Jericho Swift

I hope you didn't need that cash...


Name: Jericho Swift
Gender: Male
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Brown
Age: 19
DOB: July 3rd
Hometown: Antimonite Valley, Shikoku

Physical Appearance: A relatively averagely built guy, Jericho wears a brown bandanna with a skull design loosely over his wild blonde hair. His white dress shirt is long-sleeved, but the sleeves have been rolled up to allow for more freedom of movement, and the front is left open with the collar popped to get the attention of the ladies. Wearing large fingerless gloves to keep his hands safe when getting his five-finger-discounts, Jericho keeps a small ring on a string around his neck, and has a belt with a pair of unnecessary but “cool-looking” studded leather loops that hold up his jeans, into which the bottom of his shirt is tucked. Finishing the ensemble is a set of ninja-like sandals that reach up past his ankles, and a leather satchel which is usually slung over his shoulder when he hasn’t stashed it away somewhere for safekeeping.


Backstory: Jericho wasn’t always a pickpocket- he once lived in the mountainside village in Antimonite Valley that was home to the small stone mine that his parents worked in. They lived a happy life until around the age of 13, when an event happened that caused him to leave the village. Now on his own, Jericho took to the streets and learned the art of Sleight of Hand to feed himself and gather large amounts of money- money he will only say he “needs” for some purpose.

Current Team

Dollar the Rattata Initially found trying to dig what ended up being a Nugget out of a rock, Jericho helped it retrieve the treasure (with a little joking in between) before convincing it to join him on his quest. Dollar is a treasure hunter by nature and can fit into small tight areas that Jericho can’t reach.

Yen the Abra A quizzical female Abra with a unique typing that enables her to use electric attacks with equal efficiency to her psychic repertoire. She very much enjoys tactics and riddles, and was forced into an impossible riddle by Jericho to ensure her capture.

Counterfeit the Zorua A trickster after its trainer’s own heart, it challenged Jericho to scare it. Not having any good ideas initially, Jericho used Altair as a distraction to sneak up behind the thing and startle it. After accepting it had been scared, it joined Jericho to aid him with its illusory abilities.

Florin the Pidgey Mating season occurred as the group headed from the Safari Zone towards Cianwood City. Picking up on the extra aggression, Jericho talked a group of Fletchlings, as well as Florin, into fighting each other over who was the strongest. Florin won and was helpless to resist capture. She is quite arrogant about her appearance, and goes through the utmost to keep her pristine coat clean.

Junior the Nyaroo Short for “Jericho Swift Junior”, the little critter hatched from a somewhat shattered egg Jericho found and cared for in the Safari Zone. It takes after its parent, having skills in thievery despite only having one arm. It looks greatly up to Jericho and likes shiny objects.

Jericho Swift

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