Shiny Happy Necromancers

Mike Desktop has connected.
DNA has connected.
Mike: Oh hey, a DNA! I DC’d for a few minutes there. I think my laptop just had a hiccup.
DNA: Don’t mind me. Continue about your setup.
DNA: while I remind myself what the heck I am donig.
DNA: doing.
Mike: No worries. I did what I was gonna do earlier this afternoon.
Mike: Watching Tabletop with my GF. I may be a few minutes later, because we got started late. (her sister called.)
DNA: Oh right! We found Dry Bowser alive, half the party thinks we can take him, and half the party is smart and wants to leave.
Mike: There’re some hallways between them and you if you’d like to explore those, as well. And footprints, which I basically forgot to remind you of last sesh.
TBG has connected.
Mike: +1 TBG!

  • Mike adds him to his Key Items inventory.
    Avara has connected.
    Mike: And an Ava!
    GrayGriffin has connected.
    Mike: And a Dawn!
    Mike: We need only a Molly, and I need about… 8 minutes, checking the timestamp.
    Molly has connected.
    Mike: And I’m here!
    Mike: \o/
    Mike: Hunh that displays fine in MapTools, sure, why not.
    Mike: Anyhow! It’s been a while since we last got to play.
    Mike: Did anyone have questions or anything that needed talking out?
    Mike: I kinda figured not; I’m going to start repasting the handy quick exploration that Surolam’s ghostly ghosts did at the end of last session, as a reminder of what’s up ahead.
    At the end of the large hallway you’ve been centered around: a staircase of stone, suspended over the air, thick and hot. Below, you can see the glow of lava. The stairs are more than wide enough to not risk falling off, but there aren’t any hand-rails either.
    Down the first flight: another hallway. Stin, at a glance, it looks like there are living quarters here, barracks with bunks, hewn into the stone and covered in grass and straw.
    Down the second flight of stairs, Zojiik, looks to be training and command rooms. As you sneak about, though, you hear something creak – in response to your movement, perhaps?
    Gramaan, down the third and final flight, you dare not descend alone, because you can see it quite clearly from here, thank you: a pit of lava, with heavy stones in it forming a pathway. All around it, skeletons of Greenshields… ambling about, mindlessly. And in the middle, a much, much bigger one, the king of his own little stone island. And just beyond them, on a stone pedestal, is a large, purple crystal, its own light outshone by the ambient glow of the lava.
    Mike: And something I forgot to mention last time:
    On a second glance, the ghosts can notice that the thin trail of circular footprints that led into the pyramid has, on lower levels, become a jumble of panicked prints in the dust. The second level has them spread wide, multiple sets checking different locations. The third level… it looks like a scramble. There are small splotches of blood on the stones – fresh, or relatively so.
  • Stin is going to search around for any boxes that the people here might have had before. She’s also going to see if there’s any sign of recent disturbance. 16 Perception
    Mike: Hrm! 12
    Mike: There are definitely signs of recent distirbance in the living quarters. The room is dark, filled with straw-covered beds, but you can see the circular footprints investigated the area a bit – checking around many of the beds. And in the back, you can see eyes looking right at you, shining in the dim light from the pyramid’s torches.
    Mike: They’re low to the floor. Cowering? Hiding?
  • Stin is going to try and use Sing to put them to sleep!
    Mike: …That is a clever and smart move. Would you care to roll the to-hit? You aren’t catching them by surprise, they see you there.
    Mike: Sing is AC 10, for the record. You can just barely get close enough to use it (burst 2) – unless you’d like to get right next to them.
    Mike: 10
    Molly: So where are we?
    Mike: The map is “Troopa Temple”. This is one of those paint-with-words ones.
    Mike: Everyone else is still on the top floor, where there was the hallway with the thwomps, the farming room, and the laboratory.
    Mike: The farming room had rows of dirt in it, and pipes that fed them water from a boiler, which the crew got working again – opening a secret door, where a Magikoopa had hidden himself away.
    Mike: (to die long ago)
    Molly: Yeah, it was the second question I was asking about. I didn’t know what Molly was doing, or is expected to do.
    Mike: Well, give me onnne moment to check the log and see what Baldrik is up to.
    Stin: 10 AC check
    Mike: I think we put you next to him, in the laboratory, checking books and reading lore.
    Stin: (( CRIT SLEEP ))
    Mike: o.O
    Mike: Ah here it was: " Or, since this is Molly, perhaps she’s making sure Baldrik doesn’t die while he reads through some more of the books."
    Mike: Stin: As your sleepy song echoes through the bunks, you can see those eyes’ lids grow heavy, and then close. A gentle thwump as it slumps over on its side.
  • Stin moves forward to drag whatever it is out of there.
    Optimistic Pegasus: * It is… a pony, perhaps three and a half feet tall at the shoulder. Green fur and even brighter, lime-green mane and tail. It has a symbol on its flank – a lime, cut in half. It looks like it’s hurt, but then recovered somewhat before you put it to sleep.
    Baldrik: “I’ve been reading some more of the texts in the laboratory, while you’ve been investigating the farms. It looks like they had something of a debate among their leadership…”
    Baldrik: “Whether to move out and conquer land, or try to integrate into the ‘other societies’ of this land. …I know how that story ends, and the answer was ‘neither’.” The Greenshield sighs.
    Baldrik: “There’s also notes on how they created a ‘training room’ in a large natural cavern beneath their pyramid. It looks like an advanced type of holography magic – creating things that only exist within the confines of the cavern. Magic isn’t my strong suit, but it seems quite interesting.”
    Molly: “Maybe both sides lost to each other. Dead leaders and the rest scattered.”
