Wrecking Rico, Meeting McGrath

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Mike: FYI Rob is still sick so he won’t be with us tonight.
DNA: All right.
DNA: Note to self, follow up on that later…
TBG: We’ll have to work without him.
Mike: I mean, he’s more or less retreated from the game already. He wants to be a secondary GM, but we haven’t really been in a good spot to do that yet.
Mike: Oh yeah I need to go back to a more blue color.
Mike: Test
Mike: There we go.
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Mike: I see DNA, TBG, and Gray! I’ll poke Ava and see if she’s alive and up to play any.
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Mike: My laptop’s wifi hiccupped.
Mike: So I did not have a chance to double-check the positioning of bad guys within the home.
Mike: But it should be alright, or at least close enough.
Mike: Would anyone care to recap? In particular for Ava, since she missed out last time IIRC.
DNA: I recall that Jericho and Hajime have snuck into opposite buildings to Rico to find out what he’s trying to plan (or something?), while Surolam is engaging the rightmost house as half reconciliation and half distraction.
GrayGriffin: Zojiik is pretending to recognize the house and also investigating it, yeah.
Mike: I believe Hajime ended up near the stairs heading upwards in the right-hand house, while Jericho was in the main floor of the left-hand house.
DNA: Yes, I did
DNA: Oh, you have inside maps now. Huh!
Mike: Cobbled together!
TBG: (( aye ))
Mike: And also as I recall, our sneakies had not yet been identified or noticed.
Meanwhile, between sessions, two more heroes arrived:
GrayGriffin is disconnected.
First, Lunar Hope arrived, standing atop a roof near the area.
Second, Henrietta may arrive as well – she would probably appear near the small area with benches, near the middle of the map.
TBG: (( but he was already here! ))
Mike: :P
DNA: Or was he?
Henrietta: Initiative = 5
Mike: Adding Henrietta to the initiative, just to keep things orderly!
DNA whispers: So what would Hope be doing in Initiative? Just waiting?
You whisper to DNA: What he does is up to you. But he can act on Altair’s round.
Henrietta has received initiative.
Mike: Giving Ava a chance to get up to speed before we go ‘round to the next…
Antariksha: * An unassuming young woman, in black shorts and white shirt, appears from seemingly nowhe- no, from the shadow cast against the side of the small building nearest you.
Avara: are we still doing things in sneaky fashion? and which building is our target in?
DNA: Yes, and 2nd from the left.
Mike: Target is in the – yeah. Redder townhome without basement access.
GrayGriffin has connected.
Antariksha: “Hello,” she says – in a not-quite monotone. “I have noticed that you have joined Jericho and the others. Are you assisting them – and myself – now?”
Antariksha: (( Mostly providing Antariksha as someone you can ask questions to. ))
Henrietta: "Oh. I guess so? They’re investigating criminals and I’m keeping them from getting spotted, so far."
Antariksha: “Curious. I would be interested in understanding how you do so.” She tilts her head, ever so slightly. “…At present, they have infiltrated the two houses adjacent to the target. I am unable to infiltrate due to significant light levels, both exterior and interior.”
Antariksha: “Your assistance is appreciated.” She nods, again, slightly. “But I will leave to you how to do so.” She fades back into the shadow, unless stopped.
Antariksha: (( Want me to move on to others while you find a good place to stick your nose in / hang back? ))
Avara: yup
Jericho has received initiative.
Mike: Jericho! I believe you had infiltrated the house on the left, and nobody had noticed you – in part, because you were invisible. There were three figures below you, in the basement – I believe they were playing cards.
Jericho: Okay. First goal- let’s sneak downstairs. Not much point in blocking off their access if they can just go through another entrance, so I’ll have to take a more direct approach.
Mike: Alright. It’s been a while, and you’re covering some new terrain (the stairs!) so give me a Stealth roll. Though I believe you’re still invisible, so that’ll help.
Mike: 18
Mike: 17
Mike: 15
Mike: (( Not gonna worry about exact movement here – these turns are ‘longer’ than normal combat turns. ))
Jericho: 19 Stealth
Mike: Hooo-oo.
Mike: Jericho, you can sneak into the basement. The stairs give the barest of creaks as you sneak down them – and the armed thug glances up, for just a heart-stopping minute! – but then turns his attention back to the game.

  • Henrietta raises her eyes from the book she’s reading, and—looks back down, since jericho’s fine.
    Armed Thug 1: “Thought I heard somethin’.”
    DNA: Her specialist senses are in fine form.
    Burly Thug 2: “These old houses weeze all the time. Probably not up to code.”
  • Rock-Sculpted Machamp knocks on the table twice.
    Armed Thug 1: “Jeeze, still calling? Alright, now I know you got nothin’.” And the card game continues.
    Mike: The room is as mentioned before, with screens observing fixed camera views on the outside of the building. However, behind the table, there’s a carved-out hole in the wall, wide enough to slip through – and leading into the next house’s basement.
    Altair Azure has received initiative.
    Mike: Gonna try to pick up the pace a bit to keep everyone moving. >.>
    DNA: So Hajime’s sneaking on up the stairs to the upper floor, that he hasn’t seen yet. While he isn’t invisible like Jericho, he doesn’t make noise as he moves.
    DNA: Stealth 6d6+6 17
    DNA: …I’ll get in the habit of making them visible for a while, as Henrietta is here, but I think Jericho will need the assistance more than me.
    Mike: 11
    Mike: 10
    Mike: 8
    Mike: Yeah, these guards seem much less perceptive – or at least, nobody notices while you sneak to the upper floor (which I do not have mapped).
    Mike: There’s a few doors up there, but really just one of interest – it has the sound of running water behind it, and there’s obviously someone in there. They’re taking a shower, from the sound of it.
    DNA: I think you said there was some kind of office up here?
    GrayGriffin: Hey you should recreate psycho
    Mike: Oh yeah! Two offices, wasn’t it?
    Jericho: (( Heeeeeeere’s Hajime! ))
    Mike: And I think you might’ve already checked them out, though, at least cursory. Uh, one had the birdwatching book.
