Discovering the Dry

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Mike: ‘lo!
GrayGriffin: Hello!
Mike: BRB for a moment, gonna refresh my water while people log in.
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Mike: And I’m back!
Mike: I know DNA is gonna be a bit late, and Rob might not show up at all. ANy questions while I bring up my notes?
Avara: can we set the world on fire?
Mike: Only at the start of a FallOut campaign. …Which could be fun to do someday, really. I’d do it more goofy than srs bsns.
Avara: yay someone got what i was thinking of by asking that
Mike: 3 FO2. It’s my favorite. FO4 is probably second.
Mike: Anyway.
DNA has connected.
Mike: Since Molly’s player is going to be AFK for a while, I’m going to assume that she’s, say, looking through the books found in the laboratory in the koopyramid. Or, since this is Molly, perhaps she’s making sure Baldrik doesn’t die while he reads through some more of the books.
Mike: In the meantime, there’re other places to check out – well, two, so far. There’s the room on the other side of the hallway, where there were rows upon rows of dirt. And there’s further down the large corridor, where the air is hotter.
Baldrik: “So much knowledge… I’ll be along in a bit! I just want to catalogue what this library contains, see if there might be any useful bits of information pertaining to this particular… temple? Fortress?”
Jericho: “I’m guessing it’s a fortress from the stone walls and the deadly traps. Wonder what sort of treasure it must be hiding…”
GrayGriffin: Didn’t someone already check out that room and find it was for growing Power-ups?
Mike: Someone made that presumption; I don’t think anyone stuck their head in it.
Mike: …And Chrome is dying on me, making it hard to look at the logs. (Also I hadn’t uploaded them and for that I am an awful person.)
Jericho: Welp, Jericho will pop his head into the room with the dirt. Let’s look for loot!
Mike: Lovely. Throw me some Perception if you’re poking around?

  • Surolam will follow behind him to search as well.
    Surolam: 9 Perception just for the heck of it
    Jericho: 13 Perception
    Mike: * The room smells earthy – not only dirt, dried out and unused, but metal, sunlight, and stone. It smells like the inside of a mountain, or perhaps a cave.
    Mike: * That said, it’s well-lit. Surprisingly so. While there are sconces on the walls, holding flickering torches, the room has the glow of sunlight about it. With that roll, Jericho, it’s difficult to pinpoint the source – the ceiling is quite bright, too bright to stare at.
    Avara: there’s a library of some kind? henrietta is going to be incapacitated for the entire session. reading all of it.
    Mike: * The rows of dirt, now dry from disuse, are neatly lined up, gentle hills against the stone floor. There are tools, and even a small wooden shed, against one wall. Metal pipes pop up next to the earthen ridges, and then descend again – only an inch or two in diameter, not big ones like the one on Shell Island.
    Mike: Ava: That’s okay too. You can send your Pokemon to tag along with the others, if so desired. You can also make some Lore rolls while you read the books, and I’ll give you some infodumps.
    Mike: Uh, one per each kind-o-Lore.
    Jericho: Hmm… 12 Nature Edu. What can I tell from the dirt in here?
    Surolam: (( Does the glow give off any warmth? ))
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: This dirt would be pretty good for growing things in, probably. It needs to be saturated with water, though – it’s dessicated. Probably meant for nutrient-hungry plants – food kinds, or maybe the power-up kinds.
    Mike: Surolam: Hrm! “Yes, but.” Yes, it gives off warmth, much like gentle sunlight. But… For you, I’ll let you know: It doesn’t smell quite right, feel quite right. I don’t know if anyone else would be able to catch that without really thinking on it, though.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: specifically :it smells less like warm sunlight, and more like cold stone. It feels more like warming your hands next to a sun-soaked rock, not holding them open to the right and proper sun.
    Surolam: 12 Occult edu to see if she can figure out anything about the glow
    DNA: So besides the library and the side room, are there any other rooms nearby? I feel like as a player I should be doing at least something, but I’m not sure what to poke around at.