    Baldrik: “That might be… Certainly, this era of our civilization was lost, both in time and in actuality.”
  • Stin sees if she can lift the pony. She also tries to compare its hooves to the footprints.
    Optimistic Pegasus: The latter: they don’t all appear to be a perfect match; some are larger, some a little smaller. But the general shape is definitely a match, and one or two of the prints you try are an exact match. As for lifting, lemme check real quick!
    Optimistic Pegasus: Weight Class 3, lbs…
    Stin: (( Stin’s power is 4, btw ))
    Optimistic Pegasus: 87.1 lbs!
    Optimistic Pegasus: And that’s in the AEB scale, was it? Power scaling always confused me, in all forms of PTx.
    Stin: (( I think it’s still the old scale, since this is from before the AEB scale ))
    Optimistic Pegasus: Okay. Lemme see then.
    Avara: 18
    Optimistic Pegasus: Staggering, not heavy lift. But yes, barely.
  • Henrietta successfully balances a stack of books as she approaches Baldrik and Molly, sitting near them. “Discussing history?”
    Optimistic Pegasus: So you can pick her up, but then it’s a 1 square at a time slog back.
    Baldrik: “Yes! This small lab has a veritable wealth of information about this era of my people. It’s quite exciting~”
    Baldrik: “I doubt I could read it all in a month. So far I’ve been skimming, just to keep my heart aflutter.”
    Henrietta: “I’m going to read all of these books. All of them.”
    Stin: (( So…about how long would it take for Stin to rejoin the others then? ))
    Mike: Hrm. Definitely long enough that she would wake up in your hands, for one.
    Mike: But barring that, I’d say like 20 minutes. You didn’t walk miles and miles.
    Baldrik: “Please, be my guest. Just be gentle with them – if possible, I’d like to take these all back to the village with me. They’ll have a hard journey in our packs as it is.”
    Molly: “We have a wagon.”
    Molly: “Wagons are useful.”
    Henrietta: “It’s a good wagon. It’s made from boats.”
  • Stin is going to sling the pony over her back, actually.
    Baldrik: “That they are, and in this case, doubly- well, triply so, then, if we should find a river or the like.”
  • Gramaan comes buzzing back in a tizzy.
    Baldrik: To read a book! Pick an Education skill and roll it. And I’ll give you info on ancient Greenshield / Koopa stuff based on that knowledge base.
    Optimistic Pegasus: 12
    Optimistic Pegasus: 7
    Optimistic Pegasus: 8
    Optimistic Pegasus: * The pony takes quite a while to wake up, actually. You’re about halfway back, Stin, when she finally stirs. Her voice is sweet and a little squeaky.
    Optimistic Pegasus: “Nyhhh… hnnh?!” She squirms, blinking, as she realizes she’s being carried.
    Henrietta: 27 General.
    Gramaan: “(Everyone! I found that king you were talking about!”
    Henrietta: 24 Pokemon.
    Henrietta: 22 Occult.
  • Henrietta is multitasking reading books.
    Stin: “Are you alright? I didn’t know what you were doing there, so I wanted to play it safe…”
    Altair Azure: “…The undead king actually is in here?”
  • Baldrik watches as Henrietta psychically manipulates the books, reading three at once. His heart goes pitter-patter for a moment.
    Zojiik: (( Assume Zojiik’s translating, I guess ))
    Gramaan: “(Well, he was really big and had a crown and was sitting on a throne!)”
    Mike: Edu Gen sounds like history to me. Don’t let me forget the other ones, though. ponders
    Gramaan: “(I’m assuming that makes him a king right?)”
    DNA: Oh right, yeah.
    Jericho: Eh, Jericho will read a book to. Anything for 14 Nature Education?
    Hajime: “(All right, what else about him did you notice?)”
    Optimistic Pegasus: “I was hit by a squisher. My team found a bunk, let me take a rest. Wh-what are you?” A moment. “Where are they?”
    Stin: “My name’s Stin. I’m a Wenshreek now, I guess.”
    Gramaan: “(He had a bunch of other skeletons around there, but they didn’t seem like they were really alive. Oh! And there was a big glowing purple crystal.)”
    Mike: Henrietta, there’s a thick tome of the history of “Koopa Kind”, leading up to the pyramid. It shows that their party, three hundred strong, attempted to peacefully head inland to find unused land… and as they pushed further, they had to become more war-ready, avoiding humans and Pokemon alike, trying to puzzle out the many strange creatures, avoiding fights where they could, and starting them when they couldn’t. And then finding this place, and building a fortress, like their old tales told of in a desert realm of their old world.
    Hajime: “So that means the king is real and that he has a power source. And has a zombie army. …That matches up with what we thought, yeah…”
    Optimistic Pegasus: “Are you going to eat me? Or suck my soul or whatever? Look, one of my friends had a vision of your king, don’t feed me to him! I-I’ll go down bucking!”
  • Optimistic Pegasus is sweating and squirming.
    Stin: “He is not my king in any sense of the word.”
    Stin: “I’m simply taking you to see my trainer and her companions.”
    Mike: Jericho: With 14 Nature, you find a small notebook on farming techniques, using the giant Sun Stone they found. There were some theories that it could be used not only to farm year-round indoors, but to enhance plants further – but they pushed those aside, afraid of draining its power.
    Stin: “We were investigating this place as well.”
    Optimistic Pegasus: “…Oh. Oh! O-Okay, sure.” She stops squirming. “I guess. …Glad he isn’t with you, though. Evil Eye seemed kinda spooked…”
    Optimistic Pegasus: “You, uh, don’t need to carry me. I can walk. Or fly, but there’s not much headroom.”
  • Stin puts her down.
