Dry Dry Desert

Mike Desktop has connected.
Mike: 20
Mike: 6
Mike: 13
TBG has connected.
Molly has connected.
GrayGriffin has connected.
DNA has connected.
Mike: I’ll be there in about 10 minutes, including getting h2o.
Mike: In the meantime you can plunk down on the Troopa Temple map.
Molly: Could you grab my characters from the latest map?
Mike: That’d be Crabchitin, technically. if you meant a different map, I did export those before I removed them, so lemme know which one you meant and I can do that.
Molly: Yeah, crabchitin is missing my notes
Mike: Alright. So it’d be either Temple 11 (where the dragon was sealed) or Temple 14 (where you fought the dragon).
Molly: did the cave have a map? or was the boss fight arena the last new map we went to?
Molly: probably the boss arena.
Mike: Boss fight was the last new map.
Mike: Annnd imported!
Mike: Give that a look and grab whom you need?
DNA: I’m operating from my box, so I’ll be typing off there unless I need to be directed otherwise.
Molly: Actually, yeah. I did get my latest to the box. Sorry!
Molly: I’m good
Mike: Heh, alright.
Mike: Anyone else need to grab anything from Temple 14 before I remove it again?
Mike: Alright, removing it!
DNA: Nope, don’t need it.
Mike: I see we have all four players (sans Ava, who has a headache). Are you guys alive and about?
Mike: Any questions or concerns? …Besides how I still haven’t figured out What Up with those dragonborne items. Lemme remind myself to hit that tomorrow.
TBG: I am present and able
GrayGriffin: I don’t see everyone on the map yet
Molly: here
Starcatcher: Starcatcher is healed and gains 35 hit points.
TBG: We’re missing DNA and his tokens
Mike: Ah, there you are. scrolls over
Mike: And this was mostly to make sure everyone was on the same map tile. This is going to be more of a ‘painting with words’ session.
Molly 1: Molly 1 is healed and gains 20 hit points.
Mike: Molly the First. :3
DNA: Wait, we’re on the Troopa Temple map, you say?
DNA: All right then.
Mike: Yep yep. Again, just making sure everyone is on the same map.
DNA: I am on this map now, yes.
When we last left our heroes, they were headed deep into the mountains of Shikoku, I believe – on the track of the Greenshields, and a second crystal for their ancient ship.
Mike: Because it’s always fun – as you advance through the mountains, throw me some Perception checks!
Molly: 32
Stin: (( What’s Molly’s skill check bonus again? ))
Mike: (( "When in doubt, throw some Perception checks. And maybe have a ninja pop out and kill someone. Or have something explode. …If you’re really not sure, have the ninja pop out, and then have that same ninja immediately explode. ))
Jericho: 21 Perception
Molly: +2 to allies
Stin: 23
Jericho: (( Bunshin Bakuha! ))
Mike: You are all some perceptive folks. nods
Jericho: Ah, 23 then
Hajime: 27 (Perception includes Molly)
Mike: Jericho, Stin, Molly – the route up the mountain is quiet. …Very quiet, actually. You feel pretty sure you’ve got a good eye out, but there are neither wild Pokemon nor bandits to delay you. (and more coming to others.)
You whisper to DNA: Hajime, you do notice some movement on the cliffs above. You get the idea that you’re being watched – just by one or two figures, and they don’t seem to be making to attack you.
Jericho: “…this is more than a little unsual. Usually we’re in a fight or spending the day chatting away with traveler A by now.”
Molly: “We’re usually on roads when we do that.”
You whisper to Molly: You do notice some movement on the ridges – and then, suddenly, the movement stops. It looks like someone was watching… and then was quickly taken down, and replaced with someone else. The first figure looked human; the second, more… Greenshield-y.
Mike: (( dat awareness ))
Hajime: “That, and maybe we haven’t even run into traveler A yet. There are cliffs around us, after all.”
Mike: Okay, I did my whispers.
Molly: “I see movement up over there.” Molly pointed. “It’s worth looking that way.”
Jericho: “Maybe, but I sort of expected something to happen. Like an explosion or something.”
Mike: (( :P ))
Mike: You could head towards the movement that Molly says she saw, or you could continue up the mountain path. Or elsewise, as you like – players be crazy like that.
Jericho: “Ah, there’s the distraction. A little late, but it never fails to show.”
Stin: “We should see who it is, at least.”
Molly: “One was a turtle. We’re looking for turtles.”
Hajime: “Perhaps they’re guarding the place up ahead.”
Molly: Molly nodded. “It looks like a watch.”
Molly: Molly intends to head that way.
Kiir: “(Alright, let’s go then!)”
Surolam: “They might have a better idea of the layout of this place as well, if it is related to their kind.”
Mike: Understood. You detour from the path, and head further up the mountain. It’s rough, but not so rough that you won’t be able to manage, not with your skills and various ways of moving. It isn’t a very stealthy approach, if you’re concerned with that.
Molly: Especially with our wagon.
Mike: Cresting the ridge, you see what the source of movement was – or rather, the sources, plural.
Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: First, a hammer-wielding Greenshield, looking rather proud of himself…
Red Rook (KO’d): …And second, a Red Rook, face-down in the dirt, a large welt on the back of his head.