    Avara: that’s the shining
    Jericho: (( eh, close enough ))
    Avara: really no
    DNA: disclaimer: I don’t know who made The Shining
    Avara: go sit in a corner
    Jericho: (( I refuse ))
    Jericho: (( Mostly because I already am sitting in a corner ))
    Jericho: (( That’s where my desk is ))
    Mike: I’m on a couch. It’s nice. I paid for it with my own money. There’re many couches like it, but this one is mine.
    Avara: the shining is kubrick
    DNA: Ah, I guess I did. Hm. Then I need to get to Rico.
    DNA: Or the cameras. And the only way to do that is back through the basement.
    Eclipse: Meanwhile, Hope will be going along the rooftops, hopping or walking between them like it’s nothing. He’s looking either for Jericho or Antariksha, whoever he sees first. His gaze is focused.
    Avara: based on a book by stephen king
    Mike: I’ll allow him to notice Antariksha, having popped out of stealth to speak with Henrietta earlier.
    DNA: Ah, okay.
    Antariksha: * She would be sinking back into the shadows as you moved along the rooftops.
    Antariksha: …But from where she is, she won’t see you, not yet.
    Surolam has received initiative.
    Mike: Surolam! As I recall, you had distracted the bird-woman; Zojiik was being sneaky, as well. Do you recall if she got into the house? I can check the log if desired.
  • Megan had been somewhat friendly towards Surolam and Zojiik. Mostly, she had appreciated the company on a quiet night – though she was still a little wary, since someone had broken a window, after all.
    Avara: brb, skip my turn
    Megan: Understood.
    GrayGriffin: I don’t remember if she went into the house or was just checking the perimeter
    Megan: (( I can try to do a quick doublecheck… ))
    DNA: Zojiik went inside, phasing in
    DNA: and was looking for cameras, it looks like. She found a few.
    Mike: Yeah, she was under the doorframe of the back door of the house you’re at, and she found a camera looking down from the doorframe of the right-hand house the bad guys have.
    Surolam: (( Yup, she hasn’t actually entered yet. ))
    Surolam: “Do you live near here? You reacted pretty fast to that window breaking.”
  • Zojiik is going to turn invisible and phase through the back door now.
    Megan: “Heh. Yeah, I do. Not this street, a few more, uh, that way.” She waves to the right. “I’m… keeping an eye on things. For a friend.”
    Megan: “Thankfully, that isn’t his house.” She nods at the broken window.
    Mike: Actually, is this the ‘right hand bad ugy house’ or the house you broke the window for?
    DNA: I’m actually not sure if Mike mapped House #4.
    Mike: I did not! But that’s okay, I can word it.
    Mike: This house looks well lived-in. Lots of pictures on the mantle, in the kitchen. The house is dark. There’s a clock ticking somewhere. There’s a good deal of mail on the floor by the front door – looks like it’s been a little while since the people who lived here, were here.
    Mike: There are knitted cozies for the picture frames on the mantlepiece, and the drapes are heavy and ornate. A few newspaper clippings are framed as well, hanging on the wall near the back door.
    Zojiik: (( I was assuming it was the one she saw had a camera. ))
    Avara: back.
    Mike: That would be House #3, in this case. But you can phase through the walls to get there from here, as well.
    Surolam: “That’s good, I guess. It’s still sad to know that any house was damaged, though…”
    Megan: “…I’m not actually sure who lives there. Never met ‘em. I don’t think my friends would appreciate it if, uh, I called the Jennies. Noisy bunch, they’d wake everyone up…” She thinks a moment, not sure what to do about it.
    Henrietta has received initiative.
    Mike: We have an Ava back, and this gives you a chance to consider Zojiik’s next move. Henrietta?
  • Henrietta looks to Anta as she starts to slip into the shadows. “To, these guys they’re looking in on, they’re connected to the jerks who were hunting fairies and making weird evolution stones, right?”
    Antariksha: “All evidence points in that direction, yes.”
    Henrietta: “Can you give me a human-acceptable excuse to walk in and ask questions?”
    Henrietta: “Not lies, but just. An excuse and questions.”
    Antariksha: “…Hrm.” She thinks a few moments. (( I’m open to suggestions, as well! ))
    Henrietta: “… Do you have a sample of whatever they’re making?”
    Antariksha: “Negative. From observations of the crates they are contained in, exposing you to the substances may be hazardous to your health. Notices include ‘radiation hazard’ and ‘evolution hazard’, suggesting they have a distinct effect upon Pokemon.”
    Antariksha: “…Further, previous attempts at infiltration were thwarted by significant guard presence, preventing sample procurement.” Her voice has a hint of shame.
    Henrietta: “… Do you have notes about how it works then? I have an idea but I need to know what they’re idioting around with.”
    Antariksha: (( Oh, I have an idea, though I don’t know that Antariksha would. And you might be having this idea too, but – ))
    Antariksha: (( I believe you all know that these stones have been sent out to multiple people, in hopes that they can be studied, refined, etc. I think that’s been made clear. ))
    Antariksha: (( What if you were hoping to become one such client? ))
    Avara: my idea: henrietta walks in and starts shouting at them about how they’re all idiots because (insert Edu: Occult info about how their product is flawed) and Henrietta’s here to make them make it better.
    Antariksha: (( Not too dissimilar. ))
    Avara: thus henrietta becomes a distraction, lowering the DCs for people entering the building itself
    Antariksha: “I believe they are a physical object that, when used upon a Pokemon, grants them significant power. Further details as to their exact mechanism are unknown by me at this time. However, shipments have gone out to multiple ships headed in different directions, suggesting widespread distribution of small numbers of the items in question.”
    Antariksha: “If you wish to discuss this with the targets, they are located in the second house from the left.” She points. "This may incur significant personal risk, as the guards will be aware of your presence immediately.
    Antariksha: “…However, I am unsure if they would attack, or let you in.”
    Antariksha: “Their door guard is presently distracted by Ms. Surolam.” She nods to the bird-woman.
    Avara: can i do an edu occult on the info henrietta needs for this plan based on what she already knows?