    Baldrik: “Well, that concept isn’t frightening at all.” The winged Greenshield purses his lips.
    Stin: “What’s your name, then?”
    Hajime: “Now we need to wait for Stin to get back and report her findings. Except she’s taking a really long time… Did she…?”
    Evergreen Citrus: “Evergreen Citrus. Evy, for short. Plants are my forte.” She shakes her mane loose when she gets set down, and will follow Stin – at arm’s length.
    Mike: Henrietta, for the Occult book – ooh. This tome is just full of arcane knowledge. It looks like it’s a compilation of much of their research into necromantic magic, something they seem to have had some skill in even before settling down here. They were attempting to turn their dead into undead soldiers – serve forever, and all that.
    Stin: (( Can Stin walk in just as Hajime says that? ))
    Mike: (( Sure thing. It seems perfect t’me! ))
    Stin: “I found one of our previous explorers.”
    Mike: They’re undying; if you knock them down, they’ll get back up again within an hour. They resist anything but direct damage, and even normal blows will not harm them.
    Evergreen Citrus: “Uh… hi, everybody?” She picks up a hoof, and waves, warily but friendly.
    Evergreen Citrus: “I’m Evergreen Citrus. And you’re… there are a lot of you.”
    Hajime: “…I guess not.”
    Molly: “Hello.”
    Hajime: “…Stin, where did you find this one?”
    Evergreen Citrus: O.O “Talking kitty!” =owo=
    DNA: Oh look, an audience surrogate
    Molly: “Uh… all kitties can talk.”
  • Henrietta is now focusing entirely on koopa magic books. Wheee necromancy!
    Evergreen Citrus: “…This world is awesome.”
    Surolam: “…Little Pummerin, have you seen anything like this before?” Surolam tilts her head after hearing Donphan-tooth describe the pony.
    Molly: “The question is if you know how to speak their language.”
    Mike: It looks like they had a long tradition of necromancy, going way back – and their king, back in the old world, had such spells placed upon him to keep him alive in death, until other spells could revive him fully. Those particular spells aren’t in here, though – they might’ve been state secrets, it seems. Hit me with questions or specifics you’d want to know. :3
    Jericho: “I’m not sure if this is the strangest thing we’ve ever found on our travels or not.”
    Molly: “There were more than one set of hoofprints. Are there any more of you?”
    Player “Surolam” is not connected.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: I would say ‘no’ – this particular breed of Pony is new to the world. Other equine Pokemon, maybe, but not this in particular.
    Jericho: (( Oh god why ))
  • Surolam widens her eyes.
    Surolam: “Where did you come from?”
    Evergreen Citrus: “Yes! Four others. They let me rest in the bunk room, and went on ahead. I thought for a moment you were with them, but-”
    Avara: i’m going to revive boozer.
    Evergreen Citrus: “Oh! Uh. That… is a long story.”
    Avara: it is my motivation now.
    Evergreen Citrus: (( Hehe. Alright, WHELP lemme ponder that real quick. ))
    Hajime: “…Wait, there’s more than one of you?” Hajime turns to Stin. “Stin, where did you find this foal?”
    Evergreen Citrus: “So, we come from a world called Equestria. But then one day our whole town wasn’t there anymore, it was here. Well, in the ocean like a hundred miles south or something? And we came to the mainland to explore, and got on the trail of other creatures who had similar histories, and…”
    You whisper to Avara: It’s some pretty powerful magic, but it looks like it isn’t actually complex. A sufficiently powerful source of magic – and just the right kind of skeleton – and you might be able to do it. Maybe. MAYBE. Might take some practice.
    You whisper to Avara: it’s specifically built for that body type, that species. Other species… you might be able to reverse-engineer it, but that’s more complicated. The equations and runes would have to be largely rewritten, a careful process to be sure.
    Stin: “I found her in the bunkers.”
    Stin: (( *barracks ))
    Evergreen Citrus: “And I’m not a foal, thank you. I’ve had my Mark for three years!”
    Stin: “She was hiding there, though.”
    Henrietta: 21 enhancing knowledge of necromancy/resurrection magic with knowledge about Fossil Pokemon.
    Evergreen Citrus: “I woke up and there was a ghost floating by the door and I was alone. You’d hide too.”
    Molly: “So you’re like the koopas.”
    Hajime: “So what were you doing in this pyramid? You definitely do not strike me as an explorer type.”
    You whisper to Avara: That might be a bit more tenable. You’ve heard of human archaeologists doing this trick before – it looks like similar principles, actually, substituting “serious magical power source” for “brown-out the electrical grid for a minute”. So, yes – with a sufficient magical power source, you could potentially revive a fossil with this knowledge.
    You whisper to Avara: We’re talking a pretty big source here. At a guess: Three normal Evolution Stones… or one of the super-powerful ones. Of course, using those might have other elemental properties.
    Evergreen Citrus: “I’m not, but Venture is. And he figured, we’re in a new world, we need to know more than we did. So that’s how the expedition got started.”
  • Henrietta is now going to start arraying a magic circle to drain any ambient magic from the pyramid into a resurrection spell to revive king koopa. She’s going to commandeer Baldrik and, if willing, Molly for this work.
    Evergreen Citrus: “I was curious. And they wanted to know about the plants here, soooo yeah.”
    Avara: basically i don’t have the money for a ritual, so i’m trying to substitute ritual cost with… well. the pyramid.
    Molly: “What do you need, Henrietta?”
    Henrietta: “I’m going to make the zombies and the leadership of the greenshields and all of that someone else’s problem. Specifically, King Koopa’s problem. They were like half-done with the resurrection magic before they karked it, so I can finish this all up. But I need help with the labor and stuff.”
