his eyes wander with awe. …He seems to be fixated on your bracelet though.”
    Bonita: “Just wait ‘till I evolve, you don’t even know.”
    Jericho: “Hmm… this will be interesting.”
  • Surolam pouts.
    Surolam: “It still tastes good though! Come share with me?”
    Pubkeeper Patty: “Oh, this?” She shakes her wrist, and shows it off. “It’s an old gift from an old suitor. Not my late husband, before even that. Don’t know how he ever afforded it, but it’s always brought me good luck.”
    Molly: Molly looked to Surolam, “Mine?”
    Makoto: “(I wonder where he got it from. That is not an item you come by everyday…)”
    Jil Joti: Jil walks over to Surolam, taking a sip from the cup she was using.
    Researcher Kassandra: * A loud and peppy, adventurous song comes from the television. Kassandra and Bonita belt it with enthusiasm, though after your experience with Aditya, it might even be jarring to listen to someone who isn’t a trained singer at all.
    Pubkeeper Patty: “You know, I asked him. He was cagey about it, though. So I figured he either stole it or found it. Couldn’t ever tell with him.”
    Pubkeeper Patty: “Which is one reason why he isn’t my late husband, you know.”
    Avara: ♪On the Road to Viridian City♫
    Molly: Molly looked back to her drink after she realized who Surolam was talking to.
    Researcher Kassandra: Yes, that. That is a solid choice and that is now canon.
    Jericho: With her busy, Jericho slips over to the old guys. “Hey, who’s the girl with the leaves in her hair” he says, gesturing towards Kassandra.
    Avara: can i get a description of the drink’s taste?
    Altair Azure: “…Do you mind if I look at it? Just to see what has my friend so enthralled.” (What check would it be to analyze its magicalness? Occult Edu? Intuition? Or something else?)
    Mike: One moment, yes.
    You whisper to Avara: The liquid certainly feels like fire – first in a bad, way, but then, as it descends, in a much more pleasant way, the warmth of a hearthfire in your throat and belly.
    Old Man Wallace: “Ahh, see? That’s a treasure worth hunting.”
    Old Man Staal: “Aye, though I bet her partner would defibrilate you if you tried anything.”
    Old Man Wallace: “What, the Kirlia? They’re supposed to be good luck. Especially in the old places.”
    Jil Joti: Jil had a look of disgust at first, and then indecision. She set the glass back down, shaking her head. “To each their own—for myself, the initial cost is not worth the payoff.”
    Old Man Staal: “Not what my pa told me. Fer him, Ralts-kind are bad omens. Too close to human, but not quite there. People get too concerned with ‘em and they lose sight of what they shouldn’t. I never understood it, but he didn’t share many’a those stories with me.”
    Jericho: “Treasure?” Jericho raises an eyebrow, like that wasn’t totally his goal all along.
    Avara: where is the discussion with the old men?
  • Surolam smiles slightly.
    Old Man Wallace: “Well, they’ve never done bad by me. Way I hear it, they open doors for ya. Figurative ones. Plus, hey, telekinesis is a good trick. You ever want th’ TV remote, but it’s just out of reach?”
    Old Man Wallace: * The old men are at a table, facing the television screen – and now the girl and her Kirlia, singing along to the song.
  • Zojiik glares at Staal.
    Zojiik: “(Wonder what he thinks of us Ghost-types then…)”
    Old Man Wallace: “Hn?” He looks away from the stage. “…Maybe. What’s it to ya, buddy?”
  • Old Man Staal rolls his eyes.
  • Chihiro walks over to Wallace and Staal quietly, taking up a scary pose and waiting for them to turn around. She won’t interrupt the treasure talk, but she might be a good way to put them off their guard more. A good laugh shared with friends?
    Avara: heard you talking shit about raltskin~.