  • Hammer-Wielding Greenshield gives you a quick look-over as you come over the rise in the Boatwagon. He tries very hard to not look worried, but he instantly recognizes he’s outnumbered, at the least.
    Molly: “Hello, we’re looking for a koopa named Baldrik.”
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “…Hm. Are you now?” He spins a heavy, one-handed hammer in his hand – not quite threatening, but in a show of idle skill. “How do you know him?” He raises an eyebrow, watching your response.
  • Surolam nudges Jericho.
    Nathaira: “I deliver his mail.” Nathaira looked proud.
    Molly: “… right. And we’re working together to raise an old ship we discovered with him.”
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: 13
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “Nathaira! Well shoot, didn’t see you there. Sorry! You’re, uh.”
    Molly: “I am Captain Molly. Nathaira works with me from time to time.”
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: He visibly tries not to bumble into just blurting out ’you’re tiny’, thinking it offensive. He accepts Molly taking the wheel of the conversation just to keep from faceplanting into the idea.
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “Ahhh. Yeah, he’s talked about you guys before. Thinks you’re the greatest adventurers since Kolorado.”
    Molly: “This is my crew, Starcatcher and Beverly. The rest are companions of mine.” Molly gestured back. “Surolam, Altair, Henrietta and Jericho are the trainers among us.”
    Jericho: (( I get that reference! ))
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: (( I had to look it up real quick! ))
    DNA: I thought it was Koridai
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “And the humans! You’ve got them trained well, it looks like.” He nods, appreciateively. “Alright, you guys wanna talk to Baldrik, I’m sure. I’m just making sure nobody else, uh, interrupts him while he thinks. …And takes notes on every dang brick.”
  • Hammer-Wielding Greenshield points his hammer at the fainted Red Rook.
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “Stay.”
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “…Good boy.”
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “Alright, follow me. We’re off the beaten path a ways, but I know the way back.” He sheathes his hammer in a loop on his belt.
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “I’m Galea, by the by. Hammerer.”
    Molly: Molly nodded. “You had a scuffle? I saw it from a distance.”
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “Aw, you saw it? Dang.” He hops down, and begins leading the way, talking as he walks. “I was trying to be, uh. Discreet. Didn’t want any friends of his to take notice.”
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “The Red Rooks are starting to get active again. Rumor has it their boss, Castor, is trying to make a big push to wipe us out.”
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “Which, y’know, good luck with that. Pff.”
    Molly: Molly chuckled, “They’re no friends of ours. We took their boat.”
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: * He hops from rock to rock, jumping with some pretty good agility, making little ‘hup’ noises as he goes. The route he’s leading you on is rocky and rough, with plenty of opportunity to stumble and trip, but it’s going downhill slightly.
    Surolam: “Technically, two of their boats, which are now one.” Surolam pats the boatwagon fondly.
    Molly: Molly waded through the stones. She wasn’t as nimble, but she was sure-footed.
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “Hehe. Nice! Maybe Baldrik’s right about you guys, then. Anyone who causes them trouble is okay in my book.”
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “So yeah. You should watch out for ‘em in the mountains. Them and the Warriork, though they’ve been quiet the past month or so. Which is really convenient.”
    Molly: “They were friendly enough to us.”
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: The boatwagon can handle the rocky terrain, though it doesn’t exactly have shock absorbers. Around a bend, past a large boulder… And you see a small stone structure further ahead, a small triangular prism of sand-colored stone.
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: "Hunh. They like to rattle their sabers at us, sometimes it gets ugly, but usually we just move out of their way. We stay mobile, they get to ‘conquer’ the land, everyone wins but nobody likes it. Good on you guys for makin’ friends, though.
    Molly: “What’s that?”
    Surolam: “I doubt we’ll have any trouble with their group,” adds Surolam.
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: “That,” he says, smiling, “is where we’re going.”
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: (( Heh. Says their new god. ))
    Surolam: (( Precisely. ))
    Hammer-Wielding Greenshield: (( :3 ))
    Jericho: “Is that some sort of building?” Jericho squints in the distance.
  • Galea the Hammerer gives a few whistles, in a quick melody, as he walks forward, on top of a small rise. He looks back at you all.
    Galea the Hammerer: “Watch your step, it’s a bit steep!” Then he throws himself down the hill, sliding on his shell, kicking up a cloud of dust.
  • Hajime instinctively whips his cloak up so the dust doesn’t get in his eyes. That has been the bane of his existence lately.
    Mike: As you also step over the rise, you can see that the little pyramid is, in fact, not so little at all. It’s actually quite large, but hidden in what might be a large crater – the mountains rise sharply on all sides, serving to hide the structure from anyone passing by unless they fell into the lower area.
    Mike: At its base, you can see a small party of Greenshields – and one very, very large Torterra.
    Jericho: (( I pull out my paraglider and- damn, it’s not BotW. ))
    Molly: “Quite well hidden.”
    Mike: (( TBG: Give me about 1-3 months and maybe that’s a thing you can do in my Zelda system. :3 ))
    DNA: Heheheheh
    Nathaira: “Hello! I brought them, and they got the boat on the water.”