    Jericho: “That’s an awful big coincidence. Two races from entirely different worlds just so happen to come to our world, and in the backwater region of Shikoku no less…”
    Baldrik: “…You are a madwoman and this will upend the entire social structure of my tribe. …However, I am intrigued, I admit.” He waffles – looks like he might need more convincing.
    Altair Azure: “…Wait, are you trying to fight a zombie with…another zombie?”
    Molly: “I think she’s trying to make the zombie alive. Since you can’t kill the zombie, if you make it alive you’d probably be able to kill it for real. Or befriend it.”
  • Henrietta grins at Baldrik with mad scientist-y glee. “We’re going to destroy the world as we know it, and I feel fine! Hell, this might actually mean your clan gets its act together and stops loafing around like slaking.”
    Altair Azure: “Pinch me, I must be Jericho.”
    Henrietta: “I’m going to resurrect the king of england! Or… wherever you turtles are from.”
    Evergreen Citrus: “That was what Venture thought, too – and why he decided to come here, once he found out about it. Maybe the last people to get zapped here knew more than we did, right?” Pony-shrug.
    Henrietta: 24 Charm.
  • Jericho pinches Altair
    Baldrik: “In the old texts, ‘the Dark World’. Or sometimes just ‘the Eighth World’. The numerology is rather inconsistent, except for our own kingdom.” And to Henrietta’s plan: “…I suppose it ends the threat in this pyramid, one way or another. Either the undead king is revived – and either co-opted or killed… or perhaps we blow the entire building up. Either way, we learn more about the magic of my ancestors…” He sighs. “Alright, I’ll help.”
    Mike: Soooo this sounds like it needs to be an Obsidian Skill Challenge, to me. You’re going to attempt a Big Spell, after all.
    Mike: Give me two minutes to get some water and ponder how to set this up.
    Jericho: “I vote we don’t all die in a colossal gout of flame.”
    Evergreen Citrus: “I both know nothing about magic and do not like dying in fire. I’m with the hairless minotaur.”
    Henrietta: “I can almost entirely guarantee there won’t be fire involved. Actually, this might put out any magical flames being used to light up rooms, so I’m almost guaranteeing the opposite of that. ‘Cause we’re in a library.”
    Jericho: “Hairless what?”
    Jericho: “And I have hair. See?” Jericho points to the blonde tufts sticking out from under his bandana.
    Evergreen Citrus: “Oh, sorry. Mostly-hairless. Y’know, minotaur! Two hooves, two hands, walks vertical, broad shoulders. Though you’ve got a different kind of face, I guess.”
    Molly: “Humans are flatfaced, sort of like cats.”
    Mike: Pulling up the obsidian skill challenge doc to remind myself a bit on this.
    Jericho: …for my own amusement, 9 Edu Pokemon. Can Jericho think of anything in Shikoku that matches that description?
    Avara: hey that sounds like a wimpod!
    Jericho: “Scientists seem to think we’re some type of ape, actually.”
    Mike: Minotaur-esque? yeah, ape-ish is probably the closest.
    Evergreen Citrus: “Oh! I know those. Climb trees, eat bananas. …I miss bananas.”
    Molly: “I’ve only seen a primeape’s eyes and nose, and I know you don’t have the nose.”
    Jericho: “It’s complicated science stuff. Something about pants? I don’t get it myself.”
    Mike: Alright! here’s what I’m thinking:
  • This challenge has Occult Education as its star component (+2 to those roles), but all other Knowledges, Focus, and Perception are also usable.
  • Because this is such a re-donk-ulous idea, I have made it 10% harder than normal. It is also pass-fail – either you succeed, or you don’t. And not succeeding allows me to go crazy. Magical backlash on this scale might be nasty.
    Henrietta: “I thought humans were descended from Pokemon.”
    Avara: cool. i’m going to slam dunk the DC with Specialist.
    Mike: Beyond that, the one question I have left is: Trainers Only, or Trainer + 1 Pokemon? Do you guys have a preference?
    Beverly: “There are a lot of theories. Pokemon and humans may have come from different worlds, just as many others in this room have. But we’ve been together so long we no longer know who is the outsider and who is the native.”
    Evergreen Citrus: “Kitty-ape!” =OwO=
    Molly: No preference. Trainer only if only for the speed of it, but it puts is in a harder spot.
    Avara: iiii don’t remember entirely. is it against the rules to use the same skill multiple times for the same character?
    Jericho: “I feel like I should be as far away from this ritual as possible.”
    Beverly: "I prefur “Kitty Miko.”"
    Henrietta: “You’re allowed to go outside, you know. You’re not tied to my hips.”
    Mike: “As such, players should only be allowed to use a given skill once in each challenge.” So yes, Henrietta could only Occult once during the challenge.
    Avara: ok
    Evergreen Citrus: “Oh, sorry. Mostly-hairless kitty miko!” owo
    Molly: So how many rounds?
    Mike: 3 Rounds, and sounds like we’re looking at Trainer Only unless someone objects. Baldrik will assist as a guest.
    Mike: GG is AFK ATM, so I’ll ignore her line. If she doesn’t get back in time, she just won’t count.
    Evergreen Citrus: “…I’ll go check and see if my friends are outside. Uh, please don’t die horribly while I’m gone? You seem like nice people.”
  • Henrietta will use Specialist. Every round, if it’s allowed to stack.
    Mike: You tell me, from its text.
    Avara: doesn’t say.
    Avara: when a creature does a skill check, i can lower the dc by 3.
    Avara: i can do this 3 times per day.
    Jericho: Initiative = 30
    Baldrik: Initiative = 20
    Molly: Initiative = 11
    Avara: extended checks weren’t a factor when it was written. but you’ve allowed molly and me to specialist the same check before.
