Slay and Sit a Spell

Mike Desktop has connected.
Avara has connected.
Avara: that’s one angry dargin
Mike: Yes it is.
Mike: On the upside: It’s been softened up, and its head has been dealt with.
Mike: But it still has a left claw, right claw, and tail.
Mike: Oh, and at the end of every turn, rocks fall and everyone dies.
Mike: Er, every round, not turn.
DNA has connected.
Molly has connected.
Mike: 3/5
GrayGriffin has connected.
TBG has connected.
TBG: Sorry I’m late. I had to lead a team of spandex-clad rangers under the command of a giant head to defeat a giant monster made of rubber.
Mike: I appreciate your comittment to blaming them.
TBG: To be fair, they had a pretty awesome theme song. The guitar lemotif was great.
Avara: which season?
TBG: Yes
DNA: Smooth.
TBG: As sandpaper.
Mike: We still need a Surolam. Did Dawn say she wouldn’t be here tonight? I didn’t think so but I could just be misremembering.
DNA: Gray is connected.
Avara: yeah, you failed your perception check, mike
GrayGriffin: Yeah, I’m here
Mike: Ah. Ahhhh, I see.
Mike: She hopped on same time Dan did. And then rangers got blamed.
Avara: she was there a good few minutes before him
Mike: Yes, but I wasn’t looking. Like you said, I failed my perception check, being distracted.
Mike: Anyway! Unless there’s any bookkeeping or questions, I think we can just jump right in to it!
TBG: I have a question!
TBG: Is Mayonaise an instrument?
DNA: No.
TBG: Okay.
TBG: I have another question!
Mike: No, Patrick.
Molly: No, but the Tromboon is.
TBG: Okay. I’m done. No more questions.
When we last left our heroes, they were batling the angry half-spirit of a dragon from an age long gone by!
His head was wounded beyond combat capability, but his left claw, right claw, and tail still remained.
TBG: (( Actually, I do question my sanity on a regular basis. ))
Altair Azure has received initiative.

  • Wyvereign (Dragon) roars! He is bloodied in the face, and piiiiisssed.
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    Wyvereign (Dragon): (( Oh! Since Ava is here today. Ava, drop your token, and whatever Pokemon you want out, somewhere in the northern area of Temple 14. ))
    Wyvereign (Dragon): (( And I’ll add them to the initiative. ))
    DNA: Tumble at full pelt DC 24: 31
    GrayGriffin has connected.
    Chihiro: Chihiro is healed and gains 34 hit points.
    Henrietta: Initiative = 5
    Chihiro: Initiative = 12
    Mike: Added & resorted!
  • Altair Azure rolls around the dragon’s large body, then skids to a stop as he causes the ground to erupt in a Burst 2 around him!
    Altair Azure: 16 vs Special, to all applicable targets.
    Wyvereign (Dragon): That’s still going to hit… both his left claw and his tail, I’ll say.
    DNA: His left or his right claw?
    Mike: I am imagining him facing northward, which I admit his sprite doesn’t actually support. But that’s where the majority of people are.
    Altair Azure: Dealing 52 Special Ground damage to any body parts hit!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw) loses 29 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail) loses 29 hit points.
    Avara: right click, set facing, click on one of the cardinal directions
    Avara: it’ll make an arrow showing which way it’s facing
    Wyvereign (Dragon): Make no mistake, it still stings! The dragon’s left side is heavily caked in dust from the attack!
    Jericho has received initiative.
    Wyvereign (Dragon): A fair point from the Gardevoir.
    Avara: time for jerry-ko to do a thing!
    Mike: Fight, Run, Quip, Awkward, Item?
    Avara: Limit Break?
    TBG: (( Hmm… ))
    Mike: > LIMI
    DNA: I didn’t know he had Dashing Swordsman
    Mike: > LIMIT BREAK
    Mike: There ya go.
    Mike: I need to make that into a macro.
    Avara: yes you do
  • Jericho hucks a rock at the right claw. Because it’s there. 2 vs Physical
    Avara: you hit that claw on the nose
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): That’ll hit!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): is this a special rock, or a rock rock?
    Jericho: 34 Physical Rock Damage!
    Avara: or is it dwayne the rock johnson?
    Jericho: Also multitasking.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw) loses 21 hit points.
    Jericho: Jericho loses 2 ability points. Current Ability Points: 6, Maximum Ability Points: 8
    Jericho: 15 vs Physical!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): * The right claw is looking pretty wounded; the scales have begun to crack, bleeding nothingness.
    Jericho: (( bah. missed crit by 1 ))
    Jericho: 34 Physical Rock Damage!
    Jericho: (( …what ))
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw) loses 21 hit points.
    Jericho: (( Hold on, that was strangely coincidental. Let me test this real quick. ))
    Jericho: 38 Physical Rock Damage!
    Jericho: (( nevermind. Carry on. ))
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): The universe experiences a moment of deja vu, as Jericho repeats the exact same action, with the exact same nuance!
    DNA: Just the dice beign quirk.
    Hajime has received initiative.
    DNA: *being quirky
    Jericho: “Whoa. Deja vu.”
  • Hajime shuffles in, and moves to strike at the tail. 1
    Hajime: I love Feint Attack
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): * The tail whips back and forth, but it can’t out-feint the feintmaster.