    Mike: The pyramid is built from large stone blocks, each about 2-3 times taller than you. The air is dry and dusty.
    Jericho: (( but I might have all the Zelda out of my system by the- BWAHAHAHAHA sorry, couldn’t keep a straight face. ))
    DNA: ayy
    Mike: The party of Greenshields is resting, as Baldrik catalogues pictures on the side of one of the blocks. He looks up as Nathaira approaches.
    Baldrik: “Nathaira! Ah, good to see you again. -And everyone else!”
    Baldrik: “Everyone, these are the human and Pokemon adventurers I was telling you about!”
    Surolam: “tT is good to meet you again as well, Baldrik.”
    Mike: * The other Greenshields look up and wave. They’re resting in the shade of the Torterra. …Or at least, they’re resting until said Torterra rumbles, and awakens.
    Molly: “I was told you might know where the other power source is? We could get that boat in the air by boozing time if we can get it.”
    Baldrik: “Yes! Yes, yes, yes.” He shuffles his papers around, and flutters beside Molly to share them with her.
    Baldrik: “I believe it’s in the center of this structure. It looks like this was built by our ancestors, a kind of first attempt at a fortress. They used the crystal’s power to erect it, but then they seem to have abandoned it… well, obviously, or it would be my home address.”
    Baldrik: “It also looks like they have a few security measures in place… I’m still deciphering those. It seemed prudent to do that before walking in.”
    Baldrik: “Plus, the others are waiting on their new weapons.”
    Altair Azure: “How long do you think it’ll take to decipher the security measures?”
    Baldrik: “I’ll have a quick summary in an hour or two, probably – it looks like there isn’t all that much messaging on the pyramid’s exterior.”
    Mike: (( Hrmmmm~ ))
    Jericho: “Sounds like it’s time to kick up a chair then. Not much use in storming a castle without intel.”
    Baldrik: “That was my thinking. After all, there are footprints leading in, but not out. It seemed a wise warning to heed.” He points to the pyramid’s opening, a heavy stone door that stands vertical, against the slope of the pyramid’s surface.
    Mike: Indeed, there’re round marks in the dust leading right up to the stone door – a couple sets of them – but they all seem to proceed in a single direction: in.
    Altair Azure: “So expect to see a skeleton or two littering the halls. Got it.”
    Altair Azure: “Is it made entirely of stone and earth?”
    Baldrik: “That… seems likely, yes. I’ve seen a mention of such in the writings.”
    Jericho: …say, what would I need to roll to determine how recently those tracks were made?
    Baldrik: (( It’d help! You might be able to identify what made them, as well. ))
    Surolam: “Is it safe to touch the exterior, at least?”
    Baldrik: “I think the exterior is. The interior is almost certainly not solely stone, though – reinforced, and with some other elements. Loculus mentioned feeling some strong magic emanating from within, even now.”
  • Koopa (Magikoopa) stands up, stretching. You can hear bones crack.
    Koopa (Magikoopa): “Oof, my back. Yes, it’s safe to touch. There’s strong Fire and Death magic inside, though.”
    Hajime: “Fire and Death. Huh.”
  • Surolam approaches the pyramid, laying a hand on it and listening. What’s its disposition like?
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: it is old and heavy and massive, and curled up in on itself in a defensive posture – both within and without. it is a rotten apple, shiny on the outside and becoming more necrotic as you delve inwards.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: It is less active, and more… simply existing, hanging on to its self-conception after abandonment.
  • Surolam draws her hand back.
    Surolam: “…it’s dying…”
    Jericho: (( I mean what would I need to roll. Nature Edu? Gen Edu? Perception? ))
    Mike: (( Too bad we don’t have Ava to check the magic. ))
    Mike: Perception to notice how long it’s been, I think; Edu Poke to know what species.
    Baldrik: “…Dying?”
    Baldrik: “…Oh… oh my.” He blinks, and looks away from his papers, to the pyramid.
    Baldrik: “…I, ahem. I don’t entirely understand what that means, but I do believe it. To search for it for so long, and to know an ancient relic of ours is in, uhm. Pain… What can we do?”
    Molly: “What is its purpose?”
    Jericho: 20 Perception, and 9 Edu Poke
    You whisper to TBG: The tracks were made two days ago, maybe three. You can tell from how it’s worn by the wind in some spots. As for what species, uh… quadrupedal, with almost perfectly-round feet.
    Jericho: “Huh. Whoever went in there didn’t go in that long ago. Two, maybe three days tops.”
    Jericho: “4 feet if I had to guess. Something with really round feet.”
    Baldrik: “It had a few purposes, it seems.” shuffle shuffle “It was supposed to be a home, for the few Greenshields at the time… A place to house their remaining crystal. And a… place to rebuild their equipment and magic, in a more secure position.”
    Molly: “… will taking the crystal kill the place?”
    Baldrik: (( I’ll BRB for more h2o, but after than and whatever other questions you have, we can open the door. ))
    Jericho: “I’m more concerned with the reason they didn’t stay.”
    Baldrik: “I have no idea. The idea of a place dying is a new one to me.”