    Old Man Staal: * Well, at the moment, Jericho’s got their attention. Soon as that drops though…
  • Bonita sees Chihiro’s plan, and giggles. She pulls the microphone away from her mouth to try and not give it away~
    Jericho: “Well, I heard rumors about a treasure in the woods. Figured it might just be an excuse for people my age to sneak out with the fairer sex into the woods at night, but…”
    Altair Azure whispers: I think I asked what check it’d be to analyze that bracelet for magicalness. Is it Occult Edu, Intuition, or something else?
    You whisper to DNA: Sorry, I missed it. Occult Edu to identify the magic on it.
    Altair Azure whispers: That will just be a 2d6, then: 5
    Molly: “Treasure and cute boys?” Molly asked, her interest caught.
    Altair Azure: Altair was looking at the barkeep’s bracelet, but at Molly’s comment, he did a double-take.
    Jericho: (“Aw, crap. Last thing I need is the other treasure fanatic involved.”)
    You whisper to DNA: Magical, yes. The specific enchantment is beyond you, though – it doesn’t seem incredibly powerful, just faded and worn-in.
    Old Man Wallace: “Well~”
    Molly: “You are cute Altair. Don’t worry.”
    Altair Azure: “That’s…not what I was thinking of, but…thank you?”
    Bonita: “Hey, Kassy. Maybe I’ll take the next one on my own? You should go listen in.” She taps her forehead.
    Jericho: “Careful. Zojik’ll ship that.”
    Researcher Kassandra: “…Alright?”
  • Old Man Wallace leans back in his chair, feeling very important all of a sudden.
  • Zojiik taps her hand against her chin thoughtfully.
    Old Man Wallace: “I can tell you a story about treasure,” he says.
  • Old Man Staal gets up, having heard this before – and then nearly has a heart attack at the D’awile behind him!
    Old Man Staal: “Gyuh-!”
    Old Man Wallace: “Back in the day, I was a young man of strength and courage, dashing and desired by all the ladies. And that’s the truth, because Staal is too busy hyperventilating to tell you otherwise.”
    Makoto: “(My, that didn’t take long.)”
    Jericho: “Smooth.”
    Chihiro: “Rawr!” Chihiro does a totally cute non-scare that actually managed to scare Staal, as a ralts-kin and all.
    Old Man Wallace: “Self-effacement, it works wonders.”
    Chihiro: 21 charm check.
    Old Man Staal: o.O “…S-so… cute…”
    Old Man Staal: * He reaches out to pet the d’awile.
    Jericho: “I’ll keep it in mind for the future.”
    Old Man Wallace: “Anyway. I liked to prowl the wilds for hidden treasure. It’s a small island, but it isn’t as uncommon as you might think. Lots of sailors would bury their winnings out there, or just lose them in drunken dares.”
  • Chihiro allows Staal to pet. Pet, pat.
    Old Man Wallace: “But there was one treasure that actually had some legends about it. The Knight’s Last Storeroom.”
    Researcher Kassandra: “This is what you were telling me last night,” says Kassy, taking a chair.
    Bonita: Behind her, Bonita sings something much more smooth and jazzy. If only she had the sparkling dress to go with it – and the piano to lay on top of, maybe.
    Molly: Molly puts her empty class on the counter.
    Old Man Wallace: “Mmhm. The story goes, that old statue of a knight up in the woods is the headstone for an actual knight’s grave. Or maybe he’s encased in the stone.”
  • Surolam leans on the bar.
    Old Man Wallace: “But beneath it, a hundred feet down, there’s a hidden vault, the last storeroom. Full of… Whatever those places are full of. Gold, jewels, magic swords. All three if the teller’s drunk enough, right?”
  • Altair Azure hears mention of the statue of a knight. Now he’s interested.
    Surolam: “So, how long have people been telling that story?” she asks it softly. 16 Charm if necessary
    Old Man Wallace: “So of course I looked for it. I tried everything I could to that statue. Pushed it, pulled it, I even thought about blowing it up.”
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: Fifty years now! This is the short version, too.
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: You get him going, he’ll say there’s a dragon down there guarding it all.