    Molly: In that case, I think you would only be able to lower the threshold once, since there is only one DC.
    Mike: I don’t have Henrietta’s token on the Troopa Temple map, do I? Hunh.
    Avara: it’s there now
    Henrietta: Initiative = 5
    Mike: There we go. And DNA has… uh, stepped out for fresh air, I suppose.
    Mike: Hrm. Yeah, but also the DC is significantly higher… I’ll let you use it every round here, I think. Mathematically it should work out better that way.
    Jericho has received initiative.
    Stin: (( Can you add Surolam to the init? ))
    Jericho: (( Oh. I wasn’t aware I was a part of this ))
    Surolam: Initiative = 10
    Mike: You don’t have to be.
    Mike: If you’d rather not – for IC reasons, or because you aren’t a Knowledge specialist – I will let you step out.
    Jericho: (( I imagine Jericho would more likely screw this up than help. He’d not get involved with the mystical mumbo-jumbo ))
    Avara: jericho could do athletics checks to run out of the temple.
    Mike: Alright. I’ll let you pass, then.
    Mike: blink
    Mike: Er, blonk was the SFX I meant there. :P
    Molly: Molly gives +2 to everyone, remember
    Baldrik: “Well, this all seems… ill-advised. Let me check the indices of this history book, and see if there’re any notes from past attempts. Let’s learn from the mistakes of my ancestors, hm?” Gen Edu, 19
    Baldrik: +2 to that, so 21.
    Molly has received initiative.
    Molly: Molly examines the ritual area for any imperfections! 31
    Baldrik: “…Well, no obvious lists of mistakes that they made, but some notes on the chalks they tried…”
    Surolam has received initiative.
    Mike: Molly: Ooh, right there. That looks like a smudge – wiping it away, and bam, that changes the meaning of that sentence entirely. Nice.
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    GrayGriffin has connected.
  • Surolam holds out Little Pummerin, swinging him around to look at the ritual area.
    Surolam: “Tell me if you find anything mistaken.” 19 Occult Edu
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: The area isn’t quite perfect, but it might be hard to do better. The hallways are spacious enough for a magic circle, and the only place with more room is, well, where the giant skele-monster actually is.
    Henrietta has received initiative.
    Henrietta: 20 (Occult) Henrietta prepares the spell and sets it up, ready to make adjustments as she goes to finalize the details. (Specialist x3, DC drops by 9, used for myself, Surolam and Molly. just to get it out of the way.)
    Mike: And with that, you begin the spell – a circle, and within that, a square, and within that, a heart. Mystical fires alight at every radian of the circle.
    Mike: In the meantime – TBG, anything you’d like to get up to while this occurs? I don’t wanna leave you unentertained just because you aren’t in this spell.
    Jericho: Nah, I’m good. If anything, Jericho will look for something sturdy to use as cover nearby. Just in case.
    Mike: * Outside, with the green pony following you, and the other Greenshields hanging out… well, the Boatwagon would be suitable cover, actually. It’s the best object in the vicinity.
    Evergreen Citrus: “Do your friends do things like this all the time?”
    Galea the Hammerer: “Pony?”
    Evergreen Citrus: “More turtles! …Not as cool as cats, but still neat.”
    Baldrik: “Well, we’ve begun. I’m not really a master of the occult, but I’ve picked up a thing or two…” 20 Occult Edu.
    Baldrik: * Hunh. Baldrik is a natural. Maybe it’s all that book-learning, but he slips into the incantations right alongside Henrietta without issue.
    Molly has received initiative.
    Molly: Molly recounts some magical basics she’s learned from watching Henrietta perform magic in the past, double checking that all the basic, easily forgotten details are correctly in place. Occult 16
    Mike: Ah – that line was hastily drawn, a little shaky. You can shore that up pretty nicely. And you can get some incense going, as well, using some of the herb detritus from the farming room.
    Surolam has received initiative.
  • Surolam lays a hand on the ground.
    Surolam: “Stay steady for us, alright? We want to make things better for you…” 20 Charm, using Object Empathy
    Mike: Hehe. Yes, I’ll put that into the ‘crazy enough to work’ category.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: The pyramid visualizes itself… as a giant turtle shell. Nestled into the sand, the wind blows against it, but it does not move. The sun bakes it, but it does not move. The water flows over it, on occasion, and it does not move.
    Henrietta has received initiative.
    Henrietta: 22 (General) Henrietta adjusts the spell for historical examples that Baldrik had pointed out from the first round, to align the spiritual energies properly and reduce the odds of ripping the aethereal realm an entirely superfluous new behind.
    Mike: As Henrietta aligns the leylines and the magic begins to flow thick and deep, you can smell… mushrooms. Mushrooms, everywhere, deep earthy scents that signify a power alien to this world. The feeling of eternal darkness, not as an ill omen but as a home, full of fires and airships and impenetrable stone.
    Baldrik: “This feeling… It is primal. Is this… how my ancestors felt in their home?” Baldrik looks, and sniffs, and tastes the air, trying to get in touch with his ancestral home, and understand its nature. Edu Nature, 22
    Molly: Molly uses her General knowledge as well. Not as helpful as before, but any last bits of history or culture she’s picked up that might be relevant to this task. 14
    Molly has received initiative.
    Surolam has received initiative.
    Mike: Molly, there’s not much more to add there, unfortunately – though you do hear a vaguely familiar jingle-hangle. Somewhere, in that realm, far away, is a Super Bell, jingling. It makes you think of Beverly.