    Jericho: (( Only if it changes Bowser’s heart in the process. ))
    Jericho: (( …#P5? Anyone? ))
    Jericho: (( That’s fine. I’ll just sit here in my corner. ))
    Surolam: “…the death is starting from the center. I do not know if the crystal is the cause, or holding it back.”
    Molly: “We should look. I’m ready as soon as Baldrik can puzzle out the traps.”
    Baldrik: (( back ))
    Jericho: “Can you ask it what sort of traps it has inside? Or even get a general idea of what it looks like inside?”
    Baldrik: “Well, I’ve puzzled out something, at least. Things to look out for… And I’m going to be going off of context for some of these, here, some of these words are lost to our language now.”
    Nathaira: Nathaira practices in the meantime. Swinging a new pixie-sized greatsword. It was carved from wood, likely a popsicle stick if the word “WINNER!” written on the side was any indication.
    Baldrik: (( HNNNNG that’s too adorable ))
    DNA: ayy
    Baldrik: “There are, uh, ‘Thwomps’, I believe? They appear to be crushing traps of some kind. Lava in the pyramid’s core. And… oh my.”
    Baldrik: “‘The dead and the forgotten walk’.”
    Baldrik: “That one seems rather obvious, I’m afraid.”
    Jericho: “WELP. Time to find a new adventure.”
    Baldrik: “No no, please! I’m… sure they can only plod. Saunter, at most.”
    Jericho: “Why is it always dead things? I mean, they’re already dead. They’re supposed to stay that way.”
    Jericho: “The ghosts, and the skeletons, and then the other skeletons, and then the spirit dragon…”
    Altair Azure: “Remind me why you’re here, Jericho?”
    Mike: (( I guess they do come up often, don’t they? HRM. ))
    Jericho: “Because if I wasn’t, you idiots would run face first into whatever trap looked like it might befriend you.”
  • Jericho crosses his arms, but there’s no heat in his words.
  • Altair Azure shrugs and shakes his head, but is very obviously smiling.
    Altair Azure: “Maybe you just have a bad track record with befriending traps.”
    Baldrik: “Ah, here we are. To open the door…”
    Baldrik: “Speak the name of our people, and our forgotten king.” And he nearly says it out loud, but stops himself.
    Molly: “Funny, the only trap I’ve seen set off was triggered by you Jericho.”
    Jericho: “Set off a trap when you’re a safe distance away to disarm it. I disarmed all the others before you found them. Why yes, I am awesome.”
    Baldrik: “I’ll, ah, say it when you’re all ready. If there are undead walking around in there, I’d rather not let them out while we’re unawares.”
    Galea the Hammerer: “How d’you wanna do this, boss? Do we all go in there, or what?”
    Molly: “I’m going in. Is that all you have figured out?”
    Baldrik: “…I hate to say it, but I don’t think that will work too well. From the size of the door, we’d be awful crowded as a combined party. I propose I go with our friends inside, and the remaining Greenshields wait out here – make sure nobody blocks the entrance, and nothing undead comes out. And keep Tor company.”
  • Baldrik turns to Molly.
    Baldrik: “I am ready, and that’s all I have. I’m sure we’ll learn more once we’re inside. Does that plan sound wise to you?”
    Baldrik: “…not used to leading entire parties…”
    Molly: “Yes. Lets move.” Molly heads in, followed by her team.
    Beverly: “I’m gonig to leave these here. If I find a coin missing I’ll scratch your eyes out. I count ‘em every night, so i’ll know.”
  • Jericho shakes his head. “It’s always the undead.”
    Jericho: He follows with no further complaint.
    Surolam: “I am ready.”
  • Altair Azure follows the others in, nodding his approval.
    Jemyn Temyta: “Hey, what’s wrong with the undead?”
    Hajime: “Might as well get it over with. The quicker the better, probably.”
    Baldrik: “Very well.” Baldrik advances to the large stone door, and clears his throat.
    Jericho: “They’re just everywhere it seems. Doesn’t anyone want to move on?”
    Baldrik: “Koopa.”
    Mike: * The door rumbles, and slides upwards, small bits of sand and stone tumbling down.
    Molly: Molly enters!
    Molly: Perception for traps. 24
    Mike: * The inside is dark… but as you step in, torches on the wall spring to light, providing a dim light.
    Mike: 8
    Mike: The stones are even and a little rough – good traction. No dust. The hallway is long and wide, and in the distance, you can see a few open doorways.
    Hajime: Darkvision, boys
    You whisper to Molly: And above, you can see that some of the stones are of a different texture.
    Molly: “Some stones above are a different texture.”
  • Stin floats up to look closer at the ceiling stones. 15 Perception
    Molly: "Avoid the different ones, they might be the crush traps.
    Hajime: Perception on the different stones, to see if there’s anything particular to spot about them 26
  • Jericho peers up to see them. 20 Perception
    Mike: :D Love when everyone starts looking at a thing~
    Mike: Okay, lesse.
    You whisper to DNA: They’re not smooth, either, like the rest of the hallway. There’re a couple of spots with that different, rougher texture.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: As Stin floats up, she can almost swear she sees the stone wriggle. And then, as she gets close – but not actually under it-
    Hajime: “Those aren’t the only spots. I can see a few there, there, and there. They’re rougher.”