    Surolam: “How has the power source for this lasted so long?” she asks, laying a hand as close to the glow as she can.
    Mike: There are not any obvious rooms nearby. Italicizing for emphasis
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: It might be… stones? Perhaps once, you saw a Sun Stone – it seems like that, but on a larger scale. Holding your hand up, towards the ceiling, you can feel the similarity a bit more strongly.
    DNA: In that case, I will have Altair feeling around the walls, to see if he can notice any odd markings or anything. With the Thwomps being clearly distinguished, maybe there are other markings to look for as well. Tremorsense + Focus 25 + Molly if necessary.
    Mike: Hrm hrm hrm! You are in your element here. I mean, literally; this whole place is earth-hewn. whispers
    Surolam: “Jericho, you know about evolution stones, don’t you?”
    DNA: Yes. Yes I am.
    You whisper to DNA: Three things become apparent to your senses:
    First, above the large thwomp you strung up, there is more room up there than is strictly needed for the Thwomp. Some kind of small passage or room is up there.
    Second, in the room with the earthen ridges, those pipes descend further into the structure. Plumbing, it seems. The earth itself is in deep stone troughs.
    Third, there’s a stone door in that room, tucked in the corner. It’s difficult to see, but you can feel the disjoint, the neat line of the cut stone blocks. It feels heavy, though.
    Mike: whispering done
    Mike: …Did Dan get distracted by something? >.>
    DNA: Hmm, now I have choices.
    Altair Azure: “…Hm, there’s some sort of passageway above where that first stone thing is. Like it only goes part of the way up and there’s a small room still above it. Maybe it’s an upper level…?”
    Jericho: (( Dan’s been waiting for a response to his skill check. ))
    Mike: Gah! I whispered it to the wrong person.
    Player “Dan” is not connected.
    Jericho: “I dabble. They are precious stones, after all.”
    You whisper to TBG: This dirt would be pretty good for growing things in, probably. It needs to be saturated with water, though – it’s dessicated. Probably meant for nutrient-hungry plants – food kinds, or maybe the power-up kinds.
    Mike: There we go. Sorry about that. _
    Surolam: “Does this feel like a Sun Stone to you?”
  • Surolam gestures upwards at the glowing ceiling.
  • Jericho runs his fingers through the dirt- and pauses when Surolam directs his attention upwards.
    Jericho: Uh… I guess 12 to identify this thing.
  • Altair Azure has his attention focused elsewhere, however. He pushes at a small section of the wall, with a bit of Quake to aid him in the process.
    You whisper to TBG: Yes, it does. It feels like a very large Sun Stone, actually – maybe one of the biggest. They normally feel a little like sun light, or a sun-warmed stone, but if this is passing for the real thing…
    Altair Azure whispers: Focus/Tremorsense same as before, to open the door. 24 + Molly
    Mike: With a gentle rumble-rumble-rumble, Altair terrakinetically shifts a stone in the wall, perhaps a little shorter than he, and twice as wide… and it shifts into the wall, grinding against a mechanism. He can push it about a foot into the wall, but no further – it seems jammed against a mechanism of some kind.
    Jericho: “…holy reverse world…”
    Mike: This new opening is in the back corner of the room with the earthen ridges and the sunny stone skylight.
    Jericho: “I’ve never seen one so… so huge!!”
    Mike: (( “That’s what she-” is immediately punched ))
    Altair Azure: Tech Edu 19 because of course.
    Surolam: “It still has power as well…”
    Jericho: “They must have been using this place as a greenhouse. The dirt, if dry, is nutrient-rich. Perfect for plants. They must have used this massive Sun Stone instead of lamps.”
    Jericho: “I gotta have it.” Jericho immediately starts looking for a way to dettach it from the ceiling. 24 Perception.