    Chihiro: “Good luck, bad luck, we’re the ones trying to make friends. Maybe don’t believe every story you hear, alright?” Chihiro says to Staal.
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: And maybe a princess. But that was just the one time.
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: …I liked that version.
    Surolam: “Dragon, huh?” Surolam traces a finger lightly over the surface of the bar, her nails extending to claws for a brief moment.
    Old Man Staal: “A-alright. Uh. Guess I didn’t think about other Raltses listenin’ in.”
    Molly: Molly watched Surolam’s claw. “I didn’t know you were part cat.”
    Old Man Wallace: “But, never did crack it. And I figure if I get a backhoe and tear a hole in the island, someone’s gonna sue me for more than any treasure’s worth. If the Scyther don’t cut me in half first.”
    Old Man Wallace: “They’re pretty peaceful so long as you don’t walk through their little patch of grass.”
    Jericho: “Huh. That sounds like an interesting challenge.” Jericho’s eyes are lit up as he considers the knight’s treasure.
    Jericho: $_$
    Jericho: “Glad to know about the Scyther.” He gets up from his chair. “I’m gonna go take a walk. I’ll be back later.”
    Researcher Kassandra: “…Do you remember anything else from the last time we talked?”
  • Old Man Wallace shrugs. “Nope, sorry. Been a loooong time since I was digging around for that score.”
  • Jericho slips out of the pub… now they said the woods were to the north, right? He heads that way.
    Cat Maiden Beverly whispers: I tried to make Beverly invisible to everyone but me, but I made her totally invisible. Can you fix? Also she’s going to follow Jericho if she sees him.
    Surolam: “Not felis. Draconis.” Surolam grins, brushing back a bit of her hair and revealing scales rising on her skin for a moment, before fading once more.
    You whisper to Molly: try that.
    Molly whispers: I can see now
    Mike: yes they did indeed~
    Molly: “Oh?” Molly swished her tails, curiously.
    Old Man Wallace: “But, that’s the story. Or one of them, anyway. What’d you think, kids?”
    Surolam: “There’s dragons in my ancestry, if you trace it back far enough. That blood just expresses itself stronger in me than in my parents.”
    Molly: 16
  • Stin glances at the door.
    Molly whispers: That was the stealth check to follow Jericho
    Stin: “It seems your main audience has been inspired to investigate things himself.”
    Chihiro: “I think we’re going to leave the island richer than we arrived.”
    Molly: Molly nodded. “Humans with pokemon heritage are… interesting.”
    Chihiro: “Or on a boat. Maybe both!”
  • Jericho remembers those words about the scyther… he opts to be sneaky around here, slipping through the tall grass. 18 Stealth to avoid being noticed by anything crawling around.
    Researcher Kassandra: “…Then it sounds like you guys might have a handle on this. I still need to do more research tonight. But if you figure something out… Honestly, I don’t care about gold or jewels, just history. So try to leave that in one piece for me to take a look at, please?”
  • Surolam turns to Altair. “You think one of us should go? In case the statue itself has any suggestions.”
    Surolam: (( quietly, of course ))
    Cat Maiden Beverly: 8 Perception.
    Altair Azure: “Yeah, good idea,” Altair whispers back. “I’ll go. I want to look at that statue myself.”
    Mike: Jericho: Low and slow you go, stealthy as any Scyther.
    Jericho: Intuition: " + rollResult = "(Secret) Intuition: " + 10 »">(Secret) Intuition: 10
    You whisper to TBG: You feel that someone’s watching you – or, perhaps, trying to watch you.
  • Jericho approaches the statue. “Hrm…”
  • Altair Azure beckons Makoto and quietly excuses himself.
    Pubkeeper Patty: “Well, when you all strike it rich, come back and rent a room or two!”
    Pubkeeper Patty: “Fahah~”
    Jericho whispers: Jericho will keep an eye out as for someone watching him then. 8 Perception.