    Hajime: Dealing 45 Physical Dark damage
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail) loses 32 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail) was injured!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): The injury lowered the Speed stat!
    Jericho: (( I love *nevermiss ))
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail) has had it’s Speed modified by -1 stages.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): 4
    DNA: I mean Feint Attack specifically, because it isn’t EOT
    Jericho: (( Say what you will, nevermiss is the greatest keyword in the entire game ))
    DNA: Anyway! Proceed.
    Jericho: (( Yeah, Feint Attack is bork like that ))
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): Hajime, you rip scales from the tail, exposing softer… flesh? underneath. It’s like flesh, but not warm.
    Warriork Ghratutha: Meanwhile, a horde of orcs are still attacking the dragon and attempting to surround it. The one dressed in modern clothes slams a fist into the right claw, trying to rip scales off! 3v.DefEva!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw) loses 27 hit points.
    Warriork Ghratutha: “RARGH! We’re winning – it cannot slay us all before the day is done!”
    Stin has received initiative.
    Kiir has received initiative.
  • Warriork Dagarha looks behind her, at the fainted Akash. “…But it can sure get some of us.”
    Surolam: “Do not worry. I won’t let her get hit again.”
    Mike: Kiir? >.> Or Stin/Gramaan if you prefer.
  • Kiir whips his own tail around, sending another swirl of draconic energy at the Wyvreign. 4 vs Special Defense
    Mike: Hiiit! Barely.
    Mike: I feel like there’s been a lot of those.
  • Wyvereign (Dragon) is spun round round baby right round!
    Kiir: 37 Special Dragon damage!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw) loses 28 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw) loses 28 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail) loses 28 hit points.
    Mike: Despite the raging Twister, the spriit of the dragon is not Flinched!
    Gramaan has received initiative.
    Chihiro has received initiative.
    Mike: It still hurts quite a bit, though. The tail is looking bredraggled; the right claw even more so. The left claw has suffered little damage.
    Mike: Well. Less damage.
    Avara: are those spikes friendly or foely? and is the dragon hittable at all elevations?
    Mike: The dragon is tall enough that it can be hit at all elevations. The spikes are unfriendly, and they are Spikes spikes.
    Kiir: (( Spikes are from enemies, also I’m pretty sure they’re an indiscriminate hazard anyways ))
    Molly: The spikes are against us. They are created by falling, exploding rocks.
  • Raining Boulders! awaits the day it can smash puny heroes.
    Molly: And Molly’s buffs are listed under her name.
  • Chihiro is going to use Sweet Kiss. do i specify just one bodypart for confusion?
    Avara: and where is molly?
    Avara: thanks
    Mike: Since it’s single target, yes. Left Claw, Right Claw, and Tail are the targets.
    Mike: It’s a multi-part boss in the finest of JRPG tradition.
    Mike: (( be glad it can’t regenerate its Bits or anything! ))
  • Chihiro is gonna Sweet Kiss Left Claw. 14 vs speed.
    Avara: ye be Confused. end turn.
    Molly: Chase Bind! Molly attacks the confused part! 12 Special.
    Molly: 50 Special Normal to confused part.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): * The left claw twitches oddly, Confused as to how to act! And then Molly shoots it.
    DNA: That 32 is delicious.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw) loses 27 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw) was injured!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): The injury lowered the Accuracy stat!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw) has had it’s Accuracy modified by -1 stages.
    Wyvereign (Dragon): * And that didn’t help at all, either. The claw contracts painfully after that shot, and it’s gonna take a long time before the nerves fire right. If you ever gave it the chance, that is.
    Molly has received initiative.
    Molly has received initiative.
    Molly: Molly aims at the tail! 10
    Molly: Using Steel Shot!
    Molly: Molly loses 1 ability points. Current Ability Points: 2, Maximum Ability Points: 9
    Molly: 60 Special Normal to the tail! The Right Claw takes the same damage, but resists it one step.
    DNA: What’s the one that ignores DR? That’s Silver Shot, right?
    Molly: Yes
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): (( Using normal bullets, yes? Not the special fae ones. ))
    DNA: (It’s been so long since I wrote it)
    Molly: Steel causes bullets to carry over.
Invalid condition in SWITCH roll option. Statement options (if any): h,switch(defType) Statement Body : case 0: defAmt=MDEF; case 1: defAmt=MSDEF; case 2: defAmt=0; default: defAmt=0

Molly: I forgot about special bullets! So I am holding on to those for now. Normal bullets
Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail) loses 37 hit points.
Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw) loses 18 hit points.
Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): * The bullet ricochets off the tail, into the right claw. The tail seems barely functioning – keyword ‘barely’.
Warriork Yazuruk: “BANZAI!” She leaps towards the left claw! -2 v.DefEva!

  • Warriork Yazuruk faceplants and tumbles down the sandy hillside.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): CONF check! 14
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): I believe that’s high enough to act normally.
    DNA: it is
  • Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw) ignores the faceplanting ork, and Cuts the Air to the north, against Hajime and Surolam! 6 v. SpDefEva!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): Cone 2, for the record.
    DNA: Damn, technically not a ranged attack
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    Unresolved value “MSPATK”.
    DNA: However, is the left claw within 4m of Molly?
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): …It’s squishy, but I will say ‘yes’, simply because of how the cone would have to work. So at the moment of the swipe, yes, the claw is within 4m of Molly.