  • Henrietta walks up to the building and knocks on the door, completely ignoring the concept of being sneaky about it.
    Mike: Yes, based on the wizard from back in Wyldglen.
    Henrietta: 26 edu occult.
    Mike: I’ll let you knock and yell before Megan reacts.
    Mike: Alright, I’m going to think on that while I also let others have a turn.
    Jericho has received initiative.
    Avara: yay~
    Mike: Jericho! What’s up in that basement now?
    You whisper to Avara: The stones definitely have immense, yet unstable, power. You know from previous personal experience that Pokemon are vastly more durable, and apparently type-shifted, from the stones – but they apparently enter an incredible rage, and are difficult to control or command. They may not necessarily be more offensively powerful, either – definite room for improvement.
    Jericho: (( Hmm… ideally, you loop the camera feed or incapacitate the guards, but Jericho’s smarter than to go 3v1 ))
    You whisper to Avara: As a side-note, if you could magically refine these, they’d be amazing for type-based rituals. Like Evolution Stones, but geared towards a huge burst of power… though maybe you could really refine them into something amazing – but that’d take even more knowledge than you can summon at the moment. Maybe maybe maybe.
    Jericho: (( Hmm… Jericho will sneak into the other basement, through the hole in the wall. ))
    Jericho: So. These boxes. Can I peruse their contents without being caught?
    Mike: Alright. I’ll let the previous stealth roll ride. And yes, you may. Perception, please?
    Jericho: 20
    Jericho: (( Not bad at all ))
    Mike: Lesse.
    Mike: 11
    Mike: Jericho, most of the boxes are wooden crates, emptied now. They look like they’ve been here at least a year, because they’ve got some actual postage stampings on them. There’s a lot of rock dust in them… it smells like home.
    Mike: A few are more mundane – old clothes in cardboard boxes, mostly. Possibly left over from when this wasn’t a criminal hideout, or an emergency disguise in case of cops.
    Jericho: (( Hm… don’t suppose any of the clothes are worth lifting for future disguises? ))
    Mike: Probably not. A few business suits, too old and unfashionable to not stand out now.
    Mike: …A wedding gown, too, at the bottom of that box.
    Mike: Not your size. And looking at it, definitely not Henrietta’s size, either. >.>
    Mike: before I move on, a quick thing…
    Jericho: (( ? ))
    Tricky Rico: “…Warehouse is basically empty now. Just a few crates left. Nobody’s lined up to buy it for a little bit, but it never hurts to have a little stock on hand…”
    Mr. McGrath: “I see.” You can faintly hear a second, older male voice. It’s calm and collected in its speach.
    Altair Azure has received initiative.
    Jericho: (( Ah, convenient. ))
    Mike: You’re in the house now, and you perceived pretty good. You can get some snippets. :3
    Mike: Altair and Lunar Hope: initiate shenanians?
    DNA: So that means I need to head back downstairs, and either find Rico or do something to the cameras. Back down to the basement with me, where there’s only the guy with the baseball bat. I need to stealth roll again?
    Mike: Mm, nah. I rolled everyone’s percept when you did it.
    Mike: So you can sneak to the basement alright and scope it out, but doing things down there might engender another roll. It’s a very cluttered basement.
    DNA: The guy with the baseball bat is still on the chair, right? Near the camera feeds? Is there some sort of implement or other way to knock him out cold so he isn’t watching the camera?
    Mike: Well, his bat would be perfect. It’s not actually at his hand, but it’s near his hand – you could yoink it if you were fast and quiet enough.
    DNA: Challenge accepted. I need at least 1 Stealth roll, but what else?
    Mike: Once you have it, a Combat roll for the cinematic knockout.
    Mike: So Stealth, then Combat, please.
    Hajime: Stealth 27, then Combat 13. At Untrained I’m not expecting much, but it may be enough.
    Mike: 15
    Mike: Hajime, you can grab the baseball bat easily, but smacking him with it-
    Avara: so. this is extremely not really raw
    Avara: rules as written
    Armed Thug 2: 15.5
    Avara: but since hajime is rolling to do damage upon the target
    Avara: can i treat the combat check as a damage roll for reroll purposes?
    Mike: …Hrm.
    Mike: I’m willing to treat it as a skill roll. What’s the difference between that and a combat roll for your stuff?
    DNA: His combat roll was totally average, though. You sure you want to reroll it, rather than give it a buff?
    Avara: different feat entirely
    Avara: henrietta can Specialist a roll to alter the DC, or force rerolls for accuracy/contest and damage/save
    Avara: each is a different feat
    Mike: Ahh.
    DNA: Ah, I see. Still, you sure you want to reroll the 2d6?
    Avara: henrietta would choose which result applies.
    DNA: Oh, right
    DNA: Permission okay, Mike?
    Mike: Iiiiiiii am curious how this works out, but I’m gonna stand by it being a Skill rather than true Damage.
    Avara: okay
    Mike: But that’s also probably nicer to you in this case. :3
    Avara: theeeen i’m gonna half the opposing check instead.
    Avara: 1 specialist remaining.
  • Henrietta lights up her eyes as Hajime swings the bat!
    Armed Thug 2: Alright. Hajime, you manage to grab the baseball bat just fine – it’s not a terribly impressive weapon. When you swing it at the back ot the thug’s head, you can feel it suddenly get pulled forward by psychic power, accelerating much faster than your unskilled claws would allow-
  • Armed Thug 2 slams head-first into the desk in front of him, bouncing his head off of it, and then slumping to the ground, KO’d in one shot.
    Surolam has received initiative.
    Hajime: ((What on earth?)) he thought. ((There’s no way I could have moved it that fast on my own… …Ask questions later; I have a camera to tweak.))
    DNA: Can I do a Hope thing?
    Mike: If it’s quick.
    DNA: Hmmmmmmm…
    DNA: It probably won’t be. I’ll pass.
    Jericho: (( That sounds like an Earthbound-inspired weapon ))
    DNA: I’m pretty sure that’s exactly why he said SMAAAAAAAASH
    Henrietta has received initiative.