    Surolam: “Shall I take the nail and button then? I could check out the memorial and museum while you check out the statue.”
    Cat Maiden Beverly: Stealth: " + rollResult = "(Secret) Stealth: " + 1 »">(Secret) Stealth: 1
    Molly: “I’d rather have a ship.”
  • Chihiro climbs up onto Jil’s shoulder. Jil gets ready to follow everyone, readying her oar weapon.
    You whisper to Molly: Beverly; you see Jericho’s demeanor change, just a bit. Did he sense you watching him? He doesn’t look directly at you or anything…
    Altair Azure: “Yeah, we could cover more ground that way.” Altair hands Surolam the nail and button. “Remember, the nail was used to hold a ship’s sail, and the button was for a memorial.”
  • Surolam nods.
    Jericho whispers: Also, Jericho will begin investigating the statue. What sort of stone is it made of, and what do I know about it? 18 Nature Edu.
    Surolam: “Jil, Molly, what about you two?”
  • Altair Azure heads north to follow Jericho. Quietly. And instead of Makoto, he has his stealthmeister following him.
    Jil Joti: “A ship would be useful.”
    Molly: “I’m comfy on your shoulder.”
  • Chihiro is singing I’m On A Boat quietly.
    Mike: Shoulders for everyone!
  • Bonita checks the karaoke menu. “…Aw, they don’t have it. Too much cursing, maybe.”
    Mike: Alright, sounds like folks are splitting up again. Good times~
    Chihiro: “There’s a censored version?”
    Bonita: “Ooh, radio edit! Good call~”
    Player “Jericho” is not connected.
    Surolam: “Well, it sounds like the ship might be docked in the museum by now. Still, we could investigate the memorial first.” Surolam nods in the general direction of the bar. “Thank you for the drinks,” she says, before heading out, towards the memorial in the middle of the square.
    You whisper to TBG: : It’s made of stone, all right. In fact, it’s made of a particularly heavy and durable stone, one found in mountains, not on small islands. This is definitely not a local quarry – which means someone had to ship it here, either before or after it was carved.
    Molly: “What shall we do with a drunken sailor, what shall we do with a drunken sailor…”
    Surolam: (( giving Molly a chance to hop back on her shoulder beforeheand, as well ))
    Molly: (( I don’t think she left))
    Cat Maiden Beverly: Beverly is watching Jericho XXX from her hiding space.
  • Chihiro changes over from I’m On A Boat to Seven Deadly Sins by Flogging Molly.
    Surolam: (( thought she got off to drink the milk ))
    Jericho whispers: is Beverly the one watching me?
    Avara: amusing band name considering, but it’s a pirate song
    Molly: ((Nah, still holding the glass while sitting on the shoulder))
    Mike: So it sounds like… Surolam is checking out the memorial in the town square, Altair is headed north to check on Jericho, Jill is carrying Molly to check out the boat on the docks? Is that the right of it?
    You whisper to TBG: Yes – you see the raven-black hair from behind the orange-ish tree to your southwest.
    Avara: jil is carrying chihiro and going to follow Molly to get a boat.
    Avara: or jil can be the legs for both.
    Avara: or something. idk. kinda confused myself!
    Altair Azure: Yes, I am going in that direction.
    Surolam: (( molly is on surolam’s shoulder right now though ))
    Avara: then i guess we’re all going to the memorial except altair?
    Molly: Yeah, Molly’s just going where Surolam is going currently.
    Mike: Ah, did I mistake that? I apologize.
    Molly: Mike’s so used to the party splitting up that when we all go the same direction he goes crosseyed?
    Avara: we are no longer the scooby gang
    Jericho: (( We have long since surpassed them ))
    Mike: XO
    Surolam: “Feel familiar?” Surolam asks the button softly.
    Mike: Alright, the memorial.
    Avara: my mouse kept doubleclicking. .
    Jericho whispers: Alright then. Let’s look for any interesting details about the statue. Hidden mechanisms, signs it might be move-able, etc. 11 Perception.