    Mike: Altair: This door was built to be moved by some mechanism – hydraulic, probably? You’ve forced it open some, but to open it all the way, you can either break it down, or try to do it the way it was built to be opened.
    DNA: I will attempt the latter! Any clues nearby as to how that works?
    Surolam: “I don’t think anyone here is using it anymore either.”
    DNA: Because this is literally a Golden Sun puzzle.
    Mike: Hehe.
    Surolam: “As long as it is not supporting another part of the construction, you should be fine doing so.”
    DNA: So naturally, my first thought: conduits along the walls.
    Mike: Jericho: You squint and shield your eyes, and you can just barely make out its contours – it’s about as big as a Pokemon, maybe three feet across! It’s fitted into the rock of the ceiling. You can probably get it loose with a precision bit of leverage, but you might be blinded for a while, being that close to a giant Sun Stone.
    Mike: DNA: Pipes, specifically, Sensing the stone, you can feel the absence-of-stone, generally cutting between the stones. They come up in the dirt troughs, in the shed that’s in the room, and… you can’t sense further than that, but it’s a network of pipes, stretching further in.
    Jericho: “Of all the times to need a pair of sunglasses” Jericho mutters to himself. Still, there are some tools in here, right? Like shovels?
    DNA: So I should be looking for the troughs and the shed in this room? I suppose I’ll start with the shed.
    Mike: Heh. Both of you would be headed for the shed, then.
    Mike: Yes, there are tools. In fact, these tools look very old – wood and metal, rough iron. Though one looks quite nice: a pickaxe. It has engravings on it, and a silvered edge. It looks like it’s describing, in pictograms, Greenshields mining, smelting, and then… marching, weapons in hand, to war.
    Mike: Also in the shed: A large brass tank, with a large pipe coming out of the top, and a smaller kind of fireplace underneath it – it looks like it might be a boiler, long since extinguished.
    Mike: A large valve is on the front of the brass boiler.
    DNA: Any way to tell what the valve does by looking at it?
    Mike: By just looking at it? No. But as a valve, it probably turns something on and off, or opens or closes something.
    DNA: I start by adjusting the valve, slightly, to see if there’s any changes.
    Mike: It squeeks loudly, but there’s no grinding – it isn’t rusted. But nothing happens.
    Jericho: Jericho will pick up the pick axe. That should be a good too for getting some digging or leverage, yeah?
    Mike: Ah, one other detail I’ll note: The tank has a viewing port on it, which was obscured by the tools. It looks like it’s empty, just like the smaller, open fireplace beneath the large tank.
    DNA: Can I open the boiler at all? And what is the port viewing?
    DNA: Oh yeah, and is the fireplace connected to the tank? You make it sound like it is, but I want to be sure.
    Mike: it’s viewing the inside of the boiler. But yes, you can open it – there’s a port on top, if you climb on the edge of the tool-barrel inside. And yes, the fireplace is connected to the tank, sitting underneath the metal body of the tank.
    You have disconnected.
    DNA has connected.
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    Mike Desktop has connected.
    Mike: Oh yes. The pickaxe is heavy – two hands! – but it provides excellent leverage. It also deals +5 damage against all Rock-type creatures or structures.
    Mike: So, quite nice for digging.
    Jericho: The pickaxe looks almost natural in Jericho’s hands as he heads back to the sun stone.
  • Surolam lays her hands on the wall, trying to speak to the stone through it.
    Surolam: “Are you okay with leaving this place?”
    Jericho: “Okay. Let’s see if I can do this.” Jericho squints heavily, trying to use the pickaxe as leverage to pry the sun stone loose." (What sort of check do you want from me?)
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: Waking from a heavy slumber; a sun-drenched nap. A sense of a sun shining behind clouds, and then shining in a clear sky – no matter where it goes, it shines.