    Surolam has received initiative.
    Mike: Whoops! Surolam!
    Jericho: (( Yes, that was part of the point ))
    Megan: * Megan is still distracted by Surolam, because I had already promised that. Zojiik is in the currently-empty fourth house, but she can phase through to the third if she likes.
    Avara: henrietta invented a home run bat~
  • Mike quietly scribbles in his notes.
  • Zojiik double-checks this house to make sure there are no secrets hidden here.
    Mike: Hrm. Give me a luck roll, a plain ol’ d20!
    Mike: For treasure goodness.
    Mike: Or secret goodness.
    Mike: Or I can do it if you’re lagging. Uhm. >.> 7
    Zojiik: (( Sorry, was grabbing a snack ))
    Mike: (( Alright. Would you care to roll, then? I approve of snackage. ))
  • GrayGriffin rolls: 1d20 => 4
    Zojiik: (( god fucking damn it ))
    Mike: Looking around, it looks like they’ve gone on vacation – a long cruise, judging from the pamphlets on the dining table. Poking around, it looks like they forgot to clean the fridge out, too – there’s a jar full of Black Sludge in there, and hoo boy you can smell it as soon as you check that fridge.
    Mike: Anything else, with either/or?
    Mike: (( I’ve had this happen to me before. Minifridges are not hermetically sealed, and they aren’t very clean in college… And bleach doesn’t smell much better either! ))
    Mike: (( That was an unfun day. ))
    Mike: Alright. Moving forward for now!
    Henrietta has received initiative.
    Mike: Henrietta! Knock knock knockin’ on criminals’ doo-oo-ooor~
    Mike: oooh, oooh, yeah yeah yeah~
  • Henrietta uses Psychic to slam the door the fuck open, walking in with a hearty shout she’s heard humans use in times like these.
    Henrietta: “Y’all are stupid!” (psychic to also slam the door shut behind her as she walks in)
  • Zojiik will phase into house #3, then!
    Mike: As you slam your way in – the door was unlocked, surprisingly! – you see Rico, an older human male, and two Pokemon in a spartan, classical living room.
  • Henrietta then goes into a lengthy explanation, with a precisely chosen amount of insults and boasts, to tell people exactly why they’re stupid and how they don’t know ANYTHING about this power they’re messing with. “I mean, do you even realize how poorly you’re copying Mega Evolution? Your pokemon aren’t even getting any stronger! At all! They’re just angry!”
    Tricky Rico: “Whoa, hey, who’re you?!” Rico stands up-
    Henrietta: 15 Charm to catch them up in sheer CHARISMA and fast-talking.
    Avara: … i’mma just. specialist my own roll.
    Avara: so opposing rolls: 1/2.
    Mr. McGrath: “Mm.” He raises a hand, quietly. “Let her speak. Our business was mostly concluded, anyhow.”
  • Mr. McGrath stands, slowly.
    Mr. McGrath: “My name is Mr. McGrath. And it sounds like you’ve had some experience with our products, Ms…?”
    Henrietta: “Henrietta of Wyldglen. Some of your dumbass followers were squatting in my house when I found them using their own product, and seriously the stuff you’re using is wated potential. Also, hiding in a city known for being full of criminals when you’re doing a criminal thing? You were the easiest humans to track down. Seriously.”
  • Avara has evidently claimed the wizard den in the cave as her house. retroactively. Try and tell her no.
    Avara: … meant to be henrietta there. ANYWAY.
    Mr. McGrath: “…Quite. I won’t deign to dignify accusations, Ms. Henrietta of Wyldglen. But I agree with your assessment: wasted potential.”
    Jericho: (( Can Jericho hear this from the basement? ))
    Mr. McGrath: yes he can. Henrietta is being LOUD.
    DNA: …Come to think of this, can Hajime and the others outside hear it too?
    Mr. McGrath: “And from how offended you are by this… I suspect you’d like to see it brought to its fullest?” He chuckles. “Then I believe we have business we can discuss. Rico, would you fetch us some tea?”
    Henrietta: “Accusations? Why would I care about human laws? I’m just here to make you do better if you’re going to mess with pokemon things. If you’re going to muck around with it, at least do it right. Do you have a pen and paper or something? Lemme show you what you’re doing wrong first.”
    Mr. McGrath: “Mm. And something to write with, too? Chop chop, now.”
    Jericho has received initiative.
  • Tricky Rico grumbles, and heads off to the kitchen… which is probably a separate room forgive my less-than-realistic maps. >.>
    Avara: henrietta is the best distraction
    Jericho: (( Hm… so my intital plan is bum due to there not being any stock here. But I can still figure things out from here. How are the thugs in the other room reacting to Henrietta, if at all? ))
    Mike: 5
    Mike: 8
    Mike: 10
    Mike: The Machamp is the first to notice, and he’s only just done so. He perks up, hearing the voice echoing – a female voice, that’s unexpected. He’s starting to stand up to go check on the boss, but this isn’t an Oh Crap situation to him yet.
    Jericho: (( Hmm… Jericho will let him go for now. ))
    Mike: That’s it though. The other two are engrossed in their card game, and if the only concern is a yelly dame, well, whatever. Champ bro’s got this.
    Jericho: On the other hand, that’s one less threat to deal with. He’ll sneak up behind the other two as he waits for the fighting type to leave.
    Mike: Well, he’s going to be going through the basement. Since you’re invisible, you can squeak out before he goes through the basement.
    Rock-Sculpted Machamp: He goes through the tunnel, and up the stairs. Henrietta, you see a Machamp poke his head out, and give a quick upwards nod. “Boss. All good?”
    Mr. McGrath: “Mm. Yes, I think so. You won’t be needed in here at the moment, Brosephalus.”
    Rock-Sculpted Machamp: “Good to hear.” He nods to Henrietta. “Ma’am.” Then he goes back downstairs.
    Rock-Sculpted Machamp: Meanwhile, Jericho…
  • Henrietta looks up at Machamp, waving. She’s still a pretty solid psychic/fairy/getrektmachamp type.
