Character Creation

Starting Stats

TL 1, 3,000 P$


There are a lot of classes in AEB. So many that there’s no way for me to remember them all, and some of them are crazier than others. Please check with the GM before you pick up a new class, so he can say yea/nay to it, and then quickly read up on what it actually does.

To start, all the classes from PTU Core are totally fine.

Starter Pokemon

After much deliberation, here’s the starter set-up:

After the game’s initial set-up and start, there will be a session where the party will visit the Cianwood Safari Zone, in order to provide you a proper Starter Pokemon. The Pokemon available here might be a wider variety than typical starters; however, if you have preferences, please let the GM know! Your preferred Pokemon will be somewhere in the Safari Zone, though that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll find them…

Character Creation

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