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: …No. Not the right veneration. Valued, storied, unknown… but human.
    Molly whispers: is Jericho doing stuff that Beverly can see?
    You whisper to Molly: He’s examining the statue, running his fingers along it…
    Surolam: “…sounds like this might have to do with that knight statue Altair and Jericho are investigating as well, then.”
    Surolam: “Shall we head after them first, then?”
    You whisper to TBG: The statue is large and smooth, weathered now, mossy in the crevices. You can feel along its armor, and in the small spaces, but… Ah, hm.
    Jil Joti: “Very well.”
    You whisper to TBG: Yes, there might be a mechanism here – but you can’t see how to activate it. Perhaps there’s a missing piece, a key or a knob or something that isn’t here now.
    Molly: Molly gets down and looks over the memorial. Perception 23
  • Jericho clicks his tongue in annoyance. “No wonder…”
    Cat Maiden Beverly: “They thought it was a gardevoir statue.” Beverly said suddenly.
    DNA whispers: Did you want me to wait for the others, or was I just supposed to go ahead?
    Mike: Molly: You’re at the perfect height to examine this memorial. Cross-shaped, with inscription, you can almost feel the handprints of sailors over the past centuries touching it. Nothing mysterious or mechanical about it, but it feels… storied. Important. You can feel the weight of the sea resting on this unknown sailor’s shoulders.
    You whisper to DNA: You can go ahead if you like, or you can wait for them to follow you. Which would you prefer?
    Jericho: “Gardevoir, huh? That’s weird. It doesn’t look anything like a gardevoir.”
    DNA whispers: For now I’ll go ahead, just a tiny bit of a head start.
    Cat Maiden Beverly: ’That’s because it’s under armor. And you think everything with a human-like body is human until proven otherwise, no?"
    Jericho whispers: is it something I might be able to lockpick?
    Molly: “Hmmm…”
    Molly: “What does it say?”
    Jericho: “More like I assumed the armor would have space to accomodate the horn in a Gardevoir’s chest.”
    Hajime: Hajime keeps himself alert in unfamiliar territory. Perception 20 to look for other creatures and the statue; Stealth 18 to keep himself unnoticed.
    DNA: That is one weird roll.
  • Surolam lays a hand on the memorial, listening to it read itself out and repeating those words to Molly.
    Molly: Molly nodded.
    You whisper to DNA: Hajime: You can see Emolga in the tree near the lighthouse, and on the roof. They glance at you occasionally, but they seem to regard you more as ‘tourists who might drop food’ rather than ‘threats’. They don’t see you at all, though – in the back of your mind, a predatory instinct might suggest this an ideal hunting opportunity.
    Hajime whispers: I’m in the northern fields.
    You whisper to DNA: Oh.
    You whisper to DNA: Lemme uh… Lesse.
    Surolam: (( so, everyone at the square is also heading north now, right? ))
    Molly: Molly will follow.
  • Jil Joti will follow as well.
    You whisper to DNA: You see Beverly, the neko miko, talking to Jericho, who stands in front of the statue. Beverly has dirt on her hands, under her fingernails – she’s been digging, and has something up her sleeve. You can see a Pansage in the tree behind her, watching the two talking humans with mild curiosity. To the northwest, the bushes shudder – a Scyther passing in the afternoon, perhaps.
    Mike: Whoa blankspace suddenly
    Avara: testing.
    Avara: maptool is ignoring my mouse entirely.
  • Altair Azure moves to approach the statue. Quietly.
    Avara: sometimes.
    Surolam: (( do we have to obey movement rules, or can we just move right to the gate/statue? ))
    Avara: well, the map is.
    Cat Maiden Beverly: Beverly looks to Altair approaching. :3
    Mike: You can move straight there.
    Mike: I will BRB while people move, I need h2o.
    Molly: “We thought you might be lonely.” Molly told Jericho.