    Jericho: (( Hrm. I am coming to realize Jericho has one fatal flaw as a stealther. He doesn’t have an escape skill. ))
    Mike: :P
    Mike: Well, figure out something or lemme hit Altair.
    DNA: I realize I hadn’t thought of a way out other than combat either. HM.
    Avara: i guess it’s a good thing everyone’s distracted, either by loud voice girl or by cards
    Jericho: (( …yeah, probably best to just move on to Hajime while I think ))
    Mike: So, one though could be to just walk out. Either sneaking back out, or as a part of Henrietta’ entourage.
    Altair Azure has received initiative.
    Jericho: (( maybe, but I’m still in my previous disguise. ))
    Avara: >jericho changes clothes and reveals himself. “Yo their security is shit too. Look at this!” (explains how horribad their defenses are)
    Hajime: ((Wait, did she just…then why the hell am I even down here?)) He looks around to see if he can loop or stop the camera feed, in a way that wouldn’t look suspicious. After that he’d need to move to another room.
    Mike: Rico would definitely recognize you, then. He wouldn’t cotton on to the others though, probably.
    Mike: Hajime: There’re plenty of computers here. You could probably do something. Edu Tech roll to hack the gibsons!
    Surolam: (( Extraction plan: Surolam just crashes through the window in dragon form and grabs everyone ))
    Hajime: Edu Tech, he isn’t expecting much 7
    Mike: > password
    Whelp, you’re out of ideas there.
    DNA: That wouldn’t be too bad.
    DNA: But that got me nowhere, so I guess I’ll just move on to another room. Goal is to move west into the middle basement. Meanwhile,
    Lunar Hope: Meanwhile, outside, “Antariksha.” His voice cast down to the plaza below, calm as ice, with his eyes locked onto the android girl. “You would not describe your friend as ‘subtle’, I gather.”
    Mike: There’re plenty of cables and cords here. If you wanted to be a little more manual in your disabling, your claws could cut through them easily.
    DNA: oh
    DNA: I guess I’ll do that, then
    Surolam: (( nibble like a mouse ))
  • Antariksha looks up at Lunar Hope – and her eyes calculate for a few moments.
    DNA: Stealth 35 to cut as quietly as possible, so sparks don’t fly.
    Avara: dang~
    Antariksha: “Few of my friends are subtle in comparison to myself. This includes you.”
    Mike: Somehow, all of those cords are split in two. To this day, nobody knows when or how.
    Mike: Legends say a dimensional shift may have just nudged that part of the basement two inches to the left that night. Scientists still debate the veracity of this theory.
    Lunar Hope: “A fair point. In any case, you spoke as having evidence as to their deeds regarding evolution and strange cargo shipments. I know not what concrete evidence you have for such – but I would like to add to that.”
    Antariksha: The barest hint of a smile – her classic. “That would be appreciated.”
    Surolam has received initiative.
    Megan: “What – who’s that yelling? Wait, who is that?!” Megan is moving towards the house she’s supposed to be guarding, though Henrietta is already inside.
    Megan: You could try to stop her, let her go, or as you like.
    Mike: meanwhile, Zojiik is in the third house – and she can barely hear Henrietta’s voice echoing through the house, with how loud she was. Proabbly can’t quite make out words, though.
    Mike: You can hear water upstairs. Nobody in this room, though.
    Surolam: “I’ll let you get to it, then.”
    Surolam: “It was nice to talk to you.”
    Surolam: (( She hopes the yelling is supposed to be a distraction, in which case it’d probably be easier to let Henrietta take over that part. ))
    Megan: “You too look me up sometime ahhhhhh!”
    Mike: Anything further?
  • Zojiik is going to float upstairs…
    Mike: * It’s obvious which room has the flowing water – there’s even some steam from there now. …This guy is takin the longest shower, I swear.
    Mike: Somedays that’s just what you need though.
    Mike: Alright, looks like maybe some lag? >.>
    Mike: Or considering just how to murder the guy?
    Avara: make it look like someone made it look like an accident. and then leave a message about shitty assassins doing shitty jobs.
    Mike: Pff.
    Mike: Alright. Gonna go on for now!
    Henrietta has received initiative.
  • Henrietta sits at the table, where Rico was sitting. Specifically in that seat.
    Mr. McGrath: “So you’re interested in improving our product?” he returns to his own seat, walking over the lap of a cross-legged, sparkling ghostly feminine Pokemon with a halo of thorns.
  • Zojiik is totally considering pulling a scare on him.
    Mike: (( dem spoops ))
  • Zojiik is considering the old “hand him a towel when he gets out, make him double-take” prank
    Henrietta: “Interested? I’m offended by how much needs to be done. Yes I’m interested. Y’all could either start the biggest arms race since Kyogre and Groudon got woke up, or y’all could go legitimate and buy this region, but here you are wastin’ everybody’s time. This product o’ yours, it could either be refined into the biggest magical ritual piece in the world or a whole new kind of evolution. Or both! Maybe even both at once, really.”
    Mr. McGrath: “Then your assessment and mine match up. Unfortunately, as-is, the product is a party trick and a security risk. Too new to be outlawed, fortunately.”
    Mr. McGrath: “Do you have any particular methods or processes in mind?”
    Henrietta: “But it’s worth the risk to clean this up as quick as you can, see. I’ll start mapping out a rough once the dealer gets back in here.”
    Henrietta: 24 Edu Poke to rattle off some basic ideas for how to refine it while she waits.
    Mr. McGrath: 12
    Mr. McGrath: “Well, that all sounds promising. I believe a few have been tried before, but the more mystical efforts… Well. You mentioned our previous mystical partner, and his… shortcomings.”
    Henrietta: “He was a buffoon. A sunkern playing at being Arceus.”
    Henrietta: “Say it like it is.”
    Mr. McGrath: “And you have now planted him. Maybe he will sprout into something better the next time around.”
    Mr. McGrath: >:)
    Mr. McGrath: “Very well. I believe we can do business. 2,000 P$ for a single sample, under the condition that you share your results with us. We will, of course, provide a compendium of notes from our other sources – anonymized, of course. Some are better record-keepers than others, but this is a scientific venture… More or less.”