    GrayGriffin has connected.
    DNA: Just checking. In that case, it suffers a -2 accuracy on that attack, making it a 4 vs Special Evasion
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): That sounds correct to me. And of course, Hajime and Surolam both benefit from Molly’s bonuses as well.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): 42 Special Flying damage to those hit, as the air buffets them!
    Avara: a bit of a silly thought in future multipart battles, but maybe we should make a base boss sprite with floating parts as separate tokens?
    Mike: Yeah, that would be a good idea. nod Even if the parts seem a little silly floating around, it makes things easier.
    DNA: Or you could do what I did: have a large central sprite, but then have small red ‘hit boxes’ indicating other parts, from which attacks originate
    Avara: same thing with less work, DNA
    DNA: (that is, the other parts attack and are attacked at certain squares)
    DNA: This is true
    Molly: Does that include Molly’s -8?
    Mike: It did not!
    Mike: So actually 34 damage.
    Mike: Because Molly is amaikitty.
    DNA: (Waiting for Gray to confirm hit)
    Mike: *amazikitty.
    Avara: and did the left claw’s acc check include the penalty from injury?
    Molly: Remember your 4 DR guys! (I’m helping!)
    Surolam: Surolam loses 10 hit points.
    Hajime: (Miss)
  • Surolam barely flinches as the air cuts across her side.
  • Wyvereign (Dragon) is angry, still raging and writhing, but its energy is waning. It can’t muster enough oomph for a full roar – just a growl of diappointment at how not-dead his prey is.
    Jemyn Temyta has received initiative.
    Mike: (( Jemyn up to anything? I assume not since Kiir took the turn this round, but he isn’t toggled so I’ma ask. ))
    Surolam: (( not doing anything ))
    Mike: Groovy. Thank you!
  • Warriork Dagarha nods at Surolam and her words.
    Warriork Dagarha: “Thank you, Bringer.” She turns. “FOR THE NEW BRINGER!” 13 v.DefEva against the right claw!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw) loses 27 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw) was injured!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Right Claw) fainted!
    Warriork Dagarha: * The Warriork punches through the scales on the dragon’s right claw, and then through the soft skin underneath. When she pulls her hand out again, the claw contracts into a tight fist, and the dragon tucks it under his sinewy body, protecting it.
    Warriork Dagarha: “LONG MAY SHE REIGN!”
    Warriork Pruzag: “There’s the spirit! To the rear! We can yet finish the old Bringer!”
  • Warriork Pruzag runs up the sandy hill, and then slams into the tail! 11 v.DefEva!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail) loses 27 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail) was injured!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail) fainted!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Tail): * The tail, too, curls up and coils tightly, too raw and wounded to continue fighting. The dragon is off-balance, and can barely muster strength to battle on – but its left claw yet remains, sharp and agile.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Let us bring to her, what she brought to us! Return his blessing!”
    Warriork Lurza: “Damn. Nothing left to stab over here.”
  • Warriork Grazda skids down the sandy hill, and launches at the left claw. 10 v.DefEva!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw) loses 27 hit points.
    Warriork Grazda: “Hah! A scar for you, then.”
    Warriork Yazara: “Hup hup hup hup…”
    Surolam has received initiative.
    Mike: Surolam! You’re paralyzed, injured, and within striking distance. Are you a bad enough dudette to slay a dragon?
    Mike: (( I’d say it’s possible but not probable you could land the final blow here. ))
  • Surolam lunges forward, both foreclaws striking down at the left claw. 16 7 vs Physical Defense!
    Mike: Is that first one a crit?
    Surolam: 16 para check
    Surolam: (( no crit ))
    Surolam: 76 Physical Dragon damage!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): Even so, this is likely going to be bad ne- whooo-ee.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw) loses 126 hit points.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw) was injured!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw) fainted!
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): Your lunge severs the claw clean off. It falls and hits the sand beneath the dragon.
    Wyvereign (Dragon): * With a heave, and a gutteral sigh of defeat, the dragon collapses, length after length of sinewy body made to languish in the sand.
    Wyvereign (Dragon): His eyes clear, their unending rage quelled. Now, and only now, can he truly see.
    Wyvereign (Dragon): “…My child… What… have I done?”
    Wyvereign (Dragon): (( Combat end. Dragon defeated. ))
    Jericho: “Well that was a thing.”
  • Warriork Pruzag exits her combat stance, and holds up a hand – signaling her sisters to both stop fighting, and to not cheer, not yet. Honor allows him final words… even if he isn’t quite, y’know, alive enough to truly die.
    Starcatcher: “The heck it was!”
    Surolam: “Your rage has been great. But it is time for it to end.”
    Surolam: “Your other half has already relented from his old vigil.”
    Wyvereign (Dragon): “My other…” His eyes twinkle. “I remember.”
    Wyvereign (Dragon): “I was both man and dragon. My sorrow grew to rage… rage enough that I could not be killed.”
    Wyvereign (Dragon): “…Thank you, my child. I can smell him, now…”
    Wyvereign (Dragon): “Honor and duty… freshly fulfilled.”
    Wyvereign (Dragon): “I will rejoin him.” He closes his eyes, and his beard and eyebrows flutter in a sudden, gentle wind.