    Surolam: “I think this belongs with that memorial,” notes Surolam, holding out the button. “…do you know if the knight is human or not?”
    Altair Azure: Altair turns around. “Oh, you’re all here? Wait, Surolam, why are you—”
  • Jericho ‘s eye twitches slightly… but doesn’t betray anything else.
    Cat Maiden Beverly: “I don’t think it is. A leafy-haired woman said it was probably a gardevoir.”
    Jericho: “That button?”
  • Surolam smiles slightly.
    Surolam: “Then it probably belongs here.”
    Jericho: “Hmm… can I see that for a moment?”
    Molly: Molly examines the statue. 20
  • Surolam holds the button out to Jericho.
    Surolam: “Hello,” she adds to the statue.
  • Jericho takes the button… then slips it into the mechanism he found. If Surolam is right, this should be the missing piece to pop this baby open.
    Mike: back!
    DNA: You’re just in time to see Jericho flip the dead man’s switch.
    Jericho: (( Except not. ))
    Jericho: (( Except yes. ))
    Jericho: (( I dunno. ))
    Surolam: (( also commentary from the button/statue? ))
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: The statue awakes, a bowed head over a long wait. A female voice, dry from silence and salt.
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: Hello. Humans. …I did not think your kind would pay respect to me.
    Altair Azure: “…! That was surprising…”
    Mike: Jericho: you fiddle around… and under the edge of the armor, where there would be clothes on a human, following the contours of stone-writ cloth… Ah, there. A little tab. And the button slides on it beautifully.
    Mike: Twist, turn, pull, push, wi- push.
    Mike: click
    Jericho: “Aaaand Bingo was his name-o.”
    Altair Azure: “That looks nothing like a dog.”
    Jericho: “Or a game for old people.”
    Jericho: “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to check for traps before somebody rushes in and impales themselves.”
    Molly: Molly was knocked to the ground during her investigation of the statue.
    Molly: “Give a warning next time.”
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: …Ah. The air… I have not felt it in a thousand years…
    Mike: Molly, since you’d asked previous:
    Altair Azure whispers: Altair: “Is this…the voice of the statue? Or someone else?”
  • Altair Azure places two fingers on the side of the statue. He doesn’t go down the stairs.
    You whisper to Molly: The statue definitely has a mechanism, which Jericho so rudely activated. But it has certain features, which definitely imply it to be a Pokemon. First and foremost, easily noticed from your height: No feet.
    Molly: “The statue has no feet.”
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: In time, a mask becomes the face, or the face is lost.
    You whisper to Molly: Rather, its legs end in rounded points.
  • Jericho peers inside, looking for traps. No sense anyone getting hurt now. 6 Perception.
  • Surolam tilts her head, listening to see if there’s any voice coming from below them.
    Altair Azure whispers: Altair: “Who are you? What’s your name?”
    Player “Jericho” is not connected.
    You whisper to TBG: You don’t see any, but a place like this HAS to have traps, right? How can it not?
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: You have not earned my name yet." The barest of edges to this; an insult, perhaps, or a wound reopened. "…But you may know me… as Resalier.
    Jericho: “Hmm…” Jericho will look for a small rock. And then give it a toss down the stairs.
    Altair Azure whispers: Altair: “Miss Resalier… You have an air of honor about you. Pray tell, who or what did you guard or stand for? And that button, was it rightfully yours?”
    Mike: think

…And the stone then is struck by a thin dart, splitting it in two. The sound of metal rolling down the stairs.
Jericho: “Well. That’s a trap.”
You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: It was; the last accoutrement of my regalia.
Hajime: "(…that is never a good sound.)
You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: I thank you for its return. In this, you do my honor.
Surolam: “You are welcome.” Surolam bows in the general direction of the statue.
Molly: “Well it went off. Why not go down then?”
Jericho: “Give me a moment. I’ll see if I can disable it.” He takes an extra rock with him and slips into the hole.
Altair Azure whispers: Altair: “You had…or have…other articles like that button? Where are they now?”