    Mike: * A large cube of stone, with a face… painted? on its side, descends right in front of Stin. It makes a HEURG sound as it lands, kicking up dust in a cloud.
    Jericho: “Well, there’s one easy way to-” Jericho shields his eyes as the stone drops.
    Mike: And then, it slowly rises back into the ceiling, unincumbered by anything like a rope or winch.
    Jericho: " ’Ceus almighty! The hell kinda trap was that?!"
  • Altair Azure jumps, clearly not used to that.
  • Stin instinctively goes intangible.
    Baldrik: “I… think that might have been a ‘Thwomp’.”
    Altair Azure: “Okay, that…” He instinctively clutches his heart. “…This…might explain a few things…”
    Molly: Did the face noticably change? Or the eyes follow us?
  • Surolam leaps back, her skin immediately sprouting scales.
    Mike: Ooh, a good question. Yes. It seems a bit more robotic than emotional, but the eyes do seem to be aware of you. It goes from a pained expression as it lands, to an angry one as it rises.
    Surolam: “…did anyone touch it?”
  • Jericho looks back up again. Is there space around the Thwomps to move safely ahead?
    Mike: 10
    Molly: “Stin got close and it reacted. Someone’s going to need to help Surolam through. It looks like a good pair of eyes are the only way around this one.”
    Molly: “No one is hurt.”
    Mike: Being mean here: There are spots further down the hall, where that different texture that heralds a Thwomp is smaller – and you can walk around those without issue. But this first one, at least, is spanning the entirety of the hallway. A Tiny creature could skirt around it, but not anyone larger.
    Jericho: “Hrm…”
  • Jericho tosses a rock in the area under the rock monster.
    Mike: The Thwomp does not react
    Jericho: “Hrm. So much for that plan.”
    Surolam: “How heavy was it? Perhaps one of us could hold it back while the others go ahead.”
    Jericho: “I wouldn’t want to be standing under that thing when it drops.”
    Molly: “We could also try blinding one. They seem to be watching.”
    Jericho: “You know, I bet if we were quick enough, we could run through before it hits the ground.”
    Hajime: “What about the other way around?”
    Hajime: “It seems to rise a lot slower than it falls. Assuming it has to rise all the way back up again each time, that could give us a bigger window.”
    Hajime: “…Assuming, of course. We still need to test it.”
    Jericho: “You know what? Let me try something.”
    Hajime: “Go ahead.”
  • Jericho puts on his ring and vanishes.
    Jericho: Now. While invisible, Jericho tenatively sticks his hand out under the thwomp, ready to retract it if the rock monster falls.
    Mike: …Nothing happens. It doesn’t seem to react to your invisible hand.
    DNA: Clearly the Thwomp does not appreciate economics.
    Mike: … golf clap
    Jericho: Jericho will try to run under the thwomp to the other side.
    Molly: “Either Jericho’s left or they are relying on sight.”
    Baldrik: “Interesting. I wonder exactly what they see – is it just movement, or stationary object? Can they see in color? Fascinating…”
    Stin: “We can phase through no matter what, at least.” Stin gestures to herself and the other ghosts.
    Mike: The party hears Jericho’s unstealthy scampering as he scuttles under the smasher… And he can get to the other side, without issue.
    Kiir: “(Um…could you put us back in our Pokeballs for this? That might work better…)”
  • Jericho is now safe on the other side and removes his ring.
    Surolam: “…makes sense.” Surolam will recall her non-ghost Pokemon for this.
    Jericho: “Yep. It’s all about sight.”
    Altair Azure: “All right then.” Altair recalls Hajime for this, seeing how it would be just one extra person.
    Jericho: “Anyone have a smoke bomb or something to obscure their line of sight?”
    Molly: Molly uses Telepathy on the Thwomp. Does it have thoughts?
    Mike: (( That is a very interesting question. ))
    Jericho: (( do thwomps dream of electric marios? ))
    Mike: I’m going to say ‘no’. It’s somewhere between ‘object’, ‘machine’, and ‘being’ – more like a very simple magical construct. Its thoughts, such as they are, are a vague eagerness to squash anything that goes under it.
    DNA: Question: When the Thwomp is lowered, does it completely block off the path?
    Mike: That is a bit of a complicated question! But since Jericho is on the other side, I’ll answer thus:
    Mike: From the entrance? Yes.
    From the rear? No. It looks like the ceiling is a bit higher back here – perhaps four feet higher.
    Molly: Molly uses Telekinesis to try and turn one so its bottom is facing the far wall.
    Mike: Hrm. What’s the limitation on Telekinesis? How heavy a thing can you move?
    Jericho: (( based on your Focus Rank ))
    Molly: Power based on Focus Rank. So base power 2 for Molly. Base Power 3 for Kirlia, who will pitch in.
    Molly: But that might be PTU base power, not AEBs.
    Mike: Hrm. …Y’know what, I’m going to say that it does have enough… cognizance? To try and revert to its original orientation. If you two could give me a Focus check, then – you won’t be able to turn it a full 90 degrees, but even a few degrees might be enough to negate the threat.