    Avara: to verify: is the gate closer to the previous town and pokemon center, or closer to here, on foot?
    Wyvereign (Dragon): * Unless stopped, he will slowly fade from view, in a shower of golden motes. In a minute, his form is gone entirely.
    Mike: Let me pull up the world map!
    Mike: Your closest route would be to continue south. This will lead to a large open area, just above the quiet bay that Molly spied earlier, which also has a temple (which, unfortunately, I do not have mapped out… but I could probably wing it with text). That puts you right next to Crabchitin, which you could loop through and come back up to Temple 11 from.
    Henrietta: Orrrr Henrietta could pull a magic rope out from her pack, twirling it in a circle to open a portal back to the Pokemon Center in Crabchitin.
    Mike: I forgot that was a thing you could do. :3
    DNA: Henrietta has a literal Escape Rope?
    DNA: …how wide-reaching is its scope, exactly
    Warriork Pruzag: When the dragon has disappeared, the leader Warriork pumps her fist. “FOR THE BRINGER!” And her fellows cheer, directing their acclaim towards Surolam.
  • Henrietta pulls out a glistening silken rope, Ueda’s Greater Escape Rope, and spins it in a circle, creating a 3-square-wide portal.
    Warriork Ghratutha: “Whoa. Wizard.”
    Avara: the portal is 1-3 squares wide and lasts 5 minutes. 1 use per scene.
  • Surolam bows, before tilting her head back and roaring in triumph.
    Avara: once it’s done, the rope disappears into the portal on the destination side.
    Avara: so it’s infinite uses
    Warriork Pruzag: * The Warriork redouble their cheer at Surolam’s deafening, bone-rattling roar.
  • Henrietta leaves the portal open, stepping through it. Everyone else will come through in their own time.
    Warriork Pruzag: * When the cheer is done, the leader approaches Surolam. “Your wizard’s portal will not last forever, so we will say our farewells quickly, o Bringer.”
    Henrietta: “You could come with us,” she says from inside the portal. “We’re going to the Bringer’s soul.”
    Surolam: "Indeed. I feel this is something you would like to witness.
    Warriork Pruzag: “I-” blink “We would be honored.” She blinks, not expecting this. She might’ve thought it a private thing, perhaps?
    Warriork Pruzag: “Dagarha! Pick Akash up and dust her off. …And give her phone to Ghratutha. We will want this recorded.”
    Surolam: “I see no reason why you cannot join us for this.”
    Molly: “There are a few things at or around Crabchitin I still wish to see.”
    Altair Azure: “I need to stop by the gift shop, apparently one of the temple stamps is there, hidden.”
    Warriork Pruzag: * The Warriork will do as Pruzag says, and will march through the portal.
    Henrietta: “Good thing I brought the Greater Escape Rope, eh?”
    Mike: Needless to say, the few Trainers at the Pokemon Center – and it seems a little busier this time around! – are very surprised to see: a beautiful Gardevoir, a horde of Warriork, a bunch of adventuring Trainers and their Pokemon, and then a freaking dragon waltz on in out of thin air.
    Avara: to answer DNA’s question about scope: no specified max distance. it locks onto the most recently visited pokemon center.
    Mike: None of them will stop you, though someone will call out, “Good magic trick!”
    Starcatcher: “Hey hey!” Starcatchers shouted once she reached the other side, “I’m hurt! Pamper me!”
    Mike: (( Do you intend to poke around Crabchitin some, or is it just a conveniently near point? I can jump over there and dump all the Warriork sprites onto the map. ))
    DNA: Oh wow, nice.
    Avara: given everyone’s conditions, a brief stop to heal might be good?
  • Surolam stretches, before shrinking back into human form at last.
    Mike: Alrighty! I will gather up their sprites, and maybe get some more h2o!
    Surolam: “Well, this is…comfortable, as well.”
  • Henrietta will coil up the Greater Escape Rope once the portal closes, putting it back in her pack.
    Warriork Pruzag: “Ah. The Bringer’s hidden form?” She nods. “Simple and comely, belying power. Fitting.”
    Warriork Ghratutha: “I like her hair.”
    Warriork Lurza: “I dunno, the Gardevoir’s hairstyle is pretty nice…” sheathes knives
    Molly: Things Molly saw that she will share. Quoted from GM Mike for clarity: “Coming into Crabchitin harbor, you can recognize the ship of Connie the Cacturne merchant. A harpy is flying westwards. A truck heads into Crabchitin from along the road there, passing under the Harpy. Your ear twitches; in the mountains above, a group of beings is on the move, and you can hear the hard clak-a-lak of… shells.”
    Jericho: (( Dan does not quietly mutter a swear word under his breath. Of course not. ))
  • Hajime will take the time to rest at the center, because ow, flying rocks hurt.
    Mike: I forget the exact rules for Pokemon Centers – I believe they just restore HP and Injuries nicely during an Extended Rest.
    Avara: which gives plenty of time for shopping that folks mentioned
    Starcatcher: Starcatcher rests while Molly and Beverly head out.
  • Surolam is going to stay as long as it takes to heal her paralysis before going with Altair to find the stamp machine
    Nurse Joy: “This is… quite a lot of Pokemon,” she says, nodding to the Warriork. “Are you Species Aces?”
  • Altair Azure will be looking for the gift shop, and locating the stamp machine after Surolam is ready.