You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: …I stood, once, for the weak, when no other could, or would, stand. Among them were humans, and Pokemon as well. I stood against the darkness, when the sun fell. I never saw it rise again.
Jericho: “Because if traps only worked once, they’d be pretty ineffective.”
Jil Joti: “There may be further activations in the trap. It was meant for long-term use, after all.”
Molly: “Most traps do.”
Surolam: “The darkness?” asks Surolam, tilting her head curiously.
You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: If you need ask, then be glad you do not know, and pray you need never learn.
Jericho whispers: Alright. Since I don’t want to get stabbed, can I make an educated guess as to where the trap was set off based on where I heard it trigger?
Altair Azure whispers: Altair: “What did you do…to cast away the darkness?”
You whisper to TBG: You may – it went down four steps, just enough that a human-sized fellow would be below the ground level.
Jericho whispers: In that case, let’s see if we can find the trap to disable it. 12 Perception.
You whisper to TBG: Better! You can see a dent in the stone of the fifth step, in the dim light given by the sun above. Looks like it gets even darker from here… But from that dent, if you look up… ah – a hole, and next to it, a tiny crystal embedded in the rock, both pointed down at the step.
You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: …I died." A sense of a dark joke. "Thus the impromptu tomb, and post-facto memorial.

  • Mike whispers to so many people
    Jericho whispers: Let’s try to disarm it! 16 Edu Tech.
    Surolam: “So there isn’t really any treasure down there, then?”
    Surolam: “That doesn’t sound like the kind of burial that leaves riches behind.”
    Molly: “Hm, interesting.”
    Altair Azure whispers: There’s a sense of Altair gulping mentally. But then he bounces back. “Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean that there’s no light.”
    Altair Azure whispers: Altair: “I have seen many a beautiful night, with the moon shining bright and full. Sometimes that light can be as profound as it is quiet.”
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: …Hah. Then you do not understand our foe, truly.
    Jericho: “Sounds like a lie to me.” Jericho says from the pit. You can hear him messing around with something.
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: You think of mortal concerns; that warring fiends would take the boon of their victory home in gold. But that is not what darkness wants.
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: Does the night care what it covers? No. Merely that it does.
    Jil Joti: “There may be something of interest regardless.”
    You whisper to TBG: …So, what are you doing? >.>
    Jericho whispers: Disarming the trap?
    Altair Azure whispers: Altair: “I’m aware. Darkness cares more for souls than any sort of riches, that much I’m aware. But my point is that ‘darkness’ and ‘night’ aren’t the same thing.”
    Jericho whispers: I’m assuming the crystal works as a motion detector of some sort.
    Jericho whispers: So if I can pull that out without setting off the trap, or disabling it somehow…
    Player “Jericho” is not connected.
    Surolam: “…are you accusing the Lady Resalier of lying? I feel she’s more honorable than that.”
    You whisper to TBG: Ahhh, I missed that verb. Thank you.
    Altair Azure: “She’s not lying at all. I’m just mentioning something else entirely.”
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: A smile. “You are correct. They are not. A poor analogy, and an insulting one to some.” The sense of bowing low.
    Surolam: “I was talking to Jericho.”
    You whisper to TBG: How are you pulling the crystal out? If you’ve said before, I must’ve just totally missed it.
    Altair Azure: “…oh. Sorry.”
    Mike: Pfff. Nobody knows who’s talking to whooooo
    Jericho: “I’m saying if she’s lying, she’s lying. Everyone is capable of lying.”
    Jericho: “And what better reason to lie than to protect treasure?”
    Jericho: “Well, actually, I can think of a few better reasons, but that’s up there.”
    Altair Azure whispers: Altair: “The moon is a beautiful thing. It’s like a white beacon of hope that sunders darkness and despair. You, resting out here, must have seen so many moons in your time, right?”
    Jericho whispers: Well… is it in reach without walking into range of the dart?