    Mike: (( IIRC Base Power of 2 or 3 is not a heavyweight champion. ))
    Molly: I think it’s normal human
    Molly: Molly Focus 10
    Gramaan: (( So wait, they’re trying to turn a square block stuck in a square hole? ))
    Starcatcher: Starcatcher Focus 14
    Gramaan: (( because that’s what i’m getting right now ))
    Mike: …That’s a fair point. It wouldn’t have much room to turn, would it.
    Molly: Then yes, I’ll take that fail.
    Mike: And those rolls are only going to be enough to knock it a tiny bit off-center, it’s not amazo-impressive.
    Mike: Still, a cool idea.
    Mike: So, at this point an invisible Jericho is beyond the Thwomp, who is still in the ceiling. The ceiling is flush against it from the front, but not from the back – if it descends, you might be able to climb atop it from the rear.
    Jericho: (( Jericho is not invisible right now. ))
    Mike: It sounded lik the current plan was to try and blind it, but I’m not sure how you’re going to do that yet.
    Mike: Ah, my bad.
    Gramaan: “(We have an idea.)”
    Mike: It will thwump down on you if you get adjacent to or in the square it’s watching, basically.
  • Gramaan seems to dissolve all of a sudden, returning to a cloud of buzzing, ghostly insects.
  • Gramaan sends out one insect to approach the Thwomp
    Mike: (( Hrm. This is something I also hadn’t thought of! And something I haven’t seen come up in other games before. ))
    Mike: 16
    Mike: …The Thwomp is very sensitive, it seems. It does notice the insect, and descends quickly, kicking up dust again as it lands with an “EURG!”
    Mike: However, your individual insects are very, very tiny. Maybe that could be of use.
    Gramaan: (( So, is there time to dart across as it rises slowly? ))
    Mike: There is, yes – and that really only works in Gramaan’s case; when it’s descended, there’s no scrambly room from the front for most.
    Gramaan: (( wait, got another idea ))
    Mike: But since Gramaan’s insects are tiny, and I already said a Tiny creature can scoot around it… that’d work.
    Gramaan: (( Could Gramaan scramble into the space before the Thwomp fills it completely and use String Shot to stick it in place? ))
    Gramaan: (( Since they can also phase out afterwards ))
    Mike: Hrm. Does going intangible take an action? I can’t recall.
    Mike: I should probably pull up the book, I keep asking these questions. :P
    Gramaan: (( Standard ))
    Gramaan: (( But the String Shot question first ))
    Gramaan: (( since there’s probably some gaps in the side anyways that the swarm form can wriggle through ))
    Mike: Yes, that helps. So here’s what I’d suggest:
    Mike: Squeeze through first as a cloud of tiny insects, so you’ve got it from the rear – gving you some more room to hit it without it blocking the corridor. And then hit it, maybe on the next go-round.
    Jericho: (( cast fireball. ))
    Jericho: (( Fireball solves ALL of life’s problems. ))
    Mike: (( If it doesn’t, then you haven’t cast it enough. ))
    Gramaan: (( Alright. Gramaan will do that then. ))
    Gramaan: “(I think we can stop it from coming down again from here.)”
    Molly: “Gramaans says they can stop it from coming down.”
    Altair Azure: “I’ll wait for the signal, then.”
    Baldrik: “Understood.” He lands and awaits what happens next.
    Mike: Doing the thing?
    Gramaan: (( Doing the thing! ))
    Gramaan: (( Should I roll for it? ))
    Mike: Hrmm. Yyyyes, but it mostly determines how long this takes, I think. The to-hit roll for String Shot will work for it, I think?
  • Gramaan ‘s bugs start spitting out tiny bits of silk, that slowly gather into larger and larger strands, aiming at the Thwomp and trying to stick it in place. 10 vs whatever Speed Evasion it has
    Mike: IIRC it’s just a d20-3.
    Mike: Oh yeah, +2 ‘cause Molly. nod
    Molly: _b
    Mike: not bad at all! The Thwomp goes EURG on the way down, but on the way up, the multitude of insects can stick it in place in a huge, thick web of string.
    Mike: It’s now stuck in the middle of the hallway – you can see it straining against the string, at a constant rate, not even thinking to try and jerk it about. Creatures Medium or smaller can roll under it, and it still has a little wiggle room above it you could use to check out above it, if you so desired.
    Molly: “Hurry!” Molly dashed under them. So did her pokemon."
  • Altair Azure wastes no time; he rushes right past and under it without a second thought.
    Beverly: Beverly had to duck down to move.
  • Baldrik drops into his shell, and skids under the Thwomp! He pops back out when he’s on the other side.
    Baldrik: “Phew! Nicely done – I suspect he’ll stay in place for a while, hm?”
    Molly: “It depends on how much he struggles before we get back. Lets move on.”
    Mike: The hallway beyond the large Thwomp is both taller and wider. There are a few spots for Thwomps here, but none of them will block the hallway if they fall – and they seem a little less sensitive, not dropping just for getting close. I presume you don’t test to see if they’ll drop if you stand directly under them.
  • Surolam drops to all fours for a moment as she scrambles across.
