Denouement, Part 3

Greenshields & Red Rooks

  • The Greenshields took their newly-revived King home, to their enclave. The elders of the tribe quickly realized what they had, and knew that they couldn’t let him simply take over without proper instruction and limitation.
  • They made him an Honorary Emperor, full of circumstance, but very, very clearly lacking in actual decision-making power, serving only an advisory role. However, when he advised them to “destroy their enemies once and for all”… the Greenshields decided it sounded like good advice, just this once.
  • The Red Rooks quickly found themselves outflanked and outgunned by mobilized Greenshield warriors, throwing hammers and fireballs down from the mountainside. Those who were not driven to the rivers and the sea quickly surrendered. Most were then turned over to the humans, to serve human justice for human crimes.
  • From there, the Greenshields decided to settle down and claim some land in the mountains, no longer needing to move nomadically. Somewhere in the eastern mountains of Shikoku, now, stands a particularly ominous-looking stone castle… with a particularly friendly bunch of turtles inside. Though some visitors swear they’re working on something beneath the mountain, as well…

Brasia, Charmeleon gal

  • Brasia continued adventuring on her own for a while, making a small name for herself as a capable and honorable warrior.
  • One day, when caught between a horde of Abomasnow and a cliff, she took her chances with the latter, turning and leaping… and then flying, as a fully-evolved Charizard.
  • These days, she still travels about, helping those who need it and shunning the bandits and ne’er-do-wells that she once journeyed with.


ElementalKnight ElementalKnight

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