    Tricky Rico: “Tea.” He puts it down like a petulant child.
    Mr. McGrath: “…Well, it won’t pour itself.”
  • Henrietta checks the tea’s quality. 15 edu gen
    Mike: …He is obviously not a good tea-brewer. It’s palatable, but you can see flecks of tea leaves and such in there. A good brand, too, such a shame.
    Mike: Gonna go forward from there for others, though.
    Jericho has received initiative.
    Mike: (( Tyring to give everyone turnses~ ))
    Henrietta: (( may i get one last diss in? ))
    Mike: Okay yes. :3
    Henrietta: “I’m willing to work with you, but this guy?” She points a thumb at Rico. “He’s not even serving you tea. Just flavored water.”
  • Mr. McGrath looks, closely.
    Avara: ./avatartlareference
    Jericho: (( #HotLeafJuice ))
    Mr. McGrath: “Mm.” He looks up at Rico. “She’s right. This is poor form.”
    Mr. McGrath: “You are dismissed, Rico.”
    Tricky Rico: “…Yeah alright.”
  • Tricky Rico starts heading for the front door.
    Jericho: (( So. This guy with the claws. I assume he’s not actually wearing them, since he has to hold up his cards. ))
    Tricky Rico: Meanwhile, Jericho…
    Mike: Yes, they’d be… ON his belt, I suppose? In a place he can easily put them on if need be.
    Avara: they might be the kind that only extend out like an inch
    Jericho: (( Hmm… I don’t suppose I can try to lift them from his person? Alternatively, would this count as an AoO for a Thief attack? ))
    Mike: You can Stealth to pickpocket them from him, just like Hajime did. You could also use the move Thief. But it wouldn’t be an AoO, becase that’s about movement.
    Jericho: (( Shoulda taken that Backstab trick… ah well. Spin shift saved my butt in the gym battle. ))
  • Jericho attempts to relieve the man of his clawed gauntlets. 20 Stealth
    Mike: 17
    Mike: You reach out to grab the claws… and he shifts in his seat. You hold off for a moment, but when it seems he won’t turn around or stand up…
    Mike: yoink
    Mike: He is now de-claw’d.
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    Jericho: (( Hm… anything else on his person? 25 Perception. ))
    Jericho: (( Whoa. Now that’s what I call taking 5. ))
    Jericho: (( rimshot ))
    Mike: …Well, he’s got a wallet. A set of keys. His shoes are nice – more for lounging than for fighting. And a portable gaming system in his other pocket – a big ol’ square thing.
    Mike: Gonna push on from there though.
    Altair Azure has received initiative.
    Mike: Altair?
    Hajime: Hajime’s going to find a spot in that room to hide, roughly equal distance from the stairs, the exit, and the passageway into the next basement over. He isn’t sure what’s going on, because the smart thing to do right now would be to escape or stand-by, and right now he doesn’t know how to do either, what with Megan around outside. So I’ll have him just hide 34 while I shift perspective to Hope for right now.
    DNA: …No one will ever find him.
    Mike: Apparently he fits in a book-case just perfectly. He looks like a high-quality figurine of a Weavile, with real slicing action.
    Mike: Most’ve cost some otaku thousands.
    Lunar Hope: “More of your associates are on the inside, correct? Have you any planned routes for extraction, or can they handle that themselves?”
    Antariksha: “Correct. Currect extraction options are… mixed. Given that violence has not yet occurred, they appear to be alright…” She watches Megan run across the road. “…Some exceptions given.”
    Lunar Hope: “The avian. What would be the best method for her removal?”
  • Lunar Hope hops down to street level so he doesn’t have to stare down to carry on the conversation.
    Jericho: (( Electricity. Rocks. Ice. Take your pick. ))
    Antariksha: “Current working plan: Appears to be Fighting-type. Smokebombs unadvised. Dark-type unadvised. Personal options limited; resort to hand-to-hand combat. Trip, pin, prevent egress, attack from there.”
    GrayGriffin has connected.
    Lunar Hope: “No way to distract or otherwise incapacitate her, then? Direct removal would be easy, but I see no way to do that without alerting companions or initiating combat.”
    Antariksha: “She was distracted. Further distraction may suffice – loud noise, explosion, confrontation, challenge.”
    Antariksha: “Lead her away, perhaps.”
    Antariksha: “…That lends itself to your skill set, I presume.”
    Lunar Hope: Hope ponders for a bit, with a slow blink. “…I’ll think of something. If nothing else, I have a failsafe.”
    Mike: Passing, or got a plan?
    DNA: Both. I have a plan, and I’m passing initiative to the next.
    Surolam has received initiative.
  • Megan barges into the room with Henrietta, Mr. McGrath, and Rico.
    Megan: “Everything o-” blink
  • Henrietta looks up at Megan and waves. “Hi. Working on idiot-proofing things.”
  • Megan looks at Rico and Mr. McGrath, disbelieving.
  • Zojiik listens. Does it sound like the man is doing anything different in his shower routine, or is he still in the damn shower?
    Mr. McGrath: “Quite. We may be a while, attending to business. Ms. Megan, would yo be a dear and escort Rico home? After that, I believe your business for the evening will be concluded.”
    Mike: 9
    Mike: …The water is starting to turn off. You can hear him humming, it sounds like a shanty or drinking song.
    Burly Thug 1: “Oo, eidy-eidy-eidy eidy eidy-eidy-ei~”
    Burly Thug 1: After a little bit, you hear him stepping out, wet heavy footprints, like meat hitting a butcher’s counter.
  • Zojiik tries to hold in her pranking instincts. 13 Focus
  • Zojiik manages to simply hide herself. 12 Stealth
    Mike: (( dat urge to prank~ ))
    Burly Thug 1: * Finally, the man emerges, clad in nothing but a towel. He’s large, heavy, almost sumo-wrestler-like in his size.
    Burly Thug 1: He slips on shower shoes and walks into another room in the building – the bedroom-seeming office – and starts slipping into a change of clothes.