  • Surolam focuses on the flow of the magic, trying to sense if it’s going wrong in any way. 12 Occult Edu
    Mike: It is – just barely. It’s right on the tipping point. Henrietta needs a strong showing, to clinch the spell, or it will all fall apart. She is the lynchpin at this point; it’s all up to her.
    Henrietta: 17 She finalizes her spell and incants the last words, adjusting for any mistakes made thus-far in relation to Koopa biology and necessities. (Pokemon)
    Mike: (( You can still win this, but it’s going to be tough – you need to put down some good numbers. ))
    Mike: …Is there anything else you can apply to this? ANy hidden tricks or +2’s anybody forgot?
    Avara: +2 kindness from GM?
    Molly: lets see
    Avara: can i sacrifice my jar of Grand Honey for a bonus?
    Avara: … oh wait
    Avara: can’t you spend AP to get bonuses on checks?
    Molly: I’ve got Specialist as well, if I can lower the DC by another 9 points. Up to you though, that sounded a bit excessive to me.
    Mike: I believe you can spend AP on checks, yes. I will have to check the exact rules on it, been a while.
    Mike: And yeah, I’ll allow just the one Specialist specilaizing at this roll.
    Avara: please do. can we retroactively spend some AP?
    Molly: 1 AP for +1 bonus
    Molly: unless you have other features going on, like what Lilea could do.
    Molly: So we could all have +3
    Mike: Yep, and you can do it once per roll. I will be nice enough and say that, yes, you can ‘go back’ and spend some AP.
  • Avara spends 3 AP
    Avara: +3 to it
    Mike: Anyone else?
    Surolam: (( Spending 3 AP for +6 ))
    Surolam: (( I have Instinctive Aptitude ))
    Mike: Ah, nice.
    Avara: and molly?
    Molly: Same
  • Mike sits back and steeples his hands.
    Avara: molly has instinctive aptitude too?
    Molly: No, just +3
    Evergreen Citrus: “It’s awful quiet still. Are they done?”
    Avara: clarity is important. so that’s a total +12 from AP from everyone. unless baldrik wants to chip in?
    Galea the Hammerer: “With what?”
    Avara: hey baldrik, want to AP?
    Evergreen Citrus: “Reviving a dead king made of bones and fire.”
  • Baldrik can’t – he isn’t a Trainer, and thus doesn’t have AP.
    Mike: However. :3
    Avara: … heybaldrikthisishowapokeballworks
    Avara: throwitatsomethingrealquick
    Mike: “But there’s a licensing procedu-” “I WILL DRAW YOU A LICENSE ON THIS CARDBOARD
    Jericho: “We’re out here in case it explodes and destroys the entire building.”
    Loculus, the Magic-User: “Well, that seems sensibWHAT”
    Jericho: “Yeah, that was my reaction.”
    Jericho: “I usually then throw my arms up in exasperation. Like so.” Jericho tosses his arms in the air
    Mike: * With Henrietta, Molly, and Surolam, all focusing, using all their energy – the spell holds together, by the tips of Henrietta’s metaphysical fingertips. The lights in the pyramid flicker out and go dark. The darkness even feels more complete.
  • Surolam has Helper, which lets her give +1 to skill checks when she uses Helping Hand
    Baldrik: “Did we..?”
  • Henrietta holds up a finger to quietly hush Baldrik.
    Mike: The scent of mushrooms fades – but you can sense, feel, the essence of life that they represent, reforming. Somewhere in the dark, new life is hewn around old bones.
    Mike: And about one minute later, you hear a tremendous ruckus from deep in the pyramid. CRUNCH BASH FWOOSH SLAM!
    Mike: …The torches don’t relight. But the noise dies down, for a moment.
    Mike: (( rolls a die 12 ))
    Mike: First: Four other ponies, all looking like they’ve been fighting for their lives, stumble up the stairway at the end of the hallway you’re in. One of them carries a lantern in their mouth. They reach you, and all pretty much slump over, exhausted.
    Mike: …Second, I need a sprite for this…
    King Koopa: …And second, shortly after that, a very large Greenshield thumps his way up the stairs. Fire spouts from his mouth with every breath, and he has to duck to fit down the hallway. He’s covered in bone dust, and rather… annoyed.
    King Koopa: “Who are you, where am I, who am I, and what is going ON!?”
    Baldrik: O.O
  • Baldrik kneels IMMEDIATELY, instinctually.
    Mike: Outside the pyramid, you can faintly hear the thumping of something very large and heavy moving around inside the pyramid.
    Molly: “I’m Captain Molly, my cohorts and I just saved your life. I expect you to act a little more thankfully.”
    Henrietta: “I AM A SHINY GOLDEN GOD!” Henrietta declares in an obviously joking manner—she’s not golden, and she’s clearly female, after all. That said, she IS a Shiny. “In all seriousness, your kingliness, I’m Henrietta of the royal line of Raltesia. Your resurrector.”
    Sassy Gray Unicorn: quietly whining “Nnnnrf. Like, too louuuud”
    Molly: Command to sound authoritative. 21
    King Koopa: 22
    Surolam: “Greetings, King of Koopas. I am Surolam Arcel, daughter of Ritho and Anandas Arcel.”
  • Surolam bows.
    King Koopa: “Yeah? Well, I appreciate the save, I guess.” He looks at Surolam bowing for a moment, and there’s a flash in his eyes – but he shakes his head, clearing it.
    King Koopa: “Whatever. So I’m a king and you all saved me. Great! Good to know I’ve got good subjects. And am a king. Super.” He rubs his hands. “So, what’s first? Conquer someplace? Maybe have a banquet? Make some proclamations? Ah, forget it, I can proclaim things with my mouth full, let’s get that going while you guys all fill me in, yeah?”
    Baldrik: “Ohmystarshelives…” His voice trembles.