    Jericho: (( of course not ))
    DNA: ^
    Gramaan: “(We have plenty of silk left to repeat that, if necessary.)”
    Mike: There are two doorways in this section of the hall.
    First, on the left, a room with near and orderly rows and rows of… dirt.
    Second, on the right, a little further in, a laboratory of some kind. You can see the glint of glass as the torches flare to life.
    Third, the hallway continues on. The air feels a little warmer in that direction.
    Molly: Molly checks the grounds for signs of the previous travelers 25 Searching.
  • Surolam touches the wall, trying to sense if any of the paths are closer to the center she felt.
    You whisper to Molly: Yep, there’re signs here – several tracks of the prints. They seem to duck into the rooms, and then further down, into the warmer air.
    You whisper to Molly: You can tell, now, that there’re five of them – all quadruped, with rounded feet, but of slightly different sizes and weights.
    Molly: “It looks like the others searched these two rooms before going along.”
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: The main path, towards the warmer air, leads towards the heart of the complex. You can feel that necrotic feeling coming from deeper in there.
    Surolam: “Perhaps we should investigate as well. There might still be things they did not find.”
    Surolam: “The hallway will lead us further towards the center.”
    Baldrik: “I’m interested in seeing everything this place has to offer, myself. …But I know better than to wander off on my own in here.”
    Molly: Molly searches both of these rooms for anything of value! 27
    Jericho: “Or we could go into the rooms that probably didn’t kill them.”
    Molly: “All five continued forward from here.”
    Mike: Molly – any particular room first?
    Molly: Lab first.
    Mike: Lesse, then.
  • Surolam will follow after, probably touching everything to listen to it.
    Mike: The lab is full of glass lab-ware – beakers and vials and the like. Many of them look a little crudely formed, though; not machined with modern technology. There’s a number of books in here, as well, on the shelf. A few were pulled off, from the marks in the dust, but then carefully placed back – except for one, which has an ovbious dust-scuff where it should be. A rack of vials, with liquids still in them, a few empty spots in them. Lenses to examine things. And two trunks, under a large work-desk, sized appropriately for Baldrik – one wood, one metal.
    Molly: “Baldrik, you might want to look this room over.” Molly takes a book off the shelf and thumbs through the pages.
  • Surolam will probably go to the trunks after a while. Are they locked?
    Molly: Any fun pictures?
    Baldrik: “I think I just might.” He scans through the book spines, checking them out at a glance.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: The trunks feel locked… you can sense an object within the metal one, a true Object. It’s quiet and deep asleep in its abandonment, but there’s something in there of interest. There’s also several miscellaneous objects in the wooden chest, but of less, uhm, metaphysical weight.
    Mike: Ah, and as for Molly…
    Mike: …Yes, actually. There are pictures of skeletons in this – but not just any skeletons, but those of Baldrik and his ilk. …And towards the back, there are elaborate images of an even larger skeleton, in an action pose of a roar – by the scale drawing, it must be at least twice their size.
    Jericho: Also interested in the trunks, and if they are locked.
  • Surolam starts lugging out the metal trunk.
    Mike: The skeleton in the image has spikes along its bony shell, and a fire in its eyes.
    Surolam: “There is something sleeping in here. But I can feel a strong energy from it.”
    Mike: Jericho: Both are locked, at a quick check. Anything more would require a roll to determine.
    Molly: “This looks ominous.” Molly hands it off to Baldrik before joining the others at the trunk.
    Jericho: “Want me to pop it open?”
    Mike: Surolam, you can lug out the metal trunk with some effort. It scrapes along the floor.
    Baldrik: O.O “Yes, it does. I would wager it has something to do with what Ms. Surolam sensed.”
    Beverly: Beverly attempts to work one open. Stealth 25
    Mike: Bev – which one? Metal, or wood?
    Beverly: Wood, since Jericho and Surolam are around the metal one.
  • Jericho will check the metal one for any sign of a trap first. 25 Perception.
    Mike: Jericho – the metal one does not seem to have a trap. Its lock is well-constructed, however.
  • Surolam lays a hand on the lock and one on Jericho’s shoulder.
  • Jericho cracks his knuckles. Bring it on.
    Mike: Beverly – you can pop the lock with some fiddling. But as you open the chest, the chest itself lights on fire!
    Surolam: “I might be able to tell you some things about it.” Using Helping Hand, +2 to skill checks
    Surolam: (( wait it’s just +1 ))
    Mike: 7 v.SpDefEva on Beverly, because I’m a jerk!
    Jericho: 20 Stealth to open this lock.
    Mike: 35 Special Fire damage to her from the fiery contact – it doesn’t Burn her, but oof it’s hot.
    Jericho: …rerolling with skill expert.
    Jericho: 35 Stealth to open this lock.
    Jericho: (( much better ))
    Beverly: Hmm… can I Quick Attack out of the way?
    Mike: Iiiii will say no, I think.
    Beverly: Beverly loses 30 hit points.
    Mike: And inside, it looks like there’re a bunch of small crystals. As the chest burns, the crystals go pop, pop, pop, like firecrackers – if you leave the chest be, surely they’ll all pop and be gone before the fire fizzles out!