    Molly: Molly goes to see the events at the docks, if anything of note is going on.
  • Henrietta will be staying to keep the warriorks entertained with stories.
    Warriork Pruzag: * Oh, they’ll like that. :3
    Mike: Alright, alright. lesse…
    Henrietta: “They’re not captures. They’re a clan from on the mountains that helped us in a harsh battle, so we’re bringing them for healing before we finish business and escort them back home.”
  • Jericho sneaks off… and totally does not do anything bad.
    Jericho whispers: Sneaking off to the north. Stealthing as I go. 19 Stealth
    Jericho whispers: You know. To the mountains.
    Priest Dagget: Altair, and eventually Surolam: Yep, the temple’s gift shop is much as you remember it. Mugs, snow globes – a lot of snow globes, hunh! – t-shirts, and… ah! There, behind a selection of comemorative scarves. the stamp machine! It… is a little dusty.
    Priest Dagget: “Oh hey! You kids again. Didn’t think you’d be back so soon, heh.”
  • Surolam frowns as she dusts off the stamp machine with her sleeve.
    Surolam: “Who has done this to you?”
    Surolam: (( So, does Surolam get healed fully? ))
    Connie: Molly: At the docks, you can see dockworkers working the docks, moving boxes off a truck and into a warehouse.
    Connie: (( Yes. ))
    Molly: ((Totally forgot something I need to ask Henrietta. Tasks for later))
    Connie: * You can also see Connie, and her little boat, on a different dock. She’s got a little sign out: “Buying & Selling Rare Weapons, Artefacts, and Adventuring Supplies. No Item Too Weird! Come take a look!”
    Altair Azure: “Neither did we. The journey took a little quicker than expected.”
    Molly: Molly watches the moving boxes, through sight and smell primarily, to find what may be inside. 29
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: The machien gives a sense of ‘no one’ – though it also registers a few flashes of Priest Dagget, from between the scarves, walking by it on different days.
    Surolam: “To be so neglected…it’s such a shame.”
  • Surolam feels over the machine, trying to see if there’s anything broken.
    You whisper to Molly: Flowers, it seems. Hibiscuses. And behind that, the scent of plastic, cheaply made.
    Priest Dagget: “Uh, I’m not that bad off, thanks for- oh, the stamp machine? Hadn’t given that much mind in a Houndour’s age. Should still work, though!”
    Priest Dagget: “Lemme know if the stamper’s out of ink, though, eh?”
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: Nothing’s broken. It’s a feeling like, if you had a dry throat, after rooting around in the attic for a few hours – dusty and dry but nothing you won’t overcome with fresh moisture.
    Molly: Any company marks on the boxes or the trucks?
  • Surolam frowns, running a finger over the stamping area. Is it out of ink?
    Nurse Joy: “…Understood. I’ll treat them this time – we do try to be charitable to wilds. Please make sure they stay calm and controlled while I treat them. Could you place her on the bed, please?” She gestures to the Warriorks holding up the injured one, who do so. This simple obeyance gives her a bit of a smile – this own’t be so bad after all.
    Surolam: “Are you happy, being like this?” she whispers to the machine when Dagget passes.
  • Henrietta will, as promised, keep the warriorks calm and entertained with stories.
    Jericho whispers: Just reminding you that I’m stealthing towards the mountains.
    You whisper to Molly: The Hibiscuses are from Laurel’s Flower Shop in Hibiscus Bay. The cheap-plastic scent is from boxes labeled Maes World Record Record Shop.
    Molly: Education General on Hibiscuses Bay 13
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: A tragic sigh. The machine gives an image, of a Perfect Temple, captured in a snowglobe. The temple is clean and huge and open, and the stamp machine has a place of pride right next to the door, on the inside, near a coffee machine and a little box of cookies.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: It stamps, stamps, stamps, every few minutes, or every few hours on the quiet days. Stamp, stamp, stamp~
  • Surolam huffs.
    Surolam: “He probably can’t help the gate being so far back…but he could put you somewhere more visible.”
    You whisper to Molly: Known for flowers, and for symbiosis with sea-based Pokemon. If you’re a Water-type, it’s a very nice place – broad canals you can swim up and down, with the tide carrying you gently. Locks keep things from getting too hectic on storm-swell days. Land-lubbers, or those adverse to swimming, use small canoes to traverse the water. It also has a very big lighthouse, a common navigational aid.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: …Stamp, stamp? Will stamps still be stamped? …That might be good enough. cough
    Surolam: (( Is the stamp machine attached to anything? Or can she just pick it up and move it? ))
    Molly: ((Techically speaking, I don’t think being attached to anything would stop Surolam from picking it up and moving it if she wanted to))
    DNA: Dohohoho
    Surolam: (( True ))
    Surolam: (( I guess it’s more asking how much she has to move ))
    Mike: You can just pick it up. Two hands, it’s kinda bulky, and it needs a nice flat surface to live on. It’s a little back-heavy – that’s where the mechanical bits are, it seems; the rest is an empty shell more for appearance and aesthetic.
    Surolam: (( Is there any table or such in the front of the shop? ))
    Mike: 1
  • Mike rolls… a 1.