    Henrietta: “Right. So to put things in order. Molly, Surolam and I are from a neighboring territory. You’ve been dead for probably a few hundred, maybe a thousand or so, years. Probably why your memories are so rusty. Luckily for you, me, we and us, we have a Baldrik to be your personal historian while you eat.”
  • Henrietta nudges Baldrik. “Heeeey. That’s your revived king and all. Shouldn’t you… y’know. Say hi?”
    King Koopa: “Ooh! Yeah, that’s a good start. My personal historian.” He tastes the phrase on his tongue. “Yeah, I like things that’re mine.”
    Baldrik: “Gyuh!” O.O He starts, and then nervously gets up.
    Molly: Molly scowls toward the King.
    Baldrik: “Aheh. H-hello, your, uh, kingliness, sir. I’m Baldrik… and I suppose I’m a fan of your last work. Us.”
    Molly: “I’m not your subject.”
    Baldrik: “We survived for centuries alone. And we’d love to have you back… Though our elders may wish to, ah. Keep your duties light for a while. Ceremonial.”
  • Surolam lays a hand on the wall as this is going on, trying to sense the pyramid again. Has bringing the king back rejuvenated it somehow?
    King Koopa: 16
    Zojiik: “You’ll have to show why you deserve this authority, first.” Zojiik has all four of her shadowy hands on where her hips might be.
    You whisper to GrayGriffin: The opposite – it’s not dead, but the pyramid is dormant. The ambient magical energy of the place, and nearly everything in it, has gone dormant. Deep within, there’s a crystal still, shining in the deep dark – but the pyramid itself? Is exhausted.
    Molly: “Baldrik, you’ve been a great ally in helping me find some great treasures here and there. Since this guy showed up, I think now’s the time to make it clear. I’d like you to join my crew, if you had such a desire.”
    King Koopa: “Wait, what? I’m the biggest! The baddest! …At least as far as I know. And that’s why I get to be king!”
  • Henrietta just stands back and lets Molly and Surolam and them handle the talky bits. She’s kind of tired and a bit light-headed and silly from bending reality over backwards.
    Henrietta: “Your kingdom’s devolved into a gang of barely-functional troublemakers in your absence. You have a lot of work to do before you’ll be ready to conquer anything or claim anything other than this pyramid and the island it’s on.”
  • Henrietta immediately contradicts her decision to not talk. Probably because light-headed.
    Molly: ((The pyramid is in the middle of the main Shikoku island))
    Avara: ah
    Baldrik: Baldrik turns his back on the king of Koopas, and looks at Molly. “Hah! Well, I daresay I’d consider it an honor, uh, ma’am. I think my only condition, though, would be to save the treasures of my people for their own use.” He looks over his shoulder for a moment. “…And something tells me that being away from the clan for a while might be wise. Let everyone… sort out what to do with themselves.”
    Avara: then strike the island part
    Avara: just the pyramid
    Zojiik: "That’s all you can say? What about your duties?’
    Jericho: Meanwhile… “Well, the castle hasn’t exploded yet. Think they succeeded?”
    Zojiik: “Prove to me that you can perform the duties of a king!”
  • Zojiik points dramatically.
    Evergreen Citrus: “I’m gonna be optimistic and say ‘yes’.” She nudges her way out from behind the boat, and trots in to see what’s what.
    Henrietta: “He needs to restore his memories and re-acquaint himself with all that stuff before he can actually do much. Which is why Baldrik was suggesting he stay on the ceremonial side of things for now. ‘Cause he’s got a LOT of reading to do.”
    King Koopa: “Well, what do you want me to, uh, king over? Not a lot here right now.”
    Molly: “That’s true.”
    Henrietta: “Let’s go outside. And see if anyone’s still around, or if they’re all a bunch of cowards who ran off because I was busy bending reality over backwards to suit my whims.”
  • Jericho shrugs and follows the green wing-ed pony
    King Koopa: “Maybe that’s the first step. Get some people and a castle together. Start kinging over that.” He looks over at Henrietta. “And if you’ve got people out there, then sure!”
  • Henrietta will guide the group outside, unless anyone protests.
    Molly: “I’ll wait here for you to get back.”
    Mike: So I’ll say that Henrietta meets Jericho and Evy at the door… and behind her is, well. You know.
    King Koopa: “Whoa! Bright out today. Not used to this. Been in darkness my whole life, gwahaha!”
    Henrietta: “Hi! We have an amnesiac dragon turtle king we’d like to return. He’s long overdue and I don’t want to know the late fee on one of those.”
    Loculus, the Magic-User: “That doesn’t even seem reasonable at the outset!”
    Molly: Molly turned to Baldrik, “Does these treasures you want include the flying ship we are repairing? I.. can see why you would have a claim over that. To be honest, I want it for myself.”
    Henrietta: “Why would I care about reasonable? I am a shiny golden god of magic and I do what I want.”
    Jericho: “This is my life now.” Jericho has one palm over his face. “I don’t know how. But it is.”
    Baldrik: “To tell the truth, I was always a little afraid of what my people would do if they reclaimed the airship of their ancestors. I hoped they would use it for peace and trade, and not to rain cannonballs down on their foes. In light of recent events…” He clears his throat.
  • Stin floats over to pat Jericho on the shoulder.
    Baldrik: “I think it would be wise to learn more about the ship. Through extensive field testing. At the hands of an experienced captain.”
  • Henrietta is just grinning smugly/imperiously at Kamek Loculus.
    Molly: Molly smiled, “Sounds all right by me. By then I’ll have my own flying ship.”