    Jericho: (( QA needs a target to damage. This ain’t no animu stuff ))
    Molly: ((There are no shortage of targets. I could hit the wall for all I care, it means that my turn is now))
    Mike: Jericho: Meanwhile… Well, let me ask you this, Dan. Have you ever seen “We’re No Angels”? The 1955 movie.
    Beverly: Beverly snatches everything she can. Acrobatics 21
    Jericho: (( I have not ))
    Mike: Anyway. You examine the chest. Feel it. Touch it. Knock on it. Really come to an understanding with it. And then… you tap it just so, and it pops open with a nice, satisfying sproing.
    Mike: 1700
    Mike: Hunh. Beverly, with your catlike speed, you can save almost all of the crystals still in the box, without bruning yourself any worse. You gain 1,700 P$ in magical crystals, good for all kinds of magical craftitude.
    Beverly: “Nice~”
    Mike: Jericho – or if you like, someone else you appoint – please roll a flat d20, luck roll.
    Mike: I have a list of treasures.
    Jericho: 2
    Beverly: Beverly shoves the burning box to a corner where it wont damage things.
    Jericho: (( ffffff ))
    DNA: wah wah
    Mike: The box sputters and burns out, now a charred husk.
    Surolam: (( reroll? ))
    Jericho: (( I can only apply it to skill checks ))
    Mike: …Actually, this works out and makes a kind of thematic sense. And you aren’t getting totally screwed, don’t worry. It’s just what I consider the least cool thingy at-hand.
    Mike: Jericho: In the box, there’s… a metal ring, with a little round crystal on the band. Inside the crystal is the image of a single red flower petal. There’s also a note in the box, written in a strange language similar to the one on the side of the pyramid.
    Baldrik: “Ah, more writings. May I?”
    Jericho: “Go ahead.”
    Baldrik: “Hmm… Let me see.”
  • Jericho will not touch the ring until Baldrik finishes.
    Baldrik: "Loric -

This is a (I think it’s ‘prototype’) of a new idea, a Permanent Powerup. With supplies low and cultivation difficult within the (uhm, I’ll go with ‘pyramid’), it seemed prudent. In the coming months I’ll work with Hamata on creating more objects like this. Please review and provide feedback.

Thanks, Pilum."
Beverly: “Like a Mega Ring?”
Baldrik: “I… believe so. If they mastered this, it would have been quite the advantage for them. Even today, our supplies of power-ups are scant and difficult to maintain with our seminomadic lifestyle.”
Baldrik: “Aaaalso, they are a closely-guarded secret of our tribe, so, uhm. Please don’t tell anyone. Especially Red Rooks.”

  • Jericho picks up the ring, aaaaaaand… cautiously slips it on.
    Mike: :3 A few things happen. First, your clothes change color, to a primarily white scheme, with another color, thematic to you or your clothing style, as the secondary color. Second, you gain the move Ember, and the Firestarter capability.
    Jericho: With a start, Jericho jumps in surprise
  • Surolam starts as well, being so close.
    Baldrik: “Ah! A Fire Flower, then? This one I’m familiar with.” He looks you over. “…It looks quite nice on you, actually, your shell pulls it off well.”
    Mike: For Surolam’s sake, I would imagine Jericho also smells a little more floral and, perhaps, spicy? I’m not sure what a Fire Flower would smell like, but that’s how I imagine it.
    Altair Azure: “Interesting… So a Fire Flower that’s contained in that ring there. Pretty interesting. Wonder if there were more like this. But why was it here, of all places?”
    Jericho: Carefully, Jericho tries to form a fireball in the palm of his hand.
    Mike: fwoo-ooo-oooWOOSH, and it pops into being. It barely even weighs anything; if you dropped it, it would probably bounce.
  • Jericho blinks.
    Jericho: “I’m not sure if I’m estatic or deeply disturbed.”
    Baldrik: “You know, I hadn’t considered how strange this might be to an outsider.”
    Baldrik: “Are you more concerned with the negative possibilities, or the positive ones? How do you feel about going for a swim right now? What about plants? And perhaps-” He patters off another half-dozen questions, and he’ll scribble down any of Jericho’s answers if he has any to give.
    Jericho: (( Alas, Jericho has crap for special attack, so he probably won’t make much use of this. XD ))
    Molly: “I suspect the room over was for growing these power ups.”
    Jericho: “Whoa, wait, what are you-” Jericho’s head is spinning at all the questions
    Mike: (( Hehe. And that, in part, is why it’s what you got when you rolled a 2. Don’t worry – it’s now marked off the list, and won’t reappear. Which means the other, cooler things are on offer. )) ))
    Mike: Also however, though, it’s 10 ‘till midnight. Would you guys be alright with ending it here, and picking up next week?
    Jericho: (( works for me. ))
    Jericho: (( I still haven’t eaten dinner yet ))
    DNA: Fine by me.
    Mike: You should eat things. Just, as a general guideline.
    Mike: 2 TXP and 25 PKMN EXP, I think, just to pull some numbers out!
    DNA: TL 23.2
    Mike: Saving things!
    Mike: This was fun. Thanks for it. _


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