    Zojiik: (( Can she close the door and lock him in? ))
    Burly Thug 1: * Following that, if you don’t do naything, he’ll start heading down the stairs. He smells like fresh Pecha, and his bald head shines like a well-waxed floor.
    Burly Thug 1: Mmmm yes, though the lock is on the inside of the room. You might have to disable it to really stick him in there for good.
    Avara: mind if i put my turn on postpone and let other people do things for a bit? need to restroom.
    Burly Thug 1: ‘k!
    Zojiik: (( What would I roll for disabling the lock and making it look like an accident? Just Stealth? ))
    Mike: Iiii think so, yeah. I’ll allow that, or Edu Tech. With Phasing you can get in there and manipulate it pretty okay.
    Mike: Doin’ it? >.>
    Zojiik: (( checking skills ))
  • Zojiik tries to close the door and stick the lock. 15 Stealth
    Mike: tick-atick-tak… thunk!
  • Burly Thug 1 , now in a fresh suit of clothes, goes to open the door… and the handle just jiggles.
    Burly Thug 1: “…Aw nerts.” He puts his head against the door frame.
    Burly Thug 1: “Can’t just bust out, boss’ll be mad… Might have to climb out the window, but I don’t think I’ll fit…”
    Henrietta has received initiative.
    Burly Thug 1: Yeah, he’s stuck for a bit.
    Mike: Ava AFK’d, so she can have her turn when she gets back!
  • Zojiik was helpful!
    Jericho has received initiative.
    Jericho: (( Okay, finally have a plan! ))
    Mike: He’s going to tell~
    Jericho: (( So! Step 1! Steal this guy’s wallet! ))
    Jericho: How’s a 25 Stealth to swipe the Disarmed Thug’s wallet?
    Mike: Alright. Another- oh yes.
    Jericho: (( Step 2! Plant it on the other guy! ))
    Jericho: 23 Stealth for that!
    Mike: …Pfff.
    DNA: Swimmingly good.
    Mike: sliiIIP. SLIIiiip.
    Mike: Somehow, the wallet magically changed pants!
    Jericho: (( Step 3! Give Armed Thug a reason to look for his claws! ))
  • Jericho sneaks over to the TV and (stealthily?) yanks the plug out.
    Avara: back
    Mike: THWWooonk the TV powers down, loudly. And the two guards blink, surprised, and get up to poke at it. The Machamp comes back in the room now, too.
    Mike: 8
    Mike: 4
    Mike: …Yeah, after that, they start getting a bit suspicious. Maybe someone’s turning off the power?
  • Jericho moves away so they don’t run over him
    Armed Thug 1: “…Wait, crap, my claws – did I drop ’em?”
    Armed Thug 1: Searching around, he doesn’t find them on the floor or anything. Pats his pockets…
    Armed Thug 1: “…Wait. Uhm. Where’s my wallet?”
    Burly Thug 2: “You got holes in your pants? C’mon now.”
    Mike: …They keep looking, turning over chairs and crawling under the table. But they don’t actually attack one another…
    Mike: Anything further?
    Jericho: (( hmm… any way I can cause the wallet to “accidentally” fall out of his pocket in plain view? ))
    Mike: Mmmmaybe but that should probably wait for next round.
    Altair Azure has received initiative.
    Jericho: (( cool cool ))
    DNA: Henrietta’s turn.
    Henrietta: “I don’t know how you put up with this sort of thing,” she says to McGrath. “Who doesn’t even know the difference between coffee and tea? I live out in a forest and I know that you don’t half-ass the heat for tea. Seriously.” Henrietta starts sketching out a magic ritual. “Y’know, I patched up a gym leader’s ship so it’d repair itself after gym fights once. I think he paid something like $25,000 to cover the expenses, and that’s without any overhead. If we set this up right, you could probably get $400,000 from a true archmage. Per stone. I’m not there yet, but I’m working on it. I’ve got a second body livin’ in the area of where your old hedgemage was setting up shop, so we can keep working from there. You know, the reason why your organization even caught my eye was ‘cause the jerkoff’s gang was killing fairies for ingredients? There are so many better options it ain’t even funny.”
  • Mr. McGrath listens, letting the woman prattle on. It’s obvious he doesn’t understand the magical nuances of the ritual.
    Avara: but he does understand business
    Avara: and henrietta is speaking money
    Mr. McGrath: That is definitely true.
    Mr. McGrath: “We try not to discriminate based on proposed methods, and his actions were entirely his own. I’m glad it didn’t work out as well as he had hoped, though. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be having this pleasant conversation.”
    Tricky Rico: “…Second body?”
    Mr. McGrath: “I believe you were dismissed, Rico.”
    Tricky Rico: “Gh- A-alright, fine.”
    Mr. McGrath: (( Ava typin up a storm~ ))
    Henrietta: “So. Lemme cover the basic idea for you. Different rituals use different materials to make it work, but it’s all about aligning the aura right, see? Same sort of energy used for evolving, pokemon attacks, and pokeballs. So you can follow what I’m sayin’ if you put it in science terms, but I don’t know that sort of stuff. Human colleges didn’t let me in, ‘cause Gardevoir are supposed to just sit and look pretty. But the stuff you’re using is a lot like evolution stones. A LOT of built-up aura and power, just waiting to be put to use. The other stuff, here, here and there, that’s misaligning the energy so it messes with the user’s head. With just what I know now, I could probably jury-rig a sample to work as a powerful Type-specific ritual piece. But you literally have no idea the miracles that I could work with the final product.”
    Henrietta: “Aura’s not just energy. It’s not just life. It’s everything, and it’s IN everything. And this sort of thing… like I said, for less I made a boat that self-repairs itself after every fight so it’s ready for the next heroic encounter.”
    Mr. McGrath: “I’m listening. And I assure you, I am much less concerned with your looks than your skills.”
    Henrietta: “So, you said $2,000 for a working sample of the new product, right?”
    Mr. McGrath: “I did.”
    Mr. McGrath: “Your counter-proposal?”
    Henrietta: 20 edu occult: how much material cost could henrietta get out of whatever she makes?