    Mike: Unfortunately, no. The temple is pretty dense and crowded, and not just with tacky stuff. It’s just not got a lot of floor space as it is. The front hallway has a rack of coat-pegs and pamphlets for local attractions and information, then there’s the inner area where you can pray, and the Priest’s office in the back. And the giftshop, off to the side of the entrance hallway.
    Mike: BRB a moment! I never did refresh my water. >.>
    Molly: Molly doesn’t find much else to catch her interest. Purrhaps some things to investigate some other time. She begins to head back to the pokemon center.
    Altair Azure: “…we could probably stand to clear away the area around here a bit, at least to make this more visible.”
    Surolam: “Perhaps there’s a table somewhere we could move.”
  • Surolam is already invested in the “move the thing” narrative
  • Altair Azure looks for a table or something to move. If I have to, Perception 5 but there’s probably enough clutter this won’t be necessary.
    Surolam: “I can’t move the temple to make the whole thing visible, but at least I can do this for the machine.”
    Mike: Back! And yeah, there’s a table… ah, in the back corner of the inner temple area. It’s relatively empty right now, though from the slight stain on the top you can tell there used to be a vase there.
    Mike: You can pick it up, move it to the entrance way… it’s a bit of a tight fit to nestle it in there, buuuuut you can do it. Just don’t scuff anything!
    Altair Azure: I will do this! Altair will move the table since it looks a bit on the heavy end. There should be some other clear space nearby.
    Priest Dagget: “Uh. …So, do you guys just come in and redecorate everybody’s place? It seems harmless enough, it’s just… weird.”
    Surolam: “Could you move the table? You can tell better what spot it shoul dbe.”
    Surolam: “This stamp machine has been too long neglected.”
  • Henrietta is finishing up an old Raltesian tale when Molly gets back, if Molly isn’t stopped by anything.
    Surolam: “It deserves the prominence the ones at the other temples have.”
    Molly: “Henrietta?” Molly asked after the story was finished, “I was hoping you could enchant something for me.”
    Warriork Grazda: * The Warriorks have been listening, ranging from ‘fascinated’ to ‘politely’. Nobody’s looking at the one phone, at least.
  • Henrietta looks to Molly. “What do you need done?”
    Priest Dagget: “Uh.” He thinks it over, and you can see him calculating the angles in his head. Both the furniture angles, and then what it could mean for his money-making schemes. “…I guess it wasn’t getting much play in the gift shop, anyway. Alright, alright.” He rolls up his sleeves to help.
    Molly: Molly held out her pistol, which already glimmered with faint magic. “There is an enchantment on this gun I want stronger. I can fetch some crystals if you need them.”
    Priest Dagget: * Between him and Altair, it’s still kinda tight maneuvering, but it’s doable. After a grunt or two… there! The table scoots in nicely.
  • Surolam places the stamp machine on the table, stroking its side.
    Henrietta: “Let me see what I can do.”
    Surolam: “Isn’t this better?”
  • Surolam might have placed it facing slightly in the wrong direction, though.
    Henrietta: (( is molly giving off any skill boost auras? ))
    Molly: +2 to all skills, yep
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: Stemp! Stamp! Stamp! It’s like a cheer, when an audience gets to their feet and… well, stamps.
    Avara: do you have specialist stuff locked and loaded?
    Priest Dagget: “Lemme just…” He wiggles the stamp machine a bit, making it square with the table surface. “Therrre ya go.”
  • Warriork Ghratutha , in particular, leans forward, eager to see the magic happen. Literally.
    Henrietta: “How many gems do you have to feed into the process?”
  • Altair Azure checks to see if it’s flush with the wall, or whatever else it’s set on. 5
    Molly: “I’ve got about 500 worth. And 1900 in cash I can spend on it.” (I need 600 more to get +2 levels onto it)
    Priest Dagget: “Now… Anything else I can help you kids with? Or did you just sense my stamp machine was lonely?”
  • Priest Dagget says it with a bit of a sarcastic tone, but not caustic.
  • Henrietta will cover the 600 missing.
    Avara: … hold on a mo’
    Altair Azure: “Well…I was looking for it earlier, and I’d completely missed it on my earlier trip here, so… I’m fine with just the stamp on my card, but I can’t speak for my friend.”
    Surolam: “We wanted to use it, and it should not have been placed so far back.”
    Surolam: “Hopefully now it will receive the attention it deserves.”
  • Surolam is going to try and see if she can feel any other dissastisfied items in the place, though.
    Henrietta: 27 vs DC 24 for Keening +6
    Mike: So keen!
    Avara: i covered the fees past what molly has for the attempt
    Mike: Surolam: Give me a… Perception, I think would do it?
    Surolam: 5 Perception
    Surolam: (( wow ))
    Surolam: (( all 5 perception squad go ))
    Mike: Five by five!
    Molly: Molly’s eyes are wide as she watches the magical craft.
  • Henrietta melts the gems into pure energy as she chants, and her hand slides along the gun’s barrel, seeping the energy into the gun. She traces runes over empty spaces in the gun, glowing brightly. It dims down slowly, and the gun itself seems SHARPER by the end.
    Mike: Surolam: There are a LOT of objects in this room. When you open your senses wide, it’s like being in a crowded market plaza. You can feel them all… maybe not quite communicating with one another, so much as comingling. But you can also feel the Temple itself, an ancient and sturdy thing, despite the many repairs and refurbishments it’s undergone.