    Mike: (( Had to think of how to encapsulate that thought! ))
    Mike: Jericho: This is a physical feat, so Athletics is probably the best. However, while you’re at it, please also throw a Perception check. And roll high. >:3
  • Surolam smiles.
    Surolam: “It’s fine with this as well.”
    DNA: Mike, anything for my questions?
    Mike: it’s viewing the inside of the boiler. But yes, you can open it – there’s a port on top, if you climb on the edge of the tool-barrel inside. And yes, the fireplace is connected to the tank, sitting underneath the metal body of the tank.
    Mike: Sorry, I think I responded just as I got knocked off. On my end it looked like it happened after I repsonded.
    Altair Azure: “Hm, this is a boiler, so…”
    Jericho: 20 Perception and 19 Athletics.
    Altair Azure: “It’ll probably need a bit of firepower to get it started off, plus 1 or 2 other things. Makoto?”
    Jericho: (( How’s that for a high roll? ))
    Mike: 11
    Jericho: (( I mean, I’ll never beat Molly, but not bad, yeah? ))
    Makoto: Knowing the move ‘Boil’ will probably come very much in handy here. GM, I’d like to ignite the fireplace area with boiling water.
    Mike: Hehe. The magic number was ‘20’, so not too bad.
    Mike: Jericho: You strike the pickaxe against the edge of the stone that holds up the large Sun Stone, and puuuuulllll, digging the tip of it in. Just before it comes free, you barely notice it starting to glow more brightly – just in time to avert your eyes!
    DNA: Having absorbed the powers of a fire flower and the sun, Jericho became a veritable god of light…
    Mike: The room is filled with a near-blinding flash. For everyone else, it takes just a few moments to blink back their sight – and for Surolam, it’s no trouble at all, I’m sure. For Jericho, if he hadn’t averted his eyes, he might’ve been blinded for much longer.
    Mike: The Great Sun Stone clatters to the ground, in one piece.
    Mike: Meanwhile, in the boiler-shed…
    Mike: Altair and Makoto, “Boil” will work very nicely here… for a while. That one move will activate the boiler for as long as Makoto is there, but without a more permanent fire (and fuel for it), and without filling the boiler with its own supply of water, it’ll end when Makoto walks away.
    Jericho: “Got it!”
    Mike: The boiler hisses, the sliver of opening in the boiler system coming to life. You can hear the faint hum-hiss of the pipes following shortly after.
    Mike: The pipes that stick out of the ridges of dirt clatter first, and you can see a thin stream of water emerge from them.
    Mike: In the back, the half-opened stone door rumbles, but doesn’t budge without the full pressure.
    Mike: The Great Sun Stone is quite powerful indeed. You could evolve as many Pokemon with it as you like, and it would never run out of juice. After all, it lit this room for centuries without blinking. You might be able to release its power in a single burst for some other purpose, because you’re players and that’s what players do.
  • DNA thinks…
    DNA: Well, I can use Fountain to add water to the boiler, if that is any concern.
    Jericho: (( Hrm… I wonder if it could power an airship? ))
    Mike: I dunno! You could always plug it in and find out.
    Mike: I’m sure you don’t need a converter or anything.
    Mike: Altair: Adding more water to the boiler? Setting up a permanent fire? Opening the gasket further?
    Mike: Or some other option? Those’re just off the top of my head.
    DNA: First adding more water, because Makoto can do that. Then opening the gasket a little further, but I’m trying to figure out a method to start a permanent fi-wait. Could I sell the move ‘Fire Spin’ to you?
  • Jericho collects the stone to put into his pack. Spoils of war and all that.
    Mike: Fire Spin would light a fire just fine. But without fuel, the fire will end moments after the move does.
    DNA: …apparently Fire Spin grants Fire Starter and I never even noticed.
    DNA: Ah, true.
    Mike: But, putting water in the boiler seems to work nicely – it fills, it doesn’t leak. And you can open the gasket further, as far as it goes. While you don’t have any heat applied, nothing happens – are you reapplying heat, from Boil or Fire Spin or a proper fire?