    Mr. McGrath: A single sample – a fist-sized rock, much like an Evolution Stone – could easily be 5,000 P$ in materials for a type ritual, and that’s unrefined, fresh from the ground. There are probably ways to refine it further – that’s the whole point of this exercise, after all. There’s even a slim chance you could make this exponential, or self-sustaining, or… Yeah, there’s potential here.
    Mr. McGrath: …Actually, lemme revise that upwards.
  • Mr. McGrath slips a 1 in front o that 5. 15,000 P$ materials, for type-specific rituals.
    Mike: getting h2o, BRB
    Mike: back After this we’ll move on to the next turn, but it sounds like we might be reaching a good conclusion here, too – if Henrietta can seal the deal.
    Henrietta: “Right. So, I don’t speak business-ese, I don’t know how much you can convince people to turn around and sell it for. But you’re a smart man, smarter than the company you keep, so I trust you won’t try and rip me off. ‘Cause that’s what we call a bad idea. I could make this and get $15,000 worth of use out of it for myself, for a one use product. You tell me, what can you do with that? And then we’ll talk what you pay me for making it.” 28 Charm.
    Mr. McGrath: 24
    Mr. McGrath: “…Mmmm.” He strokes his chin.
    Mr. McGrath: “You’re a very convincing Pokemon, Ms. Henrietta. Very well, a counter-proposal.”
    Mr. McGrath: “I will provide you with three samples, and with 10,000 P$ in additional materials as start-up funds. You will send your notes, findings, records, and all such material that you discover from these stones to me, and only to me. I will provide you with a phone number at which you will reach me or one of my associates.”
    Mr. McGrath: “Assuming you provide concrete, repeatable results of significant interest – to be determined by me and me alone – we can talk about furthering the process.”
    Henrietta: “Sounds good to me. I’ll need some tools to work with so I don’t accidentally activate it on myself mid-work, but other than that, I think we have a deal. I’m operating out of my den I kicked those fighting-steel types out of before coming over here, since my magic’s stronger there. I’ll make what I can out of what you give me, and we’ll go from there.”
    Mr. McGrath: “Very good. Suzuri, if you would fetch the samples and the money from the storage room?”
  • Sipholl Ghost-Woman quietly gets up to fetch said stuff.
    Avara: safe to say henrietta can arrange a delivery to said wizard’s cave between sessions?
  • Sipholl Ghost-Woman goes to the glass cabinet… and puts on a pair of heavy gloves, stored in a pot nearby. Then she pulls out three metal-mesh bags, and a stack of cash, which she’ll place on the table, and hand the gloves to Henrietta.
    Mike: Yes. I’m thinking about wrapping up here, this seems like a good finishing point. Unless anyone else had somethin they wanted to finish up or touch on first?
  • Henrietta accepts the gloves. “Thanks, Suzuri. Thank you, uh… did you give me your name, sir?”
    Eclipse: I was just going to ask if Rico needed to be captured, or if they were just here for the intel.
    Avara: i have NO idea. i was doing this without expecting to make an actual business arrangement, just to set up for whatever y’all were working on
    Mike: Antariksha just wanted intel. I’m sure the police would love to catch him in something, but… the most illegal-ish thing you’ve seen him do is organize the raid on the poison-type’s riverbed, and that’s mostly just very mean and skeevy. You might be able to hustle and make it illegal though.
    Mike: So maybe he can recurr later. :3
    Avara: sounds like we can wrap up here
    Mike: As for the samples: One is tagged with a little stylized fire, another with a blue water droplet, and the third with a green leaf symbol. The bags are warm to the touch – even through the gloves.
    Lunar Hope: Hope glances back to the android. “…It seems like your associate has been rather successful. In that case, after you and yours are extricated, I will share what I know. I don’t know how many you have on the inside, however. But it’s best to be gathered in one place.”
    Mr. McGrath: “McGrath. Mr. McGrath.” He intentionally does not speak his first name.
    Henrietta: “Nice to meet you, Mr. McGrath. Have a good day.”
    Antariksha: “Agreed. If you cannot meet us at the Pokemon Center, leave word with Aditya. She will be able to reach me.”
    Mike: And of course, 10k P$ for you to play with.
    Avara: yay~
    Mike: I do have rules for using those stones as-is. It might not be a great option for you, but you could do it. They’re Consumable though! :D
    Lunar Hope: “The Pokemon Center will be sufficient, though what I have to share is not for prying ears. Tread cautiously.”
    Avara: henrietta just strolled in and rekt rico. i’m proud.
    Lunar Hope: “As for Aditya, I would rather not entangle her in more tasks this night than I already have.”
    Mike: Alright, XPs.
    3 TXP and 50 PKMN EXP because holy cow we finally got through this point.
    DNA: TL 20.6
    Mike: I’ve been aiming for something like this for ages, though I expected it would be at sword-point rather than over tea.
    Antariksha: “…more tasks?”
    Avara: huh. i was a TL behind
    Lunar Hope: Hope gives the notion of a smirk. “See you at the Pokemon Center.” Then he takes off into the night.
    Surolam: (( When Hajime comes back out Surolam is probably going to be mad at him for hurting the house ))
    DNA: Fine by me
    Mike: With all of the guards KO’d, distracted, or locked up, you all can exit the houses without incident. Megan and Rico are gone by the time you leave, though.
    Surolam: (( To her it’s kind of like going to a retirement home and punching the old guy whose family never visits anymore ))
    Mike: D’aw.
    Mike: Alright. Anything else before I save and quit? I hope everyone had a good time, despite the Initiative-ness.
    Mike: Next week I’d like to get away from that.
    DNA: No objections, Your Honour.
    Avara: i had fun. i rekt rico hard.
    DNA: That was beautiful.
    TBG: Yes, I think we can progress from this wretched hive of scum and villainy
    Mike: :p
    Mike: Alright! Saving campaign and log.
    GrayGriffin: It was a good game
    Eclipse is disconnected.
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    Mike: …And we never did get that fight I totally thought would happen here.
    DNA: I’m pleasantly disappointed.


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