    Mike: No one voice is loud or distinct enough to overcome the temple itself, and even the temple needs to speak loud, slow, and clearly to be heard by you – and Altair. And even then, it does not so much say anything, so much as it simply… welcomes you.
    Henrietta: “It’s not the usual sort of enchanting I do, but this was interesting to try too. Since we might have some time, do you want me to try and ritual-enchant it too?”
    Molly: In the meantime, Molly gives Surolam a single bullet. A Magic Flintlock Bullet. It deals fairy damage. “This is ancient, as far as we can tell. I thought you should have one to study, in case I use the rest.”
    Molly: “Ritual… enchant? What would it do?”
    Warriork Ghratutha: “Amazing… You have written it upon the world, made it more of a thing than it was before. A blade keened without forge-fire…”
    Mike: Molly, Surolam is at the temple right now, while Henrietta is at the Pokemon Center. Nothing stops you from walking out and over and giving her the bullet, just an FYI.
    Henrietta: “You know how I can weave stories into magic? It’s like that. It’s a lot more freeform than the magic system that was used to make this gun as good as it is. Any effect that falls under Heroism, Law or Knowledge, I can possibly enchant into your gun. Maybe something about oathbreakers?”
    Henrietta: “It’s how Ueda’s Greater Escape Rope was made. The rope that brought us here.”
    Molly: “What would a story about the freedom of the sea create..?” Molly asked.
    Henrietta: “I’d guess it would be something that helps you move around more. Or escape bonds. Or… let’s see. Sailing, maybe. Crossing land like water?”
  • Surolam bows her head in gratitude for the welcome.
    Henrietta: “Anything in mind, Molly?”
    Surolam: “I believe that is all for now.”
    Priest Dagget: “Well… thanks for comin’! And re-arranging the furniture.”
    You whisper to TBG: I totally forgot about you, didn’t I. I apologize.
    Molly: Molly looked deeply at her pistol, pondering everything it meant to her.
    You whisper to TBG: Nobody noticed you when you snuck away. Both literally and in-game! Much too good at sneakery.
    Jericho whispers: So meta
  • Surolam heads back to the Pokemon center to check on the Warriorks.
    You whisper to TBG: You were sneaking northward, I believe. Anything in particular you were looking for?
    Nurse Joy: * And good timing, too, since Nurse Joy is walking back out. “Your, uhm. Wild Pokemon friend is resting comfortably. She’s quite the heavy sleeper. She’ll be much better once she wakes up – I suspect it’ll be about 8 hours. But let me know if you need to move sooner.”
    Molly: Molly seems like she might take a while.
  • Henrietta waves to Surolam when she comes in. “Hi.”
    Surolam: “Hello.”
    Warriork Akash: Warriork Akash is healed and gains 15 hit points.
    Warriork Akash was revived!
  • Henrietta looks to Molly. “Take your time and get back to me on it.”
    Warriork Pruzag: * The other Warriork give a quieter cheer at that news. When Surolam enters, they all stand up, and bow their heads to her for a moment. …And if she doesn’t say anything about it, they’ll sit back down. Eventually.
    Jericho whispers: Clattering shells were mentioned. I was seeking out the source of the sound. While trying not to be found.
  • Surolam will only notice once Donphan-tooth nudges her about it.
    Surolam: “You may be seated.”
    Surolam: (( I guess molly can hand over the bullet now? ))
    Warriork Pruzag: “Mm,” she says, as a note of ackowledgement. And they sit, relaxing. There’s only so much ceremony they can stand on.
    Molly: (( ??? I’m forgetting something ))
    Avara: molly was gonna give surolam a fae bullet
    Avara: in case she uses all the rest
    Player “Jericho” is not connected.
    You whisper to TBG: Understood. You can go up the mountain a ways, the one that the road you just ventured on surrounds. From halfway up there, you have a nice view of the town, and the mountains to the north. Gimme a Perception?
    Mike: You wrote the dialogue for it up above, I reminded you that you were in different rooms at the moment.
    Molly: (( Wow, I inteded that to Henrietta, and wrote Surolam for some reason. But it makes sense. She gives a bullet to each of her historically inclined companions))
    Avara: alright.
  • Henrietta will accept one bullet and pass one bullet to Surolam.
  • Surolam holds it carefully, trying to feel how old it is.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: Several centuries. It rested in the ruins of a temple for much of that time. Before that, a spark of light, pink and glittering; a forge, a mold, red-hot liquid metal.
    You whisper to Avara: You can feel heroism sloughing off this bullet. This is a bullet forged, enchanted, intended, and used, for slaying a great enemy in a valiant battle of unspeakable odds.
  • Mike talks about magic bullets.
  • Henrietta leans her head back as she focuses on the bullet… balancing it on her forehead as she does. Because she can, mostly. “The legend and purpose it was made for have made this a strongly Heroic item.”
    Surolam: “Do you remember the first time you were used?”
    Surolam: “It was definitely forged with the help of fae magic.”
    Henrietta: “If magic were sap, this thing would be a giant oak.”
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: the flash of a muzzle. A journey through the air, then through a dragon’s scales, flesh, scales, air, tree branch, roof-tile, and landing within the beam of a temple. Silence. And a thousand passing days.
    Mike: (( I gave their benefits to Molly previously. As I recall, they are bullets of Slaying Dragons Real Good. ))
    Molly: Molly lifted up her last bullet and looked it over.