    Loculus, the Magic-User: “Yyyyyes you are, my mageladyship. (holycowwhattheheck)”
    King Koopa: “Gwaha! So, these’re my subjects? Hey, good to meet you, we’re gonna do some great stuff. Just as soon as I figure out what that stuff is.”
    Henrietta: “Who among you lot is the leader-type for your group of people? ’Cause your recently-resurrected King needs some refreshers. Because amnesia.”
    Galea the Hammerer: “Uh, for the expedition? Me, I guess, though Baldrik pointed the way mostly. For Greenshields in general, that’s a question of elders – whoever’s oldest.”
    King Koopa: “OLDEST?! Aw geeze, I gotta wait for everyone else to kick the bucket. I was just born! I think. Kinda. Whatever.”
    Baldrik: “Mmhm. If we can reverse-engineer it, all the better. I’m not against sharing knowledge of my people and their past with the wider world.”
  • Henrietta just laughs.
    Evergreen Citrus: “…Okay, this is weird, but cool. Buuuuut I really need to check on my friends. They aren’t out here and the pyramid didn’t explode!” And she scoots around the King of Koopas to check inside…
    Evergreen Citrus: …Where she finds the other four ponies, slumped, injured, and beaten to within an inch of their lives. She rushes over to check on them, and start pulling items from their saddlebags to try and tend to their wounds.
    Zojiik: “They’re alive, at least.”
    Molly: “Hello again.” Molly said to Evergreen
    Evergreen Citrus: “Hi! You found my friends! Thanks. Unless you beat them up, in which case un-thanks. But you don’t seem the up-beating type.”
    Sassy Gray Unicorn: “Still loooooud. Nhhg. Too many noises.”
    Molly: “If they fought me, they wouldn’t be beaten. They’d be shot.”
    Happy Black Pony: “We been fightin’ in this pyramid’s training room for a full day, now. Room got stuck and kept us in dere.” A tired, ruffled sigh. “Only got out when the lights went out.”
    Henrietta: “That was me stealing magic from the pyramid to revive the king with.”
    Adventurous Unicorn: “Really?” A tired, red-maned pony with an adventure-ready labcoat perks his head up. “That’s quite impressive. And once I can feel my horn again I’d love to hear how you did it.”
    Shy Blue Unicorn: “Mmhm. Wanna just take a long bath. For like a week…”
    Surolam: “We helped.”
    Henrietta: “Yup. Surolam, Molly, and Baldrik helped me break the rules of reality.”
    Henrietta: “We’re awesome.”
    Baldrik: “Yes! …Oh my. Heh.” =^_^=
    King Koopa: * Outside, the giant turtle-dragon-god is sitting down next to the boatwagon, and his lesser, smaller, older counterparts are starting to converse with him. Trying to fill him in on their tribe, and the world they live in. It’s… slow going, as the King interrupts fairly often, but he seems genuinely interested behind the bluster (that he just can’t turn off).
    Evergreen Citrus: “And they didn’t blow up the pyramid or anything.”
    Evergreen Citrus: “Anyway. You guys need rest, and food, and a campfire, and more rest. We should camp tonight. Outside.”
    Henrietta: “Why would we do that? That sounds like a waste of a perfectly good pyramid.”
    Adventurous Unicorn: “Quite right! We discovered it first, and I won’t have us abandoning our discovery so easily.” He tries to get to his feet. “Hnkh- th-though the rest of that plan sounds, ah, quite nice. Yes.” slump
    Happy Black Pony: “Jus’ don’t use the training room. Hallways are fine. Hallways don’t put you in the desert and send turtles to shoot you with magic.”
    Mike: Shall we end there?
    Mike: or if there’re other points people want to hit.
    Jericho: (( Sounds like a plan. ))
    Henrietta: “I meant why would we blow it up. I don’t want to sleep in a tomb either.”
    Avara: i’m good with ending here.
  • Avara has derailed a boss fight into a ridiculous scheme and is happy about it.
    Molly: I’m crashing really hard. The past two hours were me pretending.
  • Avara hugs everyone who’s still here.
    Molly: It worked really hard to make my sentences into sentences that make sense.
    Avara: thanks for going along with my zany scheme.
    Molly is disconnected.
    Mike: Yeah, that, uh.
    Mike: When i said you guys went off the rails, I wasn’t kidding.
    GrayGriffin: Sorry I was kind of out of it through all this
    Mike: You went off the rails, over a ditch, jumped out of the train, hopped into a bus, made sure that bus never went below 55 MPH, jumped out while it was on the freeway, and then somehow ended up on a paddleboat that looked like a swan.
    Avara: well that’s what happens when you put necromancy and resurrection magic and half-baked schemes in front of a virtuoso mage. she makes them full-baked schemes.
    Avara: and no worries, GG.
    Avara: i’ve been like that a LOT this campaign
    TBG: Now one has to wonder what the Greenshields will do now that they have a powerful new ally on their side.
    Avara: stop being a gang of worthless thugs, and become a gang of productive thugs?
    TBG: tbf, better them than the Red Shirts.
    Avara: yup@
    Avara: !
    Mike: :3
    TBG: Er, Red Rooks
    Mike: ^_^
    Avara: and yeah. i don’t usually get to be the one who says goodbye to the rails. it was fun.
    GrayGriffin is disconnected.
    Mike: Anyway. 2 TXP and 100 PKMN EXP, because yeah, that was supposed to be a boss fight and then it wasn’t.
    Mike: Saving log and campaign.
    Avara: we overcame a boss fight’s worth of challenge.
    Avara: we just did it non-combatively.
    Avara: and you made that obsidian challenge extra hard.
    Avara: because we were overcoming it in the best way possible.
    Avara: … i’m a little silly right now.
    Avara: bye~
    Avara is disconnected.


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