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: The sun stone gives the notion of ‘going behind a cloud’ as it goes into Jericho’s inventory. Not with sadness or alarm or anything, just in a sense of ’that’s how things are – sometimes clear skies, sometimes clouds.’
    DNA: Hmm, let’s see. The water added gives me a nice base, but I need something that would provide more permanent fuel. I’m thinking there’s something like a gas or electric valve that is wired to it to provide power. Anything like that, or at least a source for ignition, nearby? Tech Edu 11
    Mike: …Y’know, I just realized how that makes a lot of sense.
    Mike: It wasn’t what I originally intended, but in light of this: what I originally intended was inefficient and dumb.
    DNA: Heheheheheheheh
    DNA: Well, it’s a GS-esque puzzle; I can easily be sold on ancient magitech at this point.
    Mike: So yes. Checking around under the boiler, where a fire could be laid, there is, in fact, a smaller pipe. It has its own gasket… and when you open it up, you can feel a rush of hot, hot air, flowing up at a solid clip. It smells of rocks and molten lava. The tip of the pipe glows a dull orange.
    Mike: And the boiler comes to life.
    Makoto: “Whoa! It worked! …I think?”
    Mike: The water-pipes in the dirt-trenches gush, greatly moistening the dirt. You can smell it coming back to life – well, life-in-potentia.
    Mike: And the stone door on the far side griiiiiinds open all the way. It’s still small for you – it’s definitely Baldrik-sized – but if you duck your head, you can fit in there just fine.
    Mike: I presume you’re checking out in there?
    DNA: But of course. Ducking away!
    Mike: Lemme roll a few rolls… But while I do that, could one of you give me a flat d20 luck roll. please?
    DNA: I volunteer!
    DNA: 3
    DNA: Damn.
    Mike: Didn’t Jericho roll a 2 for his last week?
    Mike: You guys have the poorest d20 luck.
    DNA: Luck rolls are either really low or really high. There’s pretty much no in-between, I’ve noticed.
    Mike: Inside, it’s dim – but you can tell this is a kind of store-room. The foodstuffs are long past rotten, now dessicated and worthless, but there are also bags and bags of seeds – more than could be planted in here in half a dozen rotations. They each have a label with a picture: a carrot, a red mushroom, a red flower, a blue flower, a red leaf, and a bell.
    Mike: checks~
    Mike: 3
    Mike: Y’know what, I’m getting half an idea here.
    Mike: In the back, there’s a skeleton of a Greenshield – it looks tall, but thin, its shell leaner and less round. It has a book, and a golden wand.
    Mike: The skeleton is also wearing a pointy, blue, cloth hat. The hat looks frail and stiff.
    Mike: The book looks to be a journal. Lots of notes on growing and caring for these plants, and their properties – and even efforts to cross-breed them, enhance their effects, and some personal notes on working with the laboratory. It’s written in two languages – one, the language on the outside of the pyramid; the other, an old, old dialect of Shikoku.
    Mike: The last entry: “The latest experiments have failed. We created something, but it was not life. I am burned by our would-be king, and will not survive the night. Many have fled – this castle is lost, and our thirst for conquest and new land will be unslaked. Perhaps the founders were right, and we should never have tried to rebuild our armies. Perhaps this is our payment for our hubris.”
    Altair Azure: “Baldrik? Can you come here? I think I found something important.”
    Baldrik: “Mm? Yes, what is- oh. Oh my.”
    Baldrik: * He approaches, reverently.
    Baldrik: “…What did you see, ancestor? What was your life like?” He looks to the journal, opening it.
    Baldrik: His face goes white as he reads the last entry.
    Baldrik: “…D-Dear me.”
    Baldrik: He takes a shaky breath.
    Baldrik: “Th-this explains why we abandoned this place. And what it was for, perhaps…”
    Altair Azure: “What did it say? What was he doing?” (Altair probably wouldn’t be able to read either of the languages.)