    Surolam: “It still has the memories of that first fight as well…” It does make her shudder a bit.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: A memory of a hand, young and warm and supple. A hand that knew weapons, and especially guns, and knew them well.
    Jericho whispers: Sorry. 10 Perception?
    Henrietta: “Hm… I wonder if these would be useful in rituals.”
    Jericho whispers: er Skill Expert. 25 Perception
    Jericho whispers: Boy, that’s a useful feat
    Mike: Excuse me, Jericho just shot a die and made it better.
    DNA: I’ll wait.
    You whisper to TBG: You don’t see anyth- oh wait, that’s the SUN. Maybe don’t stare at that.
    Jericho: (( It was a nice bullet ))
    Surolam: (( So wait, did Altair run off on his own sometime while Surolam was in the temple? ))
    You whisper to TBG: That’s better! Ahhh. Well NOW you can see some other glints – sun on shining shell, far to the north, high in the mountains. It looks like a large band of shelled creatures – the Greenshields, from your experience – trudging westwards. For what purpose, you aren’t sure, but it’s quite a lot of them. …And then, behind them, a very, very large, familiar Torterra.
    DNA: No, he just hasn’t said anything. He’s either still there or back at the center.
    Jericho whispers: Jericho is going to try and listen in. Perhaps they’re chatting about something?
    Mike: Henrietta: I… hadn’t thought of that. I see no reason you couldn’t, though I hadn’t assigned them a value. But they’re so old and magical now… Yes, I think they would be. It would depend on the kind of ritual, but I will say it could be used for such. Anything Heroism-related would gel nicely with it.
    You whisper to TBG: “…How much further ’till the temple?”
    You whisper to TBG: “A day west, then a few days southwest. The smart guy thinks there’s something from our history there. And he said the last one had treasure and even more kinds of plants! So it should be cool.”
    Surolam: “To slay dragons?” Surolam sounds a bit tense at that.
    Henrietta: “That’s what they were made for, but no. They’re dripping with Heroism, which is a purview of stories and inspiration.”
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: Yeah, it seems quite certain about that. …it doesn’t seem to notice that you count, though.
    Henrietta: "You know that water gym leader guy with the boat? I heroismed his boat into a self-repairing battle field for up-and-coming heroes’ training and testing.
    Henrietta: "
    Jericho whispers: for the record… are they headed towards the cave where the dragon spirit thing is?
    You whisper to TBG: Nope. That would be… east of you, a little north, and mostly down. They’re headed west, then southwest, and they don’t seem to be interested in ‘down’, at least right now.
    You whisper to TBG: So the totally opposite direction.
    Jericho whispers: Ah. Phew. That’s good news. Okay. Interesting to see what they’ve been up to. Jericho will listen in a little longer before he heads back to town.
    Henrietta: “I don’t know why I’d want to slay dragons. You’re a dragon and you’re alright, if a bit territorial.”
    You whisper to TBG: THere’s some more back-n-forth chatter, but nothing amazing or even all that audible. They don’t seem to notice you, either.
    Surolam: “Well, it seems to like that idea.” Surolam is holding the bullet at a bit of a distance now.
    Henrietta: “It was made to kill one of your kin. It’s not going to be a pleasant conversationalist.”
    Jericho whispers: Then I’m gonna slip back to the city. Ninja vanish!
  • Surolam nods.
    Surolam: “I feel I’ve gleaned enough from it for now.” She’s going to hand it back.
    Henrietta: “Do you want it, Molly, or should I hold onto it?”
    Mike: It seems things are slowing down a bit, but I don’t know if Jericho would like to return and report on anything or not..?
    Jericho: (( Nothing to report here. All sectors green. ))
    Avara: let’s set the city on fire and get out.
    DNA: This isn’t 8-Bit Theatre
    Mike: That seems drastic.
    Mike: Also expensive. I don’t have the FX budget for it.
    Mike: Alright. Lemme go calculate some EXP!
    Mike: But also.
    Mike: It sounds like next week, we’ll be waking up the real, 100% whole dragon, and I’d like some thoughts about how you’d like it to turn out.
    Avara: sounds like a plan to be made
    Molly: “You can hold onto it. I’ll keep one in case I need to hurt something with Fairy Type. But it sounds too valuable to waste, I think you’ll find more use out of it.”
    Mike: A new Pokemon? A spirit to inhabit a weapon or other such item? Two new souls, split from one another? Some other idea? I’m open, but I want it to be epic, and something you’d like.
    Avara: meanwhile you’ll be getting lost in hyrule some more
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): 30
    GrayGriffin: I’m cool with him coming back as an NPC ally or something like that
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): 192
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): …I’m gonna do a little rounding.
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): 200 PKMN EXP and 2 TXP!
    DNA: You rounded for that?
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): it was a boss, so it had bigger HP bars. And also rocks falling.
    DNA: ah
    DNA: TL 22.4
    Wyvereign (Dragon, Left Claw): I basically counted the rocks falling as also Pokemon, since they were dealing pretty solid damage that you couldn’t fight back against.
    Avara: oh, i forgot we would’ve gotten a TL up last session i missed, yeah
    Avara: bye~
    Avara is disconnected.
    Molly is disconnected.
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    Mike: Saving campaign and log!


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