    You whisper to TBG: It is. The crystal is inlaid into the stone, but only just, not even an inch deep. And when you pass your hand in front of the gem, the hole shoots out another dart.
    You whisper to TBG: Not into you, since you aren’t on the step.
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: …I have. The view has been beautiful. Eternity is prettier than I had expected.
    Jericho whispers: So… I can just pull the gem out?
    Beverly: Beverly enters the hole with Jericho, finding whatever traps he’s working on and attempting to disarm them herself, if she can.
    Jericho: “Oi! Back off! This is dangerous stuff I’m dealing with!”
    You whisper to TBG: Not quite with your fingers, since it’s inlaid. Maybe with a pocketknife…
    Mike: Heh. Suddenly, kitty.
    You whisper to Molly: Beverly: he’s messing with a small gem in the rock above the stairwell, the ‘tomb ceiling’, if you will.
    Jericho whispers: Jericho slips out one of the daggers he took off the bandits and will try and use that to slip it out- and into his pocket. It is a crystal, after all.
    You whisper to Molly: It seems to be angled towards the step in front of Jericho.
    Altair Azure whispers: Altair: “…I hope that one day I might be able to pass on your legacy to someone, Lady Resalier.”
    Beverly whispers: Beverly attempts to safely remove the gem or its surrounding workings? Stealth.
    You whisper to TBG: chk-chakuk-chhhhk… pop! It falls into your hand, and looks to be well-cut. P$ 1,000, suitable for magic crafting or resale.
    Beverly: 12
    You whisper to Molly: Beverly, looks like TBG just beat you to it. He popped it out of its stonework, and now has it in his hand. You could try to steal it from him…
    Jericho: “Alright. That’s one down.” Jericho tosses the other rock downt the hole, just in case there are any others.
    Beverly whispers: Nah. Just getting bored and wanting things to move.
    Avara: jericho used rock throw.
    Mike: tink-a-tunk… twunk… skkkkkkkkttt-t-t-t-t.
    Molly: Molly walks in after her crewmate. Sighing a little.
    Mike: The rock skids to a halt, spinning at the bottom of the stairs.
  • Surolam sighs a bit.
    Jericho: “Alright. With any luck, we should be clear. But let’s take it slow, yeah?”
    Surolam: “Either way…would you mind if we investigated whatever lies below?”
    Surolam: (( talking to the statue ))
  • Jericho takes the lead, going slowly and keeping an eye out for any more traps. 16 Perception.
    Molly: Molly looks around as well. For traps or hidden treasures. 14 Perception.
    You whisper to DNA, Eclipse, GrayGriffin: I do not. But I guarantee nothing. You are worthy to enter, for you have not offended me, and you do not betray the light. But my forever-home is not an idle field to play in. Be warned.
  • Surolam bows her head, acknowledging the statue’s words.
    Surolam: “We’ll be careful.”
    Altair Azure: “I’d best tread lightly, then.”
  • Surolam starts down the stairs.
    Mike: It seems that that one trap was the only one on the stairwell. You end on a stone landing… However. GMly cough
  • Jil Joti follows the way down.
    Mike: I’d like to stop here, if we might. For a few reasons.
    Avara: sounds like we’re going to get an awesome something next week or so.
    Mike: 1. I’m kinda pooped. >.>
    2. I’d like to actually prep this place and do it a little justice. I have the map, but not all the details.
    3. I wanna get in to work early tomorrow to jump on a particularly nasty bug I gotta deal with.
    DNA: That’s what it sounds like.
    GrayGriffin: No problem!
    TBG: That’s fine. I made some mone- I mean disarmed a trap today. I’m happy.
    Avara: thumbs up
    Avara: let’s rest hard, work hard and kill hard.
    Mike: And get ROCK H- is shot
    Mike: Anyway, XPs!
    Mike: 3 TXP
    28 PKN XP
    DNA: TL 11.7
    Mike: saving campaign and log. Looking forward to having a dungeon in here, and maybe dropping some lore.


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