    Jericho: (( Neither would Jericho ))
    Baldrik: “They were… destroyed. He, in particular, was burned – a slow and painful death, I’m sure. So many powerful herbs and mushrooms around him, but none would restore his life.”
    Baldrik: “This one doesn’t seem to have been working on… it. But it appears they attempted to re-create…” Another breath.
    Jericho: “…by what, dare I ask.”
    Baldrik: “In our history… We still have a few tales. From before we came to Shikoku, I suspect. That is how I found the location of the airship.”
  • Surolam slips in as well to listen to what’s going on.
    Baldrik: “They tell of a great warrior-king, the biggest and strongest of us all. He could breathe fire, and his voice would inspire an army to march to the end of the earth, ‘off the cap of a mushroom’, they say.”
  • Jericho wonders what that even means… then remembers the place they got the airship from.
    Baldrik: “I believe he existed, not just as a legend but as a real being. And the tales speak in awe of his power – only the greatest of evil could defeat him, those who descend from above, heel-first, to crush both skull and spirit.”
    Baldrik: “And it appears they attempted to re-create him, here, in this new world.”
    Jericho: “So… Jil?”
    Jericho: “I mean, that’s what she does, yeah?”
    Baldrik: “Hmh. Yes – I recall being especially frightened of her movements. A racial memory, perhaps.”
  • Surolam preens, proud of her girlfriend.
    Altair Azure: “They were…trying to re-create a legendary figure? How would that even work? Were they dabbling in necromancy?”
    Baldrik: “I suspect so. There are tales of that in our history, too – particularly in deserts. Which, I suppose, this counts as.”
    Baldrik: “Great wizards would sun-bleach the bones of warriors, and then raise them up, moving without sinew. When they fell, they would simply rise again moments later.”
    Baldrik: “I don’t know how – I’m no wizard. I doubt Loculus outside would know, either. But if they recreated His Highness, even partially, and could not contain or control him, I could see how they would be decimated.”
    Baldrik: He exhales, and gently takes the shoulder of the ancient, deceased Greenshield.
    Baldrik: “Thank you, friend and forefather.”
    Altair Azure: “Wait a minute. If they tried to control him, and then failed, what would happen? If the caster died, would that mean the re-animated king just fell apart and ceased to be?”
    Surolam: “If they failed, wouldn’t the remains of their failure be somewhere here as well?”
    Altair Azure: “…or does that mean he’s still alive and running around somewhere?”
    Jericho: “Welp, it’s been fun, but sounds like it’s time to go.”
    Baldrik: “This fellow didn’t live long enough to know. I would imagine any magic strong enough to recreate His Highness would be strong enough to persist. And if we haven’t found them yet…”
    Altair Azure: “…Now I know what it feels like to be Jericho.”
    Jericho: “Come on, let’s grab the loot and leave.”
    Jericho: “No need to fight the necromanced form of an ancient hero”
    Baldrik: “Doing so means we abandon the crystal we sought to him. For myself, it is just curiosity and heritage.”
    Baldrik: “I also do not know when I’ll next be able to gather an expedition to return here. We’ve found quite a bit, though, so… perhaps that will be enough to convince the others in my tribe to come back en masse.”
    Baldrik: “You’re the experienced adventurers. You have undead friends beside you now. If you say to turn back, then I will heed your warning with a heavy heart.”
  • Surolam shrugs.
    Surolam: “We have Jil.”
    Mike: I’ll also ask out-of-character. I won’t stop you from turning aroudn and walking out at all, obviously. Doing so means no crystal for easy use on the airship, but it also means no fighting what’s below. It might also mean heading towards endgame a little bit sooner.
    Mike: Oh, and I suppose there’d be other loot down there, as well. But nothing you absolutely require.
    Jericho: (( Jericho is Jericho. He thinks going down is suicidal, but if the others go, he’ll follow. ))
    Mike: Oh, before I forget utterly: the wand.
    Mike: 1h Ranged, Sp. Attack. 1/Enc, the user may transmute a hunk of inanimate, mundane matter 1 m^3 in size or so into a random item or creature (GM’s discretion). Grants the user the move Psywave.
    Mike: So it sounds like two people for ’let’s walk away’ and one for ‘eh we can take ’im’. We can also stop here for now, and let Ava and Rob weigh in – or come up with different ideas.
    Mike: You’ve already mentioned making do with the Great Sun Stone; that is something you can attempt, though it will probably be technically complex.
    DNA: I still stick with the walk-away vote, yeah. I’ll wait for Rob and Ava votes before we move on.
    Surolam: “I could send Stin, Zojiik, and Gramaan to investigate. They are capable of becoming invisible and passing through walls, after all.”
    Baldrik: “I imagine they will be safe, so long as nothing detects them. Nothing in the old tales says that the Dry Ones could see beyond the visible.”
    Baldrik: “…If anything, they were sometimes considered rather… dense. Though I suppose I would term it ‘persistent’ instead.”
    Surolam: (( So should I just make stealth rolls for all three of them? ))
    Mike: It sounds like Ava wants to push for the scouting. So if Surolam’s Pokemon want to go for it…
    Mike: Yeah, go for it!
    Stin: 15 Stealth
    Zojiik: 8 Stealth
    Gramaan: 16 Stealth
    Mike: Alright! A quick run-down, as the ghosts continue onwards.
    Mike: At the end of the large hallway you’ve been centered around: a staircase of stone, suspended over the air, thick and hot. Below, you can see the glow of lava. The stairs are more than wide enough to not risk falling off, but there aren’t any hand-rails either.
    Mike: Down the first flight: another hallway. Stin, at a glance, it looks like there are living quarters here, barracks with bunks, hewn into the stone and covered in grass and straw.
    Mike: Down the second flight of stairs, Zojiik, looks to be training and command rooms. As you sneak about, though, you hear something creak – in response to your movement, perhaps?
    Mike: Gramaan, down the third and final flight, you dare not descend alone, because you can see it quite clearly from here, thank you: a pit of lava, with heavy stones in it forming a pathway. All around it, skeletons of Greenshields… ambling about, mindlessly. And in the middle, a much, much bigger one, the king of his own little stone island. And just beyond them, on a stone pedestal, is a large, purple crystal, its own light outshone by the ambient glow of the lava.
  • Gramaan floats there some more, before making a few bugs visible and sending them to fly around the king.
    Mike: Hrm.
    Mike: 11
    Mike: * The king doesn’t notice the first insect… or the second… but he does notice the third, and snaps his jaws at it! …You feel the pinprick of an individual insect being crushed, a very small part of you being damaged.
    The Dry King: Oh wait. I have an image.
    The Dry King: Anyway. Take 3 damage, unmitigated by defenses. It’s slight, but not nothin’.
    Avara is disconnected.
    Gramaan: Gramaan loses 3 hit points.
  • Gramaan inspects the ceiling. Any handholds there they could use to drop down on him?
    Mike: 8
    Mike: Yes – stalagtites are here, perhaps half-a-dozen or so. While none are directly over the larger Dry King, there are a few over the smaller skeletons.
    Mike: Sometimes they amble beneath them. Sometimes not.
    Mike: But before you try to drop one on them, I think this might be a good place to stop. :3
    Mike: it sounds like people are running low on energy and oomph, and if you pick a fight I’d like everyone to be awake for it.
    Mike: 2 TXP and 20 PMN EXP for all! Short session tonight, I suppose.
    Mike: I am planning on having a game next week as well, but NOT the week after that! I’ll be back home then, which puts a crimp on my running games.
    DNA: TL 23.4
    Mike: Saving things!


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